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The Transsexual Clinic.

Johnny, 5 ft 10 inch tall slim build male, his girlfriend was Wendy, 5’5’’ blonde petite figured female with 36 A bust. Wendy had noticed over the last several months that every time she and Johnny made love he was becoming more and more engrossed with her anus.

It had started with him probing with his tongue while licking her pussy, and when she did not object her then started to insert his little finger progressing to his index finger. Last night he had hinted he wanted to slip his penis into her anal opening. She had refused point blank not just because his penis was 9 inches long but more importantly it was almost 3 inches round. All Wendy could imagine was the extreme pain she would be forced to suffer if they tried what Johnny was suggesting.

Wendy just happened to let this development slip out to a girlfriend of hers, Tanya. Tanya smiled as Wendy described the size of Johnny’s manhood. With further persuasion, she even managed to get Wendy to describe the things they did to each other when they made love.

Tanya then said “I have a radical solution to your problem!” and went on to explain about there being four choices.

1) Wendy could just grin and bear the pain she would undoubtedly experience from such a large weapon.
2) She could continue to refuse and run the risk of driving her lover into the arms of a woman prepared to give him what he wants.
3) She could find a really good friend to act as a substitute to accept Johnny’s passion for anal, but the risk here would be that Johnny may just fall for the other woman.
4) She could persuade Johnny to attend a special Doctor friend of Tanya’s and find out why he has such a deep interest in anal and try to find a cure for it...

After much deliberation, Wendy asked Tanya for the Doctor’s name and contact details. Tanya announced that she would do better than that she would take Wendy to the special clinic herself the very next day. She went on to explain that the clinic looked to the outside world like a normal large house and there were no nameplates on the door.

Next day the two ladies arrived outside the large white house, they walked up the long path and rang the bell. A few moments later the door opened and a tall female invited them inside. In the hallway inside the door way Wendy got a better look at the female. She was almost 6 ft tall quite slim figure with large pronounced breasts. She was dressed in a shiny pink PVC nurses costume, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Tanya spoke softly to the woman and was shown to a waiting area by the base of the stairs. As the sat waiting, Wendy began to wonder what she had let herself in for and more importantly what could they do to help her problem.

Suddenly her concentration was disturbed by the return of the scantily clad nurse, Doctor Francine will see you now she announced. Tanya took her hand and led her towards the door on her right. They stepped into the doctor’s office and a Slim almost bean pole figure greeted them.

Wendy was a little alarmed when Tanya and Dr. Francine greeted each other with a cheek to cheek kiss, rather than the firm handshake she was expecting. Tanya turned to Wendy and introduced her to Dr. Francine, not knowing what to do, Wendy stood still and waited. Dr. Francine held out her hand and offered the handshake Wendy felt most comfortable with.

After putting Wendy at ease, the doctor began by asking what she could do for Wendy. Tanya hung on every word as Wendy explained the reason for being here. Again Wendy looked shocked as she was asked whether she found anal sex appalling or whether she secretly wanted to experience it but was scared because of the size of her boyfriend’s manhood.

Wendy almost stuttered as she tried to explain that she had no aversion to any form of sex but it was worrying that because her boyfriend had such a wide organ that she knew it was going to be really painful.

The doctor scribbled some quick notes and asked Wendy to undress so she could be examined, to eliminate any possible medical reasons for her not enjoying large interventions to her anal opening.

Wendy expected Tanya, to make her exit, but she simply sat there, urging Wendy to hurry up so as not to waste the doctor’s time. Soon Wendy stood naked before her best friend and this enigmatic doctor. The Doctor moved over to the examination table and called Wendy to her. Wendy approached and half expecting to be told to sit on the bed was confused when the doctor called over to Tanya. Tanya responded by coming over to the two women. She then placed her hands on Wendy’s shoulders and pulled her face down onto the bed, so her arse was stuck up in the air.

