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This story was written by a very special friend; She asked me to edit it and gave permission for it to be posted here.

Sent To The Showers
by Victoria Day
When Vicky first arrived at the new school, she tried hard to make friends. She was, after all, only in grade eight, a thirteen year old virgin, a pretty girl with natural sandy blonde hair, her breasts were well developed for her age, something the boys in class certainly noticed. She didn't try to look older than her years with make up and such, in fact, she wanted to appear more like a little girl... she wore her hair in braids and even shaved herself smooth around her sex and had ever since puberty had set in two years before. She wanted to look, act and feel like a little girl, despite her decidedly big girl breasts and womanly hips.
It must have been the fact that she caught the boy' eyes so much that turned the girls in her class against her. She knew scowled and gave her he cold shoulder from Day 1 but was ever hopeful her shy, 'little girl ' charm would win them over. Who could stay sore at the friendly and innocent face she wore to win their favour. But, of course, that just made them more jealous and, unbeknownst to Vicky, the girls laid their plan to humiliate and punish her at the hands of the very guys she was charming.
To her girl 'friends', as they now posed, Vicky was a HO of the worst kind, a natural slut who looked so cute and innocent but who used her sex like a pro. And only 13 years old! What a slag! But to pull off their 'prank', her mates ( Helen, Francie and Melissa ) pretended to invite Vicky to their sorority ( secret as school rules forbade such things ) where she'd become best buds with all the right girls and not just in her class but all the way to grade 13.
But there was a hitch; Vicky would have to prove a 13 year-old like her was as bold as the older sorority sisters. If Vicky wanted to become a Sigma Sister, she would have to prove her worth and test her mettle in a series of initiation tasks.
This was Vicky' first year at Bowers Dominion School ( grades 8 13 ) but she knew its reputation for traditional English School ways complete with school uniforms, compulsory P.E. ( gym class), use of the strap one bare bottoms and often in front of the other boys and girls. This she accepted and it even suited her own masturbation fantasies of discipline and humiliation, fantasies she blushed at but enjoyed nonetheless in the privacy of her bedroom and under the sheets with new found finger games!
So Vicky was excited and nervous as she thought of what Sorority initiations might involve; spanking and nudity, that was a given. Being made to strip before boys and even be touched by them, that was what she thought about under the sheets that night before her first initiation task.
It was a Monday so she'd had all weekend to wonder. But she was caught off guard in the third period when she had a spare to find out she had just ten minutes to pull it off. Helene and Francie stopped her in the hall beside the gym; the boys' basket ball team was practicing and they had the gym to themselves.
" Okay Vicky, you have just ten minutes to sneak into the boys' locker room" whispered Francie, " and steal a jock strap from the bin"
Soiled, sweaty gym uniforms and, with the boys, athletic supporters were left in the locker rooms for cleaning by the staff laundress. It would present no problem.
" But you have to leave a token behind in its place." added Helen. " So once you have the jock trap, you have to slip out of your panties and hand them up on some guy's locker door. And... you have to kiss the crotch of your panties ( on the inside ) and leave a big, red lipstick mark..."
" Yeah", said Francie, now getting really into the game. " AND you have to initial your panties next to the kiss mark; take a pen and write V.D. on the cloth... what colour panties are you wearing anyway? "
Vicky was getting excited; this was naughty and sexy and not too hard either and she knew she could pull it off. She was going to be a Sigma Sister soon for sure!
" White with a bit of yellow lace on the hem. They're not very sexy" she admitted.
" That's okay, Vicky" smiled Francie. " You'll feel plenty sexy once they're off. But no time... got a pen? Okay... Go on, ten minutes starts now!" And with that, the two 'friends' pushed the hapless and innocent 13 year-old toward the gym doors.
The door to the boys' locker was right at the hall entrance and the guys and the coach were much too busy to notice this slight, female figure dart into the locker room. The swing door shut silently and Vicky found herself in a room of wet tiles and the smell of bleach and boy sweat and dirty gym socks. She was really turned on.
