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This story was written by a very special friend of mine, She asked me to edit it and has given permission for it to be posted here.

Birthday Spanks
by Victoria Day
Dares real and unreal
This story is fiction based on reality, that is, I really did have a night of pubbing with friends that left me doing a drunken strip-tease and then getting spanked. But I fictionalized it for the fun of writing and for the people who received the e-mails. The lesbian extension to the story is from another real experience ( not related to the first ) and my feelings of submission and experimentation were just as I wrote. I was seduced by an older woman when I was chatting about my dares with Kathy... and, yes, she dared me to slip out of my panties and did start groping me in the pub and, yes, I warmed to her caresses and, yes, I submitted to her that night and, yes, I am bi-sexual.
So this is a fiction based on two real occurrences in my life.
Dare was to get a bare bottom spanking from a co-worker
It's 5 a.m. and my head is still kind of foggy... I woke up a little while ago; I guess I fell asleep on the couch after seeing my " birthday guests" off. I am naked and my clothes are in a heap on the floor. Right... I have to get this all down. It was one hell of a night! Showing up at work this afternoon will be... interesting!
The spanking dare was easier than I thought it would be. Of course. I had planned this for a couple of days, so I had a chance to set things up. I had to fake it being my birthday, get some friends at work to join me in a birthday drinking party at a local bar, then bring the talk around to birthday spanks ( you know, one for each year ). My plan was to make it look like it was their idea. But I planted the idea in their heads that I needed my 'birthday whacks' Then I invited them to my place, acted drunk and things just fell into place... actually they took a bit of an unexpected turn... I' m getting ahead of myself, I should start at the beginning.
On Wednesday I asked some of the guys at Wal-Mart ( and one of the girls from Accounting ) to help me celebrate my birthday ( which was really about seven weeks ago, but they don't know that! ). I decided to ask Sandy along because I thought having a girl there when I get spanked on the bare might prevent things going too far and in an unintended direction ( like I planned getting near drunk to pull it off, but I didn't want to risk being taken advantage of... i.e. gang raped... by the guys; I reckoned having a girl there would tone things down. )
So they took me out for drinks for my 'birthday'. They work at the same store as me and are in their early to late 20s, there was Hal, Peter, Vince, Sandy and me. The store closes at 9 pm on Fridays. We met at a pub near my apartment around 9:30 and they had the usual beers but I ordered a Zombie... that's like three kinds of booze... I was entitled, it was my birthday, after all... yuk yuk. This was very convincing... I acted drunk by the end of my first drink
I was feeling somewhere between tingly and numb when I started opening birthday cards from the group... mostly funny and sexy cards; then I opened a package I said I'd gotten in the mail a few days ago but, because it had said 'don't open until your birthday', I waited until then... I opened it up and inside was a birthday card and a ping-pong paddle. I acted surprised and puzzled until I opened the card; it was a novelty card ( one I had purchased the other day at an XXX video store. ) On the front it said, 'Let's give the birthday girl a hand!' and showed a pair of hands clapping. On the inside was a cartoon of a girl over a guy's lap getting birthday spanks on the bare bum. It was perfect.
So, I laughed and showed it all around to much giggles and guffaws and in a slurred voice, I read the signature. It was from my older brother, Frank, I said. I showed the card around. This is what it said.
" Happy Birthday KC, Just a reminder about the family tradition. LOL, Frank"
I proceeded to explain that, when we were young, my dad gave my brother and me birthday whacks with a ping pong paddle ( with some coaxing I admitted it was always on the bare bum and over his knee, that was part of the embarrassment that was meant to be fun... ) but the birthday spanks stopped when I was 8 years old, nothing weird about it... just innocent fun. There was thunderous applause and laughter from the guys. Sandy giggled and looked sidelong at me. She could see I was blushing and looked at me in a new light.
The waitress came by and I started on my second Zombie. By now the slurred speech and giddiness was not feigned. We all talked for a while about getting birthday whacks as kids, getting fist-burns in school, wedgies and noogies, and being embarrassed by family... Hal talked about how his older sister used to kid him about how he should show off his birthday suit ( that is, get naked ) when it was his birthday... and that on his sixth birthday ( his sister being nine at the time ) she had cornered him, and managed to pull off all his clothes except his socks.
