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I arrived before you at the hotel as arranged, I prepared everything prior to your arrival. You are told to make your way up to the room, where you knock on the door and wait.

As you enter the room, you see the two chairs facing the bed and wonder who may occupy these seats. I command you to come forward and kneel before me. You meekly walk towards me and promptly kneel down. I order your hands to be palace behind your back and you feel the cold metal of the handcuffs as they snap into place. I then place the blindfold over your eyes and the last thing you see before your world goes black is my smiling face.

I then slowly undo the buttons on your blouse, freeing your erect nipples to my gaze. As commanded you are bra less and without knickers. Suddenly your skirt goes slack as it slides down your thighs and bunches behind your knees. You know your shaven cunt is on full view. I assist you to stand as your skirt slips down around your ankles and I order you to step out of them. You are now virtually naked as I force you back on to your knees.

You thought you sensed movement to your right and heard the distinctive creak of someone sitting down probably in one of the empty chairs you wondered about earlier. Who was looking at your exposed body and more worrying to you was what were they intending to do to you.

Suddenly you are dragged from your thoughts by the gentle heat of someone’s body close by you. You begin to feel light soft gentle kisses upon your forehead as they trace a gentle arch across your fore head. The light gentle kisses continue down the side of your face and on to your neck, where they become feather light licks. They travel from the nape of your neck to the very tip of your earlobe and always in gentle circular motions.

Your pulse quickens, you always dreamed of such tender moments, they seem almost heightened by the fact that they are being observed by this unknown person. That and the fact you are powerless to prevent any of this. A low moan escapes your lips. The gentle tongue now traces a wet path around the front of your neck where you distinctly hear the sniffing of your perfume. You are shaken from your dream like state by my voice asking “what perfume are you wearing today slut” you answer “my normal one” A sharp stinging pain suddenly hits your arse, you yelp with surprise more than pain. You suddenly remember to whom you were talking and apologized adding master Ray to the end of your apology.

I warn you not to forget your manners again or you will really suffer. You nod your head but it registers a female titter had accompanied the sharp stinging sensation, was the person you sense take the seat a woman, or was your mind playing tricks. You wrack your brain to try to make sense of what you have heard and by way of deduction try to work out who this person may be. Meanwhile the licks continue to travel across the front of your neck and you feel soft nibbling against your other earlobe.

You know how much this turns you on, you can feel your cunt opening up and the juices bubbling away inside you, soon you fear your excitement will show as your cunt juice runs down your leg. I order you to open your legs, which you do and immediate feel a hand stroking your inner thigh. You take a sharp intake of breath as the hand catches your cunt lips. Your secret is out; you feel they can not fail to detect your cunts wetness.

Now the licking is traveling down your neck and you feel your blouse being eased from your shoulders, followed by the light gentle kisses traveling across your shoulder and down the exposed part of your arm. Then you feel wet kisses above your breast and the licking sensation begins its journey down to your nipples, your physically trembling now in anticipation of the attention you known your nipples are about to receive.

Your mind is in a turmoil is it me your master kissing you or is it the unknown woman, you try to find out, you try to remember what my touch feels like. You try to compare my touch to this soft gentle touch you are now experiencing. You sigh as you can not be sure who is causing these wonderful sensations now coursing through your body. It seems as though your very nerve endings are alight with desire. The merest touch brings you closer to an orgasm and your cunt has not really been touched yet.

The gentle kisses become definite licks as your breast is bathed by a sensual tongue. Suddenly this tongue leaps across to your other nipple and again you can not prevent yourself from moaning. The licking stops as I ask you if you are excited yet. With trembling voice you mutter “oh master Ray, if only you knew just how excited this tongue has made me, if only you would finish me of with your magnificent prick”
I laugh and have you puzzled by my response “oh you will have something much better than my meager penis to play with soon, my sweet sexy slut bitch”

What could I have meant, something better than my meager prick, you knew that I knew how you idolized my penis, so what to you could be better than to service your beloved master’s tool. Your mouth dropped open, you now feared you had been mistaken, was the other person a man after all and was his prick even bigger than your master’s. If it was how would you cope? You had frequently felt choking as you tried to take my full length into your mouth, a suddenly feeling of panic rushed through you what if this larger prick wanted access to your arse and was much bigger than the toys you were used to up there.

