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Black Roses
05-31-2007, 04:12 AM
Rape with Love

Jesse, Tony, Frank, and Mitch had been friends since high school, but never really had any dreams of becoming anything. They smoked, the boarded nearly everyday, and basically hung out. Being white guys from the suburbs where your parents make all the money made it all quite possible. Until Tony came to a marvelous revelation. "Hey guys, I want some pussy."

"Me too" Mitch and Frank said simultaneously.

"You know who I wanna hit?" Jesse chimed


"Vanessa." Jesse stated.

"Vanessa Brighton?" Mitch asked with a shocked tone

"Yeah" Jesse answered with a smile and a nod. They all agreed that Vanessa Brighton was probably one of the sexiest girls they knew, albeit she was a black girl with a lot of attitude, they knew none of them would even be able to get close.

"I got an idea" Tony uttered, "What if we started our own dot.com, you know like, our own porn site?" he offered

"Um sure dude, but you mean like have sex with some chicks and tape it, and put it on the internet?" Frank asked.


"Man, no girl in her right mind whose not in the porn industry is gonna go for that." Jesse stated

"Dude, look, what if we picked up some chick, had sex with her, taped it, and paid her to keep her mouth shut about it." Tony suggested. The idea became intriguing. It wasn't impossible to start a dot.com at all. And despite being stoners, they knew how to do a webpage even better was that they'd get some pussy out of the deal, and they could actually afford to pay the chicks they screwed off. It was full-proof. So began the journey of four best friends, and their horny ways who smoked too much and came up with a master plan: To get so much pussy and make themselves famous.

First Conquest: Vanessa Brighton

Saturday is the day for this neighborhood, everyone is out enjoying the day. Walking, talking, hanging out with friends, laughing, and carrying on and such. Strange thing is, with so many people around, it's hard to believe that someone could get kidnapped, and no one would even notice it. Tony and the guys drove around in Tony's Sportage looking for Vanessa. They finally spotted her with a group of friends outside an ice cream shoppe. "So, alright, here's the plan. One of us needs to go and talk to her. That'll be me. I'll lure her away from her friends, get her in here, and you guys take over from there." Tony laid out the plan.

"So, which one of us gets to nail her?" Jesse asked.

"We'll rock, paper, scissors for it later." Tony suggested, "Now, get down and stay down, she can't know you guys are in here." The guys followed suit, and jumped in the back, they ducked down so no one knew they were in there when they pulled up to the ice cream shoppe. Just Tony in the drivers seat. He parked his sportage and walked past Vanessa and her group and smiled. He went up to the parlor, and bought a vanilla ice cream cone. Vanessa was sitting with her two female friends, Tranice and Vivica, and Vivica's boyfriend, Sean. Without hesitation, Tony eagerly joined thier table, and struck up a conversation with Vanessa with ease. He mentioned the projects in school she was involved in, and asked her questions about what she wanted to be in the future. He told her about some of his goals. They shared a laugh. Then another, and another. Suddenly, they were comfortable with each other. Minutes turned into an hour, and then into another hour. Tony glanced over at his Sportage to see if the guys were still ducked down. They were, so he returned to his conversation. The day had begun to wear thin, and Vanessa's friends became restless.

"C'mon, Nessa, we're going to Sharky's for lunch." Vivica suggested.

Vanessa turned to Tony and asked, "You wanna come to Sharky's with us?"

"Sure." Tony answered eagerly, "You wanna ride with me?" he asked.