Whilst Tanya held her shoulder’s down, Wendy felt the doctor begins parting her legs; next a finger is slid along her pussy lips and stroked her clit. Suddenly Wendy felt the click of a metal bracelet snapping around her wrist, then with her hand pulled under the bed and the other bracelet was fastened to her other hand.

Now the doctor was playing with her anal ring, lightly stroking it and gently easing her finger tight against the sphincter muscle. Wendy became aware of the fact that her friend Tanya was no longer holding her down. Turning her head to the side she saw Tanya begin to strip off her clothes and she was about to ask what the hell was going on when she felt her lips being forced apart and a ball gag was slipped into place. Wendy’s eyes widened even further when she saw her best friend slip down her panties to reveal a 5 inch penis sticking straight out. Suddenly Wendy’s mind made sense of all those little inaccuracies she had noticed and passed off. Like the times when she had to wait outside Tanya’s bedroom whilst she dressed when they went out together.

Tanya advanced to just in front of Wendy’s face, as she cooed now you know my little secret I told you many times I was an extra special woman. She then stroked her cock around Wendy’s face.

Wendy then felt her legs being tied to the legs of the examination bed, making her keep the anal opening available. As Tanya stepped back, Wendy suddenly spotted Dr. Francine, removing her clothes, again as the doctor slipped her panties down a large penis was revealed. Tanya quickly walked over to Francine and knelt before her, she then began sucking on Francine’s rapidly hardening cock.

Wendy had know Tanya for years but had never suspected that she was a transsexual, it fascinated and excited her to see the beautiful penis between her legs and the medium sized breasts on her friend. Now having seen the other side of her friend she was even more curious as she watched her giving head to the Second transsexual. It all started to make sense now, why Tanya had suggested someone to be a substitute to take Johnny’s large cock up the arse. Wendy was now certain that Tanya had intended herself to be that substitute.

Suddenly Tanya and Francine turned and walked towards Wendy. Tanya said “If we remove your gag, you are not going to scream, are you?”

Wendy shook her head as Tanya removed the ball gag. Then Wendy said “I never knew, but you do look even sexier now. Now wonder Johnny said that there was something different about you!”

“Yes, he tried hitting on me a couple of times and to be honest if I would have known the size of his cock and his passion for anal, I would have let him!” Tanya replied.

She then took her cock and offered it to Wendy’s salivating mouth; Wendy accepted the head into her mouth and began sliding her tongue all over the bulbous head. Meanwhile Francine had stepped in between Wendy’s legs and slowly began to slide her cock head along Wendy’s pussy lips. Soon her cock was cover in the cunt juice and she slipped it into Wendy’s pussy. The initial thrust forced Tanya’s cock deeper into Wendy’s throat.

Soon a rhythm developed between the thrusts of Francine and the sucking of Wendy on Tanya’s cock, just then Francine withdrew the cock from Wendy’s pussy and began probing its head against the sphincter muscle of Wendy’s anal ring. She tensed fearing the pain she expected to develop. Tanya then began manipulating Wendy’s nipples and this took her mind off the happenings at her anal opening. There was an initial burst of pain as Francine’s cock finally penetrated her anal ring but the sexy sensations emanating from her nipples eased the fear.

The pain in her rear soon disappeared to be replaced by a sensation of pure lust, her first anal orgasm soon swept through her body as Tanya and Francine set the rhythm tempo Wendy now craved.

When all three had climaxed, they released Wendy and stood naked as they chatted. Wendy still flushed and shaky on her legs admitted she had enjoyed the experience and no longer feared the pain of anal sex. She even agreed to bring Johnny here for assessment and for Francine to see his large thick cock.

Then all three quickly dressed and Tanya and Francine kissed passionately as the bade farewell, surprisingly for her Wendy felt a pang of jealousy, which was soon forgotten as she was just as passionately kissed by firstly Francine and then Tanya.

Chapter 2..

