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This was written by a very special friend; she asked me to edit it and gave permission for it to be published here.

Genie With the Light Blonde Hair
Thinking Outside the Box

Vicky lost a bet and now must play Genie of the Lamp to Karl who plays Alladin .. he gets 3 wishes and conspires with a friend. Karl converts his hall closet into a glory hole Box


Do you have to do the early shift or do you have the whole day off? I was thinking of picking you up after I get off work, say six tonite. We can grab a bite at Bayshore. Be sure to shower and have all body hair shaven before then.. your pussy's going on parade tonite.

I'm going to let you know my first two wishes:

(1) You wear or don't wear what I tell you to tonite ( we're talking the slut look )

(2) As we shop, dine and go to different places tonite, you will sit, walk, bend, flash, pose or show off your body exactly like I say and you will do it immediately... no questions asked.

(3) I'll tell you about my third wish when we get back to my place.

Master of the Lamp, YOUR Master

Good Morning Master,
Your wish is my command and I will be ready anytime today ( I have no shift until Sunday afternoon ) so you want me to dress like a slut.. no problem.. a little flashing? been there done that. Is that your idea of humiliation? It shall be as you command, oh master of the lamp and Master of me....

Vicky, my obedient genii...
Let me worry about my wishes and you just worry about obeying them. You lost the coin toss, you must grant my wishes. And by the way, my idea of humiliation may surprise you.. I mean to see you blush today! And I intend to have lots of men and women have a peek at that gorgeous bald pussy of yours.
I was thinking of some shopping, dinner, pick up a movie or two, maybe take in a strip club .. then back to my place for a quiet nite in. I hope you'll enjoy it.. I know I will.
Your Master
And Karl wrote to his friend, John who was his mentor. Karl gave him a blow by blow of Vicky’s time as Genii of the Box.
It's Day Two of Vicky's training.. that's what it's turning into.. and she's doing just fine...

Let me give you an update then the details of last nite's shopping spree and nite out. I got to tell you.. Vicky has gone along with everything.. and I mean everything... like a trooper.. I expected her to enjoy the flashing but she's even taken on the part of sex slave with all her heart.

It’s about 8 in the morning here and Vicky is sleeping in the hall closet. I let her rest because there won’t be any visitors for a few hours anyway. I’ve been keeping a count, she’s given 26 blow jobs since before midnite and I’ve told her she’s to stay exactly where she is and suck every cock that comes through that hole. I’ve got over 30 guys lined up for the weekend and they all want to have a go two or three times.

Vicky is not totally naked. She’s wearing her collar and leash which is hanging not too tight from the clothes bar and she’s wearing those nipple clamps I bought her and she's got that short butt plug up her ass. . Also she has ‘bracelets’ keeping her hands bound behind her back. Not too uncomfortable but restricted.

I figured she can’t kneel for 48 hours so she’s kind of hunched up sideways in the closet, leaning on the doorframe with just enough slack on the leash so she can get her mouth to the glory hole. It’s pretty cramped in there. I cut the hole at kneeling height and she has to kneel when sucking but she can half sit / half lie down when not giving head. I had her out on the leash to piss three times already it was even more humiliating than I'd imagined. She really had to go too.. just six guys ( and Josee ) the first time and I helped her to her feet but kept her cuffed. I walked her over to each person and told her to ask them if she could go.. everyone played along and made her wait for an answer. She peed with the bathroom door open so everyone could see me in front of her.. yeah, I decided on a special treat for her.... As she peed, so did I... right in her mouth as she was sitting on the toilet.. and she swallowed. What a good little slave! But I'm getting ahead of myself..

Last nite started at six when I got to her place and told her my first wish, that she wear or not wear only clothes as I command… then we went through her closet and I chose a very short pleated skirt, leather sandals and a beige tube top.. no underwear and no socks. I told her she would wear only these wherever we went today and she would remove them whenever and wherever I told her to. I had her strip and before getting into her outfit and she smiled, made a wave of her hand and said , “ Master, your wish is my command.” And she got to her knees before me and unzipped my pants, took out my cock and sucked me off. That seemed like a good omen for the weekend.