"Okay". And so, the seed had been planted, and the battle was to begin. "I'll meet up with you guys there." Vanessa stated. Her friends snickered and teased her about getting in a guys' car that she just met, but trusted that nothing more than conversation and maybe a little hand holding would come of it. Vanessa gently glided to my car with a smile. Pure olive-skinned, taut body with rounded hips that called attention to anyone near her, and breasts just as full as anyone's deepest fantasy. Tony envisioned her naked. How her proud olive toned tits would dance back and forth from the ryhthm he'd provide to them. He pictured her nipples to have a fairly dark areola around them, but be pert and pointing towards him. And her pussy to be clean, not shaven, offering him direct access to her wet and slippery hole. She got into the car and smiled at Tony, and just when Tony went to put the car in the ignition. Vanessa's seat went back, and she was snatched back by three horny guys who had been waiting for her for over two hours. They stripped her of her blue blouse and revealed her matching lace bra with her curvaceous D-size tits in the cups. Jesse glided her shorts off her body despite her struggling to reveal a matching pair of lace panties. Tony stopped the car in an distant alleyway where they couldn't be seen, and turned off the engine. Jesse was filming the striptease and struggle. Tony, Frank and Mitch rock paper scissored for who would get to fuck Vanessa. Frank lost and Mitch and Tony tied, so they both decided it was best if they got to go at it. Mitch went for her panties instantly, and tugged them off of her glowingly soft black body. Vanessa kicked and screamed, but to very little avail, the guys held her down good, and by the time, Mitch stuck his tongue in her pussy, her screams quieted. "No, stop" Vanessa squeaked in between quick breaths and moans. She hated the fact that she was being taken advantage of, but she loved having her pussy eaten. It was something she couldn't deny no matter how it was done or who did it. Tony stripped down and brought his hard 7 inch erection to Vanessa's lips. She immediately turned her head away from it. She didn't want to suck his dick, and she knew that's what he wanted. Tony brought her face back to his cock with a grip on her chin, and pursed her lips open, and quickly shoved his man-meat into her mouth. Vanessa cringed at the taste, angry at herself for getting into this position, but she was a smart girl and she knew it was either pretend to enjoy it, or it could get worse. She allowed Tony's cock into her mouth completely. Sucking and licking his cock just as he desired while Mitch eagerly lapped up her pussy juices. Vanessa found herself more wet than she had ever been. The guys were cheering at her impressive sexual skills, and finally, Tony removed his dick from her mouth as Mitch had finished eating her out. Tony then, without a condom, slipped his dick inside of Vanessa Brighton. He squealed upon entering. She felt just as warm and wet as he had envisioned. Tony took his time first, allowing Vanessa to get comfortable to his intrusion. Vanessa indeed began to enjoy herself as she placed her legs around Tony's waist as he pounded into her. With each thrust, Tony went harder and deeper into Vanessa's pussy. She screamed, "You fucking rapist!" At that point, Mitch had gotten undressed, and stuffed his cock into Vanessa's mouth. They showered her with insults about how much of a slut she was, what a fuckin bitch she was, and how she deserved to be fucked by them. As much as she hated their statements, their words only made her body respond positively. She was matching Tony's thrusts with her hips and her pussy grew wetter with excitement. Tony closed his eyes tightly with each thrust. Vanessa's pussy was far better than he expected. He glanced upon her breasts, and freed them from her brazere. He sucked on her succulent nipples just as he had pictured them before as he continued to pound harder and harder into her pussy. Mitch was getting the blowjob of his life as Vanessa sucked his 7 incher with justice. Mitch's knees began to buckle, and he felt himself about to cum.

"I'm gonna cum." he shouted, but pulled Vanessa's face closer until she had engulfed all 7 inches, and shot his load down her throat. Vanessa closed her eyes and imagined it would all be over soon. Tony continued to plunge deep into her. He was sweating now, and it felt so good inside of her. Mitch took his dick out of Vanessa's mouth and relaxed on one of the car seats. Tony pounded into Vanessa again and again.

