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This story goes far beyond my normal boundaries but was wrote as a commision piece fro a young lady in America, the level of hummiliation, and abuse was set by her request....

Stephanie was 21 years old and an experienced submissive, she came to me through a mutual contact and wanted to spend time as my slave. I was told that her main passion was for being used and abused, in fact she admitted the worse she was used the better she loved it.

She was 5’ 5” tall weight 130 lbs and had large breasts for her frame size with prominent nipples; her hazel Brown hair was shoulder length. The day she came to my house she was wearing a short red miniskirt with a low cut plain red top no bra on her 36 A breasts and as it turned out no knickers above the self supporting red fish net stockings.

I took her in doors and had her carry her bag up to the spare room. I informed her she was now mine as I had paid the guy £75 for her ownership. She was going to be my bitch and do exactly as I told her. She stood silently nodding appropriately. I had he strip and discovered that she had allowed her pubic hair to begin growing again.

I informed her, this was totally unacceptable and would be removed this instant. She started to move past me and I grabbed her and snarled “Did I say you could leave my presence!”

“No, master.” She cried.

“Lay on that bed with your legs wide open!” I instructed her. I returned moments later with a bowl of hot water a wash cloth and the wax hair remover. I dropped the face cloth in to the water and gingerly managed to retrieve it, it was too hot to wring out so I dropped it on to her pubic area, I saw her mouth form the words ‘fuck’ but heard nothing.

I waited a few minutes then lifted the cloth; her pubic area was pink but not too red. I the put the pot of wax into the hot water and waited for it to melt. I informed Stephanie, that she was going to wax her self and I wanted to see some effort when she pulled the wax from her body.

She applied the wax and waited. I meanwhile began measuring her breast, how big and round each one was, how far the nipple stuck out, then how far I could pull her nipples. I even check the slap ability of then with a swift slap to the right side of her breast leaving my hand print in the process. Not one word of complaint came from Stephanie’s lips.

After 15 minutes I told her to remove the now harden wax, she took hold at the lower end and on the count of three yanked the wax away from her body. The hairs came away but it did leave her cunt area looking decidedly red and sore.

I then made her dress in a pleated skirt and the same low cut top as she had arrived in and announced I was going to have her marked as my property. She actually begged me not to do this. I slapped her face and told her she would do what ever I told her to do. Again she begged not to be marked in this way. I slapped her face again and said “what makes you think your something special, your worthless piece of furniture to me, I mark my tables as being mine and I will mark you as my property”.

Silently she stood and nodded. I took her arm and led her out to my car. I opened the boot and made her climb inside, slamming the lid I climb in the driving seat and drove away. I drove around for a while, I could hear her sobbing in the boot, and I eventually pulled up at a tattoo studio that belonged to a friend of mine. I retrieved her from the boot and marched her inside the studio.

I whispered to the tattooist what I required. He smiled and nodded in her direction. I then ordered her to strip off completely. She looked around for a changing room and saw that there was not one, I demanded “Well I am Waiting”

Slowly she lifted her top and was looking for somewhere to place it when I snapped “Drop it on the floor where you and it belong” she looked down and dropped the top, she removed the skirt and dropped that standing there naked with her back to the street windows where anyone could have passed and saw her.

I pointed to the chair and told her to get in it; she quickly stepped forward and took her place in the chair. The Tattooist then took hold of her Right breast and stenciled the outline of the word I had requested before filling it in with bright red ink, It read ‘MY NIPPLE’ he repeated the process on her left breast only this time it read ‘ANYONE’S NIPPLE’ this time the wording had to wrap around the nipple area. A couple of times I heard a sob from her as the pain from the tattoo became a little too much to bear.

I laughed at her and said “Wait till he starts tattooing your cunt, my dear that is a lot of work to be done there” She began to beg me not to do this. I silenced her by saying that if she continued I would have her arse tattooed as well. Soon the handy work was completed. And I had her stand and show me the new her. Her Right breast bore the tattoo around her nipple of my nipple, her left bore the wording of anyone’s nipple and on the pubic bone area of her cunt was emblazoned “COCKS GO HERE AFTER ORAL”

I picked up her top and skirt and said “come on” I walked out of the shop and threw her clothes in the back of the car before opening the boot. She quickly slipped out of the shop and as quick as she could, she climbed in the boot. I closed the lid down with out fastening it. I returned to the shop and paid for the tattoos. I climbed in the car and drove off, the boot flew open as I stopped at the traffic lights and I am sure the driver behind me must have seen her as she reached up and slammed the boot shut.

I drove home and left her in the boot for around twenty minutes. Before allowing her to climb out and then I walked her slowly in to my house. I took her immediately in to the kitchen and said “you showed me up in the tattoo studio. You have caused me to lose face with my friend and colleague. How do you think you should be punished for that?” I asked.

She stood there staring at the floor. I then informed her as she stood trembling, that I thought her silence an admission of her bad behaviour and acceptance of her forthcoming punishment. I informed Stephanie that she was going to be pierced through both nipples and her clit base plus she was to have her cunt lips pierced in such a way that I would be able to lock her pussy shut.

She would still be able to pee but nothing would be able to penetrate her pussy or further more if something was locked in could not come out without the lock being removed.

She asked for permission to speak, which was granted. “Master, please I beg of you not to pierce my nipples and pussy. A friend of mine had it done and suffered pain for months afterwards. She had local freezing of the area and it soon wore off and was extremely painful!”

“That’s possible, but you should not worry as you won’t be given the freeze spray, for showing me up today you shall under go the procedure without it!” I retaliated.