But you wanted details about our shopping and nite out, right. Ok… I did a trial run when Vicky got dressed.. had her bend and sit and spread her legs apart to see what I could see.. and it was lots. Then off to the mall where there are eight shoe stores… we hit every one! First Stance for fancy expensive shoes and there was a male clerk.. First I have to tell you we rode up and down on the escalators a few times before shopping just to get Vicky into the mood.. I was always a step above her and would turn around and quietly tell her when to stoop , bend or put her hand on her skirt at her thigh( this really worked well ) and then slowly bring her hand up dragging her skirt material up too and exposing her bare butt.. but very nonchalant like it was just an accident. We heard some gasps and titters but I had told Vicky to ignore all such attention.

But the shoe stores.. that was priceless Stance is on the first level next to the Bay so it gets lots of traffic and the way Vicky was seated showed a lot of leg to everyone and the clerk helping her had a full view of her pussy.. I had her move her thighs in and out casually to draw attention and expose herself. I figured we had to make it look accidental but also blatant. First time it worked like a harm.. I mean Vicky blushed almost as much as the clerk.. didn’t stop him from serving her though. And I had told her that once at each shoe store she had to prop one foot up on the chair edge to give the guy at her feet a complete view of her pussy. She did.. very obedient little genii was our Vicky. No sale but the clerk did not seem to mind.. in fact, Vicky made no show purchases but left smiles behind her LOL

Aldo was nest on the third level.. so up the escalator with a bunch of teenage girls five or six steps behind us.… I had Vicky pretend to adjust her sandal so she had to bend all the way and moon the girls.. outright laughs and cries behind us which we ignored. Aldo had only female clerks and Vicky was less showy until I nudged her and motioned that she had to put her foot up on the chair. She did and I could see the clerk ( a francophone woman in her 30’s ) smiled and arched her eyebrows,.. and she looked up at me … I was standing behind Vicky’s chair… and I smiled back at the clerk and gave a little nod. Then you know what she did, the clerk I mean, she put her hand on Vicky’s foot, the one that was perched on the edge of the chair, and gave it a squeeze. Vicky tried on 7 or 8 pairs of shoes and the clerk had Vicky cock her leg up on the chair each time. No male clerks were so bold in all the other stores we visited.. and we did go to all eight stores too.

Armstrong ( very posh ), Feet First and Payless ( un-posh ) and a bunch of others must have been two hours there and other stores and lots of escalator trips. But we were both starving by then and that’s when I took Vicky to the washrooms on the second level. Like I planned, behind the Coke machine where she stripped.. I told her I’d be back in a minute, don’t move and I took her clothes into the men’s room, in a cubicle I stuffed her skirt and tube top in the toilet, flushed to get the clothes totally wet. They were lying in the bottom of the toilet sopping wet and I had an idea…I pissed in the toilet all over her clothes. I left her sandals on the back of the toilet.. went out to where she was crouching and told her where her clothes were and that she should get dressed and meet me at the food mart on the third level in ten minutes.. then I left her naked in the bright lights of the corridor in the busiest shopping centre in Ottawa. I saw her dash like mad to get into the men’s room and I went on to the food court and ordered New York Fries two subs and Cokes and waited….

In five minutes she made her way up the escalator, she had managed to wring out her skirt and top but it was still clinging and looked like a wet t-shirt contest beauty. Anyway, her being in sopping piss drenched clothes was just the beginning and I told her so….She was blushing again…. But not as much as a half hour later in a XXX Video marital arts store on St. Lawrence near the NuDen ( our next stop ) .. but in the video store they sell sex toys too and after having Vicky look through the shelves of videos.. bending several times to look at titles on bottom racks.. I had her buy a pair of velvet lined handcuffs … she’s wearing them now.. those are the bracelets I mentioned. There were four guys and the manager in the store at the time and they all saw her flashing her ass.

Down the street the NuDen featured pole and lap dancing and women are let in free.. cheap date, eh? Vicky had a few drinks and we got a table far from the stage.. She flashed with her skirt hiked up but nothing spectacular until a dancer come up and asked if I’d like a lap dance for $20 .. I said ‘no, but my girlfriend would…. I’ll just watch. ” and I made room. Vicky had her skirt all the way to her waist at that point and her naked lap was exposed in he dim light. The dancer took my money and was laughing and whispering in Vicky’s ear as she did her gyrating ‘dance’ against Vicky’s body. After that we finished our drinks and left.

