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The head cover

A story dedicated to Victoria. Whose original idea this was!

Sammy was 21 years old, a fresh faced woman originally from Western Europe, Now living in London because of her high ranking work as a Lawyers Advocate. Her private life was much less rewarding though. She longed to be the willing slave of a fair but demanding Master. Her Head was full of unfilled fantasies. She stood 5’10” tall her demure figure accentuated by her 38 C prominent breasts. In her office she ruled with an iron hand, oh how she wished for that iron hand to spank her in the privacy of her home.

Whilst trying to ease the pent up tensions she always felt when she arrive home to her empty lifeless private existence, recently she had taken to trawling the adult sites specializing in Dominated women. There at least she was able to identify with the need to be used by a superior man.

Yesterday, her veil had almost slipped as she had been chatting in a chat room with a man who seemed to be the ideal solution to her needs. When the conversation turned to a more private chat in the one to one rooms, she had given him her mobile number. All day today she dreaded the thought this stranger ringing her up at work and demanding she do something dangerous that could lead to her being sacked.

She finally breathed a sigh of relief, when she had reached home with out that dreaded but exciting call coming. She turned to make herself a hot cup of coffee, when the mobile phone began to ring. With out thinking she answered, A Voice said “Samantha, that is you, isn’t it Samantha?”

Something about the way he said her name caused electric pulses to rush from every part of her body all heading directly in to her clitoris. Her voiced trembled as she replied “Yes, this is Samantha! To whom am I speaking?”

“You forgot me already, Samantha, I am shocked. Only yesterday you gave me this number to take you to subs paradise!” the sultry voice said.

“OH Ray it's you, I was not expecting a call so soon, besides I have only just heard your voice for the first time. How was I supposed to recognize a voice I have never heard?” she asked.

The voice said “Do you really want me to take you to paradise? Can you honestly tell me that the quiver in your voice and the dampness spreading through your cunt at this very moment are not telling me you want me to take you there?” “I am here in Chelsea right now, all I need is your address and I will transport you beyond your wildest dreams!” he continued. Before she knew what had happened she gave him her address. “See you in fifteen” was the last thing she heard before the phone went dead.

She sat down before her shaking legs collapsed beneath her. Had she really just given this stranger she barely knew her address so willingly. As if in a dream she simply sat there, until the whistling kettle reminded her of her thirst. She quickly made herself a coffee and half hoping she had imagined the phone conversation. But no exactly fifteen minutes after the phone call there was a knock on her front door, should she answer, could she answer and more importantly could she allow herself to be transported to the Promised Land.

As if with a mind of their own, her feet steered her to the front door, her arms belied her worries and reached out opening the door. Ray stepped in and closed the door behind him. He slowly scanned every inch of the female form stood before him. “Come” he said as he turned past her and on into the living room. Silently and as if her will had deserted her she meekly turned and followed him.

He pointed to a door leading off of her living room and without having to say a word, she said “Bathroom”. He pointed to a different door, “kitchen” came her reply. He walked up to the last remaining door and paused, she gulped before answering “Bedroom”.

He opened the door and walked in, then turning to her he called “Here Bitch!” again she meekly followed him into the room. Again looking her over he said “that won’t do, too dowdy. Strip!” Her eyes lowered to the floor as instinctively her hands went to the zip behind her neck. In a trance like state she removed her dress.

“Come on I Said Strip” He commanded. Her hands went to her silk half slip and lowered it to her knees, it freely fell the rest of the way to the floor. His eyes never left her as he stood tapping his fingers on her bedside cabinet. She reached behind her and released the clasp on her bra, dropping her hands the bra slid down her arms and fell away. The tapping increased like a Latin rhythm only it seemed much much louder in her head, her hands went to her panties and slowly lowered them down to her knees. Once they were over her knees they too fell to the floor. She now stood stark naked in front of a man she had met only moments before, yes they had talked for over two hours yesterday but that was with safety of the computer between them.

He stepped forward and immediately placed his hand on her right breast, slowly feeling for the aroused nipple. Which when he located it he squeezed between his finger and thumb. She winced but said nothing, so he sharply twisted her nipple; again she winced but remained silent. This time he tugged her nipple towards himself and a small moan escaped her lips. “Where do you keep your underwear?” he demanded. She pointed to the bottom drawer of a cabinet to the right side of her bed. He walked over to it opened the drawer and with drew a handful of knickers, finally selecting a lacy blue crutch less pair. He threw them over to Sammy. She instinctively caught them. “Put them on!” he ordered.

Whilst she slipped on the panties, he opened a wardrobe door and rifled around inside. He found what he sought a button down the front light summer dress that came to just above her knee. He turned and tossed this to her, she instinctively began to put it on but stopped before fastening the buttons.

He turned to her and said “Well what are you waiting for?”

“My bra!” she murmured.

