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Another first meeting.

As I am aware that you are submissive, five days before we have planned to meet, I enter into chat on messenger. I tell you the clothes I want you to wear on our first meeting. You will wear a white semi transparent blouse, no bra, a mid thigh length pleated skirt, stockings suspenders and nothing else. I also instruct you that each day for 30 mins you will tease and pinch your nipples and that you are not allowed to touch your cunt nor are you allowed to make yourself cum, until our meeting.

You agree to these instructions, and each day I get you to tell me how your training is progressing, I promise that all the things we have discussed will be tried and used on our meeting. On the day of the meeting.

I phoned you to meet me, in the afternoon for lunch, we went to a pub where you were the centre of attention, because of your fine erect nipples, being seen through your blouse. After lunch we went back to your place, where I gave you the things I had bought you, the two bottles of wine, (Asti Spimenti of course), a bottle of champagne as its your birthday, and a gift wrapped box. You put away the bottles until later and sat on the settee, I sat on the floor a little way in front of you and told you to open your legs. From where I was sitting I could see your thick pubic hair and the damp line of your cunt. I said I think your cunt is anticipating our fun, as I can see your already excited!

I then stroked your lower inner thigh as you opened the shoe box sized present, inside you find three smaller gift wrapped presents, of various sizes. Taking the largest you unwrap it to find a rampant rabbit vibrator. Taking it from you I test that batteries I had put in it, that morning, it buzzed into life. I placed the large vibrating bulb against the back of your knee and you allowed a deep sigh to escape your lips. By altering the angle the bunny ears flicked against your skin and you gain sighed. I turn off the toy as you began to un wrap the next present., which turns out to be a 6 inch slim vibrator shaped to stimulate the g spot. Again I check that this is working and place the very tip of the vibe against you anus ring. I notice your cunt open up like a little flower and your clit pops its head out. I again turn this off as you open the last wrapped present. I can already see the deep lust in your eyes as you realize the third present is a medium sized butt plug vibrator.

Once more I test the vibrations against your anus and you beg me to insert the plug into your arse. I tell you to be patient as there is still something else in the box for you. You search the box and find a silk love blindfold. I then lead you up to your bedroom where I lay you on your bed, tie your hands to the bed head using a pair of your stockings, place the blindfold in place and the attach stockings to each of your ankles, before fastening these though I un do your skirt and remove it. Your ankles are then secured to the feet of the bed forcing them wide apart.

I then slowly un button your blouse, and begin to caress your nipples, with my tongue. Then introduce a vibrator to each nipple in turn, whilst taking the g spot vibrator and easing it into your cunt. I insert it until the tip comes into contact with your g spot and your hips begin to buck. I then coat the butt plug in oil and slowly begin to push the end past your sphincter muscle until the plug is fully up your arse. I then turn on the vibrations.

These would then be left to do their work whilst the rampant rabbit vibrator was turned on and the clit tickler part was used gently on your nipples. All of this while your eyes are blacked out by the blindfold. When you had cum at least twice, I would slip my prick up to your mouth, and gently nudge your lips with the head, you would open your mouth and begin to suck my cock.

Once my cock was rock hard, I would lightly slap your nipples with it as my fingers found your clit, a quick nip on the clit and I would employ my tongue to good use are your clit area. If you are really good at this point I may even allow you to feel my cock slide inside your cunt. But if not I would undo your bonds and turn you face down before re tying you and I would spank your arse until a rosy pink glow told me you had, had enough.

Then I would allow you to rest, with the butt plug still in place and turned off, but the g spot vibe removed. Still blindfolded I would take some pics of you and get you to tell me of your desires.

Later I would allow you to ride my cock cow-girl style and even maybe allow you to cum again in this position. Eventually I would allow you to suck me off and swallow my cum. Then you would be released and all your new toys would be cleaned and put away for the night session. You would be allowed to dress in clothes of your choice before we ordered a takeaway meal.

A normal meal and evening would then take place was you ate, and drank wine whilst watching the film of your choice. But as the evening draws on to night you would come out to play again as I would slowly undress you and eat your cunt whilst you watched a blue film (which I would bring with me), before retiring to bed to be totally fucked by your rampant rabbit up your cunt and my prick up your arse.

Once you had again cum, I would expect you to show me your fav position and I would fuck you that way eventually pulling out of you to shoot my spunk over your tits.

It would be up to you then as to whether I stayed the night or left. If I stayed I would sleep with my prick nestled against your arse while my hands would be on your nipples.

I hope you like this interpretation of our first meeting.

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Great stuff...thanks so much

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Thank you xx

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re read it with what u said in mind thank you xxx