The next day, whilst talking to Johnny, Wendy mentioned the clinic and in typical male bravado Johnny insisted he did not need a clinical assessment, his interest in anal was not obsessive or out of the ordinary. Then Wendy sprung her master card, “If you agree to visit he clinic with me tomorrow, tomorrow night you can have me any way you want me!” she declared. “Even tied up and vulnerable” she continued knowing that one of Johnny’s fantasy’s was to come across a bound and gagged girl and have his way with her before letting her go free.

Johnny sat silently and thought about this one time offer. He eventually agreed and Wendy phoned the clinic, unbeknown to even Wendy, Francine immediately contacted Tanya and informed her to be at the clinic 15 minutes before the appointment time given to Wendy and Johnny.

Next day Tanya arrived and was quickly secreted in the private office behind the consultation room. She was told to strip and put on the laid out nurses uniform. The nurse’s uniform consisted of a zip up fronted piece of PVC which barely covered her crotch area and it was accompanied by the same shade of pink rubber frilly panties, similar to the ones you could buy for little babies.

At the appropriate time, Johnny and Wendy arrived outside the clinic and several times Johnny nearly bottled it, only the thought of having Wendy bound and gagged at his mercy made him keep his nerve. His mind played over the plans for after this silly appointment.

Up the path the walked and Wendy rang the bell, spoke to the nurse who opened the door. Johnny upon seeing the uniform of the pretty young nurse could not prevent his mouth dropping open. Wendy noticed and chided him to stop catching flies and please don’t trip over your tongue as we enter. Johnny whispered are all the nurses dressed so scantily. Wendy nodded and took hold of his hand, as they waited to be called in, Wendy noticed how Johnny’s eyes lit up every time a nurse passed through the room, not only his eyes lit up but his cock showed as a more prominent bulge until she feared he would split his trousers.

Just then Francine opened the consulting room door and beckoned them in; she was wearing a simple white doctor’s coat. She introduced herself to Johnny and explained that on her last appointment Wendy had expressed a desire to give Johnny what he had been trying to get for the last three months, Wendy’s arse.

Johnny blushed and began to explain it was no big deal, but he was shut up when Francine interrupted him and told the pair to undress. They were going to have a personal examination and then they were going to take some measurements.

The pair quickly undressed and then stood there, Wendy not bothered about exposing herself to the doctor after all she had seen as much of the doctor as she was now showing, Johnny however was blushing and trying to hide his impressive hardening cock. Francine aware of this instructed him to come over to the examination table; she then had him lie down on his back and secured his legs in the stirrups. Now not only was his rock hard cock on display but his balls hung close to but not covering his anal opening.

Dr. Francine then told Johnny, she was impressed with the size of his penis and would like to measure it and if he agreed she would like to take a plaster cast of his man hood. She lied as she said “We have couples come here where the man is so small that we often ask for volunteers to have their cocks modeled into rubber so the frustrated women could achieve orgasm. Johnny’s sense of pride at the doctor’s comments did not go unnoticed and he readily agreed to have a cast made of his cock.

The doctor pressed a button on her desk and then in walked Tanya, with a surgical mask over her lower face. It took Wendy less than a second to recognize her but Johnny did not recognize her at all. She walked over to the examination table and slowly, sensually coated Johnny’s prick and balls in Vaseline. The Doctor explained that this was to prevent the plaster from sticking to his cock.

Next his cock was covering in plaster of Paris and allowed to set. Johnny nearly freaked out when; the doctor approached his now encased balls with the cutting blade. He need not have worried though as all he felt as she skillfully cut the cast in half was the vibration of the machine against his cock.

Tanya took away the two halves, whilst Francine asked Wendy to assist in cleaning up the cock; they both took their time as the wiped away the excess Vaseline. Johnny was not sure but he thought he saw Wendy slip a hand close to the crotch area of Dr. Francine. Maybe he thought it was wishful thinking on his part, he knew he fancied this raven haired Doctor and would do just about anything to get to fuck her.