“You will not be wearing a bra, bitch! So fasten up the dress!” he responded. He returned to searching her bedside cabinet, before turning to her and saying “Well slut where are all your fucking toys” stressing the Fucking. She started to blush and move forward to a drawer unit to the left of the bed, pulling out the bottom drawer she stepped back.

“Fucking useless!” he commented. “I will give you a shopping list of toys you will buy tomorrow!” he added. Next he located six inch high heels and ordered her to put those on. She had not worn this height of heel for quite some considerable time so she was unsteady on her feet as she took her first few paces. He did not seem very tolerant of this as he tried to hurry her towards her front door. She tried to grab a coat as she passed the coat rack but he told her “you won’t need that!”

She almost started to say “But I have only this thin dress, and no bra, on!” but his stare made her think better of it.

Soon she was downstairs and bundled into a car. She was forced into the back seat with Ray sliding in beside her. Another man was on the other side of her and one other was driving. As the car pulled away, Ray reached over to the front seat and pulled back a small black bag. He produced from this a black cloth bag and rolled up the sides. Next he slipped the bag over her head and lowered the sides. The bag smelt odd, but she could not place the odour, neither could she figure out the slimy texture as the bag made contact with her face. The bag was then twisted until a hole lined up in front of her mouth, at least I can breath, she thought.

Next she felt the opening of the bag tighten around her neck; at first she thought they were going to strangle her but why then the hole to allow her to breath. Then she realized they were fastening some sort of collar around her neck, this was obviously to prevent the hood being pulled off.

The cloth bag muffled the sounds around her, but she still made out some of the conversation going on between the three men. One voice said “Hope the bitch likes cum next to her skin and appreciates the trouble we had to go to, to grease her bag with that amount of it” She now knew the cold grease slime was cold spunk, that must then be the aroma of stale cum.

She trembled at what she had got herself into. “What’s her body like?” a different voice offered.

“Not bad!” she recognized as Ray’s voice. Suddenly she felt someone touching her right breast, she tried to jerk away.

“John, Stop that, there will be enough time later!” again it was ray’s voice. Then much closer to her ear, she heard “word of warning, Samantha. My friends expect full obedience and your safety could depend upon them getting it” Ray said.

“Where did you find her, anyway” the other voice asked.

“That’s the beauty of it, she found me!” Ray answered. “Came chatting in a chat room and then agreed to a private one on one chat. Even could not wait to tell me her fantasy was being made to do things against her will” Ray revealed. The three men chuckled at this.

Fear began to well up inside her as she heard “Well at least she should be grateful of her fantasy being for filled tonight then”.

Ray snapped “don’t alarm the poor slut too much, John” She now knew that John and Ray were sat each side of her.

The other voice said “Irrespective, she is here now and here she stays till we have had our fill”

John answered “Or should that be we have filled her. Jack” again all three laughed.

After about twenty minutes, or what she thought was twenty minutes, the car came to a stop. Ray climbed out and helped Samantha out; he kept a firm hand on her arm and guided her through a doorway. It sounded like they were in an empty corridor as she counted seventy clicks of her heels as they walked forward. Her mind whirred, what had they got planned for her, would she survive this night, what if their ultimate turn on was to cut her and leave her to die. “Silly stupid cow” her mind kept calling her, “How could be so stupid as to put yourself at risk like this” it reasoned.

Suddenly she was pulled to halt. Spun round and heard Ray’s voice close to her ear “Listen and listen good, Do everything your told, when told and not only will you survive but you may just love the whole experience!” Unaware as to whether he could see it she nodded her head. What choice did she have but to go along with what ever they demanded, She just wanted to get out of this alive.

She felt her arms being drawn behind her back and a soft rope was tied around each wrist binding them together.

“Samantha, do you hear me?” a voice which seemed slightly distant said.

“Yes” she tried to say although her throat was bone dry from fear.

“Was that a yes, my dear!” the voice asked.

Her throat was so dry that she coughed and replied “Yes”

“Do you know why you are here, Samantha” the voice continued.

“No” she answered. Whack a sharp stinging sensation hit the tops of her legs.

“Sir or Master. When you answer the voice” ray whispered.

“No Master” she repeated.

“You told someone of your inner need to serve a superior man, your desire to be used and abused by him, is that not so?” the voice continued.

“Yes Master, I did tell Ray that was so” she quickly answered.

“Tonight is your lucky night, for you shall not serve one superior man but ten superior men” the voice carried on. Her heart sank, how was she a single inexperienced woman going to service ten masters in one night.

“Prepare the seat!” she heard the voice say. Sounds just off to her right seemed to be moving something heavy. Suddenly she was pushed into sitting position; she assumed she was now sat in the seat what ever the seat was.

“Reposition her arms” was the next order she heard. Her hands were untied and retied fastened to two heavy wooden arms.

