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Chapter one
Summer Sucks

Summer has always been Billy worse time of year. Even school was better because his parents always shipped him off to one of his relatives. Most of the time it was his grandma’s house which always smelled like cats and cabbage. He always got the job of giving the cats a bath which proved to be a job and a half. He always received scratches on his arms which hurt for a while. He was packing for his leave when his mom called him down.

“Billy dear, will you come here? You’re father and I want to talk to you.” his mom yelled at him up the stairs.

He slumped his way down stairs because he knew it could not be anything good. He walked down stairs and into the living room where his parents were sitting with un-happy looks on their faces. He walked in and sat down in the chair in front of them.

“Dear, your father and I are taking my mother on a cruise for a few weeks.” his mother told him.

“YES” seemed to slip out of his mouth a little too loudly.

His mother looked at him with a puzzled look but continued anyways, “So we have decided that you are old enough to go to summer camp. I know you’re 16 and we thought you might enjoy it more than a cruise with a bunch of old people.” His mother smiled at him

He jumped up and ran up stairs to pack a new suitcase with better clothes. He threw in better looking shorts, which happened to be a little tight so he could show off his tight but. He even threw in some wife beater shirts and tank tops. He even reached into his night stand and pulled out a pack of condoms incase he got lucky. He had only slept with one girl but they broke up a month ago.

The next day he jumped in the car after putting his suitcase into the trunk and helping his dad put their cases in there. The trip took about an hour when they pulled off the road and followed a long trail in between some trees. They pulled up in front of a large cottage and other kids walking around chatting with each other. He looked around at all the girls and thought he should have bought more condoms.

He climbed out of the car and his father pulled his suit cases out of the trunk and gave them to him before jumping in his car and taking off, a little too fast Billy thought. He set down his cases on a pile of other cases labeled “room A” His parents told him all the information he needed on the car ride over so he knew what to do. He stood there and looked around to see if he recognized anyone. He saw some younger kids he knew just from sight at school. He saw Jake and Sam who were in some of his classes and was friendly to them

That’s when he saw her, a beauty he had never seen before walking up to him. She was 5’10 and a nice round out body, not to skinny and not to fat, just right. He noticed her blue eyes and blonde hair with red highlight shinning from it. His eyes wandered down and stopped on her chest which was big, if he had to guess it was a large d or dd. She had on a short miniskirt that showed off her long and smooth legs.

“Hi, my name is Lucy. Have I seen you around school?” She said as she stopped in front of him.

He said nothing as he stood there staring at her. He could not believe his luck, she was talking to him. He stared into her eyes without blinking. He felt a warm sensation over his body as he stared. It took him a second to realize he was wet and getting wetter with every passing second. Snapping out of his trance he looked around and saw Jake standing behind him with an empty cup in his hands smiling. Billy hurried up and smelled his shirt to hake sure it was not piss, it was only warm water.

“His name is Billy and I am Jake. The bloke over there is named Sam.” Jake spoke up for him

Billy went a little red when he realized what he just did. He turned around and shook her hand looking at the ground. He looked up at her again without releasing her hand and smiled. He then gave her hand back and shoved it into his pocket. She then walked away into a group of other girls where they talked and giggled while she turned and looked at him.

“Real smooth there slick. That’s the way to get a girl’s attention” Jake said while smacking him on the shoulder pulling him to Sam.

The three of them stood there talking and staring at all the girls but Billy kept glancing over at Lucy. When Jake and Sam started talking all uppity he turned to see what they were looking at. Billy dove behind them as she walked past them without looking.

“What the hell is you’re problem dude, she is hot.” they both asked him together.

Billy waited until she was out of sight before emerging, “She’s my ex-girlfriend. We broke up about a month ago and she was not happy about that. She was to controlling; I got in trouble if I even talked to another girl.”

They both laughed at him while they lined up to enter their bunks. Billy and them grabbed up their bags and headed into the giant cabin. Inside the main room they could see the ceiling which was three stories high and balcony’s totaling three on either side. The boys headed off to the right while Billy noticed the girls heading to the left. Before opening their door he glanced over and saw Lucy standing at their door putting in a code into their door.

He has shoved in the back by Sam to get a move on. His room was 7 so he counted them until he reached the right door. He turned the knob and steeped in and noticed two bunk beds on either side of the room. Jake pushed past him and jumped on the top bunk of the bed on the left. Sam grabbed the one below him so Billy took the bottom bunk of the one on the right when some kid he did not know came into the room and threw his bags on the top bunk.

“The name is Frank and ill be you’re roomy for the summer.” The boy told them.

