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This story was written by a very special friend; she asked me to edit it and gave permission for it to be posted here.

Dark Secret
When I was a kid I played games with my older brothers. These games were pretend games and often involved my being punished... like playing house where I, the youngest, would always be the naughty girl and my bothers would play Daddy who had to spank me. I'm talking about stuff kids do... it was a game and I was five or six and my brothers were 2 and 4 years older than I. It wasn't always playing house... sometimes I'd be a spy caught and have to be tied up... or at school and be spanked and made to stand in the corner; I'd be naked with my panties dropped to my feet and have to stand with my red bum glowing and my hand placed on top of my head ( I found out later that my eldest brother had seen XXX magazines that gave him that idea ) Anyway, it never went beyond stripping, spanking and tie up games when I was that age... and it only lasted until I was in grade one.
Darker Secret
But when I was ten years old I discovered how rubbing my pussy made me feel good and I started experimenting. I had already been self spanking for a year ( did not do it too often ) and found it made me feel funny in a good way. But now I was masturbating in earnest with sexy thoughts in my mind... remember what I said about how little girls blush and take note of their older brothers' bulging briefs? I kept those images in my mind as I would reach beneath my own panties and rub my pussy and squeeze my clit.
Nothing unusual in that, eh? and nothing unusual about getting caught in the act, either. Which I was one evening when I though I was alone in the house ( Dad was supposed to have taken the boys to hockey practice and not expected back for two hours ) But Steve had begged off saying he had a cold... I didn't know this and blithely undressed in my room, lay on the bed and began to finger fuck my bald, hot and wet pussy while I day dreamed about those bulging jockey shorts. But this one time my mind was on Steve’s crotch but my hands were holding mine and I delighted in the scent of my own juices. In fact, I had just been sniffing at my own moist fingers of my left hand ( my right still flicking away at my pussy ) when I heard Steve laugh. He was standing in my doorway ( I'd left it open ) leaning and leering!
" Vicky, you naughty little girl, you! "
I was stunned. Except for my panties, I was bare naked and Steve was making no move to look away. OMG, that turned me on... I was almost naked and he was looking at me... looking at me while I had my finger up my pussy. I blushed three shades of red as i instantly realized that something new was happening... and I was getting horny... and I hadn't stopped fingering myself... I was nine years old and I was getting horny.
So far, this is nothing to keep secret, sir... I am sure it happens to girls ( and boys ) all the time, being caught by a family member... But Steve smiled and sat on the bed next to me and things got odd... odd and very exciting.
First of all, his voice was not angry or teasing... but low, smooth and very reassuring... Steve was fourteen and his voice had changed that year. Now he asked me to close my eyes and relax... everything was okay... He assured me what I was doing was very natural and nothing to be ashamed of... that is, for a teenager... but I was only nine and shouldn't be touching myself down there at so young an age.
He said he should probably tell dad, in case dad thought I'd need to see a psychiatrist or maybe that I just needed a spanking and told not to do it again until I was older ( like dad did when he caught me smoking the year before; I got a strapping on my bare bum for that... yes, sir, my dad was old fashioned that way and all of us kids got spanked and strapped but not too often, just when we needed it.. but dad always instead on us doing ‘corner time’ naked! To shame us, he said.)
Anyway, I knew dad would be mad and from what Steve said, I could tell he'd think me a slut or worse. I kept my eyes shut as I cried thinking about how humiliated I'd be... and that was strange... because despite everything my pussy was still getting warmer and more tingly and I stopped crying as Steve put my head in his lap and stroked my hair... he was hushing me and saying dad didn't have to know... not if we just pretended this hadn't happened... but I'd have to keep my eyes shut and just pretend.
I have long been fascinated with hypnotism. Well, it must have started here because Steve's voice was so calming and relaxing and I found I just wanted to stay in his lap and keep my eyes shut and shut out my fears...
Steve said, " But it was naughty of you; what you were doing Vicky? at your age, I mean" Steve was rubbing my back and along my panty-clad bottom and along my calves... it felt so good, so calming.
" Remember how I used to play Daddy, years ago and you were my naughty daughter, remember that, Vicky? Keep your eyes closed."
I sat up but kept my eyes shut and said 'yes'.
" Well, let's make a deal... We'll pretend daddy knows and he gives you a spanking but I'll play daddy... We'll make a game of it like before."
I agreed and with my eyes still shut, Steve insisted, I got over his lap and... sir, this is where my reaction to a sensual spanking comes in: the gentle touches and slow pulling down of my panties to my ankles, the measured slaps on my bum... they were not hard but it took a long time because Steve kept me like that for dozens of slaps ( my left hand held behind my back while his right hand spanked my bare bum ) and his fingers came so close to my wet pussy but never touched ( I think he knew that was crossing the line... at least at that time )
Steve spanked me and really pretended to be dad. He spanked me that time long enough that my buttocks was burning by the end... the end of my spanking but not the end of the game. No, Steve added something to it... something we had done as kids. He made me stand in the corner ( naked with my panties at my heels, and hands atop my head my eyes still shut and facing the wall ) I stood there for about five minutes, I guess when he told me to keep my eyes shut but turn around facing him. Another five minutes... but this time I peeked. Steve had silently unzipped and pulled his jeans and shorts down and now was slowly stroking his cock while looking at me, his naked ten-year-old sister, looking at her red bare bum then her smooth, bald but moist pussy. The smell in my room was delicious. And, although I had peeked now, it looked like my eyes were shut.
