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Title: The Beginning Of A Harem
Author: Eskimo1958
Summary: Joe is invited out by an older woman, who has plans for him
that involve herself and her three roommates. He is given a rigid test to see
if he'll fit in with the houeshold, as he learns the likes and dislikes of
four ladies that want to share him.
Keywords: M/F, rom, humor

One perk about working for Mr. Reynolds, he had season tickets for the Sabres, the NHL team. He gets them as a gift from one of his clients, some former player which shall remain nameless. Anyway, Mr. Reynolds could care less about hockey, so, for the past two years, I've been at every game. Which brings me to this story. The seats were great, in the old Aud, down in the Blues, just under the upper deck. There were two of them, right on the aisle.

After two seasons, I noticed an older woman, older than I anyway, was always sitting in front of me. She also had two seats, and most times the second seat would be empty, but occasionally, she would have someone else along as well, and always female.

By midway through the first season, we were acknowledging each others existence, by saying hello when we met at the game. By the end of the first season, we knew each others names, although we were never introduced. As I would hear her being named when she brought someone along, which is how she probably learned mine being Joe, as I would bring college buddies to the game when I could.

I never paid too much attention to what Brenda and her guests were chatting about. I figured she was in her mid to late thirties, ( and I figured right, thirty-five) so didn't think much of her. She stood about five-six, and about one-forty. Long brown hair, cute face, and a nice chest. Always dressed nice, never not in a dress, even in the coldest and windiest Buffalo weather.

The start of the seconds season, she smiled and would say hi. About a month in, we were both alone, when she started talking to me. Nothing much, mainly about how bad the Sabres were playing, or the Bills, our NFL football team. This went on for about five weeks worth of games, even when she would bring someone along, about seven games in all, five times she would bring someone, she would strike up a conversation.

In January, I missed a game, due to some work I had to do for Mr. Reynolds. The next game, she said she missed seeing me, and was wondering if I had been sick. I told her no, that I just had to work late that night, it being the beginning of the busy tax season. She then asked where I worked, and I told her for an accountant, Mr. Reynolds. I was surprised when she said she knew him, but didn't ask how. When I asked her what she did for a living, she smiled, and just said "I work for a law firm."

I didn't think anything of that, just figured her to be a secretary or something. We talked for about the whole game, I told her where I grew up, down near Jamestown on the family farm, and she told me about her childhood here in Buffalo. After the game, we smiled at each other as she got up and left. It took me a few moments afterwards, as I watched the people file out of the Aud, when I realized that I had actually talked to a female.

I was in heaven, thinking that a woman actually gave me the time of day. The team was on a west coast swing, so no games for two weeks. During that time, I was at work on a Wednesday, when the office phone rang. Mr. Reynolds answered it, and I heard him say "Hello?...Why yes Ms Shafer, I do remember you!" He paused and listened, then looked my way, and got a funny look on his face. He then smiled, saying "Yes, I'm sure you're right there." And he started to laugh. "Uh-huh, sure you can. Yes, you want to talk to him?" He took the phone away from his ear, and handed it over to me. I was dumbstruck, why would he do this? He smiled, saying "It's Brenda Shafer..." I still had that dumb look on my face, as he added "Sits in front of you during Sabre games?!"

Oh shit, I thought, as I damn near fell on my face getting up from my desk to answer the phone. He chuckled as I grabbed the hand piece, as I said "Good afternoon Brenda, nice of you to call."

"Afternoon Joe, how are you doing?" she asked.

"Just fine, kind of bored not being able to go to hockey and see you though." I replied.

She giggled, "Well, I asked Jack if it was okay to borrow you this afternoon, he said okay, so I'll be there to pick you up in twenty minutes, okay?"

I was in shock, as I answered "Um sure ma'am. See you in twenty. You know where we're at?"

"Yes of course, you're on Main at Hertel, be out front, I'll be driving a jaguar, red. See you then, okay?"

"Yes, bye now." I heard her hang up, after saying bye also. I sat down, and tried acting normal. Mr. Reynolds was chuckling, and I looked over at him, wondering what was so damn amusing. ďUm, I got to go in a bit, sir."

"Yes, I know Joseph. She asked me if it was okay." He shook his head, saying "You be careful of her, she is a lawyer you know."

"A lawyer?" Shit, when she said she worked in the law field....

He burst out laughing, "Boy, you are soooo naive." He went back to work, and added, "Go on with you, you won't be much use to me for the remaining fifth teen minutes anyway."