"Fuck me, you fucking rapist. Fuck me. You want me so bad that you had to rape me, then fuck me good, you son of a bitch!" she screamed. Tony was so into her pussy he didn't even notice. "Cum in me, you bastard. Give me your fuckin' kid if you want me so much." Tony heard that, and continued to thrust deep into Vanessa until she couldn't form sentences, just scream, and Tony screamed with her as with one final thrust his cock began to erupt inside of her bringing down her own orgasm. Tony filled Vanessa's pussy with his white semen, and slowly evacuated her now well-fucked cunt. There was a very awkward moment of silence afterwards. Tony climbed off of Vanessa, and she began to get dressed.

"Um, I'm taking you to Sharky's to meet with your friends." he utttered, almost frighteningly. The guys retrorted to the back seat and Vanessa sat up front. She fully dressed herself, and they sat in silence. Sharky's was about ten minutes away, but it seemed like it was far longer than that. When they reached the place, Vanessa didn't say anything, but slowly opened the door to leave. "Hey Vanessa" Tony called after her, and she slowly turned to face him. "I'm sorry if we hurt you." he stated.

"Didn't hurt. Just wish you would've asked first." Vanessa stated.

"Just so there's no hard feelings." Tony said, he reached behind him, and Jesse handed him a piece of paper. He gave it to Vanessa, she didn't look at it, and quietly exited the car. Tony and the gang drove off to set up the first conquest of their new website.

When the car finally made it's way out of sight, Vanessa looked down at the piece of paper they handed to her. It was a check, that had her name on it. Signed by Tony for $3000. She smiled coyly at the check. Tucked it into the back of her shorts, and went inside to join her friends.

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Interesting Story, I must say her reaction was not whats I was expecting.
Great Story! I hope there will be further conquests :-P

05-31-2007, 12:15 PM
Thanks Blackroses...great to see you here......;)

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Great stuff...glad to see you :)

06-01-2007, 04:58 AM
Nice story man, thanx for sharing it over here i know our members will enjoy this one. Please keep writing, I really enjoy reading your work.

06-21-2007, 02:04 AM
I really enjoyed your story, keep writing!

Black Roses
06-27-2007, 04:40 PM
Rape With Love 2

Vanessa Brighton had immediately become a star on the guys website. It picked up 600 hits as soon as it was up, and now, the guys had about 50 subscribers. "This is awesome! I can't believe how many people are actually getting into this." Frank exclaimed.

"Yeah, I guess so." Tony said sullenly. The guys could sense his reaction, he was a little dissappointed about the way it went with Vanessa. She was a great girl, and he seriously hoped that she wasn't terribly infuriated with them.

"So..." Jesse stated after a long moment of silence, "Do you think we can do it again?" the entire room fell silent in a way, but the smirks on the guys faces told it all. Despite how Tony felt about it, he still couldn't deny that being inside of Vanessa Brighton was the best feeling in his life.

"So, who's it gonna be?" Mitch asked.

"You know who I really wanna get?" Frank stated.


"Marissa George." Frank stated.

"Dude, why?" Tony asked a little taken aback. Marissa George was nowhere near the hottest girl in school, and the guys were a little nervous that she might tell on them since they weren't sure of how she would react at all.

"She's hot, dude" Frank said attempting to convince them.

"No, she's not." Jesse said, matter-of-factly.

"Dude, she's what 5'7, light green eyes, hidden behind glasses. She's Caucasian, with dirty blonde hair, and if you really look close enough she does have a nice rack. She's not terribly ugly, but she's not drop dead cute." Frank explained.

"Ok, so, Marissa George, it is then." Tony finalized. The guys looked back at the computer screen, and watched the violation of Vanessa Brighton one more time. Then, put images in their brain about the next conquest.

