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It was almost ten years since I last saw Eleanor; I met her again quite by chance, literally bumping into her outside a supermarket. Apologizing and helping her pick up her groceries, she suddenly said “It’s Ray isn’t it?”

Looking up and taking my first real good look at the woman I had collided with, I said “yes, oh my god, Eleanor.” She smiled and after some polite chat I asked “are you still into the same things as when we last met?”

She nodded and added “although I have no master at present, I often think of those great times when we used to have fun!” This caused me to remember the things we had gotten up to, years ago.

Apart from ageing gracefully she still looked in really good shape, as my mind recalled her generous soft tits and her desires to be dominated. “Maybe we could get together again real soon?” I ventured.

She reached into her pocket and gave me a business card with her home phone number and address upon it. “Call me?” she said “I will look forward to us chatting over old times”

So it was later that day that I took the opportunity to call her. Remembering how she loved to be dominated, I began the conversation with, “Hi, this is H M V” (His master’s voice, a nickname she had previously given me). I asked “do you live alone or with someone at the moment?”

She replied “I share a flat with two females, Andrea and Tina, its great because they are the same as me, submissive. Although it is sometimes a shame that one of them is not dominant because of the fun we are missing out on.” She then invited me over the following evening as she would be alone.

I told her “remember your dress code, no bra or panties and definitely no pubic hair!”

So there I was, the next night stood outside her house with my little bag of tricks, waiting for her to open the door. When she opened the door, I stepped inside and turned to her. Even before the door was closed I instructed her to raise her skirt to show me that she had carried out my instructions. She let go of the door and lifted her skirt to reveal freshly shaved pubes and no sign of any panties. Her nipples were clearly visible trough her white blouse. As the door closed I reached forward and felt her tits, pinching her hard nipple between my fingers. She let out a soft moan but did not pull away.

Then I told her to go make me a cup of tea and remember I like mine served topless. She showed me into the front room and went off to the kitchen. Meanwhile I set the dining chair in front of the television and removed 4 lengths of rope from my black bag. Just then Eleanor entered the room with my cup of tea and she had removed her blouse. Her tits were as good as I remembered them only the nipples were larger than I recalled. I took the cup from her and set it down on the table, before sliding my hand up the front of her skirt. Her cunt was already wet with anticipation; I slipped first one finger and then a second up her cunt and flicked her clit with my thumb. Again a low moan escaped her lips. I instructed her “remove your skirt, my little slut and then turn around and spread your arse cheeks, I want to see your puckered anal ring!”

Slowly she removed her skirt and turned her back towards me before bending forward and reaching back she parted her cheeks, I used the cunt juice lubricated finger to apply pressure to her anal ring, slowly I increased the pressure until my finger was up to the knuckle joint inside her. “How long is it since you had anything up your arse, bitch” I asked. “Actually only three days,” sir she replied. “Explain!” I replied. “Well, sir, three days ago I had this intense craving to be butt fucked, As I am seeing no one at the moment and the other two girls living here are not lesbian in any way, I decided that my trusty vibrator would get a stiff work out and fucked my own arse for over 45 minutes.” All this time, I had been see sawing my finger in and out of her arse. I removed my finger and smelt it, “Here, bitch, clean my finger with your tongue!” I demanded. Obediently she turned round, knelt before me and bathed my finger with her tongue, before sucking it into her mouth.

I told her, “I am going to tie you to that chair there and will pleasure myself with your tits and cunt!” to which she replied “Oh, Yes please, my master, my mind and body are yours to use as you see fit!” I ordered her to kneel in the chair and place her tits over the back of the chair before dangling her arms down towards the floor. I then tied her arms to the chair and then made her stand up. Instructing her to now spread her legs down each side of the chair; I tied her ankles to the front legs of the chair.