What, heaven forbid, if you could not even manage to get this larger cock up your cunt. Would you be punished by me for failure, would it hurt like hell as the person tried to force this oversized prick into your tender cunt? I saw that you were trembling with fear, so I eased your worries by telling you “don’t worry I am sure you will cope with what ever I decide will happen” this eased some of your fears because you were aware of my knowledge that you disliked anal sex. But you still had nagging doubts about the size of the assumed prick.

By now the kissing and licking had progressed to your belly button and was going even lower. Suddenly everything stopped and I assisted you to your feet and then gently laid you on to the bed. Firm hands then took hold of your left ankle and you felt your legs being opened. When they were suitably open you felt the tell tale sensations of the rope around your left ankle. Then next thing you knew your right ankle was gripped and that leg was spread out as well. Again you felt the rope cuff slip on to your ankle. You instinctively tried to close your legs but found them bound open you were aware now that your hands were trapped behind your back and under your body weight, your legs were not uncomfortably spread wide without any chance of closing them. Then it hit you. You’re cunt was so aroused now that who ever was there must be able to see your inner cunt lips.

You are now aware you are totally exposed to this stranger, when suddenly the licking starts again from where it had left off, you acutely aware that it is heading down to your cunt and you are powerless to prevent it tasting your cunt nectar. You begin to plead “no no no master ray, my cunt is only for your mouth. Please master make them stop you are the one to taste my cunt juices, you are the one to fuck my cunt.”

Your jolted back to reality when a sharp stinging slap hits your right breast. “listen bitch, I told you from the start your body, mind and especially your cunt is mine to use or to share as I see fit” your state of apprehension is such you could not remember whether whilst I was talking to you, had the kisses and the licks stopped or had they continued. But you were sure that since I stopped talking the kisses had traveled nearer to your open cunt.

Just then a light flicking sensation caused you to gasp for breath as a tongue butterfly whipped your clit, at the same time a finger began to force its way into your cunt. So excited are you by now you are powerless to stop your body betraying you as your first climax erupts. Suddenly a strange female voice says “why the little bitch has just cum all over my finger, the slut better lick it clean or I shall punish her ass severely” with that you mouth is opened by the presence of this wet sticky finger and you hesitate before licking it clean. You are puzzled, being often told to lick your own finger after it has been up your cunt, this one taste's nothing like yours, although pleasant to the taste it is definitely not your cunt juice you’re licking off it.

You then hear my voice as I say “your one mean cunt, that’s not the finger you had up her, that is the one you had up your cunt. So you had better clean the one that was up my slut’s cunt yourself”.

At least now you know the other person was definitely female, so it came as a shock to you when a strange smelling prick was pressed against your mouth. I spoke to you “open your mouth bitch and taste my friends prick, because it is about to go inside your wet cunt and I think it would be easier on you if it was wet with your saliva, than going up dry”

You panicked, so there had been two people to witness your obedience and vulnerability, that meant there was three people you were going to have to service before you would be allowed to clean up and go home. Your mind was racing as this prick entered your mouth.

You soon forgot about everything else and concentrated on sucking this prick to life, meanwhile a moist mouth clamped on to your cunt and a tongue darted into your inner cunt lips tasting your cunt juice. Because of the blindfold you failed to see the camera flashes going off as your efforts to suck the spunk out of this prick was recorded and the woman now eating your cunt attempted to bring you to another climax.

Eventually the prick was hard and wet enough and soon ploughed its furrow in to your excited cunt. As he entered you your mouth became trapped against this woman’s cunt as she ordered you to lick her out. You hesitated until I confirmed the order to lick her out. I explained that you only obeyed my commands as I am your only master.

Just as you made the bitch sat on your face climax, your cunt trashed out its second climax and was rewarded with the searing hot splashes of the man’s spunk. Then they changes places and you cleaned the lick prick that had just fucked your cunt to climax whilst the woman sucked the very spunk seed from your cunt.

After what seemed like ages, the prick was withdrawn and the cunt lapping ceased. Silence rained all around. Gently you felt yourself being sat up and the handcuffs removed, I ordered you not to remove the blindfold, so you sat there.

You began to feel light gentle kisses around your neck and earlobes, when your blindfold was removed. You blinked your eyes to adjust to the light and when you opened them you and I were the only people in the room, your phantom lovers had gone. I tenderly kissed you and told you I was well pleased with your work, so well pleased that I was going to allow you to suck my prick until it was hard enough to fuck you with.

