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This story was written by a very special friend; she asked me to edit it and gave me permission to post it here.

Victoria's Revenge
by Victoria Day
Victoria Day had served her pledge probation all through grade eleven and even into the summer. But by Senior year, she figured it would be she who planned the special initiations for the in-coming freshmen year girls. She looked forward to embarrassing and degrading the 13 and 14 year old girls, some of whom might even be virgins.
After all, Vicky was made to 'serve' her cheerleading sisters at every party. Sexual humiliation was combined with strict discipline as Vicky learned to give good cunnilingus while her hands were tied behind her back. She learned the knack of becoming aroused under the most humiliating circumstances, so her mates were treated to the sight of Vicky's hips grinding way and her puffy pussy lips getting moist while Vicky lapped at a squad mate's pussy, only to have that mate urinate directly into Vicky's mouth. And Victoria kept grinding and was clearly turned on even as she kept giving head and swallowing the girl's hot piss.
Vicky was disgusted, she hated every moment of it ( even though her body seemed to get off on it ) but in her mind she hated the slut she'd become. Her tasks with the guys were not much better and, in fact, inevitably involved multiple entry sex. It was a well known fact that frat men were considered wusses if they only fucked a girl. No, to prove their manhood, the Delta Pi Sigma crowd and all the rest needed to make a gang-bang out of every party. And Vicky, the only girl to tryout for the Squad that year, was there for their pleasure.
It had seemed odd, that no other girls were at these parties. You'd think such a prestigious clique as the Cheerleaders would have had them lining up to pledge. When Vicky asked about it, Yvonne had said it was an off year because there had been so many pledging last year. That Vicky was lucky to get in because she had grabbed the last spot.
Vicky felt privileged and went about fulfilling the year's pledge duties with a sense of pride. But that was last year. Now, surely, it was her turn to plan disgusting and diabolical initiations for the new girls and she wanted to take Yvonne's place in giving degrading interviews. Vicky could almost smell the fear and sexual turmoil of naked 13 year old girls; she could taste it!
But... when the first five girls from grade nine showed up at the gym that Friday afternoon Yvonne was still in charge; the rest of the squad ( 16 cheery girls in red ) lined up against the bleachers. Yvonne was telling them how they were to be interviewed and later have a secret Squad initiation then a year's pledge probation.
Vicky was completely stunned when Yvonne told the young recruits that the interview would take place then and there. 'OMG', thought Vicky... 'are these kids going to be stripped, whipped and sexually abused right here???!!! IN THE SCHOOL? Right now???!! OMG how sexually humiliating for those poor little girls!" and my, how Vicky's panties got moist all of a sudden. This was what she was waiting for... her chance at revenge, her chance to make some young girls strip naked and get down on their knees and eat out her pussy while she, Vicky, whipped their bare butts.
But... Instead of what she experienced the year before, these girls were simply asked to line up and tell us why they wanted to be in the Bower's Dominion School Cheerleading Squad. Which they did, citing school spirit and fun exercise and the usual dull tripe. ( Vicky's reasons, of course, had been so she could have really hot sex with all the hunk athletes on ALL the school teams. )
And that was it. The interview was over, the girls were dismissed and told to return to the gym at the end of the school day wearing their new cheerleader uniforms and ( wink ) be sure to be wearing panties under their skirts.
'Okay', thought Vicky... 'what's going on?' That afternoon she confronted Yvonne and demanded to know why the new recruits were not being treated to the Squad degradation and humiliation that she had experienced. Yvonne looked genuinely puzzled. She said Vicky had better watch her tongue or she wouldn't be allowed to help initiate the new girls that afternoon.
Vicky was taken aback; did she miss something? Or maybe they decided to leave all the raunchy, nasty and fun stuff for the initiation. Yeah, that must be it. So it was with a gleam in her eye and vaginal secretion moistening her panties, that Vicky smiled as she saw the five would-be cheerleaders march into the gym after the last bell had sounded.
Yvonne was looking sterner now and she barked out orders to the grade nine crew of five: " Look lively and stand in a straight line, girls! You want to be cheerleaders, but do you want it enough? Enough to undergo pain and humiliation in front of the rest of us? Are you ready?"
'This is going to be good', thought Vicky, who could almost hear the sound of smacked bare bottoms and little girl whimpering... and almost smell the aroma of pussy creaming from the licking tongues and smacking lips of these five innocent girls.
But... what happened next went by so fast, Vicky was barely out of her reverie when it was all over. Yvonne had ordered the five new girls to bend over and each member of the cheerleader squad was invited to give the recruits a 'pat on the bum-bum'; which they did over panty-clad buns and with just such gentle smacks that you could hardly hear them.
And then it was all over; the Five were now full fledged members of the Bower's School Cheerleading Squad.