Their laughter by now was somewhere between lewd and nervous. The conversation drifted for the next half hour to birthday surprises, embarrassing parents, and soon I steered the conversation to sexy adult party games not suitable for children. Vince mentioned he'd been to a stag party for his brother last September. They had a stripper and had hired a hooker... We couldn't get him to say what the hooker did, but he just winked; I figured it was time. I stood up and swayed a bit, steadying myself...
"So," I said " who's up for coming to my place for some birthday party games?" Then whooping sounds and '"Oh Yeah, alright" noises from the guys... Sandy just smiled and said, "Okay, let's go... and don't forget your paddle... " I think the guys just reckoned I was drunk and was just pulling their legs but I think Sandy was suspicious... she kept looking at me funny.
Off we went and by this time I was not faking being drunk... I fumbled with my keys, let everyone in and asked them to make themselves at home and had my guests help themselves to beers from the fridge.
Then came the point of do it or don't... Pete was sitting on the couch ; I handed him the paddle and the gag birthday card and gave a big drunken grin and said, "so, where's my birthday whacks?" and just draped myself over his lap, made a pillow of my hands and arched my bum. I was in a fog of booze and feeling... well, not dreamy but near numb ( I am sure you know the feeling ).
Anyway, Peter got the hint. He started immediately with one hard swat on my bum and I shouted "Ow, not so hard,... one." I had said 'not so hard' BUT I didn't say "stop". then Pete slapped with less force and I mumbled, "that's better,... two...", then, as I knew they would, one of the guys shouted, " No! Pete... Like she used to get it... Pull her pants down. " LOL
Which Peter did and gave another swat on my pantied bottom... No! said Sandy... on the bare. Pull her panties down too ( Sandy was drunker than I was )... Pete did but not far enough for Sandy..." No, all the way down. Here! ", she said, and grabbed my jeans and panties and pulled them down to my ankles. I was laughing like crazy and so were they...
Then Peter started to paddle... They started the count from one again, because it had to be 21 on the bare... He made it to the end with me counting in a drunken manner. At each stroke ( they weren't hard at all ) I deliberately made my buttocks jump a little with each whack... to let them know I was feeling it... They laughed and laughed... I figured I had done what I set out to do and it had been fun. I won my dare.
After the 21 birthday spanks I struggled off Peter's lap and started to pull my clothes up. ( fair was fair and they had given me my whacks. I figured that was it. ) I was having a hard time getting my panties past my knees... I was quite drunk... when Hal shouted, " Hey! what about your birthday suit?." All the guys were laughing and taunting me... but it was Sandy who took charge; she wasn't laughing but she was smiling.
That's right, she said. It's your birthday party, you should be in your birthday suit... , Come on KC, be cute for us... let's see you parade in your birthday suit. The guys stopped laughing and were smiling now too. I really don't think the guys expected me to do it. But Sandy was teasing me, daring me... They were all chanting: "Birthday suit... birthday suit..." and "we want a parade..."
You have to understand: I was pissed. I was feeling little pain and no inhibition and, shit! I was on a dare. So, I stood up and yanked my panties up but my jeans were still around my ankles...
"Oh," I said. "is that a dare?" More laughing, and taunting. "Birthday suit... birthday suit." : we dare you!! ". "Okay" I said, "you got it!" And so I started to strip... first I stepped out of my jeans... then my socks came off, then the blouse, and then the bra... and I paraded with my hands above my head., sexy like. The guys hooted... and so did Sandy... I was staggering about as I paraded in front of them all in nothing but my bikini panties.
They seemed game... so what the hell; I didn't even give it a second's thought: I pulled my panties down to my ankles and walked out of them. For five minutes I walked about naked as my friends whooped and laughed... At last I picked my panties up from the floor; handed them to Hal and told him he could keep them as a souvenir... but I expected to see him in the buff on his birthday. I went to get dressed but they insisted it was only 11:30 and still my birthday, so I had to stay in my 'birthday suit' until midnight. LOL.
I was game, what the hell. We joked about it. They agreed it was all in good fun and they were happy I was such a good sport... As if it had been their idea!!! I'm sure they left my place convinced that I was just a little too drunk and not responsible for my actions, that they had tricked me into a stripping / spanking birthday party. I'll be the butt of their jokes for a while. I suppose... but it was worth it.
I was still woozy when they left around 1 a.m. and must have drifted off on the couch.
Shit! it's almost six now. This has taken a long time to write but I figured I needed to write up the full story.