I went to my bag and removed 4 clothes pegs (wooden spring type); I attached one to each of her nipples and one to each of her cunt lips. Returning to my bag I next removed some fishing line (About 8 lbs breaking strain, I think), then proceeded to fasten one end to the hole I had drilled in the clothes peg on her left nipple. Pulling the line tight I feed the line through the chair back to the hole in the clothes peg on her right cunt lip, and then back to her right nipple peg before finishing it off by taking it to the left cunt lip peg. I then pulled the line taut, noticing the degree of pull on her nipples and cunt lips before securing it. Next out of my bag was a large black dildo which I made her suck to lubricate it and eased it into her cunt, forcing all 15 inches into her. A series of low guttural moans escaped from her lips as I made sure it was securely rammed home. Then out came a butt plug, only this one had a pump ball attached and I inserted this into her arse, before inflating it twice.

Taking another piece of fishing line, I applied one end to the peg on her right nipple; I looped a small amount and then added a small plastic tube over the line, before fastening the other end to the peg on her right nipple. Taking this tube I told her to open her mouth before popping the tube length wise between her lips. “Grip the tube in your teeth!” I instructed her. When she had done so, I walked over to the table and sipped my tea, “I am going to spank you know, my little slut, I know we have only just met again after 10 years, but I am sure you are in need of being punished for things during those absent years!” I informed her, “When I start to spank you, I will continue to do so until such times as you have removed the clothes pegs from your body and you have forced the dildo from your cunt.” “By the way, after I start I will increase the severity of the slaps every third stroke until you complete your task, is that understood” she merely nodded her head. As she did so I noticed the tugging effect on the line and on all the pegs.

After the third slap, I increased the hardness of the stroke, and I saw Eleanor tugging her head trying to make the pegs come off, it seemed impossible but after adjusting the thrusts from her neck the first peg snapped off her right nipple. Another three slaps and again I increased the pressure, between the yanks of her head I could hear soft moans as I could sense she was enjoying the punishment she was receiving. Suddenly another peg came away, this time from her left cunt lip. Just as I started the four set of three slaps, we were both surprised to hear “What’s going on here?” looking up I saw two females stood by the door, one black and the other Mediterranean in appearance.

Eleanor tried to mumble something through the tube still in her mouth; she knew the punishment would be harder if she dropped it without my consent. I reached around her and removed the tube as she repeated “Oh Andrea and Tina, this is Ray, you know the one I told you about last night!” After exchanging quick hi’s, I took control of the situation and said “Andrea come here now” the coloured woman instantly moved forward and came to stand by me. Looking at the other woman, I said “So you must be Tina, then” she nodded.

I then instructed Tina, “Come here, I have a job for you!” she came to my side and I explained “I have three main rules I expect my slaves to obey, they are 1. Total obedience with out question. 2. My ownership of you mind, body and soul. 3. No bra’s panties, or pubic hair to be worn when in my presence!” “So now if you want to experience the same as Eleanor here, you must show me total obedience and by carrying out one simple act, prove yourself willing to submit to my will!” “Do you two wish to become my slaves?” they looked at each other, smiled then nodded. “Good then here is your task to show submission!” “Remove all your clothes and kneel before me!” Both girls began to undress, whilst I said to Eleanor, “Well my little cock sucking whore, seems your punishment will be interrupted for a short while, but rest assured, we will continue before tonight is out!”

When both Tina and Andrea were naked and kneeling before me, I said “here is your act of subligation?” “Each of you will kiss my shoes 6 times!” Immediately the large chested coloured woman leaned forward and kissed my right foot. I looked at Tina and said “well bitch!” She then leaned forward and began to kiss my left foot. When they had finished I made them stand up, hands behind their back as I looked them over. Andrea was about 5’ 10”, slightly overweight but with extremely large tits for her body size, Tina was smaller around 4’ 8” medium sized tits but quite fit looking. I turned to Eleanor, slapped her hard across both buttocks and said “Is the vibrator up your cunt still buzzing nicely?” both girls instantly looked toward the area I mentioned and smiled, Eleanor simply nodded her head. “Would you like to come all over the plastic prick in your cunt?” again she nodded. “Not yet my cock sucker but maybe later.” Adding “If you come without my consent, whoa betide you!”