I went to the closet and grabbed my jacket, and went out the door. I was still stunned, shit, a woman asked me to go somewhere with her. Even though it was damn near exactly twenty minutes, it felt like twenty hours. I saw the red jag approach from the west, and enter the parking lot. I exited the building, and went to the waiting car, and opened the passenger door. Peeking in, I saw her smiling face, as I said "Hello."

She nodded, saying "Get in." rather authorities like.

I did, and away we went. Before I could say anything, she said "You're probably wondering why I asked to see you." She smiled as she saw it on my face. "Joe," she reached over and squeezed my thigh with her hand, as we headed back towards downtown, "I need you to do a favor for me, I've a dinner engagement tonight, and I need a escort."

"Oh," I replied, a bit bummed. It sounded like this was only for business.

If she sensed my tone, she didn't show it, as she continued, "I'm sure you don't have much in the way of dress clothes, so we're going to a clothier to get you a suit. And to do something with that hair." She smiled, as she put her hand on top of my long brown hair and ruffled it. "It's going to have to go, okay?"

"Well yeah, I guess." I was a bit taken aback, as she turned into a parking lot. She turned off the engine, and opened the door, as I did the same. We entered a small store, and were met by a redhead. who I immediately recognized as one of the women that had attended the games with Brenda.

Brenda hugged the redhead, and turned to me, saying "Joseph, you remember Kathy."

I checked her over, about the same size as Brenda, shorter hair, and smaller breasts. She was also a few years younger than Brenda. I stuck out my hand, saying "Yes, you've been to the games a few times."

She gripped my hand, and shook it gently, as I looked about the place, she still holding onto my hand, saying, "Come with me, Joe, and we'll get started." I was led into a back room, where there were lots of sewing machines, and people working. She stopped at one, and talked to an elderly man, "Dad, this is Joe, Brenda called earlier about him, we need a suit made for him for this evening, can you measure him out, and I'll get on with it with Deb."

Brenda blurted in, "You might as well make three, a brown, black and dark blue."

Kathy looked at her, and Brenda looked back, smiling. I noticed Kathy shrugged her shoulders, as her dad grabbed a pair of pants, and said "Take those off, and slip these on," I looked at him a bit funny, there were a dozen women in the room, and he wanted me to take off my pants. He looked at my face, adding "Go on, they ain't going to attack you."

I unhooked my slacks, and let them drop to the floor, and stepped out of them. Then grabbed the pants he offered, and pulled them on. I noticed Kathy smiling, as her gaze was on my crotch. Damn, whets that for? He started measuring and marking the pants, then the same with a suit coat. The measuring was over in less than ten minutes, as Kathy's father said "Okay son, go sit over there." He pointed to a chair, and I went over and sat down, wearing just my shirt and underpants. He turned, lifted his face, and said "Oh, put your pants back on."

I turned red, as I heard Brenda and Kathy giggle, as I replied "Yes sir."

Brenda asked me what my shoe size was, and off she went with Kathy. They came back and I tried on about six pair, with Brenda settling on two. Then came the ties...I hate ties....she picked out four. After that, she said "I got to run, Kathy said you'll be finished by four, I'll pick you up then, okay? Oh, and theirs a barber two doors down, make a visit before I get back."

"Uh, yeah, sure." She smiled, and away she went. After many fittings, I was ready by three-thirty. There wasn't much said between Kathy and I, I did check out the rest of the store, sort of. There was a menís side as well as a womenís side. Seems Cathy normally ran the womenís side, as she was constantly over there. Brenda called at one point, telling Cathy to direct me to the barber next door. This I did, after a short wait. There went my long hair.

At four, Brenda was there, and she had me put the clothes in the trunk, then as we climbed in, she said "Where you live?"

"Forest, off of Elmwood." I replied, as she turned west onto Main. In short order, we were parked in front of my apartment house, and as we got the stuff out of the back, she said "We've got plenty of time, it's only four-ten, the dinner is at seven." She followed me up to the door, carrying what I couldn't. After I unlocked the entrance door, and went to mine and unlocked it, she entered behind me, as I placed the new clothes on the couch. She opened the first one, the black suit, and held it up to me, made a face of not being too sure, then the blue one. She smiled, saying, "Put on this dress shirt," She grabbed one from the bag, "And this suit, hurry, we got to go to my place yet so I can dress." I went into my bedroom, and started to close the door, but she was right behind me. I didn't say anything, as I stripped down to my underwear and started to get the pants on. She stopped me, saying "Typical man, change your underwear too, big boy." She headed back towards the living room, as I peeled off my undies, saying over her shoulder, "Better yet, take a quick shower." Damn, is she bossy. But, she is a lawyer. Why am I putting up with this, anyway? Oh yeah, it struck me, because I might get some.

