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This is the latest story from a very special friend, she has asked me to edit it and given permission for me to post it here.

Bound for Glory.
By Victoria Day.

Victoria stood outside the adult book and video store on Bank Street. She was nervous and puzzled. Only just turned 13 that month, the girl was determined to go inside, despite the sign that read " ADULTS ONLY - NO MINORS ALLOWED " At best, she could pass for 16 but she had some fake ID that her brother made for her. She might pass for 18 with her 34 B bra and hips that spoke of dirty dancing and a bum that was just made for spanking. Her face, on the other hand, was still that of an innocent little girl. Her blonde plaits reinforced this childlike quality which, though none could see beneath the mini skirt she wore, was also evident by her totally bald pussy mound which Vicky kept perfectly shaved.
In some ways she had the look of a child; in other ways her body was that of a lusty woman. Her nipples, for instance, grew long and hard with the slightest provocation. Her sex organs, while devoid of pubic hair, released fluids and scents Mother Nature had designed to ensure the propagation of the species. In the Natural World in caveman days, Vicky would have been gang banged on a regular basis; her body demanded it, her natural scent would have made men crazy with lust.
Perhaps that's why the young girl found herself in the fix she was in now. Vicky wasn't a ditzy blonde ( she was actually quite intelligent ) but she was only partly aware of what was going on around her at times; in fact, she had an Alice in Wonderland kind of naivety about her.
This was all the more strange because, while her body chemistry and physique was keenly aware of her real needs, her mind was often lost in a furtive and highly sensitive imagination. Vicky had that Peter Pan / Wendy quality of being able to live in her imagination. But along with this gift, was her vulnerability to imaginative ideas. In fact, Vicky was a perfect candidate for hypnosis.
Years before, her older brother Steve had discovered that simple suggestion could set his sister off and her mind would drift into a strange place at the drop of a hat. When they were very young the pair would play pretend games. But Vicky was clearly taking it further. Steve, four years her elder, was quick to take advantage and set up their games ( in the family garage and out of sight ) to please his own curiosity and desires. At first it was just fun, then teasing, then boy/girl discovery, then Steve found he could manipulate his little sister very easily and get her to do things for him that his girl friend wouldn't.
The games like doctor, and naughty school girl, and over daddy's knee may have started out as innocent pass times, but Vicky was more than playing, she became the role she was playing. What's more, while her imagination-driven mind fell into the roles, her body responded to the physical and sexual nature of the games. So she willingly took six of the finest on her bare bum from " the teacher ", but her body responded with lust and desire. The first vaginal exam Dr. Steve gave her left his hand dripping in pussy juice; his fingers found a swollen, hard and hot clitoris. Vicky was only seven years old at the time. The thing was, she was not sexually aware... she was playing patient... but her body was being impatient!
Steve took his games only so far at first. But under pressure from his mates, he manipulated his sister into doing things ( games ) that pleased his gang of lads some of whom had never seen a naked girl before, much less one that played with herself right before their eyes; nor one that was willing to be intimately touched on the pretext that she was getting a physical exam ( which she certainly was ); and the 13 year old boys had definitely not seen a girl have multiple orgasms nor gush girl juice.
Steve found that Vicky was easily led into 'pretend land' that his sister much preferred to the real world. There he could manipulate the situation and have his sister go along with the scenes he set up. For instance, on her first session with seven older boys in the garage, Vicky was told that Steve's friends were studying the story of Salome in Sunday School and their assignment was to pretend to be King Herod and watch Salome do the dance of the seven veils. Vicky immediately became an exotic dancer and began stripping for them. Her nine year old body was naked in a few minutes and it took only a few words from Steve for her to switch roles and play 'Over daddy's knee' with all the guys.
It was from that first time, that Steve figured out that Vicky was so susceptible to hypnotism. And the next Saturday that was the game they played. His friends thought Vicky was just play-acting and did naughty and silly things on command just to have fun; that she was a little dim-witted and gullible and didn't know any better. But Steve could see what was happening: Vicky had self-hypnotized and was vulnerable to any suggestion that her true nature ( that is, her precocious and lusting body ) would allow. Her imaginative mind and her sexually needy body were working together and her brother was on hand to set her up.
Steve's first gambit came when Vicky was eleven and, although he and his friends had enjoyed the sight and touch of her naked body for the past two years, neither he nor they ever had any sex with her ( if finger fucking doesn't count. ) It was close. She had given them all hand jobs and felt and smelled their warm, sticky cum on her hand and small, budding breasts. But in her mind, she was just playing with the boys. Nothing to do with sex.
But one evening, just a few months past Vicky's eleventh birthday, Steve walked in to his sister's room without knocking and there he found the girl wearing only her panties and a T-shirt. Vicky's left hand was inside her panties and her right hand was to her mouth. She was absent-mindedly sucking her thumb.