Turning to Tina, I said “you know I do not allow pubic hair on my slaves, so what do you think you will have to do before tomorrow night?” “Yes, Master, I will shave them off as you command me to.” “And you” I enquired looking directly at Andrea. “I will also do the same, Master” “no you will not!” I snapped back. After I have examined you both, you will do it to each other tonight in my presence!” They looked at each other before both turning and saying in unison “yes, master we will obey”

I turned to Andrea and said “while I examine this whore, you will fuck Eleanor with the black vibrator currently up her cunt, but beware if you fail to make her come you will be punished. You have the time it takes me to examine this whore to achieve that end!” Turning to Eleanor I said “cock sucker, if you come without my consent, it will be you who receives the punishment” “do I make myself clear” both Eleanor and Andrea replied “yes master” Turning to Tina I commanded her to go over to the settee and lay down on it with one leg over the back and the other stretched out over the front. I turned to Andrea and said “you may now begin!”

I walked over to Tina, as Andrea positioned herself between Eleanor’s spread legs. “Master, may I talk to Eleanor as I carry out your wishes?” Andrea enquired “Yes, Slut but beware, you may only touch her with the vibrator and her name is COCK SUCKER” I said. I turned my attentions to Tina. “Now, my little whore, firstly you will answer me honestly!” “When was the last time you had anything up your cunt?” she went red and answered “Last night, Master.” “Tell me what it was and how you came to have it up your cunt”

In the background, I could hear “You little cocksucker, you are going to come hard as I fuck your twat with this toy, I do not intend to be punished for your misbehavior,” I heard Eleanor moan but say nothing. “Well master, it was my double ended dildo I had up me last night” I interrupted her “Where did you have it whore, if it was your cunt say it was your cunt, I will not tolerate meek information!” “Yes master, I had it up my cunt, I felt so randy that I just had to get myself off before going to sleep!” Tina continued. “What were you thinking about as you fucked yourself?” “I was thinking of having a dominant master who made be do all the things I would like to try but could not bring myself to do” she replied.

I could hear Eleanor’s moans rising in pitch. “Take this black cock, like the cock sucking bitch that you are, you know you want its spunk to fill your cunt” Andrea was saying. I reached over and inserted a finger into Tina’s cunt, it was already soaking wet, rubbing her clit had her breathing sharply. “Please master may I come on your finger?” she asked. “No you may not!” I sternly replied. Removing the finger I allowed her to lick it clean.

Suddenly Eleanor squealed “please master, make this bitch stop or please may I come?” I ignored the request. “So whore, what is the size of your tits?” “They are 38B’s, master” I reached over and taking a nipple between my thumb and forefinger began to squeeze. “Do you like your nipples pinched, pulled or twisted?” I asked “Whatever you do to them is great, master!” she replied. “Whore, that is not the question, I asked?” “Sorry, Master, I like it when they are first pinched then pulled before being twisted just before release” she volunteered. A more urgent request from Eleanor to be allowed to come was then heard. Again I ignored this request.

“Tell me whore, when was the last time you had a real prick up your cunt?” I asked “Over a year ago, sir” she replied “and what about up your Arse, what and when was the last thing you had up there?” “Oh master, I have never had anything up there, I am not sure I would like that” she answered. “I will decide what you will like and dislike and I will have possession of your whole body, its mine to use as I see fit when I see fit!” I snapped. “Sorry master, of course it’s for you to decide” she offered. Taking my finger, I again fingered her cunt, before ordering her to raise her legs. I then slowly inserted the lubricated finger into her anus. Tears escaped her eyes as I did so. Once embedded to the second knuckle I wiggled the finger around, the rise and fall of her breasts told me she had gone beyond the initial pain and was now discovering the pleasure of anal intrusion.