Frank then reached up and pulled some magazines out of his bag and threw them each one. They were varieties of nuddie magazines. Billy’s showed naked women on motorcycles with a little bit of leather. His cock became hard but he did not want to masturbate in front of these guys and get teased about it. He looked up from his magazine and noticed they all had their hands down their pants stroking their cocks so Billy jumped in his bed and stroked himself inside his pants.

Billy felt his balls fill up then without warning he spewed his cum inside of his jeans. He removed his cum covered hand and wiped it off on his bed spread before he realized it. He looked over and the others were laid back on their beds with their eyes closed. He closed his eyes also and slowly drifted off to bed.

He was awoken by a knocking on the door; “Diner in 10 minutes.” a male voice rang out.

The other three jumped out of bed and quickly got dressed which Billy followed suit. They all headed down to the, I guess you could call it the basement since it was under the main floor. The tables were long and wooden to give it a more camping feeling and they were allowed to sit wherever the wanted. The four boys sat down at a table and started discussing the girls around when Lucy, and to Billy’s surprise, Amber sat down on either side of him pushing the boys down the table.

“Hello Billy.” Amber said with a tone in her voice as he stared straight ahead. “This is Lucy, she is in my room.”

“Yeah we meat earlier.” he said as he looked at her with a smile on his face.

He was glad to see the food arrived in front of the carried by the staff. There was a huge pile of all Billy’s favorite barbeque. There were hamburgers and hotdogs with some cols slaw and potato salad for sides. He grubbed on a little bit of everything until he was stuffed. He could hear Amber talking to Lucy as if he was not even there.

“Yeah we were going out up until a month ago. I think I was just too much woman for him. You know he was a virgin when he met me.” Amber said which made Billy choke on his hotdog.

Lucy jumped up and grabbed him from behind and pressed her fists below his rib cage and pulled him into her as hard as she could. He could feel her warm breasts pressing into his back but all he could think of right now was breathing. She pulled hard into his ribs and made the piece of hotdog shoot out and hit a girl in the back of the head at the next table. He coughed as he tried to catch his breath and drink some water.

“Chew you’re food idiot.” Frank yelled out at him.

Billy seemed to loose his appetite and just sat there drinking while everyone else ate up. Lucy kept looking over at him while she ate. He pretended that he did not see her doing it but in reality he was looking at her from the corner of his eyes. After the food was gone a counselor stood up.

Its time to go back to you’re rooms and take you’re showers now. Pip pip” one of the females said.

The four of them left after Billy told Lucy a good night. They headed to their room when Frank grabbed their arms and steered them another way out the front doors. They followed him around the corner and up to a window where they all stood on a ledge and looked in. There were about 20 naked girls changing out of their clothes. Billy looked around in hopes of seeing Lucy but he could not see her.

There was plenty to look at though breasts and colors of all kinds. Some tits were small and some were huge. Some girls were black, white, asian and Mexican. He had never seen so much variety in his life. All the boys shoved their hands down their pants and started masturbating to the sight in front of them. He was tired of hiding his cock and did not care if anyone saw it so he whipped it out and started stroking away. The other boys followed suit and whipped theirs out also.

He was staring hungrily at all the naked breasts whacking his cock. He felt tightness in his balls and needed to relieve it right away. His cum flew out of his cock and splattered hard against the wall. He placed it back and went back to his room while the other boys finished up. He walked in the front doors and was halted by Lucy.

“I was wandering where you got off to.” she said to him. “I just wanted to make sure you were alright.”

“I um just stepped outside of some fresh air. “He told her. “I’m fine now thanks to you.”

They both turned a little red and stood there until she spoke up, “Well goodnight then.”

“Yeah goodnight.” He said and watched as she went to her door and punched in the code.

She looked back at him before disappearing. He went up to his room and lay down in his bed and closed his eyes thinking about Lucy and hopping he can see her tomorrow night at least. He dozed off thinking about her and her beauty. In the distance he could hear the boys heading back as he dozed of into a wonderful dream.

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Wow...great stuff....thanks for the new stuff

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Wow, that is good. I am looking forward to the rest of the chapters if there are more.

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Chapter two

Billy awoke early the next morning feeling good and refreshed, ready to take on the world. He got up and dressed quietly as the sun shown in the window. He crept out the door as to not wake his room mates and set off for the main room. He sat down on the couch in the middle room and stared into the middle of an empty fireplace. Amber was on his mind for some reason so his brain drifted back to some of the time he spent with her.

He would go over to her house because her parents were always gone. They would sit in front of her television and watch movies for hours on end just holding each other. Then one faithful day she had her head in his lap and a sex part on the movie came on which made him instantly hard. He could feel his cock stirring as it grew and poked her in the side of her head.

“What’s this?” she said as she lifted her head and reached into his pants.