As a reminder, Yvonne told the five that for a full year they would be on probation, which meant, she explained, that they would be expected to bring the ice and soda pop to all social functions. And they would have to dress in their Cheerleader uniforms at all parties ( even one's with boys invited ) and... blushes all around... they would have to wear sexy thongs, not panties, under their skirts!
Vicky was standing there, mouth agape! She could hold it in no longer. Vicky started shouting through her tears and her face went from ashen to livid crimson as she confronted Yvonne.
"That's it!??!! I was fucked six ways to Sunday and humiliated beyond belief and made a sex slave for every sports team member in the school ( boys and girls ) for a year... And this is all these five girls have to do to be on the squad? "
Yvonne was waiting for this and the slow smile growing on her face showed the pleasure in what she was about to say.
" Vicky, dear... Your initiation was special and unique... You may have heard stories about our squad initiations since arriving at Bowers ( we spread them around to all first year girls ) but we, well, I... only decided to give you a special initiation the summer before last when you dared to take my boyfriend away from me... Remember Chad... I know he meant nothing to you and that blow job you gave him on your first date was just another load of cum to you... But he split up with me right after that AND told me how inadequate I was... how I couldn't hold a candle to that wonderful Victoria Day... how he'd love to see you in a cheerleader's uniform because YOU would look so sexy in it.
"I pretended not to be hurt and told Chad I'd do whatever I could to get you on the squad... and then I told him that I understood how he was smitten by your beauty and... umm erotic charms... but that I was pretty sure you were nothing more than a trailer trash slut. I warned him that in no time you'd show your true colours and be putting out for every boy AND GIRL on every sports team. You were clearly that kind of girl. He didn't believe me at first. Of course he found out after the first week of your probation period... but I was having so much fun watching you get fucked... how did you just put it? " six ways to Sunday"? Yeah, I was getting my revenge on you both. But today, here and now, this is my ultimate revenge: watching your gob drop when you found out what was going on, found out what I had done to you! "
Vicky's breathing was coming back to normal and, while tears were streaming down her cheeks, her face was no longer crimson. It had been red from shame, embarrassment, anger even fury, but now her face pale with a white heat burning below but her eyes were stone cold.
Vicky smiled and all her shining white teeth glowed like sunshine... " All the better to bite you with..." she thought to herself but said nothing; her time would come. They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Vicky was beginning to form a plan for her buffet of revenge; it would be a smorgishboard and she planned to take a little of everything out of Yvonne's hide... exacting her pound of flesh? In a manner of speaking, thought Vicky, who loved word games and double meanings... Bonus, she could play out a theme from the Bard's own MM, Mean Merchant, and get her own back!
So it was that Vicky began her three-pronged retaliation. She was all sweetness and light to Yvonne and the rest of the girls who had been in on the game from the start. The Squad actually accepted Vicky after that and some were even sincerely sorry for they way they had treated her.
" Gee, Vicky, if we'd known what a good sport you were, we would never have put you through all that." Others befriended Vicky and she went along with it, but Vicky never forgot and she never forgave the one who had turned her into a slut, Yvonne the bitch.
But Vicky had to get this just right; timing was everything and irony was important too. So she plotted for a week. She made sure Yvonne was convinced of her sincerity and she let Chad know that she ( Vicky ) was sorry for trying to break him and Yvonne up.
" After all, Chad, it wasn't you I was after. " and she left it at that. Chad, not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, had no idea what she meant. So Vicky had to hint more, " I have always wanted to serve the Cheerleading Squad, especially with Yvonne demanding so much... umm... personal attention. " Chad was beginning to see. Vicky felt she better be completely clear with the jerk, " And it's not that I prefer girls, it's just that Yvonne can be so Domineering and Masterful... and so in need... well, that's what she's been telling me all year... oh, what am I saying... I didn't mean she thought you were inadequate, Chad... oh, what have I done? Will Yvonne ever forgive me for telling on her? "
Chad finally got the picture ( paint-by-numbers was his speed ) but couldn't believe it of his girlfriend... he needed proof. And that's just what Vicky was hoping he'd say! She protested breach of loyalty to the Squad, and betraying personal trust in Yvonne but, in the end, Victoria relented and agreed to set a trap for Chad's girlfriend to prove to him that Yvonne, although bi-sexual, was in fact more interested in getting pussy than he was.
That Friday night it all came down as Vicky played a little Iago and a little Shylock and a little Hamlet ( sans hesitation ) with a play that would lead to revenge. Vicky set the stage with a phony Polonius ( Chad ) behind the arras ( in Vicky's closet with the door slightly ajar ) and a doped-up Desdemona ( Yvonne ) sleepy from a love draught commonly found at raves and now slipped into the bitch cheerleader's drink. Yvonne was hot now and would hump a Coke bottle if that's all that was handy.
