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Call Girl Cheerleaders
by Richard Bissell


When I got home on Monday, I came into the house from the garage to hear something strange: cheesy mood music coming from the stereo, overlaid with moaning and grunting. I entered the den to find Marianne watching a porn flick she had apparently found in the TV cabinet. She rolled her head back on the couch as I came in, grinning at me. She was down to T-shirt and panties, and her right hand was inside her drawers. On the screen, two blonde sluts were attempting to screw Peter North to death.
"What are you doing, kitten?”
"What does it look like?”
"Have I missed anything?”
"No. I was just warming myself up for you.”
I bent down to kiss her, and she put her arm around my neck, sucking on my tongue. Her other hand came out of her panties to grope at mine, trying to get me to finish the job.
I broke the kiss, laughing.
"Whoa, girl.”
"Come on, I'm horny.”
"I just got home.”
She rolled over and came up on her knees to face me. She was so gorgeous sitting there looking up at me...big tits and hard nipples straining at her top, long blonde hair all tousled around her head, big blue eyes demanding immediate attention, and the smell of sex wafting up from her damp panties...that I almost gave in and grabbed her then and there. But I suddenly wanted to wait.
"Babe, are you familiar with the concept of delayed gratification?”
She pouted.
"What do you mean?”
"I'm not complaining about all this attention, I'd just like to take you on a normal date for once.”
"On a Monday?”
"Why not?”
She perked up at this idea.
"Wherever you want. Dinner. I'm not in the mood to cook anyway.”
She hopped off the couch and got to her feet. She put her arms around my waist and pressed her firm teenage body against me.
"Sure you don't want dessert first?”
"Okay. Should I change clothes?”
"If you feel like it. Nothing fancy.”
She lifted up on her toes and kissed me.
"Give me a few minutes. I'll be right back.”
She ran out the front door and I went upstairs to change into something more casual. Marianne returned about fifteen minutes later, having changed into a strapless yellow sundress.
"Is this okay?”
It was still early, so the sun was only just now setting. We climbed into my 230K convertible and drove down out of the hills toward the beach. Marianne just stretched out in her seat, letting her long hair flutter around her. She smiled at me; that smile speaking volumes. I looked at her beside me, sun going down behind her, and I suddenly thought of something that hadn't really occurred to me before now.
What else did I really want in a woman?
She was bright, sexy, personable, and clearly crazy about me, whatever reasons she might have for being attracted to someone old enough to be her father. She was young enough that she would stay the way she was for quite a while. She had the sort of bone structure and healthy glow that had me convinced that she would be just as beautiful at forty, even if I might be too old then (at 64) to enjoy it as much as I did now.
She suddenly put her hand over her mouth in surprise.
"We need to go back.”
"Did you forget something?”
The surprise turned into a sly grin.
"Yeah. My panties. Is that a problem?”
I laughed and rubbed her thigh.
"You're going to kill me one of these days.”
She hugged my arm.
"I'm doing my best.”
We got a table at a seafood place on the water, and since it was just before seven on a weeknight, we got a table by the back window. I ordered a bottle of wine, and though the waitress gave Marianne a suspicious glance, she said nothing and served us both.
When the waitress left, Marianne continued to stare after her, a crease of distress marring her pretty face.
"What's the matter?”
"Did you see how she was looking at me?”
"What do you mean?”
"Like, 'Here's the rich guy and the trophy girlfriend who's young enough to be his daughter.'" She frowned.
“I suddenly feel like such a stereotype.”
I took her hand.
"Don't let it get it to you. You are who you are.”
She sighed and looked down at the table.
"Steve...do you think I'm a slut?”
I started.
"No. Of course not. Why?”
"Even after everything we've done?”
"Having a healthy sex drive doesn't make you a slut. 'Slut' would be screwing a bunch of other guys behind my back.”
"I was just thinking about us at school today. I mean, I really like you and I've had a lot of fun with you, but here you've done it with my two best friends, my sister, and another girl right in front of me. You've got to admit that that's not entirely normal.”
"You've enjoyed it, haven't you?”
"Does it bother you? Or are you just worried about what other people would think?”
"I don't know. Maybe. I'm not complaining, I mean I really have enjoyed all this. I love being with you and making you happy.”
"I love being with you, too.”
She smiled.
“Thanks. I guess mostly I'm worried about what you really think of me.” I squeezed her hand.
"I think you are a beautiful person, and not just on the outside. I have no problems with what we've been doing. If you don't either, I don't think anything else really matters.”
She smiled again and leaned across the table to kiss me, in the process giving me a good look down the front of her dress at her big tits.
"Cool. Because there's something else I wanted to remind you about.”
"Remember the dare Giselle and I made? About the game this weekend?”
"Oh. Yeah. About going commando under your cheerleading outfits.”
"Right. We've been working on the other girls. Ashley and Tiffany are on board, and so are two of the others. The last two probably won't do it, and they're freaking because the other six of us want to. They're threatening to stay home on Friday rather than come out alongside us.”
"These were Melinda and...”
"Anne, right. They're both kind of conservative. But frankly, I don't care if they don't do it. I've never really liked them much, and they're not that cute anyway. You wouldn't be missing anything.”
"What exactly are you planning?”
She shrugged.
"We're not really planning anything besides the panty thing. But Giselle, Tiffany, and Ashley would like to see you again. Tiffany especially. She's gotten kind of jealous listening to Ashley and Giselle talk about us.”
"I wouldn't mind seeing her again.”
"So, whatever happens will happen.”
The food came after that, and we ate a slow dinner together. Marianne went to the ladies' room after we ordered dessert, and she returned just after the waitress served it. As she approached the table, I noticed significantly more jiggle in her dress than there had been before, and I realized she must have removed her bra. She caught the look in my eye and smiled as she sat down.
"What are you looking at, young man?”
"A beautiful girl with a strange aversion to underwear.”
She grinned, leaning forward and letting the top of her dress fall open.
She had ordered some blueberry and chocolate concoction for dessert, and after taking a few bites, she dug out a big scoop and deliberately let a blob of it fall into her cleavage. She smiled at me innocently.
She leaned over the table.
"Could you get it? I can't reach.”
Luckily, the restaurant was not crowded, and the few other couples around us were not paying any attention to Marianne. I stuck a finger down the top of her dress and wiped up the blob of blueberry sauce. She moved herself as I did it, making me rub my finger over her breast. I held up my finger, and she sucked it into her mouth, massaging the tip with her tongue.
"I get the feeling that you're ready to go.”
"In more ways than one.”
I paid the check as quickly as I could, and we returned to the car. As soon as we were out of the parking lot, Marianne leaned against the passenger side door, spreading her legs and pulling up her dress to expose her wet blonde pussy. She sucked her middle finger into her mouth to moisten it, and then began masturbating right in her seat. With the top down, no less.
She watched my reaction, licking her lips. I reached for her, putting my hand on her thigh, but she pushed it away.
"Delayed gratification, remember?”
"It's been delayed long enough.”
"You think so?”
She stopped playing with herself and leaned across the shifter into my lap. She unzipped my slacks and pulled my dick out of my boxers. As soon as she had it free, she sucked it into her mouth.
I had had highway blowjobs before, but never in a convertible with the top down. At the first stop sign, I hit the button to put the top up. Marianne stopped her ministrations long enough to scowl up at me.
"You're no fun.”
"I'd rather not get arrested for public lewdness.”
She returned to blowing me as I drove away from the stop sign, and I held her blonde head with one hand as she bobbed up and down. She let me slip a hand down the top of her dress, and I played with her tits as she slurped and kissed the head of my dick.
We were about halfway home when Marianne sat up. She pulled her dress up to her waist and began climbing into my lap.
"What are you doing?”
"I'm going to fuck you. What does it look like?”
She positioned herself as best she could and sat down on my dick. I had to keep both hands free and my head on her shoulder to keep driving. Marianne just pulled me close and rose up and down slowly, nibbling at my ear.
With my attentions thus divided, I could do nothing but let Marianne do what she wanted. She was tight and wet around me, and she massaged her twat against the base of my dick in a steady rhythm. I wanted to play with her breasts, but I would have needed three hands to do it.
Realizing she had me trapped until I stopped or we got home, she began giggling and moaning into my ear.
"I'm fucking you, Steve...I have your dick inside me.” I felt her squeezing me.
“I'm so wet...I'm so turned on...I'm going to come before we get back...I'm going to come any minute.” She moaned again, biting my earlobe.
“I want you to come inside me...I want you to shoot your cum in my pussy.”
I groaned, trying to thrust up at her, but it was impossible unless I stopped the car, and I wanted to get her home as quickly as possible. She humped herself at me rapidly, still moaning random obscenities into my ear. As I turned the corner into our neighborhood, she finally shuddered, let out a squeak, and shook in orgasm. She was still gasping and shaking when I pulled into the garage.
I climbed out of the car, carrying her in my arms, but we made it only as far as the hallway just inside the door. Marianne pulled me down, and I was back inside her in a second. She clawed at my butt, and I hammered her tight teen pussy until I felt my balls beginning to contract in incipient climax. Marianne came again, thrashing and clawing at me, as I poured every ounce of myself into her.
We lay gasping on the floor for several minutes. Marianne started giggling.
"God. I was so horny. I can't believe I did that. I could have gotten us both killed.”
"It was fun.”
"What if we had gotten stopped? We'd have gotten in so much fucking trouble.”
"I know.”
She giggled again, rolling onto my chest. I ran my fingers through her long blonde locks, and she smiled at me, biting her lip ever so slightly.
"Steve?” `
She didn't say anything for a few seconds, and I watched her eyes filling with emotion.
"Is it too soon to tell you that I think I'm in love with you?”
I returned her smile.
She giggled contentedly, snuggling against me. I held her for quite a while before we climbed the stairs to the bedroom and went at it again.


I awoke with a start in the middle of the night. I smelled Marianne beside me and reached for her.
But she wasn't there. She had gone home just before eleven. What I smelled was her sweat and cum and sex on the sheets, leavings from where we had made love like wild animals after coming home.
I pulled her pillow to me and held it instead.
What had I gotten myself into? She was seventeen, for Christ's sake, not even out of high school yet. She lived with her parents...a father who was scarcely older than I was- -and her fifteen-year-old sister. I was in way too deep for a situation like this.
And yet, as I was inside her earlier that night, riding between her thighs, watching her big tits shaking on her chest and her face twisting into a rictus of agonized ecstasy underneath me, one thought had speared through my mind. A mad thought, an insane and illegal and perverted thought, but sincere nonetheless. Whatever else this idea might be, it had the ring of fundamental truth, the sort of thing that dissolves all rationalizations and denials.
I loved this girl.
She was it, the one I wanted, the one I had been waiting for since I was her age. I wanted to marry her, knock her up, fill her with babies. I wanted to run off with her and make her mine for good.
She would be eighteen in a few weeks. That would change things substantially, but the fact remained that she was still a kid. I had no guarantee that she would not wake up one morning and decide that screwing someone her father's age was disgusting, and thereafter want nothing to do with me.
Even if she had as much as told me she loved me last night. Because, love at seventeen was not the same thing as love at forty-one.
I rolled on my back, putting her pillow over my face. Whatever was going on, I had to ride it out one way or another.
When I returned home from a day of stewing at work when I should have been making money, I saw her out by the pool, lying in a sun bed, facing the backyard. I came up behind her, bending down to kiss her...and then realized that it wasn't Marianne. It was Hayley.
She looked up in surprise, and then giggled.
"Go ahead and kiss her," said the voice behind me.
“I don't care.”
I turned to see Marianne in the pool, pushing her long hair back over her head, squeezing the water out. She was topless, wearing nothing but a lime green thong. Her sister was similarly dressed, or undressed, in black bikini bottoms. The top to her suit lay forgotten on a beach bag beside her.
Hayley was still looking up at me with a smile on her lips, so I bent down and kissed her freckled little nose. Marianne climbed out of the pool and pressed her wet body against me.
"You thought she was me?”
"That happens a lot. Even our mom does it sometimes.”
She kissed me.
"Go change and come back out.”
When I returned, the two of them were lying side by side in their sun beds, passing Marianne's bong back and forth. Marianne handed it to me as I sat down on the end of her chair, and I finished it off.
Hayley caressed my calf with her toes, smiling at me.
"Take her inside," Marianne said, grinning.
“Wear her out so she'll go home.”
"What about you?”
"I'm going to stay down here. I just feel like taking a nap.”
Hayley got up from her chair, taking my hand and pulling me into the house. When we got to the bedroom, she slipped out of her bikini bottoms and climbed into bed.
"Your sister is very understanding," I said as I crawled up next to her.
"She's pretty cool. We share a lot of stuff. So I guess this isn't as weird as it might seem.”
I looked down at her next to me. She was like a miniature Marianne, a younger, shorter, less experienced version. They didn't look exactly alike, but there were enough similarities between the two of them to overwhelm the differences.
She lay still on her back as I played with her, feeling her firm tits and smooth stomach. Her pubic hair was sparse and thin, still developing. When I bent to kiss her, she put her arms around my neck and sucked on my tongue. I squeezed her breast in my hand, feeling the firmness, comparing her to Marianne in my mind. Hayley I could just get into one hand; Marianne was way beyond that point.
Hayley writhed against me as I tweaked her nipples, and soon I bent down to suckle her breasts. She held my head in her arms as I did it.
"That feels nice.”
I reached between her thighs, which she spread for me, feeling the moisture growing between her lips.
"Marianne's fucked girls, hasn't she?”
I stopped, looking up at her.
"I'm just asking.”
"Yes. Does that bug you?”
"I don't know. We've never talked about it, but I could tell the other day when Ashley came over. Just something weird about the way they were talking. Was she one of them?”
"The only one, as far as I know.”
She stared up at the ceiling.
"She says she just did it for me, not because she's bisexual.”
"You know what's weird? I was thinking about that this morning, and it occurred to me, how would you really know? If you were blindfolded or something, and someone went down on you, why would it make a diff what sex they are? Guys and girls both have tongues.”
"Good point.”
"I'm not saying I want to do it, but it's true, you know?”
Trying not to smile too hard at this sage observation, I went back to sucking her nipples and exploring her pussy with my fingers. She began to moan and writhe a little, and I slid further down until I was between her thighs. She pulled her legs up, opening herself to me, and I buried myself in her wet folds, making love to her with my tongue. Her legs kicked and thrashed around me. Her body squirmed on the sheets, sliding back and forth as she braced herself against the headboard. One hand went to her breasts, massaging them roughly, pinching the nipples. Her right foot drummed against my back and her buttocks kept heaving up at me like she wanted to buck me off, but every time I withdrew a little, that hand on her tits would shoot down and pull me closer. My tongue was spinning all around her, and she fought me and her impending orgasm as if she were in pain. Finally, she let out a shriek, heaved herself at me, thighs battering my ears, and came.
I stayed between her quivering legs for a few moments before sliding up beside her. She kept shaking and grasping at me, eyes closed, for nearly a minute.
"Shit. Shit. That is like...like a hundred, a thousand times better that doing it myself.”
"How does Marianne stand it?”
"She's in good shape.”
She sat up halfway and slithered across my chest, finding my erection with her mouth and going to work. She gave me only about ten seconds of suction before laying back and pulling me onto her. I slipped into her easily, grunting at the tightness of her as she tried to get me further in, feeling all those smooth cheerleading muscles loosening up. She held me as close as she could, not letting me withdraw, and as I lifted up, she came with me, making a fulcrum out of her pubis and forcing me harder against her. I thrust forward, making her almost swing under me, grinding downward.
She clung to me as if she were drowning, one mouth sucking at mine for air, the other sucking at my cock for something more fundamental. She was tight, too tight, almost painful, but she had none of her sister's experience. All she could do was pump herself at me, begging me to make her come again, not letting me withdraw from her more than an inch or two.
With rough little thrusts, I began to thump against her. She squeaked, suddenly sounding even younger than her fifteen years, biting at my shoulder. Her second climax came suddenly and unexpectedly, a gasp and a shudder under me, a clench of her muscles around my erection. As she shook in my arms, I lost my grip on what little control I had, and I drove into her relentlessly. Hayley shrieked and spiked up at me again a minute or so later as I felt my balls growing heavier and heavier with their imminent payload. Finally, as she continued to twitch and quiver in the aftermath of her orgasm, I spurted off helplessly inside her pulsing flesh.
When I rolled off her to catch my breath, I saw Marianne in the doorway watching us, naked. One index finger had been idly working between her thighs, and it now rose to her mouth. She smiled at me, then walked languidly over to the bed and lay down beside me, opposite her sister.
"How long have you been there?”
"Long enough.”
Hayley sat up, brushing her hair back from her face.
"That was great.”
Marianne looked over at her.
"Okay, short stuff. You've had your fun. Think you can give us some time alone now?”
Hayley giggled.
She bent and kissed me one last time.
"Thanks. Bye.”
She hopped off the bed and went downstairs, pausing only to grab her bikini bottoms off the floor. I heard her exiting the front door about a minute later.
Marianne stretched out against me, and I hugged her. She nuzzled my chin slowly.
"I can't decide if I'm jealous of Hayley.”
A chill ran down my spine, and I pulled slightly away from her.
"I thought you wanted this.”
She moved up the bed after me.
"No. That's not what I mean. I can't decide if I'm jealous that you're the only guy she's done it with. That you were her first. Part of me wishes I hadn't done it with anyone else. But then I think that if I hadn't, I wouldn't have anything to compare you to. I wouldn't know how lucky I am to have you.”
I relaxed, seeing her meaning now, and pulled her closer.
"I would have been happy to be your first lover.”
She giggled.
"At fifteen, in an attic, like it was? I was just like Hayley is. Too horny for my own good. I could have gotten pregnant that afternoon. I still shudder to think of that.”
"Did you do it with him again?”
"No. Once was enough. Afterward, I was totally like, 'That's it?' It was a while before I discovered that sex could actually be enjoyable.”
"Randy, or whatever his name was?”
She laughed.
"Hardly. It was the second boy I slept with. A college guy I met at this cheerleader camp. We only had one weekend together, but God, he knew what he was doing. He wasn't as good as you, but he was a hell of a lot better than Ashley's brother. And Randy.”
She kissed my neck.
"No. It's good you weren't my first. I just want you to be my last.”
We lay together caressing each other for a while. Marianne reached between us, finding my cock and stroking it gently until I was hard again. Then she pulled me onto her, and I slipped into her wetness slowly. She grunted as I filled her up, arching her back. She pulled my head down and kissed me roughly.
"No one else," she moaned, "no one else is ever going to fuck me. Ever. I don't want anyone else. I only want you.”
I buried my tongue in her mouth and my erection inside her. Her arms went tight around my back and her legs slipped over my thighs. She pulled her feet up until they were tickling my butt, urging me on. She curled up to my ear as she usually did, biting my earlobe and moaning to me.
“I love your dick. I love fucking you. I love being on my back with you inside me.” She whimpered.
“Oh, God. No one else. No one else. I'll fuck girls if you want me to, but no one else. No one's dick but yours can fuck me. No one. No one, oh fuck, oh God, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me, oh God, fuck me!”