As I entered the shower, I heard her return, saying "I found you some socks to match. So you have any belts?"

I was already rinsing, as I answered "In the closet by the dresser, on the back of the door." I turned off the water, opened the curtain, and saw Brenda standing there, staring at me smiling. I blushed and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around me.

All she said was "Hurry!" as she turned and left the room. After quickly drying off, I found she laid out what to wear on my bed. I quickly put it on, and came out into the living room, finding her leafing through a magazine. I was embarrassed again, when I noticed it was a copy of Penthouse. She looked up at me, and non-chalantly said as she stood, "Good, you're ready." She went and pulled on her coat, asking "By the way, I don't suppose you have a better jacket than that old Bills parka?" She looked at me, and smiled, "No, I didn't think you would. Guess you'll have to go without one. Hope you stay warm."

I started to protest, the temp was about thirty-five, with a typical Buffalo gale coming off the damn lake. She just ignored me, grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door. She damn near didn't let me lock the place up. Probably didn't think there was anything worth stealing. We were soon on our way, as she said "Four-forty, not bad, we're thirty minutes from my place, though."

As we drove, she told me more about the dinner. It was a combination social/business dinner, and it involved her meeting with three potential clients. She was to do all the talking, and I was to be pretty much silent and enjoy the meal. The clients were bringing their husbands along, she told me. I noticed we were heading out the Kensington, then onto the thruway, southbound. Then the 219, and to the stadium exit, where we got off and headed east. A short drive into Orchard Park, and a couple of turns, we pulled into a drive in an older home, probably a farm house at one time. She pushed a remote control device and a garage door opened, and we pulled in.

We got out of the car, and she lead me in through a door, as I found us in a kitchen. A woman was standing at the sink, washing broccoli, and she turned, smiled at Brenda, saying "Hey there," She looked over past her at me, and added "This must be Joseph."

Brenda kept on going, saying "I'll be getting ready, Deb, you want to make Joe comfortable?" Brenda went through a doorway, then poked her head back around the corner, adding with a grin, "But not too comfortable."

Deb dried her hands, and came over to shake mine. She was much smaller than Brenda, maybe five even, and one-hundred pounds. "Hello Joseph, I'm Deborah Allen."

"Please to meet you, ma'am." I responded, as I shook her hand.

"Come, and we'll take a seat in the living room, you want a coke?" She asked. I nodded yes, and she opened the fridge, and pulled out a bottle, and handed it to me, as I followed her through the doorway that Brenda just went through, and on through a large dining room, then a even larger living room. I now recognized her as being another woman that would go to the games with Brenda. She offered me a seat in a large comfy chair, which I gladly did, sitting on the edge of the chair. Heck, I didn't want to get these clothes all wrinkled, then it hit me, she must have paid for these clothes.

"So tell me, Joe, where you from?" Deborah asked.

"Down near Jamestown, ma'am." I replied.

I saw her blush, then she said "Joe, my name is Deborah, you can call me Deb, okay?" I nodded my head yes, and felt a bit embarrassed. I was thinking she was probably about the same age as Brenda, as she said "I hear you met our third housemate, Kathy." I had a blank look on my face, as she added, "The lady that runs the tailoring and clothing shop on Main?"

"Oh yes, sorry, wasn't thinking." I stammered.

"We've another, Iris, but she won't be home until late tonight. She's covering for another doctor at Childrenís hospital this evening." She paused, and then "So, did you grow up in Jamestown?" She asked.

"Um, no ma...er, Deb, I grew up on a dairy farm, about five miles from there. My father still works it." I replied.

"And you're mother?" she asked.

"Deceased, she died of cancer when I was five." I said, looking at my feet.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." A timer went off, and she said "Excuse me, that's the dinner for the rest of us." She got up and left the room, handing me the controller for the television, saying "Help yourself, see whets on."

I took it, and looked around, wondering where the television is. There was a big entertainment center across the room, but the doors were closed, so I got up and went over and opened it up. I expected maybe a thirty-inch screen. Not a sixty-inch one. Wow! I sat back down, and turned on the set, and started surfing around. Finally settled on an old Clint Eastwood movie, and settled in to watching it.

After about an hour, Brenda appeared, and my jaw damn near hit the floor. She came from a hallway, wearing a long blue dress, strapless, with deep enough cleavage to hide a small third world country. Her hair was up in a rather gorgeous hairdo, as she smiled at me, saying "You like this?" She turned around, showing me all angles.

I nodded my head in amazement. Her hips were just right for hugging, and boy, did I want to hug them. And her chest, damn!!!