She made her way to the back of the room by the large showers area where eight sets of nozzles dripped water from a six foot height. Over by the open window stood the laundry bin and she was in luck; it was nearly full and a jockey strap was atop the pile. She grabbed it up and stuffed it in her skirt belt while she quickly slipped out of her panties and fumble for her pen. V.D. for Victoria Day was now on the inside crotch. Then she planted a big kiss next to her initials ( luckily, she had worn lots of lipstick that morning ) and the lip mark she left was clear and looked so naughty! Vicky found a locker door that was ajar and she draped her autographed knickers on the handle.
" There!: she said to herself, " Now that wasn't hard." She had a few minutes yet and so took her time glancing at the messy locker scene; she let her imagination run wild and pictured a room full of naked, muscular boys horsing around and slapping each other's bare bums with wet towels... and she thought of their nude bodies glistening under the showers. Her pussy started to get wet too. With a smile and a sigh, she headed for the doorway.
She turned the handle and pushed... The door remained closed; she pushed harder. Nothing. Vicky looked to see if it was stuck and then saw that it had been bolted from the outside. But who would do that? It started to dawn on her: getting into Sigma Theta Chi was not going to so easy after all.
She was trapped and her ten minutes was almost up. Soon the boys would be returning for their showers and... the sound of a crowd on the other side of the door, then coach's voice and the click of a key in the lock.
Vicky was frozen to the spot just a few feet from the door which now opened and a gang of gangly teenage boys rushed in, only to stop short then crowd around the nervous and blushing little girl before them. They were grinning and gaffawing at Vicky but it was coach Murphy's voice that sent a chill down Vicky's back.
" Well, boys..." bellowed the middle-aged gym instructor, " Looks like the Sigma Sisters have sent us another one. Better lock the door and get at it; you don't want to be late for your next classes. " He ws clearly in charge and the boys hopped to when he barked his orders out.
" Sharp like, kids... time for the showers... everyone, get all your clothes off. " he smiled wickedly at Vicky, " I said EVERYONE, little lady, that means you too. STRIP NOW! "
She looked abut and no one was paying any attention to her ( yet ) but they were quickly getting out of their P.E. kits and some of the boys stood buck naked just a few feet away... They were noticing her now and their hardening cocks showed they liked what they saw as Vicky, bullied and embarrassed, had removed her clothes too.
" I think we have to give our young and, if I may be so bold, sexy guest a special team greeting" Coach Murphy was enjoying this. He hadn't had a chance like this in over six months, not since the last time anew girl got 'the treatment'.
It was all over very soon but to Vicky it seemed for ever. She was dragged naked into the shower room, made to kneel with her hands tied behind her back ( with the jock strap she'd stolen ) while naked boys took turns forming circles of six guys around her; they held their cocks up to her face and emptied their bladders. They pissed all over her face and breasts; pee flowed all over her, but always it started at her face. In fact, for each of the four pee circles ( Girl's Golden Showers, they called them ) one boy from behind would pull her pony tail and force her face to tilt upward and her mouth to open. They aimed at her mouth. Four times she showered and she stank.
But that was not all. The coach discovered the token panties on the locker door and when Vicky had finished 'showering', he stuffed the panties into her mouth, marched he to the door; she was gagged, buck naked and her hands were still bound behind with the jock strap.
Coach Murphy opened the door and pushed the red-faced and very smelly naked little girl out into the school hall where crowds of boys and girls and teachers too were standing around and then... laughing their heads off. There were Helene, Francie and Melissa who chanted,
" Welcome to Sigma Theta Chi, Vicky!"
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
The End
As always, Mirror Master inspired story was 'carried out' simulated in the privacy of my bathroom this time with the aid of two plastic water bottles, caps punctured and bottles filled with my own pee.

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