You smiled and thanked me, as you slid down to take my prick into your mouth. We ended up making gentle love until you and I had sated our carnal desires. I promised to email you the pictures I thought appropriate as soon as possible but I pointed out that I would have to protect the identity of the two people you had fucked.

So you never saw who had fucked you that afternoon, but your body told me you had enjoyed the whole experience immensely.

05-28-2007, 08:42 AM
The 1st Meet.

If we were to meet I would expect you to wear a see through blouse, no bra! A short skirt, stockings suspenders and panties would be optional.

We would meet in a public place for our first meeting, say a park or pub. Let’s say a pub.

We would meet in the car park and walk in together, sitting in a quiet corner I would ask what you wanted to drink and as I rose to fetch you a drink I lent over and told you to remove your jacket by the time I returned.

When I returned I told you to move your arms to your side so I could see your hardening nipples poking through the blouse, your dark areola, clearly visible. I leant over to kiss you on the cheek and pinched your nipple between my finger and thumb; such took a sharp intake of breath, but did not attempt to remove my hand.

I then leaned further over and told you to go to the ladies and remove your panties, returning with them in your hand to present to me.

When you returned I took your panties and discreetly accepted them before raising my hand to my nose to smell your newly removed panties. I then slip them into my pocket and slide nearer to you. Ordering you to open your legs, I slip a hand up your skirt and insert one then two fingers into your extremely aroused cunt.

Again you take a sharp intake of breath, I slowly wiggle my fingers ensuring a liberal coating of your cunt juice, washes over them before removing them and smelling the fingers, I then order you to lick them clean.

Next I tell you we are going for a drive, and take hold of your coat so you have to walk from the back of the pub out to the car park with all the men staring at your aroused nipples.

Once in my car I tell you to undo your top five buttons on your blouse, allowing me a generous view of your cleavage. As we drive I ask you questions about yourself and after every third question you are ordered to UN do another button.

Soon your blouse is fully UN buttoned and I order you to open it wide, your tits are now on full and open view. As we drive other vehicles pass us and sometimes the try to remain beside us as they can see your upper torso naked.

I then turn off on to a country road which leads to a woody lane; I turn off the engine and order you to raise your skirt. I continue to order it raised until I can see your pubic hair clearly and your aroused cunt lips open like a precious flower.

The single touch of my finger is enough to start your climax, as your sexual arousal has been climbing since you began to get ready of our date.

I reach into the glove box and remove a rampant rabbit vibrator and instruct you to insert it in to your cunt until the ears lightly touch your clitoris.

I then turn on the head to a slow hum, whilst the ears to a much faster hum and bigger vibrations. I warn you that you will have to keep it there until we arrive at your home and if you cum before we arrive you will be punished.

By the time we get to your place, you have failed to prevent yourself Cumming, I allow you to fasten just two buttons of your blouse and to put your skirt down over the top of the rabbit. I then warn you that if you allow the rabbit to fall out of your cunt, you will receive additional punishment.

We walk slowly to your front door and you open it and step inside. Where I allow you to remove the rabbit, but before you can go anywhere it has to be licked clean.

Ask you to choose your form of punishment, will it be a good sound spanking on your arse, or a less firm spanking on your breasts, or an even less severe punishment of your cunt lips with my hand.

You kneel before me and beg Master which ever punishment you decide to give me I fully deserve. I order you to remove my prick from my trousers using only one hand and your mouth. Failure to do so will result in you receiving all three punishments.

You struggle but manage to retrieve my prick, and as you bring it out of my trousers, it is held between your lips, so I naturally tell you to suck me to full hardness.

Mean while I have UN buttoned your two remaining buttons and removed your blouse. I wait until your have done your job on my cock before making your remove your skirt. Next I tell you to serve me a cup of tea in the living room as you are and it had better be done with style and courtesy or you will suffer.

You return after five minutes, placing my cup of tea on the table beside me and try to do a little curtsy. I bring my hand up in between your legs and locate your erect clit. I then order you to rock your cunt against my hand causing your cunt juice to flow freely over my hand.

Part 2.

When your nipples are rock hard, I complain that you have not satisfied my desire to have your cunt juices smother my hand. I instruct you that you will now have to face all three punishments.

Order you to kneel down over the edge of the settee and to open your legs as wide as you can. I tell you that after each punishing slap you will say, thank you master I still need much more training to be a worthy slut for you.

My first slap lands on your right arse cheek, thank you master I need to be punished more, you reply. A harder slap lands on your left arse cheek as I correct you and tell you I want word for word the information I gave you originally. Thank you master I still need much more training to be a worthy slut for you. I repeat.