She looked at the clock on the wall above the television, saying "Well, we better get on our way, maybe we can have a drink when we get there."

I got up, and followed her through the dining room towards the garage. "Um, Brenda, I got a question?"

We passed Deb, who was seated, eating with Kathy, at a breakfast table in the kitchen. They smiled and waved, as we went through the door into the garage, "Well, I can't afford these clothes."

She opened the passenger door, smiled, saying "I know, I took care of it. I consider it an investment." She got in the passenger side of her jaguar, and reached up, handing me the keys, adding "You can drive, can't you?"

I nodded in astonishment. Shit, I never drove anything this nice before, or expensive, except for when dad bought that new combine. I chuckled at the comparison, and noticed it calmed my nerves somewhat. I got in, started it up, and backed out of the garage. Heading down the drive, I asked "Um, where we going?"

She pulled out some stuff from a briefcase she grabbed no the way out, saying "Head towards Niagara Falls, we're having diner at the Seagrams Tower."

I muttered "Wow, beats wings at the Anchor Bar."

She smirked, saying "Yes it does." She turned on a small light on her side, and started reading some notes. It took me twenty-minutes to get to the Peace Bridge. And on the other side, I was happy to see there wasn't a line at customs. After that, as I pulled out of the booths, she looked at the clock, saying "Lets take the QEW to the falls, I don't want to waste time on the river road."

"Yes ma'am." I responded.

"Joseph, quit calling me ma'am." She stated, as she continued reading. I was at the Falls exit in ten minutes. From there, another ten to the tower parking lot, as she gave me directions. There was valet parking, and we got out, with me handing the attendant the keys, and he giving me the car check. She handed me her briefcase, then grabbed my arm, and we went into the lobby, and to the elevators. We entered the lift, as she asked "You ever been here before, Joseph?"

"Not hardly." I stated, making her chuckle.

"You go ahead and order what you want. I suggest the braised beef, though. If you want a drink, since you're driving, please limit to one." She said.

"I normally don't drink, Brenda." I answered.

She then pulled something out of her purse, and handed it to me, saying "Put this in your pocket," I looked at it, a credit card, "You will take care of the bill at the end of the meal." And then she added "Hope you're social skills are better than you're reading habits."

I stuffed it into my suit pocket, just as the doors opened. Shit, nice place. We went to a podium, where the Matre die was standing, as she announced "Party of six, Shafer party."

The stuffy bastard looked at me, rather glaringly, then at the board in front of him. "Yes, Ms Shafer, you're guests are not here yet, would you like a seat in the bar?"

"No thank you, you will take us to our seats now, please." She responded, a bit demanding. He seated us, window seat, overlooking the falls. She took her brief case, and started reading again, until two other couples showed up. I stood at their approach, as did Brenda, she smiled at my protocol, as she introduced me to the two couples.

The dinner was uneventful, for me at least. The three women talked about some contracts, and us three men were silent, except to order food. I didn't really understand all that was being discussed, mainly because I was too worried about giving a bad impression. Both couples were older than I, about Brenda's age, one of the men even older than that by ten years. From what it looked like, the other two women were lawyers as well.

At eleven, and about eight courses, dinner was done. I did only have one drink, a gin and tonic, at the beginning, water from then on. When the bill was offered, I raised my hand, and handed the waiter the credit card. When I seen the bill, I had a hard time keeping a straight face. It was well over two hundred dollars. Before we got up. Brenda passed some papers to the women, and they signed them. I took this to mean a deal was done.

We all got up as a group, and headed for the exit. Before we left, the women said they needed to freshen up. Knowing the drive back was a ways, I headed to the rest room with the guys. Entering it, the older one, said "Well Joe, how long you've known Brenda Shafer?"

"Two years," I responded, "We sit next to each other at the Sabre games."

The other guy chuckled, saying "I was surprised she had a guy with her, huh Ron?"

Ron snickered, "Yeah, you got that right." He turned his attention back to me, as I flushed, "So how long you been dating her?"

I smiled, "Oh, awhile now." Wasn't about to tell them the truth. I washed my hands, as did they, and we exited the rest room. Ron started to say something, when the women showed up, and Brenda had a rather big grin on her face, and was blushing. She spied me, and her face went stone sober, saying as we all got into the elevator, "Yes, it has been an enjoyable evening."

The older men cleared their throats, and I was wondering if I missed something. They talked on the way down, and out into the lobby. She told me to fetch the car, and soon, with me driving, we were heading back to the states, the way we came.

Once we were on the QEW heading for the bridge, she said "You did a fine job, Joseph."

