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Sammi’s test of obedience.

Sammi was a submissive 24 year old, five foot ten tall with 36B sized breasts and a size 12 frame. Her long shoulder length hair was naturally dirty blonde in colour. I first came across Sammi when a long distance Canadian Dare player called Vicky introduced us via email as she was resident in England.

Sammi was slow to follow up the introduction and kept me waiting weeks before she sent me a resume of her experiences. We eventually arranged a meet and following my instructions, she turned up wearing a pale blue blouse and navy blue pleated skirt. Beneath this, she wore a matching black bra and thong set, self supporting navy blue stockings.

As it was already summer and the weather was marm, We had arranged to meet in a local park at 8.00pm, where she was to approach the bench I would be sat on and ask for directions. Then if she was sure she wanted to continue with the meet she was to walk on to the next empty bench and sit down. I would then walk up to her and if I decided to sit beside her, that was my indication of accepting my role as her new master. Then she would carry out any of my instructions without hesitation or question and things would progress from there.

I had already prepared a test of obedience for Sammi, and would start to put it into place only if we both agreed to continue the meet.

I sat on the agreed bench until 8.30 pm when a young woman approached and asked me if I knew where the train station was. After giving directions she walked away and sat on the very next bench along the path. I immediately stood and walked towards her, asking if I may sit as I approached her bench. Sammi simply nodded.

I sat down and said “You were late!”

“Yes Master, I am really sorry but the bus I was supposed to catch did not turn up so I was thirty minutes late by the time the next one arrived” she replied. “Will I be punished for this?” she asked.

“We will see” I informed her. “But first you will stand and raise your skirt to show me what you’re wearing?” I continued.

Sammi then stood and looking around raised her skirt flashing me her stocking tops and thong. I nodded and she allowed the skirt to fall back into place, next I instructed her to walk into the bushes nearby and remove not only her thong but also her bra. Silently she turned and walked into the bushes, returning 10 minutes later she dropped the bra and thong into my hand. I put them in my pocket and told her to sit, where upon I leaned over and kissed her full on the mouth, whilst feeling her right breast through her blouse. Her nipple was already hard and erect.

Just to ensure that she had removed the items as requested, I pulled her skirt up and exposed her bushy pubic area. “Tut Tut, this will never do!” I stated. “Before our next meeting you will shave off your pubic hair” I added.

“Yes master” she replied. But never tried to cover herself. I slipped my hand between her legs and teased her clit, before sliding my index finger deep into her pussy. I then had her stand up and carefully arranged her skirt so part of it was hooked into her waist band flashing a good half of her naked butt.

I then took her hand and we walked off towards the roadway. As we approached the park gate an elderly man tapped Sammi on her shoulder and said “Excuse me miss. You may like to adjust your skirt as you are flashing tomorrow’s washing!”

She immediately adjusted her skirt but not before she managed to flash the elderly man the fact she was naked beneath the skirt, saying “Why thank you kind sir!” The old man looked shocked, turned and scurried off.

I took her along and into the city centre, where we found ourselves out side an adult sex shop. The sign on the door said that the shop closed at 10.30 pm each night, and it was already 10.15 pm. I pulled a packet from my inside pocket and handed it to Sammi.

It was a new packet of 12 Condoms, I also retrieved from my side pocket a pair of metal handcuffs, handing these to Sammi, and I quickly explained her test. She was to go into the shop and at 10.29 pm she was to strip and handcuff her hands behind her back. She was then to persuade anyone in the shop to use the condoms on her and she was to make sure she tied off each condom and return them full of sperm, to me later.

I suggested that she pop the used condoms into her cunt to keep them warm, I also informed her that she should use what ever charms she possessed to achieve all twelve to be used.

I slipped into the shop and waited for Sammi to enter. When she did so, she slowly walked around amongst the DVD’s noting the three guys in that area all watching her every move. She purposely bent forward flashing her naked butt to two of the men. She slowly moved through to the vibrator section and again began to bend as if checking out some of the larger models. One man walked up behind her and deliberately put his hand on her naked butt, she looked back at him smiling. A whispered conversation took place between the two of them and the man then nodded and backed off. He walked up to the small group of five guys that had begun to gather watching Sammi. He spoke to them and they all seemed to nod in approval.

