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A memorable Submissive.

Eleanor. A submissive of note.

Eleanor was mid twenties when we met, she showed clear tendancies for kinky sex from the beginning. For example on our first date she drove to meet me in a ultra micro skirt semi transparent white blouse, self supporting stocking and nothing else.

As we drove to the pub, she reached between her legs and played with her cunt, before folding the front of the skirt back towards her waist, even in the dusk glow of twilight I could clearly see her cunt lips were open and glistening with her secretions.

Suddenly as we drove along a dual carriage way a large van slowed along side us as he kept pace with our car. The guy in the passenger seat of the van had wound down the window and was ogling the view from his higher position. Eleanor merely looked at me and said “master, may I give him a better look!” I nodded and watched as she opened her legs as wide as she could but still being able to drive the car.

All too soon we had to turn off in order to reach the agreed pub on the outskirts of Epping forest. We pulled up in to the dusky car park and she parked her car as far away from the pub as possible. Leaning over to me she said” Oh master, thank you I am really turned on now, thinking about that silly man having to find somewhere to go for a wank because of me” with that she took my hand and pushed it against her cunt lips. They were truly soaking and her cunt felt red hot. I eased a finger inside her and she suddenly went rigid as wave upon wave of climax pulsed through her body.

Never one to miss an opportunity, I told her we were going to go in to the pub and she was not to bring her jacket with her. She nodded but blushed slightly. We got out of the car and I walked around to her side, as she locked the car door I pushed her up against the cooler metal of the car and from behind slipped three fingers up her cunt. I told her to thrust her pelvic muscles in such a manner as to stimulate me fingering her cunt. She tried to move my fingers around inside her but found she could not achieve any real satisfaction from doing this. A frustrated groan left her lips as she mouthed the words for me to fuck her there and then.

I with drew my fingers and simply slapped her arse once and told her she would have to wait and earn any fucking from me. With that we walked slowly towards the pub and upon entering we walked to a quiet area towards the rear. As we entered the pub the noise level noticeably dropped and I could feel the guy’s eyes watching her cute butt sway as she walked. When we sat at the table I made sure that she was facing the bulk of the crowd in the bar. I asked what she wanted to drink and she said “your spunk, master”. I told her to cut that out and she settled for half of lager I went to the bar and ordered the drinks, the young barman offered to bring them over to our table. So I paid for the drinks and headed back towards Eleanor. As I sat down I told her to un button the top four buttons of her blouse and when the barman came over she was to lean towards me offering me a cigarette.

Right on cue, she leaned forward and I caught the barman having a really good blatant stare down Eleanor’s top. As he noticed me watching him he began to avert his gaze but not before he saw me slide my hand across the table and pinch her nipple. He looked straight at me and nodded.

The rest of the evening in the pub was of a similar vein as young men passed the table supposedly on their way to the bar or toilets she would flash them a smile and maybe show a little stocking top to boot.

We never had to buy another drink in the bar that night as first the barman brought over a set of drinks and again Eleanor obliged by leaning forward. This time the bar man gazed openly down her top so I leaned forward and said (in a low voice) get up and go to the loo, but make sure you flash the barman your cunt.

As she got up she purposely made sure her hand pulled her skirt high enough for him to see she was not wearing knickers. After she left the bar man came up to me and asked if what he had seen upset me, I replied that not in the slightest, who do you think was telling her to do these things. He then invited us to stay after the bar closed, but I told him I had other plans but thanks anyway.

A little while later a man I had never met came over with more drinks and introduced himself as a mate of the barman’s again Eleanor showed her charms. By the time I told her we were leaving we had flashed for some six different people. As I discovered when we got back to her car she was soaking. So we drove to a quiet lane and I made her give me a blow job before I made her lay on the bonnet as I fucked her cunt.

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Thanx for sharing

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Wonderful story thanks for sharing it with us