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The Idea.

How it all began.

It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars”

To which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”

He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake.

Our first customer.

Within a week, we had our first contact. She was 23 yrs old, worked as a nurse and we will call her Sandie. 5 foot 10 inches tall with sandy brown hair, a figure which was best described as petit but looked top heavy with, I found out later 42 DD bust. Basically her fantasy was to make love to a patient in a hospital ward, but knew if she did so she could be fired and blacklisted.

This caused a major problem for us, where were we going to find a hospital ward or look alike that was available for discrete filming. Other problems included finding a mutually acceptable patient. Just then I remembered a friend of mine who always bragging about his sex appeal and where he worked. I can not mention where he worked because it’s still there and as he is still working there he could be sacked. Never the less lets just say it’s a world wide known venue.

I phoned him and asked if he would be interested in becoming a star stud for a night, I explained the scenario and told him I would need time to find a suitable venue. He was all for the filming and asked “How much”. “How much what” I asked. “How much would I have to pay?”

I told him he would pay nothing but could receive expenses only for his time. As the conversation went on, he asked “what’s the problem with the venue?” I explained that we needed something that resembled a hospital ward but could not be the one where Sandie worked.

He surprised me when he said “No problem?”

I asked him what he meant “No Problem”. He went on to explain that where he worked they had an entire floor that was turned into a studio by a TV filming company and they were in the middle of filming a drama about an orphaned child ending up outside a hospital. So the set on the fifth floor was made to resemble a hospital ward.

As the film crews always finished their filming by 5 pm, we could move in around 7 pm and work until 5 am if needed. I immediately arranged to visit him, for two reasons. One to check out the location and two to take his picture to show to Sandie, for her approval. Sandie agreed and even provided an arrangement of hospital paraphernalia. So filming was arranged for the Saturday night.

Mick and I used the remaining time to practice our twin camera filming techniques. One camera for panoramic shots and one for the close ups. By Friday, I was confident that I could not only manage the filming to a high standard but with the two practice attempts found the mixing and editing of the films reasonably easy.

Saturday evening arrived; we met up with Sandie, and journeyed to the venue. She seemed excited but calm eagerly anticipating her debut on film. When we introduced her to her leading man there was a shaky handshake between the two. I led Sandie off to a side room where she could change from her slacks and tee shirt to her nurse’s uniform. Meanwhile Mick led off Bob to a room where he could change into the hospital gown provided by Sandie. We quickly set up the fixed camera position and I arranged with Mick that I would take the hand held shots.

With Bob in the makeshift hospital bed, the use of the film company’s lighting rig allowed us to light the area properly. Two further Security officers had agreed to pose as other patients, not much persuasion was necessary as they were going to see all the action live.

Sandie entered the ward and after pausing at the foot of one of this spectator’s bed, looked at a clipboard and asked if there was anything he needed. To add realism we got him to ask for a urine bottle, which Sandie duly fetched and passed to him.

Next she walked past Bob and asked the other spectator if there was anything he needed. He declined and she turned to Bob. “Is there anything I can do for you?” she asked. He replied “I have a pain just above my knee, and it goes numb at the top of my leg.”

Sandie turned and said “I am sure I can help you out there”. With that she fetched some lotion and stood beside Bob’s bed.

Folding back the blankets, she applied the lotion to her hands and said “raise your gown up for me” Bob did so exposing far more than his leg, she blushed when she saw his semi erect 8 inch penis. As she applied the lotion to his leg and began rubbing it in, she made several contacts with his prick, all seemingly innocent, but each time the touch lasted slightly longer.

His prick jumped at her touch and continued to harden, reaching its fully glorious 8 inches. “Oh dear, we will have to do something about that!” Sandie said. She placed her hand on his prick and slowly began to wank him off. Bob closed his eyes and let out a sigh. He then slid his hand down the side of the bed until he made contact with the edge of Sandie’s uniform. He began stroking her leg beneath the uniform. She did not try to stop him, so he slipped his hand beneath her uniform and slowly tickled his way up her leg.

Sandie merely turned slightly towards him, allowing him easier access to between her legs. Further up he felt, until he came upon the tops of her stockings. “Sandie, Do you know why they call this a giggle band” He said as he touched the stocking tops.

Sandie replied “No why?”

Bob then slid his hand up to her panties and said “because when you past it your laughing” Sandie let out a little chuckle as she pressed her groin into his probing hand.

Suddenly she stopped, pulled away and turned to the two other patients and said “If you promise not to say anything about this, I will ease your hardons as well”. Both eagerly agreed. With that she said “Ok then let’s get busy” She began unzipping her uniform saying “Don’t want to mess this up” Stepping out of her uniform she now stood there in here flat shoes, stockings, panties and bra. The bra seemed to be struggling to contain her large breasts. Next she put her hands behind her back and unclasped the bra hook, slowly she lowered her hands allowing her tits to swing free. All three patients audibly gasped.

Sandie then slowly peeled down her panties, allowing them to see her shaven pussy lips. Turning to Bob, She said “Time for your injection!” as she stepped out of her panties; she stepped up onto Bob’s bed and began to rub his prick along the groove of her cunt. Once his prick was wet with her cunt juice, she held it at its base and lowered her cunt lips over its head. She was now breathing much quicker and as each inch of the rock hard prick disappeared into her cunt he squealed her delight.

She looked at Bob as she said “Now we must keep this up until you have received the required dosage”. Bob could only nod. As she rode his prick Bob placed his hands on her great tits, squeezing the flesh until his fingers found the rock hard nipples. He began pinching them lightly between his forefinger and thumb. Sandie began to ride Bob’s cock in earnest and began emitting low groans from deep within her throat. As her pace increased so did the vocal levels. Suddenly she plunged down and shuddered as her first orgasm overtook her.

Bob kept thrusting into her, and her orgasm slowly subsided. Only for her second to overtake her with far more force than the first. “Oh yes, oh yes fuck my slutty cunt, finger my arse please make me come again and again” she screamed. Bob slipped his finger onto her anal ring and began to thrust it into her. “Oh my God, harder, harder, I am going to cum, I’m Cummmmmmmming” she cried out.

Bob joined her calls saying “I can’t hold off any longer I am going to shoot up your sweet slutty cunt, you Bitch”

As she felt his first spurt of cum, she rose and the second hit her bald cunt, The third arced on to his stomach. As his spurting ceased she dismounted him and promptly licked up the sticky white goo of his stomach. She thanked him for such a wonderful fuck and turned to the other patient by his right side. Quickly throwing back his covers, she found his hand wrapped around his rock hard 5 inch cock. “Here let me” she said as she bobbed her head down to begin sucking his shaft.

He quickly began to shoot his spunk into her mouth, where she pulled his prick from her mouth and directed the remaining shots over her tits. Once he was spent, she simply rubbed his spunk into her tits as she made her way round to the left side of Bob’s bed.

As she approached, the occupant shed his own blankets and presented his 7 inch prick to Sandie. She smiled as she set about bringing her third patient off. As she used her mouth, he began to play with her tits, pinching her nipples and causing her to moan. Bob quickly dismounted his bed and came around behind Sandie, he then began to finger her cunt and smear the juice over her anal ring. Sandie never missed a beat as she concentrated on sucking off the patient. Seeing this as acceptance, Bob eased his hard cock towards her sphincter muscle. He slowly eased his prick into her arse. Soon the pace of his fucking increased, causing her to thrust forward swallowing more of the prick in her mouth. Both these patients then began to increase the pace of their fucking as they spit roasted the sexy nurse.

Both patients seemed to cum at the exact moment, Bob flooding Sandie’s cunt, as the other patient flooded her mouth. Small traces of cum leaked from the corner of her mouth. As they both withdrew, Sandie could not thank them enough for bringing her fantasy to being. After we had cleaned up we escorted Sandie home.

She invited both Mick and I to join her as she said “you two have worked so hard and have missed out on all the fun!”

“I am sure I could handle another couple of hard pricks tonight!” she added. Did we Join her? Now that would be telling. Besides it would be mixing business with pleasure.

Two weeks later we presented Sandie with her draft Fantasy to Reality DVD, as she watched it she could not resist slipping her hand inside her slacks to play with her pussy. She could not thank us enough, She said “I will treasure this DVD for the rest of my life.”

I then explained “This is only the final mix, your own copy will be ready within 24 hrs” She promised to pass our name on to a couple of her friends, she knew would be interested.

Our second Customer.

Katie was 19 years old, 5’ 5” tall slim build with small 34a breasts, long blonde hair and a desire for the wicked. Her fantasy was to be raped by four guys in a park. This took quite a lot of working out. Most of the Parks in London are locked up after dark so we needed to find somewhere that would accommodate. A chance meeting with a park Ranger solved the problem of a venue. We told him we wanted to carry out some night time filming for an amateur horror film and asked how we go about it. He told us off the record that for £75.00 he would arrange a side gate to be left unlocked so we could use this very park.

Scouting round the park we located an idea copse of trees, where the main action could take place away from prying eyes. The three guys from the first film were interested in repeating the fun, so we were just one man short of the crew needed to complete this DVD. I suggested to Mick that he take part as his fixed camera position would not need to be altered. Reluctantly he agreed.

Eventually everything was in place to allow us to film Katie’s fantasy. So at 5 pm we were at the arranged gate, paid the man the money and set off to set up a set of portable lights and other equipment at the copse. Everything was set up and ready by 6.00pm so I wander off to the gate to meet Katie. The plan was that I would walk behind her some 10 yards filming her walking through the park, when she got near to the copse the four villains would capture her and drag her of in to the trees.

Mick and Bob surprised Katie as she neared the clump of trees, grabbing her they inserted a ball gag between her lips and tied her hands behind her back. Dragging her into the copse, she was confronted by the other two villains, sitting on a spread blanket. Quickly they rose and carried her to the centre of the blanket. Bob slid his hand on to her ankle and whispered “perfect, absolutely perfect, I am going to enjoy exploring such a delicate little body and you will be begging to be fucked before too long”

Everything was going fine until around 6.30 pm, when suddenly I spotted a pair of lights traveling towards us through the park. I immediately recognized them as being the parks patrol. Telling everyone to remain calm I walk towards the lights and spoke to the two officers. “Good evening officers. We have permission to be here filming” I said.

“OH yes and from who have you permission?” one of the motorcyclists replied.

“The local park ranger gave permission for us to use this copse for our amateur filming” I volunteered.

“Do you have it in writing?” said the second officer.

“No, I did not realize I needed written permission” I replied.

Just then Katie came out of the trees and said “Leave this to me, Ray, I am sure once I explain these two fine men will oblige?” Quietly she spoke to the two men and with in five minutes she said to me “It’s all right they have agreed to take part in exchange for turning a blind eye, they know what is expected” So Mick stood down from the role of acting and was replaced by these two park patrol riders.

So This time, the two park patrollers came out the trees and grabbed Katie, dragging her back to the blanket where three men now waited. Quickly they gagged her and began to strip her naked. As each bit of flesh was revealed, was roughly pawed by five pairs of hands. First as her skirt was removed, hands grabbed her legs and thighs pulling them apart. Her knickers rolled up into the crease of her cunt, “Wow a shaven cunt slut” said Bob.

Next her blouse was ripped from her body, she trembled in the cool night air as she stood in only her bra and knickers. One of the patrol men said “Bah, not much in the way of tits”

His colleague replied “Yes but as they say, more than a mouthful is a waste”

Next her bra was cut between the cups and quickly discarded, two of the men then stretched her arms out, preventing her from covering her tits with her hands. Bob and the two patrol men stepped forward and began to run their hands over her small breast mounds. “look the bitch is getting turned on” said Bob as he pointed at her hardening nipples. “bet she can’t wait to be fucked by all of us here” he added.

She stood there unable to move, just shaking her head from side to side, pleading with her eyes to be let go. One of the Patrol men unbuckled his belt, undid his trousers and withdrew a massive 10 inch cock. “We will let you go, once you have satisfied all of our needs and taken my small prick all the way into your cunt” said the patrol man. Katie’s eyes grew wider as she saw the size of this monster cock. “On your knees, bitch” he continued. He then walked up to her and said “If I release the gag, you promise not to scream after all I would really hate to hurt you.” Katie knew she was beaten and simply nodded.

He released the ball gag and ran his prick end around her lips, “open wide, you cock sucking whore, make room down your throat for my prick” he said. Meekly she opened her mouth and began to lick the head of his prick. Meanwhile the other patrol man used his knife to slice the side panels of her knickers, leaving her stark bullock naked. He went behind her as Bob stood to one side, then together they pushed their hands towards her arse and cunt. The patrol man slide his finger into her arse, just as Bob slipped his into her cunt. They made a big deal of feeling each others fingers through the membrane between her arse and cunt.

Katie went glassy eyed for a moment as her hips gave an involuntary jerk. “Hey look the bitch likes it” remarked Bob. By Now the first patrol man’s prick was as hard as steel. He nudged the two men holding Katie’s arms and suggested they lay her down on the blanket. “wait” said Bob “lets all get undressed before we go any further. Whilst the two men held her up, the other three quickly undressed. Once all three were naked, the swapped places with the two others who also undressed.