Suddenly in the far corner of the store, the store manager, appeared and seemed to be heading to this group to escort them out of the shop, when the first man spoke to him. He immediately looked at Sammi and nodded. Then he went to the shop door and locked it, meanwhile Sammi now disrobed and hooked one hand cuff around her right wrist and then behind her back fastened the remaining ring around her left wrist.

On top of her clothing on the floor was the opened packet of condoms. She simply knelt down and licked her lips seductively, the man she spoke to quickly came towards her and unzipped his prick, Sammi began sucking him until he was hard enough to slip the condom on. He then knelt behind her and slipped his rubber covered cock into her soaking wet cunt. He fucked her as the other looked on, and began to remove their clothes. She took each cock in to her mouth until it was hard enough to have the condom fitted. She even showed off by showing her party piece of taking a condom into her mouth and using her lips to roll it down one guys cock.

Every guy there fucked her either in her pussy or in her arse as well as second time around having her suck them off in their rubber jackets. After each guy came, he removed the condom and placed it into her hand, some how she managed to tie them up before having to ask the guy whose sperm was now trapped inside to pop it into her cunt for her. After she had managed to fill all twelve condoms she went one more round with the guys Cumming all over her face. The store manager was the last to blow his wad over her face, and did so only after slipping a butt plug up her arse and a Venus penis vibrating butterfly against her cunt. He then turned this on to maximum power, whilst forcefully fucking her mouth. When he came, he released her hands from the handcuffs and allowed her to put her clothes back on over the toys he said she could keep.

As she stood her legs almost gave way under her as her latest orgasm rocked her shaking body. She was then shown to the store door before he re cuffed her hands behind her back and sent her out into the street, face still covered in fresh spunk. Her hands behind her back prevented her from being able to wipe her face clean. I was waiting for her and using her thong I cleaned her face up as much as possible before walking her still handcuffed back to my car.

I then unbuttoned her blouse fully and popped the cum stained thong into her mouth telling her she deserved to savour the taste, after all she collected it, before driving her home. I noticed that she was shaking and moaning when we arrived. I quickly led her in to her home. I then slid my hand up her skirt and found the Venus penis still throbbing against her clit. Further checks revealed to me the butt plug up her arse. “Where are the condoms, slut” I asked.

“Up my pussy!” she panted.

“You will be punished for not using my preferred salutation!” I informed her.

I removed the vibrating butterfly and using my fingers managed to remove the condoms one at a time from her now flooded cunt. I then asked for a pair of scissors and poured all twelve condoms of fresh cum into a glass.

Then ordering her to strip off completely, I produced a 10 inch leather covered paddle and handing it to Sammi, informed her that she was to punish her own cheeks with four slaps on each repeating as she did so, ‘My master should always be referred to as master or sir’. I then had her drink the sperm and hold it in her mouth, taking photos of her swirling it around her mouth before swallowing the whole load.

I then removed her butt plug, ordered her to replace her clothes before having her lean across on knee, with her right hand helping support her and her left hand across her back. My left hand was pressed into the small of her back preventing her moving, my right hand began spanking her arse for being such a cum slut.

We then retired to her bedroom where I tied her spread eagled on her bed and spent the next 90 minutes eating her pussy and inducing further orgasms. She was allowed to sleep still bound as she was, before I woke her with my penis slipping into her pussy and I deposited my load deep inside her cunt. I then made her lick my cock clean whilst I played with her nipples. I released her from her bondage, allowed her to clean herself up.

I left her around 9.30 am Sunday morning, having told her I expected a full on line report before the day is out. She had to include not just what happened to her but also what she felt as she was publicly used and her thoughts as to why she allowed these men to have full free access to her body…

I also demanded a full confession as to why her pussy had not been shaved prior to our meeting and an explanation as to why she failed to show me proper respect.

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Thanks for sharing that with us.

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Good stuff, very hot. Thanks a bunch.