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Eve Adorer
06-01-2007, 08:49 AM
Leonina (by Eve Adorer)

Synopsis: Is there a beast in all of us?


The doll that stepped from the SUV looked petulant.

In truth she was shy and self-conscious, covering her shyness by bossing her six-month-younger half-sister, who was giving as good as she got. Their attractive mother looked on, smiling indulgently.

For a fleeting moment, as another four-by-four, containing two very attractive blondes: driver and front-seat passenger: pulled into the parking slot beside the doll’s vehicle, this triumvirate were lost from view.

Then, as the doll, her kid-sister, and their mother waited to cross the car park, a reassuring ‘beep’ sounded in unison with amber lights flashing fore and aft, and five retracting door-locks ‘clunking’ as their Japanese SUV was instantly secured.

Locked also were the eyes of Sarah and Mary, two ‘Chocola-Consultants’ who had stopped off at this wayside halt for weary travelling salesgirls such as they. They met up once a month this way. Sarah covered the south of England for ‘Chocola de Royale’, and Mary the English midlands.

‘Chocola de Royale’ claimed to bring ‘the shear indulgence of the finest Belgian chocolate to the select few’, at a ‘reassuringly expensive price’. The ‘Chocola de Royale’ advertising also averred that their product was to be found ‘at all good emporia’.

Thus their advertising implied that by buying the Chocola de Royale product, at its ‘reassuringly expensive price’, one was, somehow, transported to very select circles, and that those ‘emporia’ that did not stock their product, were, by that very fact, self-defined as inferior.

Sarah and Mary’s two territories, or ‘patches’ as they themselves called them, overlapped, marginally, here at Sirensister. And old school-friends, and ex-lovers, as they were, they would meet here for a monthly coffee, and the occasional sinfully indulgent doughnut, under ‘the silver Q’ of the local MacQuims.

Was she fourteen or fifteen maybe? Sarah and Mary were transfixed. What pretty legs she had. They shone as if she had undergone a very recent waxing. Sarah and Mary thought alike, as great minds are said to do, and knew where else this little angel, and her kid-sister come to that, would definitely have been carefully fully waxed. They knew that her tight little virgin’s slit would be returned to pre-pubescent immaculate-innocent’s nudity.

Were she not required to be shaved and waxed to virginal shining innocence, as the law for girls under sixteen dictated, in order to label them as the intact virgins they were required to be and stay, the doll’s pubic hair would undoubted have been curly. That much was certain, for the little angel’s head bubbled with a plethora of natural ringlets of dark beguiling brunette burnished like bronze, that fell in fulsome frothing frolic to her shapely calves and beyond, even to her slim ankles.

Her curls danced a caress around an adorable heart-shaped face. Her eyes shone intelligently, baby blue. Her brow and her retrousse nose were sprinkled with tiny freckles. Her small squared chin had a delicate central dimple. Her mouth was exquisite. Closed, it was a small round ‘O’, with her lips pouting almost impertinently pertly, but perfectly posed to posses the eye and break the heart of their beholder. Such lovely ‘come-hither’ lips could only be those of a close negress ancestor.

She was a walking kiss with a face that said lovely loving mischievousness. She was a girl who could break a heart with just the flash of her eyes, but who never ever would, even though she could tease as she pleased.

Maybe she stood five two: certainly no more. In the summer warmth she wore a tee that told she had very firm titties and no bra to hold them. A bra was needed to control them. They were virginally bold and yet so freely frolicsome. And, in the summer warmth, her nipples had blossomed into full bud. Her short-sleeved tee thus sported teasing pleasing paps, pleading appointment with sexual suckle.

As boldly bountifully beautiful as the lips of her small round mouth, her nipples thrust out, stiff upright candle thimbles, midst her tee. As her titties rhythmically bobbed becomingly beckoningly with her wiggling signalling walk, her taunting teats danced, confirming her breasts were exercising their right to roam: indeed their right and left to roam.

As the titties of the 34-21-34 little angel bobbed with her wiggling walk, her nips begged only their milk as ink with which to write love letters like nibs.

And, as they rose and fell and swung to yell ‘smack me I am very naughty’, her swinging-rolling buttocks also confirmed she was a girl as well, with every sweet step her pretty little feet befell, dispensing beauty as her steps momentarily momentously converted this wicked world to heaven from hell.

Before the doll stepped from the SUV, she had turned, bent, and picked up her little white handbag, and then looked mightily haughtily petulant, adorably sweetly.

It looked so lovely. Her soft young face could not carry it off. She was simply just too pretty to look successfully successively or collectively cross or snooty. Indeed, all her trying so to do, only succeeded in adding to her indisputable charm.