Bob lay down on the Blanket and said “Bring the fucking slut over here and sit her on my Prick” The two patrol men carried her over to where Bob was laying, they parted her legs and lowered her onto his prick so she was facing Bob. Bob’s prick found its home, up to the hilt up her cunt. One of the other two men moved to her head and stuck his prick in her mouth. Realising it was pointless to struggle, Katie eagerly began sucking his 8 inch prick. The First patrol man then knelt between her legs and guided his prick towards her already full cunt.

No matter how patient he was, there was just no room for his 10 inch thick cock up alongside the already inserted 5 inch cock, a small adjustment left him pressing his way into her anal opening. Despite the pain of this 10 inch thick cock prising its way into her arse, Katie was unable to scream with her mouth stuffed full of an 8 inch cock. The other patrol man and the last security officer wrapped Katie’s hands around their cocks. At the same time they began pinching her erect rosebud nipples. Just then Bob lurched beneath Katie as he shot thick wads of cum deep inside her cunt. Almost immediately afterwards the prick in her mouth shot forth its seed deep in her throat. Meanwhile The patrol man up her arse began slapping her hard across her arse cheeks saying “Keep going your fucking whore, I am nearly ready to drench your anal canal in spunk” He thrust forward and held his ground saying “Take that you fucking slut”

Bob was quickly replaced by the second patrol man while the second security guard sunk his into her arse, the first patrol man walked to her face and thrust his dirty cock into her mouth and said “Bitch you dirtied my cock with the shit from your arse so you should clean me up, you cock sucking bitch!”

After the two remaining men had deposited their loads in her arse and cunt, we said farewell to the patrol officers and help a bedraggled Katie over to her spare clothing. She said “That was awesome, but is there somewhere close by where I can get a shower?” I told her I lived not 10 minutes from where we were. So she came back to my home and took a leisurely shower. I allowed her to view the footage we had taken before any mixing and editing.

Two weeks later, I knocked on her front door to deliver a draft final version. She told me to come in and make myself comfortable. She slipped into her bedroom, returning ten minutes later wrapped in a dressing gown, explaining “if this makes me as hot as I was the night it was filmed, I want to be ready, willing and able to ease my horny feelings!” “besides you have already seen me naked so there is no problem there!” she added.

As the DVD started, I watched as she unwrapped her dressing gown to reveal a powder blue sheer teddy negligee, powder blue self supporting stocking and nothing else. She was heavily into wanking herself as the film hotted up and she managed to cum three times by its ending.

She thanked me for the excellent results, and offered me a drink to seal the deal. I explained I had stopped drinking some 20 years before, but don’t let me stop you having a drink. She got up and poured herself a drink, returning to sit beside me on the settee. Running her hand over my semi erect cock she purred “Seems I am not the only one the film has had an effect on!”

I replied “actually it was watching your reaction to the film which I found far more erotic.”

She smiled and said “Well why don’t we make you more comfortable and let’s see if I can cure your stiffness?”

I told her “I don’t mix business with pleasure normally.” “it usually complicates matters!” I added.

“You never know it could lead to a double bonus for you and another memory for me!” she remarked.

I don’t know why but I agreed to join her in her bedroom, where she asked me to fuck her up the arse as that had been an unexpected and unplanned pleasure, which she said she was keen to repeat. I took the offered condom and slipped my prick into her arse. Suddenly she pulled a large black vibrator from under her pillow and started to lube it up with her cunt juice before inserting it up her cunt. I felt the added pressure on my prick as she thrust the black monster in and out of her cunt. Very soon I was shooting my cum up her arse. When I pulled out, she turned and removed my condom full of cream before tipping the whole contents into her open mouth.

24 hours later, she was in possession of her personal fantasy to reality DVD, in fact she came back to us 2 weeks later asking if we could produce another two copies of her DVD. I explained that we do not keep any of the files which made up her DVD, but if she had brought her copy with her I could duplicate it for her.

She asked how long would it take to complete these two copies, I replied about an hour, why. She then asked if she could return in an hour with the two friends she wanted to give the DVD’s to. I replied “no problem”
As she turned to leave she asked “do you sell adult DVD’s by any chance. I told her that as a rule I did not but I did have some for personal use. I ended up lending her three titles a week for the next six weeks. In return she gave me several of her own titles to add to my collection.

When she returned with her two friends, she introduced them to me. This is Tina, who is dying to see the outcome of my filming and as already said she is interested in doing a lesbian movie together. This is Carol, Carol’s thing is big black men the more the merrier and is also interested in having a session filmed.

But they are another set of stories.

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The Idea 2

How it all began.

It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars” to which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”

He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake.

Our Third Customer.

The third customer to go all the way and have her fantasy filmed was Susan. Susan a 25 year old, 5 ft 4 inch, bi sexual woman with 38 c breasts, long black hair. Her fantasy was to get gang banged by at least 6 young looking guys, whilst camping.

Mick and I, thought long and hard about this fantasy, we scouted various locations before we found a willing farmer near Theydon Bois, who would rent us a private field and barn for one day and night. The extras we proving to be even more difficult to locate, as our brief was that they had to be between eighteen and twenty-one years of age. Luckily as a fore thought we had been collecting possible male extras since the company’s inception. At this stage we had some 15 males on our books who claimed they had no difficulty in performing the required tasks in front of cameras.

Unfortunately for us, Susan only approved 4 of the photo’s we provided, leaving us two people short of a full cast. One of the successful males actually came to our rescue, when he told us that he had some mates who were interested in taking part in other films. From these four mates we managed to find two suitable candidates.

So the arrangements were made for Susan, Bill, Terry, Alan, Richard, Paul, and Steven to be at the farmer’s field by 8 am on the Saturday. We supplied them with a large scouting tent, scout uniforms and cooking equipment. For realism we persuaded Bob my ex security manager to put in a token performance as a scout master. The story line requiring him to be called back home for an emergency, but not wanting to disappoint his six scouts he promised to return as soon as possible.

The tent was pitched, and everything ready as we began filming. The scene setting showed the scouts practicing knots when Bob took a call on his mobile phone. Almost as his car left, a mini turned into the field and stopped a short way away from the scout group. Susan hopped out of the car and asked the scouts if it was ok to pitch her tent over by the gateway. They agreed but told her to make sure she saw the farmer.

Susan was dressed in a white tee shirt, cut off jeans, and she received a couple of wolf whistles from these horny teenage scouts. Ignoring them she set about pitching her two man tent, but deliberately made a mess of things before asking the scouts for help.

Three of the scouts, set about pitching the tent whilst the other three offered Susan a cup of tea. As they were chatting to her they mentioned that they hoped she would feel safe amongst them, despite there being no Adult supervision. A cheeky smile crossed Susan’s lips as she replied “I am sure I can handle six Horny teenagers, without too much trouble!”

After lunch, one of the scouts, Steven asked Susan “We are all going swimming in a pond, not far from here, would you like to join us?”

She replied “I would love to, but I did not bring a costume with me”

He then offered “Well as most of us have sisters, we are used to seeing females in Bra and panties, and as they are very much like a bikini, you could use them!” With that the seven of them all packed a towel and marched off towards the pond.

When they arrived, the boys quickly shed their scout uniforms and dived into the refreshingly cool water. Surfacing they turned to Susan and as one yelled “Come on in, the waters great” Susan shyly retreated behind a bush to remove her cutoffs and tee-shirt, before wading gingerly out to waist deep in water. Again the boys wolf whistle her as they witnessed her white cotton panties and matching bra.

Susan never thought about things too seriously, so she was shocked when she realized that being wet, her white panties now clearly showed the underlying black V of her pubic hair. She now realized that she would either have to show all or remain submerged in the water to save her embarrassment. As if by esp., Steven had a similar thought, but decided to play to the situation. He dived below the water line and swam up behind Paul. Surfacing he quickly yanked Paul’s trunks down and by pulling them backwards managed to topple him forwards, resulting in his trunks coming clean away in his hands.

Screwing them up, he threw them in the direction of Susan, Hoping that Paul would then have to go get them from her. However his throw was far too long as the trunks flew out of the pond and landed on a bush some 5 feet from the waters edge. Paul surfaced coughing and spluttering, turned to Steven just as he saw the trunks leaving Steven’s hand. Susan Noticed the trunks now hanging limply on the bush and made no attempt to move away from the line between Paul and his trunks. She smiled to herself thinking, this cute teenager would now have to wade past her stark naked to get the trunks back. She cherished the idea of seeing his manhood as he passed.

All hell broke loose as the others saw an opportunity to de bag each other and soon all six pairs of trunks were hanging on the bushes near to each other. The then ganged up on Susan, trapping her between the water line and the bushes, saying “We are all nude so fairs fair, we think you should be too”. Susan pretended to fight them off but secretly relished the feel of six pairs of hands grabbing at her bra and panties. Soon she too was naked. As she looked around she saw six hardening pricks all facing her. Steven then said “What was it you said about handling six horny teenagers?”

She blushed as her words came back to haunt her. “Steady on boys, Remember we are too exposed here!” she said.

“Oh if that’s your only worry!” Steven replied. Then pointed over his shoulder at a large barn just the other side of the pond, “let’s get comfortable in there then”

Realising she was out numbered and trying to think on her feet, Susan said “I am not so sure that’s such a good idea”

Grabbing her hands Richard and Bill, began to escort Susan around the edge of the pond towards the barn. “Grab all the clothes and towels, Alan” Steven shouted. When they entered the barn, Steven organized the guys to make a bed out of the straw covered with the towels.

Susan now warming to the idea that her deepest fantasy could be about to happen, said “Ok but no one must ever know!”

She hopped upon the bed, and said “Well let the dog see the rabbit!” “Let me see what you have all got!” The boys formed a semi circle around her, each displaying his now fully erect prick. Susan licked her lips as she beckoned Terry’s medium frame forward. As he approached she began by taking his 5 inch prick in her hand, marveling at its hardness and warmth. She lowered her head until her lips caressed the purple head and lightly kissed it.

Turning back to the others she then called Richard forward. She again took his rigid prick in her other hand and purred “beautiful, fucking beautiful, how big is this exquisite monster?”

“Ten Long Hard inches!” replied Richard.

Almost drooling, she eyed the rest of the pricks and said “Each of you in turn must tell me how big your cocks are!”

Terry said “5 inches, but still growing!” She smiled.

Bill then said “Six granite inches just for you”

Paul added “I don’t know, I never measured it, but it looks the same as Bill”

Steven chirped up “nine inches to heaven waiting here for you” Again Susan smiled.

Turning to Alan, She said “What about your gorgeous cock, young man”

Alan blushed as he replied “eight inches”.

“Well looks like my birthdays have all come at once” replied Susan, “tell you what why don’t we start with the smallest and work my way up, after all that will give my cunt the chance to stretch to fit these handsome specimens!” “Besides that way my Cunt will feel just as tight for each of you, there’s no need to worry about condoms as I am on the pill and I love bareback riding, besides I love licking the cum off a freshly fucked prick” she added.

“Now if any of you are good at licking cunt, say as now as it would be better to start with a soaking wet pussy!” Susan ventured.

Bill stepped forward and without thinking said “My sister tells me I am an ace at licking cunt” Suddenly Realising what he had said he blushed.

Steven came to his rescue when he said “Gee Bill, if you knew how long I had hungered for a taste of your sisters cunt, and now you tell me you have already tasted it”.

Susan released Richards Prick, which she had absent mindedly been wanking, patted her cunt lips and said “Come on, Bill, show me what your sister was talking about!” As Bill stepped forward, Susan said “I will suck each prick in turn but in reverse order of it fucking my cunt, So Richard your first to fill my mouth”.

Richard approached Susan’s head, whilst Bill began to dip his head between her legs. Bill started by licking the top two inches of her right thigh, lightly tonguing into the crease of her hip joint, running the merest touch of the tip of his tongue fleetingly across her pussy lips before paying the same attention to her let thigh. Susan shuddered at the featherlike contact his tongue had made upon her pussy lips. Thinking she needed something to distract her thoughts, she reached out and took hold of Richards’s large erect penis, swirling her tongue around its bulbous head. Slowly she sank inch after inch into her warm wet mouth. It was Richards turn to shudder and moan.

As she engulf his prick into her mouth, her fingers lightly stroked the lower rear of his ball sack, dragging a light fingernail upwards, his cock jerked in her mouth. Moving her finger further up, she began to flick away at his anal ring. The barn was now full of moans and slurping sounds. It was difficult to distinguish whose voice was making what noise, because not only was Richard moaning his delight at suck a skillful blow job but Susan herself was now slobbering over his magnificent prick. Added to their noises, was that of Bill, a skilful cunt licker as he slurped his way around her labia and clit.

Susan felt Richard’s prick swell even more as he rapidly approached his orgasm, she skillfully thrust her index finger into his anal opening as she felt his first spurt hit the back of her throat. Then everything became blurred to her as her own orgasm, induced by the skilful tongue of Bill, exploded with in her flooded cunt.

Richard shot so much cum into her mouth, she was unable to swallow quickly enough and large amounts escaped the corners of her mouth and began to slide past her ears. Bill stepped back from his lapping duties to reveal a cunt juice soaked face. Terry quickly stepped between Susan’s legs and in one thrust buried his five inches into her spasming cunt. Such was his excitement that he only lasted about five minutes before he blasted a coating of white thick spunk all over her cunt walls.