Her body went rigid as if she were being electrocuted, and her nails gouged out tracks in my back. I felt her tight flesh spasming around my cock as I pounded her mercilessly. A shrill cry squealed from between her clenched teeth as she clung to me. I groaned, the pain of impending ejaculation growing my groin. Marianne fucked her hips at me roughly, trying to stretch out her orgasm long enough to let me join her, to feel my cum spurting into her. It rose in a torrent, passing into her in long, convulsive, shots. I continued shaking above her long after it was over and Marianne began slowly relaxing under me. Then I fell onto her body with a gasp.
I fell asleep. When I woke, it was after nine, and Marianne still lay beside me, head on my shoulder. She stretched when I moved, and sat up.
"Hey, kitten.”
She smiled.
"I like when you call me that.”
"You shouldn't have let me sleep this long.”
"I couldn't help it. I never get to sleep beside you.”
"You should get home before your folks start to worry.”
She flopped back down next to me with a frustrated groan.
"I don't *want* to go home. I want to stay here.” She put her hands over her face.
“Why did I have to be stuck in this life when I met you? Why couldn't we have met a year from now, when I could do whatever the fuck I wanted?”
“You're going to be eighteen in what, two weeks?”
"Two and a half. But I won't graduate for another eight *months.* What am I supposed to do until then?”
"Be patient. Eight months isn't forever.”
"My folks will figure this out sooner or later. People are already starting to talk at school.”
"What are they saying?”
"Oh, just 'Marianne and her rich boyfriend.' 'She's too full of herself to date guys under twenty-five.' That sort of shit.”
"Not the girls on the squad?”
"No. They don't care; they like you. But you know how it is.”
"Yeah. I'm not that old.”
She giggled, snuggling with me.
"You know, I don't even think of that anymore, really. That you're older than me. Just that you're Steve, my boyfriend, and I love you.”
"I love you too, kitten.”
She giggled again.


Nothing significant happened for a few days, though Marianne continued coming over to my house after school. The weather had remained pleasant into October, and I usually found her by the pool. We would share a beer or a bong load, go inside for an hour or two of fooling around, then she would go home. Hayley came over again on Thursday, and I enjoyed them together as I had that afternoon.
On Friday afternoon, she called me at work.
"Hi, babe.”
"Kitten. What's up?”
"You haven't forgotten about the game tonight?”
"No. What do you need me to do?”
"The game starts at seven forty-five, so try to be there at seven-thirty.” She gave me directions to the field.
“You'll want to get a seat right down front.”
"Uh-huh. And just what is going to happen here?”
She giggled.
"You'll see.”
"Will I?”
Another giggle.
"Be patient. I'll see you tonight.”
I left work at six-thirty and went home to change into jeans and a sweatshirt. Marianne's school was a couple of miles from my house, and I arrived at the stadium at around seven-twenty. In the back of my mind, I could not help but think that the girls would somehow chicken out of this idea. I had not been to a high school football game in almost twenty-five years (since graduating myself), but from what I remembered, I could not see how the cheerleading squad could possibly perform their duties under such exposed conditions.
I followed the other students and parents onto the field and toward the bleachers. Marianne's team was out on the field stretching, and I tried to disguise myself amongst the crowd lest the boys who had come by my house a few weeks before see me. I wasn't afraid of them; I just saw no point in another scene.
As I reached the home team bleachers, I saw the cheerleaders standing around in a clump not far from the team bench. I counted six...apparently Anne and Melinda, whatever their reasons, were boycotting tonight's game. I wondered if they had said anything to anyone about this dare.
I saw Marianne, and she saw me a moment later. She jumped up and down waving.
As I got closer, I got a better look at their outfits, and if I had been gripped by doubt before, I was now positively incredulous. They wore fairly typical cheerleading uniforms, sleeveless polyester tops and short pleated skirts. Were they really going commando tonight, a single gust of wind would expose them all.
Marianne bounced up to me, but stopped short about five feet away. I resisted the urge to kiss her in front of the entire school.
"Come sit over here.”
She directed me to the first row bench just behind the cinder block wall dividing the field from the bleachers. I stayed on my feet, and she leaned against the wall. When I gave her skirt a searching look, she grinned.
"We're not doing anything yet. We're going back into the locker room in a minute.”
"You're really going to do this?”
"Does anyone else know?”
"I don't think so. I threatened to get Anne and Melinda thrown off the squad if they said anything.”
She smiled.
"I have my ways. I'm the captain, didn't I mention that?”
"No. How are you going to do the cheers?”
"We'll be careful. We'd probably get suspended if anything happened. It's just for thrills, not to flash people.”
"It might happen anyway.”
Another evil grin.
"Yep. You never know what might happen accidentally.”
I looked over at the other girls, seeing Ashley, Tiffany, and Giselle. Giselle waved at me. There were two other girls with them, one a short, athletic blonde, the other an Asian girl about Marianne's height.
"Jan and Cindi," Marianne said.
“Jan is the blonde. See anything you like?”
She looked up at me innocently, hands clasped behind her back.
"We'll see.”
"Okay. We have to go get ready. Have fun.”
"You too.”
She giggled and bit her lip, then went back over to the other cheerleaders. After some nervous giggles and whispers, the six them waved to the crowd and ran back toward the locker room.
The other team came out to stretch and warm up, and I used the time to look around at the other fans. I saw mostly other students, none of whom paid any attention to me, no doubt taking me for a parent. If anyone had made anything of my brief conversation with Marianne, I couldn't tell.
At about twenty to seven, the cheerleaders reappeared with the school spirit squad to cheer their team onto the field. I could tell immediately from the tense expressions on their faces and the repeated sideways glances and nervous grins that they had done it. They walked slowly, legs together, and most of them (though not Marianne) had hands at their sides trying holding their skirts in place without being obvious about it.
I grew tense myself just looking at them, and my hands grew cold and damp. I laughed at myself nervously. This had nothing to do with me...even if they all chose to flash the crowd, no one would have any reason to connect the incident to my presence. But I was filled with excited tension just the same.
The spirit squad held up a big paper banner, and the cheerleaders began yelling and waving their pom-poms. But they did not jump around. At all. Twelve feet remained planted firmly on the turf.
The football team ran through the banner to much cheering and applause. The cheerleaders followed the team over to the sidelines as carefully as they could manage.
When they got near the bleachers, Marianne gave me a nervous grin. I shook my head, looking over the six of them. Only Giselle and Marianne appeared to be enjoying this; the other four seemed too apprehensive about exposing themselves to think clearly.
Marianne began a cheer, one that involved a certain amount of swaying and butt wiggling. I watched the hemlines carefully. I saw nothing untoward, but I hardly needed to. I kept thinking that I could go out there and get a double handful of teenage pussy with very little effort.
The game began, but I paid no attention to it. I watched the crowd, continually laughing to myself at how no one seemed to have the slightest idea what was going on. The fans had only mild interest in the cheerleaders, and turned their eyes from the game only when Marianne tried to get a cheer going. If only they knew what they were missing, I thought.
About fifteen minutes into the game, the squad began another cheer routine, this time right in front of me. Marianne was grinning at me, and I realized something was about to happen.
The girls cheered and sang, squatting down halfway and wiggling their butts in time with their pom-poms. They came up slowly, and then Marianne (who was in front, leading the other five) jumped into the air.
There it was...as she came down, the front of her skirt lifted up just enough to expose her sex. It was a half- second flash, if that. Only someone watching the exact spot, as I was, would have seen it. I glanced around at the other fans, seeing no reaction. Most of them weren't even watching the cheer.
I turned back to the cheerleaders, seeing an evil grin on Marianne's face. Giselle came up beside her as the cheer ended, and both of them dropped down into front-and-rear splits, front legs pointed right at me. They came down slowly enough not to send their skirts flying up, but right after they hit the ground, Marianne again flashed me from just behind her pom-pom, and Giselle did the same thing a moment later.
I realized I had been holding my breath, and I forced myself to exhale as the two girls got carefully to their feet, knowing grins on their faces. I wiped the beads of sweat from my hairline as I checked the crowd behind me. Again, it appeared that they had gotten away with it.
For the rest of the half, they behaved themselves, and when the halftime whistle blew (with Marianne's team ahead 13-6), they regrouped on one of the benches near my seat. Marianne and Giselle walked over to me about a minute later.
"Enjoying the game?” Marianne asked.
“You look kind of tense," Giselle said.
“Do you feel okay?”
"Yeah, you look all sweaty and nervous. Is anything wrong?”
I glanced down at their skirts.
"I'll survive.”
Marianne put both hands above her head, stretching.
"I think I pulled a muscle earlier," she said to Giselle.
“Do you think you can help me do a hamstring stretch?”
"Sure. Do you want to lie down or just put your leg up on my shoulder?”
I knew they were kidding...honest...but for a split second, I had a shock at the image they had put into my head. They both burst out laughing. Marianne reached down to rub the back of her thigh.
"It really hurts. Could you help her, Steve?”
I noticed a couple of students nearby watching this exchange with curious looks on their faces, and fought to maintain my calm.
"You might want to check with the trainer about that.”
"Nah, we can just do it here. Here, grab my ankle.”
Giselle squatted down and took Marianne's ankle. As Marianne braced herself on the wall, Giselle lifted her leg up about three feet before I couldn't take this charade any longer. I grabbed Marianne's arm in horror.
She laughed at me.
"What? What's wrong?”
She stood there with her leg parallel to the ground. The pleats of her skirt hung down on either side of her thigh. She had, at best, about two inches of coverage. The slightest puff of wind would expose her completely. She was facing the end zone right now, not the crowd, but someone walking up the field from the right angle might well see straight up her skirt.
"How does that feel?” Giselle asked.
Marianne reached under her skirt to rub at her thigh.
"Mmm. That's good. A little higher.”
Giselle raised Marianne's ankle another six inches. I stood frozen to the spot. There was nothing I could do now without attracting attention. Very carefully, I looked around us. No one was really watching except the other four cheerleaders, who sat on the bench about ten yards away with amazed looks on their faces.
I looked back at Marianne, who acted utterly unconcerned with what she was doing. Her leg was now more up than down, and if Giselle lifted it any higher, Marianne was going to be displaying a lot more than her flexibility.
She gave me a look of amused triumph, and then nodded to Giselle.
"That's enough. Thanks.”
Giselle dropped Marianne's ankle, and I tried not to collapse in relief. The two of them stifled giggles before rejoining the rest of the squad.
I did notice a few people looking in my direction during the second half, but no one said anything to me. Whatever they thought or had seen, I didn't want to know. The girls resumed their cheering, and refrained from flashing me...or anyone else...the rest of the game.
When the final gun went off (the game ended in a 13-13 tie), I followed the rest of the crowd out of the stadium. I lingered around the entrance, wondering if Marianne would seek me out. She came running up about five minutes later.
"Nice game.”
She grinned.
"You think so? You didn't seem to be watching it much.”
I laughed.
"I know. What's up?”
"Giselle, Ashley, and Tiffany want to come over. Is that okay?”
*Four* of them? God, give me strength.
"Uh, yeah. Sure.”
"Okay. We have some stuff to do first, but we'll see you in about an hour.”
She gave me a quick peck on the lips and ran back toward the field. As I watched, I could just get a brief glimpse of her naked butt under her skirt.
I drove home, crazed images of panty-less cheerleaders spinning through my head. When I got back, I tried to straighten up the house for this party, whatever they had planned. Surely they didn't *all* expect to have sex with me? Even if I had had sex with all four of them before. Marianne had said something about Tiffany being jealous of the other girls. I didn't know what Ashley was thinking, but the look I had seen in Giselle's eyes several times that night pretty much told me what she was hoping for. Ye Gods. I just hoped they didn't kill me.
I had gotten another ounce of Thai dope from my cousin, so I got it out for the girls. I had enough beer, unless they really planned on getting drunk. What I wasn't sure I had enough of was energy for a four-cheerleader orgy.
I heard the front door open about ten o'clock, and then Marianne calling out.
"In the den.”
The four of them filed into the room a few seconds later. They had changed back into street clothes, Giselle into these peach-toned Capri pants with a spaghetti-strap top, Ashley into shorts, and the other two into jeans. Marianne wore another one of her cropped baby-tees, and Ashley and Tiffany wore plain T- shirts, though Tiffany's was just short enough to expose the stud in her navel. The settled down around the room, and Marianne sat in my lap, giving me a long kiss.
"Mmm. I've been wanting to do that all night.”
"Me too.”
Giselle had already spotted the weed on the coffee table and went straight toward it. She sat down on the floor next to the table, and Marianne pulled her bong out of her purse. The two of them quickly fired things up as I got four beers out of the refrigerator.
"So what did you think of the game, Steve?” Tiffany asked.
"Very entertaining.”
"I still can't believe we did that," Ashley said.
“Do you think anyone saw?”
"I couldn't tell," I said.
"So what if they did?” Marianne said, exhaling a big cloud of fragrant smoke.
“I guarantee you that only a few people could have seen anything. No one will believe them. That kind of thing only happens in porn movies.”
"Speaking of which," Giselle said, grinning at me.
"Marianne said you've got quite a video collection.”
I pursed my lips in mild embarrassment.
"I think you'll find that, for single men, that's not unusual.” The four of them laughed, and Tiffany crawled over to the TV cabinet.
"Let's see what he has.”
The girls were soon rooting through my collection and laughing hysterically at the titles and box covers.
"God! Look at this!” Tiffany exclaimed, holding up a box with a half-naked Jenna Jameson on the front.
"Those can't be real," Ashley said.
"They're not," I said.
"I don't think any of these girls have real boobs," Giselle said.
“Oh, my God," Tiffany said, laughing at another one.
“Look at that!”
The other three crowded around to see what she was looking at.
"No way," Giselle said.
"Is that real?” Tiffany asked.
Marianne glanced at me.
"Do they have fake dicks like they have fake boobs?”
I leaned it to see what they were looking at, a back-cover shot of some male star's prodigious endowments.
"That's real.”
Tiffany's face paled.
"They really get that big?”
"Eww," Giselle said.
"No way in hell I'd ever let that near me," Ashley said.
"Women give birth," Marianne said.
“Babies are bigger than that. I bet you could take it.”
Tiffany and Giselle shrieked in laughter.
"I want to watch one of these," Giselle said.
"Me too," Ashley said.
That precipitated about a minute of feverish discussion over which title to start with. I sat on the couch finishing the bong load and getting a mild buzz as they settled on one of the Jenna Jameson tapes. Marianne shoved it into the VCR and then lay back against me on the couch. Giselle sat at the far end with my feet and Marianne's on her lap, while Ashley and Tiffany sat on the floor in front of the television.
For the next ninety minutes, there was much giggling and moaning and outright laughter. Though they did get quiet during the lesbian scenes, no one suggested fast forwarding over them. The cum shots produced shrieks of embarrassment and disgust, especially when Peter North splattered about half a quart of jizz over one girl's tits.
By the time the tape was over, we had gone through about six or seven bong loads and probably eight or nine beers. Ashley had replaced Giselle at the end of the couch, and Marianne was slowly stroking Ashley's bare thigh with her toes.
Ashley gave me a glance and began rubbing Marianne's foot. Marianne moved her foot around in Ashley's lap, trying to pretend the contact was innocent but really doing her best to dig her heel into Ashley's crotch.
Giselle and Tiffany finally noticed what was going on. Tiffany gave Giselle a nervous, amazed, look, but stayed where she was. Giselle just glanced at me, licking her lips.
Marianne sat up and pulled her legs back under her butt. Then she pulled her top over her head. Her big tits jutted forth from her bra, but she removed that a moment later. As the other two girls watched in amazement, she grabbed Ashley's head and pulled her into a passionate kiss.
Ashley reacted at first in surprise, but then put her arms around Marianne. The two girls necked eagerly next to me, and Marianne dug her hands into Ashley's T- shirt. That, and her bra, were on the floor after another minute.
I glanced at Giselle and Tiffany. Tiffany merely seemed shocked and amazed at this display, but if I wasn't seeing things, Giselle actually seemed to be getting turned on. Her breathing was deep and ragged, and I could see her nipples straining against the fabric of her top. She glanced at me once, eyes fogged with nervous desire, then back at the other two girls.
Ashley was suckling Marianne's breasts now, and Marianne was writhing in her lap. Ashley's hand was between Marianne's legs, rubbing hard upward. All of a sudden, Giselle was on the couch next to me. She grabbed my head, kissing me deeply for a few seconds, then turned around to face Marianne and Ashley, leaning back against me. She put one of my hands on her breasts and the other between her legs.
I reached up under her top to feel her hard little tits as I massaged her twat through her pants. She moaned, moving against me, but continued watching the other girls. I glanced at Tiffany, now alone on the floor. She got slowly to her feet, walking up behind Marianne.
She paused briefly in nervous indecision, then put one hand softly on Marianne's shoulder. Marianne half-turned to face her. She slid her hand up Tiffany's arm until she reached her neck. Then she pulled Tiffany down toward her. The two girls kissed awkwardly, and Tiffany withdrew after a few seconds.
I had one hand inside Giselle's top and the other inside her pants now, and she squirmed against me as I played with her. She turned around once to kiss me, but otherwise watched the scene in front of us.
Tiffany removed her top and bra now, just as Marianne slid to the floor in front of Ashley. Ashley's shorts were soon discarded, and Marianne bent forward, taking Ashley's hips in her hands and her pussy into her mouth.
Giselle moaned against me as Marianne began eating Ashley. Tiffany knelt down beside Marianne, watching, but doing nothing. Ashley arched her back, gripping her breasts in her hands, straining against the back of the couch. Marianne's tongue was dipping and fluttering over her lips and clit, lapping up the sweet honey that flowed out of Ashley's ginger twat.
Giselle began writhing out of her clothes as if she could no longer stand to be dressed. She was naked in a few moments, and I pushed my index finger inside her wet pussy. She whimpered as I began masturbating her in earnest, keeping my other hand on her breasts. She squirmed and twisted as if she wanted to be free from my grip, but the hand that stayed locked to my wrist between her thighs told me what she really wanted.
Tiffany still sat next to Marianne with a bewildered look on her face, as if she wanted to do something but had no idea what. I motioned to her, and she stood, walking around next to me. Giselle reached for her, pulling her down, kissing her. Again, Tiffany responded nervously, letting Giselle kiss her but doing relatively little in response.
Giselle suddenly climbed off my lap and pushed Tiffany into her place. Tiffany leaned back against me, moaning contentedly, as I began playing with her firm breasts. Giselle crawled over to Ashley and Marianne, threw a leg over Ashley's waist and Marianne's head, and shoved her breasts into Ashley's face.
Ashley swiftly pulled Giselle into their lovemaking. She suckled Giselle's hard little tits as Marianne continued to suck on Ashley's clit. Then Marianne withdrew, pulling Giselle down until she was sitting in Ashley's lap. She slipped two fingers into Giselle, two into Ashley, and used both hands to finger-fuck them.
The two girls began moaning and rubbing their breasts together, kissing, sucking on each other as Marianne got them off. I had Tiffany's jeans down now, and if she was reluctant to join any of this, she had no problem watching them while I played with her. I soon had several fingers inside a pussy myself, and the room was filled with moans and gasps and the smell of sex.
Ashley came first, bucking her hips against Giselle and Marianne. Giselle soon joined her, and Tiffany followed thereafter, thrashing around in my lap.