She was also so sweetly innocently sexy, with her being in contour-clinging white shorts with turn-ups, filled so smackably by her beautiful little bum: little white shorts with their legs so short she showed the crescent domes of her beguiling buttocks, and the sweet creases where the flat backs of her thighs were about to become smooth moonrises.

The doll that stepped from the SUV looked petulant, the shimmering white of her simmering shorts and the pink of her tee, making her look a girl younger than her already truthfully youthful years: as much a younger yeared girl as her body called her indisputably a new woman.

Sarah and Mary ogled the little beauty and turned to each other with the same phrase in mind, which they whispered to each other in unison: “Gaol-bate”.

A girl like the petulant doll had the freedom to drive other girls wild with desire, but, under the Girl Laws, to make love to a girl under sixteen was worth the not inconsiderable matter of 100 daily bullwhip lashes during a minimum month’s imprisonment.

“Don’t know about you, Sarah me gel, but if I were that little chick’s girlfriend, I wouldn’t be able to wait out the chimes of midnight a year or two hence, before getting into her knickers!” Mary sighed.

“She’s a gorgeous little thing. Remember when you wore your first pair of toe-tip-topping heelless ballet-shoes? She’s only just learned how to walk in them by the looks of it. But god, just look how shapely her legs are with them on”, Sarah reminisced as she also admired the sweet chick.

The youthfully fashionably dressed girl, her kid-sister, and their patient mother entered the MacQuims restaurant.

Although they longed to admire the lovely doll further, Mary and Sarah thought it more polite to concentrate on their already delicately nibbled doughnuts.

But, in the event, Sarah could not resist, and the doll knew she was being admired, and, as her means of hiding her immaturity and shyness, looked even more crossly petulant.

Sarah’s appreciative eye took in that the doll was wearing panties under her shorts: she could follow their delineation. It was a supreme pleasure to look over the minor disruption they caused to the smooth outline of the doll’s divine bottom.

For her part, having turned her attention away, Mary, picked up her still warm jam-filled-doughnut, but accidentally squeezed it too hard, so that a droplet of livid raspberry preserve spattered onto her hand.

Then, in recall of what she used to do as a child, she licked the preserve from the heel of her palm, before using her long tongue to bury into, and her tender lips to suck the hot raspberry out of the cavity it filled within the still warm appetisingly fragrant sugar-coated cake.

Suddenly: “Do you know what: I think she’s on her red!” Sarah whispered conspiratorially, without turning her complete attention back to Mary.

And Mary instantly choked into giggles, causing Sarah to turn this time, and see Mary breaking off from performing ‘cake cunnilingus’, causing both girls to collapse in helpless golden laughter at its relevant redolence.

“You dirty little cat!” Sarah teased, as she wiped away a laughter tear before turning her face once more to the magnetic distraction of the attraction of the doll, who was standing in her toe-ends of tiptoe enforcing heelless ballet-shoe-trainers at the MacQuims counter, looking self-consciously haughtily impatient, exquisitely attractively.

“If you look closely, you can just see she’s wearing a sanitary-pad. She’s on her bleed. No wonder she looks so tense”, Sarah speculated sympathetically.

Sarah was right. The darling doll was on the first day of a heavy period: the very first period she had ever experienced. Her nipples were sore, her nerves as tightly strung as the violin her figure so out-swerved for shapely curves, and her god’s wedding ring: her intact hymen, marinating in her feminine flow: the teardrops of her monthly sacrifice to the goddesses.

In Sarah’s sympathetic contemplation, how many bleeds the angel had experienced was hard to know. This might well not be her first she thought, but she would probably not have had that many. And her testy petulance could be explained by the severity of her period, and her being unused to a really heavy bleed, as much as by her youthful shyness and naivety.

“And what about you Leonina?”, the pretty, pretty patient mother enquired of her devastating teenage daughter.

“May I have a girl-pee please mummy?” the doll asked with magically musical sweetness, as she shook her head and used her pretty hands to shimmy and then gather her shimmering curls into tumultuous tumbling togetherness down her sweetly arched back.

As she gathered and garnered her conspicuously conspiratorial curlicue coils, the doll’s hair swung clear from, and flashed the legend on, the twice firmly filled rear of her shorts.

In a pink to match her tee, as a clit-tease ‘come on’, her sparkling white shorts had embroidered in them, on one very cheeky side, the aside: ‘Spank me!’ and on its equally cheeky opposite side, the plea: ‘And me too!’

Sarah smiled inwardly at this naughty teenage tease, and wished shops had sold such saucy outer garments when, ten years since, she had been this doll’s age.