Richard’s prick although spent never lost its erect strength, Susan remembered thinking how wonderful the stamina of youth.

Terry quickly walked round towards Susan’s head for her to clean his sticky cock and was instantly replaced by Paul. Paul thrust his six inches into her cunt, slowly withdrew fully and said “Look guys, Terry’s spunk makes excellent lube for my prick! Imagine what Richard’s prick is going to look like after all of us have fucked this fucking slut”

When Susan heard him call her a slut, she realized that for once in her life she had found her ideal niche. All her slutty thoughts raced though her mind, just as Paul re introduced his prick back into her cunt. Paul’s stamina was fantastic as he rapidly plunge his prick in and out of her Cunt. He fucked her as fast as he could, inducing a second and third orgasm to rip through her body.

Terry Said “This is going to take ages, for us all to wait our turn on just two of her holes, let’s change positions so we can use her butt as an extra hole.” Susan’s eyes grew wider as she heard this, she had heard of anal but in her 25 years she had never thought to try it.

Weakly she tried to protest, but either because of the prick in her mouth or because the chose to ignore her, no one seemed to take any notice of her, as she was unceremoniously turned over. Paul’s prick never losing its place in her cunt. Now directly above his face hung her swinging tits, so he nipped lightly at the nipples with his teeth, all of which added to Susan’s excitement.

Soon she had forgotten, about her forthcoming first try of anal as her passions mounted and she resumed her assault on terry’s prick.

Bill quietly climbed between her legs, and slowly began to force his six inch boner in to her arse. Instinctively she tensed up, but an extra hard thrust from Paul took her mind from her anal worries. She relaxed just as the head of Bill’s prick broke through her sphincter ring. He stopped his movement, to allow her to accommodate his thick prick. Slowly but surely he sank his full length into her arse.

For Susan, the initial pain as her Arse was invade, began as a feeling like she needed to shit but couldn’t. Then the stinging pain of a large object stretching her bowels set in. But now her pain had subsided and in fact replaced by a warm pleasant feeling of passion. She could feel both pricks rubbing against each other separated only by the anal membrane. A stronger orgasm than she could remember ever having achieved suddenly wracked her body.

Suddenly Terry’s prick was gone from her mouth as she gulped in a lungful of air in between her constant moans. Alan quickly replaced him, slowly forcing his eight inch cock into her gaping mouth. Paul’s cock finally spurted copious amounts of cum up her cunt. Using all his strength he manage to push Susan’s body upwards where Richard and Steven held her until Paul managed to slip from beneath her.

Terry then replaces Steven holding Susan up like a rag doll, whilst Steven slipped beneath her and awaited his turn to fuck her cunt. Bill merely stopped thrusting until Steven accommodated his nine inch long three inch thick prick into Susan’s stretched cunt. Once fully embedded, Bill slowly began his sawing motion and Steven managed to align his thrust to the rhythm. As Bill pulled out, Steven thrust in. By Now Susan limp from her exhaustive session, was whimpering like a puppy, never had she been so soundly fucked nor so completely filled.

Bill suddenly announced “Fuck, I can’t hold on any longer, bitch, feel my cum filling your arse!” this sent Susan into yet another Orgasm as for the first time in her life she experienced the scalding feeling of hot spunk blasting her anal canal.

Weakly she begged for them to stop and give her chance to recuperate, but Richard said “No No my little cock sucking slut, your finest hour is nigh, Ten steely inches of rock hard cock meat to fuck your arse all the way up into your stomach, You prick teasing bitch” With that he eased the head of his prick, into the gaping hole left by bill and delighted in announcing “There Bitch, that’s the first two inches, You love that feeling Don’t you, you whore? Well just think eight more inches are right behind that and they are all going up your fucking arse Bitch.”

Susan had lost count of her orgasms now and in fact could not tell where one stopped and the next started. By the time Richard announced “That’s half my length up your tight shit hole, Bitch, Now tell me you don’t want the rest?”

Susan cried “Fuck my arse you bastard, Keep filling my shit hole with your cock even if it comes out my mouth, I want all your prick in me”

“Just as I thought, you’re a anal cock hound, you sex crazed slut” Richard countered.

Just then Bill Stuck his shit covered cock into Susan’s face and said “Lick me clean you skanky Bitch!” Susan meekly opened her mouth and began to bathe his cock with tongue.

Steven began to finger her nipples and just as he was about to shoot his first spurt, he twisted Susan’s nipple between his thumb and forefinger. This sent Susan over the edge yet again and he was rewarded with a rush of cunt juice flooding his cock. Again after his final spurt, Susan was held up until Steven had slipped from beneath her body. Then Richard went to town pushing his cock ever deeper into her arse and informing her of every inch as she took it. “Eight inches now bitch, Nine inches, you fucking slut, Oh my god, you have just taken all ten inches of my prick up your fuck hot incredible arse, you whore bag” five minutes later he was slamming into her as he came.

As he pulled out, Susan flopped forward, exhausted and covered in sweat, her eyes barely focused on Richard’s prick as he proudly showed her the size of it and delighted in telling her, you’re the first woman that has managed to take all of this up your arse.

The Guys were not quite finished but Susan begged to be left alone, however she agreed that they could finish their hardons by wanking off over her abused body, provided they helped her back to the pond to wash herself and refresh her body. They all stood in a ring around her and proceeded to cover her tits, face, hair and cunt in a fresh deposit of youth’s finest cream.

Then good as their word they helped wash it all off in the pond, before drying her off and helping her dress. Once back at the campsite they cooked an evening meal before asking her if her fantasy was complete. She surprised them all by saying “Now I have rested, I want to carry on as originally planned and spend the night servicing each of you in your large tent”.

True to her word she did exactly that, and with additional lighting close by it was all captured on film. Two weeks later she had a viewing of her draft copy of her finished fantasy, before ordering 6 copies of the final DVD. Susan sent us a glowing testimonial for us to show to future clients, minus her personal details of course.

As a Footnote, when I delivered her final copies of her DVD, I asked why she wanted 6 copies, which I explained was highly unusual. She smiled and said “One is for my Ex husband to show him what he missing, two more are for Ex boyfriends who had the cheek to call me cold and sexless, another two copies are proof I have won my bet with two women I work with and they have to pay me the wager of £500 each, of course the last copy is my to remind me of my excellent adventure!”

05-27-2007, 07:41 AM
The Idea 3

How it all began.

It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars” to which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”

He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake.

Our Fourth Customer.

Karen proved to be our most challenging customer to date, She was blonde haired, five foot two tall and what can only be described as a BBW figure including as I found out her 44DD breasts.

Her brief for the DVD, she explained was not really a fantasy scenario, but much more like an advertising promotion for a new man in her life. Karen was an out and out submissive, who was currently looking for a new master. She stressed that the finished product should contain three main ingredients:

1. DOMINATION. Where the master must totally dominate her mind and body, making her will his own.
2. HUMILIATION. Being shown of in public was not enough; she had to be ordered to do things outrageously in public.
3. PUNISHMENTS. She wanted so much more than mere spankings, it must include tit torture (mildly of course), and of course Pussy Punishment was an absolute must.

Mick and I decided that because of my past experience with a submissive partner, I should take the role of the master, whilst Mick would then gain valuable experience on the hand held camera.

Four the four weeks prior to the film date, I found myself spending lots of time in my workshop preparing some special apparatus for the filming. We ordered 40 meters of Soft Silk Japanese ropes, which would be cut into various lengths. All the cut ends then had to be heat sealed to prevent fraying.

I built a crucifixion Cross to my own design, that having a 2.6 meter vertical column, a 1.8 meter cross beam some 0.5 meters from the top and a second lower 1 meter cross beam positioned 0.5 meters from the bottom. At the ends of all lengths a 25 mm hole was drilled through the 55mm x 55mm soft timbers. This would allow for the soft ropes to be attached. The cross beams were connected to the upright by two half mortise housing joints, allowing the cross to be dismantled and assembled by simply removing 4 screws.

On the top hole of the vertical beam, a loop was made using 1.5 meters of the soft silk rope and this would allow the entire cross to be suspended if necessary. 2 meter lengths of the rope were fed through all the horizontal beam holes, giving for securing points for fastening the slave to the cross. A 6 meter rope was attached to the vertical beam lowest hole.

During my design and build weeks, Mick had checked out a couple of dogging sites close by to London, he had also arranged the hire of a Ford Transit vane with roof rack, for the date of the filming.

Karen had arranged to come to stay over night at my home as she did not live in easy traveling distance of London and she was due to arrive at 7 pm. She had no idea that I was to become her master for the filming and agreed to sleep in the spare room at my home. Mick picked up the Van at 8 am on the Friday. This gave us the only chance to test my plans without tipping off Karen.

Everything worked out really well, when we attached the top loop of the cross to the van’s roof rack. It allowed the cross to stand upright with the bottom of the vertical bar just touching the floor.

Everything was now ready, at 7.00 pm prompt Karen rang my front door bell. I introduced Mick and myself and led her into the living room. After a take away meal we sat chatting about the filming the following day. Karen admitted she was both curious and nervous about meeting her temporary master. I jokingly said “why he is no worse than I am!” of course the hint went clear over her head.

She began to settle down and relax as she sipped her second glass of wine. I suggested to Mick that we lay out the plan for part of the filming, for Karen’s approval. I then explained to Karen, that having had my own sub slave for four years, although it had been some time ago, I was her temp master. She smiled and said “Well that’s one relief at least we seemed to be getting along ok”. She then added “So do you want to start your role tonight, so as to get used to my and my behaviour and I could get used to the way you work?” I replied “If you’re happy to, it sounds an excellent idea”

I set up a safety word with her, which she could use to stop instantly anything she felt too threatening. She then suggested that I take charge of her mind and body for the whole of the night, pre conditioning her for the filming to take place tomorrow night. I asked if she was aware then that would mean her not sleeping in the guest room as originally planned, but on hand in my room to carry out any orders during the night. She smiled as she nodded.

Mick then excused himself and went off home. Karen and I continued to chat for a while as I discovered the kind of experiences she had previously had as a sub. I also asked “What have you brought with you by way of clothing and toys?” She offered to take me upstairs to show me.

We were both stood in the guest room, as she opened her suitcase. There was an absolute mountain of toys, too numerous to mention them all but I selected a few things to be used tonight and for the filming. I picked out a large 15 inch black dildo, a large sized butt plug, a smaller butt plug that inflates a large sized paddle, and finally a riding crop. I asked what about your clothing. She retrieved a small hold all and unzipped it. Inside was clothing. She laid out a white blouse, black midi skirt and white stockings, saying “I thought I would start dressed in these with these special leather bra and panties beneath”

I picked up the leather panties; they had pointed studs strategically placed inside them to obviously make contact with her cunt lips and her arse cheeks. The sides were held together with long laces, they were ideal for what I had in mind, after all if she was tied to my cross, I did not want to have to release her to remove her underwear. Examining the bra, it also has the pointed studs inside but these were almost twice the length of the ones in her panties, I could only imagine how much they would stick into her breasts when fully tightened. Upon further inspection I noticed each of the bra cups were held in place with press studs allowing one or both cups to be removed and re attached.

At this point Karen feigned a yawn. “What, my lazy bitch of a slut is tired!” I demanded. She looked a little taken back as she nodded. “Right bitch, time for you to visit the bathroom before we go to my bedroom!” I added. I led her to the bathroom and allowed her to enter, as she turned to close the door, I slipped my foot in the way and said “did I say you could have privacy, slut” “I am going to watch you and check you do things properly!” “Now let me see you undress!”

Without a murmur she began to undress, once totally naked I inspected her tits, making sure to tease the nipples as I did so, her pendulous breasts barely sagged when freed from her bra and her nipples took little effort to arouse. “You like my body, master?” she enquired.

“I will tell you when to speak, insolent bitch” I replied. I then thrust my hand between her legs and said “Rock your cunt against my hand, cunt” She began to rock her hips back and forth as the back of my hand was against her cunt. A low guttural moan escaped her lips, “Getting turned on are you, slut?” I asked. She nodded. “Right, time for your toilet training, bitch” I informed her. “Get over there in the bath, face me, crouch down, spread your fucking legs, twat! Now let me see you piss” I demanded.

She blushed as she finally managed to release a stream of golden yellow urine. “Put your hands in the flow, cunt” I barked. Quickly her hands began to disrupt the flow as it hit the bottom of the bath. “Ok now lick clean your hands, you cock teasing bitch!” I demanded. Again I expected at least some hesitation but found none as she quickly began to lick clean her hands. When she had finished I turned on the shower head, set the temperature to lowest and then sprayed all over her, taking particular delight in hitting her tits and ordering her to hold open her cunt flaps whilst I directed the jets onto her clit. Switching off the shower, I threw her a towel and told her to dry herself. She was then told to present herself at my bedside in her leather panties and bra.

Ten Minutes later, she stood beside my bed, wearing as instructed, the leather bra and panties. I walked up to her and checked how tight the leather panties were; I noticed that they could have been a little tighter to utilize their full effect. So I untied the bow on the right side and pulled the laces tight, re tied it and repeated this on the left side. To my surprise Karen never even murmured.

I instructed her to bend over the side of the bed, as I said “Just so you know what to expect, if you disobey me, I am going to paddle your arse with three strokes!”