By now Eleanor was begged me to allow her to come, as Andrea was hurling abused at her like, “well Cocksucker, you want me to stop or are you eager to swallow this entire dildo!” Just then I removed my finger from Tina’s arse and shoved it towards her mouth. Without hesitation she sucked it clean. I turn and slapped Andrea’s arse saying “Stop, your time is up!” Reluctantly she stopped thrusting the vibrator up Eleanor’s cunt and lowering her head, she awaited her punishment. I told Tina and Andrea to change places. Walking over to Eleanor’s whimpering body, she weakly smiled. I took the fishing line and said “you did well my little Cocksucker but your not finished yet?” with that I gave a large pull on the line and the two remaining pegs flew off, one from her left nipple and the final one from her right cunt lip. I then gave two pumps on the ball that inflated the anal balloon that was her butt plug and told her to force the vibrator from her cunt. The more she tried the closer to orgasm she got. I walked over to Tina and whispered to her “When the vibrator comes out, you will force Eleanor to suck it clean and you will begin fucking her arse with the butt plug!” But be warned if she does not come by the time I have finished with Andrea, you will face punishment!” I turned to Eleanor and said “remember you’re still not allowed to come and you know the penalty for disobeying me.

I then went to Andréa and began feeling her right nipple, which was very hard and erect standing almost an inch from her tit. “How large are your tits, Bitch?” I asked her “44DD’s, master.” She replied “I like the nipples pulled really hard and released, or sometimes I like them slapped flat!” she added. With that I twisted her nipple and she almost screamed. “You will learn to like what I tell you to like, bitch, or suffer the results!” I told her.

Reaching between her legs I grabbed a handful of her pubic hairs and tugged, not violently but just enough to cause concern. She winced. “I will remove them today, Master” she said. Another little tug, as I said “You, Bitch will speak only when spoken to or asked a direct question! It’s different if I set you and the whore to do something together as your both equal, but I am your master and you will respect that! Is that clear?” “Yes master” she replied.

Inserting three fingers into her cunt, I asked “how long since you had something up here?” “About a month ago, Sir” came the reply. “And what was that?” I asked. “I met a bloke at a party and we ended up in the back of his van, where he fucked me both up my cunt and then my arse!” she said. “Was he white or black, did he have a large thick cock and did he cum up both your holes?” I demanded. “He was white, he had about 6 inches of cock and yes he came up my cunt but came in a condom up my arse, he even made me drink the spunk from the condom when he had finished!” she added. “Was that also the last time you had anything up your arse?” I enquired. “No, Master, I could not get the thought of him making me drink the come from the condom, so a week later I bought a pack of condoms and a make tube of creamed cheese, opening the tube I rolled a condom over it and used it to fuck my arse. I used the anal muscles to squeeze the cream cheese into the condom and then ate that, even turning the condom inside out to suck the remnants from it.

Meanwhile Eleanor had sucked the vibrator clean and was being butt fucked by Tina, who was getting into the role of aggressor, as she slapped Eleanor’s arse as she withdrew the butt plug. Again Eleanor began begging to be allowed to cum, which I ignored. Then I simply ordered everyone to stop and stand still. I turned to Tina and said “Your punishment will be the same as Andrea’s!”

I instructed Tina to untie Eleanor, who stood up onto very shaky legs. “Eleanor, Go fetch me all the items needed to shave these two sluts!” I commanded. She staggered off and I turned to Tina and Andrea before saying “you are going to shave each other right now! then you will prepare each other to have your cunt’s slapped, Each of you will receive 8 slaps and you will thank me after each one. Do I make myself clear?” I instructed them. In unison they both said “Yes, sir”

When Eleanor returned I told them to start. I told Eleanor that as she had won her little trial, she was allowed to cum but only after she had filled a pint glass of urine. She immediately went to the kitchen and returned with an empty glass. I must admit she looked comical walking around with the butt plug still inserted and the tube and ball hanging like a makeshift tail. As she squatted over the glass I walked behind her and slowly pulled the butt plug from her arse, without deflating it. It was three times the size of it when I inserted it. This proved too much for Eleanor as she toppled forward as she finally lost her battle to control her orgasm.

She immediately began to apologize, but was cut short when I snapped “You useless cunt, I told you what would happen if you cum without my permission.” “Now complete your task and fill the fucking glass!” She squatted again over the glass and after some difficulty a slow trickle of piss began to slip into the glass, the flow increased as she pissed into the pint glass. All this time Andrea was shaving Tina’s cunt and I suspect having more than an occasional feel. Andrea said “I have completed the task, Master!” I walked over and examined the cunt of Tina, telling her to raise her legs and soon pointed out to Andrea, what a shoddy job she had done, missing a few hairs which led to the area around Tina’s arse. Andrea apologized and went back to finishing the task properly.