She recognised now where this teenager shopped, no doubt along with her pretty little friends. ‘Ms Nellie’ was a recent phenomenon on the English high streets: a boutique for young misses such as this sweet angel. The ‘tit-top’, the ‘slap-pants’, and the Vike en-pointe trainers obviously came from there.

“You must have something to eat as well darling. You don’t need to starve yourself at your age. You have a lovely figure, and a little something to eat won’t spoil it for you sweetheart”, the mother tried to insist.

“Just a regular girl-pee will be fine mummy. I’m not hungry: honestly”, the angelic voice of the doll insisted.

Resigned to the angel’s decision, the mother ordered: “Two veggie-burgers with red-cabbage-coleslaw, both with salt-free fries; two regular ‘MacQuimcokes’; and one regular ‘Girlpeecola’ please.”

“Certainly madam. What flavour Girlpeecola? We’ve got apple, strawberry, raspberry, lime, pear, banana, or gooseberry? I’m afraid we’re out of the lemon and orange just at the moment…” the pretty negress behind the counter enquired.

“Apple please” the doll’s adorable soprano sweetly sang: “I mean apple if it’s cider-apple….” she continued, gently.

The negress smiled at, obviously smitten by, the walking talking teen temple of love, and reassured, with a wonderful smile: “Cider-apple it is miss!”

Walking her naturally entrancing dancing steps away from her sister and mother, the doll took herself to a high stool against one of the correspondingly high round tables mounted rigidly to the floor, and thereupon sat her delicious bottom.

Putting her ballet-trainers shod feet behind the lower cross-supports of the stool’s long legs, gave her own bare legs supreme curvity of calves. Although she was not wearing a skirt or dress, she still kept her knees demurely together, and her smooth lightly-tanned thighs in a close-closed protectively virginal parallel proximity.

Pretty Leonina thus sat on the sanitary-pad she wore to cope with the first full day of her particularly heavy very first bleed: and thus with her pre-puberty-smoothed completely depilated intact-virgin’s slit, kissing a residual pool of her sacrificial blood.

As she sat, till she gathered their abundant harvest, and swept them over her lap, Leonina’s glorious deep-brown halo of curls dangled down to drape to the thus abundantly caressed and blessed floor.

As she contemplated the gape the doll might have in her oyster now she sat, and the pretty pinkness within her perfect petals, and the untouched untouchable innocence of the doll’s clitoral pearl, Sarah felt her own clitoris twitch.

And then, the doll, still sitting alone waiting for her mother and kid-sister to join her, looked over, knowing she was being, and enjoying being admired and desired by the older woman, before she, Leonina, lowered her curl-kissed head in one of the sweetest of sweet, and completely deep red-heat-replete blushes, that give the ‘English Rose’ its apt name.

“I think I know her”, Sarah, blushing in turn at her realisation that the immaculate maiden knew she lusted after her beauty, whispered to Mary.

“Oh yea: I’ve seen her around too”, Mary responded, between sips of coffee. She regularly drops the girls off at St Hymenia’s on the morning school run”. Reckon she and her wife have got a new auto though. She used to drive a DMW. That show’s they’ve got a dollar or two between them: the private school and a top of range DMW Clitisra, and now the Tokyota Roughtrade: guess that’s a second car: a two car family no less: one car each: ‘hers and hers cars’ as they say….”.

“No, you silly mare, I mean the honeytrap: the little gaol-bate”, Sarah giggled, as she playfully slapped the back of Mary’s hand.

“You don’t know her, you just wish you did, you dirty little alleycat”, Mary reposted playfully.

“No. Don’t you remember? About a year back. It made the national papers. The girl that got locked in the lion’s cage?”

The lovely doll had now been joined by the rest of her family, and was chatting and smiling animatedly.

There was clearly a lot of love in this close gathering, and, as her eyes looked the astonishing angel over, Mary felt herself to be an intruder.

It had been year since, so the lovely curls were longer by now, but she did look very like the little heroine that had made the ‘Sirensister Sentinel’ a year or so ago: Sarah had a definite point.

How had that first headline and article gone? I was something like:

‘Beauty and the Beast’
‘For thirteen-year-old Sirensister heroine, Leonina Godspride, work experience was very nearly the last experience of her sweet young life.

Plucky Leonina, pictured here with classmates from St Hymenia’s School for Highly Gifted Girls, had a narrow escape when she was accidentally locked overnight in the lion’s cage at Whipsnake Zoo last weekend.

When ‘The Sentinel’ asked her school for an interview with her, they responded that sweet Leonina was keeping mum about her experience. And wouldn’t you if you had spent a night as an unwelcome guest of the fearsome Nawab, Whipsnake Zoo’s world famous Asian Lion?

Nawab, one of only eight Asian Lions left in the world, takes a literal pride in his role as sire to dozens of cute cubs in innumerable zoos. But he too was saying nothing about his night with the very pretty human cub, Leonina.