She immediately replied “Yes, Master” I aimed the first slap at the stud end showing on her left cheek.


“One, thank you for correcting my behaviour, master” she said. The second was aimed at a similar stud end on her right cheek.


“Two, thank you for showing me the error of my ways, master” was her response.

I then said “stand up, turn round and lay down with your legs held wide apart” she immediately did as she had been instructed. The third slap was a straight downward stroke over the area of her cunt and clit.


“Three, you are so generous, Master, educating your worthless slut” was her reply.

Picking up the riding crop, I said “Just two more strokes, to help you know your place!” The first fell on her right breast where the stud end appeared to be directly over her nipple.


“Four, Master your slut promises to try her very best to please you!” the final stroke fell on her left breast again in the area of her nipple.


“Five, How can your worthless cock sucking slut, serve you better master!” she replied.

“You can serve me better by proving to me I own you, mind, body and spirit. Bitch” I ventured.

“Yes, Master, if it was your wish I would walk ten miles on red hot coals, if it pleased you Sir” came the response.

I had to admit, by this stage I was beginning to miss the authority I had previously had over my slave Eleanor. (But that’s another story). I offered my hand To Karen, helping her to stand. “Remove you clothes, now!” I demanded. Quickly she shed what few items she had on. As I watched her I saw flecks of blood on the surface of her arse and on the lips of her cunt, similar marks were also on the breasts near the nipple area.

She saw me looking and said “Ray, do not worry, they will be gone in half and hour or so, I have had much worse”

I asked her “As a sub, is there anything you would not do, if ordered to do so?”

she replied “A previous master, thought me unworthy and ordered me to light matches, which I had to hold against my cunt, I just could not do it! So he disowned me” “I have been looking for a more understanding master ever since” she added.

I instructed her to insert the inflatable Butt plug up her arse. I asked “How many times would you normally puck up its size?” she replied only three. then told her to pump it up twice, taking the base of it I eased it out of her cunt then slotted it back home.

“pump it again!” I ordered. Again I repeated the test of easing it out.

“pump it once more!” I ordered. Again I repeated my simple test and again got her to inflate it once more. This time when I tried easing it out it was far more difficult. I instructed her that she was to sleep with this up her arse until the morning when she would be expected to show me as she cleared be bowels. I slipped the Black rubber dildo into her cunt and ordered her to fuck herself whilst answering my questions.

We climbed into bed, I instinctively draped my arm around her shoulders, as I said “To me the Dom / Sub relationship is not all take on the Dom side, it’s about taking the subs Boundaries and giving them the chance to expand them with gentle persuasion not brute force.”

She turned her head towards me and kissed my cheek “thank you, Master”.

Next day, I told Karen to go into the Centre of London and do so sightseeing, while Mick and I carried out final preparations. I asked “Is it alright if I go through your case for some things we may use tonight?”

Her reply shocked me “master, my case is yours to do with as you see fit, I trust you completely!”

With that Karen was gone. Mick turned to me and said “Exactly what did you do last night, she is hooked on you!” I tried to explain, I had done nothing really apart from explain my ideals on the Dom / Sub relationship. “I am telling you, she is going to want you to remain her master!” he said

“Well she is a good kid, and could do worse than have someone care about her well being!” Mick teased me that I had fallen in love with her. I pointed out that I had not but did admit that I had rekindled my passion for being dominant.

By 5 pm everything was ready and we were just killing time before Karen arrived back, and then waiting for 7.30 pm to drive down to Epping Forest, to the Dogging venue. Karen walked in with a couple of shopping bags and waltz straight into the kitchen. “Have you two eaten yet?” She called out.

I entered the kitchen and said “no not yet, why?”

“Shoo out of my kitchen!!!” she replied. With in half an hour she had prepared a meal of Eggs, Gammon and Chips.

Mick jokingly said “When are you moving in, Karen?”

She blushed and replied “that depends on whether Ray, my master, wants me to!”

Mick gave me that, Told you so, smile.

We eventually loaded the van with a mattress in the back, the cross tied to the roof rack and all our equipment. Squeezing into the front with Karen between me and Mick the driver was fun to say the least. When we arrived at Epping it was already going dusk, so we pulled up to a corner of the car park roped off an area and set up our new portable 1,000 watt lighting rig. The two floodlights were aimed towards the side of the van and lit the area as if it was broad daylight. I ordered Karen into the back and told her to change into the leather underwear, white blouse, and black skirt. I also told her to stay inside the van until I told her to come out. Meanwhile Mick and I lifted down the cross and anchored the top to the roof rack of the van allowing the bottom of the cross to rest on the ground. I got Mick to catch the rope I threw under the van and we secured the bottom of the cross to the other side of the roof rack.

By now a small crowd of maybe a dozen people had arrived and began taking quite an interest in our activities. I decided to go speak to them. “We are here tonight to film a ladies fantasy, so if you do not want to end up on film I suggest you leave now!” “When we start filming I may ask for volunteers to come up and tease the lady, She will not object for she is my slut slave” “if I ask you to fuck her, it will only be if you put on a condom, which you will find over there on that small table!” I continued “Please be honest, as I said this is being filmed, is there anyone here with a prick longer than 12 inches?” From the back of the crowd, a coloured man stepped forward. “Are you longer than 12 inches?” I asked.

“No. but I reckon I am the biggest that’s here!” he replied “I measure 101/2 inches and 4 inches round!” he added

“Would you be willing to be filmed?” I asked

“Yeah, why not. After all you don’t know me or where I live!” was his response.

I took him off to one side and showed him our brochure, explaining that as of West Indian origins, he could have a great future as a film star with our company. I figured that a lot of women would be asking for a large black cock to fulfill their fantasy. He asked if he could keep the brochure and think it over. I agreed, but he did tell me his name was Cleve.

I returned to the well lit area. I quickly explained to Mick about my conversation with Cleve. Mick looked at his watch and said “we had better make a start!” I agreed. I called Karen out of the van. As she entered the ring of light, she was shocked to see so many in the audience.

She came to me and said “Master, I don’t think I can do this!”

I snapped back “You will do exactly what I tell you to do, Bitch.”

“Yes, Sir” she meekly replied.

“Bitch, All these people have come to see my bitch do a strip for them!” I announced loudly. “You are not going to let your Master and these people down are you?” I added.

“No Master” she mumbled.

“What was that, you slut. Speak up” I demanded.

“No Master” she said louder.

“Right then Start stripping” I ordered.

Dancing to imaginary music she removed her blouse, to a cheer from the crowd, next he skirt slipped to her knees and then to her ankles, stepping out of it she picked it up and handed it to me. Just as she was about to reach behind her for her bra strap, I interrupted her. “Stop Slut.” She froze. I went up to her and taking her hand, I led her to the rope surrounding the lit area. I then paraded her along the front of the group watching.

“Pick a man or woman to assist us” I demanded. She looked at me and then out to the audience. Two rows back she spotted a woman, maybe in her late forties dressed in a short mini skirt and a boob tube top. The woman hesitantly approached the ring.

Slipping under the rope she told us “my name is Sonia, me and my Husband there are first timers at this.” I called her husband forward.

When he joined us I said “Don’t worry, I will tell you exactly what I want you to do!” They nodded. “Firstly, if you notice her bra cups are held in place with press studs!” they both nodded “please remove her bra cups, one each!”

They moved towards Karen and popped the bra cups off. I instructed Karen to stand still with her hands behind her back, saying “Show this nice crowd, your fucking tits, bitch”

I turned to the couple and asked them to examine the inside of the cups, and then show them to the audience. The woman ran her finger inside the cup and remarked “Wow, I bet they stimulate her tits”

I stepped forward and took the cup from her, “Tell everyone here, Bitch, why you like this bra!” I said

“The studs stimulate my breasts and the two that rub my nipples cause them to become really aroused” she replied.

I spoke quietly to the woman, Sonia, “are you wearing a bra, my dear” I said.

“no.” she replied.

“Would you like to feel this cup on your tit” I asked.

“Oh wow, could I?” she asked.

“Only if you’re prepared to expose at least one of your breasts to all of us here!” I ventured. By way of answering me she pulled her boob tube down exposing both her breasts. I slipped the bra cup over her right breast and pressed it home. Almost immediately, whether because of the cup or because she was exposing herself to strangers, her left nipple became very hard and erect.

She sighed “That feels weird but wonderful, she certainly is a lucky slut to have these to use all the time!”

I removed the cup and allowed her the opportunity to replace her boob tube; she whispered to her husband and then declined to replace the top. “Right if you two would like to stand either side of my slutty bitch” I continued. “Check the sides of her panties and undo the laces, then remove the laces.” I carried on. “Now Sonia, hold the front apron of her panties against her skin, whilst sliding you hand down the front of the panties”. “Tell everyone what you feel?” I asked.

“There are more of these studs, like tiny pin pricks in the back of my hand.” She offered “They really must stimulate her cunt as she is walking or sitting!” she said. Turning to her husband I instructed him to remove the panties. Again they turned them inside out and showed the inners to the crowd.

“Open your legs, Bitch” I commanded of Karen. She moved her legs about eight inches apart and stood there. I then ordered her to come to me and stand in front of the cross. I got her to raise her left arm as I tied that to the upper cross beam. I repeated this on her right arm, before ordering her to spread her legs wider. These were then tide to the lower cross beam, a further rope was fastened around her waist securing her back to the upright beam. I then invited the husband, (who I found out was called Ray) to check the bindings and hinted that he should try to pull her from the cross by her nipples. His wife Sonia looked on enviously, so I invited her to try pulling her from the cross by her cunt. Karen never made a sound although I could see her biting her lip.

I announced “My Bitch, here has a thing about black cocks” and as if to prove my point I held up her Black dildo. I gave this to Sonia and asked her How she felt about such a thing sliding in and out of her own cunt. I really stressed the sliding and cunt as I said this.

“Oh no, I could never consider something this big, my own cunt is delicate to me and this would damage me for weeks” she replied.

“Bitch tell everyone, what you feel about your black rubber friend” I demanded.

Karen Spoke with trembling voice “I just love to have it thrust deep inside me, sometimes my cunt, oh master, and sometimes when permitted I love to feel it forcing its way up past my anal ring”

I asked Sonia “Would you like to take that up your arse?”

She declined fervently.

“See, you slut, a normal woman may enjoy anal sex but not with something this hideously big and certainly not made of rubber!” I stated. “Sonia, would you please tease, this slut’s cunt with the weapon in your hand” I asked. “In fact, just fuck her with it” I added. Sonia stepped up to Karen and slid the dildo against her cunt. “Don’t be gentle, Sonia, this bitch likes it hard and fast, Don’t you Slut!” I said

“Yes, Master” Karen replied. With this Sonia began thrusting the Black rubber prick up Karen’s cunt.

“Ray, you seem to have nothing to do!” I offered, “Here take this riding crop and tease her nipples with flicks from it” He took the crop and immediately flicked it against his own wife’s breast, she yelped. “No no please use it on my slut’s nipples” I corrected.

Whilst this was going on, I slipped away, passed out some handbills for our company, and found Cleve. I asked him if he was ready to fuck Karen. He agreed. He went over to the table and picked up a condom. When he stripped off all his clothes, he certainly was not lying about his manhood; it hung almost eight inches whilst slack. I asked Sonia to stroke his cock and compare the real thing to the rubber one she had in her other hand. She immediately knelt and began to suck on Cleve’s cock, as it hardened it lengthened; soon it reached it full glorious size. Cleve then slipped on the condom and stepped up towards Karen.

He pulled out the rubber cock and pushed it up to her mouth, saying, “Taste this, Bitch and if you like it I will give you a real one later”. Karen Began feverishly sucking her own cunt juices from the rubber cock as Cleve began to fuck her cunt with gusto. The crowd began to urge him on to even greater speed of thrusts.

Karen Suddenly went rigid and the dildo fell from her mouth. I urged Sonia and Ray to step in close and suck on a nipple each to send Karen into an orbit of orgasmic proportion.

When Cleve felt the closeness of this couple and his sustained fucking frenzy, he was not able to last too long, He too when rigid as his spurting cock deposited a whole load of cum inside the condom. As he withdrew and as Karen came down from her orgasm, I asked Sonia to remove the Condom and to step up to Karen and have her open her mouth whilst she poured the contents over her forehead, causing it to trickle down before Karen would be able to get any on her tongue.

“Open Wide, You cum slut” Sonia shouted.

When Karen had manage to clean herself up or as much as she could, we continued filming her fastened to the cross as we allowed everyone who wanted to, to walk by her and cop a feel of her cunt or tits. Meanwhile I spoke to Sonia and Ray, thanking them for their help. Sonia never bothered covering up her breasts and Ray invited me to have a feel or a taste. My one specialty I suppose is I have a definite passion about oral, I can give oral for hours with out tiring, I joking said to Ray, if it was licking Sonia’s cunt he had offered I would have whisked her away inside the van for at least two hours before returning the orgasm ravished body to him. Sonia’s eyes widened when she heard this. I quickly felt Sonia’s nipples; they were already rock hard and thanked them once again.

As they were leaving, Ray returned and asked for a business card, which I happily gave him.