You then repeat it word for word, as the next slap lands directly on your cunt lips, as I drag my index finger backwards along your cunt lips, it slips inside and brushes against your clit. You gasp as it drags it lightly backwards. This is repeated a further five times, right cheek, left cheek and then the cunt.

I then make you kneel up and reach behind you to grip your ankles in your hands, this tilts your upper torso back presenting your breasts at the right angle for their punishment. Six slaps rain down on each breast and as I with draw my hand each time your nipple is both pinched and stretched.

When you have correctly accepted your punishment, I stick my cock in your face and order you to lick its length and make sure you don’t forget to kiss my balls.

This continues for five minutes until I begin to face fuck you, ordering you to take my whole length of seven inches into your mouth.

As my climax nears, I withdraw my cock and order you to masturbate your cunt in front of me while I finish drinking my cup of tea. I tell you that I want you to make yourself cum, by the time I have finished my cup of tea or I will have to make you cum another way.

You fail to make your self cum properly, so I grab you by the hair and make you lead me to the kitchen where I order you to find me a broom.

I then make you lay on the cold kitchen floor and to insert the end of the broom handle into your cunt. I gently begin to force 6 inches of the handle up you before slowly removing almost all of it.

I the begin to fuck you with the handle, until you are begging me” master please allow me to take your cock in me, fuck me in the cunt or my arse which ever you my master desires, I am only fit to serve you my master in any way you see fit.”

I then allow you to continue fucking yourself with the handle as I take some pictures of you. As you begin to climax, I order you to remove the handle and to finish yourself off with your fingers.

Part 3.

I then make you lead me to your bedroom where I command you to show me your sex toys and order you to get me two pairs of stockings. I take the stockings, tying one to your left wrist; I securely bind it to your right wrist behind your back. Next I tie a stocking around your waist and attach a third to the front of this, pass it through your legs and pull it tight before fastening it at the rear.

The Stocking is forced tightly into your cunt lips pressing against your clitoris. I then take your smallest sex toy and ease it into your cunt, turn it fully on and ensure it can not fall out by securing it in place with the stocking. I take the remaining stocking and use it to blindfold you. I tell you that you’re going to be made to cum until you cannot cum anymore. I take a large vibrator and place it against your clit, before turning the toy to full speed.

You hips begin to buck, as your excitement begins to build. A further toy is turned full on and pressed against your anal ring, without entering your arse. You are literally trapped between the two vibrating toys front and rear. As your excitement rises you begin rocking back and forth on these two toys. The vibrations in your cunt help to push your body towards the inevitable climax

You begin to moan, begging me to fuck you. I tell you that you are my slut and as such you will need to earn my cum. You will have to show me that your worthy of my prick entering your wet slutty cunt. You beg me to tell you how you can show me you are worthy. I simply reply that you must obey my every instruction without question. Then and only then will your body prove itself worthy of my cock and cum.

I wedge the two vibrators in place using the stocking cutting into your cunt I then take two spring loaded pegs and pinch your left nipple and attach the peg to it, I repeat this four times as pegs are attached to your left breast around your nipple, I repeat the whole procedure on your right breast, by which time your in the middle of a violent climax, your knees buckle and you slip onto your knees.

I take my now erect prick and slip it between your lips, I command you to suck me off, but not to swallow my cum, I instruct you to allow it to dribble from your mouth on to your tits. Then I begin to fuck your mouth with my 7” prick, slowly to start with and then speeding up as you become accustomed to my prick’s thickness.

You use your tongue to lick the underside of my penis, as it invades your mouth and you do your very best to hasten my Cumming. After some ten minutes of this treatment I finally shoot my sticky white fluid into your mouth and as instructed you allow it to dribble from the comers of your mouth on to your breasts.

I order you to clean up my cock, which you do and just as you finish yet another climax, you ask for permission to go to the loo. I instruct you that your body is mine and therefore you are not allowed to go to the toilet unless I escort you and you will not be allowed to undo your hands to clean yourself up so if you’re desperate to go, I will have to wipe you dry.

In the toilet I allow you to go to the loo but without undoing the stocking which is holding the three vibrators in place, so you have to piss through this stocking and it soaks the stocking and your toys. Adding to your discomfort I then take you to the bath area and allow you to stand in the bath I release your hands and allow you to remove all the stockings and toys from your body, you are just about to remove the first of the pegs when I interrupt you and tell you, you can remove the pegs but must not squeeze the pegs to do so.