Ashley and Giselle swiftly removed the rest of Marianne's clothes and had her back on the couch. Ashley descended between Marianne's thighs, and Giselle climbed up to suckle Marianne's big tits.
Tiffany turned around in my lap and dug out my aching erection. It thereafter disappeared into her hot little mouth, and she bobbed up and down on me rapidly as I watched my girlfriend being ravished by two other cheerleaders.
It took Marianne only a minute or two to reach climax under such attentions, and when she had recovered, she leaned over, pushing Tiffany out of the way, and began sucking on me herself.
The other three girls circled around us, removing what little clothes I had left. I was getting stiff in the position Marianne had me in (I'm talking muscles here, not organs), so I pulled her off and stood up.
"I may not make it out of there alive, but I think we should go up to the bedroom.”
The four of them laughed and jumped to their feet. We went rapidly upstairs, and I was soon buried under a pile of giggling, squirming, teenage flesh.
Giselle wound up on my face, riding my tongue rapidly. Someone sat down on my cock...it wasn't Marianne; I knew her pussy too well by now to know...but I couldn't see who. I felt a face pushing between my thighs to lick at my balls, and the body straddling my waist reversed itself. I soon felt a tongue...this one most likely Marianne's, I thought... fluttering around the base of my cock and the pussy impaled upon it.
Someone came up beside Giselle as I sucked on her dripping twat. I looked up to see that it was Ashley, trying to kiss her and play with her tits as I ate her. I realized, in sudden surprise, that that meant it had to be Tiffany on my dick- -and that she was letting Marianne eat her as she fucked me.
The thought of this, that Tiffany's reluctance was melting away in the heat of this orgy, raised my already painful arousal to new heights. I fucked up at Tiffany as best I could and redoubled my attack on Giselle's sex. Ashley was straddling my chest now, both hands on Giselle's tits, and the two of them were doing their best to swallow each other's tongues.
Giselle began thrashing in climax over my mouth, and I felt Tiffany pounding down harder on my cock. Someone let out a shriek...it might even have been me... and my sperm erupted from my balls in a flood. Too much was going on at once for me to separate all the spasms and shuddering and climaxes, and I concentrated simply on finishing Giselle off and ramming my dick as far into Tiffany as I could get it.
One by one, the bodies pinning me down on the bed slid off. Giselle and Ashley fell to one side, still holding each other. Tiffany fell off my dick and lay in a heap at the end of the mattress. Marianne finally reappeared, climbing up from between my legs and lying on top of me.
"There you are.”
I tried to catch my breath.
"Hey, kitten.”
She kissed me, and I could taste Tiffany in her mouth.
She kissed me again.
“Having fun?”
"Mmm-hmm. You?”
"Definitely. Not getting tired already, are you?”
I laughed weakly.
"Give me a minute.”
"I'll give you something else.”
She slid back down to my cock, all sloppy with cum and Tiffany's spendings, and took it gently into her mouth. Beside me, Ashley and Giselle began to stir, and I watched as Giselle turned Ashley on her back and kissed her. The two girls made out for a few moments before Giselle began moving down Ashley's body, sucking her nipples, kissing her navel, and finally reaching her sex. This brought her down next to Tiffany, who sat up to watch as Giselle ate Ashley slowly.
Tiffany saw me watching and smiled. She slid off the bed and came around the other side. Marianne was still sucking on my limp and protesting penis. Tiffany climbed onto the bed, and I got her to reverse herself as she lay down. She watched Marianne for a few moments, and then leaned over to help.
I pulled Tiffany closer to me, curling around until I could reach her twat, adorned with that cute silver stud. She laid her thigh over my head as I began to eat her. I could taste myself inside her, not that I really cared, and she rolled her hips slowly against my tongue.
Tiffany and Marianne were taking turns blowing me, licking and sucking and nibbling all over my cock and balls. Beside me, I could feel Ashley moving around, and I withdrew long enough to see what was happening, keeping a few fingers in Tiffany's pussy so she wouldn't feel neglected.
Giselle was going to town on her red-headed squadmate, eating her and finger- fucking her...fisting her almost...at the same time. Ashley was thrashing around on the mattress, groping at me and Giselle. She cried out, arched her back as her hands gripped the sheets in tight fists, and came all over Giselle's face. Giselle didn't stop, and Ashley didn't appear to want her to. I went back to Tiffany and resumed my attentions.
The two girls had finally succeeded in restoring my erection, but Marianne apparently had something more in mind than straight sex. She crawled around above me, squatting over my head in a sixty-nine position, and sat down on my face. As I began licking her delicious blonde pussy, most of my penis went down her throat.
I felt Tiffany crawling over my legs to help her, and she was soon licking and sucking on my balls. Marianne apparently had a lot of pent-up energy after all this, and it took me only a minute or two of eager lingual massage to have her spasming and humping my face in orgasm. Her teeth bit down lightly on my cock as she came, dragging back over the underside.
As soon as she had recovered, she came up off my mouth and crawled up to sit on my dick, facing Tiffany, in a reverse of the situation earlier. I watched Ashley and Giselle still going at it as I felt myself sinking into Marianne, the only place, to be perfectly honest, that I really wanted to be tonight.
I sat up behind her, taking her big tits in my hands. She pulled her knees up under her, leaning back against me. I saw Tiffany at the end of the bed, watching us, unsure what to do. Marianne reached for her, and when she got Tiffany's hair in her hands, Tiffany did not resist her. She bent forward, nervously, and began to lick at the spot where we were joined.
I was lost in a fog of sex after that, pumping into Marianne as Tiffany ate both of us, while watching Ashley and Giselle in a sixty-nine, eating each other frantically; oblivious to the rest of us. I came again eventually, as did Marianne, Ashley, and Giselle. Tiffany lay beside Marianne and me when we were done, and Marianne was soon eating her again. I lost track of things after that. Too many heads in too many pussies. Lots of orgasms. I fucked Giselle a bit later, and somehow got off a third time that night. Someone ate my cum out of her. It might have been Ashley, but I think maybe it was Marianne. Or both of them.
Finally they left. I lay, utterly and completely, exhausted in bed. I think I fell asleep until someone came climbing back in with me. It was Marianne, of course. I could sense her presence even before I took her into my arms.
"Christ," I moaned.
She giggled.
"That was fun.”
"Call my lawyer. I want to get you in my will before I expire.”
She snuggled against me.
"I love you so much.”
"I love you too, kitten.”
She meowed again, giggling.
"Tell me something," I asked.
"Before our thing with Ashley, you went out of your way to tell me you weren't into girls, that you would just do it one night for me. What happened tonight?”
"I don't know. Before all this, I never thought I was.”
"I don't want you to keep doing things you're not into just for my sake.”
She pushed herself away from me, taking my head in her hands and staring into my eyes.
"Whoa. Wait a second. I would *not* be doing this if it turned me off. If I was as straight as all that, you know, guys only, no attraction to pussy, the thought of going down on someone made me sick, not even you could get me to do this. You could file it away with things that really do repulse me, like screwing your friends. I love you, but there's no way I could ever do that.”
"I don't want you to.”
"All right. But this is different. You saw me tonight. Did I look turned off? Do you think I was faking all those orgasms?”
"No. So where did this come from?”
"I don't know. I guess I never really gave it much thought before I met you. The idea of lesbian sex didn't hold any attraction for me, but it didn't turn me off either. I wouldn't have done what we did with Ashley if it had. But I think now...” She paused for a second.
“You've had oysters, right? Raw, on the half shell?”
"Sure. I love them.”
"Me too. But before I tried them, I thought they would be gross. One night at this restaurant, my dad talked me into eating one. And I found out that I loved them. I think this might be the same thing. I realize now that fucking girls is actually cool.”
I laughed softly.
"I'm glad to help.”
She giggled.
"I'll bet you are.”


"Guess who's become a born-again lesbian?”
It was a few days after that epic Friday-night orgy, and I was at work listening to Marianne update me on the school gossip.
"Giselle. She and Ashley are suddenly an item.”
I laughed.
"I had a feeling something was up that night.”
"I wasn't really paying attention. But Tiff told me about it today. I'd seen them together this week, but it never really registered until she mentioned it to me. They are in serious lust together, believe me.”
"What about Tiffany?”
Silence came over the line for a few seconds. Then she sighed.
"I think we might have overdone it. She's been acting kind of weird. A little more distant than usual. Between all that pot and beer, I think she went further than she wished she had now. So, I don't know. I'm trying not to get cute with her.”
"You really think she's upset?”
"No. She'll get it over it if I leave her alone for a few days. Don't worry about it. It has nothing to do with you. Having dyked out one night in her life isn't going to kill her.”
I laughed.
"Anyway, um, could I ask you a favor?”
"Name it.”
"This group activity is fun and all, but do you think, at least for the near future, we could limit it to just the two of us? Just for now?”
"I think I've probably had enough group sex to last me a few months.”
She giggled.
"Me too. With, um, one exception.”
"Just let me explain. I'm kind of worried about her. I know what she's like, because she's just like I was at that age. I'm telling you, if the situations were reversed, and I had lost it to you at fifteen, you'd have a hard time keeping me out of your bed. She's been going on like 'Sex is so cool.' 'I want to have sex 24/7.' Stuff like that. I'm worried about what she might do if we cut her off.”
"Didn't we have this conversation the other night? I don't want you to feel pressured into doing anything sexually, whether it's for me or anyone else.”
"I'm not. Really. I was starting to feel a little weird about sharing you with my friends, but Hayley is different. Yeah, she can be a brat sometimes, but she's still my sister, and I care about her. If sharing you with her will keep her out of trouble, then I'm fine with it.”
"You're sure about that?”
"Steve, we share underwear and tampons. I don't think this is that much of a stretch. I figure if you do it with her once a week or so, she should be fine. Once the novelty wears off, I think she'll settle down.”
"Okay. I guess I don't really mind. The truth is, she reminds me a lot of you. It's sort of like doing it with a fifteen-year-old Marianne.”
She giggled.
"Are you serious? You're thinking of me when you do it with her?”
"Usually. I like to imagine that you're the one I'm breaking in, not her.”
She laughed again.
"That is *so* cool. You don't know how great that makes me feel. I love you so much.”
"I love you too, kitten.”
When she meowed at me after that, she really did sound like a cat.
I got home that night about six, and per usual, Marianne was there, watching television in the den (HBO this time, though, not another porn flick). I gave her a kiss and went back to the kitchen to review my mail. The fourth letter was the statement from one of my credit cards, and it seemed noticeably thicker than normal. I realized as I was opening it that it was the account I had been letting Marianne use.
It took a few seconds for the reality of it to register. She had somehow run up almost *four thousand dollars* in charges in less than three weeks. I ran my eyes rapidly down the statement as my eyes bulged in their sockets. Clothes, jewelry, clothes, electronics, more clothes, CD's, food...it just went on and on and on.
"Steve? What's wrong?”
I broke out of my shock and looked over to the couch. Marianne was watching me with a look of concern on her face. She got to her feet and came rapidly over to where I was standing. That was when she got a good look at the statement, and her face paled in fear.
"What happened?” I gasped.
She seemed to wither in front of me.
"Um. I didn't think I'd spent that much. I'm sorry.”
I continued flipping through the statement.
"Well...you said I should pay the other girls with it, right? I got some stuff for Ashley, and Giselle. And Tiffany, too. I got this bracelet that Hayley wanted, and a boombox for her.”
I ran my eyes down the list, finding the culprits. Those two items had accounted for $600 alone.
"Plus a lot of it was clothes I've been getting to wear for you.”
She had a point there, too. Her wardrobe had gotten a lot more interesting since I had met her, but I hadn't given it enough thought to make the connection.
I looked back at Marianne. Her forehead was creased in distress and her jaw was vibrating softly. I could see the tears welling up in her eyes, and my anger dissolved. I reached out and hugged her.
"It's all right.”
"Are you mad at me?”
"No. It's not like I can't afford this. But you can't do this every month.”
She started to cry anyway.
"I'm sorry.”
This was at least fifty percent my fault, I thought. I should have anticipated something like this. You can't just hand a charge account to a teenager and expect her to know how to manage it without any supervision. She had promised me she wouldn't go crazy with it, but I reflected that what "crazy" might mean to me was likely not what it meant to a seventeen-year-old girl with her first credit card. Plus, thinking back to what our original arrangement with that card had been, four thousand dollars worked out to just sixteen pieces of ass, and I had certainly gotten more than that since then.
I held Marianne until she stopped crying.
"Please don't be mad at me.”
"I'm not. This was as much my fault as yours.”
She pressed her face, hot with tears, against my neck.
"How have your parents not noticed all this stuff you've bought?”
She leaned back, sniffling and wiping her face.
"They don't pay that much attention. Plus I've been trying to hide most of it. I told Hayley she can't wear that bracelet around the house. She just wears it to school and takes off on the way home.”
"What does it look like?”
"It has these neat lapis beads mounted in 14k gold. I think it matches her eyes. It's really pretty.”
I realized I had seen her wearing it the last time she had come over, but once again, I had been too dense to make the connection. Of course I should have wondered where Hayley could have gotten a thing like that with a father who managed a grocery store and a mother who worked as a legal secretary.
"Does she like it?”
"She loves it. She never takes it off unless she has to. She wears it with everything, even stuff that doesn't go.”
"Okay. That's good enough for me.”
She hugged me again.
"I won't spend any more.”
"It's all right. I want you to use it, just try to keep it under a grand a month.”
She backed up, pulling me toward the stairs and grinning through her previous distress.
"Come on. I guess I have some bills to work off now.”
She led me to the bedroom and began disrobing. I looked at her with more attention to detail now, and I realized that she really had been trying to dress the way she thought I liked her. Tight jeans, cut-off shorts (like those now heading toward the floor), short skirts. She knew I liked the cropped baby-tees (the shorter the better, so as to emphasize her chest) and the stretch satin tops, so she had been wearing them almost exclusively. Underneath, she wore a matching white satin bra-and-thong set, which was another thing I realized had changed. Her underwear always matched now, and it was invariably something interesting, which no doubt explained the ten or twelve visits to Victoria's Secret on that statement.
She saw the look in my eye and smiled.
"You like it?”
"Almost as beautiful as you. I don't mind spending my money on someone who deserves it.”
She closed with me, linking her arms around my waist.
"Would you still love me if I didn't look like this?”
I kissed her nose.
"Kitten, it's been my experience in life that people who are as beautiful on the inside as you are find ways to be beautiful on the outside. You wouldn't be the same person. You would have to be ugly inside too. I've dated my share of ugly women who looked very good superficially, and believe me it's a not pleasant experience.”
She lifted up on her toes and kissed me. I cupped her big tits in my hands and pushed them around gently, tweaking her nipples through the satin. She continued kissing me, sucking on my tongue, and slid her arms around my neck. I let one hand drop down between her legs, reversing it, and extended my middle finger into the juncture of her thighs. The satin was smooth and cool against her hot flesh. As I massaged her slowly, her inner moisture dampened the fabric until my finger was sliding slickly against her lips and clit.
She stood it for only a minute or so before lowering her hands to my waist and unbuttoning my slacks. They fell to the floor, and Marianne followed them. She reached into the fly of my boxers and found my erection. She stroked it, looking up at me. She gave the base a sloppy kiss and grinned.
Pretending to be a cat, she began giving my cock a slow tongue bath, all the while purring and meowing at me. I forced myself to maintain enough control to remove my shirt and tie. By this time, she had gotten my entire erection slick with her saliva, and she stroked it slowly with her right hand. With the other she began to rub all over herself and moan in discomfort.
"Mmm, meow, I'm so hot. I think I must be in heat. Meow, what am I going to do?”
I couldn't stand it anymore. I lifted her into my arms and practically tossed her on the bed, making her to shriek with laughter. I paused only to discard the last bits of my clothing and then grabbed her, rolling her on her hands and knees. I opened the snaps on her bra, letting it fall off, and almost tore the thong from her hips. She continued to moan and meow at me until I stabbed my cock between her thighs. She let out a yowl that sounded only partially faked as I sank into her wetness.
I drove rapidly in and out of her tight teenage twat, thumping against her buttocks. She pushed back at me hard, stretching out all those toned cheerleading muscles. I felt her hand brushing against my balls with each thrust as she played with herself. I held tightly onto her hips, but she battered back at me with everything she had.
Soon, way too soon, I felt my cum beginning to rise. I tried to slow the pace, but Marianne would have none of it.
"No...no...fuck me, I'm almost there...come on!”
I redoubled my efforts, pounding her ass without restraint, and a few moments later, she shrieked in orgasm. When her pussy bit down on my cock, I pulled her backwards, stretching her even further open than she already was and stabbing the last spasming inch of myself into her, coming like an out-of-control fire hose. My legs buckled under me, and I fell forward, pushing Marianne down on the bed. We lay, twitching and gasping in the aftermath, until I had enough energy to roll off her.
She slid over, snuggling against me.
"I liked that.”
"Me too.”
She giggled.
"Still in heat there?”
"Mmm. I'm always in heat around you.”
I ran my fingers through her hair, caressing her. She stretched out against me, sliding her long smooth legs against mine.
"Your birthday is next week.”
"Mmm-hmm. What are you going to get me?” She propped her chin up on my chest.
“I'm kidding. You don't have to get me anything. You've already given me so much.”
I pushed her tousled blonde hair back over her head.
"Kitten, I have a lot of money, and it's been a long time since I had someone I felt comfortable spending it on. Don't worry about my finances. That credit card bill was just a surprise, not a problem.”
She smiled.
"Okay. Thanks.”
"So what do you want for your birthday?”
She shrugged.
"I don't know. Seriously, you don't need to get me anything.”
"Just tell me what you want. If money were no object at all, what would you want to get?”
Her eyes narrowed in suspicion.
"What do you mean?”
"Just tell me. What would you want?”
"Well...a car...but I know that's impossible.”
"What kind of car?”
She reared back, eyes swelling.
"No. You wouldn't.”
"What kind of car?”
Her jaw dropped slowly.
"No. Steve, you cannot buy me a car. That's crazy.”
"How would I explain it to my folks? I can't just drive up in a new car and say, 'Hey, look at this.' They don't even know you exist yet.”
"What if I thought up a way to explain it?”
Her eyebrows rose up her forehead.
"Well...how about if we told them you won it in a raffle?”
Now she really was a picture of disbelief.
"A *raffle*? Come on.”
"You've never seen cars being raffled off at the mall for some promotion? Just tell them you entered a few weeks ago, and lo and behold, you won. I could just have it delivered to your house. How would they know?”
The color drained out of her face, and her jaw fell toward her chest. Her breathing grew short and rapid.
"No. No. Steve, you can't do this. I won't let you.”
"I'm doing it, and you can't stop me.”
She grabbed my arm tightly, and her eyes bulged. Her breath whistled through her nostrils in agitation.
"What kind of car?”
She whimpered in frustration.
"What kind of car?”
She answered me in a tiny voice.
"A Bug.”
"A Volkswagen Bug?”
She nodded weakly.
"What color?”
"Wait! Wait!” She grabbed both my hands tightly, squeezing so hard she almost cut off the circulation.
“Can I at least think about this for a few days?”
"No. Decide now or the offer is withdrawn.”
She shook my arms, letting out a sound that was half growl and half shriek of distress.
