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01-30-2006, 11:47 PM
Debi had complained incessantly about how horney she was since her husband left to attend another college out of state. She and I were almost identical in body type except she was a blonde and I a brunette. I saw an opportunity to toss another curveball at my new boyfriend told her what a horn dog he was with me. I told her with a little encouragement he would probably fuck her in a heartbeat. If there was one thing I learned about him it was how anal retentive he was about his schedule. At this time of day he would be in his room studying. I invited Debi to accompany me to his room and sure enough there he was. He seemed a bit annoyed, at first, by our disturbing his ďwork timeĒ but invited us in and offered Debi the comfortable chair while he and I sat on the bed (which also doubled as a couch). He busied himself redistributing his study materials beside himself on the bed. He engaged us in pleasant conversation but was soon distracted by the project he had been working on and was soon lost in his studies again. Debi and I engaged in a very graphic conversation about sex and a womanís needs that demand gratification once awakened. I worked the conversation to the area of masturbation versus shared intimacy with a partner. Richard didnít seem to be hearing a word of it demanding a more direct approach as we each took turns role-playing masturbation techniques which we had found to be successful in relieving stress. Debi cupped her breast with one hand while rubbing her crotch with the other. Debi basically sent every signal a woman could to attract a manís attention and Richard seemed oblivious to it. Maybe he felt uncomfortable with me watching so I feigned being tired and laid down on the bed turning my back to them.
Debi stretched out her leg and placed it between Richardís using her toes to knead his crotch while opening her blouse to expose her bare breasts to him. I could her the sound of a zipper opening and looked over my shoulder to see she had opened her pants to snake her hand into the opening and stroke her clit. Her breathing became more rapid and she began to moan. I looked up at Richard to see his eyes were transfixed on the sight of the show unfolding before him. I rose from the bed and left the room confident my instincts were correct. Later Debi would tell me what transpired after I left.
I was no sooner out the door than she shed her clothing and knelt between his legs to open his fly and suck his cock. She soon had sucked him to a full erection and grasping his cock pulled him erect as she stood allowing his pants to fall around his ankles. She turned him to face the bed while she sank to the mattress splaying her legs and positioning the head of his cock against the yearning entrance to her womanhood. She seated the head of his cock and as her heels sank against his ass to pull him forward, nothing happened. She couldnít budge him. She looked into his face and saw it twisted in tormented doubt. A smile crossed his face as she watched he shook his head no and his cock shriveled away. He bent to pull up his pants stammering an apology and told her how honored he was for the invitation but he had to leave to find me and with that left the room. All in all it had been a very frustrating experience for the two of us. She didnít get fucked and he kept his word. What an odd man?

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Some folks like a bit of romance as a change....I hope...:)......Enjoy

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bump bump bump....lol....enjoy

Brigit Astar
07-31-2008, 01:34 PM
What an odd story

08-16-2008, 06:57 PM
Interesting, in a way, but very strange. Not the type of attitude you generally expect to see in a place like this.