Home by eleven o’clock and the guys and Rene’s sister were soon to arrive. I told Vicky to get out of her sopping clothes, take a shower and return naked to the living room. When she did our guests had arrived; Six men and one young girl who was slouched in my armchair, her legs spread apart.

I’m not sure you wanted too much detail about what went on over the next hour. Here goes.. I told Vicky my final wish was that she was to be my slave for the next 48 hours.. that she could call work Sunday morning and tell them some things had come up that she had to attend to ( LOL.. there certainly would be.. about 100 of them, I’d guess ) Anyway, she was to do exactly as she was told and we would start off with some Discipline games.

I had the lights low and candles lit, shades drawn and I remembered an e-mail you sent a few days ago.. I put on her collar and leach and had Vicky crawl around on all fours and bark like a dog.. I had her sniff at everyone’s crotch and then she came to Rene’s sister, Josee who was still sitting but now rose in the chair, reached below her skirt and pulled down her panties… Vicky dutifully sniffed but Josee slunk down and grabbed Vicky’s head from behind and shoved Vicky’s face right in her crotch….” Suck it bitch” was all she said.. and Vicky went at it…

She made the rounds fro crotch to crotch as the guys unzipped and Vicky licked and suck for a bit.. but this was BDSM time.. and I wanted to get some clamps and bonds on her.. I put the handcuffs on her with her hands behind and we draped her over the back of my sofa so her toes just touched the floor .. tip toe.. and her head rested on the seat bolsters.. her ass was balanced on the top of the sofa’s back.

Condoms all around, KY up her cunt and ass hole… she was gang banged again. We were only about 15 minutes.. just wanted to warm her up.. because the next half hour we spent laying into Vicky’s butt with our belts.. and you know who struck hardest? Josee!

I un-cuffed Vicky and had her make a pit stop in the bathroom and when she came out I handed her my old ping pong paddle and told her we wanted to watch while he gave herself another 30 of the finest. This time we had her flush against and facing the wall and with her left hand she delivered 15 smacks to each butt cheek. Then I had an idea.. I cuffed her hands behind her back again and took the full condoms and squeezed the cum out on to her face and spread it all around... I wanted her to smell of cum from the start.

It was near midnite and our first batch of guests were to arrive so we quickly got Vicky set up in the closet, inserted her butt plug, tied the leash and placed the plastic shower curtain around the door frame.. the glory hole was set first.. we tried it out .. then when we had the right height I stapled it shut and Vicky was open for business.. her mouth was anyway. I explained what a glory hole was to her.. and told her I give her water only, all she would have to eat for the next two days was cum, so she better eat every drop.

I had my guests try the hole first then me and soon others arrived. We had about 20 more guys over and we kept the party going until about 4 a.m. I've kept Vicky in the closet while I slept in my bed but I relented and gave her a pillow and told her to get some sleep.

Like I said, they’ll be coming (LOL) in shifts and I expect the mid-morning crew to arrive soon. Vicky's still asleep. Jesus.. it's almost 11.... This has taken hours to write up… but I think I owed you a detailed description for preparing her for me. Vicky has turned into a very obedient little sex slave.

gotta go.. we have guests due in 10 minutes. I'll write later if anything comes up LOL


She's up to 36 now and there's another seven guys here that haven't had a go at the glory hole yet.. and more coming later LOL.. and there'll be a big crowd for tonite's BIG GAME ( Senators .. and Vicky LOL ) beer pizza and for Vicky... lot's of sausage to suck and cum to eat.

The hall is beginning to smell kind of raunchy.


At this rate, she's going to hit 100 before midnite! And the hall is really getting ripe. A lot of my guests have turned it into a blow-job / bukkake glory hole ( one guy did it and now everyone's copying him. ) I brought Vicky out for a pee a few minutes ago and, of course, with her hands cuffed behind her, she's had to the leave the cum on her face and hair and dripping down her breasts.

It is one humiliating sight: her going to each guy and begging to be allowed to pee.. and her face half covered in cum.. and NO WAY I'm letting her wipe it off. But now everyone wants to splash her.. but I've told them only if she keeps her mouth open so she can get at least some to swallow.