‘The Sentinel’ wants to know the roar truth Nawab!

But the happy ending to our story has a serious side. Leonina was a very lucky girl. An inquiry is being held into how teachers from the thousand-dollar-a-month St Hymenia’s, overlooked ensuring essential safety requirements were adhered to for one of the school’s most able students.

A spokeswoman for the school referred ‘the Sentinel’ to the zoological gardens. A spokeswoman for Whipsnake Zoological Gardens said that the matter was in the hands of their solicitors, and that, on legal advice, they could say nothing at that moment.

That is not good enough for ‘The Sentinel’. ‘The Sentinel’ will have its answers, and will tell its readers. You may be assured of that.

The delightful Leonina, who is studying for an honours degree in pure mathematics under a distance-learning agreement St Hymenia’s has with St Saint’s College at Camford University, was found safe, sound asleep with the lion, in the early hours of last Sunday morning.

She explained that nobody had told her that the cage door and the door to the sleeping quarters, where Nawab was holed-up whilst she hosed and swept the open-air area of his cage, were electronically interconnected.

The zoo was closed at the time. She had been left alone to clean the lion’s cage, and then return to a room above the zoo entrance, where she had been sleeping whilst away from home on her first out of school job experience.

Although she had performed the cleaning-out duties twice before, it had always been under the supervision of one of the zoo’s full-time employees. But the zoo-girls supposed to be on duty with her that evening, had, allegedly, left her alone this time, as they had wanted to go to a birthday party.

Unknowingly unwisely, thinking to protect against Nawab’s escape, since she was alone, Leonina had closed the outer-cage door, thinking it made for greater security, only to find that, not only was it self-locking, but shutting it opened the door to Nawab’s sleeping quarters, and Nawab was far from wanting to sleep!

At dawn last Sunday, the partying zoo-girls returned to the dormitory Leonina was sharing with them, only to find that little Leonina was not there, and her bed had not been slept in.

Rushing to the Lion House, they found Leonina snuggling up on Nawab’s mane, and both of them fast asleep.

Fearsome Nawab had obviously shown he had a gentler side, and the lion had lain down with our sweet Sirensister lamb.

Although Leonina’s horrendous experience had a happy outcome, her mother and her mother’s wife are understood to be pursuing court action against both St Hymenia’s and Whipsnake Zoological Gardens.’

After that local fanfare about the dreadful and terrifying affair it had made the English national newspapers briefly; or at least the notorious Sunday scandal sheet, ‘The Grapevine’.

Such serious newspapers as ‘The Watch’ and the ‘The World’ disdained what appeared to be common gossip being spun into sensation, but ‘The Grapevine’ went to town on the story:-

Its headline, and the copy that followed, was a literally juiced-up and mangled up version of the story that had appeared in the ‘Sirensister Sentinel’: a story one of ‘The Grapevine’s’ reporterettes had spotted on the news wires, and felt free and easy about using and abusing.

‘Pretty Schoolgirl in Roar Deal’
‘Sexy schoolbabe Leonora Godsblessing (aged 14 and 5’ 2” tall with a 36-24-36 figure) pictured below, had a narrow escape last month, when she found herself locked alone in a cage with Nahab, a fearsome Brazilian white lion.

Leonora, who had been taking lessons in lion taming, found herself cornered, and her enforced withdrawal from Nahab’s hungry jaws, caused her to back into the door of the cage she was practicing in, with only the traditional kinky whip to keep the hungry lion at bay. The cage door slammed shut and she was locked in.

Although pretty Leonora screamed, she had the misfortune that she was alone with only schoolgirls from the local deaf community, doing their work experience elsewhere in the circus, who therefore could not hear her.

Resourceful Leonora realised she was going to be live meat unless she did something quickly.

Fortunately, like all girls she had read the story of Beauty and the Beast, and Leonora knew that she was no beast. So she stripped herself naked for Nahab, to let Nahab see her full beauty. Lucky Nahab!

Lucky Leonora too, for her smart move proved her saviour.

How would you like to be locked in a cage with lovely Leonora? Tell us how much by phoning our voteline number on page 7. Calls cost one-dollar per minute. (Please ensure you have the okay from the phone’s owner before you call). Nahab need not bother to ring: he’s had his turn!’

This terrible mangling of a near-tragedy for the sake of salacious sensation and increased sales, had caused a court case; or would have, had ‘The Grapevine’ not seen the sense of settling out of court.

Yet the gossip among girls in local and national public bars, had been that Leonina had been found sound asleep, with all her clothing shredded, but not a mark on her lovely young body.