By now the crowd had thinned out and I untied Karen and allowed her to rest in the back of the van on the mattress, whilst we packed up our equipment. We arrived back home around 4 am, but Karen wanted to see the footage so we left her watching the two tapes. Next morning as I awoke, I felt movement beside me in the bed. Bleary eyed I gazed upon Karen as she opened her eyes, reached up and kissed me. “Morning, Master” she greeted me.

After Karen left for home, I Edited the Footage and mixed the DVD, Before arranging to go up to Leicester the following Friday to deliver the finished product. Again Karen greeted me each morning of the weekend I was there with “Morning My very own Master”.

The footnote to this customer is that a month later Karen moved down to London and actually moved in with me as I continued her training as a first class cum eating slut.

05-27-2007, 07:43 AM
The Idea.

How it all began.

It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars” to which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”

He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake.

The Doctor fetish.

All names changed to protect the guilty.

We were approached by a 23 year old woman, Cassandra Crabtree; she was 5’6” tall short cropped blonde hair (almost boyish in appearance) vital statistics 36 – 28 – 35. We met her in her local public house and sat in a corner when she confided her fantasy to us.

We asked the sort of time scale for this as her fantasy posed us a few problems equipment wise. As soon as possible was her reply and she handed us an envelope with £250 in as a deposit against any expenses. We gave her a code name and took a contact number and said “we will be in touch”.

Having made several enquires about hiring venues with studio type accommodation; we drew a blank finding anything resembling a doctor’s surgery. How ever a contact from my previous employment in security put us on to two things. 1. A company that hired theatrical props and a self storage company that turned a blind eye to what the storage were used for. We could even hire the area by the hour if need be.

Again my D I Y skills came in handy as we made bolt together false walls which when painted would suffice for the doctors surgery. We manage to hire a medical exam table but got several funny looks when we asked for it to be delivered to a self storage address. I decided to level with the woman taking the order and explained about our company.

I Contacted Cassandra, and arranged to meet to show her the photo’s of her doctor for approval, she chose Bob, my ex Security manager. The nurse was more of a challenge; I only had two photos of women. Sandie the nurse from our first film, who had agreed to sign on with us, and my soon to be live in slave Karen.

Cassandra chose Sandie, especially when I told her she was actually a real nurse. A date was arranged for the filming and everything was Go. Cassandra asked me what the final cost was likely to be. I explained that out of her £250 deposit I had paid out £25.00 for the storage area, £35.00 for the hire of the exam table, £40.00 for timber and sheeting to make the room look like a surgery. So by the Time I paid £50.00 expenses to the two other stars she had only £50.00 left to cover incidentals like speculums, latex gloves and costumes. I estimated she would need to find a further £200 to cover costs of filming and editing. She agreed and asked me to walk her to a cash point where she would give me the cash there and then. I explained that was not the way we worked the balance would be due upon handing over the final DVD. “What if I decided not to pay you though” she said.

“Oh we never worry about that because until final payment is made, the film is our property and would be sold to an internet site for more than enough to cover our costs” I replied. “Then the only worry for the customer would be whether or not their neighbours got to access the internet file” I added.

“I can see how that would persuade even the meanest of women to pay up!” she laughed.

We shook hands and I left having everything sorted for a Wednesday night filming. I checked with Bob and Sandie and both were available for that night.

Wednesday daytime, was a bit rushed for Mick and I, we had to deliver the backdrops and bolt them together, and be there to accept delivery of the examination bed, sort out other bits of furniture to compliment the surgery. So by 4 pm we were both hungry and knackered. We knew the stars would not arrive till 9.pm after the main storage depot had closed.

Mick had really out done himself this time he had managed to pick up from a second hand source a metal examination drawer unit on wheels. A backless stool on wheels. The gowns to be used by the GP and the nurse came from Sandie as did the plain blue open backed gown for Cassandra to wear.

When Sandie turned up, she handed me a black case and said “These things went missing two weeks ago from where I work and have not been missed so you may keep this for future endeavours!” I checked them out, there were Stethoscope, three different Speculums, two boxes of latex gloves, a box of surgical masks, plastic spatula’s as used in the real clinics. She even produced a blood pressure hand operated unit, but said this unfortunately will have to be returned. I could not thank her enough, I handed her expenses and promised her another £40 for the equipment she had supplied.

We were finally all set, the lighting was in place, and the stars had arrived and were changing. Lights, Action, rolling.

Cassandra led by Sandie entered the room, was assisted up on to the Examination table, her legs were placed in the stirrups and her gown discreetly pull up to display her cunt. Dr Bob entered the room and walked over to Cassandra, introduced himself to her and said “Are you ok, with the fact that this examination is outside normal surgery hours?”

Cassandra answered “Yes Doctor, its good of you to fit me in because my employers would not allow me time off during the day.”

Dr Bob then introduced Sandie “This is nurse Stevens, who will be assisting me” The two women nodded their heads to each other. Seating himself on the stool between Cassandra’s legs he asked “What seems to be the problem, Miss Crabtree?”

“Please call me Cassandra.” She replied. “It’s just that I get uncomfortable when my boyfriend and I make love. It always ends up hurting me so I can not enjoy the experience!” She added.

“OH and May I ask is your boyfriend very well endowed.” Dr. Bob asked.

“No that’s just it, even fully hard he is only four inches and really thin at that” came her reply.

“So you think the problem lies with in you, I take it?” asked Dr Bob.

“I don’t know, but if it keeps happening I am afraid I will lose him” she responded.

Several questions later, “Cassandra, I am going to suggest a little experiment, all your replies seem to indicate a lubrication problem” Dr Bob suggested. “Please feel free to refuse if you think it strange” he continued, “nurse Stevens here will stimulate your body until you’re on the verge of an orgasm and then I will examine you!” he offered.

“That is a strange sort to exam, but I am desperate to find a solution, so carry on” said a shaking Cassandra.

Sandie came forward and slowly removed the gown covering Cassandra’s 36 B breasts, Turning and folding the gown she placed it on the cabinet. “Will you stay and observe, Dr?” asked Sandie.

“If it will not interfere with the process!” he replied.

“Oh, please Stay Dr, I feel more comfortable with you both being present!” Cassandra said.

“Very well, Cassandra, if you insist. I will just stand here by your head and observe your reactions!” the Dr replied. By now Sandie was stood between Cassandra’s open legs. She reached forward gently rubbing her palms over Cassandra rapidly hardening nipples. A low moan escaped Cassandra’s lips.

“Does that feel Good, Cassandra?” asked the Dr.

“OH yes, I can’t believe how good a woman’s touch could be!” she rasped.

“Just wait then, Cassandra. See how you feel when I start licking your clit!” Sandra quipped.

“Oh I really can’t wait, you’re a sexy nurse, Sandra” Cassandra added. As Sandra lowered her head towards Cassandra’s cute cunt, Cassandra slipped her left hand off the table and came into contact with bare flesh. Raising her head and looking where her hand had come to rest. She suddenly realized that the doctor had very little on beneath his green surgical gown. Gingerly she raised her hand beneath the hem of the gown. Bob smiled down at her. Her hand confirmed that bob was indeed naked beneath his gown as her hand closed around his throbbing hard cock.

“May I see?” Cassandra asked.

“Of course you may, Cassandra.” Bob replied. Bob then lifted his gown, exposing his eight inch rock hard cock.

“WOW, that’s so big and so hard, can I suck it please, Dr?” she purred. Bob moved closer to Cassandra and she bobbed her head down till her lips made contact with the purple head. Sandie was now busy probing Cassandra’s cunt with her tongue as Bob began sliding his prick into Cassandra’s mouth.

Bob slipped his gown off and spoke to Sandie “Come on Sandie, you’re the only one still dressed, off with that gown!” Reluctantly Sandie stopped her ministrations on Cassandra’s cunt and steeped out of her gown.

Walking up beside Bob, She smiled and said “Bet that feels so good, she seems a real pro at sucking cock!”

“You wouldn’t believe how skilful this little slut is!” he replied.

“I bet she could be just as good licking your wet cunt, Sandie!” he added. Cassandra stopped sucking on Bob’s prick and looked at Sandie,

“I’ve never sucked on a cunt before, but I am willing to try. Hop up her and let’s see what I can do” Cassandra sighed.

Sandie carefully placed her knees either side of Cassandra’s head and lowered her cunt towards the girl’s mouth. Bob meanwhile went and stood between Cassandra’s legs. Sliding a finger into Cassandra’s cunt, he asked “Any Sign of the pain you were talking about, Cassandra?”

Cassandra mumbled into Sandie’s cunt. Before Sandie raised herself up and allowed Cassandra to answer. “No, all of this seems so horny and great, I feel wonderful!”

“How about this then?” Dr Bob asked, as he eased his prick into her tight cunt.

“No that feels even better, Dr!” she replied. Bob slowly began to fuck her cunt with long slow strokes. Suddenly he fully withdrew his prick and Sandie leaned down to suck it clean of Cassandra’s juices. Bob reached over to the side and removed a large speculum from the top drawer of the cabinet. Stepping back he slowly inserted it into Cassandra’s Cunt, by manipulating the screws and slides, he opened wide Cassandra’s cunt. He leaned forward and gently blew into the ribbed interior of her cunt. Cassandra moaned as her body gave an involuntary shiver.

Sandie lowered her cunt back to Cassandra’s mouth and said “Come on Bitch, back to the job in hand, I want to fill your mouth with my cum juice!” Cassandra resumed her feverish licks of Sandie’s cunt and quickly both girls neared their climax. Bob not being a proper doctor was fascinated with the effect of Cassandra’s approaching climax had on her cunt lining. The void seemed to flood with juices as the muscles rippled around the speculum. He then released the speculum and sensing the natural lubrication on it would be sufficient, he slide it into Cassandra’s anal ring.

Once fully embedded, he began opening it up again. Until it would stretch the anal ring no further. He then reintroduced his prick into Cassandra’s cunt and began forcefully fucking her. He said “Tell me if I hurt you or your pains start, Cassandra”

Cassandra was too busy drinking down the clear nectar from Sandie’s cunt to reply. Bob noted how much tighter her cunt felt with anal ring stretched, No wonder women like being double fucked he thought to himself.

By now Sandie and Cassandra had achieved a second orgasm apiece and Sandie started to lift herself off her willing licker below her. She walked round behind Bob on wobbly legs. She stroked his arse cheeks and then slowly inserted her finger into his arse. This in turn caused Bob to firstly shorten his strokes until he became used to the finger now touching his prostrate.

This stimulation proved too much for Bob, He felt his balls tighten and just managed to withdraw his cock before the first spurt arced up and onto Cassandra’s pert tits. As his climax subsided the spurts reach less distances until the final few spurts collected in Cassandra’s belly button. Sandra quickly walked round the side of the table and promptly licked the streams of spunk from Cassandra’s tits. She could not resist the chance to nip her left nipple between her teeth and was rewarded with further sighs coming from Cassandra. Then Sandra continued to suck up all the spunk on Cassandra’s body.

“Well Cassandra, to be honest I can not see why you and your boyfriend were experiencing the problems you described!” Dr Bob said.

Sandie added “May be we need a further session with your boyfriend present to see what he may be doing wrong!”

Cassandra said “I would love another session especially like this one, but I am not sure John would be happy to join in”

Bob replied “Yeah but if you did not tell him what would happen and let Sandie and I coax him into the action just as we have done to you”

Everybody then dressed and I noticed all three swap phone numbers as Mick and I began packing up the filming equipment. We broke down the Scenery and decide to hire the lock up to store them in.

Two weeks later I presented Cassandra with her finalised DVD and presented her with her final bill. She could not thank me enough saying “My fantasy was great, but filming it easily surpassed that. I have no hesitation in recommending your company to my close friends” I thanked her and left.

Footnote. Cassandra contacted us again three months later saying “Could you arrange a follow up session exactly like the last one only this time with someone to play my boyfriend!”

I replied “yes anything is possible” “I will be in touch when I have arranged possible boyfriend!” I added.

05-27-2007, 07:45 AM
The Idea 5.

How it all began.

It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars” to which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”

He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake.

The Kidnap.

Mandy Gilmore contacted us to film her fantasy. She was 36 years old, 4’10”tall with vital statistics of 36 – 30 – 34, which she wore really well on a well proportioned frame.

We arranged a meeting, which unusually took place at the client’s home. We arrived on schedule and were greeted by a very sexy lady wearing a tiered mid thigh length denim skirt, a tee shirt with the logo 100% REAL DEAL printed on it. Obviously she was not wearing a bra as her nipples were clearly already erect and pushing out through the stretched material of her top.

Introductions over, she offered Mick and I a cup of tea or coffee. We both chose a cup of tea, so turning to Mick she said “How do you it?” Mick cheekily said “OH, I most definitely do like it!” which raised a titter from Mandy, turning next to me she said “And How do you like yours served?” I quipped “Strong, white, two sugars and topless!” Again she laughed and added “I think you two are best suited for the job you do, you’re both so bloody cheeky!” I offered “please don’t take offence but we find a little humour helps settle every one down and you can’t get any littler than my mate Mick here! (He stands 4’ 4” tall). As she turned to head for the kitchen she said “it works, I feel comfortable enough around you now”.