I'm thinking each trip to the can I should get someone to piss on her while she's sitting on the toilet.. not in her mouth though.. that's my privilege only! And not on her face. I don't want the cum to wash away.. maybe they can piss just on her breasts, tummy and thighs.

Man that closet's going to stink for weeks. I may have to move... or just leave Vicky there as a permanent fixture LOL... only half-kidding. She has a kind of resigned look in her eyes.


New bunch in the last hour except for René who came back for seconds.... They just left but will be back for the game at 8.. but before they left I thought I'd give them a chance to see Vicky's total humiliation so I opened the shower curtain again and unleashed my little slave...
Her face and hair is a mix or dried on and fresh cum shots .. I forgot about making her beg and just marched her into the bathroom and sat her on the toilet. She had an almost Zombie stare but her eyes seemed more alert as she looked up at me.

I said, " Hey fellas, watch this.." and told Vicky, " Open Sesame " and she opens her mouth and I pissed with my cock right on her tongue and she just gulped and gulped until I was finished. I patted her on the head then marched her back to the closet, re-tied her and stapled the curtain shut.. and she was back in business ...
opps.. there' the 4 o'clock crew now... gotta go


And it isn't even Game time when there will be more than a dozen guests over to enjoy putting the puck in the net and putting their cocks in the glory hole...

If Vicky makes it to 100 sometime tonite, I'll release her tomorrow morning. I can be a kind Master. But first I think I'm going to demand she pledge service...


Vicky's back in the closet and I'm expecting at least 20 friends over today.. I know I said 100 and I'd free her, but I'd already told my buddies to be sure to come back Sunday mid and late morning and then others afternoon and evening.. I think I'm going to have to keep her sucking cock until midnite.... I told her before she drifted off to sleep that it was just a reprieve and she'd have to serve in the glory hole today. You know what she said? " Of course I will. "

New target: 200 by midnight

Vicky's taking a shower and the glory hole is closed .... she made it to 134 when she tried to deep throat a well endowed friend of mine.. big mistake.. she choked.. literally and puked up a mess of liquidy cum all over the floor of the closet and on the curtain too.

So much for the 200 target.. I don't think the Guinness Book keeps this kind of record anyway. I had thought of making her lick up the mess.. it is just cum after all.. but the guys around me were getting put off. So I just had her clean herself up. There's seven guys still here for the game but they've all had two or more blow jobs since Friday nite... besides

Here she is now... say hello to John, Vicky...

Hi John... Karl tells me he's kept you up to date on my 'training' that's what this is, isn't it? You said he was a keeper and I should worship his cock with my mouth. I have certainly done of lot of that this weekend. No more games, eh? I'm Karl's to do with as he pleases.. and he will please me too. Was training your idea or his?

That's enuf for now. John, you can write to Vicky still but I think I can handle the training from now on.. thanks for your help. .... Vicky's gone to lie down and rest .. so I can tell you, next weekend she gets training in sodomy

I'm going to send her home at the end of the hockey game ... 2nd period's about to begin.. I bet on NY Rangers.... spanking time for Vicky no matter who wins ... I remember what you said about taking care of her but letting her know discipline is for my pleasure.



Maybe whoever's here at the end of the game gets to fuck her... what the hell. Rangers win she gets fucked.. Sabres win she gets sodomized. Yeah!


Buffalo won about an hour ago and we've been sodomizing Vicky ever since. Got her positioned like Friday nite, over the back of my sofa with her ass well up and well greased.

Thing is, there's about 20 more guys who said they'd be back for blow jobs this evening until midnite. I can't disappoint them.... The glory hole's down but I can still give them Vicky's ass to fuck.

Just as well, her training's starting early. I've already got her thinking of herself as a fuck-toy.


Weekend training over.. I relented and besides not that many wanted to fuck her up the ass.. so they took the wider option and fucked her pussy instead.. right up until the stroke of midnite..

fucking total

blow jobs in and out of the glory hole: 138

fucked pussy: 17

fucked up the ass: 6

I drove her home this morning and suggested she call in sick to Wal-Marts.


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