This means that the only way to remove them would be to pull them away from your body until they snapped away from your breasts. You gingerly try this on the first one but find it too painful to do a second one. You plead with me to allow you to remove them normally and in return you promise to be my undivided slave for a whole weekend to be used and abused as I saw fit. I warn you that you would be well advised to consider this carefully as I had a private party planned for five males and their girlfriends where you would have to serve them as a French maid and allow them to use your body as they saw fit.

You agree to this and I allow you to gently remove your pegs. I allow you to clean yourself up and get dressed. You join me back in the living room where we sit and chat about your likes and dislikes. The rest of the evening we chat as equals and no further demands are made upon your body. How ever I do leave you instructions for going to bed that night. You are to insert the largest vibrator you can stand, into your arse and to fuck yourself there until you climax, I tell you I will phone you the next moaning for a blow by blow account of it, including how you felt.

Part 4.

The party.

About a week alter our first meeting, I call you and order you to bathe, dress in the French maids uniform I sent you and to ensure you wear no underwear An hour later I am knocking on your door to collect you, we drive in silence to a hotel where you are deposited in a large room. I inform you to get the things ready; you find twelve glasses and a tray with wine chilling in the fridge.

After what seems like ages, but is only ten minutes, I knock on the door and lead five males and there female partners into the room. I stand talking to them and indicate to you to serve the wine, as you approach me, I announce this is Katerina, my slut French maid, who will not only serve us tonight but will be our entertainment as well.

I further explain that she can not refuse any suggestion made to her and any one whom wishes to may indulge in a quick feel as long as no other guest is kept waiting for drinks. I also warn you that later you are to remove your maid’s uniform and serve us naked.

The party begins to warm up as several of the women engage you in conversations while feeling your breasts and at the same time their partners are feeling your cunt. You then accidentally spill a glass of wine and I immediately call you over to me. I chastise you for the spilt wine and confuse you by saying you will replace the wine immediately.

I then order you to remove your uniform and in front of everyone, I hold the empty glass in front of your cunt and order you to fill it will your piss, you find it difficult to begin pissing with everyone watching you until I warn you that you have until I count to ten to begin filling the glass or I will have every member present spank you on your cunt with three slaps each. You realize that it would mean 33 painful slaps on your cunt.

You literally force a few drops of piss out by the time I counted to Sand had managed a full flow by 10. When you filled the glass you could not stop your flow and others dipped their glasses in to the flowing urine to mix it with their wine.

I raise the glass of full urine and order you to drink the fluid that it contains. You gingerly take the glass and try to swallow it in one go. But as you raise the glass a woman begins to feel your wet cunt, and slides three fingers deep into you.

You eventually drain the glass and are lead over to a coffee table where you are laid down, each woman in turn kneels between your legs and begins to eat you out, whilst the men stand in a circle with their pricks all exposed and begin wanking over your prone body.

By the time the third woman has brought you to your third orgasm, the pricks begin to cum, each prick launches a torrent of spunk on to your upturned body, and most of them are aimed at your tits and face. By the time the last penis has erupted over you, you are a mass of cum splashes from head to toe and are in the middle of your fifth orgasm. Two of the women then begin to lick you clean whilst a third squats over your face and orders you to lick her out.

You are then made to lick out each woman in turn; the last three after their cunts have been filled with someone’s spunk. Then your lead away to a bathroom where you are allowed to clean yourself up before being lead back to the coffee table and you are tied face down to it. Your legs are secured to woe of the legs and your arms to the other two legs. It is now impossible for you to close your cunt off from being felt or flicked and each guy in turn, inserts his penis into your cunt and flicks you but pulls out before shooting his cum over your back.

When all my guests are sated, they begin to leave the room, where I come over to you and tell you that as my messy little slut, you have pleased me no end tonight and for doing so I have a special gift for you. You begin to wander what the gift may be, until you feel my own prick pushing against your anus. I whisper into your ear, yes bitch your reward is to have me flick your arse and my spunk shot up your tight little arse hole.

Your almost too exhausted to resist but suddenly feel something large and stiff begin to force its way into your cunt, I laugh as I see the shock on your face, before I announce, yes it’s the rampant rabbit for your cunt while my prick flicks your arse. You by now are almost Cumming no stop as my prick erupts deep inside your arse and I with draw it to present it to your mouth for sucking clean.

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