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01-30-2006, 11:35 PM
I met Woody in the swimming pool of the hotel the swinging club had leased for the weekend. Woody was more than a decade older than me but still had a zest for life. Normally a man in a swimming pool is not so unusual but Woody was resting at its edge smoking a cigar and wearing a Stetson like some “good ole boy” Texan. I waded over him and we talked for a time getting to know one another. He spoke with a southern drawl and carefully thought out his short but colorful answers. The heat of a late July afternoon was just burning off as the sun set making the pool water warm and relaxing. I couldn’t help but notice Woody was checking out my package as we talked and I made sure to brush up against him several times during our conversation. Woody finally remarked I had a “mighty nice rack,” I glanced around the pool area and noted it was surrounded by a privacy fence and saw only familiar faces in the pool area. I smiled at him coyly as I reached behind my back to unfasten my halter and toss it on the poolside. His eyes lit up like a kid at Christmas and a smile, which stretched from ear to ear, crossed his face. “If you like my rack what do you think about the headlights?” I asked. Woody dropped his cigar in the poolside ashtray and his arm snaked around my waist to draw me close, mashing my tits against his hairy chest. “A woman shouldn’t tease. A man might take a notion to be mighty improper, Mam,” he drawled. I leaned forward and kissed him as my hand grasped his crotch to check out his package and was pleased with what I found. I waded back and slid off the bottom of my suit allowing it to sink in the pool’s crystal depths. I waded forward pulling down Woody’s trunks and wrapped my legs around his waist as his cock sank in my willing cunt. Woody had to stretch out his arms behind him to grasp the poolside to keep us from sinking as my arms wrapped around his neck. “Bit public don’t you think, Mam?” he drawled. I didn’t care I was fixated on the tool buried deep inside my body. “Just shut up and Fuck Me!” I demanded. He willingly complied thrusting his hips up to meet mine raising my bare breasts out of the water with each upward thrust. Regardless of what anyone says there is no better feeling than when a man’s cock is buried deep inside you. Each stroke of a cock awakens nerve endings all over a woman’s body enhancing her experience. I savored every ridge and vein of his throbbing pole as it massaged my love canal trying to clamp down on his pole with my cervix muscles each time he tried to withdraw. He bent his head to nip at my nipples as they rose and fell with our ever-increasing speed as we both strove to cum. I groaned as he aroused my passion with his thrusts. I don’t know how long we fucked but when he finally came and I looked around to find the pool filled with writhing bodies.
I didn’t have long to think about this as I soon found willing hands fondled my body hard cocks stuffed my pussy. Our lovemaking had engendered a pool orgy that lasted several hours. What had started, as a very public intimate moment had become a shared experience with many others. The pools water granted weightlessness to the body’s efforts conserving energy for more important endeavors.
In the mass of bodies Woody and I became separated but would meet again in the hotel bar where numbers were exchanged and promises to keep in touch made. Several weeks later Woody called me at home asked if I would like to come up and spend the weekend at his farm. It sounded fun and I readily agreed. It was a little drive to Woody’s place (several hours) and I was surprised to find it was an apple orchard. The farmhouse was a large rambling place, eighteenth century in design with a large foyer, dining room, kitchen and living room and many small bedrooms with fireplaces. After getting me “settled in” Woody offered to give me the grand tour of his place.
Woody had his own cider mill with souvenir shop and made fresh donuts for visiting customers. Most of the year it was pretty quiet, except for the fall when decorations festooned the place. Woody fired up a fryer and mixed some batter to make fresh donuts for the two of us to share. He showed me how the cider mill operated and explained the intricacies of making apple cider. He than took me out to the orchard to show me the heart of his operation row after row of apple trees stretching for as far as the eye could see. As the fading sun glinted through the leaves adding to the sense of peace and isolation this place engendered. “Not another soul for miles,” Woody quipped. I turned and kissed him, this was a place out of a dream I thought. I could feel his male hardness pressing against his jeans struggling for release and knew he was aroused by my presence. Our eyes met, as I slowly backed away from him smiling coyly, “No one? For miles, you say?” and began unbuttoning my blouse. I stripped slowly, each new bare patch of skin clearly arousing him more, “It’s really quite beautiful out here and so isolated,” I quipped. Woody glanced around nervously as I sank to my knees before him to unbuckle his pants and grant freedom to his straining cock. He groaned as my lips wrapped around his tool as it leapt into view. I studied his heavily veined tool as my tongue paid homage to its straining girth and length. His ball sack hung low laden with its supply of life enabling semen and my pussy moistened at the thought of him driving this rod into me. His hands gently grasped the sides of head as I lapped at his ball sack. He sank to his knees before me and our eyes met again as he kissed my now full lips and our tongues did battle. I pulled open his shirt and yanked it down his arms to wrap my arms around his bare back that I might press his chest against mine in a long, lingering embrace. As it ended he sank to the ground to pull off his boots and remove his pants. I stood and backed away slowly rubbing my hands across my breasts and slowly down my body to rub my crotch with my one hand while the other outstretched toward him, fingered crooked. I smiled mischievously at him saying, “See something you want, Big Boy?” I laughed as I turned to run away saying, “If you catch me, you can have me!” I darted into the orchard weaving in and out between the rows of trees with him in hot pursuit his cock and balls bouncing to each stride. I was careful not to outpace him but kept up this game for several minutes until I allowed him to catch me and drag me to the ground. Spreading my legs and turning to face him as his cock sank into me even before we hit the ground. I groaned my approval as his cock touched the inner source of my womanhood and wondered again at how fulfilling it is to share, even briefly, this oneness of being and purpose. I wrapped my legs around his hips and drew my yearning pussy up to meet each of his thrusts rippling my cervical muscles along the length of his shaft drawing an approving groan from him. I closed my eyes and drank in the erogenous feelings racing through my body. My heart raced and my breathing began to come in short gasps as I felt my passions give rise to the knot which soon released in a bone jarring orgasm as his seed exploded into my womb. We lay there for a long time wrapped in each other’s arms admiring the now starlit night sky and the waving branches of the surrounding trees.

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