But Victoria ( playing Shylock and Portia and Hamlet and Iago and how's that for irony? ) was there to meet Yvonne's needs. Choosing her words well ( before she gaveth them breath ), Vicky whispered suggestive and erotic words in Yvonne's ear that led the bawdy bitch to do a strip-tease and rub her body vigourously along Vicky's shaking body.
But in a loud voice Vicky pretended protest... " Oh, Yvonne, I don't know why you want to share your nakedness with me? And ( a whisper and smile between the two ) why do you grab my clothes so? Alright, I'll take them off, if you insist... but... OMG, ( after a pretend whispering between them) you want to eat my pussy? Wouldn't Chad be fairer meat? "
All this was just a blur to the drugged Yvonne who only knew she was horny, needed sex and Vicky was there to give it to her. Vicky played the scene out but knew the drug would last only 15 minutes, so she had to be quick about it.
" Alright, Yvonne... if you don't mind cheating on Chad... I will be your sex slave and give you what you tell me he cannot." And with that, Vicky pulled off the last of Yvonne's clothes, pushed her to the bed and knelt between Yvonne's wide spread legs. Vicky, who had been made to eat almost as much pussy as cock that year, was quite expert at bringing a girl to orgasm with her tongue and lips. She set about it in as dramatic a way possible and took her time; she wanted Yvonne to be fully aware and genuinely turned on when the drug wore off and she was near climax.
It didn't take long and, judging by the noises in the closet, it appeared Chad was getting off on the scene too. But not as much as Yvonne who was close to a Big O Orgasm as Vicky nuzzled, licked and bit labia, inner lips and Yvonne's swelling clitoris.
The randy bitch was nearly there and clearly aware, aroused and loving it... when Vicky rose from the floor and shouted, " The game's over, bitch... I did what you wanted but I am not like you... I don't cheat and deliberately hurt people like you do. Yvonne, go fuck yourself, you bitch. You can use your own fingers, this one's the only one you're getting from me!" as Vicky flipped Yvonne the "FUCK YOU!" ONE-FINGER SALUTE.
Yvonne was dazed and amazed as her boyfriend came out of the closet ( irony intended ) and, red faced and beyond words he stomped out of Vicky's room and out of Yvonne's life for good.
Vicky ran after him and pleaded with him to not be angry with her ( Vicky ) because, " I only did that to show you what a total cheating slut Yvonne is... Please, I'm not like her. I'd much rather have your cock in my mouth, Chad."
So, with droopy eyes and pouting lower lip, Vicky got Chad's attention. " Please, Chad, let me prove it to you." And she did, right there in the dorm hall, on her knees she pulled his pants and shorts down to his ankles and his cock, much aroused already by the girl-on-girl sex scene, rose to meet her lips, her tongue, her open mouth. And she sucked him like a Hoover. Up to a point:
Vicky was giving him the most mind altering blow job, but, as she felt his balls begin to draw up to his groin, she got up and walked out, saying "Use your fingers, prick. You don't need my help, Chad. You suck enough for both of us!" and off she went to complete her revenge.
The night was still young and Vicky had one more conquest and retaliation to mark up. Sean, Yvonne's younger brother, was newly enrolled in the school. Vicky figured she would do some tutoring for this nave young lad. Sean was fifteen and as innocent as a dove. But like all teens he was as horny as a lion in mating season. Vicky had decided to take on the pleasant task of sex-educating the boy and teaching him the arts of love. More, Vicky had already deflowered him and caught him in her net of lust and infatuation. Sean was going to be hopelessly in love with her. She would treat him as a god and boost his immature ego... but all the time, through nuanced word and look, all the cheerleaders, especially Yvonne, would know that Vicky was toying with the boy, that she was building him up only to tear him down. Tear him down in front of his bitch sister.
Ironic it was; Yvonne genuinely loved her little brother but Sean, knowing his sister for the lying bitch she was, refused to believe her when she tried to warn the young boy about Vicky and her real motives. Sean was just young enough that he thought he knew everything; his older sister couldn't tell him a thing. Besides, his angel, Victoria couldn't possibly do him wrong. No girl who could give a blow job that good could do anything wrong. Sean was also of the male maintained misconception that sex wasn't everything; it was the only thing.
Yes, this was going to be a good year for Vicky. She had come along way from the innocent little girl sent to the teachers' lounge so often. She had learned a lot at Bowers' Dominion School. She would be well prepared by the end of term. She'd earn high praise from her teachers ( though not from Yvonne, Chad or Sean. ) But she would graduate Magna CUM Laude.
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
The End
This story was suggested to me by a dear Mirror Master cyber friend who loves my word play almost as much as I love playing with my pussy.

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