"Going once. Going twice.”
"Oh! Yes! No! Wait!”
"Too late. It's yours.”
She pounced on me, pinning me down and snarling at me as if she really were a cat. But then her expression softened, and I could see her eyes beginning to water.
"You're really going to buy me a car?”
"Steve.” She drew it out almost into a whine.
“We haven't even been going out for two months yet.”
"I don't care. I love you. And I think you're going to be around for quite a while.”
"God.” She smiled at me weakly.
“After this, I guess I have no choice.”
"No. I'm not letting you go, sorry.”
She lowered herself to me, pressing her firm body against mine. Further discussion was silenced by the tongue in my mouth. My kitten was apparently still in heat, and I had to attend to her distress.


Saturday morning, I went to the nearest Volkswagen dealership and began browsing the Bugs. As I expected, knowing how popular they had become, this was not likely to be cheap. But, as I made clear repeatedly to Marianne, I could afford this. Successful single stock traders with no dependents tend to accumulate assets rather rapidly. So I had talked to a friend of mine at work, who traded Microsoft from his post, and had him dump 300 shares out of my account. I owned close to 7000 (stock splits are wonderful things) so this wasn't going to significantly affect my position.
Before long, I found a cute banana-yellow Bug that was suitably tricked out with options (especially a nice custom stereo with a 6-disc CD changer, which I knew was the single most important thing for a teenager). An hour of dickering produced a price I was happy with, and I explained how it was a birthday gift for my "stepdaughter.” They put Marianne's name on the registration, and I wrote the check. For an additional fee, they agreed to deliver it to her house. The warm, fuzzy feeling that experience gave me lasted the rest of the afternoon.
I found Marianne and Hayley sunbathing naked by the pool when I returned. The late summer heat had yet to break even though we were approaching Halloween, and I spent a moment admiring the beads of sweat and suntan oil on their tawny limbs. They appeared to be among those few natural blondes who can actually tan instead of simply burning whenever they get a hit with a ray of sunlight. Both of them had been doing this long enough that they no longer had much in the way of tan lines.
Hayley noticed me first.
"Hi, Steve.”
I kissed her and then Marianne.
"Hi, babe.”
Hayley giggled.
"You really call her that.”
"Yep. Just seemed to fit.”
"I think it's cute. Can I have a nickname too?”
Marianne snorted.
“Don't get greedy.”
Hayley pouted and looked up at me.
"I want a nickname.”
"What's wrong with 'short stuff'?”
She sneered at Marianne, who was still lying on her back with her eyes closed.
"Like what?”
"Something cat-related like hers.”
"How about 'cat box'?” Marianne offered.
Hayley's eyes narrowed in displeasure, and she reached over to punch Marianne in the arm. Marianne responded by laughing, and I rubbed her head.
"'Little Kit'?” I asked.
“Would that work?”
Hayley beamed.
"I like that.”
Hayley stuck her tongue out at Marianne, who wasn't watching anyway, but the issue appeared settled.
I fetched three beers from the refrigerator and returned to sit down between them. Hayley made a face at hers but tried to drink it anyway.
I noticed the absence of Marianne's bong, which was normally out in situations like this.
"Are we out of dope?”
"Yeah. But it's okay. I was thinking of taking a break. We've done a lot of it lately.”
"It's a good thing I don't work for a company that does drug testing. I think I would peg the meter right now.”
"They've been talking about doing random testing at school," Hayley said.
I looked over at her.
"Seriously? How?”
"I don't know. But they are.”
"The PTA is making noises about it," Marianne said.
“But the students would revolt if they tried it. Nobody wants to have to piss on command.”
I thought back to my days in high school, in the mid- seventies. Had anyone proposed random drug testing on us, I think the outraged potheads might have torched the school. A few of my friends were so perpetually stoned that their urine samples might have broken the testing equipment.
I lay in the sun with them until it began to set. I actually dozed off until I felt Marianne stroking my arm. Hayley was in the pool, still naked, swimming around like a mermaid.
"What do you want to do for dinner?”
"You feel like going out?”
She glanced at her sister.
"Hayley too?”
"Unless you mind.”
"No. That's cool.”
She got Hayley's attention, and we shortly settled on going out to a local bar and grill, where I could take a pair of teenagers with arousing too much suspicion. The two of them dressed and went home to change clothes, returning about twenty minutes later. Both of them wore jeans and sandals, exposing multiple toe rings. Marianne wore one of her stretch satin T-shirts (white, loose-necked to expose ample cleavage) and a choker chain around her neck, while Hayley had on a spaghetti-strap baby-tee (royal blue, cropped halfway up her chest) and her lapis bracelet.
We rode down toward the beach in my Grand Cherokee and spent a couple of hours eating and talking. Toward the end, when Hayley went off to the ladies room, I pulled the bill of sale for Marianne's Bug out of my back pocket.
"Happy Birthday.”
She looked it over in awe, eyes watering, then looked back up at me. She took my hand and squeezed it tightly.
"Thank you so much.”
"You're worth it.”
She looked back at the invoice, and her eyebrows shot up.
"An *Alpine stereo*? How?”
"It was a special order someone defaulted on. You got lucky.”
Her eyes closed and she wiped the tears out of them.
"Oh, God. I can't believe you're really doing this.”
"It's done. Does Hayley know?”
"No. I've been trying to think of a way to break it to her. She'll see right through the raffle story and know you got it for me, so I have to tell her.” She laughed weakly.
“I think I'm going to have to tell her tonight anyway. She'll know something is up when she comes back.”
I saw Hayley returning as she spoke, and her blonde eyebrows indeed creased in curiosity as she approached.
"What's going on?”
Marianne reached for her hand, taking a deep breath and sniffing back her tears.
"Um, short stuff, look.” She glanced at me.
“This is a secret, so you have to swear not to tell anyone. Especially not Mom and Dad.”
Hayley's eyes bulged.
"What? I won't, I swear.”
"Steve has gotten me like the best birthday present in the world. I tried to stop him from doing this, but he did it anyway.”
"What is it?”
Marianne showed her the invoice, and after a few seconds of confusion, Hayley's face went white.
"No way. No fucking way.”
She looked up at us, seeing the confirmation in my face.
"Oh, my God. No way. How?”
"I'm going to tell Mom and Dad I won it in a raffle at the mall.”
"And you think they'll *believe* that? No way!”
"Why not?”
"Because...because," she gasped, "because they can't. How can he buy you a *car*? You guys just met like two months ago!”
Marianne glanced at me, smiling weakly.
"I tried to talk him out of it. He wouldn't listen.”
Hayley's head rolled around dizzily.
"God! I am so jealous I want to die! I can't believe this! A car!”
"I'll let you ride in it. I figure we'll drive to school in it. But you can't tell Mom and Dad, okay? All kinds of shit will hit the fan if they find out the truth.”
Hayley gradually regained her equilibrium.
"I won't," she gasped.
“But...but...you guys, you have to let me keep, you know, coming over and all, okay? Please?”
Marianne rubbed her arm.
"We will. We talked about it. It's okay.”
Hayley finally managed a smile.
"No problem," I said.
I paid the check, and we left shortly after that. Hayley continued periodically exclaiming, "A car! God!” on the way back until Marianne finally got her to chill about it.
When we got inside the house, Marianne put her arms around my neck.
"Let me show you how grateful I am.”
I felt Hayley pressing herself against my back.
"Me, too," she said giggling.
We worked our way up the stairs, pulling off random bits of clothing on the way. By the time we reached the bed, I was fondling two pairs of firm breasts. Marianne and Hayley climbed above me and took turns kissing me. I pulled them up a bit further to suckle their breasts, moving them around. As big as they were, Marianne's tits would swing back and forth a bit when she hung over me like this, but Hayley's didn't. She was so firm that her tits held their shape no matter how she positioned herself.
As I sucked on four tits at once, I reached down and began fingering two blonde pussies. I slipped an index finger into both of them, trying to see if I could tell the difference. Hayley was a bit tighter, but that was it. Even getting two fingers into her was difficult, not that it was much easier with Marianne.
I masturbated them both with my thumbs and fingers, continuing to suck on their nipples. They moaned at me, giggling, pushing their tits all over my face.
I came briefly up for air, getting free from this great mass of mammary flesh.
“Let's see who comes first.”
They moaned in unison, and Marianne pushed herself back at my hand. Soon they were both humping my fingers as my thumbs worked busily over their clits. I noticed as they got more and more turned on that their reactions were almost identical. Marianne was slightly more expressive, but I thought I could put that down to her greater experience. They might not be twins, but it seemed to me that they had gotten about as much of the same DNA as two fraternal sisters could.
What was even more interesting was that they seemed to be feeding off each other's arousal. One would moan or whimper and the other would do the same thing in response. In their eagerness to get me to suck on their tits, they were all but rubbing their nipples together.
Marianne came first, but Hayley was right behind her. If you allowed for the fact that Marianne and I had much more of a sexual history than I did with Hayley, they might as well have come together. In any case, they both whimpered and bit at my ears, shaking and spasming into my hands. Then they withdrew and collapsed against me.
Marianne lifted herself up a few moments later, smiling.
"That was fun.”
She reached over and caressed Hayley's back tenderly. Hayley just snuggled against me, making the little contented noises I had gotten used to.
"What do you want to do?” Marianne asked.
"You decide.”
She grinned.
“Okay, because I did have some ideas. I think tonight's lesson is going to be Anal Sex.”
Hayley's head shot up in surprise.
"Come on. Don't chicken out. You told me you were thinking about it.”
"Yeah, but…”
"Just try it.”
"We don't have to go all the way if you don't like it," I said.
Hayley looked back and forth between me and her sister.
"What do I do?”
Marianne jumped up.
“Let me do it.”
She ran into the bathroom and returned with the massage oil we used when she wanted it anally. Hayley watched, not moving.
Marianne first set the oil down and crawled up the bed to take my erection in her mouth. Hayley sat up and joined her, and the two of them alternated on me for about a minute. Then Marianne withdrew.
"Get on your hands and knees up by the headboard.”
Hayley complied, pulling a couple of pillows under her to brace herself. Marianne came up behind her and squirted some oil into her hand. She rubbed it between Hayley's cheeks, then poked into Hayley's butt with her index finger. I saw Hayley cringe a bit as she did it, but she didn't do anything stop her. As I watched, Marianne lubricated her sister thoroughly. Finally she turned and rubbed the oil all over my erection.
"She's all yours.”
Marianne lay down beside us as I got behind Hayley. Hayley tried to stretch herself open as I approached. I could see her sphincter clenching and relaxing nervously as I placed the head of my cock between her butt cheeks.
"Push back at him so you're stretched open more," Marianne said.
“It makes it easier.”
Hayley tried to comply, and very slowly, I eased the head of my dick into her rectum. She gasped and squirmed as I slipped inside.
"Oh, God.”
Marianne rubbed her back.
"Just relax. Let yourself get used to it.”
She took Hayley's nearest hand and tried to push it between her legs.
"If you play with yourself while he does it, it helps too.”
I felt Hayley tense up around me.
“You mean...?”
Marianne snorted.
“Come on. I know you do it. So do I. So does everyone. There's nothing wrong with helping yourself along. Trust me, it will make it easier.”
Hayley moved her hand tentatively between her thighs, and I felt the tips of her fingers brushing against my balls. I withdrew slowly and began to fuck her ass. Marianne watched both my reactions and Hayley's, and before long, she was playing with herself too.
Hayley was soon so consumed with the sensations that her apprehensiveness vanished. She pushed back at me with each thrust, trying to pull herself even further open. Her fingers worked busily in her sex as I pumped her firm cheerleading butt. Her other hand was braced against the headboard, opening and closing rhythmically.
Marianne lay on her back beside her, fucking herself with two fingers. She licked her lips looking up at me and then reached toward Hayley with her free hand. She took a stiff nipple between her fingers and began tweaking it.
Hayley moaned, moving faster, nearing orgasm. She had relaxed enough that I slid in and out of her easily, bottoming out in her bowels with each thrust. Her hand was a blur between her thighs.
"Oh God...oh God...fuck my ass...fuck me, fuck, fuck, shit! Oh!”
She went into convulsions under me, her sphincter pinching painfully down on my cock. The vibrations of her ass brought me swiftly to climax myself, and my last sight before I poured myself into Hayley's ass was her sister, hand halfway into her twat, shivering in orgasm beside us.
I came so hard I might have passed out. In any case, I lost track of things until I realized Marianne was cleaning my detumescent dick with a wet washcloth. Hayley was out cold on her stomach beside me. I could see a streak of semen on her smooth, tanned, buttocks.
"How was she?”
"Great," I gasped.
"That was so hot. So fucking hot. I came so hard it hurt.”
"Me too.”
She continued cleaning my dick until she was satisfied, then she took it into her mouth to get me back up. Hayley regained consciousness about a minute later and came up on her elbows to see what was going on.
I ran my fingers through her hair, pushing it away from her face.
"How you doing, Little Kit?”
She smiled.
"A little sore. But that was great. I had no idea it would feel so good.”
She lay across my chest and watched her sister working on my dick. I continued caressing her and playing with her hair. I pulled Marianne off after a few minutes.
"Enough of that. Come here.”
She came up and kissed me as I fondled her big tits. I pulled her up further to suck on her nipples, but she was rather swiftly sitting on my face and riding my tongue. Hayley took her place at my dick, sucking on me while I ate her sister.
I took Marianne's tight cheerleading butt in my hands, pulling her to my mouth. I forced my tongue as far into her as I could get it, fucking her with it while I worked my lips against her clit. Hayley was bobbing avidly on my erection now, but the added stimulation just made me lick Marianne more eagerly.
Marianne braced herself against the wall, whimpering and twisting over my mouth. I spun my tongue around and around her clit the way I knew she liked while I caressed her buttocks. She stood it for only another minute before backing down and squatting over my dick. Hayley held it up for her, positioning me, and Marianne swallowed me up with her tight pussy.
She spread herself open, arching her back and letting herself settle as far down as she could. I felt myself probing more deeply into her than I had perhaps ever been. Marianne whimpered softly as if in pain, gripping her big tits in her hands.
Not wanting to be left out, Hayley came up beside me, wanting to take her sister's place on my mouth. I let her, but had her turn around to face Marianne. The two of them leaned together, heads on each other's shoulders, and began riding me.
I lost myself in them after that, fucking one and eating the other, reaching up to grope breasts at random. Not long into it, I encountered a hand on Hayley's left tit and realized that Marianne was tweaking her nipples as I was trying to do. Hayley didn't seem to mind, and I contented myself with playing with Marianne. But suddenly Hayley was pushing my hands out of the way to fondle Marianne in return, tweaking and pinching her nipples as Marianne was doing to her.
I couldn't take much more of this, but it was too soon after fucking Hayley to come. I fucked up at Marianne roughly, and she pounded herself down at me just as hard. Hayley's hips were rapidly rolling up and back over my mouth, pushing down so far I almost couldn't breath. One of them cried out- -I couldn't tell who...and soon the other was shrieking with her. As near as I could tell, they came as one, Marianne spasming around my dick, Hayley shuddering over my tongue. I gave Marianne a few last spastic thrusts and erupted into her tight teenage pussy.
Hayley fell forward across the bed, leaving her legs tangled up with arms. Marianne fell onto my chest, still moving slowly over my aching dick. I lay half-dead on my back.
Marianne laughed weakly, not lifting her head from my shoulder.
"Shit. Shit," she gasped.
“I wanna do that again.”
"You'll kill me.”
She came up now and kissed me.
"I love you," she said softly.
"I love you too, Kitten.”
She bit my ear happily, purring.
"Meow. Meow, meow, meow.”

Chapter Fifteen

Marianne's eighteenth birthday was on Wednesday. Since I was still an unknown quantity to her family (with the exception of Hayley), I was left out of the primary celebration of her majority. Marianne explained to me how she had had Giselle call her house pretending to be an official from the "raffle" and delivering the news of the new car. The Bug itself arrived Thursday afternoon to much shrieking and screaming. I watched the scene down the street from a second floor window of my house but stayed out of it.
On Friday night, Marianne told her parents that she was going out (in her new car) to celebrate her birthday with her friends, although she was really going out with me. She arrived at seven-forty-five dressed in a pale blue slip dress. From the fit of the thing, it didn't look like she was wearing a bra, but her big tits seemed under control nonetheless, so I decided that she had stick-ons or some strapless contraption under it. Ivory nylons and pumps completed the look.
She gave me as big a kiss as she could with ruining her makeup.
"Hi, babe.”
"Kitten. How's the car?”
She smiled.
"It is *so* cool. You can't imagine how phat it is. I get dizzy just driving it around. And it has the most totally awesome stereo.”
"You ready to go?”
"I'm driving, right?”
I laughed.
"Of course.”
She bounced back out to the driveway and got into the Bug. I climbed into the passenger seat and took in the interior. It really was very nice, typical Teutonic styling...neat, clean, modernist lines without a lot of useless gadgetry.
Marianne turned on the ignition, and some deafening techno-punk music came blasting out of eight speakers at once. My hands shot over my ears involuntarily, and Marianne reached for the volume, turning it down about thirty decibels.
I rubbed my ears and stretched my jaw.
"Sorry. But this really is a great stereo.”
The lead singer was screeching something like "everything he lacks he makes up in denial.”
"What is this?”
"The Offspring.”
"Never heard of them. Who are they?”
"A punk band. This is my totally fave song.”
"I was into punk rock in college. I guess things have changed.”
"That was what, 1970-something?”
"I graduated in 1980. Punk back then was the Sex Pistols and the Dead Kennedy’s.”
"Some people still listen to the DK’s. They've got this song that's like 'I'm too drunk...”
"'To Fuck,' right. We used to play that thing just endlessly.”
"It's a cool song.”
I reflected for a moment that I was dating someone who hadn't even been born when I got out of college. Her parents hadn't even been married when I lost my virginity to Mary Jo Beadman in 1975. I wondered what had ever happened to her.
Marianne reached the entrance to our neighborhood.
"So where are we going?”
"Down the hill toward the beach. We have reservations at Bernardo's.”
Her face lit up.
"Phat. I've never been there. Is it good?”
"Some of the best Italian food you'll find south of San Francisco.”
I knew, of course, that Marianne was quite fond of that sort of cuisine. She got us to Bernardo's just before eight, and the valet took her Bug. She gave it a last lingering glance before taking my arm and following me inside.
The maitre d' welcomed us as we entered the foyer.
"Mr. Chandler, so nice to see you again. And this lovely young lady must be the guest of honor tonight.”
He summoned a waiter.
"Everything is as you requested. Please enjoy your evening.”
I tipped him twenty bucks as we entered the restaurant, and the bill disappeared into his coat pocket as if nothing had occurred. The waiter led us to a table in the corner, overlooking the beach. He helped Marianne into her seat and then me into mine. He handed us the menus and then withdrew.
Marianne looked around the restaurant, still a little in awe.
"You've been here before?”
"I come here fairly often on business. So they know who I am.”
"It must be nice to have people kiss your butt all the time.”
I laughed.
"It's only because I'm a regular here. There are plenty of places in town where we could be treated like peons if you'd like that better.”
I felt her toe stroking my leg.
"No. This is great.”