We sat around waiting for our tea’s to arrive, when the door opened it was our turn to be a little shocked for Mandy walked in with her tee shirt pulled up over her tits, smiling. She handed Mick his cup and then me, mine then she pulled her tee shirt back into place. “Well you wanted it served topless, but that’s as close as you get!” she laughed. “Besides you’ll see a lot more than that when you do the filming!” she added. I thought her attitude was really positive so she has already decided that she will go all the way making this fantasy into a reality.

Basically the basis of her fantasy was sound however some aspect we had to point out could not be handled the way she wanted. We explained that our company would not break the laws of the land to complete a movie. The ***** she wanted to be used on her were illegal and therefore could not be part of the film. I suggested that an alternative would be simulated asphyxiation which would render unconscious like the date rape drug she wanted to use.

We also pointed out that one of the side effects with the date rape drug was residual memory loss in the short term, and the amount of times she suggested it be used would have long term memory problems. Happily we compromised by substituting the tic-tac mints in place of the date rape drug.

This is the revised story of her fantasy coming to reality.

There were no special considerations as to internal views on venues; the start of the action would take place on a public street outside Wembley Arena on Concert night. The only concern was that someone may witness the filming and call the police suspect the action to be real. However Wembley Security agreed that any public response to our actions would be dealt with and no police would be called.

Next we needed to select a group of three males to act along side Mandy. Which Mandy eagerly scanned the ever growing actor’s picture file and selected Ted, Francis and Roger. That really worked out well because Francis had a transit van which would serve as the getaway vehicle.

The final destination venue was no problem because I agreed they could use my wet room at home. So with everything agreed I called the three actors and between us we arranged a provisional filming date.

On the night in question, Mandy dressed in a mini rah-rah skirt and low cut top, a short coat, and no bra, was stood outside Wembley Arena, she walked to a phone box and entered making it look like she was phoning her friends who obviously were late. As she exited the kiosk, the back doors of the van flew open and two figures hopped out. Quickly walking up to Mandy, as if to ask her something, they grabbed her and bundled her into the back of the van. This pulled away and then sped off.

Technical note here. It was the very first time I have operated a camera mounted on the dashboard inside a moving vehicle. The first amount of footage was facing the direction of van was moving showing traffic shots. Later when parked out side my house the internal shots were taken with Mick rocking the van gently to stimulate motion. I was genuinely surprised how good the shots turned out.

Mandy was held down by Ted and Roger, whilst Francis Drove. Ted kept warning Mandy “Do as your told and you won’t get hurt” Once outside my house they escorted her straight into the wet room and tied her hands over the suspended shower rail. Then Francis Reached up under her skirt and pulled her knickers down. Ted slapped her when she screamed (again this looked very realistic when reviewed) she suddenly stopped screaming. Roger then pulled her tits out over the top of her low cut top, he then roughly man handled then squeezing them this way and then that. He bent his head down and nipped her nipple between his teeth before slowly pulling his head back elongating her nipple.

Slowly they teased her, as they undressed her calling her a wanton whore by the way she dressed. They tried to get three fingers from three different people inside her cunt at the same time, obviously impossible without breaking someone’s finger. But it all looked good as proof of them abusing her helpless body.

Francis then popped a pill into Mandy’s mouth held her nose until she swallowed. With in 5 minutes Mandy slumped forward and the three men quickly stripped her naked. Ted took a tube of lipstick from Mandy’s handbag and wrote across her stomach ‘Bitch’. Roger not to be out done drew an arrow pointing to Mandy’s tits and wrote ‘Suck here’. Laughing they placed a chair under the shower unit, as Francis knelt between her legs and he in turn drew an arrow head pointing to her slit and wrote ‘Cocks here’ Then all three produced digital camera’s and took several shots of Mandy’s decorated body.

Roger said “Here watch this?” he took the shower head from the wall and unscrewed the unit, pushed the hose up into Mandy’s cunt, set the shower temp to cold and turned on the unit. Water gushed from her cunt; the cold must have brought Mandy round as she began stirring.

Quickly all three men stripped, Roger being the smallest cock, insisted on fucking her first. So holding her legs over his shoulder he pulled the shower hose from her cunt then slid his 6 inch member deep inside her. Mandy began to moan as if aroused but in a stupor, Francis stood on her left and fed his 8 inch cock into her mouth, forcing her to swallow. Ted, now standing on her right was pinching her right nipple whilst slapping her left breast. Roger started shortening his strokes as his Climax approached, when he suddenly jabbed his prick deep in to her cunt and held it there as his cum blasted her cunt walls.

When he withdrew he immediately replaced the shower hose and washed his cum from her saying “Let’s see them find my DNA’ now!” Roger moved to where Ted was standing and eased him out of the way saying “your turn, let’s see you fuck this Slut”

Ted replied “No, Francis you fuck her cunt, I want the bitch’s Arse!”

So Francis said “OK, let’s lift her up and I’ll sit her with her on my lap that way we both can fuck her together!”

Whilst Ted and Roger held Mandy up, Francis sat in the chair then slid himself forward, between them they manage to position Mandy so her legs straddled Francis and he guided just the tip of his prick into her cunt. As Mandy drooped forward her anal ring became exposed. “Just look at that, anus!” Ted said “Can’t wait for it to be engulfed around my prick. I’ll fuck the shit out of this whore” he added. “But first!” he said as he knelt between Mandy and Francis’s stretched legs, he lowered his head and began rimming his tongue around her anal ring. Mandy was taken by surprise by this and jumped slightly causing not only Francis’s cock to slip from her cunt but also it to spring up and trap itself between Ted’s tongue and her arse. As soon as it registered, that Ted was now licking Francis’s cock, he jumped back.

Standing he was furious, he lay into slapping Mandy’s arse cheeks until they glowed an angry shade of red. Roger had to grab him and calm him down, saying “Come on man, it was an accident! No one thinks you wanted to lick Francis’s cock!” “Just Chill and take it out on her arse when you are fucking it”

Ted finally calmed down and after they helped Francis replace his cock, Ted resumed his rimming of her arse causing her to squirm and experience her second Orgasm. He then knelt up and eased his cock into her tight sphincter muscle, pausing briefly until she grew accustomed to his size. He never took his eyes off his prick as it slowly disappeared up her shit chute, stopping only when his balls rested against Francis’s prick. Between them they sorted out a rhythm where as Francis entered her cunt, Ted was withdrawing from her arse. Mandy was now sweating profusely and almost screaming her oohs and aagh’s as her body thrashed to the rhythm of her climax.

When both Francis and Ted had shot their deposits deep with in Mandy, Roger again sluiced out her cunt before easing the shower hose up her anal ring. He left the hose up her a good 5 minutes before removing it. As her anal ring closed some of the fluid splashed onto the floor. She was then allowed to stand over the toilet and with all three men looking on she had to empty her bowels. Thoroughly humiliated at her private act being so openly view, Mandy was red faced when she said “I have no proof of what you have done, so I promise that if you let me go now, I will not involve the police!”

Francis stepped forward and said “Ok, we will let you go, but first you must take this pill, so we can get you away from this house with out you being able to track us back to here!” Mandy thought this sounded reasonable so she opened her mouth and swallowed the little white tablet offered her. Again she slumped forward.

They quickly re tied her to the chair but this time with her knees on the floor. Ted doused her with now freezing cold water to waken her up, before he laughed and said “little miss trusting bitch, are you back with us now?” “I don’t know about my friends but I am far from finished with you, my little cum bucket!” he then pointed down towards his stiff shit covered cock and said “You dirtied this so you can suck it clean!” Grabbing her by the hair he raised her head and shoved his slimy prick between her lips. Mandy had no choice but to taste her own shit mixed with traces of his cum.

Both Roger and Francis then started stroking her arse. Roger said “We should spank her until she begs us to piss in her mouth!”

Francis jumped in and said “NO, I have a better idea! Let’s go get some toys and make her cum and cum till she can’t cum again. There is a big bucket in the garden we could make her fill that with her own cum juice and then take her back where we found her, naked of course, and just before we leave drench her with the fluid” At this Mandy struggled against her bonds, pleaded but making no sense because of Ted’s prick beginning to swell with in her mouth. Ted announced “oh shit, this bitch is making me cum again!” and with that he flooded her mouth with his pearly white man seed.

The three men then dressed as Mandy collapsed, as the men untied her, taking her out to the van the tossed her inside. Roger climbed in beside her and kept fingering her cunt as Ted and Francis climbed aboard. They drove back to the venue, Mandy whimpering all the way. When they arrived they slowed to a crawl and had Mandy sit on the rear bumper panel with the doors wide open. Suddenly they pushed her out causing her to stumble but not fall. All she heard as they pulled away was the laughing of her three captors. She still had the words written in lipstick clearly visible upon her body.


We were waiting with fresh clothes for her; she was immediately taken to her home where we stayed to make sure she was well and happy. All the time she could not thank us enough for her wonderful fantasy, “I will always be able to look back on this night with the DVD to help my memory.” She said “please thank the three men; it was almost better than what I imagined”.

05-27-2007, 07:46 AM
The Idea 6.

How it all began.

It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars” to which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”

He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake.


Rather unusually we were contacted by a couple, Tod & Kellie Hendrickson Tod was a 6’2” tall 60 years old white haired fine looking gent, his wife Kellie was 42 years old, 5’ tall with a slim figure, her statistics she said were 38B – 26 – 34 and she looked every inch of it with shoulder length auburn hair.

As I say it was unusual for a client to bring her husband to an initial consultation meeting because usually they choose to keep their fantasy secret from their spouse. Initially Kellie asked about setting up a session with her husband and another female, until we pointed out we did not supply prostitutes, and to avoid this we exploited a loophole in the English law that made no provision for male prostitutes. She then asked well if I had a liaison with another woman would he be able to join in. We explained that providing the fantasy was genuinely hers and no laws were actually broken, we would accede to virtually any request.

At this Tod, spoke up saying what about if I just watched the filming taking place without taking part. There for moral support so to say. No problems we replied.

At length we discussed the possibility of Kellie’s fantasy and finally agreed to sort out the details. Photographs were shown and the couple made a joint choice of Karen, my now live in Sub. I quickly explained about Karen’s temperament, Kellie seemed even more delighted to find that she would have to dominate this other woman. She added it will add and extra dimension to my fantasy.

We talked about the sort of venue where they wanted the action to take place, the type of equipment which would be required and finally we gave them an estimate of costs involved. A final figure of £450.00 was agreed plus expenses for Karen.

The Venue was no problem as they said we could film in their spare room which was already furnished and had ample space for camera movements etc. I explained that we use a twin camera system so one camera would be fixed with a panoramic lens, the other camera would be hand held by either Mick or myself. When Mick got up to go to the gents, Kellie said to me “Do I get a choice on who films the action?”

I replied “Yes but that’s a funny request because it is only Mick or I who do the filming, as we know from experience things like camera angles and pan shots!”

Kellie then said “To be honest, I find Mick to be too pushy, where as I feel comfortable with you.” “So could you do the filming, please?” I nodded.

As Mick and I drove home I broached the subject and was surprised to hear Mick say “That fucking old cunt should be retired and out to pasture not fucking a sex bomb like her!” I told Mick, Kellie had picked up on his hostility to her husband and wanted him to stay away from the filming. I also reminded him of our original agreement when setting up the company that neither of us would criticize any possible client no matter what was said or who was present. He replied “Yeah, I know but such a good fuck as her and a wrinkly old fart like him gets to do her when he wants.

This was most unlike Mick, so I said forget it, why don’t you go see that other contact and try to get their filming deal. I will deal with this client. He agreed, but added best I have nothing to do with this one; I would be tempted to push the old fart down the stairs. I admonished him, but the way he said it; I could not help but smile.

On the day of the filming, I spent a few hours setting up the equipment in the room before disappearing to get Karen. All the time I was setting the lighting, or camera angles and checking color balances, Kellie was hovering and to be honest flirting with me. Never far away though was Tod, so in the finish I asked Tod and Kellie to pose laying on the bed for a brightness check. I did not need this but thought she would back off if Tod was right there.

Tod and Kellie, Stripped and climbed on the bed, I now had one of the reason’s Kellie was with Tod, for 60 year old man he had a fit body but his crowning glory was the 12 inch thick cock that now stood to attention between them. I took some snapshot pictures on a digital camera, the type of thing we often do to check lighting levels. Kellie immediately started sucking the monster cock and amazed me that she found somewhere large enough to feed the whole thing into her mouth, I almost checked her arse to see if it was poking out the other end.

When my lighting check was complete, I did not have the heart to tell them I had finished as Tod laid back his eyes closed, big smile on his face as Kellie worked up a sweat swallowing his cock. I stood patiently while they finished and was reward by seeing the biggest cum shot I had ever seen live or otherwise. He blew his wad all over her, in her eyes, her mouth, her hair, some even managed to find its way on to her feet. Talk about Cumming, he must have continuously spurted for five whole minutes without signs of it tailing off. He must have cum gallons of the stuff. (Self memo. I have told you millions of times to stop exaggerating!!!!)

Kellie jumps off the bed, covering in cum and wants to see the pictures I took; Tod just lay back on the bed with the biggest contented smile on his face. As Kellie viewed the shots, the cum dripped from her face on to her tits and then down on to her toes. She did not care one bit. She asked in we could include those shots on to the DVD as a possible slideshow for after the main movie. I answered “Of course”

While Kellie went off to clean herself up, Tod said “That was the best yet; I think there is something really erotic about having your wife blow you in front of someone, even better when you know they are taking pictures of it!” I excused myself to go fetch Karen.

