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Richard and I had been spending more and more time together. I knew he was Mary’s boyfriend but he quickly grew tired of her clingy, demanding nature. I had to admit there was just something different about him. You listen to him talk and he never takes his eyes off you. There is a sad gentleness in his nature that draws me to him unlike anyone I have ever known. It caught me off guard when he asked me to step beyond the friendship we had developed to a dating relationship. He seemed more concerned in getting into my head than into my pants unlike the majority of people I had known. Sex with him was different. He was slow, gentle, always respectful of my wants, my needs and always concerned he had been “too rough”. At times his touch was so gentle I could liken it to a warm breeze brushing against my skin. Shoot he didn’t get an erection until the third time he slept with me. Each time we had sex it was as if he was seeing me for the first time, touching me. And than there are his eyes, it was as if he could see beyond the surface of flesh and blood and straight into one’s soul. He saw in me things no one ever had and for the first time in a decade I didn’t feel safe behind the walls I had built to protect my heart. I had to remind myself he was still a man and if there was one thing life had taught me, all men are the same they just want to get off. Love is the lie they dangle to get what they want. There are two types of people in this world those who use other people and those who get used. But Richard was odd, no meant no and it didn’t seem to bother him as he just moved on. If I said no, that was that, he would merely begin to talk about politics, philosophy or religion. Don’t get me wrong he wasn’t a bible thumper but the depth of his faith was unnerving. I decided to test his resolve and see if he was just another player or the genuine article. My old roommate Roxanne complained she couldn’t get laid. It didn’t help she was tall for a woman (over six feet) and lanky with a barely discernable figure. Add being a shy bookworm to the mix and it was a deadly mixture to meeting men. She was already twenty and starring down spinsterhood, she didn’t want to die a virgin. I told her I might be able to assist her in resolving her dilemma if she agreed to a tryst with Richard. She was a bit flustered, at first, as he was my boyfriend but eventually warmed to the idea as her prospects failed to improve. I decided to feel out Richard about the idea and he recommended his friend John. John’s experience in such matters was far superior to his own and he thought he would handle such a delicate matter with discreet zeal. I had already decided it would be Richard who should do this, as I knew she would not be just another notch in his belt and what man would not rise to the opportunity of having sex with two women, especially if one was a virgin.
Roxanne arrived at my place about ten in the evening and we rearranged the furniture in the room to make a king size bed in the rooms center by pushing the desk back and placing the mattresses from both beds on the floor side by side. We placed the bed frame in the adjoining room. We made the bed using king size sheets we purchased for the occasion.
We had a few drinks to loosen things up and helped each other undress examining each piece of newly exposed skin as if it had never been seen before. As roommates we had often dressed or undressed before each other but never really paid attention to it. Roxanne was venturing into areas she never had before and blushed furiously at the thought of assessing another woman’s body as an object of sexual desire. When we finally stood naked before each other I saw her eyes focus on my breasts only to trail down my body. When our eyes finally met she averted her gaze and started to turn away, I knew this was the first sign she might rabbit. With one hand I reached out to her grasp her wrist pulling her hand toward me, placing it on my breast while my other hand grasped her chin turning her head so that our eyes might meet. I smiled and she weakly returned my smile. I kissed her pressing my lips against hers, opening my mouth to allow my tongue to trace the outline of her lips. She opened her mouth allowing my tongue to enter as her hand gently than more firmly cupped my breast. I released my grip on her chin and wrist and allowed one hand to trail behind her back to draw her close while the other traced a line down her throat across her chest over her erecting nipples and flat abdomen and pubic hair to insinuate my fingers between her legs. She gasped and shuddered as her legs spread slightly to allow my fingers access. With one eye on the clock and the other on her body’s response to my caresses I stimulated her body awakening the sexual hunger that lives within each of us. I could feel the moisture begin to flow from her vagina as her hips began to gyrate in tune with my fingers motion. Her saliva grew thicker and her once tightly clenched lips grew slack as she began to suck air through her open mouth. I looked at her face to see her eyes were closed as she surrendered to the sexual energies that were building in her body as it shuddered from the newly discovered forces I had awakened. I decided