The waiter returned with a bottle of Roederer, which he opened and served without a glance at Marianne. He ran through the evening's specials and then left again to let us decide.
Marianne regarded her champagne for a moment and then took a sip.
"Wow. This is really...”
She struggled for the right description.
"Dry," I offered.
"That's how it's supposed to be. The champagne you may have had before was probably a lot sweeter.”
"Sweeter, and kind of nasty. But this is good.”
"I hope so. It doesn't get much more expensive than this.” I lifted my glass and tapped it to hers.
“Happy Birthday.”
She took another sip and giggled.
"It's going to my head.”
"Enjoy it. It's your birthday.”
Her toe continued to stroke my leg.
"I have some surprises for you, too. But you'll just have to wait.”
Marianne settled on the Veal Marsala, and I got the Lobster and Crab Ravioli. The food was excellent, as always, and we spent two hours eating and flirting with each other. Bernardo's had a strolling violinist on Friday and Saturday nights, and when they brought out our desserts, he came over and played with the waiters when they sang "Happy Birthday.”
Marianne was a bit tipsy from the champagne by the time we were done, so she gave me the keys to her Bug as we left.
"Do you have anything else planned?”
"Just home," I said.
"I don't want to go home yet. Can we go somewhere else, just to sit and talk some more?”
"In the car or out?”
"I don't care.”
The valet brought up the Bug, and as I listened to the Offspring chanting about some girl with "issues," I drove us down the beach to a public park on the cliff above the surf.
“I wish you wouldn't call me daddy when we're gettin' it on," they sang, and I gave sincere thanks that I didn't seem to have that problem.
The temperature was still in the seventies, but I gave Marianne my coat anyway. We walked out to a bench overlooking the ocean. Marianne took my hand and leaned against my shoulder.
"We're legal," she said after we had been sitting together for a few minutes.
"I've been thinking.”
"About what?”
"I need to tell my parents about you. Some time. I don't think there's anything to be ashamed of now.”
"What do you think they'll do?”
"My dad will go postal. My mom, I don't know. She's always kind of leaned on me to 'date responsibly,' whatever that means. She never liked Randy. I don't know what she'd make of you. She's the same age you are.”
"What can they do, at this point?”
"Throw me out of the house. I don't know if it would come to that, though.”
A chill ran down my spine as I thought of such a confrontation.
"I don't want you to have to make that choice.”
"I already have. If they want me to go, I will.”
I kicked myself internally as I realized that Marianne had thought this through further than I had. But (not that it was a very difficult decision), I knew I would take her in if I had to, since I would be the reason her parents threw her out. Yes, I had been thinking marriage, kids, old age together, but I was thinking of that for the future, once Marianne had left for college or at least graduated. Not while she was still in high school.
She snuggled against me.
"Take me home.”
On the drive back, I took the opportunity to stroke Marianne's leg. She purred as I did, sliding down the seat a little. I felt up under her dress, and she opened herself further. Thereupon, I discovered...oh ho!, I thought to myself... that she was not wearing nylons, as I had assumed. The sheer fabric gave way to a border of lace, and then her bare thigh.
She grinned.
"Surprise number one.”
I probed a bit further, and discovered that the stockings (hold-ups, apparently) were her sole lower undergarments. My fingers soon reached a prickly nest of trimmed pubic hair and the hot flesh of her sex.
"Number two?” I asked.
"Mmm-hmm. But there's another.”
I explored for a few moments, not finding anything different. Marianne just looked at me slyly.
"You won't find it that way.”
I played with her for a moment, getting her to lubricate enough to slip my middle finger into her an inch or two.
She gasped softly, gritting her teeth.
"That's nice. Don't stop doing that. But you're still looking in the wrong place. You're close, though.”
"Now I'm really intrigued.”
She took my wrist in her hand, holding me in place.
"You'll have to wait. Keep doing that.”
I worked my finger into her as I drove home, removing it only when I had to shift gears. Marianne stretched herself back into the seat as I played with her, getting wetter and hotter. She liked me to keep a finger inside her and rub my palm against her clit, so that was what I did for a few minutes. Her eyes were closed and her breath came hot and heavy in the close confines of her car. Her hand remained tight on my wrist, squeezing it rhythmically. I sped my movements when she began to whimper and twist slowly in her seat. Finally her hand clamped tightly on my arm, and she shuddered in orgasm.
I kept my finger inside her after she came, slowly probing into her tight wetness. She purred but remained still until we reached my house.
She hopped out of the car, backing up towards the door with her hands clasped behind her back.
"Are you dying of anticipation now?”
She opened the door and continued up the stairs.
"I really hope you like this.”
"Let's see it, whatever it is.”
When she reached the bedroom, she stopped me.
"Wait. Don't look. Let me get these off. They're about the least sexy things in the world.”
She made me turn away, but I saw her reach into her dress and remove the stick- ons she had apparently been wearing on her breasts. She tossed them behind her, and her big tits now bounced unrestrained under the fabric. She smiled at me.
"Okay. You can see it now.”
I slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders, and it slid down her body to the floor. As it slipped off, her left hand came up and covered something at her hip, which momentarily distracted me from her delicious form, naked except for the ivory stockings.
She paused for a moment in apprehension, then moved the hand away, revealing her last surprise.
Just below her bikini line, on the left side, was a fresh tattoo of a little ginger kitten. It could only have been a day or two old...probably done on her birthday, I thought, since that was the soonest she could have done it on her own...and the word "Meow" rose from its grinning face.
"Do you like it?”
I dropped down to examine it. I was touched, more than I would have thought before I saw it.
"It's about the sweetest, sexiest thing I've ever seen.”
She beamed at me, eyes growing moist.
"Because I'm your kitten.”
I rose from my squat and took her in my arms.
"Yes, you are.”
She pressed herself against me, and I kissed her for a few moments.
"Has anyone else seen it?”
"Ashley and Giselle went with me on Wednesday when I had it done. I showed it to Hayley last night. That's it.”
"What did she think of it?”
"What do you think? She wants to get one herself now.”
"Which I guess she can't do.”
"No. And I'd kill her if she did. You belong to me, even if I'm letting her borrow you sometimes.”
I picked her up and carried her to the bed. I laid her on the mattress and stripped rapidly out of my clothes. Marianne lay on her back watching me and smiling. I crawled up between her stockinged thighs to look at the kitten again. The artist had somehow gotten a mischievous expression on its face, even though it was scarcely an inch high. Like the Cat who ate the Canary, I thought...not to mention eating a few other things.
I bent to her pretty blonde twat and began licking her gently. She was still wet from my attentions in the car, and I soon had her moaning and writhing on the bed. She put her thighs on my shoulders and humped herself at my mouth. I kept looking at the kitten, thinking how damned sexy that thing was, a notice posted just above her sex that it...and the rest of her...belonged to me. A kitten and her pussy. Meow, meow, meow.
I ate her like my life depended on it.
She came in a rush, shrieking and almost throwing herself from the bed. I gave her no mercy, holding her tight cheerleading butt to my mouth. Her hands clawed at my head, seeking some respite, but they were soon gripping my hair and holding me in place. Her second orgasm heaved from her body like an epileptic seizure, and her feet drummed on my back so hard they sent momentary spasms of pain down my spine.
She came a third time after I had been eating her furiously for almost five minutes. Now she finally forced me from between her thighs, gasping for breath, still twitching and shuddering. Her hands remained tight claws on my shoulders, holding me off. Slowly, she relaxed and melted back into the bed. I crawled up beside her and took her in my arms.
"I love you, kitten.”
She could manage only a weak moan, but she moved softy against me. I let her rest for a few minutes before rolling her on her back again. When I crawled between her thighs, she laughed quietly.
“You're not letting me do anything for you.”
"It's your birthday. Be happy.”
I slid forward into her effortlessly, as wet and ready as she was. She lay on her back and let me make love to her, moving smoothly with my thrusts. I worked myself against her in the ways I knew she liked, keeping my cock deeply inside her. She gasped as I bottomed out, hugging me tightly.
"I love you. I love you.”
I bent myself down and took a nipple in my mouth, sucking it hard as I continued to fuck her. When I had one nipple stiff and wet, I moved to the other. Marianne held me tightly, moaning and whimpering at what I was doing to her. Her legs were wrapped closely around mine, and the smooth fabric of her stockings slid against me as we thrust at each other. Her hands moved rapidly over my back and buttocks, squeezing and pinching as if they had minds of their own. I looked down at her, watching the flush of impending orgasm spreading over her chest. Her eyes had lost their focus in her fog of arousal, and they rolled dizzily around. A low shudder began in her abdomen, spreading upward, across her chest, and her back slowly arched and her teeth clenched, eyes tightly shut and head rolled back into the pillow as a long feline whine escaped her throat. Then her hips began hammering up at mine, and I watched as this seizure, something too profound and fundamental to be called an orgasm, coursed through her body. It peaked, she let out an agonized cry through her teeth, and then fainted dead away.
That had never happened to me before, and for a moment I was a little worried. Then her eyes slowly opened as she panted for breath.
"Whoa. Wow. Shit.”
She hugged me, and I kissed the sweat from her brow.
"What did you just do?”
"I'm not sure. But I gather you liked it.”
She whimpered, kissing my neck.
"Just come. Come in me. I can't take any more of this.”
I moved in her slowly, and about ten seconds of deliberate thrusts were enough to get me off. Marianne held me close, doing her best to help.
I stayed inside her until I was completely limp and slipped out on my own. Marianne refused to release me, holding tight on my neck as I rolled off. I drifted off to sleep beside her, knowing it wasn't the wisest thing to do, but no longer much caring.


Nothing much happened the next week or so, during which Marianne made clear to me that she was now the envy of all her friends, and not entirely because of her new car. Only a few of them knew the truth of where she had gotten it, but apparently much of her class knew that she was dating someone quite a bit older than she was, and that he was buying her all sorts of presents. In the back of my mind, I couldn't help but wonder how long it would take for this news to filter back to her parents. Not that I could do much about it now.
On Thursday, I came home to find Marianne in my office, logged in with my account on America ******. I bent down and kissed her cheek.
"What are you up to, Kitten?”
"Just browsing around.”
I noticed that she was reading an Internet newsgroup that seemed to be filled with sexually oriented posts.
"That looks like more than browsing around.”
She grinned.
"It's a story group.”
"Sex stories?”
"Right. See, I've been thinking that what we've been doing would make a killer story.”
A chill shot down my spine.
"You're not going to announce all this to the entire world, are you?”
She laughed.
"No. I'd do it anonymously. Besides, who would believe all this? But it would be cool just the same.”
"I'm not much of a writer.”
"I know, I want to do it. But I don't think I'd do it from my perspective. There's too much stuff like that already. I was thinking I could write it from yours.”
"Yeah. I think that would get a lot of people's attention. I bet it would be popular. I already have the title picked out.”
I kissed her forehead.
"Whatever. Just don't get me in trouble.”
I went down to the kitchen for a beer, and she appeared a few minutes later.
"Anyway. I was talking to Hayley. She wanted me to ask you if we could go to her game tonight.”
"The J.V. squad. She cheers for them, remember?”
"Oh, yeah.” Then I had a thought.
“This isn't another commando mission, is it?”
She grinned evilly.
"Does that turn you on?”
"Don't joke about stuff like that.”
"I told Hayley about that night. She was totally stoked about it.”
She watched the horrified look on my face for a second or two and then laughed.
"God, you get embarrassed so easily. No, she's not going to do that. She's not brave enough. She just wants you to come and watch her.”
"Who else will be there?”
"Not my folks, if that's what you're thinking. Hardly anybody I know, to be honest. Probably just the parents and other underclassmen.”
"Okay. What do you have in mind?”
"I'll go get her in about half an hour, then we can drive back over to school.”
I went upstairs to change clothes. I was down to my boxer shorts and rooting through my closet when I felt Marianne embracing me from behind. She pressed her big breasts against me, feeling my stomach.
"We're going to be late if you keep that up.”
She giggled softly.
"I couldn't resist you.”
One hand on my stomach slipped under the waistband of my boxers and found my dick. She began to stroke it gently.
"Now we're really going to be late.”
She stopped jerking me off and just hugged me.
"There's something I've been meaning to tell you.”
I tried to turn around, but she stopped me.
"Just let me say this before I lose my nerve. But you have to promise me you won't take this the wrong way.”
"I'll try.”
She was quiet a moment or two.
"That first afternoon that I came over...the magazines and all...do you remember that?”
I tried to keep my voice level.
"That was bullshit. I wasn't selling magazines. I just wanted to meet you.”
My head swam for a second, and I struggled with this revelation. That meant…well...what the hell did it mean?
"Yeah. I didn't intend to do it with you that afternoon, that's not what I mean. I'd just seen you now and then, driving your Mercedes up and down the street with the top down. I wasn't sure what it was you did. One day it occurred to me that you were pretty cute. But you had always been 'the rich guy at the end of the street,' you know, pretty much out of reach. That afternoon, I was sitting around the house feeling bored, and I thought, 'How could I go meet him?' I just happened to see the brochure from when we were raising money this summer, and I figured that would work.”
We had remained how we were, with Marianne leaning against my back. I reached up and held her hands, which were still on my stomach.
"How did we end up having sex then?”
I couldn't see her, but I could sense her smiling just the same.
"You wanted to see my tits, remember? It never struck you as weird that I didn't slap you or something? That I just ripped my top off instead?”
"I have to admit I wondered about that.”
"It was because I was thinking, 'Whoa, this guy actually likes me.' I was so wired I wasn't really thinking straight. And when I got home, I kept looking at that check and not believing what I had just done. It all happened so fast I almost couldn't believe it, except there was that check. For the next day or so, I just went around in a daze. I kept thinking about what we did, and how much fun it had been, even if it hadn't lasted very long. And, I don't know, the money just made it that much more exciting. That was why I came back the next night. And why I kept coming back. Not because of the money. Because being with you was so exciting. So much more than doing anything with Randy.”
I took a deep breath.
"Well, I'm glad.”
"So, I'm not a hooker. I'm just me, and I love you.”
Now I forced my way around to face her. Her face was lined with tension.
"I never thought of you that way. Honestly. I don't know what I was thinking, but I never looked at it like that. Not with you. I've told you that.”
She laid her head on my chest and hugged me tightly.
"I love you, Kitten. That's all that matters.”
"I love you, too.”
She let me finished getting dressed and then went home to get Hayley. They reappeared in Marianne's Bug a few minutes later. Hayley was in the backseat in her uniform, which looked the same as Marianne's except for a little "J.V.” stitched into the fabric over her left breast.
"Hi, Steve.”
"Little Kit.”
She rubbed my shoulder.
"Thanks for coming.”
"No problem.”
Marianne drove us to school, and Hayley soon ran off to join her friends on the J.V. squad. Marianne and I got a seat near the front to watch her. I kept an eye out for weird looks from the other spectators, but noticed nothing. I thought, with no small feeling of irony, that everyone would no doubt assume Marianne was my daughter.
I bought some peanuts and two drinks from the vending stand and rejoined Marianne. She laid her head on my shoulder, nuzzling me quickly.
"It's not a football game without peanuts.” The game started soon thereafter, though I spent more time watching the cheerleaders than the football. The J.V. squad was not, shall we say, as pulchritudinous as the varsity girls, and Hayley was far and away the prettiest of the group. She waved at me once but otherwise stuck to her job.
"Hayley really likes you," Marianne said a few minutes later.
"I know.”
"I mean, she *really* likes you. I'm talking boyfriend territory. She's begun talking about all this like she's your junior girlfriend.”
"Is that a problem?”
"It might be, eventually. Not with me, but with other people. She's not... you've probably noticed this already...she's not the most mature person in the world.”
"She's fifteen.”
"Exactly. I've been trying to get a few things across to her, about how I'm just being nice to her about this, but I don't know how much is sinking in.”
"She's not jealous of you?”
"No. Not at all. But she does think of herself as part of this unit now. Not just Steve and Marianne. To her, it's Steve, Marianne, and Hayley.”
"Right. And I don't know where she's going to go with this.”
"Disregarding all of the moral and legal issues, do you have a problem with it?”
"No. I've told you that. However weird it might sound, I really don't mind having her around as long as she understands that I'm number one. Which, so far, she seems to. I'm just worried that she's going to say something to someone about this without meaning to. Nobody else knows about you and her. Not even the other girls on the squad. I've never told any of them.”
"And it really drives me crazy sometimes, because if she were eighteen, I think I would just say, 'Fuck the world. I'm having fun here and I don't care what anyone thinks about it.'"
"Which you can't do.”
"No. And I hate that.”
I thought for a few moments.
"What if you told the other girls? How would they react?”
She twisted her mouth pensively.
"I don't know. Giselle wouldn't give a shit. Ashley probably wouldn't care either. Tiffany...I'd rather leave out of it. She's really distanced herself from us since that night.”
"But Hayley knows about them?”
"Oh, yeah. I've told her all of that.”
"Maybe if you told them about Hayley...brought her into this little group . . . she might better understand the need for discretion. She would have people to talk to about it besides you. She wouldn't feel any burning desire to tell anyone else.”
Marianne bit her lip.
"Huh. You know, that might just work.”
"Even if we're giving the group stuff a rest for now. Bring her into the cabal.”
She nodded.
"Okay. I will. I think that's a good idea. I'll tell Giselle and Ashley, but not Tiffany. Hayley can sort of take Tiffany's place. I think they'll actually like that. From what I can tell, I think they're sort of pissed at her anyway, for behaving the way she has been.”
"That's too bad. I liked her.”
Marianne shrugged.
"I think she'll get over herself eventually. But I'm thinking maybe I can fuck with her a little if she decides she wants back in.”
She just grinned.
"Let me worry about that.”
At halftime, I went looking for a place to take a leak. Having found (on my prior visit) the field restrooms to be too crowded and poorly maintained for my taste, I went across the field into the school. When I exited the men's room, I turned the corner into the hall and ran right into Hayley.
She put her arms around my waist and grinned at me.
I took her hands, intending to free myself, but she refused to let go. I looked around us in apprehension, but saw that the school appeared deserted.
"What are you up to, Little Kit?”
"I was waiting for you.”
"I can see that. Why?”
"Come here.”
She let go of my waist but took my arm and pulled me toward a nearby classroom. I followed her, at least to see what she wanted. She opened the door and pulled me inside the darkened room. The look in her eyes pretty much told me what she had in mind.
"Marianne knows. She said it was all right.”
"I'm more worried about getting caught.”
She pulled me toward the teacher's desk and then sat in the middle of it on the blotter.
"We won't get caught, jeez. Let me explain.”
"This room belongs to my English teacher. I hate her. Last week she gave me detention for being thirty seconds late because this other teacher wanted to talk to me after class. She wouldn't cut me any slack even after I had the other teacher talk to her.”
"So you want to have sex on her desk?”
She grinned.
"Yeah. Don't you think that would be cool?”
I glanced toward the door.
"Steve, come on. We don't have to do anything wild. Besides, the longer we stand here discussing it, the bigger chance we have of getting caught.”
