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01-30-2006, 11:44 PM
I hadn’t been living in the new dorm long before I received a phone call late one evening from Mary asking if I could come to her room and help her with a project that had grown beyond her expectations. It sounded urgent so I hurried down to her room to find a group of airmen milling in the hallway by her door. They eagerly parted my way as I opened the door to find Mary naked surrounded by several beer-guzzling airmen in various stages of undress. It was obvious why she had called me and I wasn’t given any time to decide if I was going to join in, as I gaped at the scene before me willing hands undressed me. I had had sex in groups before but nothing like this. I can’t say how many hands were on me at any one time but Mary was laid on one side of the desk in the center of the room and I on the other. Willing hands spread our legs as turgid cocks sank into us one after another. Usually I am highly aroused while participating in intercourse but this time was different more mechanical in nature. It was almost as if I were a spectator to the whole event. I followed Mary’s lead grasping a cock in each hand as another pummeled away at my pussy. Cocks of all different sizes, shapes and colors were driven into both of us at regular intervals. One guy would come and another would take his place. I lost count after the twenty third one and just responded as best I could to each “suitor.” I had arrived at eleven-thirty the night before and the last airman left at seven-thirty the next morning. Mary and I helped each other to our feet and she lent me a robe as we staggered to the community shower at the end of the hall. Luckily it was quiet this time of day and we assisted each other in scrubbing off the semen, which covered our hair and bodies. As we staggered back down the hall to Mary’s room and opened the door we scanned the carnage to her room from the night before and laughed as we realized how long it would take to clean up the mess the boy’s had left us. We spent the better part of the morning picking up the trash and forgotten clothing from the night before. We scrubbed the beer and semen stains from the floor, walls and furniture before we could restore order to the rooms. Mary discovered her underclothing was missing from her dresser draws and not a stitch of my clothing remained. We laughed at the absurdity of the whole thing, men were really boys at heart you know. We locked the door and propped a chair under the handle before lying together on her bed to fall asleep, locked in each other’s embrace.
We awoke about dinnertime and Mary gave me some of her clothes to put on. We went to the cafeteria to eat. We were joined at the table by Mary’s current boyfriend Richard. He was not what I expected. He was articulate, funny and would occasionally get that thousand-mile stare in his eyes when he talked. He was impassioned in his ideas and when he spoke you could almost believe you were a part of his vision. Little did I dream this man had captured a part of me I never knew existed without even trying.

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Thanks for the story...

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Keeping things fresh for folks to enjoy.....;)