Mary re-reminded the gist of this now largely forgotten history to Sarah, only to notice her companion lost in seeming rapture. The world had moved on multifariously since little Leonina’s near mishap, and so it seemed had Sarah’s mind, if not quite so far geographically, or so far into the past as opposed to the very immediate present.

“Penny for your thoughts”, Mary teased, “What’s on your mind, as if I couldn’t guess?”

“She’s really hot, and she’s hit your g-spot by the looks of it. What are you thinking about kiddo?”

“Oh nothing…… Well, okay something”, Sarah answered, blushing visibly as she watched the little dolls soft-moist moist-soft-lipped, heart-stopping, heart-moving mouth, in emotion-making motion as the doll spoke to her mother.

“Do you suppose she’s even had her first kiss?” she sighed, as she went off into another brown study.

“You know that your two mummies can’t afford to keep you at home honey”, the doll’s mother was now overheard saying.

What sudden crisis had brought this on, Sarah could not say; but she listened more attentively.

Then she turned to the car park, and witnessed a crew of three girls craning the doll’s family’s SUV onto the back of a breakdown truck’s trailer. Was this a sign of a financial crisis? Was the four-by-four being reclaimed for non-payment of a loan? Was it being impounded by bailiffs?

“You know that your mummies can’t afford to keep you at home anymore honey. College is also way beyond our affording for you now, unless you go through with what your other mummy and I discussed with you last week and last night.”

“But I don’t want to work in that kind of kennels mummy. I love doggies and puppies; but hunting kennels are gross. They are all hunting hounds. It’s not the dogs’ fault. But mummy, you know how I hate hunting. Me and the other girls at school got this big petition together, and even the teachers signed it and we took it round the town as well, and got lots and lots of signatures, and we’re going to send it to our senator too, cos hunting with dogs has got to be stopped: it’s so cruel mummy, like you wouldn’t believe”, the doll protested melodically with her innocent sincerity oozing from her sweet seductively soft mouth and her glowing eyes: and her absolutely perfect beauty thus enhanced.

“But darling, darling, life is not always that simple. We all have our principles: of course we do. And, when I was your age sweetheart…Well… But even hunting dogs need warmth shelter and the comfort you’ll provide them when you go there…”

“Darling, for a first experience it’s absolutely ideal! The new Lady Barnmouth is a joy to talk to. Your other mummy met her and told her all about you and she said you sounded perfect and for you to come down to Barnmouth and work up at her house in the kennels for your trial week. And, who knows, she may have you there as a regular …”, the mother insisted.

At this, the lovely doll pouted, sulked supremely seductively, and then burst into tears.

Sarah’s heart melted at the sight.

The mother’s arms were instantly wrapped comfortingly around the angels’ shoulders. “There, there sweetheart. I know you are upset at having to leave your other mummy and me. But it’s only for your trial week. Your other mummy and me will come and see you on Saturday, when my little girl has her fifteenth birthday: that’s a promise Leonina”, the mother sincered, as she kissed the doll on her forehead.

The girls from the other SUV now breezed in: two all too blonde egg-timer-figured eighteen-year olds.

Heads turned as they daintied tiptoe-topped in on their ballet-shoes, showing their million-mile-long legs: bare legs bronzed by the lucky old sun’s kissing their soft complexions, as they tippy-toed confidently into the fast-food restaurant.

Their micro-mini pinafore dresses were uniformly black. They were A-line-shaped till a belt, a belt with a bum-bag apiece at the left hip, drew them in to hug their breathlessly slim waists.

Their dresses, with a red trim at hem, covered their lovely bosoms completely. They seemed to be a uniform representing some kind of calling when they were on duty.

Their uniform dresses were sleeveless. Their slim arms were thus completely revealed. And their slim arms thus revealed, sparkled when the sun caught the soft gold down on their forearms: sweet soft down that matched the beach blonde of their shoulder-length hair.

Their micro-mini-dresses were uniform, and so were they. They were twins. Four lovely legs displayed erotically tensioned calf-muscles as they stood in line, laughing and giggling lovingly at each other’s conversation as they waited to be served.

Golden girls, their dark brown eyes contrasted startlingly with their light blonde naturally sun-bleached hair. Their faces, with slightly overlong noses, were not beautiful; but nobody, but nobody, could deny that, despite any attempt by nature to make their faces a marginal mismatch to the rest of their natural wonder, they were both very pretty, and that their demeanour and vivacious liveliness and girly giggles made them stunningly attractive. And that was so even without a glimpse of their simply gorgeous legs.

“Hi Milly!” one of them called to the girl behind the counter: the smiling negress who had earlier served Leonina and her family.