Stephanie began crying and constantly pleading with me not to have her pierced. I told her to stop sniveling and face the facts that it was my wish to have my goods pierced as I chose and the punishment for showing me up was to have it done without pain relief.

A quick phone call to someone who did this had him at my front door an hour later. I made Stephanie lie flat in the house across the coffee table, before letting the guy in. I showed him into the living room and explained what I wanted; he explained that it would be extremely painful for her without the relief. I allowed her to have some relief but not enough to take all the pain away.

The guy began by piercing her clit base, Stephanie screamed as the needle passed through. I immediately placed a gag in her mouth and tied it off. The ring was inserted through the hole and locked off. Next the guy pierced Stephanie’s right nipple and quickly popped the ring through. He repeated this on her left nipple. Stephanie was still trying to scream but the gag kept the noise right down.

Finally he pierced her pussy lips twice on the left and twice on the right, he then attached the single ring through both holes on the right pussy lip and another ring was similarly placed in the left side. I stepped forward and padlocked the rings together, making sure to fiddle with the clit ring, moving into a position where it would rub against her clit hood.

I paid the guy the £240 for the piercing and he passed comment on the tattoos. I informed him she had only just had the work done that day. I ordered Stephanie to open her legs wide. Reluctantly she did so careful to try not to move the pussy rings. I asked the guy what he thought of my little slave slut, he admitted she looked real cute especially with the tattoos and now nipple rings. I pointed out the wording across her pubic area. He read it aloud ‘Cocks go here after oral’ I asked him if he wanted to follow the instructions. Eagerly he nodded and I said “fine I am going to make a cup of tea, you my little slut are going to suck this guy off and don’t even think about swallowing the cum, I want to see it still in your mouth when your done.”

I left the room and put the kettle on, but sneaked back to watch the action in the living room. The guy soon had his prick out and buried down Stephanie’s throat, although she was obviously in pain she concentrated on the blow job and soon had the guy blowing his wad into her mouth. I returned to the kitchen and made the cup of tea, slowly returning to the living room where the guy was properly dressed and soon made his excuses and left.

I placed my cup of tea down on a side table and demanded to see inside Slut’s mouth. Stephanie opened her mouth to show her tongue covered in white sperm. I told her to swallow it all and as she did so I flicked her nipple ring she jumped from the pain.

She asked if she may be allowed to go to the toilet, but I advised her it was not a good idea just now as her urine being slight acidic would sting her freshly pierced pussy lips. I made her wait for 70 minutes while all the time talking about running water and occasionally slapping her arse.

I then escorted her to the toilet, had her stand over the bowl and then open her legs I watched her until she finished. I gave her some toilet tissue and told her to wipe herself properly,

She could barely cope with touching her pussy lips let alone wiping tissue across them. I then unlocked the padlock and made her slip a large black vibrator up her pussy, before turning it on high and relocking the padlock. I then sent Stephanie my bedroom where I threw a blanket on the floor beside the bed and told her that was her bed; I gave her a second sheet to cover herself with.

I went back down stairs and sat considering the situation for an hour or two. When I returned upstairs Stephanie was trying to sleep through the pain and vibrations, she soon woke as I tried to slip my finger into her pussy. The padlock and rings worked excellently preventing any penetration at all; Stephanie found my attentions a little painful as I constantly nudged the clit ring.

She forgot herself and said “Stop it’s so painful!” immediately she apologized saying “Sorry Master, I really forgot myself, I beg you not to punish me further!”

I snapped “Get yourself downstairs in the kitchen, I immediately set of before her and as she entered the kitchen I was warming a six inch nail in a pair of pliers on the gas ring. When it was almost red hot I removed it. I then got Stephanie to lean forward so her nipple rings were away from her body and placed the nail on her left nipple ring away from her breast. I knew this way the heat would transfer towards her nipple. When I saw Stephanie wince I removed the nail and reheated it repeat the process on her right nipple.

I spared her the same treatment on her pussy rings and clit ring. How ever I did spank her with twenty slaps and returned her to bed. I retired to bed around 11.30 pm but woke around 2.00am with a raging hard on.

I walked around the bed to where Stephanie was sleeping and pulled on her right nipple ring. Instantly she woke up with a start and moan “that fucking hurt!” she snapped. Then becoming more awake and more frightened of my anger she apologized saying she did not mean to scream out like that but I caught her unawares.

I smiled and said “Don’t worry you will have plenty of time to repent, after I have fucked your arse. Now up on your hands and knees! Bitch!”

She slowly got onto her hands and knees as I knelt behind her and without lubricant I forced my seven inches deep inside her anal canal. I could still feel the vibrations of the dildo up her cunt as I fucked her hard and as additional punishment I frequently played with her nipple rings. Gently pulling or twisting them. Stephanie had to bite her lip to stop from letting herself down again. For thirty minutes I screwed into her anal ring before pulling out and managing to shoot my load over her face and tits.

I then made her stand and follow me to the kitchen. Having placed a ball gag in her mouth and tied it tight, I took the 6 inch nail and the pliers and heated it till it glowed bright red and then placed this for just an instant against her arse cheek groove. I repeated this three times more each about 10 cm below the previous one. I warned her that in future she will be branded this way every time she undergoes punishment until she reaches the area by her pussy lips. At which point I would sell her on as unusable. There was a strong smell of seared flesh hanging around her and the four stripes began to slightly blister.

She eventually returned to bed, and when I removed her ball gag she apologized and promised to try much harder as she would not like to go through the punishment too often.

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