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05-29-2007, 09:12 AM
This story was written by a very special friend; she asked me to edit it and gave permission for it to be posted here.


By Victoria Day.

For some reason I was really horny all day today. It might have been because I was wearing stockings – just knowing I have them on gets me wet!. I couldn’t wait for my friends to leave so I could lie back and please myself. I hardly had the door closed before I started to unbutton my white blouse and as I lay back on my sofa I eased my left tit out over my lace bra, then my right one. As I looked down at my tits and hard nipples I felt myself get wetter. I reached down and started to rub my tits – really hard. Tugging on my nipples and making them stick out further…rolling them between my fingers.

My breathing getting heavier as I pushed my left tit to my mouth and flicked my tongue over my hard nipple, then rubbed my teeth on it. It felt so good and I knew I was going to have to work on my pussy because I could feel the juices running out of it.

I reached down and pulled up my skirt, easing it over my thighs to my waist. Opening my legs wide I looked down and saw a dark stain on my panties where my pussy had made them wet. Needless to say that drove me wild and I couldn’t help rubbing my pussy through the tight lace. I lay back and moaned as I felt my hard clit sticking out through my pussy lips and rubbing against the lace. I started to rub harder, using my fingers up and down my pussy, spreading as wide as I could. It made me so wet and knew I could fill my pussy with ease with anything I wanted. I was crazy now and had to have something big in me. I pulled my panties down and pushed them over my ankles.

Lying back on my sofa I spread my legs really wide and pulled my lips apart wishing some one could see my wet pussy.

I looked round and on the table I saw what I was going to fuck myself with. It was so big I knew I would have to open my pussy first, so I pushed in 2 fingers, then a third – right to the knuckle. For a moment I lost control and started to ride them feeling them deep inside my pussy. As I pushed in my fourth finger I stretched them wide and my pussy opened up with them. I lay back and groaned real loud as I felt my tight pussy stretching – the thought of it driving me crazy. I eased my hand out and reached for my toy – a bottle. I couldn’t wait to fuck it as I pushed the neck into my open hole.
Pushing further I moaned as 5 inches of thick glass stretched me, then 7…. I couldn’t believe it when my pussy took all of it with only enough sticking out for me to use to work it inside me.

I lay back, stretched so wide by the bottle and started to work it in and out of my pussy. Slowly at first and the faster as my hole got used to it. I groaned so loud when I felt the neck of the bottle rubbing far inside and me and soon I was fucking myself real hard, my pussy getting wetter as the bottle slid in and out. I felt an orgasm beginning and knew I was going to cum soon all over that fat glass bottle. I let myself go and started to yell as one last ram filled my pussy completely and stretched me to the limit. I started to shake as I came really hard feeling every inch of the glass inside me. Yelling louder now….fucking so hard…. Cumming…… As I came I squeezed the bottle out until it fell on to the sofa. I lay back and pulled my lips wide feeling the cum run out of my hole as I sighed and moaned.

Mmmmmmm what an orgasm for my tight little pussy….

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thanks for the story.

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thanks for sharing your great story with us