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This story was written by a very special friend; she asked me to edit it and gave permission to post it here.

by Victoria Day
At age 16, Victoria had been through every punishment Bower's Dominion School had to offer. She had been publicly gang raped in class, given golden showers by the boys in their gym locker room, she had spent time in the stocks being whipped and sodomized, suffered indignities at the hands of sex crazed monks and been sent to the teachers' lounge at least once a month in her first two years. The teachers' lounge was where all staff, both men and women, could relax and play / punish naughty little girls to their hearts' content.
But one thing Vicky had not done was make the Cheerleaders' Squad. Oh, she thought she knew what that would entail. She had heard lots of rumours about girls' initiation on the Cheerleading Squad. She expected to be called upon to "cheer up" the football QB, coach, or even the whole offensive AND defensive lines ( even the water boy )... and she knew cheering up usually meant oral sex.
And she supposed ( hinted at in a number of XXX stories-on-line ) that a victory would likely lead to a gang-bang session. Or a defeat might mean taking it 'rough' on the back seat on the team bus ride home.
She was not na´ve, not after all she'd been through. And she had heard stories about the sex play between the cheerleaders at Bower's Dominion School and the various sports teams. She expected the guys, horny jocks in the throes of puberty, to expect a lot of sex from their cheerleaders. Vicky knew they could get rambunctious and ' boys-will-be-boys' type playful with her. She expected a few rounds of wet towel snaps on her bare buttocks, golden showers on her knees when the team lost badly and had to take it out on someone, and all night sessions on her back with her legs spread when the team won by a wide margin.
She knew what she was in for, humiliating sex and lots of it. In fact, when a new girl made the squad, that's exactly what happened; it was her dues for the first year. It was her role as new girl on the squad. That's how all new cheerleaders were treated by the boys. Of course, Vicky was a bit nervous about what she might have to do to satisfy the jockettes on the girls' teams. Half of them were lezzie or bi, she had heard.
But her year-long probation period was still to come. She had yet to go through her initiation. In fact, her first 'interview ' with the Squad was tonight. She was to meet them at midnight in a familiar place downtown, none other than that garage that doubled as a DOMinican church. It was the very place Vicky had passed her Religious Instructions course over two years ago when she was just in grade eight. That day she had learned first hand about Medieval flagellation at the hands of the monks from the order Bendictus Dominicus Succubus Manus.
And tonight, in this same garage in the seedy part of town, Vicky would learn of her initiation rites. This would be her one and only chance to back out. During the interview she would be told enough about the secret cheerleader initiation to let her make up her mind: in or out. If she chickened out, she would be shunned by all the cheerleaders and might ruin her chances of getting into any of the school's secret sororities. But if she chose to be in, she would have to go through with the initiation no matter how difficult it was; no turning back.
Also, even if Vicky committed to join the team, pledged to her initiation tasks, she still might fail the test. But that was something she would rather not think about. It would be worse than not pledging at all. The girls in the school would make her life a living hell.
So as midnight approached, Vicky made her way to that shabby garage downtown with one thought in mind: it will either be 'yes' or 'no' tonight, but if 'yes', I will do whatever they demand of me. NO DOUBT about it.
She found the door unlocked and she entered into the candle lit open room ( no confessional this time and there were no rough board pews, but the wooden stocks from History class, the ones she did penance in two years ago, it was there in the corner of the hall. The only other furniture there tonight was a single coffee table in the centre of the room with the entire cheering squad lined up against the four walls. They were chatting in low voices but when Vicky approached all talk ceased and the Squad Captain, Yvonne Dubois came toward her smiling.
" Welcome, Victoria. Your interview begins immediately and just to clear the air and leave you in NO DOUBT about the proceedings, I will tell you that this interview is being video taped as our assurance that you will maintain the code of silence and keep the initiation rules and procedures confidential."
Victoria nodded but her face showed she was uncertain. Yvonne smiled but not warmly.