Obviously Steve had caught Vicky masturbating and he just smiled and wasn't going to make anything of it, when he noticed the look of horror on his sister's face. With a smirk, her brother said, " It's okay, Vicky. You're eleven now... a bit of an odd age for doing that... but nothing wrong with it. You're old enough."
" Old enough!!?!? " cried the utterly humiliated girl. " I'm eleven, Steve. I'm much too old to be sucking my thumb! " OMG, don't tell any one. Not your friends, Pleeeease? They'll tease me so much; eleven years old and still sucking my thumb... they won't ever want to play games with me... I bet they already think I'm too young to be hanging around. I want to be a big girl; I just seem to need to suck my thumb! "
The penny dropped and, at the same time, a 'light bulb' went on in Steve's dirty little mind. It all came together and Steve was quick off the mark to take advantage. There was his 11-year-old sister, idly finger fucking herself ( and by the odour in the room, having a wonderful time ). She had shown on numerous occasions she could be open to sexual suggestions and naively act on them without guilt or even awareness. Her body was shaping up and very alluring. She was humiliated about the fact that she still sucked her thumb and might do whatever it takes to stop... or at least stop Steve from telling others what he saw. Yes, this had potential.
The first thing he did was very brotherly and loving. He look Vicky into his arms and hugged her tight, making sure he put his hands on her cute bum and gave a reassuring squeeze. He led her tight to his body and let nature take its course. In a minute his cock was rock-hard!
That's when Vicky handed him that brilliant idea. She cried into his broad shoulders and said, " Steve, you won't Tell, will you? Please, don't tell all the boys I suck. "
Steve held her close and whispered, " I won't. But, Vicky, you are a big girl. You're 11 years old now, almost a teenager. I think it's time we got you off this childish habit. I can help, you know."
" Can you?" How? "
Well, I've been studying psychology at school and I have a pamphlet on hypnotism. And I think it might work on getting you to stop sucking your thumb. A lot of doctors hypnotize their patients to get them to stop smoking. The same should work on thumb sucking.
So that night, Steve burned a CD from a hypno-web site he'd been to and applied an audio track with it. The result was a hypnotic trance-making feed with special instructions at the end. The idea was to augment a legitimate therapeutic program, actually designed to help kids stop sucking their thumbs.
That night Vicky settled into her bed with her CD player by her side and headphones on. She was soon off to sleep and, as they had secretly arranged, Steve crept into her bedroom and turned on the CD player, then made his way out with a smile on his face.
"Sweet Dreams, Vicky! "
The soft, ocean wave music on the CD gave way to a soft, deep voce lulling the listener into a trance. Vicky was caught up in this immediately and after twenty minutes was open to all suggestions. That's when Steve's voice took over on the CD and Vicky heard:
" VICKY, you are relaxed and in a deep sleep, you are a big girl now and no longer need to suck your thumb. VICKY you are a big girl and need to suck what big girls suck. Stay asleep, VICKY stay relaxed... but to stay asleep, you will need to have something in your mouth to keep you relaxed... not your thumb, VICKY. No, that's for little girls. You are a big girl now and need to suck what big girls suck.
You know what that is, don't you VICKY? Big girls suck big boys' cocks. So you need to find a big boy and suck his cock. And you know where a big boy is right now. VICKY, your brother, Steve is in the next room; he can help, he won't mind. He wants you to be a big girl. Steve always told you to grow up, right? He can help you... you need to suck what big girls suck and he will help.
VICKY, go to your brother now; wake him up and tell him you need to suck his cock. He will be glad you've become a big girl. Then you can sleep... You will not remember this when you wake, but each night you will not need your thumb. No, VICKY, instead you will need to suck something big girls love to suck. So you will need to suck Steve's cock every night or else you won't be able to sleep. You won't need to play this again, VICKY, because your thumb sucking is cured. But only as long as you suck cock. And not just at night, Vicky. No, you will find you cannot sleep unless you suck cock every day. This is the only way you will get a good night's sleep, Vicky. Go to your brother now... It's the only way you will get to be able to sleep... ever. You will never remember your nighttime visits to Steve, but your need to suck cock will stay with you...
That night Vicky sleep-walked her way into Steve's room and she found him very helpful. Instinctively, she slipped out of her pooh bear nightie and got to her knees at the side of Steve’s bed. Her brother was awake and had been masturbating for a while in anticipation. So Vicky was treated to the smell of a ‘warmed-up’ cock in full erection.
“ Steve,” she whispered in a zombie-like way, “ do you mind if I put your cock in my mouth and then suck on it for a while? I can’t seem to sleep and I think that would help.”
His reply assured her he’d do anything he could to help. She started with just licking his cock which was quite fragrant already. Then she played her nose along his balls and her cheek against his cock shaft. Finally, with a deep breath ( a sigh ?) she opened her mouth wide and took him in. Her mind was in a trance anyway, so now her more mature body took over and her mouth, lips and tongue did what came naturally. I was like a dream, a very pleasant dream. A feeling more than words filled her. But if words could be found in her head at all, they were.. “ MMM mmmmuch better than a thumb!”