Second Conquest: Marissa George

It was summer, but the difference between Marissa and Vanessa is that Marissa was more anti-social than everybody, and probably wouldn't want to be out hanging with friends or anything like Vanessa was. So finding her would probably be the hard part, but as Tony, Jesse, Frank and Mitch rode around in their spacious SUV, they spotted a bit of good luck as they came across the Public Library, and coming out the door, with books in hand, was Marissa George. On the front steps however was a group of teens, who particularly weren't a fan of education. Needless to say, they were ruffians, looking for a good shrew to pick on, and Marissa happened to be the prey. It was about three of them, and they encircled around her, taunting her, and teasing her about her glasses, her books, and pesturing her to give them some of herself in a not-so nice way. Frank headed out the car in a fury, and ran towards her rescue, "Hey, why don't you jerk-offs back off?" he said forcefully enough to get them to take their eyes off Marissa. They gave him scolding looks, and Marissa ran past. Frank followed behind her, "Hey, you okay?"

Marissa turned to face him, her eyes glistened with light green empathy, "Yes, thank you. That was very brave." she commented.

Frank smirked a little, "No problem." Marissa started to walk away, "Hey, um, it's Marissa right?" he asked even though he knew full well.

"Yes, and you are?" Marissa asked, as her hair flipped over and wafted across her face.

"Frank." They shook hands, "Hey look, um, I'm not doing anything right now, if you're not too busy would you like to join me at a bookstore and a cup of joe?" he asked politely.

Marissa slightly drifted her hair away from her face, and curved it behind her, gave her prettiest smile and said, "Sure". They walked casually towards the SUV. The other three guys had ducked behind in the back seat where Marissa couldn't see them, not as if she was looking, her eyes had been focused on Frank the entire time. They entered into the SUV and pulled off. Frank took a shortcut through a nearby alley and stopped the car. "What's wrong?" Marissa asked nervously, "Is the car alright." Frank paused and in seconds, Tony, Jesse and Mitch reached up, and pulled Marissa into the backseat. She struggled, and screamed, but to no avail. The guys had 6 muscular arms holding her down, and stripping her clothes. Marissa wasn't one to show off her body, so she dressed awkwardly. She wore a black turtle neck sweater even though it was summertime, and a pair of denim jean suspenders. The guys struggled to get her clothes off while she fought and kicked profusely. The rules were that they never hit the girls. No matter how much they fought, they never hit them because that could cause more trouble than they intended, so they let her scream, kick, and punch, but merely only continued to undress her. Frank joined in, and got her shoes, and socks off, then finally, they removed the suspenders, and yanked them off, revealing a pair of all-white cotton panties. Marissa continued to struggle, even though it proved to be senseless at this point. Jesse and Tony removed her sweater, and unhooked her all-white bra, revealing a set of bouncy 34-C tits. As the guys looked over Marissa's body, they understood now why Frank wanted this conquest, she has a marvelous body, but in the clothes she wears its incredibly difficult to tell. Frank removed her panties from her rounded hips, and dove his face into her clit. It was well-shaven, and had full lips around it. He was in heaven as he sniffed her sweaty muff, and didn't waste time lapping up her juices. Tony and Jesse had each taken a tit to their mouth and began to suck while Mitch started the taping. Marissa George was laid out in the back of the van, completely naked while three guys enjoyed her well-kept body. Finally Jesse stood up, and began to remove his shorts, and out came an 8 inch cock, he brought it to the lips of Marissa, she turned her head away from it, but Jesse grabbed her face by the chin, and forced her mouth open onto his hard cock. He stuffed his cock inside, and held her nose, so she'd suck. It was a heavenly blowjob. After a while, he didn't have to force her mouth, she had succumb to violations she was enduring and sucked Jesse's cock to his satisfaction. Meanwhile, Frank was enjoying the taste of Marissa more than anything. Her juices were sweet, and inviting like nectar. As he licked and sucked and bit, Marissa, unbeknowst to herself began to grind her hips to his face as he tasted her, and before she knew it, she was bucking at his tongue, and her body responded in delight as she began to gush her womanly semen into Frank's mouth, and he eagerly enjoyed the taste, swallowing every drop of fine tasting rape cum. He lifted himself up, and undressed. Marissa finally got a glimpse at the boy who had become her rescurer and was now her rapist, undressing and she saw the stiffness of his raging 8 inch cock, as it aimed for her precious center. Frank eased his cock in without any resistance, and the warmth of Marissa's pussy seemingly welcomed him. It was soft, and wet and smooth. Frank began to pant as he released a number of thrusts into her pussy. Jesse had taken all he could and began to explode down Marissa's throat with his cum. His legs began to buckle beneath him as all his semen rushed from his cock and into her throat. He removed his dick from her mouth and sat down, a tad exhausted. Marissa swallowed the cum against her better judgement, and laid there as Frank continued his ravashing. Frank had lifted her legs over his shoulders, and pounded into her wet snatch with his hard dick, and did not let up. Her pussy was so good, it was almost as if he making love instead of raping her. Frank licked her feet and legs as he continued to pound inside of his conquest. Then leaning down, and sucking on her bouncy tits in earnest. Marissa began to moan, probably against her will, but it would be foolish to deny now that her ravisher was indeed giving her pleasure even if she didn't want it. Frank began taunting her, "Aww, yeah bitch. Pussy's good, you shouldn't hide it, everybody should get a piece." he said as he laid down on top her bringing his lips and tongue to her neck and teasing her with it. Marissa cringed at the notion, forced her eyes shut, and just accepted it. The guys were cheering Frank on, as he pounded into Marissa.