Dear Diary
Birthday spanks dare fallout
I got a few presents at work last night... ( we all work various shifts at Wal-mart, except Sandy who is a nine to fiver in the office... the rest of us are down on the floor or moving stock ).
They must have got together after they left my place Friday ( no, actually after midnight Saturday ) anyway, they seemed to have conspired to tease me. Tuesday, first day back on the job, and they are giving me the Mickey at every turn... discretely, mind you; not tittle-tattle, just keeping our little joke to themselves... I'm the joke.
Then yesterday I could tell something was up; at first I thought they were just making fun of how drunk I got. But throughout the shift the presents came.
Peter found a neat plastic cutting board from Households that looks an awful lot like a paddle; he had wrapped a red bow on the handle... ( he didn't know I have one almost exactly like it... but I got mine cheap at the Dollar Store; it serves the same purpose Pete was lewdly hinting at ).
Sandy got something from the pet department... it was a black leather studded dog collar. Her note said, " If it fits... Wear it! " And she didn't even know about my little pet store dare! I must have been a lot more submissive in my body language Friday night. Maybe she's just... I don't know; I probably shouldn't read too much into it... but Sandy was smirking yesterday every time she saw me. Not nasty, just... I don't know... knowing? scheming? strange.
Vinnie must have gone to an Adult Marital aids shop... he got me edible panties ( bikini style ). He said he had bought himself a pair too and we should do lunch some time. I laughed but I almost think he meant it.
And Hal thanked me again for his souvenir ( remember, I gave him my panties ) and he said ( and I quote) " they are coming in handy " and he winked and chuckled at his own joke. He said he would give them back to me but they're "used".
I just smiled sweetly and said, " That's okay Hal, you better keep them, because if you mean what I think you mean, that's the closest you're going to get to coming into my panties! "
He laughed good naturedly. and I did too; after all, I started all this and I have to take the ribbing.
Sir, I think I've got a rep... and not just as a fun loving drunk
These guys ( even Sandy ) are all cool with it and they are taking it in good humour... and I am too, after all, I don't have a choice... If I get offended, they could make things awkward ( Sandy is my superior, after all. ) But I'll just keep laughing about or giggling whichever seems best and take it as the immature antics of a drunken party ( which, in fact, it was... even if I did set it up to happen! Well, most of it; the spanking was but not the stripping.)
Dear Diary
Dare continues!
It's early morning ( 5 am ) and I can't sleep... Last night was... well, something else. I knew I hadn't heard the last of my birthday dare but I reckoned on jibes and sniggers.
I should start from the beginning.
As I wrote last, Sandy had suggested we go for a drink after work I don't get off on Fridays until closing and she's off at five she'd meet me at ten at the same pub were at last week. So I went home after work and changed; put on a short skirt, bikini panties, and white U-neck pull over cotton blouse and shoes best for dancing. They have live music at that bar on Friday nights.
I was even thinking of wearing that dog collar Sandy had given me this week, you know, as a joke. But I thought better of it and just put it in my purse. Not that it didn't go with my short dress; it's just that if I was picking up guys I didn't want to give them the wrong impression... at least not at first!
I got to the bar and Sandy was at a booth alone. We settled down and had one round talking about the guys, how they would look parading around in their birthday suits, how I'd like to give them some whacks on their bare bottoms.
We were into our second drinks when Sandy said, " Did you know, KC, that I have access to the store's personnel files? And I checked on Monday. Your DOB is 24, May 1983. So why did you tell us your birthday was last Friday? "
I didn't think fast enough... looking back, WHAT I SHOULD HAVE SAID... was that I had spent my real birthday in May all alone, and I had felt miserable then and just wanted to have a party and get drunk with my friends. That's what I should have said.
But I didn't... Instead I got flustered and blurted out the truth.
I blushed a bit and said it was all just in fun... that I do e-mail dares sometimes... and this latest dare was to be spanked on the bare bum by a man, in fact, a co-worker.; so I had to make up a reason... the birthday whacks excuse seemed good and no harm done.
She said, " I see," and smiled but she wouldn't let it go. She wanted to know if my stripping down to my birthday suit was part of the dare too...
" No," I said, quite truthfully, " it was just something that I went along with at the time. You guys were teasing me and daring me and... well it was Hal's idea, his family tradition; I just went along. Look, I was really drunk, my inhibitions were down and I felt like going with the flow."