When I returned they had changed the sheets on the bed, Tod was fully dressed again and Kellie was wearing a baby doll nightie. I told Karen to go to the bathroom and put on her maid’s uniform. Kellie took Karen out of the bedroom and I could here them talking in the bathroom as Karen changed. I quickly asked Tod “Do you want a token part in this movie to add realism”

“You think I Could” he answered excitedly.

“Yes, why don’t you strip off and get under the covers, when Kellie comes back, why don’t you and her begin playing with each other, The maid would then approach the bedroom door and see what your doing, she would then play with herself whilst watching” I outlined. “Then you look at the clock and have to dash off, leaving two horny women who then use each other to get off” I added.

So by the time Kellie returned with Karen, Tod was already in the bed waiting. I told Karen to wait out side the room until she heard a load moan from Kellie and then she was to come to the door and watch. I instructed her she was to slowly begin playing with herself until Tod rushed past her, then she was to join Kellie on the bed and the main filming would then start.

Tod and Kellie really got into their roles, so much that I had to pause filming to remind Tod about the clock and his exit. I restarted filming only panning round to the maid by the door, diligently rubbing her cunt through her frilly panties, when her face registered complete horror as she saw the size of Tod’s equipment. He flew past her just as Kellie yelled, “Bastard leaving me high and dry in this state!” suddenly she spotted the maid by the door and beckoned her over. Patting the side of the bed, she threw her arms around the maid and made out to cry. Lots of there there followed as Kellie nuzzled her nose into the cleavage showing on the maid’s uniform.

She then looked up, saw the maid staring down at where her nose had just been and then suddenly they were kissing passionately. Out of camera shot Tod returned and chose to sit in a chair, by the window at the other end of the room. He was still stark naked. This man could have been a human tripod!

As Kellie and the maid kissed, Kellie slid her had up the front of the uniform dress. Pulled back from the kiss and said “My God your panties are soaking!”

“Yes, Madam, I am sorry but I could help it, seeing you and your husband so engrossed, and then to see his wonderful tool. It was just too much!” she replied.

“Remove those panties at once, child before you catch a chill” Kellie said.

The maid stood up and slipped the panties down her legs and kicked them towards the corner. Kellie immediately replaced her hand up the front of the dress and eased the maid’s legs open a fraction. She worked her fingers in and out of the maid’s cunt, before demanding the maid stripped. Once the maid was fully unclothed, Kellie instructed her to go to the drawer beneath the wardrobe and bring back my bag of toys.

The maid placed the bag on the bed and waited; Kellie opened the bag and began to remove toys. Suddenly she brought out a 10 inch prick shaped rubber vibrator, and said “Ho all those happy hours I spent with this learning to take its length preparing my cunt for my husband’s hunk of man meat!”

She offered the tip up towards the maid’s mouth; she licked the end before slowly forming an O that Kellie used to push the dildo into. Soon the two women were both naked in the bed with Kellie latching on to the maid’s 44DD breasts. The maid had four fingers in her mistress’s cunt and was thrusting them deeper. Then she worked her thumb in to the equation as Kellie slipped back and said “Yes Karen, Fuck my cunt with your whole hand, shove it deep within me!”

The maid, continued to fist fuck Kellie, until with a loud scream, Kellie announced she was Cumming. Over and over Kellie thrashed around the bed as her passions over took her; Karen had a hard job keeping her hand buried up her mistress’s cunt. Then when her passion subsided, Kellie whispered; now it’s your turn to feel your cunt stretched and so full so deep.

With that Kellie turned Karen over and slowly stretched her cunt with the 10 inch dildo whilst sucking heavily on her tits. Then moving down Kellie began nibbling at Karen’s clit whilst deep fucking, Karen suddenly went rigid as her orgasm washed over her. I quickly glanced over at Tod, who was sliding his hand up and down his throbbing cock, eagerly watching his wife lick this other woman.

By the time, both woman had calmed down their bodies were drenched with sweat, when Karen surprised me by saying “On your knees bitch” This was not part of the script and I was just about to intervene when Tod motioned for me to wait.

Meekly Kellie obliged, as Karen lowered her head towards Kellie’s arse, she said “I want you to tell everyone exactly what I am doing to you, don’t make me cross or your arse will suffer” With that she buried her head into the crack of Kellie’s arse.

Kellie began, “Oh, yes lick my arse, yes that’s it lick my ring, oh it feels wonderful, push your tongue deeper into my arse, Oh god, I am in heaven, yes deeper.” She was thrusting back towards Karen. “Oh more please fill my arse with something long and hard!” Kellie begged. Karen reached into the bag and brought out a long run of Thai beads, and without ceasing her tonguing began to push the beads past her tongue and deeper into Kellie’s arse, Stopping only when the top ring was preventing her from licking the anal ring further.

Then ‘WHACK’ Karen’s hand came down across Kellie’s arse, I looked at Tod, thinking this bitch Karen is going to cost me this job. None of this was in the approved script. My attention was drawn back to the action when I heard a second ‘WHACK’. Kellie was actually panting for more, on the third ‘WHACK’ Karen suddenly yanked the Thai beads from Kellie’s arse as Kellie slump forward spraying cunt juice physically from her cunt.

Tod rose, tapped me on the shoulder and made a cutting motion across his neck, indicating to stop filming. I turn off my hand held camera and placed it on the table, walking over to the fixed camera I turned that one off too. I was just about to verbally assault Karen about her not sticking to the script, when a panting Kellie turn kissed her full on the lips and thanked her. It appears that whilst they were in the bathroom Kellie instructed Karen about this ending having cooked it up the night before with Tod.

Tod reassured me that the filming had been excellent and there was no problem with the revised ending, He turned to me and said “I understand Karen is you’re live in Sub, what would you want to let her stay here tonight with the two of us”

I replied “Nothing, Karen although my sub, is not under contract to me in any way” Any Arrangement you make with her would be outside the contract we had for the film”

“How about, Karen stays here tonight, I will give her £200 for expenses, and As her Master I will buy you an state of the art digital camera for the company” he added.

“Tod, Karen is free to choose to stay here or not” I repeated.

“Look Ray, I know that you’re her Master so ultimately you would have to agree and I certainly would not want to spoil your relationship with her” He continued. “So how about it, I don’t want Karen to be punished by you for staying on our account” he added

“Tod and Kellie, What I am trying to get over to you is that, Karen signed on for this film of her own free will, her master I maybe be when its our playtime, but the rest of the time we are equals” I stated “so she is tonight she is an actress employed by my company and my equal” I continued “therefore the decision is hers without fear of repercussions from me!”

Kellie then climbed off the bed and came round and kissed me full on the lips. “I knew I was right to ask for you to do the filming, and If I ever decide that I need a Master I hope it will be you or someone very similar” I looked at Tod, He smiled and nodded.

So Karen stayed, I packed up the equipment and let myself out of the house with the distinct sounds of female orgasms ringing in my ears. Karen returned home the following afternoon clutching a box and a very broad smile. Tod had kept to his deal and sent along the latest digital camera for me and had indeed given Karen £200. Karen thanked me and threw her arms around my neck saying “I love you, I love you being my master and this is from a certain young lady!” as she slipped a note into my pocket.

I read the note and it asked me to arrange for her to be trained as a slave to the same standard as Karen. PS you can start the training when you bring the DVD and I can’t wait. Luv K.

I thought to myself neither could I?

05-27-2007, 07:48 AM
The Idea 7.

How it all began.

It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars” to which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”

He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake.


At the time this client came to us, for those who have been following the story, you maybe wondering about my business partner Mick. Well after the fiasco involving our last client (Chapter 6), we split the partnership with him taking the glamour photography side and the modeling agency, whilst I retained the Fantasy to reality section. On the toss of a coin I won the right to keep the name of T. X. Enterprises and Mick became Pussyshot photographics.

Anonymous sex

Elisabeth Livermore contacted us with her fantasy. It was a simple story and involved anonymous sex. Elisabeth was 52 years young, a slightly over weight appearance for he 5’6” frame what is commonly called a BBW by today’s society, her 48EE breast were her greatest asset and prize.

I met her at a local public house close to where she lives. I showed her the brochures and testimonials, talked to about the way costing’s are worked out. She finally relaxed enough to tell me her fantasy. When I offered to show her the pictures of the ‘actors’ she declined saying you pick four healthy well endowed guys with staying power. It was back to my workshop and a visit to a salvage yard to acquire the equipment. Within 2 two weeks everything was set.

We used the old venue, where we stored our false walls and were allowed to film once the main storage depot had closed. In fact we took one of their largest units, and a mid sized one close together. We were lucky that the two units happened to come available side by side. I boarded and sound proofed the largest unit putting in a false wooden ceiling above their wire frame even manage to put our own light plan in run from a 30KW generator running from our smaller unit next door. The reason I explain this is because I now had a permanent studio to work from when needed,

Elisabeth’s fantasy required a small cubicle being built 3’ wide by 4’ long and converting it into a toilet cubicle, Complete with two glory holes one on each side. I even built a scaffold platform around the outside that allowed most of the filming to be from above, so I set up the fixed camera above and used the hand held through sliding panel slots.

You will have guessed by now with the chapter title and the glory holes, she want anonymous sex mainly oral but with cum shots at the end.

The day duly arrived, Elisabeth arrive and went into her fake toilet, she then removed all her clothes and sat on the pan, began fingering her hairy pussy and was soon moaning, whether this was because of anticipation or the fact she was easily aroused I don’t know. The first two guys came in appeared to walk down the side of the cubicle. In real life they would have been in the cubicles either side of Elisabeth’s one.

Again she moaned and Guy one got down and peered through the glory hole, before sticking his now erect cock into the hole. Elisabeth quickly knelt before the penis and slowly licked along its 9 inch length. When she suddenly felt a hand on her arse, she turned her head to see a black hand stroking her arse and seeking out her slit.

She returned to the cock she was sucking and took the whole length in to her mouth, as the hand behind her finally found its mark and began inserting a finger into her cunt. As she was being finger fucked the guy she was sucking managed to get his entire bollocks through the four inch hole and she was now sucking his prick whilst playing with his balls.

A second finger was quickly added to her cunt as the thumb stroked her anal ring. Her moans became louder but more muffled as she gave way to the building desires with in her body. Also she bobbed her head quicker on the prick in her mouth. A third and then a fourth finger made her cunt stretch and on fire as she continued to suck the cock before her. Suddenly the cock slipped from her mouth as she wailed like a dog barking at the moon and her cunt literally squirted its juice over the fingers embedded in it and quite a lot shot through the glory hole splashing on the guy fingering her.

She soon resumed her head bobbing with renewed vigor, she felt the prick in her mouth suddenly swell as the hot semen flew into her mouth, so much was pumped in that she could not swallow it all and some even came down her nose. The softening prick retreated through the hole as she continued rocking herself back on to the hand with in her cunt. As her second orgasm broke, this was not as powerful; she stood up and placed her mouth close to the hole where the hand had been. The hand was pushed back through and she attempted to clean her juices from every finger.

The hand withdrew and an eight inch cock replaced it, she licked round the head and then stood up and backed up to the rock hard penis, slipping it easily into her cunt. For a while it looked like she was banging her arse against the wall in some weird ritual. But she was being well fucked. I signaled guy number three to stick his cock through the other glory hole.

He stepped up to the glory hole and slide his eleven inch cock through the hole, without missing a single beat with her arse, she simply bent at the waist to engulf his prick. The guy fucking her cunt must have felt the change in tempo because he was suddenly shooting his load deep in her cunt and causing her to come yet again.

The last guy walked up to the door and knocked saying “this is the Lavatory attendant, I know what you’re doing so open up”. She never stopped but managed to slide the bolt on the door. The guy opened the door out wards and went “OH my Fuck, Thought you were some homo shit,” then silence as he watched her continue her assault on the prick in her cunt and doubling her efforts with her mouth.

The attendant, slowly unbuckled his belt slid his trousers to the floor and stood stroking his thirteen inch solid black prick. The guy in her cunt was now so soft he slipped out, the Attendant realized this and slipped between her and the wall and quick as flash he had his prick buried to the hilt in her cunt. Because of his length he must have been knocking on the door to her womb as he reached over and began playing with enormous tits. Wave after wave of orgasms ripped through her body, no sooner did one stop another took her higher. By the time the guy shot his load all over her face, she was babbling like a gold medal winner. Over and over she groaned, but never missing a counter thrust to the attendant. The sweat and the cum slid off her body and pooled on the floor. She reached behind her as she gasped for air and managed to slip a finger into the Attendant’s arse. This caused him to shorten his strokes as he felt her stroking his pancreas. He just could not hold on any longer and at the first spurt he pulled his cock out of her and rested it on her back as it spit its white venom in to her hair. I looked just like a big black snake resting on her back.

She could not thank us enough, but did have one complaint, what was supposed to be anonymous was ruined by the attendant coming into the cubicle, she said laughing. It was well after midnight before we managed to get away, what with the dismantling of the cubicle and the cleaning up of the mess on the floor. The whole place smelled like a brothel. Elisabeth did not hang around she got stuck in helping clean everything up. I gave her a 10% discount for that off her final bill of £400.