When Steve told me to pull up my panties and open my eyes, he had already adjusted his pants and then explained that it was just a game and, in 'dad's' voice said, " But if I ever catch you doing that to yourself again, young lady, you can expect another spanking, a harder spanking and more time in the corner. Is that clear?" The last line Steve said with a bit of a smile...
I knew what he was hinting at... if he catches me masturbating I'd get a spanking.
For three months we played our pretend game from time to time... maybe a few times a month, when we were alone in the house for an hour or more. Somehow I'd forget to close my door, make too much noise as I masturbated and Steve would find me and, in dad-voice' tell me to shut my eyes and get over his knees... My eyes were always shut except when he had me turn toward him in the corner... I sometimes dared to lift my eyelids just a touch and tilt my head a bit so I could see his cock get big as he stroked himself.
This went on for months but it all stopped when Steve caught me peeking.
Darkest Secret
It was just before my eleventh birthday and Dad and Frank were gone and Steve excused himself and we were alone and sure enough, he caught me fingering my pussy under my panties again... we were getting used to the mock horror and embarrassment and I quickly got over Steve's lap for my spanking and did my corner time while Steve watched on and played with himself. I kept my eyes shut with my back to him and my nose taking in deep breaths from time to time. But I always enjoyed my turn facing him and peeking under lidded eyes to see his large and creaming cock as he slowly stroked it... then...
" Vicky, you're cheating... you're looking!"...
I was caught!!!
I laughed and opened my eyes wide and said he should be spanked for playing with himself. and I admitted that I had known all along and had, all year long watched him masturbate. I told him this while still facing him and... remarkably,, while keeping my hands atop my head.
" And you like looking, do you, Vicky?"
I felt very grown up at this point and told him that I liked what I saw and what I smelled. Steve stood up then and his pants fell to the floor. He must have noticed that my eyes were still glued to his hard-on, Really, I could not take my eyes off his cock! It was a minute of silence as I just stared at his cock... stared as Steve continued now to stroke his cock...
Then his voice got all soft and mellow again as he said, ' Close your eyes, Vicky, and come here." I did and stepped towards him until I bumped into his chest. Then I felt his hands on my shoulders as he slowly pushed me to my knees. My face was touching his warm and wet cock. It was the first time I had ever touched a naked cock... and it was with my cheeks and nose and then... my lips..." Keep your eyes shut and let's pretend, Vicky."
" Do you still like the smell, Vicky?" I nodded and smiled and breathed in... mmmm. " You want to taste it, Vicky?" I nodded and his hand gently pinched my face to open my mouth and without seeing, having only touch and smell and sound... and now taste, I experienced cock in my mouth. I knew immediately, this is absolutely true... I was just ten.. well I’d be eleven in a week… and I was naked kneeling before my 15 year old brother with his hard cock in my mouth and I knew then and there: This felt so good, this was where I belonged. Steve's voice was claming but his breathing was heavy as he stroked my hair and encouraged me... my brother was teaching me how to give a blow job... it was learning on the job for both of us but we took our time and it was a bit awkward but the end result was good and this first time I found out what it was like to have a horny boy cum in your mouth and even then figured out how to breath and swallow and continue sucking and sucking until he got hard again and that was all done with my eyes closed.
And that's when we made the deal... no telling dad ( of course ) and I was to keep my eyes shut but Steve could come to me in the night and I would suck his cock. But we made a deal we had to pretend this was pretend... like when we were kids... That's why I had to keep my eyes shut. It wasn't really happening... We'd pretend. Steve said I'd have to do it whenever he wanted but I wasn't to worry, it would be no more than once or twice a week.
And for the summer we did just that... not too often, but often enough late at night I'd be in my bedroom, usually in only my panties and I'd wake to hear Steve say, " Eyes closed, Vicky" and I would and I'd sit up and open my mouth and he'd take my head and guide me and I would give him a blow job. He'd leave after and in the morning we'd pretend nothing had happened.
Not once was a word spoken between us about the deal. We just kept pretending. It stopped one day when my mum walked in without knocking.. we always knocked… She caught me on my knees, naked and with Steve’s cock in my mouth. I froze and Steve looked like he was going to faint. Mum just said, “Get up.. and Don’t you ever do that again.” And she walked out giving me a look that said ‘SLUT!’
Steve was always her favourite. She told him next day she would not tell our father on is if we promised never to do anything like that gain. And we didn’t …

So that's it... I've laid my soul bare in many of my stories I’ve posted on SOL which blend fiction with reality.. This one is as close to what happened as I can make it..." eyes shut tight on tears unshed".. certainly a lot of my acting out comes from the spanking and humiliation that I felt not as pain but pleasure. My love of oral sex? Oh yeah! I think that comes from starting so early... but the trance-like state I was in watching Steve jack off, that remains to this day... I feel so right on my knees or bent down to adore a hard cock.

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