Eleanor tried her hardest but could only fill the beer glass to about two thirds; no matter what she tried she could not piss any more. I told her that would cost her an additional 4 strokes when it came to her punishment. Again I inspected Andrea’s handiwork and this time passed it as being completed. Tina and Andrea switched places and Tina began to shave Andrea.

I turned to Eleanor and said “Time for my cocksucker to face her punishment!” returning to my black bag I removed a riding crop and told Eleanor to sit in the chair and lock her fingers behind her back, also I told her to open her legs as wide as the chair would allow. There was a swish as the crop rose through the air and came down on her right nipple, “Ouch” she yelled. I looked at her and said “what have we forgot?” “Thank you master” she replied. “Not good enough” I informed her. She seemed to suddenly realize her mistake and said “One, thank you for correcting my worthless character, Master” the second stroke came down on her left nipple. “Two, thank you master I deserve your punishment of me!” So the strokes continue until “twelve, thank you very much, master I am sure I will learn my lesson now!”

I then inspected Tina’s handiwork and noticed she had obviously learnt from Andrea’s mistake, for Andrea’s cunt was clean shaven and no hairs were missed. I instructed Eleanor to stand and to tie Andrea to the chair in the same fashion as she had been when discovered by the other two. Standing two feet behind Andrea’s spread legs, I flicked the crop upwards causing it to strike her cunt lips, I knew the cunt lips would be extra sensitive having just been shaved, there was a sharp crack sound as it made contact and Andrea immediately said “One, thank you Master for taking the trouble to correct my pRaylems!” this continued until she had received 8 caresses of the crop the last four finding their mark on her clitoris. She was then replaced by Tina and the punishment duty completed. Both Tina and Andrea were now stood with tears in their eyes and their freshly shaved cunts almost bright red.

I then instructed Eleanor to bathe their cunts with her tongue and because they had done well during their punishment they would be allowed to orgasm. Eleanor started licking Andrea’s cunt and soon had her Cumming, before turning her attention to Tina’s cunt.

As this was going on, I slipped out of my clothes and walked up behind Eleanor, sinking my rigid prick into her cunt. Once embedded, I instructed Andrea to position herself on all fours beside Eleanor. After six strokes into Eleanor’s cunt forcing her tongue deeper into Tina’s cunt, I switched and inserted my prick into Andrea’s cunt. By the time I had stroked my prick in and out of her cunt six times, Tina was in the throes of her orgasm, so she was ordered to assume the same position on the other side of Eleanor. So it was that each girl received six strokes from my prick up her cunt before I moved to the next bitch in heat. It was hard to describe but each bitches cunt felt different somehow, not just the size but almost as if the walls of their cunts were different.

It turned out that it was Andrea who was the lucky recipient of my spunk, but Tina and Eleanor shared task of licking her cunt clean. I then said “Right, Its time to celebrate our new arrangements!” Eleanor fetch me three empty glasses!” When she returned, I shared Eleanor’s piss into the three glasses and ordered them to drink and swallow it in one. I then told them that the next time it would be Andrea’s turn to provide the refreshments for the others. As time was getting on, I gave them some final instructions “when I phone in future, who ever answers the phone will greet me with my proper title of H M V. and will pass me on to who ever I ask for!” “You will not indulge in any form of self indulgence without my express permission that includes sex with any males!” “Next time I come here I want you all to present yourself in front of me naked and you will display for me all the sex toys you have and that includes any non sex toys you have used sexually in the past!” “Is that understood” “Eleanor” “yes master” “Tina” Yes master” “Andrea” Yes master”. “Very good, now you may retire to your beds and I will let myself out” Each in turn step forward and kissed me deeply on the lips saying goodnight. When Eleanor turn came she slipped a set of keys into my hand and said “These are to let yourself in here with, Master”. I dressed and left for home already planning my next visit.