She changed the subject as our third beers arrived... We talked about the guys and how Vinnie had those dark, Italian good looks... how Peter had a great ass... Sandy changed the subject back again. She wanted to know if I ever did " naughty" dares... I said " sometimes; well, usually... that was the point. " And I told her about yesterday morning's dare in the campus laundry room. She was very impressed with that.
Then she asked if I ever did dares with women. I wasn't sure where this was going. I hesitated
She leaned close to me and said, "KC, I think you have submissive desires, and may not even know it. You can't tell me you weren't getting off on those spanks the other night; I could tell you were aroused. And the stranger spank dare... you obviously like this sort of thing."
She had me nailed, alright. I enjoyed being spanked, especially naked and on a dare.
" I'm not blaming you." she went on, " No, in fact, ( she leaned closer, touched my hair with the back of her fingers and whispered ) I like a girl who gets off on having to do as she's told. " Then she laughed, drew away and took another sip of beer. Sandy's tone was light and we were both giggling. But was she having me on? teasing me or what?
She left it at that and we continued to drink and make light but naughty conversation ( mostly about sexual exploits, disasters and favourite positions.) We were also wondering what Hal's brother's stag party entailed... what did they have the hooker do for them. We figured it was blow jobs; guys are so predictable!
Then she smiled at me and said, " So, getting back to your naughty dares, if I were to dare you to do something now, you might consider it? "
I said it depended... I was feeling a bit uncomfortable... well, maybe " unsure " is a better word.
" Just this," she said, " I want you to finish your beer then go to the ladies; go into a cubicle and slip out of your panties and put them into your purse. Do that, KC, go ahead... I dare you."
I hadn't said a word while she was talking. Was Sandy coming on to me? Or just kidding around... I felt so hot... I am sort of bi, you know, because I have had a lesbian experience before; but I prefer cock to cunt. But Sandy was coming on strong and she's office staff... not my boss or anything, mind you; but still this was awkward.
But the other feelings I had... wow! I was creaming and I didn't say a thing; just finished my beer in one steady flow, got up and shyly said, excuse me I have to go to the loo. It was like a mild pot buzz and day-dream. I don't know why this was different from other dares. Hell, I'd done a lot racier stuff before.
I went into the cubicle and peed, then put my panties in my purse and returned to our table. Back at the booth Sandy took my purse from me, rummaged inside, smiled and asked me to sit in the corner.
"Good girl. So, I was right then; you like doing what you're told... and I see you have my collar in here too. Tell me, KC, are you getting horny? "
I just nodded. She laughed out loud again and said, "don't worry, KC... it's just that I know you like games, you're not shy, you are a bit submissive sexually, I think, and you get off on being spanked. That's all... I think we can have lots of fun... Nothing you don't want to do, but listen KC..." and here she sounded serious and her smile disappeared, " whenever I ask you out for a drink, don't wear any panties... and next time wear my collar." Her smile came back, " Is that alright, dear? "
" Yes... okay"... is all I could say because at that moment Sandy had her right arm against the back of the booth and behind my head; below the table she was reaching under my skirt with her left hand, pushing my tight skirt up and nudging my thighs apart... and after a few seconds she was stoking my wet pussy. I slouched down in my seat a bit to make her moves easier and more hidden.
She kept the conversation up, all the while fingering me... I didn't say a word, just tried not to be too conspicuous with my moaning and body movement ( rocking and breathing a dance to the tune of her probing fingers!!) She seemed happy just to carry on a monologue and watch me get hotter and wetter. I have no idea what she was talking about. I wasn't listening but I was looking into her eyes. They told me a lot more... about myself.
After about five or six minutes she suggested we go back to my place. What can I say? If it had been Peter or Hal or Vinnie, I'd probably have ended up at their place, necking... maybe sex if things were right... So...
At my place she asked me to put on the collar. I did and she said, " KC, i said I wanted to see you wearing my collar; i didn't say anything about your wearing anything else."
I lowered my head... I don't know why, it just felt like what I should do... and then stripped naked for her. Sandy also wanted to see my 'toy chest' ( most girls my age have one ) including paddle and dildos. I felt submissive but it felt good. Like I said, I've had sex with girls before... petting, hugging, mutual masturbation, once 69, but this was different, more intense. Like I said, it was quite a night.

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