“Tell me, Samantha, How big are your tits?” the voice demanded.

“42 C sir”, she replied, grateful that the cloth hood covered her embarrassment.

“Do you shave your worthless cunt?” was the next question.

“Not normally, sir although I have for the last week!” she replied.

“When was the last time you took a cock in your mouth?” the voice asked.

“Years ago, Sir, when I was at law school” came her reply

“Why not since?” the voice asked

“I don’t know Sir” she offered

“Is it that you think your above servicing a cock with your filthy mouth?”

“Oh No Sir, I used to love sucking cock” she said

“When was the last time you had a cock in your cunt, Bitch” the voice asked.

“About the same time as the last cock I sucked Sir” she replied

“So you think you’re above giving your cunt to a man?” the voice continued.

“No, No sir, it’s just I have been concentrating on my career” she offered.

“When was the last Cock up your Arse, Slut” the voice continued

“OH Sir, my parents taught me that anal sex was dirty and wrong, so no one has ever been up my arse” she offered.

“How often do you Masturbate, Bitch?” the questions continued

“Maybe once a week sometimes once a month, Sir” she ventured

“remove her dress” came the command. Samantha tensed herself for someone to begin UN buttoning her dress but froze when she felt the cold steel of a blade, slide along her arm across her shoulders and down the other arm. Then suddenly her dress was pulled downwards from beneath her. Now she was really worried for she knew that she had nothing to go home in, if indeed they intended her to go home at all.

Suddenly her ankles were grabbed and her legs forcibly spread. Again her ankles were secured by what felt like shackles to what appeared to be moveable wooden slats. The supports for her arms were then moved wider apart and in her minds eye she saw herself spread eagled star shaped. Her head dropped back in to a void area. She had the over whelming feeling of being vulnerable and exposed.

Suddenly the hole in the cloth hood was blocked by what turned out to be a cock. It pushed at her lips forcing its way past her teeth and rested against her tongue.

“Lick my prick, bitch” she heard, just as she felt someone’s tongue against her clit, further tongues bathed her nipples in delicious licks. He mind jumped through several hoops as her senses went in to overload. Rapidly her first powerful orgasm began deep in her womb and erupted stronger than any volcano.

Her leg muscles twitched her stomach did somersaults and her mind flooded with wondrous images all based upon the rigid male phallus. Despite a mouthful of cock she moaned deliriously. All her senses were heightened by the lack of visual images. Suddenly her arse exploded in searing pain, but the over riding feelings of sexual released numbed her awareness. It was not until she felt the prick being repeatedly thrust into her anal opening that she concluded she was no longer an anal virgin.

The tongue licking her clit disappeared and a very thick penis began pushing its way past her labia. What with the cock up her arse and the one now trying to lodge in her throat, plus the one forcing its way into her cunt, she felt truly stuffed.

She realized she had reached her promised land and delighted in being the cum receptacle for who ever wanted her, she had never felt so alive. The very core of her nerves tingled. She suddenly felt the first swelling tell tale signs of an impending eruption in the prick in her mouth. As the first spurt of the seed of mankind left its tip, the cock was withdrawn until it was splashing its valuable white seeds just inside the cloth bag that covered her head.

Then the cock was gone completely and the area of the fresh warm deposit was slid around her face, some of the fresh sperm even found its way up her nose. The smell was unbelievably erotic and potent.

The cock in her arse then convulsed as it spread its load deep inside her colon, shortly followed by the cock in her cunt. Over the next three hours she lost count of the number of cocks her three holes accommodated but never lost count of the fact she now felt her true self, a wanton cock crazy cum slut.

By the time all the cocks had been sated, her body was a mass of cum streaks, her nipples red raw where they had been nipped between teeth and tugged, her cunt was wash with who knows how many loads of cum or for that matter who it all belonged to. Her arse literally dripped its still escaping load on to the floor.

Inside the hood, the cum clotted in her eyes, covered and seeped into her nose and mouth, even her ears were blocked with the thick sticky white sperm. All she could taste or smell was stale cum going cold against her skin. Her tired and stretched limbs were gently returned to normal stance, her legs untied, her arms untied and gently massaged. When she was stood up the heady aroma she had been sensing for the last few hours caused her to near collapse.

“You have done well, Samantha!” the unerring voice boomed. “You have passed your initial well. You will be contacted again and offered a place on our training program to become a worthwhile cum slut for your new masters.” It continued “be sure to arrange a short notice two week holiday from work, to attend that course” it continued. As she was helped from the room the words ‘done well cum slut’ repeatedly ran through her mind.

That voice she was to recall much later as she lay exhausted in her bed sounded so familiar, but for the life of her she could not place it.

The puzzle of the familiar voice suddenly was solved next day at work, when a junior lawyer who she had admonished a week earlier passed her in the corridor and said “Hello Samantha!”


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