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When I began attending college I heard stories about a male student up campus who was unusually gifted. Girls entered his dorm room but women emerged. Rumor had it he had a nineteen-inch cock that was as large in girth as a balled fist. Upon further investigation I found several females who sang his praises almost dreamy eyed as they recounted their encounter. All agreed on one thing, he never had sex with same girl twice. He insisted on that condition to refrain from becoming involved in any long-term relationship.
I determined to ride this beast and found his name to be Steve and his dorm name and room number. I arrived at his door giddy as a schoolgirl going out on her first date. I knocked and a strong male voice answered, “C’mon in, its open.” I entered the room to find the naked form of a tall and lanky blonde haired man naked legs wrapped around his hips as he pistoned his body into the naked female form on the bed before him. I turned to leave but his strong friendly voice urged me to stay, “Please take a seat. How can I help you?” My eyes were transfixed at his crotch trying to catch a glimpse of his mythical instrument now pounding away at this young girl’s creaming snatch. His cock withdrew an impossibly long way covered in this stranger’s white vaginal lubricant. Her glassy eyed head rocked from side to side as he pistoned his mammoth cock in and out of her; a low moaning escaped her mouth as she gasped for air oblivious to my presence. It was clear she was lost in the moment but he was not. “Where are my manners? I’m Steve and this is Mary. What brings you to my door?” he asked without missing a beat. I stammered, “I heard…” “Aah, yes!” he replied as he reached over to shake my hand. Dazedly I shook his hand while never allowing my gaze to stray from the action before me. “Take your clothes off and set them anywhere,” he directed. I nodded and slowly began to remove my clothing. Steve glanced over as I removed my last article of clothing to stand naked before him. He smiled and remarked, “Nice tits! Lay down on the bed here.” I lay next to Mary, as her low guttural moans grew more distinct with her approaching orgasm. Her body shot erect and her arms encircled Steve’s neck as a massive orgasm wracked her body. She tried to kiss Steve but he pushed her away and withdrew from her.
Steve than stepped between my legs as he lifted and spread them to insert his monster tool into me. Covered in Mary’s crotch cream it was every inch the monster described. He drove his cock into me with no foreplay and I groaned my approval as this beast stretched and filled my pussy in ways I had not previously known. I gasped as my body struggled to accommodate his girth and length. My mind struggled to accept the business like attitude with which he performed his chore. I could see Mary had turned to watch my impalement as I had hers. She seemed in no hurry to leave as she watched Steve drive his rod into me. I soon forgot she was there as my whole world became focused on the object so divinely stretching my pussy. I looked in Steve’s eyes to see he was utterly focused on the task at hand. He was watching how my body reacted to various strokes of his tool and adjusted his motion to focus on those, which drew the most reaction from me. Here was a craftsman who took great pride in his tool and the magic it could work. I soon realized he hadn’t cum with Mary and pondered if his control was absolute. Though new to a tool of his size, I was no novice and decided to pit my skill against his. I concentrated on squeezing and relaxing my cervical muscles to milk his cock. I was rewarded by a throb from his cock-head as I squeezed and released it. He smiled and his eyes lit up as he said, “You are a little vixen aren’t you?” He redoubled his efforts to further withdraw his cock only to drive its entire length into me until his pelvic bone slammed against mine. I began to sweat at the effort I was exerting to keep from orgasming and wrapped my arms around his neck to draw my chest against his. I tried to kiss him but he was having none of that. I felt the length of his cock rub against my clit as he withdrew and than plunged his pulsating cock into my now quivering pussy. Despite my best efforts to restrain myself I could feel the onset of a massive orgasm unlike any I had ever experienced before. He seemed to find a second clitoris deep inside my body, which he stroked to a fevered pitch. When I came I felt my body explode a fluid much like a man’s and the life seemed to drain out of me as this unfamiliar floodgate opened deep inside my body. My body was wracked by one spasm after another. Every woman, regardless of station or stature should seek out a beast like this and give it a ride at least once in her life, I thought. Steve kissed my forehead, smiled and quipped, “Your good!” Than withdrew his cock and turned to awaiting diminutive figure of a child. He glanced at her naked form and asked to see her id, she rummaged in her purse and presented her driver’s license he tilted his head and nodded. He lifted her and placed her on the bed next to me. “Celia, meet Debbie,” Steve remarked. Celia was clearly embarrassed by this situation. I struggled to rise but found myself still too weak from my experience. Gentle hands pulled me up and I looked to see Mary had dressed and stayed to help me dress. We looked on in awe as inch after inch of Steve’s cock sank into Celia’s snatch. She kept muttering, “Too big, too big, you’re splitting me in two.” Steve hesitated and her eyes focused on him as she begged him not to stop. I steadied myself on Mary’s shoulder as she first pulled up my panties and than my pants. I pulled on my blouse and picked up my coat, stuffing my bra in its pocket. Mary and I stared on in wonder as Steve’s crotch hair scrapped against Celia’s shaved pelvis. There came a knock at the door and it was clearly time for us to leave as we let two girls, who could be twins, into the room. Mary’s room was down the hallway and she invited me back to her room where we discussed a variety of topics over a few drinks and we soon found we had a lot in common. She asked me to become her roommate. It seemed a good idea but we were two of a kind and I felt that could lead to conflict and declined, better a new friend than roommate.

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