“Catilia! Amitha!! Hi! What are you doing here?” the negress answered, hardly pausing as she wrapped a veggie-burger, and then paid due attention once more to her present customer, rewarding her with a sunny smile as she took her payment.

Catilia and Amitha’s turn to be served came next. “Got to get away from exciting old Barnmouth some time Mill!” Amitha answered satirically, with a golden giggle bubbling in her voice.

“Hey you got a couple of cider-apple girl-pees with loadsa ice? Whilst you’re keeping your customers waiting with talking all the time, two of them here have just been left dying of thirst!” she teased the negress.

As Milly moved away to serve Catilia and Amitha’s drinks, Catilia leaned over the counter to look Milly over head to toe, and an audible gasp came from a woman queuing immediately behind her, as she realised that Catilia was very obviously wearing no panties.

“Hey, like the uniform Mill! Almost as sexy as Amitha’s and me’s!” Catilia called over after making her over-the-counter assessment. “How long you been a MacQuims’ dolly-girl then Mill?”

“Give me a break willya” Milly giggled, “I gotta do something in the summer vacation to pay college fees haven’t I? We can’t all get work with landed ladies. We all gotta earn now girls don’t get college fees anymore don’t we? Just cos you two brains got in at Fordbridge University and spend your summer vac sunning yourselves on Barnmouth beach”, she pretend sneered.

“Four-dollars twenty” she then added, with a lovely smile, as she planted Catilia and Amitha’s drinks on the counter. “Drinking straws are over there, she nodded, coincidentally indicating the direction in which little Leonina sat her pretty bottom on her high-stool.

“Gee! So we gotta get our own straws these days?! Amitha asked mockingly aghast.

“Yea! Service has gone right downhill, if you ask me! ‘Spect that happened as soon as our Mill walked into this place!!”, Catilia teased.

“Hey! You two just get outta here!” Milly responded. “I’ll try and catch you later. I got customers to serve right now, even if you ain’t got nothing better to do: customers wanting to spend real money, and not just blow their overwhelming generosity on a coupla cheap iced-girl-pees!”

Lovely loving smiles were exchanged all round, as the twin beauties with their twin twin lightly bronzed legs, tip-top tiptoed in sexy wiggle-pirouette to collect their straws, poke the tops of their drinks’ plastic lids with them, and, as, when they would lower themselves to sit, their micros’ hems would rise to expose their saucy lack of any panties to cover its source, choose a seat to bless with the sensational scent of their naked identical-twin’s twin-identical slits.

Catilia and Amitha sat themselves where they could see the adorable doll, as her mother helped her dry her tears.

“Sorry mummy” the angel whispered, as her mother found a handkerchief with which to dry the soft diamond droplets.

“It’s because you’re having your first monthly darling. Believe me I know how wretched that can make a girl feel”, Leonina’s attractive mother, as stunning as an older Leonina would be, comforted.

“I think those two pretty girls, the twins over there, are the ones we need to meet. Why don’t you pop to the bathroom, freshen yourself up, and get ready for them sweetheart, whilst I let them know you’re here”, the mother coaxed.

Her lovely legs stretched to highest tiptoe in her ballet-shoe-trainers, the pretty doll began to walk to the bathroom, only to have to come back, having forgotten her little handbag with her ‘necessaries’ in it.

In her cubicle in the ladies’ lavatories, Leonina had already managed to pull her tee over her head and work her sumptuous abundance of impossible curls through its neck.

As, like a good daughter should, she neatly tidied her removed tee by turning it back from being outside-in, and folding it to put it, temporarily, on the closed lid of the toilet bowl, her little virgin’s titties joggled on her chest, and her upturned thimble nipples, stood up like tiny pink candles: candles above the altar on this walking hymn to the goddess who created such a perfect wonder.

Leonina next had her lovely left leg up with her pointed-down toes still in her left ballet-shoe-trainer, thus shaping her calf divinely as, with that raised foot rested on the lavatory bowl, she undid her shoe’s laces to take it off.

Then a light tap came on the cubicle door, and one of the lovely twins put her head around its opened edge.

“Are you alright sweetheart? Is there anything you want a hand with?” she enquired genuinely kindly.

With one ballet trainer off, Leonina turned and stood momentarily tiptoed by her other trainer and on the big toe of her now bare left foot, her darling little titties bobbing as she sought to balance herself.

“Would you keep my clothes safe and tidy for me please?” Leonina asked.

Atilia turned and smiled at her sister: smiling at the complete innocence of little Leonina, before she gently answered: “But of course sweetheart: of course we will”.

Her second trainer off, Leonina handed the pair to the lovely pair outside the cubicle, and then ran the zip at the left side of her cheekily filled shorts down, and eased them, and the panties that their tight cling to her body drew with them, down her lovely little legs.