She pulled out his five inch cock and instantly shoved it into her mouth. Her head went all the way down until her nose touches his pubic hair. She slowly moved her mouth up and down on his shaft swirling her tongue around his cock. Billy laid his head back to enjoy the sensation on his cock. He opened his eyes and was staring into Lucy’s eyes. She was shaking him trying to get his attention.

“Wake up sleepy head.” she said softly.

He just sat there trying to figure out what was going on. After a few seconds he shook his head. He looked deeply into her eyes and smiled. He must have really been zoning out with his thoughts. She blinked and stood up walking off to the dining hall, as he watched her he felt his cock stirring so he looked the other way and saw his roomies emerge from the rooms.

They all went down to a bacon and egg breakfast with some orange juice for drink. He sat next to Lucy without talking just staring. He offered her some bacon which she happily took even though she had some on her plate already. They all cleaned off their plates and wiped up before heading outside for some fun and games. Most of the kids headed down to the watering hole for some swimming practice. The boys and girls had separate areas of the same building to change into their suits.

Billy walked in and noticed the boys all standing on top of benches stroking their cocks. He looked up and noticed a gap at the ceiling. He found an opening and stared through himself. It was just like the shower room except the girls were playing around more. He instantly scanned the room for Lucy but his eyes fell upon Amber instead. She had her back to him talking to someone changing so all he could see was her white tanned ass. Lucy stepped out from the other side of her already in her suit. Feeling depressed he jumped down and put on his own suit. He stepped out into the sun and took a big sniff of nature at its best.

He ran for the lake desperately needing to cool off from this heat. He kept running even though his legs were having a hard time pushing through the water. When it was up to his waist he dove underwater and swam out a few feet and resurfaced. He looked around and was amongst 20 other swimmers playing and goofing around. He felt someone grab his shoulders and push him underwater. It caught him off guard so he swallowed a mouth full of water.

As soon as his head broke the surface again he turned around to see who did it. He was staring straight into Amber’s eyes. Lucy was standing behind her with another girl he did not know. All three of them were giggling a little too much. Amber turned to the others and nodded her head; before he knew it all three of them were on top of him trying to tackle him underwater. He was putting up a good struggle and tried pushing all three of them off of him. As he was pushing he felt someone’s breast but didn’t know who because there was no reaction. So he decided to go for it again but this time held his hand on which ever breast it came in contact with acting like he was pushing her.

Still the person did not seem to object so while trying to stay above water his hand slid done across her stomach and continued down to her pussy. He started rubbing it and no one stopped him so he maneuvered his hand in between her legs which opened up for him. He caressed her hole from the outside and could hear panting in his ear. He moved his hand and slid it underneath her suit slipping a finger into her pussy with ease. He got too distracted by this and was finally pulled under and his hand slipped out.

When he was back up he still had no idea who was allowing it. It was his turn for some revenge so he went after the closes girl, Lucy, and dunked her under without trouble. He turned around and dunked the new girl then went after Amber who was waiting for him. She dove underwater and grabbed his legs and made him buckle. As he fell he stretched out his hands to grab what ever he could. His hands made contact with Lucy’s suit and ripped the top clean off of her. When he came back up she was running out of the water with her tits covered and crying.

Billy felt sorry for doing it and felt it was all ambers fault so he ran after her until she disappeared into the changing room. He stopped outside and waited for her to emerge a few minutes later wearing a pretty yellow Sunday dress. She still had tears running down her face as she emerged. She saw him and tried to walk the other way and he caught up to her and walked on her side.

“I’m sorry that happened,” he told her “it was Ambers fault. She tripped me and I didn’t expect it.”

“Its alright.” she told him, “I didn’t mind you seeing them; I just did not want everyone else to.”

She turned a beat red realizing she said it out loud. Billy acted like he did not hear her and they kept talking to each other as they walked. He was still in shorts but did not care, he was enjoying himself. They stopped and realized they were in the middle of nowhere as they looked around. They could not hear or see anyone so they turned around and tried to head back. After about two hours of walking and looking they sat down to get some rest. It was past lunch time and they were both hungry.

Billy jumped up and looked around for food. He stumbled on some grapes growing wild and was reluctant to eat some let alone give Lucy some but he knew she was hungry so he took a hand full and ate them. He picked quite a few more just incase he was fine in a little bit to give to her. He sat next to her and told of his plan. After about half an hour his stomach was turning and he was feeling sick. He took the grapes and threw them, after a minute or so he fell face first onto the ground and was shaking as he passed out.

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Nice addition, very good, leaves the reader (myself) really wanting more

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Ah summer camp. I remember it well. Only it wasn't co-ed. Back in the day, that was a no no. We had fun but not nearly as much as in your story. Good stuff. Keep'er going.