"In other words, Vicky, the interview itself will be arduous and humiliating and we are taping it to make sure you keep quiet... but not say ' keep your mouth shut', right girls? "
General giggles around the room. Vicky was beginning to see she might be over her head. Still she wanted to be on the squad and so spoke up, " Okay, I agree. "
" So you agree, do you?" Yvonne's voice was dripping in sarcasm and smug loathing. " The question for this interview, Victoria, is whether we will agree to you! Whether you are worthy of even trying out for the squad. And, believe me, Vicky, it will be trying on you. So, you WILL do everything we tell you to tonight and only at the end of the interview will you be given any choice... and that choice is simple: submit to the Squad initiation ceremony or not. Do you understand?"
Vicky was not surprised at the harsh tones from Yvonne but she wasn't expecting the nervous laughter, as she deemed it, coming from the girls around the room. The entire group, all 16 of them ( except Vicky, of course) were decked out in the school colours, red and white. They were all wearing their at-home Cheerleader outfits. Each girl wore standard issue Nike runners over white athletic socks ( pushed down to the ankles ), tight cheerleader tank-top which was little more than a cut-off muscle shirt with elastic hem designed to hold and accentuate the girls' breasts. The pleated skirt that barely covered the buttocks; this was evident as the girls tonight were not wearing panties. Vicky was not surprised by the girls' attire, but she was wondering why they were all so giddy, chatting together like girls awaiting a big date where they expected to get fucked.
"Do you understand?" repeated Yvonne who was growing impatient.
Vicky was shaken out of her reverie, " Yes, Ma'am, I do... I understand; I must do as I'm told and at last decide to submit to the initiation or not... but until then, I have to do as I'm told. "
"Exactly" smiled Yvonne. " Now, you may have noticed that the squad members are all in uniform except for their panties... so you will dress just opposite for your interview... strip off everything you're wearing except your panties, Vicky. NOW! "
Vicky complied and stood before the girls in just her pale blue, see-through bikini panties. The rest of her clothes were picked up by one of the girls, Hanna, who promptly stuffed them into a green garbage bag and took them outside... Hanna returned about three minutes later without the bag. Somehow, Vicky knew she'd never see her clothes again.
During Hanna's absence, Vicky was made to stand at attention with her legs spread wide and her hands atop her head ( just the way all the teachers liked to pose naughty girls ion the corner stool or at the teachers' lounge... except this night Vicky still had her panties on. ) The rest of the gang was not shy; as they watched Vicky, many of the cheerleaders slipped a hand beneath their skirts and slowly stroked themselves between their legs. Vicky watched and felt her own pussy getting moist... by the time Hanna had returned, a wet spot was forming in the gusset of Vicky's panties. The garage was beginning to smell of sweat and fragrant femininity.
" This interview is meant to make sure you understand what's expected of a cheerleader at Bowers' School, Victoria. So let me ask you, in your opinion, what is the number one goal of a Cheerleading Squad?"
" To cheer up the team?" answered Vicky hesitantly.
" Yes, but that's not all. You see, you LEAD the team with your cheers... but not just the boys' sports teams or the girls' sports team... that's important, of course; but you have to be LEADING the cheer... making it happen, not just cheering but making the team cheerful... and not just the team members... but everyone ( the coaches, the fans even the rest of the squad ) we should all should feel happy because YOU are so Cheerful. That's what Cheerleading is all about. And how do you show you're cheerful? "
This was tougher... " By... uhhmm, by having a happy face and happy sounding cheer? "
" Very good, Vicky." Yvonne was clearly coming to the point of this lecture and Vicky knew it wasn't going to be academic. " And a happy face is one that's always smiling! Isn't that right girls"
A chorus of guttural agreement came from the very cheery crowd. Smiles and looks of deep concentration adorned their faces. Most of the squad members had been lewdly masturbating all through Yvonne's talk ( those who weren't, had been stroking and pinching their nipples, their tank tops having been pulled back to let their braless breasts show. ) The garage was being to smell funky and Vicky was getting hornier by the minute with this multi-sensory lust show.