As good as their, or rather Atilia’s word, the twins took each item of removed apparel and neatly folded and placed them on the shelf in front of the ladies room’s mirrors.

As Leonina came out of the cubicle, she wore only her elasticated belt, and the absorbent pad hooked at each of its ends to it, front and back of her, and thus held between her pretty legs up against her virgin vagina.

By then, Atilia had taken a variety of leather items out of her bum-bag, and Catilia some pairs of rubber articles, and these were on the shelf, next to Leonina’s tidily piled clothes and trainers.

Trying to hide that the sight of the leather and rubber items made her want to cry, the near-naked Leonina, wiggled over to her handbag, atop her pile of clothes.

“Can you handle the rest on your own?” Atilia now asked.

“She’s sweet. There won’t be any problems”, Catilia affirmed.

“Okay, I’ll get the SUV opened, and we’ll be on our way just as soon as we can”, Atilia confirmed.

Leonina watched Atilia’s bare long sun-bronzed legs, as that one of the twins, their four-by-four’s key in her hands, left her, and the equally lovely Catilia, together.

“Should I put on a fresh one?” Leonina asked, as she drew a new pad out of her handbag.

“No. That’s not really necessary darling”, Catilia answered: and Leonina burst into instant tears.

At this the older girl ran to hug the little angel and muttered: “I know: I know: I know my love. And you have been so very very very brave so far! Dry your tears my sweet little angel. We must get that lovely hair of yours tied up so you won’t tread on it mustn’t we?” she coaxed as Leonina sobbed in helpless despair.

“….At least that was the gossip at the time” Mary concluded.

“Sorry?” Sarah responded.

“The doll: the gaol-bate. It was in the papers like you said. And they didn’t say how she survived. How the hell does a girl survive a night alone with a wild lion without getting torn apart for jeese sake? And you haven’t been listening to a word I’ve been saying have you Sarah?” Mary protested mildly.

“I’m sorry?” Sarah repeated, whilst touching Mary’s hand to emphasis the genuineness of her apology.

“I don’t know what it is with you right now Sarah. First it was the gaol-bate, then it was those lovely twins you were ogling, and then it’s the darling little doll once again. There was a time when you had the hots for me like that!” Mary reminisced.

“I know. I know. Then you met Alice and I met Ellen. But you and me… we were a great couple: not a care in the world while it lasted…back in college days”, Sarah agreed.

But, even so, as one of the twins came out of the lavatories and left the MacQuims, seemingly to get something out of their shared SUV, her appreciative eye followed Amitha’s seductively swinging rear.

Sarah then turned to pay the attention to Mary that Mary was so strongly hinting she deserved. And so, despite her continuing curiosity, she did not turn when she heard the ‘beep’ of the twins’ four-by-four being unlocked.

At least she didn’t for a while. But when she did turn that way, she noted in passing, through the MacQuims’ windows, that Amitha had opened the rear hatch of the vehicle, and opened out a small shiny aluminium folding stepladder, placing it sideways-on to the rear of the vehicle, on the ground behind it.

It was a while before Catilia came out from where Amitha had emerged before returning to their auto.

“Come on then angel, there’s a love”, Catilia’s horny voice gently coaxed.

At the sight of little Leonina being led on a leash: a leash clipped to the dog’s collar around her neck: being led on a dog leash: crawling on all fours: being led on a leash with her hair tied in curly Catherine-wheel coils at the side of her head like floppy ears: being led on a leash by a dog collar with her legs tied double by her having her ankles strapped tightly to her strong young thighs in close proximity to her crotch: being led on a collar and lead crawling on the padded points of her knees and on her pretty little hands in new rubber mittens: being led on a collar and lead crawling on the points of her knees and on her pretty little hands like a dog, naked on all fours: nobody turned to look.

It was routine, it seemed, to see a girl trussed up as a dog-bitch being led away on a leash, having to weave her way through the seated customers of a MacQuims restaurant, avoiding their feet as she rolled her lovely bum, crawling tied cruelly up as a bitch-dog: naked.

Sweet Leonina looked resigned to her fate. Her lovely baby blue eyes were obediently on the tanned bare legs of Catilia, as Catilia, wiggled en-pointe in front, leading the naked fourteen-year-old angel on her leash out to the twins’ four-by-four.

As Catilia, wiggled en-pointe in front, leading the naked fourteen-year-old angel on her leash out to the twins’ four-by-four, Leonina’s eyes were compelled to follow the smooth flow of the curves of Catilia’s calves, and espy up her dress, the neatly trimmed blond-straw surrounded nest that nestled between her lovely thighs.