to slow things down a bit and slowly circled her standing form drinking in her naked form with my hands and eyes. She had no hips to speak of and her ass was flat. I honestly believe her shoulder blades rose higher on her back than her breasts did on her chest. She had legs that seemed to rise to her chin but her pussy touted long tapering labial folds, which now glistened with moisture. Her areoles and nipples were tiny as opposed to her towering body but matched her physique. As I finished my circular tour she began hers running her hands and eyes over my body pausing to minutely examine my breasts tracing the outline of each and than cupping them with her hands to lift them gently and tweak the nipples. Her head bent to my chest as her tongue traced the outline of my areoles and than sealed her lips about the nipple to suckle it gently at first and than more strongly. Her hands traced down my back over my hips and cupped my ass. Slowly her hands circled my hips to trace the outline of my pubic triangle and tangle in coarse pubic hair. By the time her fingers finally sank between my labial folds they were moist in anticipation of her touch. This time it was my turn to groan. We kissed again, deep, moist and long as passion demands. I felt she was ready to take it to the next level as I trailed kisses from her neck over her chest pausing only to suckle each nipple momentarily as I sank to my knees continuing my trail of kisses over her abdomen to her pubic v. I lifted her leg placing it on my shoulder as my tongue slipped between her labial folds to trace the base of its valley and circle her now distended clitoris. I had eaten my share of pussies over the years but her clit jutted out further than any I could remember, more like a nipple. Her hands grasped my head as my tongue traced its outline without actually swiping it. Her breath was coming in ragged gasps as her body rocked to the tune my tongue beat out. I lay back on the bed inviting her to do the same. She lay down beside me wrapping her arms around me in an impassioned embrace. She broke our embrace to return the favor in kind by trailing kisses to my pussy. Her tongue, timidly at first and than with more energy swiped my gash drawing a sigh from me when her tongue rubbed my love button triggering an involuntary abdominal spasm. Having discovered this trigger she focused her effort there. I grabbed her ankle drawing it first to my head than over it so that I could return the joy she was bringing me. It wasn’t long before both our bodies rocked to the other’s tongue movements; sweat glistened from our supercharged bodies. It was almost anticlimactic when the knock came at the door. It was Richard; he couldn’t have timed it better if he tried.
Pushing Roxanne from my body I arose to answer the door as Roxanne drew a sheet over her naked form. I opened the door to Richard’s startled gaze. My naked form glistening with sweat and rapid breathing betrayed my recent activity. I invited him in but having glanced over my shoulder to see the other person in the room he blushed apologized for interrupting and turned to leave. I grabbed his wrist pulling him into the room telling him not to be silly and told him he could stay with us. Roxanne smiled and nodded her approval. I told him to undress and join us, which he seemed unsure of as I helped him do so. With a little coaxing I was able to get him to lie down between us. As he did so I turned on my side to face him raising my head and placing it on a crooked arm so I could look at his face. With my free hand I reached across his cheek to touch his chin drawing his head toward me. Putting on my best smile I asked coyly: “You wouldn’t mind if Roxanne sleeps with us, would you?” He turned his head to face the deliriously smiling face of Roxanne who had matched my position. He nodded his approval with a question in his eyes. “See, I told you it would be alright,” I told Roxanne. My hand sank to his rigid cock: “Well, what have we here?” I queried. Roxy’s hand followed mine encircling his cock. “Let’s not let this go to waste,” I said as I bent to first lick than suck it feeling it swell with new blood. Richard looked on in astonishment as I motioned for Roxanne to follow my lead. Roxanne’s hand replaced mine and her head bent to taste her first cock. Richard’s eyes locked with mine and I saw something I had never seen in a man’s eyes at a time like this before, astonishment and fear. Roxanne’s lips touched his cock and he bolted to his feet grabbing his clothes as he shot for the door with a now curiously absent cock. He mumbled an apology as he bolted naked out the door and into the hallway. There was a stunned silence in the room, I arose to gaze down the now vacant hallway and than close the door behind him and all I could think was: “Well, what do you know about that?” I heard a soft sob behind me and sat down beside Roxanne to comfort her. Her disappoint was short lived though as Plan B unveiled itself with another knock at the door. It was Steve and he was right on time.

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Good little read for those that might be interested...

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Very Nice!
if i can suggest breaking it down a bit to read easier..... but very good!