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lol, sorry for you
mine was co-ed and alot of this im trying to remember from camp
but alot is bs lol

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Chapter three
The night life

Billy woke some time later in the dark of night covered in something. He sat up slightly, looked around and saw Lucy lying next to him. He looked closer and saw she was shivering as she laid there in nothing but her bikini bottoms on. She had removed her dress and placed it upon him but now she was cold. He removed her dress from him and placed it on top of her not even thinking about the bare breasts right in front of his face. She rolled over and put her back top him so he crawled up behind her and pulled her into a tight embrace to thank her and warm her up. She stopped shivering almost immediately and he fell asleep listening to her breathing.

Lucy awoke some time later and realized that her dress was lying on top of her and Billy was holding her. She rolled over to face him and felt his head for a temperature which there wasn’t one. She leaned over and kissed his forehead which awoke him right away at the feel of her warm wet lips. He sat up next to her and leaned over to kiss her cheek only she decided she didn’t want it on her cheek and turned her head so they embraced in a lip lock. Billy put his hands around her and caressed her bare back while she did the same. They both laid down still kissing and she ended up on top of him.

She sat up on top of his pelvis and he reached up to take each breast into each hand. She leaned her head back as he did so and started grinding her pussy on his cock. Even though they were both covered it felt good to both of them. He pulled her down to him and took her breast into his mouth and suckled on her nipple. He took both of his hands and slid them down the back of her bikini bottoms and caressed her ass. He slid his finger along her ass hole which turned her on more. He slid his finger down even more and rubbed it up against her pussy lips. He gently rubbed her wetness around her lips.

He slipped his finger inside her hole and slowly stroked it in and out. She sat up and leaned back so she was leaning against her hands and exposing her partially covered pussy to him. He moved his hands to her pussy and pulled the bikini to the side exposing her full lips. He took his finger and moved it up and down her slit making it wetter than ever before. He slipped his finger back into her hole and followed it by another one. She felt tight around his fingers but she seemed to enjoy it.

She moaned and breathed heavy as he passed his finger in and out her pussy lips pausing just to give the lips a little rub. Lucy tensed up and he felt his cock get wet. He thought she pissed on him but looked down and realized that she just came on him. She sat back up and lay on his chest as she breathed heavily as if she was to pass out. Billy thought she was finished before he could finish but soon afterwards she got up off of him and pulled down his shorts releasing his six inch cock. She took it into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head making it wet. She wrapped her lips around the head and slowly slid it into her mouth. Her head lowered until her nose was tickled by his hair and she giggled a little.

He placed his hands on each side of her head to help her out. He pulled her head up and pushed it back down when he felt like he was about to pull out. The feeling was so great he had no idea how much longer he would be able to last. After a few more up and down movements he held her mouth halfway down his shaft and released his cum into her mouth. She sucked on him like a straw trying to get every last bit out of it. She lifted her head and wiped the corner of her mouth to get the little bit that dripped out. He pulled her up his body and laid her on his chest planting a long deep kiss on her lips tasting his own cum.

He rolled her over to the side of him still embraced in a deep kiss. He rested his hand on her back rubbing from her neck all the way down to her ass. He paid more attention to her ass than neck giving it a little squeeze. He got hard again feeling on her and grabbed his cock steering toward her pussy. When he touched her pussy she pulled her hips away from him. She saw the disappointing look on his face so she kissed him again.

“I want to wait,” she told him “but you can slide it in between my legs on my pussy.”

So that’s exactly what he did. He grabbed a hold of his cock and felt his way in between her legs but was having a little difficulty. Lucy grabbed a hold of his cock for him and spread her legs placing his cock on the outside of her pussy. He slowly slid his cock along her pussy, even though he was not inside of her, it felt great. He continued this motion until he felt the cum build up in his balls. He released his cum all over her pussy and just left his cock and cum sit there between her legs as they drifted off together.

Billy awoke some time later to a sound close by. He sat straight up which woke Lucy when his cock left her. He put his finger to his lips when she opened her mouth, he heard the sound again. It was rustling leaves somewhere close by. He got up on his legs still naked and looked around for the noise. It was pitch dark so he could not see anything but his other senses kicked in and his eyes adjusted to the darkness. It made a sound again, right in front of him; he stepped forward toward it to get a better look. He saw small green eyes looking back at him; he ducked as something flew at him and soared away. He looked up and noticed it was an owl flying away. He turned and saw Lucy laughing at him; the sun was coming up behind them so they got dressed. Billy could smell the lake and decided to head that way so they could follow that back to camp. After a couple hour walk they could see the changing hut come into view so Billy went in to put more clothes on because he was a little cold. They both went up to the main cabin hand in hand and walked through the dining hall where everyone was already sitting down to eat.

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I like this story, it makes me wish I had go to camps more...

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great story! can't wait for the next chapter!