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This story goes beyond my normal boundaries, but was wrote as a second commision piece for the lady in America who found the first Chapter as she describes it as 'AWESOME'

Stephanie my slut slave 02.

Two days later, Stephanie was again slip shod in her approach to her master and he decided that this time she was going to be really humiliated. So he arranged to meet her in the centre of town and lead her through a succession of back streets till they reached a pet shop.

The took his little cum slut inside the shop and he whispered that she should go select a leather dog collar and leash from near the counter. She should unbutton the top five buttons of her blouse. When she had selected the one she wanted she should pay for it and then ask the guy behind the counter to put it around her neck making sure to flash her tits in his direction as she asked. He would obviously be able to see the writing around her nipple if not read it all.

Then she was to select a large rubber bone, (The sort a dog uses as a toy) and purchase that, at the very first opportunity she was to slot into the conversation that this bone was not for her dog, but her pussy and flick the front of her skirt up using the bone to flash her naked cunt. Then she was to skip out the shop flashing her arse as she got to the door.

Slut Stephanie did as she was told and as she left the shop she flicked the rear of her skirt high in the air showing her naked buttocks to the shop keeper. I followed her out side and informed her that was only the first part of her punishment. I took the leash and attached it to her collar and led her along the street and through a side passage to a tattoo studio, where I knew they did piercing as well.

I fastened her leash around a chair leg inside the studio, this meant she had to rest on the floor and could not even manage to sit on one of the chairs. I then went to talk to the guy who did the piercing. This meant that slut Stephanie had to sit crossed legged on the floor and could not help flashing her naked cunt lips to anyone looking in her direction. The guy followed me from the back of the studio he stopped and stared at Stephanie. For where we stood we could see her cunt lips and after a word from me she meekly lifted her skirt up to show not only the pierced cunt lips but also the wording tattooed above her cunt. The guy read the words aloud ‘cock goes here after oral’, he then turned to me and said that’s a wicked thought guy, I must admit it is rather cute.

I then unfastened her leash and led her trough to the back where I told her to strip off completely. She remembered my displeasure the last time in a tattoo studio, so she quickly stripped off dropping her clothes by her feet. When her breasts became exposed the guy with me could not help but giggle. Stephanie shot him a nasty look, until I reminded her that sluts always face the floor unless told otherwise. I asked him “What he found so funny?”

“Well it’s not really funny just that it is really unusual to see my nipple and anyone’s nipple!” he responded.

“I had that done, because I do not want to share my nipple with anyone who may smoke” I joked.

“Is it a genuine offer?” he asked.

“Normally yes but as she is here for punishment, it would defeat matters to allow her the pleasure of having her nipple sucked!” I stressed.

The guy then asked what could he do for me, I told him I wanted her mouth lips pierced but in such a way that the top ring would overlap the bottom and allow gold padlock to prevent her opening her mouth more than just enough to breath through.

He looked at me and asked “Well if that is the case, why is she now stood naked before us?”

“The humiliation is part of her punishment as is the fact that each of you (The tattooist, and the guy who does the piercing) would be invited to spank her hard across her cheeks! Six spanks each should be enough” I volunteered.

Both men then looked at each other and smiled. The Tattooist asked if he could photograph the tattoo works if he managed to avoid showing her face as he knew some other sub women would be interested in having similar designs. I agreed on one condition that he take the first picture full length for my personal collection.

The guy asked her how much she weighed and how much she wanted for pain relief. I answered for her, saying just the bare minimum after all this is a punishment. She looked at me with pleading in her eyes as she almost mouthed the words please mercy.

I smiled at her whilst shaking my head.

With the minimum freeze spray applied to her bottom lip, I watched as she was pierced there twice. This was then repeated on her upper lip. When the two clips shut rings were applied and overlapped. The guy provided a gold coloured padlock and snapped the two rings into it. I asked Stephanie to explain why she is my worthless slut. She began to try to talk normally but the movement of the lips caused pulling on the rings and clearly dissuaded her from commenting.

She managed with some discomfort to announce, I am a sleazy slut. I then turned to her and announced it was time to have her arse spanked. She immediately assumed the position of bending over and gripping her ankles. The Tattooist then swung his arm high and wide in preparation of the first slap. I stopped him and explained the way I wanted her spanked, You should spank across both cheeks at once. When the hand made contact with her flesh stop and hold it there, feel the heat spread from her arse cheeks, slide your finger down the crease of her arse, as her cunt is out of bounds, I wanted them to use that finger to probe her anal ring. Allow this pressure for about 30 seconds before sliding your finger away, followed by withdrawing the hand ready for the next strike.

Both guys listened intently, to my instructions and both of them nodded their approval. The realized that the delay between slaps and the pleasure of having her anal ring teased drew a bigger comparison against the actual slaps that made up her spanking.

Whilst the Tattooist again prepared to deliver his first spank, the guy who does the piercing slipped off and locked the studio door. Slut Stephanie took all twelve spanks with out shedding a single tear, and by the twelfth stroke her anal ring was accepting most of the finger pushing against it. Relieved that her punishment was over she was about to straighten up and I noticed her looking for her clothes when I snapped “Wait, bitch! Who told you you’re free to dress?” She froze and looked to the floor.

I whispered to the guy who does the piercing and he smiled and nodded before going over to the tattooist. The Tattooist looked back at me, I suppose for confirmation, I simply nodded.

Both guys then produced a condom and shed their trousers, exposing their cocks to my slut. They stroked their cocks until rock hard and then slipped on the condoms. Next they took turns in fucking her anal ring, whilst I held her nipple rings, knowing that her rocking movement would cause the rings to pull against her nipple. As each guy came into the condom, he slipped it off and tied it up. When they both had done this I unlocked her lip rings and popped both inside her mouth before re locking the rings closed.

I told her to dress and be quick about it. Because of the fun they had enjoyed with slut Stephanie the two rings and the gold coloured padlock with fitting should have cost me £100 but they sold me it all complete for £20.

I informed my slut to thank the guys for valuing her shit hole to be worth £80, this she found almost impossible to do, what with the soreness of her lips and the added problem of the two condoms rolling around inside her mouth. She mumbled her thanks as best she could and we slipped out the shop and walked slowly back to the car and drove home.

Once back at home, I led Stephanie into the shower room and removed the padlock on her mouth and then made her take out the condoms. These I burst allowing the contents to shower over her face and some even ended up ion her mouth. I made her kneel down and removed my penis from with my trousers and immediately allowed a trickle of urine become a torrent as it was then aimed over her face and hair, her blouse and skirt ended up soaked. Once the flowed had ceased, I placed the tip of my cock in her mouth and made her lick the cock head clean.

Then I instructed her to remove her urine soaked clothes and I ordered her to suck the urine from the clothing and watched as she swallowed the fluid. I told her that in future every time she was to go out in public with me, she would have her lips locked shut.

That night as we lay in bed, Stephanie reminisced about the spanking and fucking the two guys gave her and whether it was true or just flattering me she admitted the part she liked the best was when I used her as my own personal urinal.

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Wonderful story...folks will enjoy it...:)

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I enjoyed it...lol...thanks for the new stuff