As she crawled in her humiliating bondage, lovely little Leonina was naked; except that she was not entirely bare. For the schoolgirl angel had an elasticated belt around her shapely hips, and a flash of something white glowed between her bound heavenly thighs: the white of something soft and absorbent: a white pad that was held between her legs by being hooked by hoops in each of its ends, to the elasticated belt around the hips she so enticingly naturally swung as she crawled so demeaningly.

Leonina’s mother now walked up and touched Catilia’s arm.

Catilia stopped and Leonina stood obediently still on all fours.

“May I just kiss my daughter before she goes?”

“Yes of course”, Catilia smiled, understandingly lovingly.

At this Leonina’s mother knelt and kissed her daughter’s curly coil halo crowned head, before unhooking the front end of Leonina’s sanitary-towel, taking it down between her daughters exquisite thighs, unhooking its rear end, and folding its fresh blood soiled front in half.

She then unclasped Leonina’s elastic sanitary-towel belt, and took it off, leaving the totally intact wholly holy innocent little angel completely and utterly naked: openly seeping.

“Be brave my love”, her mother whispered, with a pronounced hint of oncoming tears, before she rose up from her haunches, and held the MacQuims restaurant door open, so that Catilia could lead Leonina onto the car park outside.

A moment or two later: “They’re kennel maids from Lady Barnmouth’s place aren’t they?” a voice careless of the tears of Leonina’s mother and sister queried audibly, and within their hearing.

Leonina’s mother and sister watched out of the window, as little Leonina walked her tied tight folded thighs slowly up the aluminium ladder, still on her leash as her lovely legs struggled with each painful step, before she was finally able to crawl into the rear of the four-by-four, and her leash could be removed, and the SUV’s tailgate slammed closed.

It would be a two-hour drive to Barnmouth, before the lovely schoolgirl, still bitch-tied, would be made to crawl into Lady Barnmouth’s kennels to sate the hunting hounds.

Heavily on heat as she was, she would not stand a chance. Her only way to avoid being torn apart would be to cooperate. And she would have to cooperate 24/7 throughout the remainder of her holy bleed week….


“Hello-oh!” Mary’s teasing voice was repeated.

“This is planet earth calling Sarah. Has anyone seen her around?” Mary joked.

Lovely little Leonina heard the loving teasing in the voices and looked her adorably appealing baby blue orbs over at the two older women, before she lowered her devastating gaze, and sipped some more of her Girlpeecola through her lucky drinking-straw.

“Sorry Mary. I was gone then wasn’t I? I was quite dreaming!”

“Oh yea. Let me guess what about, as if I need to. It wouldn’t happen to have featured some exceptionally pretty gaol-bate, or two horny eighteen-year-old blonde dark-brown-eyed twins, dressed in identical black micro-mini-dresses; or maybe even all three of them would it?”

“Don’t answer that!” Mary giggled. “I know you: I used to share a home and bed with you remember? God you were a perve then, and I don’t need to guess if you still are!” she teased.

“You still haven’t answered my real question though. The doll: the gaol-bate. It was in the papers like you said. And they didn’t say how she survived. How the hell does a girl survive a night alone with a wild lion without becoming live raw meat for god’s sake?”

“They say her clothes had been ripped to shreds by the lions claws, but there wasn’t a single solitary incy-wincy scratch on her.”

“It’s all established fact. Nobody ever denied it. Even her two mothers, wife and wife, though they took it to court when that awful gutter-rag twisted the story: they never disputed that Leonina over there, when they found her asleep with Nawab, was as damned near naked as completely bare.”

“The medical examination confirmed she was completely unhurt. So just how the hell did she keep Nawab from tearing her to bits? She’s not a living saint or something is she?”

How Leonina had tamed that wild beast remained a mystery.

Leonina had told no one and never ever would.

But, as the incredibly pretty Leonina put her glorious negress-inheritance lips to the straw once more, and sweetly kissed the straw and slowly drew up some more of her Girlpeecola, looking round about herself with her gorgeous baby blue eyes, Sarah suddenly nudged her partner.

Sarah’s mind had just worked through its full wiring and a light within it had sparked.

Mary looked up and over at the intact immaculate pretty teen temptress drawing up her drink, and, as rapidly, came to the same realisation as Sarah.

Open mouthed with astonishment, both older women now looked at Leonina, who blushed divinely, and momentarily desisted from drawing the liquid up into her lovely mouth, though it still glistened on her lower lip.

Her mouth thus moistened to a seductive mirrored perfection had its stunning lips, unselfconsciously formed in a pose proposing continuation of the completely sweet completely immaculate virgin schoolgirl’s succulent kiss of the rigidly erect drinking-straw.

And both older women turned to each other in absolute astonishment, whispering aghast: “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god: she surely didn’t did she?!!”

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