As the doctor was wiping away some of the Vaseline, she deliberately traced her finger down his anal crack and lightly touched his anal ring. He shivered with passion. Next sweep she did the same only he was sure she was applying more pressure to his anal ring. He forgot himself and a little moan escaped his lips, this was the opening Francine had hoped for. She asked “Did you enjoy my accidental contract with your anal ring, Johnny?”

Truthfully Johnny replied “Yes, it was quite a sensual feeling”

Now Francine deliberately put her finger to his anal ring and began little thrust against it, each consecutive thrust opened the ring a little more and soon her finger was disappearing into the opening. Johnny was now moaning openly and actually begging her to finger fuck his arse.

She pulled away and said “OH yes Johnny, I will fuck your arse but not with this finger” she held up the index finger which had been accessing his anal ring. She then turned and unbuttoned her white coat to reveal to Wendy she was naked beneath, her prick already semi erect. She pointed to Wendy and then down to her prick, Wendy as if in a trance walked over knelt down and began sucking the offered cock. From Johnny’s view point her could not see the cock and assumed that Wendy was licking the doctor’s cunt.

“Yes baby, make her cunt wet for my cock” he called out.

Francine looked down at Wendy and then across at Johnny and she smiled, said “Oh yes, Johnny she is preparing me for our fucking” and at that point pulled away from Wendy and turned to show Johnny her cock. She approached between Johnny’s spread legs and invited Wendy to come closer and watch Johnny take this cock up his arse. Wendy expected an argument from Johnny, but instead Johnny simply added “Oh yes babe come watch me lose my anal cherry to this big titted she male.”

Wendy was then told to take hold of Francine’s cock and line it up with Johnny’s arse. As Francine inserted her cock up Johnny’s virgin ring, Wendy began to wank Johnny sizeable cock and then just as he was about to shoot she stopped. The trembling feeling in his cock was the clue that Francine was waiting for, so she shoved the last four inches of her cock up his arse.

While Francine fucked him, Tanya re-appeared without the face mask and slowly stripped off her uniform before allowing Wendy to remove her rubber panties. Johnny was amazed when he saw Tanya’s cock pop out and he said “OH Fuck and to think I nearly got you into my bed”
Tanya simply laughed as did Wendy. Tanya whispered something to Wendy whose eyes suddenly gleamed as she nodded. She went over to Johnny and lay over Johnny in such a way that she could suck his cock and see the prick going in and out of his arse hole. Then Tanya stepped up behind Wendy and slipped her prick into Wendy’s pussy, she lifted Wendy’s leg so Johnny could see the spearing of his girlfriends pussy by Tanya’s cock. Johnny simply moved his hand to feel and caress the tiny balls of Tanya, his other hand came up to feel her breast.

Johnny could not hold out much longer, the cock in his arse was rubbing against her prostate gland and he knew his orgasm was really close. Francine announced she was about to cum as did Tanya; Wendy doubled her efforts on sucking Johnny’s cock and was rewarded with a mouth full of his white seed.

Tanya was still pounding away at Wendy’s pussy when she whispered something into Wendy’s left ear. She immediately pulled back and kissed Johnny as she pulled back from the kiss she opened her mouth and allowed the sperm she had not swallowed to drip into his open mouth. Then Tanya pulled out of Wendy and had Johnny suck her cock clean and accept the fresh white load she spurted his way.

Johnny asked about now being allowed up but was instructed that there was one more thing to be done before the appointment was over. Tanya scurried away and ten minutes later returned with a tray covered with a white cloth, “It’s ready Doctor, but it is still a little warm!” she announced.

The doctor went over and felt under the cloth and said “Yes it is a little warm but not too warm, it will do.”

Tanya walked to the right side on Johnny holding the tray above his sight line, Wendy went to his left and was wondering what the tray may hold. It was soon revealed to her as the cover was discarded, the item on the tray was a life size replica of Johnny’s erect cock now made out of silicon rubber. Francine took the cock and slowly inserted it into Johnny’s still stretched arse. Slowly inserting every single millimeter until the rubber balls touched his arse cheeks.