Eleanor Revisited chapter 2.

About a week later, I phoned Eleanor and simply said “hello, this is H. M. V.” She immediately replied “yes master, what are your instructions?” I quickly explained that on Friday night I would be coming over for the weekend and all three sluts should be present. “Yes master, I will inform my sister sluts!” she replied.

Friday night, I arrived at 6.30 pm. Rang the door bell and was meet by Tina, Andrea and Eleanor, all similarly dress in white blouses, mid length pleated skirts and fuck me 5 inch high heeled shoes. I instructed them all to raise their skirts and show me their shaved knickerless cunts. Each individually raised their skirts as I slipped my hand between their legs and felt how wet their cunts were.

Having satisfied myself that they had carried out the dress code and after making sure they had not played with their cunts since my phone call two days earlier, I told them to pick a number each between 1 and 3 but not to let me know which number they had picked. I then said “the lucky number for tonight is ….. 3!”. Andrea suddenly smiled, as the other two looked on with envy.

I turned to them and said “don’t worry, there will be plenty for you to do tonight, so you’ll not be left out.” I then ordered Andrea to go into the living room and strip off, whilst I spoke with the other two. When she had gone I informed the remaining two sluts that six male friends of mine were going to arrive at 7.45 pm and there jobs would be to suck their pricks to full erection and then put condoms on the pricks. But first we had to prepare the black slut for the fucking she was going to receive tonight.

I turned to Tina and told her to fetch a shallow bowl and bring it into the living room. I gave Eleanor my black bag and told her to follow me. I entered the living room where Andrea now stood naked and trembling in anticipation of the fun about to begin. I instructed Andrea and Eleanor to fetch the picnic table bench, I knew was in the kitchen. Meanwhile I opened my black bag and removed four lengths of soft Japanese rope. When they returned I instructed Eleanor and Tina to attach one length of rope to each of Andrea’s limbs.

I returned to my bag and removed a blindfold and a pair of ear muffs, which I slipped on to Andrea. I then had the other two secure her hands to the end of the bench. I then sent Eleanor to get me a broom handle. To which they attached Andrea’s ankles spread a good 4 feet apart. So Andrea was laid on her back against the bench with her legs straining to cope with the spread of her ankles. I asked Andrea, can you hear me? With no reply forthcoming I slapped her across her large black tits and told the other two sluts to suck her nipples and at my command they should nip her nipples between their teeth and stretch them up wards. When the where fully stretch I used my crop to spank the under side of Andrea’s tits.

Soft moaning escaped her lips, just then the door bell rang. I sent Tina to answer the door, telling her that the men expected would use a password phrase of ‘A Slut is for life, not just a night’. She returned leading six men into the room. I acknowledged all my friends before instructing Tina and Eleanor to kneel over by the settee and prepare to orally service my guests but only till they achieved a hard prick. I turned to the men and said “As you see, this black slut is already waiting you to fuck her in either her cunt or arse, however the rules are that you must cum inside the condoms and then carefully place the condoms in the dish provided with out spilling their contents. You will each take your turn and you can come back as many times as you wish, providing you wait your turn. The other two sluts are out of bounds, you may use only their mouths to achieve your erections. They will slowly undress by removing an article of clothing as each full round of the six of you have fucked this bitch” they all agreed and I said “good now you start”.

Two of the guys walked over to Tina and Eleanor, unzipped their trousers and withdrew the pricks. The other four began to fully undress. Tina and Eleanor wasted no time in sucking the cock offered to them. Circling their tongues around the plum sized heads before taking them deep into their throats soon had the desired effects and each slut then slipped a condom on to the prick in front of them. The two guys then walked over to Andrea’s prone body and the first guy, began feeling her cunt, God she is soaking he said. With that he slipped his prick into her and began pounding her cunt as hard and as fast as he could. As previously instructed, Andrea began, Yes master fuck my cunt, give me your baby making spunk. He lasted a little over 5 mins before slamming into her and holding fast as he came inside the condom. He was quickly replaced by the second guy as the first guy slipped his used condom into the dish.