Now as a one man company, filming was going to be hard, so I decide to take on an assistant. One of the security guards I used to work with came on board as film camera man part time.

I deliver the Finished DVD to a very embarrassed Elisabeth. I asked her why she was embarrassed, she said “never in my life have I come that often or that much!” “I could not believe I actually shot my juice three feet through a four inch round hole” I laughed and said “But you enjoyed it, didn’t you?” “You bet your bottom dollar I did and I’ll tell you something, it was even better than the real thing in America!” “I knew I was going to get fucked rather than hoping I would” she added. Good praise indeed I thought.

05-27-2007, 07:50 AM
The Idea 8.

How it all began.

It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars” to which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”

He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake.

At the time this client came to us, for those who have been following the story, you maybe wondering about my business partner Mick. Well after the fiasco involving our last client (Chapter 6), we split the partnership with him taking the glamour photography side and the modeling agency, whilst I retained the Fantasy to reality section. On the toss of a coin I won the right to keep the name of T. X. Enterprises and Mick became Pussyshot photographics.


Grandmothers are active too.

Agatha Clarke, was 79 years old a silver haired lady with a still trim figure. We were a little taken aback when she contacted the company. In fact I foolish reminded her exactly what we did. She responded by telling me in no uncertain terms that just because there is snow on the roof, it doesn’t mean the fire has gone out.

I apologized profusely and explained that it came as a shock for a woman of senior years to want a fantasy filmed. I arranged to meet her and discuss her wants. I must confess that all the way to her home, I was searching my brain to remember an old gent who could participate in her fantasy. But I soon learned my lesson never to prejudge client’s desires.

Agatha turned out be a warm cheery person, who admitted that she almost did not make the call to me. I assured her that I would do my best to accommodate her requests. She told me about herself firstly, how as a widower for 11 years she had come to realize that she missed the real life sex, as she put it. Mechanical toys are fine but there is nothing like a good hard cock to set the pulses racing. Eh! She joked. Besides a real bloke you don’t have to worry about the batteries failing at the most crucial time. Again she laughed.

I was really beginning to warm to this woman and must admit I did feel a little sorry for her, after she opened my eyes to the plight of the senior woman or man for that matter. I never thought an O.A.P. would have a sex life let alone harbor designs of a fantasy. What’s that old Irish saying, ‘may you live as long as you want to and want to as long as you live’?

Again I must confess; her request left me pondering, where could I find a man like she described. Eventually it all sorted it’s self out. (Obviously or I would not have this tale to relate).

On the day of the filming I arrived at her house with John, a 19 year old Security officer, no I was not in danger and therefore in need of a body guard. It was like this, someone joked to me about someone they worked with being really weird, saying he liked old woman the older the better. I approached John discreetly and asked him if the rumors I had heard were correct. Red faced he admitted they were. So I put the proposition to him that he could earn himself £50 expenses if he agreed to be filmed making love to a 79 year old woman. Hesitantly he agreed on one condition the money was up front because his wife was expecting and he needed a few things.

His explanation seemed plausible so I gave him the money. Hence he was now with me to do his part in the filming. Also with me was the assistant film camera man. He was to try his hand at the close up shots with a view to getting more part time work.

We entered the house, where I made all the introductions. Agatha led Tony, the Cameraman to set up in the bedroom, whilst John and I went into the Kitchen to find Agatha had laid out some cakes and a fresh pot of tea. John said “She is a little cracker, you sure she is 79 years old”

“I never asked for her birth certificate or anything like that!” I joked.

Soon Agatha and Tony joined us in the kitchen where Agatha played mum pouring out three cups of tea. It brought back memories for me of visiting an elderly aunt and they way they fuss around you in that old world charm way. I informed everyone it was time to make a start.

Agatha asked to be allowed to warm up first, with a twinkle in her eye she said “I would like to be filmed playing with my toy and have John here suddenly enter the room and ravish me” John nodded.

With that Agatha and Tony left us, I asked john if he was ok with this and he eagerly answered yes. As we were killing time, I asked John about his wife at home. “Does she know you’re here doing this?” I asked.

“OH no, she would kill me if she found out. She thinks I’m a pervert as it is!” he replied.

“And how old is your wife then?” I enquired.

“16 years old, we married two months ago because I got her pregnant” he answered.

“She is right, you are a pervert!” I quipped laughing.

“By the way John, just so you are aware, any arrangements you make with Agatha for after tonight is strictly down to you and nothing to do with my company, your contract is for this one night and that’s it” I informed him.

“What you mean if I get paid to come back here again, I would not have to give you a commission?” he asked.

“No, you keep the lot!” I replied.

Tony called from upstairs to tell us they were ready. I suppose out of curiosity as much as out of protecting my company image I escorted John upstairs. He opened the bedroom door stepped inside only to re emerge seconds later. “I can’t do it!” he cried.

I pulled him off to another room and told him “Yes you can you like old women, you told me so yourself!” “Now get in there and perform”

“I can’t, I am sorry Ray, but I can’t do it” he wailed.

“Calm down, why can’t you do it?” I asked.

“Have you seen it, it needs ironing!” he blurted.

“Of course it needs ironing; she is 79 years old for fuck sake.” “How many old women have you been with?” I asked.

He looked down at the floor and said “None”

“You Fucking wanker!” I called him. “You’ve taken my money now fuck off in their and do what you have been paid to do!” I demanded. “If you don’t you will have to explain to your wife why you’re being sued for breach of contract” I added

Reluctantly he opened the bedroom door and walked slowly across the landing, before opening the bedroom door where Agatha was waiting. I followed him in and blocked off any means of escape.

Without much more delay, he stripped off and joined Agatha on the bed. She suddenly opened her eyes and said “OH John, what ever will you think of your grandma, lying her playing with herself!” “John, you naughty boy you are naked as I am” she added.

John replied “Yes, Nan, but seeing you like that and doing that made me want to join you”

“My, John, what a big strong cock you have” she cooed. “Is it hard just because of me?” she added.

“Oh yes, Nan, it got like this when I saw your tits and you reaming your pussy with your toy” John replied.

“You can touch me, if you want John?” Agatha said.

“OH yes please!” John responded.

He placed his hand gently on her tit and began to pinch her nipple, she instantly moaned. “It’s been so long since someone felt my breast like that, John!” Agatha stated, truthfully I think.

“I want to do much more than just touch it, Nan” John said. Now getting into his role.

“OH yes, John, I want so much more too” Agatha cooed.

John lowered his head and began tracing small circles around her breast, circles ever decreasing until he finally tasted her nipple. Agatha was in seventh heaven as she held her breast up to his ministrations.

John’s right hand trailed lightly over her stomach and down between her legs where he found the vibrator still buried in her cunt. He turned the humming noise up and began thrusting it in and out of her open soaking cunt. As he did so, he made sure his finger made contact with her clit, bringing even more delighted moans from Agatha.

“John, would you like to fuck me now?” Agatha panted.

“Soon, Nan, real soon, but first I want to feel you cum over your toy and my hand. Then I will sink my hard cock into you” John mumbled through the nipple tightly wrapped between his lips.

“OH, John, you say the nicest things. Take your time and fuck my cunt, my arse or my mouth, my body is yours to do as you wish” Agatha groaned.

Suddenly Agatha thrust her hips up involuntarily as her orgasm swept through her frail body. “Agh John, you naughty boy, you have just made your Grandma cum and wet the sheets!” she grunted.

John raised his head, removed the Vibrator, turning it off as he did so and then slowly and deliberately he popped it into his mouth and sucked. Agatha’s eyes opened wide at this and she said “Does Nana taste nice, son?”

John responded with sucking noises as he tried to get all the juice off her vibrator before replying “The best, Nan!”

He then parted her legs, before climbing between them and slowly, gently began to force his cock into her soaking cunt. Instinctively Agatha brought her arms up to his shoulders and groaned “Slowly, Son, it’s been several years since I have had something this size up my tired old cunt!”

“Sorry Gran” “I’ll take it easy” john replied.

For then next twenty minutes John inserted his cock into her cunt, stopping regularly till her cunt accommodated his length. Then he began fucking her in earnest. Agatha went through several orgasms before John finally announced her was about to cum.

“Fill my slutty cunt full of your powerful seeds, John” Agatha wailed.

“Here it comes, Nan, here comes my man seed!” John grunted.

They both then collapsed in a sweating pile. John with out thinking planted an open mouth kiss on Agatha’s lips, which she returned with vigor. “Oh, thank you, Nan!” John eventually blurted.

“No, thank you, John” was Agatha’s reply.

As they lay there, bathed in the afterglow of their heated passions, John turned to me and mouthed ‘Thanks’.

Thirty minutes later, Agatha dressed in a dressing gown was pouring out four cups of tea, in the kitchen bathed in what can only be described as the Radiance of a well fucked woman. She was back in her old world charm taking care of her visitors in a way only the senior citizens seem to appreciate.

John took me outside into the hallway and said “Sorry about earlier, I think it was just nerves”

“Don’t worry John, you came through in the end, or should that have been cum through” I quipped. I heard John and Agatha talking about another date; Agatha turned to me and asked “How much will I pay for John to visit me in the future”

“John’s contract for tonight was just that for tonight, same as your contract for the filming ends when we deliver your finished DVD. So any arrangements you two make outside of that are nothing to do with the company!” I stated.

Agatha came over to me and kissed me on the lips, before saying “You’re an angel!”

As we were driving back to drop John off, he said “that was wicked, it had always been a fantasy of mine to fuck my Gran but I never got the chance!”

With the DVD completed and invoice in my hand, I was stood ten days later knocking on Agatha’s front door. I was surprised when John answered. He led me into the front room where Agatha and another younger lady were sitting. The younger lady was heavily pregnant, so I assumed this was John’s wife. I looked at John who smiled and said “I leveled with Trish, about where the £50 came from and what I had to do to earn it. She insisted on coming to meet Agatha. Agatha agreed to the meet and we have just decided to move in here and live with Agatha.”

Trish said “Agatha has arranged to take care of everything to do with the baby and the arrangement is that I have John four days a week and Agatha has him in her bed three days a week”

Agatha just sat there grinning like the cat that got the cream. She then stood up and walked me through to the kitchen, my late husband left me well covered she said and they need some security around them as they start their family.

I handed her the invoice and she wrote out the cheque. I glanced at the cheque and said “you have made a mistake, the invoice was for £450.00 and you have just wrote the cheque for £1,000”

“No mistake, with out your company bringing me and John together, I would not now have an extended family, it is well worth the extra as a bonus for you” she said and with that she kissed me, not just a gentle kiss but full on and full of new found passion and excitement.

05-27-2007, 07:51 AM
The Idea 9.

How it all began.

It all started with a crazy idea. Sat in a public bar, Mick and I were simply bouncing ideas off each other for possible ideal jobs. He turned to me and said “the best job in the world has to be filming those porno stars” to which I replied “No… The best job in the world would be filming everyday housewives and their dirty little fantasies”

He almost instantly agreed. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said “could we!” So one week later we had developed our idea and produced the literature for FANTASY to REALITY. We bought two digital camcorders and placed our first advert in a swinger’s magazine. Well we were expecting a long slow wait till our company name had become better known. Triple X enterprises was appropriate but we shortened it to T X enterprises for modesty’s sake.

At the time this client came to us, for those who have been following the story, you maybe wondering about my business partner Mick. Well after the fiasco involving our last client (Chapter 6), we split the partnership with him taking the glamour photography side and the modeling agency, whilst I retained the Fantasy to reality section. On the toss of a coin I won the right to keep the name of T. X. Enterprises and Mick became Pussyshot photographics.



Not all the requests from clients are filmed; we have had to turn down several requests because of the legalities of the scenarios presented to us. As a rule if it is legal in the United Kingdom, we will do the filming.

Here are a few of the ones for legal reasons we refused.

Tanya and her horses.

Tanya ran a breeding and horse riding stable in the country, her fantasy involved firstly giving a blow job to a young pony and secondly being suspended under a stallion whilst he fucked her. Bestiality is illegal and as such my company does not condone it. However I did give her the name of a less scrupulous person who may have filmed it for her.

Trudy and her dog.

Again another instance of bestiality which this time included sucking off her dog, having the dog lick and fuck her and her boyfriend. Again I passed on a contact number. As above.

Nursery fantasy.

Rebecca wanted to be dressed in nappy and diapers, and an older man was supposed to molest her and finally fuck her. But because of the interpretations of this it implied sex with minors and pedophilia.

Sharon’s tattoo.

Sharon wanted us to film her having a cock tattoo’d on her cunt. Mild and bitter on her tits and Cocks go here on her arse. Whilst the company has nothing against tattoo’s per say, apparently it is against the code of practice for a tattooist to allow you to film the work in progress.

So you can see from the range of true tales I have related to you there is in fact nothing stranger than life. It is thought that through sex surveys the figures for women in the UK over the age of consent, who would be willing to have their fantasy turned into reality with in a safe environment stands at some 18 million for a total female population of 35 million. If that’s the case and my company is the only one doing this line of work, I am going to be busy for years to come.

Good luck to you all and thanks for reading.

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