She tugged on the waistband of my jeans, looking up at me entreatingly. I gave in at that point, and bent down to kiss her. She was soon unbuttoning my jeans and digging into my boxers to find my dick. I pulled her uniform top over her breasts and took them into my hands. We continued kissing as I tweaked her nipples and she stroked my stiffening cock. Then she pushed me back a bit and bent to take me in her mouth. She sucked on me rapidly, swirling her tongue around the head and glans as I continued to play with her breasts.
She lifted her head and replaced her mouth with her hand.
"Does that feel good?”
I grunted, nodding, and she returned to oral attentions. I stopped caressing her tits and took her blonde head in my hands, feeling her bobbing up and down. I glanced again at the door, listening for anyone in the hall.
Finally I pulled her off. Grinning and trying to keep from giggling, Hayley leaned back and reached under her skirt to slide off her bottoms and panties. Then she put her legs around my waist and pulled me forward.
I slipped into her easily, as tight as she was, and she wrapped herself around me. I felt all those tight cheerleading muscles gripping me as I moved rapidly within her. Hayley sat up to kiss me, and I used my free hand to play with her firm tits. At this angle, she was almost suspended on my dick, and I lifted her up a bit to increase the friction, rocking back and forth to rub myself against her. She whimpered, pulling me closer and biting at my shoulder.
I reached under her skirt, taking that hard cheerleader butt in my hands. Her little feet rubbed against my ass and thighs, trying to get my further inside her. I began to lose my grip on the risks we were taking as all my attention was drawn to that hot, wet, and oh-so-tight pressure around my erection. Hayley continued to moan and whimper against me, running her hands up my T-shirt and digging her nails into my back.
Finally, a quiet shudder ran through Hayley's body, she let out a little squeak, and she bit painfully at my shoulder. I felt her spasming around me, and I looked down myself fucking this hot little fifteen-year-old blonde, still dressed in her disarrayed cheerleading outfit as she shuddered in orgasm. I gave her another four or five rapid thrusts and squirted off deeply inside her.
As the energy of this coupling drained from us, Hayley leaned back on the desk, and I leaned forward over her, feeling the hard pressure of her tits against my chest.
I caught my breath as quickly as I could and withdrew. Hayley sat up halfway but stayed on the desk. She looked down at herself, grinning. I followed her gaze and realized that she was getting all my come to run out of her onto this poor teacher's desk.
She giggled.
"This will be *so* cool. I bet she won't even know what it is right away.”
Hayley backed up wiping herself clean and then wiping her fingers on the blotter. Then she hopped off the desk, being careful not to get any semen on her uniform.
She came up on her tiptoes and kissed me.
"Thanks. That was great.”
She shoved her uniform bottoms and panties into my jeans pocket and ran out of the room, giggling. By the time I got out to the hall, she was too far away to stop.
I returned to the stands just as the game was getting underway. Marianne was waiting with a sly smile on her face.
"Where were you all this time?”
"I was detained.”
She leaned against me and kissed my neck.
"You knew?”
"She asked.”
"Okay. Did she mention this too?”
As discreetly as I could, I showed her Hayley's uniform bottoms. Marianne's eyebrows shot up.
"Oh, shit. She didn't. Not right after...”
She looked out at the field, where Hayley had rejoined the squad. She regarded us with a triumphant grin on her face.
"Oh, my God!” Marianne whispered.
“I don't believe her! She just...I mean you- -"
"God! She's crazy!”
Marianne was soon battling hysterical convulsions of laughter, and losing. I tried to maintain my composure lest some of the other spectators think something was up.
The game began, but all I could do was watch Hayley leading the cheerleaders, knowing that her freshly fucked pussy was naked under that short skirt. Once, after a particularly vigorous cheer, I even saw her reach down and wipe at her thigh. I was too far away to see for sure, but almost certainly she was trying to clean off a few last drops of come she hadn't gotten earlier. Beside me, Marianne kept looking at her sister and dissolving into fits of giggling. I could tell that Hayley was enjoying our reactions immensely.
When the game was over, I took them home, and we were soon up in the bedroom. Marianne helped Hayley out of her uniform and then smacked her on the butt as soon as she was naked.
Hayley rubbed at the reddened spot and looked at Marianne in confusion.
"That was for upstaging me like that. I can't *believe* you! Right after you... Jesus! You were doing cheers with cum running down your legs!”
Hayley just grinned at her, then at me. Marianne pushed her down on the bed and returned to where I was standing.
She pulled off her top and bra and closed with me. I took her big tits in my hands as I kissed her, moving her around and feeling the weight. She pulled off my T-shirt, and we took each other's jeans off together.
She dropped to her knees in front of me, taking me deeply into her mouth. I held her blonde head in my hands and looked up at Hayley. She was playing idly with herself, two fingers casually exploring her folds as she watched us. Marianne moved over me in long smooth strokes, pressing me against the back of her throat until she began to gag, then pulling back to massage the head with tongue and lips.
I pulled her off and led her to the bed. She lay beside Hayley, and I marveled again at how much they resembled each other. Not as twins, but as older and younger versions of the same model.
I crawled between their legs and put one hand in each blonde pussy. I slipped my middle fingers into each of them, and used my thumbs to play with their clits. Marianne's kitten tattoo had largely healed, and though I knew she had already vetoed the idea, I kept thinking how hot it would look if Hayley got something to match her.
Hayley purred softly as I played with her, rolling her hips against my fingers. Marianne watched me, and an odd look came into her eyes.
"What?” I asked.
"I can see something weird in your face. Something you want to do with us.”
"I'd like to eat you both at once. If we could make it work.”
She looked over at her sister and played with Hayley's hair.
"Mmm. I like that idea. Come here.”
As I lay on my back near the headboard, Marianne had Hayley kneel over my face with her back to the wall. She kept one knee down and lifted the other to place her foot behind my shoulder. Marianne put her knee down next to Hayley's foot and placed her foot next to Hayley's knee in a reverse of the same position. I stuffed a couple of pillows under my head, and by having Hayley lean back against the head board and Marianne push her hips forward, I had two blonde pussies pressed together over my mouth. I buried myself in this wet flesh and began to eat.
I had enough room underneath them to stick two fingers into each girl. I probed between them with my tongue, flicking at two clits at once. They pressed down against me, moving their hips to open themselves further, stretching out those toned cheerleader thighs.
They were soon both moaning and writhing above me as I ate and finger-fucked them both at once. When they occasionally pulled their hips apart, I could see up between them, seeing two pairs of big tits bumping and rubbing against each other. Marianne had her head thrown back, though she hung onto the headboard behind Hayley. Hayley had her arms spread wide along the back of it, back arched, abdomen heaving and thrusting at my tongue and her sister.
As they had the last time, they seemed to feed off each other's arousal. Both of them were incredibly wet by now, fluids running out onto my hands as I probed at them. I pulled them closer, getting one clit on each side of my tongue, getting them almost close enough to touch. Marianne was humping my fingers as I ate her now, and Hayley was doing her best, though she was unable to move as much in her position.
One cried out, then the other, hips thrashed over my mouth, and they came as one. I ate them furiously, my tongue a blur over their clits. Marianne suddenly threw herself backwards, freeing her body from my assault. Hayley lifted up and fell forward across me, resting her head on my thigh. Marianne lay on the other side, face buried against my neck. I caressed this pile of adolescent flesh and let them catch their breath.
Marianne recovered first, pulling herself closer to me.
"Meow," she said softly.
"I liked that.”
"I could tell.”
She moaned against my shoulder.
"Mmm...wanna fuck?”
I rolled her on her back and slipped into her easily. She lay calmly under me, doing nothing but wrap her arms around my waist and her legs around mine. I kissed her deeply, penetrating her from two directions. I pushed more deeply into her, and she opened her legs, letting me bottom out against her cervix. She groaned as I pressed the last bit of myself into her.
I heard a girlish giggle next to us and looked over to see Hayley watching.
"What?” she gasped.
"Do you think Steve has a big dick? It seems big to me, but I have nothing to compare it to.”
Marianne burst into laughter around her arousal, then hugged me tightly.
"Yes. Yes.”
Hayley giggled again, and I went back to making love to her sister. Marianne seemed more passive than usual, for whatever reason, and her climax took me by surprise. She began to squeeze me more tightly, then arch her back. I opened my eyes to see a rictus of agonized pleasure gripping her face, and then felt her tight twat spasming around my cock. Then, all at once, her body heaved against me, lifting off the bed with a sharp cry. This tidal wave of passion was so sudden and intense that I lost control myself, flaming into orgasm inside her. I grunted, spurting off into her with everything I had.
I rolled off Marianne as soon as I could, lying between her and Hayley. They snuggled against me, one fitting under each arm.
"I love you," a quiet voice said. I almost answered in turn before I realized that it was coming in the wrong ear.


Marianne was retaking the SAT's that Saturday, so I had the day to myself. I was watching football in the den when I saw Hayley appear in the backyard, apparently having come around through the side gate. She came up and knocked on the rear door. I waved her in.
"Hi. Is it okay if I use the pool?”
"Go ahead.”
She closed the door, and I watched as she stripped out of her shorts and top, revealing a yellow string bikini. Her bikini top soon hit the cement, and she spent a few minutes carefully oiling her chest, giving me a glance or two, smiling, as she did. That was enough to distract me from the football game. I got a fresh beer for myself, and another one for her, and went outside. She lay on her back, firm breasts and rosy nipples pointing toward the sun.
"Are you going to lay out?”
"No. I was thinking we need to have a little talk.”
I could see the concern filling her pretty blue eyes.
"This is about the other night?”
"I'm sorry. I couldn't help it. Everything just felt so good and so right and...I'm sorry.”
I reached out and caressed her hair.
"Nothing is wrong. I'm just worried about Marianne's reaction.”
"I'm not trying to break you guys up, honest. It's just that I like you so much. I've never felt this way about another guy, even if you're so much older than me.”
She looked up at me, eyes moistening. I reached for her, and a moment later she was in my lap, hugging me, head on my chest. I didn't know what to say to her, so I just held her. She let go of me a minute or two later.
"I'm sorry I'm being like this. I understand how it is.”
"It's all right.”
She climbed off my lap and returned to her sun bed.
"Little Kit, look...this is going to sound terribly patronizing, but try to think about a few things. You're only fifteen, and you've only just started having sex. It may be that you just need to find a little perspective.”
She nodded, not looking at me.
"You think I should have sex with someone else?”
I gritted my teeth. What is it about teenagers that they can turn the most straightforward logic on its head?
"That isn't quite what I meant, but I guess perspective is where you find it.”
"No. You're right. I've been thinking about this. I should be doing it with someone else, like Marianne is.”
That sent a shock down my spine.
"Like she's what?”
Hayley's eyebrows went up in confusion at my distress.
"With the other girls. On the squad. Right?”
I fought to still my pounding heart.
"Oh. Yeah. For a second, I thought you meant...”
Hayley laughed.
"Another guy? As if. She doesn't even look at other guys anymore. No, what I meant was that I was thinking of maybe seeing if I'm bi like she is. Just trying it. Maybe that would give me some perspective.”
I struggled with myself again, seeing what I had probably just precipitated. I started to say something like, "You should only do things you feel comfortable with," but I stopped myself when I realized how stupid I would sound under the circumstances. Besides which, I recalled a similar conversation with Marianne. Best to let these things alone, I thought.
"Anyway," Hayley went on, "you know that Marianne told Ashley and Giselle about me, right?”
I nodded.
“She mentioned it to me.”
"And both of them are bi...so I was just thinking, you know? Why not take advantage of that? When else could I find out without causing a lot more trouble?”
I took a swig of beer to help me formulate a proper response. I stared across the backyard at the big liquidambar tree in the corner, wondering...and not for the first time...how I had gotten into a situation like this.
"Normally, I think you would have some indication...some inclinations of some sort...before you did anything.”
She was unswayed by my reasoning.
"Marianne said she didn't know until she did it.”
"Well, yeah, but...”
I found myself laughing softly.
"Do what you want. Don't let me stop you.”
She grinned.
"Phat. So can I go call them?”
"Ashley and Giselle?”
"Yeah. Can they come over?”
With Marianne gone? I wasn't sure how she would feel about this. I looked at my watch...it was three-twenty, and she would be back pretty soon. Presumably I could keep them all out of bed until she returned.
"Go ahead.”
Hayley hopped off her sun bed and ran for the cordless phone I kept by the barbecue. I went inside and returned to the football game, listening with one ear to her talking to Giselle, then Ashley. About ten minutes later, she came back inside, still topless, and dropped to her knees a few feet away from me. I took in the alluring disarray of her sun-kissed blonde hair and the perfect teardrop shape of her naked breasts, and I had to force myself not to leap off the couch and ravish her where she was...which she would certainly have let me do.
She caught the look in my eye anyway.
"They're coming over in about an hour. I figure Marianne won't be back for a while either.” I laughed softly.
"Little Kit, a man can only take so much. I'm sorry.”
She giggled.
"Do you like Marianne's tat?”
"Very much.”
"It looks so cool. I wanna get one too. But she said she'd kill me if I did.”
"You're underage. Finding a place to do it might prove difficult.”
"Couldn't you pretend to be my dad? How would they know?”
"I think they might wonder why I was letting my fifteen-year-old daughter get a tattoo below bikini line.”
"I don't want to do it there. I want to get it on my butt.”
"I don't think that would be much better. What do you want to get?”
"Just a cat face. Not exactly like hers. Have you seen those stickers of like a Siamese cat head? Something like that.”
"Ask her. Work it out between the two of you.”
"But would you?”
"If Marianne doesn't mind.”
She jumped forward and hugged me. Again, I had to resist the urge to play with those wonderful tits of hers.
As it happened, Marianne returned before Ashley and Giselle showed up. Hayley had by then returned to the pool. Marianne lay down on top of me, blocking the TV screen, and kissed me.
"How long has she been here?”
"A couple of hours.”
She looked down at me slyly.
"Have you behaved?”
"It's been difficult, but yes.”
She stretched out, snuggling with me.
"How was the test?”
"Ugh. I'm brain dead. But I think I did better than last time.” I explained about Hayley's multiple ideas. She seemed to care more about the second one.
"Would you really help her get a tattoo?”
"I was really just humoring her. I know how you feel about that.”
"I'll think about it. I don't know.”
She stayed on the couch with me until the doorbell rang.
"That's probably Giselle and Ashley.”
"What are we going to do tonight?”
"I'm a little intrigued by what Hayley is going to do. So don't worry. Whatever happens, happens.”
"What about our discussion about limiting the group stuff?”
"I'm suddenly in the mood for some dyke action. Unless you mind.”
"No. I guess not.”
Giselle and Ashley had arrived with their bathing suits, and the four of them were soon lounging half-naked (or completely so) around the pool. I contented myself with admiring all this teenage pulchritude and left them alone. Something utterly male occurred to me as I was watching them a bit later: I had all four bra cup sizes represented in my backyard...A (Giselle), B (Ashley), C (Hayley), and D (Marianne). I wasn't about to say anything, but it made me grin nonetheless.
Eventually, it began to get dark, and we ordered a couple of pizzas for dinner.
Afterwards, the five of us went back out and climbed into the jacuzzi. Giselle had brought along some dope, and the bong began circulating. Marianne remained next to me, under my arm, while Hayley sat between Giselle and Ashley.
Hayley seemed nervous at first, though her eyes were glazed over from the pot. I felt Marianne playing idly with my dick under the water, and I glanced over at her, loving the way her big tits floated in the suds around us. When I looked back, I saw...with some not-so-mild shock...that Giselle was kissing Hayley. She had leaned completely around and was now frenching her eagerly. One hand came up out of the water and began playing with Hayley's breasts. Hayley remained where she was, not resisting any of it. Ashley just watched them, smiling.
Giselle came up for air after about a minute, and though Hayley's face and chest were deeply flushed (whether in embarrassment or arousal I couldn't tell), she did not seem upset. She gave me nervous grin.
Then Ashley bent over and took Giselle's place, kissing Hayley tenderly and tweaking her nipples. Hayley reached up to hold Ashley's arm, but otherwise did nothing.
Marianne was now stroking my erection more purposefully, and she leaned in to lick my ear.
"Is this getting you hot?”
She purred in my ear, then submerged, lowering her head to my lap. I felt her taking me in her mouth a moment later. Giselle saw her do it and laughed, reaching out with her foot to feel what Marianne was doing. Ashley stopped kissing Hayley and leaned back to look at us. She giggled, then nudged Hayley.
"Sit up on the edge.”
Hayley complied, lifting up out of the water. The two girls closed with her on either side, each one taking a firm breast in her mouth. Hayley gritted her teeth as she looked at me, still nervous but obviously very turned on. Marianne surfaced for air and inspected the situation briefly. Then she submerged again. Her attentions were strangely affecting, because she couldn't do as much as she could with a normal blow job. The friction was changed, and she couldn't move as freely. But the novelty of what she was doing was enough. Giselle now lowered herself further, sinking between Hayley's legs. Hayley let out a little cry when Giselle began to eat her, and grabbed at Giselle's head. Ashley continued suckling Hayley's wonderful tits, all the while tweaking the nipple she wasn't sucking on.
Marianne surfaced again, took a breath, and submerged. Hayley's eyes were locked on mine, as if she were trying to draw me into her experience. She held both girls close to her, whimpering and writhing against them. Giselle and Ashley switched places, and Giselle rose up to kiss Hayley. Hayley responded this time, sliding her arm around Giselle's neck.
I knew Ashley had more experience than Giselle did, and I could tell Hayley was quickly discovering this fact. She leaned back, pumping her hips at Ashley's face. Giselle climbed out of the water and behind Hayley to support her. As Ashley ate Hayley eagerly, Giselle kissed her and played with her tits from behind.
Meanwhile, Marianne was rapidly getting me off, bobbing and sucking as best she could underwater. I groped at her, finding her big tits floating free in the water, squeezing them. She responded by moving even faster. I watched Hayley closely, watching for the signs of her impending orgasm. Her legs began to shake around Ashley's head, and she arched her back against Giselle. Both hands went to fists in Ashley's red hair. As I saw her start to shudder in climax, I lost it myself, spurting off into Marianne's mouth. She sucked up my sperm insatiably, gulping it down as it came. I felt her pumping out the last bits with her fist, and only then did she finally surface for air. She rose up, pressing herself against me and hugging me.
"How was that?”
"Great," I gasped.
I looked past her shoulder to see Hayley embracing Ashley and Giselle. The two older girls giggled to each other at what they had done and helped Hayley back into the pool.
We rested for a few minutes before heading inside and up to the bedroom. The girls dried each other off with much giggling and laughter, and the five of us were soon lounging on my bed.
With Hayley resting against me, the other three girls turned to each other. Marianne gave me a smoldering look and crawled across the bed on her hands and knees, moving like a cat. She looked at Giselle, licking her lips, then dove forward to kiss her. They frenched each other roughly for a few seconds before Marianne withdrew, then darted forward to lick and nibble at Giselle's breasts. She glanced at me once, smiling, but continued.
She curled herself around, still on all fours, and bent to lick at Giselle's neatly trimmed pussy. Giselle arched her back, giggling, but let her do it. Marianne licked her eagerly, almost fucking Giselle with her tongue, all the while glancing over to check my reaction.
With Marianne thus occupied, Ashley and Giselle came together at the top of the bed. They kissed and fondled each other as Marianne ate Giselle. Ashley was soon squatting over Giselle's mouth, and Giselle cupped Ashley's buttocks in her hand as she licked up at her.