Without any word being spoken, the guys must have decided to fuck her cunt only in the first round. Because as each successive guy mounted the black slut, it was her cunt they pounded. By the time the second guy was depositing his spunk into the condom, Andrea was wailing her way through her first orgasm. By the time the guys had each fucked her cunt, she was almost on a constant climax cycle, and there were six spunk filled condoms in the dish. Tina and Eleanor then removed their blouses and began to suck the cocks again to hardness. This time Tom, the first guy to fuck Andrea, announced its time this bitch had her arse plugged. And using the lubrication provided by her cunt juice, slipped his 7 inch prick into Andrea’s tight arsehole. She suddenly began to scream, “oh yeah, fuck my shit hole hard!” mean while John (second to fuck her cunt) and Jim (third to fuck Andrea) both began to literally chew on Andrea’s large swollen nipples.

Andrea’s moans rose to fever pitch, so much so that, I had to place a ball gag in her mouth and fasten its strap behind her head. Her grunts quietened by the gagged but still continued unabashed. So her orgasms continued in ferousity as firstly Tom, then John, Jim, George and Sam pounded her arse. Always cumming in the condom and adding their condom to the growing number in the dish. Finally Alan cums in his condom and all but three of the guys are sated. George, Alan and Tom want more action, Andrea is begging with what sounds like enough is enough master.

Eleanor and Tina, now remove their skirts and kneel naked before all of us. Tom says “I would love to fuck this one” pointing to Eleanor. I remind him of his agreement that the two oral sluts are out of bounds. So he gets Eleanor to suck him to erection before donning yet another condom. Turning to George he says “what about you and me double fucking this black bitch” George replied “Sure why not, if I can fuck her arse again” Tom nods. Andrea is untied at her ankles and twisted to allow both George and Tom to fuck her together. Meanwhile Alan has both Tina and Eleanor suck his prick. George and Tom are really pounding Andrea’s sweat soaked body and after 20 mins seem to cum together, their condoms are added to the dish. Alan then alternates between fucking Andrea’s cunt and arse. The others meanwhile begin to dress but can not resist pinching and twisting Andrea’s nipples. When Alan cums, his condom is added to the dish making 15 condoms with various amounts of spunk in them, in the dish. The guys thank me and then leave, escorted to the door by the two naked sluts who had spent the last three hours sucking cocks. I re tie Andrea’s legs before removing the earmuffs and blindfold. I then go to my black bag and remove a kitchen funnel. By the time I return to Andrea, just as Tina and Eleanor re enter the room. I call Tina over and tell her “hold this funnel into this sluts mouth” I then select three of the used condoms and instruct Eleanor to tip the contents of the three condoms into the funnel. I lean forward and instruct Andrea not to swallow any of the contents, just yet.

Eleanor empties the thick spunk into the funnels and all three of us watch as its slides down the side of the funnel towards the opening between Andrea’s lips. I instruct Eleanor to turn the condom inside out and to pop it into Tina’s mouth. I instruct Tina to suck it clean. The next condom is again tipped into the funnel and turned inside out and Eleanor is instructed to suck this one herself. Now the first load of spunk has filled the tube in Andrea’s mouth. The third condom is tipped into the funnel and once again turned inside out before being sucked clean by Tina. As we wait for the spunk to creep its way into Andrea’s mouth, I pick up another three condoms and tip their contents on to Andrea’s left breast, instructing Eleanor to turn them inside out and to suck clean the fourth and sixth condoms, the fifth is given to Tina to suck clean.

This is repeated with the next three condoms being tipped onto Andrea’s right breast, the other two sluts are made to suck them clean. The remaining 6 condoms are emptied on to Andrea’s cunt and again Tina and Eleanor share the oral cleaning of them. The spunk in the funnel has now passed into Andrea’s mouth and as the funnel is removed, I tell Andrea to swirl the spunk around her mouth, Tina and Eleanor are ordered to lick Andrea’s tits clean. Finally Tina is instructed to suck Andrea’s cunt clean whilst Eleanor and Andrea swap the spunk from Andrea’s mouth.