" So, you must show us your happy face, Vicky... all through this interview. And we expect you to do as you're told and be so cheery you make us all smile too. You show us your smile and we'll show you ours. It's really very s1mple."
Yvonne's voice lost some of its fake sweetness, " Put your hands behind your back, Vicky and reach into your panties, that's it hands all the way down and grab the hem... right, now pull up hard and give yourself a wedgie... get that gusset deep into your... hmmm, yeah,... your wet pussy. "
Victoria wasn't at all embarrassed, all the other girls were dripping too. But she wasn't sure why they wanted her to grab her panties from behind.
"That's it ", Yvonne was really enjoying the set up, " pull tighter... good." The head cheerleader then double looped the back part the panties around Vicky's writs and bound the girl's wrist behind her. The spot on Vicky's panties front was getting bigger and darker and her armpits started to smell a lot.
" Now it's smile and cheer time, Vicky. On your knees before the table... and keep smiling. I am now going to introduce you to each girl on the squad; you're going to cheer them, sweetie and keep smiling too. You get a good look at the 'smiles' on their lips ( well, bottom lips, eh? ) and we know you want to kiss those labial lips and make the girls smile... kiss and lick those lips, Vicky"
Vicky had already figured she would be made to go down on these girls and the prospect was not so unpleasant... not at first. The first girl,, Tabetha, sat atop the coffee table with her knees bent and legs spread, her skirt riding up to show the sight and smell of a very wet pussy; Tabetha leaned back and braced her hands on the edge of he table behind her. Her bum hung just over the front edge and her pussy was right at mouth level for Vicky who leaned into the girl's crotch and kissed her without even being asked. Vicky kept a smile on her face as she now understood the exact nature of this interview. She would have to keep smiling while licking and kissing every cunt in the room. Vicky went at it on Tabetha for four or five minutes before the seated cheerleader let out a groan of pure delight...
"Okay, Vicky, nicely done... Tabetha seems to be smiling and you have obviously cheered her up." Yvonne next had Francine take Tabetha's spot on the table and this girl positioned herself just like Tabby ( in fact they all got into just the right position and Vicky began to wonder if the girls had had lots of practice.)
Vicky put smiles on five girls' faces that way and spent the better part of 40 minutes doing it. Her own mouth smelled like a ripe cunt and she had swallowed a goodly amount of 'girl juice' by then.
But the sixth girl, Hermione, was one who had restricted her foreplay to nipple caresses and pinches. When Hermione got into position and pulled aside her skirt, it became clear why: the 15 year-old girl was wearing a tampon, but her labia were swollen and clearly she was as horny as the rest.
" Looks like Hermione is going to need a lot of cheering, Vicky" Yvonne had been waiting for this, you could tell in the barely suppressed glee in her voice. " She's been complaining about being in full menstrual flow all day; but you're going to put a happy smile on her face, aren't you, Vicky. But that tampon's in the way of Hermione's smile, isn't it. Better get it out of there... Oh, yes, your hands are bound behind you, aren't they? So I guess you'll just have to take it out with your teeth. "
Vicky was resigned. The smell was strong but she figured she would get used to it. With a smile still on her face, Vicky bit into the end o the tampon and pulled it out, then kissed and licked away at the bloody pussy before her. Finally Tabby's hips went into gear and, despite her time of month, the girl gushed forth a mixture of menstrual fluid and girl-juice right into the smiling mouth of Victoria, who had suddenly realized that the odds were that out of 16 cheerleaders, four or five of them would be having their period right now. And so it proved.
Each girl spent a good ten to fifteen minutes letting Vicky cheer her up. But some were not satisfied to have Vicky's smile grace their pussies; some wanted her to lick a bit further 'south'. Vicky's tongue was anus reaming for half the girls.
It was nearly four a.m. when Vicky's interview changed gears. Yvonne explained how sometimes a cheerleader just had to help her buddies out... 'doing a little relief work' she called it. So Vicky was repositioned, with her hands still bound behind her but now she sat on the floor by the coffee table with her head resting on the table top.