"Yeah man, fuck her! Rape that pussy!" Mitch shouted from behind the camera.

"Yeah! Rape her! Rape her! Rape her!" Jesse chanted.

Frank smiled at his friends, as he started going faster and harder into Marissa. Marissa began to let out grunts and moans. "Yeah, she likes it!" Tony jeered.

Marissa cringed again, and forced her eyes open, they began to water inside a little, "You guys are fucking assholes!!!" she screamed. Not realizing that they had let her go, she raised a hand to Frank's face, and slapped him fiercely. The guys went to restrain her, but Frank, never losing his hardon, hurried them off of her. Marissa continued to wail, throwing wild punches that tagged Frank in the face and chest, but not enough to deter him off of her.

"You know you fucking like it." he taunted her as he near her ear.

"Yeah I like it." Marissa started. Her face had turned cold, no longer smiling or crying, or nervous. She was stone-faced, looked Frank dead in the eyes and repeated, "Yeah, I like it. I like it a lot." Her words only excited Frank as he pounded her harder and faster, making her moan and groan slightly with each thrust. "C'mon, fuck me like a man, you bastard." Frank was enjoying this far more than he thought he would, grabbed Marissa by the throat and fucked her harder than he ever had. She began to scream, "Oh yes! yes! You fucking bastard! You fucking rapist! I hate you!" she screamed, and several hard and deeply satisfying thrusts later, Frank exploded his massive organ's load deep inside the vaginal hole of Marissa George bringing down her own orgasm although unwillingly. Frank's body curled and he fell down on top of Marissa as the last few moments of his orgasm spurt out inside her. Frank let up off of Marissa, and pulled his cock out of her pussy as some of his sperm leaked out as well. Frank looked on at the face of Marissa, that same stone glare was plastered in her eyes. She leaned up, found her clothes and immediately got dressed. She grabbed her books and exited the SUV.

Moments later, Frank dressed, and followed after her, "Marissa wait." she turned around but that stone glare on her face, wasn't going anywhere. "I do apologize." Believe it or not, he was sincere, even though it was his intention to rape her, he actually did want her to know that if she were hurt or upset by it, which more than likely, she was, then he was sorry.

Marissa's face contorted angrily, "I hate you." she stated coldly, "It's not the first time I've been raped, Frank." she said, "But it does get a little old." Frank bowed his head, and took her hand, he placed a piece of paper into it, and walked away. Marissa opened her hand and looked at the paper, a check. Written in ink, with her name on it, for $4500. She clenched it, and smiled a little, then walked off with check, and despite it all, some sort of pride left in her.

07-06-2007, 01:28 AM
thanks for part 2!