Hayley came to life at this point, sliding up to kiss me. I played with her lovely tits for an all-too-short moment, and then she was down between my legs, sucking on my still aching dick. Marianne watched this development, grinning at me as best she could while still licking Giselle rapidly. She seemed to want to join us somehow, and a moment later, she did.
Hayley was down next to her now, and Marianne reached up between her legs, stroking her gently. Hayley looked around to see who was doing it and then gave me a nervous glance. But she stayed where she was and let Marianne continue. Marianne was not quite fingering her sister...she was really just stroking idly between Hayley's thighs, playing with her. All five of us were connected now, Ashley to Giselle to Marianne to Hayley to me, even if it was too soon for me to get much out of it. Giselle suddenly began thrashing in orgasm from what Marianne was still doing to her, and Ashley joined her a few seconds later. She threw herself to the side, ending up across my chest, and Marianne rose up from between Giselle's thighs. Hayley watched all this but continued trying to reawaken my dick.
I ran my fingers through Ashley's hair, and she lifted up a little to kiss me. I probed at the stud in her tongue, and she responded by sticking it into my mouth. I felt Marianne joining Hayley, and the two them worked on me diligently. I played with Ashley's little breasts for a few seconds before I felt Hayley and Marianne giggling. I looked up to see Giselle at the end of the bed, alternately licking and fingering the two of them.
The sight of all this finally restored my erection, which Marianne and Hayley sucked on eagerly. Then Marianne withdrew.
"I just realized something.”
"What's that, Kitten?”
"Giselle is the only one of the four of us who you haven't fucked in the ass.” Ashley let out a shriek of laughter, and I glanced down toward Giselle. Her eyes had widened in apprehension, but she didn't seem repulsed.
"Guys, fuck...I don't know about that.”
"Come on, girl," Ashley said, still laughing, "you have to. All the rest of us did.”
Marianne hopped off the bed and ran for the massage oil. Ashley went to Giselle, pulling her toward the bed. Hayley had continued to suck me, but watched all this eagerly.
"It's not as bad as you think. You just have to relax. I'll help you get off if you want.”
Ashley returned to the bed and reversed herself. She reached for Giselle and got her to crouch above her in a sixty-nine position just as Marianne appeared with the oil. Marianne squirted some into her hand and began lubricating Giselle's butt just as Ashley pulled her down and began licking up at her.
Giselle clenched her teeth, moaning.
“Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck.”
Marianne gestured to me, and Hayley finally let go of my cock. I slid to the end of the bed, and Marianne applied a generous dose of oil to my erection. I stood behind Giselle. Ashley's head was between her knees, and she gave Giselle a long lick, exposing the stud in her tongue and wiggling it against Giselle's clit, before grinning up at me.
Marianne took my dick and guided it into Giselle, whose back was arched in anticipation. She cried out at the first contact, throwing her long chestnut locks back over her shoulders. I pushed forward gently, slipping into her. I felt her sphincter relaxing, clenching around me, then relaxing again. She grunted, gasping for breath.
"Shit! Fuck!” She let out a guttural cry of arousal and disorientation, pushing herself back at me.
Underneath us, Ashley was licking eagerly up at her girlfriend. Marianne returned to the bed beside the two of them, sliding back against the pillows and headboard to watch us. Hayley remained at the foot, closest to me, and leaned around to watch what I was doing.
Giselle squatted down further, stretching herself open as I hit bottom. I moved in her slowly, letting her get used to this invasion and letting Ashley warm her up from below. Giselle's hips began to rock between the two of us as she lost herself in this new experience.
I looked back at Marianne, seeing that she was playing with herself as she watched. Hayley was still beside me, but she lay back down on her side, propping her head up on her elbow. She had ended up between Marianne's knees, and she looked back and forth between me and what Marianne was doing.
I closed my eyes, feeling myself plumbing the depths of Giselle's bowels, pressing against her hard cheerleader butt. Her buttocks spread further as I pushed into her, and I heard her grunting again. I sped my movements, and Giselle responded in kind, moving her hips faster over Ashley's tongue. I looked back at Hayley and Marianne, and my eyes widened at what I was seeing. Hayley hadn't moved from her spot near the end of the bed, and she continued to watch me, but her left arm had come up to help Marianne get off. Marianne was still frigging herself, and relatively speaking, Hayley was scarcely touching her. Her hand simply rested on Marianne's thigh. Only her thumb was really doing anything, sticking out to stroke Marianne's clit. She grinned at me nervously, and I looked up at Marianne. She licked her lips, leering at me, too aroused to do anything else.
I thrust at Giselle more roughly now, and she let out a hoarse cry. I could see Ashley below us, still licking rapidly up at Giselle. Giselle began to shudder, shaking in my grip, and was soon shrieking in arousal through her clenched teeth. Ashley lifted up to get closer at her and slipped two fingers into Giselle's thus-far ignored pussy. That was enough to push Giselle over the edge, and her sphincter bit down hard on my dick. I thrust against the pressure anyway, burying myself into her, and forced my cum into her bowels. She fell forward and I went with her, burying Ashley underneath us. I glanced over just in time to see Marianne shuddering in orgasm herself. Hayley was still there, finishing her off with a busy thumb.
We rested for a while after that, and Hayley appeared with a wet washcloth to clean me off. It seemed to me that she had gotten the least amount of attention tonight, so I pulled her up above me to kiss her. She let me, giggling, and then crawled up further to present her wonderful tits to my mouth. As the other three watched, I brought Hayley off with tongue and fingers few minutes later. When Hayley climbed off my head, Marianne crawled into my arms, and...honest to God...I somehow dozed off with four naked teenagers still in my bed. Marianne nudged me awake, however long I had been out.
"You're missing this.”
I tried to get my bearings and looked around the room. Giselle was lying next to me, and, lo and behold, Hayley was down between her legs, licking gently away. Her eyes were closed and she appeared to be trying to concentrate entirely on what she was doing. Ashley was propped up on one arm watching, and she glanced over at me once, smiling.
I was too tired to do anything but watch. Giselle writhed slowly on the bed, pinching and pulling on her nipples. Hayley's tongue dipped and fluttered around her clit, and if she seemed somewhat tentative, I could tell it was more from inexperience than reluctance.
Marianne nuzzled my neck, purring.
"I knew this was going to happen," she whispered.
"What do you mean?”
"It's always been like this. Whatever I'm into, Hayley wants to tag along with. I should have known it would be the same way once she started having sex.” I snickered, watching Hayley bringing Giselle off. Giselle began to roll her hips at Hayley's face, and Hayley licked at her more rapidly. Finally, a long shudder ran through Giselle's abdomen, and she pushed Hayley away, still twitching and shivering. Hayley sat back on her knees and wiped her mouth quickly. She saw me watching and grinned.
"Let her get the tat," Marianne said softly.
“Just as long as it's not the same as mine. She's part of this now.”
I hugged her.
"Whatever you want, kitten.”


Marianne and Hayley had some family function to attend on Sunday, so I didn't see the girls again for a few days. Marianne came by on Wednesday, and after an hour or so in bed, told me how she and Hayley had been discussing her tattoo. With the possibility suddenly open, Hayley was now having some second thoughts. But Marianne called me Thursday night to tell me it was on.
"So, I was thinking we could all go out tomorrow night and do it.”
"The three of us?”
"Right. We can go back to the same place I went to. It's pretty clean. Nothing sleazy at all.”
"You really think this will work? What if they want to see some ID?”
"How about if we pretend to be your stepdaughters? Would that work?”
I laughed. I had been using that idea often enough so far.
"It's worth a try. Worst they can say is no.”
"Phat. Anyway, I was thinking.”
"What about, Kitten?”
"Would you care if I got a belly ring? To go with the tat?”
I thought about that for a moment and realized that I liked the idea.
"A basic one, right? Nothing big and obnoxious?”
"Right. Not a big stud. A little gold ring.”
"I think that would look hot.”
"Okay. I haven't decided, but I'm thinking about it.”
She and Hayley were waiting for me when I got home the next day. For once, Marianne left her Bug at home and let me drive. We went to dinner first, at the same bar & grill we had gone to the night I got Marianne's car. The tattoo parlor was down by the beach, near the University, and by the time we got there, the place was packed with students milling around watching the action. Only a few people were getting worked on, though, and I got the attention of one of the artists after we had been there a few minutes.
"My stepdaughter wants to get a tattoo.”
He looked Hayley and me over for a moment.
"She's underage?”
"You have to sign a form first.”
“No problem.”
He dug around behind the counter until he found the requisite form, which I filled out and signed. I wondered if I was committed a crime by doing this, but if I were, it was certainly less serious than everything else I had been up to lately.
Hayley produced the design she wanted, a cartoon cat sticker I had often seen decorating the back windows of other people's cars, wherever it came from. She explained how she wanted something much smaller but in the same motif.
The artist led us behind the counter and had Hayley sit in a contraption that looked like an upright weight bench, facing away from him. She loosened her jeans and exposed the spot where she wanted the tat. Marianne and I stood with her as the artist finished the preparations.
Hayley let out a little squeak of pain when he started, squeezing my hand tightly. Marianne brushed the hair back from Hayley's face, looking down in sympathy.
"I told you it was going to hurt, short stuff.”
Hayley whimpered, closing her eyes.
"Did you decide about the belly ring?” I asked.
Marianne grinned.
"Yeah. I want to get it. Is that okay?”
Luckily for poor Hayley, she had picked a simple design, and the artist was done in about ten minutes. It looked pretty cute, and Hayley twisted around to examine it as best she could when he held up a mirror for her.
"What do you think?” she asked me.
"Looks great.”
"It looks good," Marianne said.
“I like it.”
The artist bandaged her up, and Hayley pulled her jeans over the square of gauze. She winced when she buttoned them up and pulled the waistband a bit higher. Marianne tried to comfort her again, hugging her with one arm.
"Okay. I want to get the belly ring," Marianne told the artist.
After she displayed her driver's license, he repositioned the bench and had her lie down on her back. She picked out the ring she wanted, and after disinfecting her navel, he slipped the ring into a piercing gun. Marianne closed her eyes and held my hand tightly. She jerked once, squishing my hand, when the artist shot the ring into place. Then she sat up to examine it.
She giggled.
"That looks so cool.”
It did, and it gave a definite "bad girl" cast to her otherwise wholesome blonde beauty. I realized as I looked at her that it didn't really change how she looked as much as it brought out more of her real self. Marianne *looked* a lot more straitlaced and normal than she really was, and now that she was legally an adult, I suspected that she was taking the opportunity to express herself more than she could have previously.
The artist explained about maintaining the piercing until it healed, and then I paid him for the two operations. We left for home at about ten. Hayley squirmed in her seat the entire way back, unable to get comfortable with a new tattoo on her butt.
We regrouped in the den, and I gave them both a couple of Advil to deal with the pain. Hayley finally pulled off her jeans and lay on her stomach on the floor. Marianne squatted in front of the TV and began digging through my collection of videotapes.
'What are you doing, Kitten?”
"I feel like watching a porno.”
Hayley perked up at this.
"You have pornos?”
"He has a bunch. You wanna watch one?”
Not waiting for my opinion, the two of them sifted through the stack of tapes for about a minute before selecting one of those slick Andrew Blake films. Marianne slipped it into the VCR and then lay back against me on the couch. Hayley stayed on the floor but scooted up as close to the TV as she could get.
We had been watching the movie for about half an hour (shortly after Hayley observed, "This has, like, no plot at all. It's just sex.”
"That's the stuff this guy makes," I explained) when the doorbell rang. Whoever it was then began pounding on the front door.
"What the fuck?” Marianne said.
I stopped the tape and got off the couch. Marianne followed tentatively about ten feet behind me, with Hayley hiding behind her. I looked out the peephole. It was some kid, but the light was off and I couldn't see anything else.
I turned on the light and opened the door. I then saw who it was, and realized instantly what was going on, but Marianne, as it happened, was the first one to say anything.
"Oh, Jesus!” she exclaimed in disgust.
“Randy, what the fuck are you doing here?”
He was drunk, and if the smell of liquor on his breath was not enough of a tip- off, he held a half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels in his fist. For some reason, it wasn't anger I felt at that moment, but pity.
He staggered, pointing his finger at me.
"You think you're so fucking great with all your money. I know you're just using her. You don't love her like I do. She'll figure that out one day.”
I shook my head, but again Marianne responded before I could.
"Randy, Jesus Christ. You loved fucking me, that was all. You loved showing me off to all your friends. All I was to you was a piece of arm candy.”
Marianne had come up to within a few feet of the door, but Hayley, apparently realizing the diceiness of this situation, had disappeared back into the den.
Randy spluttered.
"I loved you, goddamnit. I did. And now I have to listen to everyone at school talking about him, laughing at me behind my fucking back. All because I don't have money like he does. Well, I'm going to be big some day! You're going to fucking regret dumping me for him!”
"You're not going to do it behaving like this," I said.
He swung his finger back around at me again.
"You just shut the fuck up! I don't have to listen to you!”
Marianne laughed in his face.
"You're so pathetic, Randy. If you think I'd ever come back to you after this, you're even dumber than I thought.”
His nostrils flared, and he panted for breath a few times.
"How can you say that after what we had?” he blubbered.
“You just lose it to me and move on? Was that all it was?”
She laughed even harder now.
"Randy, sorry, but that was bullshit. You weren't my first. I just told you that because you were so uptight about being a virgin.”
His face reddened.
"Okay. I get it. You just fuck your way around town, huh? I was just a pit stop.” He glared at me.
“You just wait. She'll do the same thing to you when she gets sick of you. Just watch.”
"I think you'd better go now," I said.
"Yeah. I'll go. I'm gonna tell everyone what a fucking whore your girlfriend is.”
*That* was enough to finally piss me off. I took a step toward him, and he staggered back down the porch. Marianne grabbed my arm before I got any further.
"Steve, don't. Don't listen to him.”
She glared down at Randy, who was now trying to keep from falling into the hedge along the walkway.
"You go ahead, Randy. You tell people whatever you want. I'll tell them how you showed up here all drunk and pussy-whipped begging me to come back to you. Who do you think is going to look worse?”
I wasn't so far out of high school as to be unable to envision what a story like that would do to Randy's standing among his male friends, whatever he chose to say about Marianne. I couldn't help grinning slightly.
Randy stood fuming on the walkway for a few seconds. Marianne stepped to the edge of the porch and waved her arm toward the street.
"Get out of here, dammit! Before I have Steve call the cops.”
"Call the fucking cops! I'll tell them what you've been doing with him.”
Marianne scoffed.
"I'm eighteen now, or did you miss that one? They won't do a fucking thing besides arrest you for being drunk and underage.”
Randy gave her, and me, a final glare, and stumbled back down the driveway. I watched until he was gone. Marianne drifted into the house, rubbing her forehead, and I shut the door.
"Shit. That *asshole*.”
I hugged from behind.
"You think he'll cause trouble at school?”
"I doubt it. What can he do? He's already been talking shit about me anyway. Everyone knows he's just upset because I dumped him for you.”
I saw Hayley emerging from the den, still in her T-shirt and panties, distress marring her pretty face.
"Is everything okay?”
"It's all right," Marianne said.
“It was just Randy being a baby.”
She took my hand and led me upstairs. We lay down and she lay alongside of me. Hayley lay on the other side and snuggled under my arm.
"How's your butt?” I asked her.
"Still sore. I don't think I'm in any shape to do anything tonight.”
I hugged her.
"It's not a problem.”
She sat up.
"I think I'm just going to go home. I'm kind of tired. Is that okay?”
Marianne rolled on her back.
"Be careful when you get home, short stuff. If Mom finds out about that tat, all kinds of shit will hit the fan.”
"I know. I will be.”
She kissed me goodbye and then left. Marianne stayed next to me on the bed. When Hayley was gone, I rolled on my side and kissed her, reaching up to play with her big tits. She returned the kiss for about a minute before pushing me back.
"Do you remember what I said about Tiffany last week?”
"Refresh my memory.”
"How I said I wanted to fuck with her if she decided she wanted back into this?”
"Oh. Yeah.”
"Well, she does. She's been getting all chummy with me again this week. I told her I didn't want her back over here if she thought she was too good for us, and she kind of threw a hissy fit.”
"What are you going to do?”
"What I thought of doing is making her my sex slave for one night. Just to push her buttons. See how badly she wants this. Would you like that?”
My eyebrows rose slightly.
"Sex slave how?”
"Just tie her up a little, blindfold her, make her go down on me. Nothing really serious. Maybe spank her a little. That kind of stuff.”
I laughed.
"Where is this coming from?”
"I just thought it would be cool. Do you wanna?”
"If she's willing. Not if you're coercing her somehow.”
"I won't be. I'll just tell her what's involved and what she has to do. I think she'll do it. She's always been sort of into that Goth, S&M kind of thing, you know? You've seen all the piercings she's got. She did those fucking things herself, can you believe that? She pierced her own fucking clit.”
"She told me. When?”
"Tomorrow night? I'll call her in the morning.”
"Works for me.”
We recoupled, and I began undressing her. When I had her down to her panties, I paused to look her, taking in the effect of her new belly ring. She slipped her panties off to expose the kitten tat and lay there grinning up at me. Her stomach was smooth and athletic, and the ring drew my gaze from her beautiful breasts down toward her pretty blonde twat. The ginger kitten winked at me on the way down.
"Do you like it?”
"You're the sexiest thing on Earth. I mean it.”
She smiled.
"I want to tell you something. Just in case you're still thinking about Randy.”
"I'm not.”
"Just let me say this. Randy did not love me, never mind what he said tonight. He's just too dumb to know that. Randy never looked at me like you do, like you're doing now. It was all drooling and hard-ons with him. He had no patience at all. He never saw *me,* not the way you can. I think all he ever saw was my tits.”
"I'm sorry.”
“This is why I love you, not because you've given me all this stuff. You make me feel safe and protected. I know you care about me, the real me. Randy didn't. I always felt like I had to defend myself from him on some level, you know, because he never gave much thought to what I wanted. You do.”
"I try.”
"No, you do. You really do. I know I can trust you. I've never really felt like that about anyone else. And I will never do to you what I did to Randy, like he said. Never.”
I caressed her face, looking down into her big blue eyes.
"I know that, Kitten.”
"Because I love you more than anything.”
I bent down to kiss her, and she put her arms tightly around my neck. She writhed against me, pulling me closer. I wasn't completely undressed yet, but she made short work of the few clothes I had left. She whimpered through her nose as we kissed, almost hurting each other with our mouths. She grabbed for my erection as soon as it was exposed, and I crawled above her, slipping into her easily.
She wrapped herself around me, holding tight, moving as I moved. We continued kissing, sucking at each other from two directions. I rolled over, pulling her on top of me. She pulled up her knees to sit on me, then reared back, gripping her breasts in her hands. She moved her hips back and stretched her thighs out to the side, letting me probe even further inside her. I thrust up, lifting her up on my cock. She groaned, rocking herself back and forth as she twisted her nipples slowly.
She rode me in a steady rhythm, and I held myself up for her, caressing her thighs. Her motions became less controlled and more spasmodic as she neared her release, jerking and humping at me. A series of convulsions began to wrack her body, and she thrashed uncontrollably over me, finally throwing herself forward with a sharp cry and spraying her long blonde hair all over my face.