The other girls had been drinking beer throughout the 'interview' and were more than a little pissed. Which was so appropriate because that's what Yvonne had in mind when she told Vicky to help the girls relieve themselves..." And remember, Vicky, Keep smiling! "
One after the other, the team of 16 straddled Vicky's face. Crouched and let their bladder muscles relax..." AHHhhhh." They each exclaimed as a stream of warm piss flowed out of their cunts and on to Vicky's smiling face. Some of the bitchier girls taunted her with " Come on, Vicky, a nice WIDE OPEN smile... " and they pinched her mouth open while they pissed into it.
At last, the interview was over and Vicky had maintained her smile throughout. Yvonne was impressed and the rest of the gang applauded as Vicky was helped up, her hands unbound and was told to stand up straight with her hands at her sides.
" Vicky," said Yvonne, " You have cleared the interview and it's only 4:30 in the morning. Well done, girl. Now you must decide. Do you want to be initiated or not? "
" YES! Shouted Vicky, who thought surely she had already earned the right to be a cheerleader. But Yvonne explained that her initiation would take until noon so she had at least another six hours to go. After passing the initiation, they told her, there would still be a one year's probation pledge time ( something Vicky had heard about ) wherein she would be expected to 'cheer' both the boys and girls' teams, including coaches, as they saw fit. Vicky was fine with that. She expected no less.
"You must now show us you are sincere in your desire to be a Bower Cheerleader. Affirm your intent by removing your panties and stuffing them in your mouth; then make your way over to the Stocks where you will be locked in and bound for the next six hours.
Vicky did not hesitate. She stuck her thumbs inside the hem of her panties and in one swift motion dropped them to her feet. She stooped, picked them up and scrunched the now sopping wet cloth into a ball and stuffed it in her mouth. Over to the stocks... hands in head in, board down and the lock clicked shut. Vicky was naked, gagged with her cum-soaked panties and locked in the stocks so positioned that her wet pussy and anus was hoisted high at a very convenient height and her back bent so her mouth was likewise at crotch level.
From out of the shadows, the cheerleaders brought tools and toys of discipline: paddles, switches and belts. Sixteen girls to initiate a sixteen year old girl.
" What do you think, ladies?" Yvonne was warming to the task. " Five minutes apiece with her using the tool or tools of your choice? " And they did; for over an hour they belted and whipped poor Vicky's buttocks and thighs and between her legs as well. They weren't brutal but the blows mounted and had a cumulative effect on her poor sore ass.
Some girls preferred the paddle but others like the full swing of their belts; and the nastiest of the squad loved to wield the switch which they made whistle as it struck Vicky right across her buttocks. He took their time letting the pauses between strokes give the new girl both a respite and a moment of trepidation.
Just before six a.m. the discipline portion of her initiation was over. And they let her rest a bit while Yvonne made a phone call to Fred, on his cell phone. Fred was captain of the boys' baseball team and he and the rest of the first line had gathered at the local donut shop ( as per the Squad's plan ) and were awaiting the call.
" Yeah, Fred, she's a hot one alright and up for anything. Yeah, she just kept smiling all throughout the interview and even kept a sort of smile on her face for the whipping... but she's all yours now; we're going home... it's been a long night... You guys will find the door open; she's naked and in the stocks and ready for you. "
Yvonne knew that guys will be guys and that they always wanted to have a girl suck their cocks. So she was prepared for the question, " What? No, she's gagged but you can get her to blow you all later... we need her fucked in the cunt and up the ass for a good four hours first, though... then you can have fun with her mouth. Yeah, right... and remember, you have to be out by noon; the DOM monks need the place for the grade nine girls' Religious Instructions.
Vicky was still smiling that afternoon when, still naked she wandered though the streets and made her way to the dorm rooms. She was smiling because she made the Squad and the team made her. Smiles all around!

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