Johnny’s own cock suddenly began to rise on its own, “Well now you will know what it will feel like when you finally fuck me up the arse with your sized prick” Wendy said.

Johnny was too busy jerking his own cock in rhythm with Francine’s pace on the rubber cock buried in his arse. Soon his hips jerked as his second load of white sperm shot forth from his cock and landed on his upper chest, some even managed to land on his lips where his eager tongue lapped it up.

The Rubber cock was slowly removed and once washed was presented to Wendy, supposedly to practice on ready for the day she was going to give her anal ring to Johnny. As Johnny rose from the examination table he turned to Tanya and said “I will deal with you tonight at Wendy’s house where Wendy will keep her promise”.

He then turned to the doctor and said as you have had my arse, I think it only fair I have yours, so he instructed Tanya and Wendy to hold Dr. Francine Down over the examination bed. They did so with her face down; Johnny announced that he wanted her face up so he could see the expressions on her face as she slipped his length up her. He then forced his cock deep into Francine’s arse and once fully home; he stopped and began wanking Francine now erect cock.

Turning to Wendy he said “Go get me a beaker or cup for this slut with nuts cum”
Wendy walked out tot the back room and returned with a beaker, just in time to see Johnny fucking Francine’s arse while Tanya stood on the exam bed and was being sucked by Johnny. When Tanya came she came into the cup, as did Francine. Because Johnny had cum twice already he felt no immediate need to release his seed again just yet so he continued to fuck Francine’s anal channel for a further twenty minutes before he added his load to the cup. The three girls all looked at him expecting to be told to drink from the cup but he did not, instead he raised the cup to his own lips and said “Cheers” as he swallowed the mixture of all three loads.

Chapter three.

That night, he had Wendy bound with her hands behind her back and her knees bent, ankles tied together and pulled up towards her back. When the door bell rang and when he returned he had with him Francine, Tanya and a big black guy he introduced as Carlos.

After spanking Wendy for a good twenty minutes he untied her ankles and had her spread her legs showing everyone her pussy and arse. Carlos and the other guests were then invited to strip and Johnny announced to Wendy, You are going to take care of all our pricks. Carlos looked puzzled until the girls finished stripping.

Tanya had the smallest cock, followed by Francine then came Johnny with his 10 inch long 3 inch wide cock and finally Carlos with is 13 inches long and 5 inches fat. Tanya was told to fuck Wendy’s arse for exactly five minutes then allow Francine to take over for Five minutes. He would then fuck her arse for five minutes before Carlos would finish the job with the five minute fuck.

Then they could fuck who ever they wanted where ever they wanted but not Wendy’s arse as he intended to have his hand fucking that. Wendy tried weakly to protest until she was reminded by Johnny that she agreed to absolutely anything as a sweetener for him going to the clinic.

Wendy knew she would have to accept her fate but cursed her loose mouth under her breath. After the initial round of fucking her anal opening, Johnny did indeed manage to get his hand up her arse and forming a fist began pumping her arse. He then had Tanya bend over in front of him and take his prick up her arse, which she was overjoyed to do. Carlos managed to get under Wendy and slipped his prick into her tightened cunt; he could feel every thrust of Johnny’s hand and like wise Johnny could feel the hard veiny feel of Carlos monster dick.

Wendy rapidly became just like a rag doll between them. Francine sat to one side deciding what she was going to do, and finally decided to slip her prick up Johnny’s arse. So there they were Johnny being fucked up his arse by Francine, whilst fist fucking Wendy and his cock buried deep inside Tanya’s arse while poor Wendy had a massive cock up her cunt as well. Despite the uncomfortable feel, she was quickly screaming her climaxes out as was Tanya as she received Johnny’s load deep in her arse. Francine was soon shooting up Johnny arse.

Johnny had the strange pleasure of feeling Carlos trembling cock as it spurted gallons of cum deep inside Wendy’s pussy. They all collapsed as their climaxes subsided.

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