She let out a little whimper, still twisting over my erection.
"Now you.”
She fell slowly to the side, and I rolled back on top of her. She spread herself open for me, urging me in as deeply as I could get. I felt myself bottoming out against her cervix, and she shuddered at the contact. She was so wet and ready now that would scarcely have felt her were she not also so tight. She squeezed herself, pinching the base of my cock. I withdrew slowly, relishing the wonderful feel of her, then plunged back in. I fucked her with long, slow strokes, trying to control myself, until my balls were aching with sperm. I sped my thrusts, and Marianne suddenly spiked up at me, digging her nails in to my back and came again. I released the brakes now, hammering into her as the cum began to boil at the base of my cock. I let out a grunt just as her orgasm was subsiding, and shot what must have been a gallon of sperm inside her.
We lay together, holding each other, for a while afterward. We said nothing, but little seemed to need saying. We made love again a bit later, and then she went home.


I was reading the paper and enjoying a cup of coffee beside the pool the next morning when the phone rang. I normally didn't like to be bothered on Saturday mornings, but lately Marianne had taken to calling me just to see what I was up to, so I answered it.
"Can I speak to Steven Chandler please?”
"Speaking. What can I do for you?”
"Well, I'm hoping you can make my day, Steve.”
The voice was feminine, husky, throaty, and vaguely familiar, but I couldn't quite place it.
"Uh, could I ask who is calling?”
"Oh, Steve. Are you telling me you've forgotten your first piece of ass?”
I gasped.
"Oh, my God. Mary Jo?”
"In the flesh. How are you?”
"Stunned. To what do I owe the honor of this call?”
"Well, I'd like to say I've been pining after you all these years, but I don't think my husband and children would appreciate that. I'm calling because I'm on the All Saints Reunion Committee, and I am just heartbroken to see that you haven't RSVP'd yet. I know you live just up the coast, so you can't plead distance. I was hoping I could talk you into coming next week.”
My 25th high school reunion was a week away, and although I had been getting invitations and information in the mail, I hadn't given much thought to going. These things generally struck me as little more than "Look How Successful I've Become" affairs, and I had always liked to think I was above that sort of nonsense, no matter how successful I *had* actually become.
Of course, my high school experience also had something to do with it. I was largely a geek and a loner back then, hanging out exclusively with my pothead friends. Mary Jo had been about the only girl who gave me the time of day. Going to the first few reunions by myself while more and more of my former classmates showed up with spouses only brought back those feelings of alienation, even if I now dated fairly regularly.
"So what do you say, Steve? Surely you've got something you want to show off?”
Yeah, right, I thought. Look at my car, my Rolex, my gir...
No. Oh, shit. Could I really do that? Did I really have the balls? Could I actually show up at this thing with an eighteen-year-old girl on my arm? I would be defining every single stereotype about the middle-aged bachelor. Every woman at the reunion would either laugh at me or want to slip a knife between my ribs. But the men...oh, dear God. The reactions I would get would be priceless.
Mary Jo was still waiting for an answer.
"Uh, sorry. I was woolgathering for a moment.” I took a long breath.
“Yeah, I guess I can make it. Count me in.”
"Great. You won't regret this.”
Mary Jo probably thought she knew why I was laughing, but she didn't.
Marianne appeared about an hour later. She wore jeans and another spandex baby tee shirt, this one in neon hey-check-this-shit-out orange. She carried a spiral notebook, and after giving me a big kiss, showed me what she had.
"It's chapter one of our story.”
I opened the notebook and began to read:
'I was watching football one Saturday afternoon when the doorbell rang. I don't get a lot of unannounced visitors, so I was fairly sure that this was another solicitor of some sort. I peeked through the peephole and saw that I was probably right. It appeared to be some teenage girl.'
What followed was a fairly raunchy recounting of that first afternoon, when Marianne had come by pretending to sell magazines. I finished it in a few minutes, though I had to shift in my chair to free my stiffening dick.
"What do you think?”
"Very descriptive.”
"Do you like it?”
"Yes. Why are you pretending to be me again?”
"Because if I write it as me, I'll get ten thousand e-mails from guys wanting to have sex with me.”
"What are you going to do with it now?”
"I want to type it onto your computer and then post it.”
"You can't use my AOL account for something like this.”
"Oh, I know. I've already set up an anonymous account somewhere else. Don't worry.”
She ran upstairs, and when I went up about twenty minutes later to get dressed for the day, she was just finishing up. I watched her log on to some web site, copy the story onto a form, and then post it.
"There. All done.”
She lifted out of the chair and pecked me on the lips.
"I wouldn't have pegged you for a computer geek. If that's the term they use these days.”
Her forehead creased in amusement.
"It's nothing geeky. Everybody knows how to do stuff like this now. We use computers in about half our classes at school.
She continued playing around with my computer while I got dressed. When I came out of the dressing area, I found her lying on her back on my bed inspecting her hair for split ends.
"Anything happen with Tiffany?” I asked.
"I left a message for her before I came over here. Her mom said she was out at her little sister's soccer game.”
"What did you say?”
"I told her I wanted to tie her daughter up and fuck her.” She giggled.
“What do you think I said? I just asked her to call me.”
I lay down beside her.
"I've got a favor to ask you. I'll understand completely if you don't want to do this, because I know you're a little sensitive about this issue.”
She rolled on her side and looked at me.
"My 25th high school reunion is next weekend. I got a call from a woman I used to know this morning trying to talk me into going.”
Her eyes widened a little, and I could see the wheels turning behind them.
"And you want me to go?”
"If you're okay with it. If not, fine.”
She looked down at the bed. She didn't say anything for a few moments.
"If I go...it's going to attract a lot of attention, isn't it?”
"Yes. No point in trying to pretend it won't.”
She looked up at me now, and a tinge of resentment colored her face.
"I am not going to make a spectacle of myself. I really, really, hope you don't want to do this just to show me off. Randy used to like to do that, and it hurt, okay? It really hurt sometimes. If that's all you want, you can buy yourself a blow-up doll and take her.”
I pulled her to me, hugging her.
"I don't. That's not it. I don't care what they think. I haven't even gone to the last three or four reunions because it's always like that. I think most people go just to show something off, like how rich they've gotten or how thin they've kept themselves. But I was thinking we could have some fun with this. If I show up with you, it will upstage everything. No one will care about anything else, and everyone who showed up to show off will be out of luck.”
Her face took on a pensive expression, but she didn't say anything.
"Look. I kind of would like to go, and if I do, I'd like to take you. But if you go, it *will* create a spectacle. Nothing either of us can do will change that. So we might as well milk it for some entertainment value.”
She stared hard into my eyes.
"Tell me that you don't want to do this to show me off to your friends.”
"I don't want to do this to show you off. And these people are not my friends. I haven't kept in touch with any of them.”
"So why do you want to go?”
"Curiosity. Nostalgia. I don't know. Maybe because the woman who called this morning was the girl I lost my virginity to.”
Her eyes lit up.
"Really? The one you told me about before? The Led Zeppelin concert?”
"Yes. And she's married with kids, so don't worry about her carrying a torch for me.”
She bit her lip.
"That might be interesting, meeting her. I don't know. What would you want me to do?”
"Only what you were comfortable with.”
She sighed and thought for a moment.
"I want to go with you. And, I guess, if I do, I shouldn't act like I have anything to be ashamed of.”
"I think I see what you're saying. I could go and act all embarrassed, which would just confirm all the nasty things people would be thinking. Or I could go and dress up and have fun and show them I don't care what they think. That I know what they're thinking, and I don't give a shit.”
A smile spread across her face.
"I like this idea.”
She sat up, and the grin got wider. I watched her eyes losing their focus as she gave it more thought.
"You know, I think this could be cool. Really, really, really cool.”
She giggled.
"Uh-oh," I said.
She giggled again and then rolled over to pin me down.
"I am going to turn myself into the most outrageous piece of arm candy you have ever seen. They will never know what hit them.”
"Oh, Jesus.”
"No, don't you see? If we hold back at all, it's just bowing to all their prejudices and bullshit. I'm going to throw all that right back in their faces.”
"But classy, okay? This is a coat-and-tie reception.”
"Right. I won't dress like a hooker. But I'm going to show off as much as I can without breaking the law.”
She dropped down and kissed me vigorously, pressing her big tits against my chest.
"Now let me go see if Tiff is home so we can get ready for tonight.”
She hopped off the bed and ran out the front door. I lay there wondering what I had just initiated.
Marianne returned about fifteen minutes later and informed me that Tiffany had, in fact, agreed to show up and submit to her for one night. And she apparently hadn't required a lot of convincing, either.
So the two of us set about straightening up the house and gathering the things Marianne thought she would need. We went out and bought a few dozen scented candles ("I want to put them all over the house and then shut off the lights."), some silk scarves, a blindfold, a pair of novelty handcuffs, and (this one surprised me, which made Marianne laugh), a set of nipple clips, which we got in a store near the University.
Marianne went home for a few hours after that so as not to be gone the entire day, then returned around eight, having told her parents she was going out with Tiffany. Which, of course, she was, in a way. She arrived carrying a gym bag on her shoulder.
"What's in there?”
"I want to dress up a little for this. Plus I have a couple of things for Tiff.”
The bag contained a rolled-up dress bag and two pairs of hold-up stockings, one white and one black. The dress bag held an off-white silk cocktail dress, a sort of kimono-like wrap with a deep neckline. She smiled at my raised eyebrows.
"I saw it one day and liked it. I figured I would wear it the next time we went out.”
"I like it.”
"You have to dress up, too. Then we'll have Tiff be our slave.”
I set up the candles around the house while she got dressed. The doorbell rang about ten minutes later. I went to get it, but it wasn't Tiffany.
Instead, it was a delivery boy from a service that handled take-out orders from a lot of the local restaurants. And he had arrived with a complete dinner from Bernardo's. I brought it into the kitchen just as Marianne reappeared in her dress. She grinned at me.
"That's for us. Tiff is going to serve us a romantic dinner.”
I laughed.
"This should be interesting.”
"Yep. Now go get ready.”
I went upstairs, and just as I was finishing with my tie, I heard the doorbell ring again. From the voices I heard down below, it was apparently Tiffany.
When I descended to the first floor, I didn't immediately see them. All the lights were off, and the house was lit entirely by candlelight. I heard their voices behind the door of the first floor guestroom, so I found a bottle of Chianti in my wine closet and opened it.
The girls came out after a few minutes. Tiffany was naked except for the black stockings and the nipple clips that hung from her pretty breasts, a nice accompaniment to the studs in her navel and clit. I noticed a moment later, because it was hard to see at first in the dim candlelight, that she had also shaved her pubic hair.
Marianne smiled.
"You see it?”
"I told her to do it. She's not blonde or red-haired, so I thought you would like it.”
"I do.”
She turned to Tiffany.
"All right, slave, serve us our dinner.”
Marianne and I sat down as Tiffany unpacked the delivery order. She organized everything carefully and then set it on the table in front of us. Then she poured the wine and stepped back.
"Kneel on the floor in case we need you," Marianne said.
Tiffany dropped to her knees, keeping her eyes down. Her breathing was heavier than it should have been, and her chest was flushed deep red. Her hands kept squirming in her lap. I couldn't tell if she was turned on or just embarrassed. Or both.
I felt Marianne's foot caressing my leg.
"Don't worry. She's enjoying this. Aren't you, slave?”
Tiffany nodded, but said nothing. We ate slowly, and the food was quite good. Throughout the meal, Marianne kept giving Tiffany little instructions and directions, with which Tiffany complied without a peep of protest. When we were done, she cleared the dishes and piled them in the sink. She fetched the dessert Marianne had ordered out of the refrigerator, but when she went for the plates, Marianne stopped her.
"No. Serve us yourself, slave. Come here.”
Tiffany glanced at the two of us in confusion, but brought the little container of tiramisu over to the table. Marianne plucked the nipple clips from Tiffany's breasts and dug a scoop of the pastry out with her finger. She placed it on Tiffany's left tit, which was just full and upturned enough to hold it.
"Serve him.”
Tiffany approached me, offering her breast. I took it in my mouth, sucking the dessert off and licking her nipple until it was clean.
"Now me," Marianne said.
Tiffany placed another serving of tiramisu on her other breast, then presented it to Marianne. She licked it off slowly, watching my reaction and Tiffany's. We finished the dessert like that, making a gooey mess of Tiffany's breasts. I could see her fighting a grin at this, and relaxed a little. However she was acting, she appeared to be having fun here.
Marianne licked her fingers clean when we were done.
"Clean yourself up, slave, then present yourself upstairs.”
She stood and led me up to the bedroom. She slipped out of her cocktail dress, and she had apparently worn nothing under it but the white stockings. She helped me out of my suit just as Tiffany appeared in the doorway.
"Kneel, slave.”
She did. Marianne produced and applied the blindfold, then replaced the nipple clips and cuffed Tiffany's hands in front of her.
"All right, slave, there are two things you have to do tonight before we release you. Remember?”
Tiffany answered hesitantly, and her voice quavered as she spoke.
"Yes. I'm going to eat your pussy.”
She took a deep breath.
"Get fucked in the ass.”
I grinned at Marianne, and she smiled at me triumphantly.
"Let's begin, then. Come here, slave.”
Tiffany crawled toward her, and Marianne pulled her into place. Tiffany reached up with her bound hands, finding Marianne's twat, and rose up to her knees. She extended her tongue and began to lick slowly. Marianne arched her back, shaking her long blonde hair back behind her head. She pulled Tiffany closer, and Tiffany forced her head further between Marianne's stockinged thighs.
I sat on the end of the bed to watch them. With her hands cuffed together, Tiffany had nothing to grab on to, and she finally rested them in her lap. Her head was leaned most of the way back now, and Marianne stood with her legs on either side of Tiffany as the other girl licked up at her. Marianne's hands were writhing in Tiffany's hair, holding her close. Her teeth were clenched, and I could hear her breath beginning to whistle between them.
The reluctance I had seen in Tiffany that night after the football game was nowhere to be seen now. She licked and sucked at Marianne eagerly, probing into her with her tongue. I wondered if Tiffany's earlier hesitation had just been the vestiges of some conservative socialization...a stern superego, if you wanted to get Freudian...and only by submitting like this could she let her lesbian inclinations out.
Marianne was getting close now, rocking her hips back and forth over Tiffany's mouth. Tiffany attacked her more aggressively, almost seeming to want to swallow Marianne's pussy. Marianne kept her hands tight on Tiffany's head, even though Tiffany showed no intentions of withdrawing. Finally, Marianne's legs began to shake, she cried out against Tiffany's lingual assault, and then came in a rush.
Tiffany continued licking until Marianne withdrew, staggering toward the bed. She crawled up beside me into my arms. I held her, feeling her body still quivering gently in the aftermath of her climax.
"Great," she gasped.
Tiffany had dropped back onto her feet, waiting further instructions. Marianne recovered after a minute or so and sat up.
"Tiffany. Come here.”
She crawled to the end of the bed, and Marianne had me sit in front of her.
"Suck his cock. You know what he likes.”
Tiffany sat up again and bent to work. She brought her hands up to play with my balls as she bobbed slowly over my erection. Marianne sat beside us, watching her, occasionally reaching out to brush Tiffany's hair back from her face. Tiffany kept up a steady massage with her lips and tongue, and I closed my eyes to concentrate on what she was doing. As she went on, she forced my dick further and further into her mouth until her nose was almost in my pubes. She couldn't quite deep throat me, though she appeared to be trying, and each time I felt myself probing at her throat until her gag reflex forced me out.
Marianne crawled up to kneel behind me, hugging me and pressing her tits against my back. She rested her chin on my shoulder and licked at my ear.
"I want you to fuck her in the ass," she moaned.
“Hard. While she's eating me. I want to watch you do it while she gets me off again.”
I twisted around to kiss her, and she responded eagerly, sucking on my tongue and reaching around to tweak my left nipple. Tiffany continued to bob rapidly over me.
Marianne climbed off the bed and found the massage oil.
"Tiffany, get up on the bed. On all fours.”
Tiffany rose from my lap and climbed up into position. She moaned softly as Marianne lubricated her. Her breasts hung down under her, and the chain from the nipple clips swung back and forth over the bed. I saw the stud in her clit peeking out from between her shaved labia, and I reached in to tweak it as Marianne worked on her. Tiffany was dripping wet by now, fluids almost running down her stockinged thighs. Marianne oiled up my dick and then returned to the bed, lying in front of Tiffany and spreading her legs.
Tiffany let out a little squeak when I placed my dick at her sphincter, but she spread her butt cheeks and pushed back at me. I forced myself in, pushing her face forward into Marianne's pussy. I couldn't see from my angle what she was doing there, but from Marianne's reaction, she had started to work already. Marianne grinned at me and caressed Tiffany's head.
I slid slowly into Tiffany's butt, bottoming out against her tight cheerleader ass. She groaned and convulsed briefly, but Marianne held her head down.
"Don't stop...let him do it...let him fuck you...let him fuck you in the ass.”
Tiffany whimpered softly, but tried to open herself even further. I slid slowly in and out of her oiled butt, feeling her sphincter pinching me spasmodically. She had taken me a long way by blowing me first, and I had to control my movements to keep from coming immediately. In front of us, Marianne was writhing under Tiffany's attentions, moaning and gripping Tiffany's hair.
Marianne and I watched each other closely, trying to synch our arousal. She licked her lips at me lasciviously, and I felt my cum surging in my balls.
"Fuck her, Steve. Come in her ass. I want to see it.”
I groaned, thrusting faster, thumping against Tiffany's tight butt. Tiffany continued to moan and whimper softly, but I knew she was getting off on this, because each time I bottomed out, my balls would slap against her twat, so wet and hot that it almost scalded.
Marianne began to grunt and hump herself up at Tiffany as she neared her second orgasm. I lost control at that point, fucking Tiffany for all I was worth. Suddenly she began shuddering under me, somehow coming before both of us, and that was enough to do it. I thrust into her up to root, groaned out loud, and hosed down her bowels with my cum.
Marianne's shrieks of orgasm barely penetrated my consciousness, and I held tightly onto Tiffany's hips. Only when Tiffany slid forward...Marianne was pulling her up to kiss her...did I finally withdraw.
I staggered into the bathroom to clean myself up, and when I returned, Tiffany was still on all fours over Marianne, who held Tiffany's head closely, kissing her. I saw Marianne's hand up between Tiffany's legs, masturbating her furiously. Tiffany began to shake, and stopped kissing Marianne, dropping her head to Marianne's shoulder. I walked up to the end of the bed, watching them, looking at my cum streaked across Tiffany's buttocks and the juices running down the insides of her thighs. She let out a cry, coming again, and her body thrashed over Marianne. Her arms and legs finally collapsed as it peaked, and she fell forward onto her friend.
I crawled up to lie beside them. Marianne held Tiffany tenderly, then pushed the blindfold off her face.
"Okay. You're officially part of the gang again.”
Tiffany giggled.
"Fuck. That was fun. I'd like to do that again some time.”
Marianne looked at me, grinning.
"Me too. What do you think?”
I laughed weakly.
"Be my guest.”

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