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This story was written by a very special friend; She asked me to edit it and gave permission for it to be posted here.

Class Assignment
by Victoria Day
You were in the middle of discussing Pascal when I made my rude entrance into class. I did not knock nor wait at the door and suddenly realized, by the cold silence in the class broken only by two girls' giggles, that I had broken one of Sir's most important rules. The boys in class were smiling lewdly at me. They were all enjoying my humiliation and were certain this was just the beginning.
First, Sir, you hushed the class and told me to take my seat not at the back today but at the front of the class. I sat and slouched, feeling all too exposed to the class ridicule. My mind drifted and my gaze drifted too... to your crotch, sir, where I could see you were filling out your grey trousers quite nicely. I don't mean to make excuses... but I did not spread my legs on purpose; I was just so relaxed ( I get that way when I start to become sexually aroused ) and my head was turning to keep my gaze at your crotch. I must have been mesmerized, for my right hand reached down, as if with a will of its own, and fingers found a wet splotch on my own panty crotch. I squeezed and rubbed and, seemingly, groaned loud enough for you to hear.
You turned and shot me a look, first to my hand as it froze between my legs, then directly into my eyes.
" Get up, Miss Day. Let the class see your handiwork."
I rose nervously and turned to face my classmates.
" Let them see, Miss Day."
I was wearing regulation gear except for one item, my panties. I had a white shirt over my naked breasts, the shirt tails were tucked into my red/green plaid, pleated skirt which lay just three inches above my knee, I wore a loosely knotted school tie of dark green, I wore runners over my white knee socks.
" Pull up your skirt, Miss Day. Let us all see what you've been up to. "
I looked straight ahead to the far wall and lifted up my skirt.
" Come sit on my desk, Miss Day. The boys especially will want to see how wet your panties have become... Yes, that's it. Now, spread your legs wide, Miss Day, wide as you can!"
I was painfully aware of what they were seeing. And what was worse, my pussy was getting wetter, even as I sat there, splayed and exposed. But, Sir, you were not pleased. You told me to get off your desk and fetch the corner stool, the one reserved for noisy, disruptive students. I thought I'd be spending time facing the corner but instead Sir had me stand before the stool at the front of the class.
" You're a disgrace to the school uniform, Miss Day. Lewdly staining your knickers like that; how dare you? For shame! And shame you shall have. Undo your tie and hand it over to... let's see.,. yes, hand it to Joan.
I did so walking to the back row. On return, I was made to remove my runners and give them to the new girl sitting in the third row. She sniffed inside my shoes and made a face, curling her nose. The class all laughed, Sir did too. Next I peeled off my socks and gave them to another girl. Barefoot now, I walked back to the front of the classroom and Sir, you asked me to unbutton my blouse and leave it open, and stand up straight. I posed thus for a full minute until you ordered me to take the blouse off and hand it to Julie, a rough sort who hung out with the boys and smoked on school grounds. Julie took my blouse and, on a signal from Sir, proceeded to rip it in half. My bare breasts bounced as I hurried back to the front. Sir, you took time to decide who should have my skirt. In the end, Harriet was given the honour of taking scissors to my skirt. She was quick and it was nothing but strips of tartan wool in no time.
I was in only my moist panties now and Sir, you made me stand with my feet apart and told me to show the whole class what I had been doing that warranted this punishment. So I reached down and my fingers found very wet cotton. I leaned against your desk, Sir and rubbed and rubbed and time stopped and I was in a space all my own... until you interrupted my erotic reverie and told me my panties were sufficiently wet now. I should take them off and hand them... to you, Sir. You wanted to see how wet I'd become.
So I took my knickers off and before I could give them to you, your hand reached down to my pussy and your fingers grabbed and probed and came out very sticky, wet and sweet. I nearly came with your touch. But now my punishment was to begin. Sir had me open my mouth wide and he stuffed my panties into my mouth, making sure the wet spot lay on my tongue.
Thus, stark naked and gagged, I put my hands behind my back as ordered. Sir found a wide elastic band and bound my wrists together. It hurt a bit. I was then eased over the stool, my belly on the seat and my breasts hanging down in front, my bum up high as I had to stand on tip-toe to balance on the high seat. I was facing sideways and far enough from Sir's desk that all could see me in profile.
Sir, you asked me what my choice would be: leather belt, paddle or switch? I chose belt ( two tongued leather straps you called a tawse.) You then asked Gerry, the class clown, what his choice would be; he said paddle.
" Good!" you said, " And my choice is the switch. So, Miss Day Ladies first; we shall start with the tawse. "
Sir chose one of the bigger boys from the back row to do the honours. Frank never liked me... now I was going to get it. and I did, Sir, as you know, I could not count out my strokes ( as per school policy ) because of my panty-gag; but Frank did the honours. 1 through 12 and Frank took a full swing each stroke. My bum was afire and at the finish, Sir, you made me turn about to show the class how red my buttocks had become.
Back into position, Kirsten was given the paddle and I knew I was in for it. She was top seed on the Tennis Team; her strokes were harder than Frank's and my buttocks were burning. 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10... 11... 12... I counted silently through tears as she counted aloud. But the real humiliation came when Kristen noticed a dripping of a gooey, clear fluid down my thighs... yes... she stuck her face right between my spread legs and dabbed her fingers along my leg and she sniffed and declared that I was getting off on my whipping and that was female ejaculate, 'pussy juice' is what she called it, dripping out of my cunt.
Laughter finally died down and my face was crimson!
And that left you, Sir, to mete out my punishment with the switch. You had me stretch on tip-toe and tense my buttocks... You liked a tight target, you said. Then: 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10... 11... 12...
I was sobbing and balling my eyes out at the end... The bell rang and you told the girls to take my clothes with them... and throw them away. You had the boys stay behind. I was to serve time out... Naked, gagged and bound, lying over the stool with my legs spread and my wet an gapping pussy at a very convenient height.
Your instructions to the boys, Sir were simple. Fuck her cunt all you want; put the gag back in when your finished fucking her mouth; don't sodomize her... we have to leave something for next time. But untie her hands and turn the lights out when you're through. Take your time."
Sir, your instructions to me was to stay as I was and serve my time with the boys... and when they had finished having their fun, I was to sit down and write up my assignment. In full.
Which, Sir, I have. I know you only allow one submission of assignments and I will suffer the consequences should you find any errors here.
Victoria Katherine Day
The End
This performance ars erotica was carried out in the privacy of my bedroom.. alone but with toys and tools and a vivid imagination.
It's just masturbation fantasy with words and written up and sent to the Mirror Master who gave me the 'assignment'. I have now presented it as a 'story' but it is true in as much as the scenes played in my mind while I played the action on my body.

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thanks for the story.