And for nearly two years Steve kept her to himself, his own private BJ-Girl. But as Vicky grew into a lovely and sexy hottie, Steve's lust grew too. It took a strange turn. Steve was no longer satisfied with personal sexual gratification. He wanted to turn Vicky into something he'd always fantasized about, he wanted to turn his 13-year-old sister into a total cum slut. She would need training. And he knew just how to do it.
He had little trouble convincing her that she had to abandon that nasty, disgusting, filthy habit she'd recently picked up, cigarettes. It was hard to stop smoking but Steve had a CD she could use to help her stop. After all she hadn't sucked her thumb in two years.
This CD worked the same way, in that Vicky would obey the commands but after would remember nothing. A big difference in this program, however, was that Vicky would be in a semi-trance in the day time and it would kick in upon a verbal trigger word from Steve.
So Vicky found herself one fine Saturday in May in front of an Adult bookstore; she was dressed like a whore with her very short and incredibly tight skirt, high heels and a see-through blouse, which had only one button fastened. She wore no bra and no panties. She had ID and that ( and her looks ) got her in.
She didn't really know why she was there... It was something Steve had said that morning... couldn't even remember... but she somehow knew she had to spend some time ( oh yeah, three hours ) browsing in a bookstore... and for some reason, this was the store she had to go to... and she had something she had to do... couldn't remember... but she would on a sub-conscious level remember and act when the time was right... the CD programming was clear, even if Vicky was unaware of it.
The girl just turned 13 and looking like a five dollar whore made her way to the marital aids section at the counter and bought a pair of hand cuffs, a tube of KY Jelly and a life- like but larger than life rubber dildo. The girl was in a daze and if you asked her what she had just purchased, she would be unable to tell you... she just had to buy them and in a few moments she would know what to do with them.
Next she made her way to the back of the store where a number of private booths were located. She paid five dollars for a three hour session and gave the manager the keys to her newly bought cuffs. She entered one booth and drew the drapes. Inside, the small cubicle was cramped; it measured about four foot square, just enough room to kneel with your face right up against a wall. The room smelled musky and sour and there were stains on the wood floor and on one wall; stains around a four inch diameter hole which had been cut in the wall about three feet from the floor.
As she entered the booth, Vicky found words were entering her head... she didn't hear then as words but felt them as commands. In order to stop smoking, she would have to substitute one addiction with another addiction. She would have to feel obligated to see her anti-smoking therapy through... this was for life. She had to feel bound by the stop smoking program.
And so, as a sign of her commitment, Vicky now removed all her clothes and pushed them out of the booth. She then smeared some KY along her vaginal slit and worked the huge dildo up her pussy. It was a tight fit. Although Vicky had busted her cherry months ago and had used the handle of her hair brush as a sex toy, she had never had anything this big up her pussy before. Vicky squeezed her thighs together to keep the dildo in her.
Then she cuffed first her right hand then putting both her hands behind her back, cuffed the left. Now she knelt with her face right before the hole in the wall and waited for her first therapy treatment. She did not have to wait long. She smelled him before she saw it, a cock head and then shaft all pre-coated with pre-cum, and staring her in the face. She knew what to do. After all, Steve had said the smoking cessation therapy would be very similar to her therapy to stop thumb sucking. Not that these thoughts formed in her conscious mind.. Vicky was still in that imaginary world of her subconscious. So what she saw, smelled and tasted was only what her body sensed; her mind was somewhere else.
So her body enjoyed sucking that cock sticking out of the glory hole, her mouth watered as she bobbed her head back and forth and the man’s cock grew bigger, hotter and juicier. The trigger in Vicky’s mind went off just as Steve had programmed: as that first man tensed to ejaculate, Vicky knew she had to ease back, keep her mouth open and let the cock rest on her tongue … then…. as he came into her mouth, Vicky tilted her head back slightly then lowered it and tilted it up and then back, all the time balancing his cock on her tongue. The result was incredible: one burst of cum went right to the back of her throat, the second shot up hitting her upper lip and nose, the back down and the third burst went in hr mouth.. then a fourth on to the bridge of her nose.
Of course her hands were cuffed behind her so she couldn’t wipe any of it away. The next cock arrived in five minutes and the therapy continued. There would be several for her three hour Saturday sessions. And Vicky, who really needed to quit smoking, would only remember that her cravings for tobacco were gone after her weekly therapy; she remembered nothing of what went on there... but she knew she had to return each week to renew the therapy. It felt good to kick a nasty habit.
Steve collected $300 a week... cheap rates; it worked out to about $10 per blow job. But Steve wasn't greedy. Besides, he was just happy to help his little sister kick her nasty, filthy, disgusting habit.

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