"Thank you, Brenda, although I had to do was sit there and eat." I smiled, "And I'm pretty good at eating."

"Yes, I did notice you even had proper table manners, not to mention a healthy appetite." She said dryly.

I was wondering what she meant by that, when the pavement started to whine. I knew what it was, as I headed for the shoulder, saying "Shit!" rather softly. The temp was down below freezing, and now I had a flat, and no jacket. Once stopped, I turned off the engine, and said "You do have a spare, don't you?"

She looked at me, and shrugged. She did open the glove box, and produced a flashlight. I grabbed it, and got out, the cold air cutting right through me. Yes, there was a spare, and it took me forty minutes to get it jacked up, and the flat off, and the spare on. I kept taking breaks to get warmed up. I couldn't wait to see how dirty I got the new suit I was wearing.

We pulled into Buffalo and onto my street at quarter to two. I thought she would drive home, but she said "Come on, no use me driving." We got out and went up to the door. Entering my apartment, she said "Where's your phone?" I pointed to the kitchen, and she went on in there, and turned on a light. I heard her dial, as I went into my bathroom, to see how bad I got the suit dirty. I was still rather chilled, so I stripped down, and grabbed a pair of sweats, and put them on. I grabbed a blanket, and headed for the couch, she coming out of the kitchen, saying "Well, I told Deb we had a flat, she didn't believe me!"

I noticed her smile, as I said "You can have the bed, I'll take the couch." I was dead tired, and cold, as she looked at me, and smiled, saying "You better shower first, you look like shit. She went into my bedroom, pulling me behind her, saying "How bad did you damage the suit?"

She picked up the pants and jacket, and I said "Not too bad, I'm sure the dry cleaners will clean it okay." I didn't even think about her being there, as I stripped down and headed into the bathroom. I climbed into the shower, and heard her enter the room, as I adjusted the water. As I let the hot water warm me up, I heard her remove her clothes, and say, "I'll make it up to you this weekend, Joe."

I heard the toilet lid open, she must have to go potty. "Howís that?" I asked.

"Pack an overnight bag, and wear the black suit, we'll go to Toronto Friday after work, catch the Leafs, I can get us tickets for Saturday night."

"Sure!" I was enthusiastic, I only been to Toronto once, and loved it.

"Is it okay to flush?"

"Yeah, go ahead." I responded. I stood to the side, and heard her push the lever, flushing the john. Just as I got back under the water, I sensed movement, and turned and seen her enter the rear of the shower. My mouth dropped, as she smiled, grabbed a washcloth, and started soaping up my chest.

She smiled, asking "You going to let me get wet?"

I just got out of her way, as I watched her get under the spray. Her long hair coming down with the water, as it cascaded down her breasts. She asked for the shampoo, and I handed it to her, as she looked down at my bobbing, and rapidly inflating cock. She smiled, saying "Well, you may be silent, but part of you is shouting." She reached out and tugged it, adding "Too bad I can't enjoy it right now...ooops."

I grunted, as my cock blasted load after load onto her belly. She giggled, and I turned red from embarrassment. "Oh Joe, don't fret it, guys are like that the first time." She pulled me to her, her breasts mashed into my belly, and kissed my chest, adding "We'll take care of that nasty virginity problem this weekend." My cock throbbed from hearing that. "Oh, feels like you don't want to stop." She gently pushed me away, adding "But unfortunately, mother nature isn't co-operating. Lets get rinsed off, and get some sleep, okay?"

"Yeah, sure." I said, still a bit weak-kneed. We rinsed off, and then dried off. I started for the living room and the couch, but she said "Hey, you're bed's big enough, if you don't mind?"

I turned and smiled, and went to the bed, as I watched her climb into it. Damn, I was getting hard as a rock, as I got in with her, laying on my back, with her on my right. She snuggled up against me, her bare breasts pressing against my arm. It then hit me, "How you know it's my first time?"

She giggled, kissed my cheek, and said "It's pretty obvious, really, from a woman's view point, now go to sleep." She laid her head back down, and in about five minutes, she was out like a light. As for me, I slept like shit. I definitely wanted to take care of that nasty virginity problem, what with a raging hard-on and all, but she was on the rag...I may be a virgin, but I'm not completely naive.

Somehow, and at some point, I fell asleep. When the alarm went off at six-forty, I was stunned to find someone in bed with me. Think she was too, as she had a surprised look on her face, then a smile, as I shut off the radio. I started to say something, but she stopped that thought, as she rolled on top of me, and gave me one hell of a morning kiss. My hands went to her ass cheeks, gently massaging those wonderful globes of flesh, grinding her bare snatch onto my cock. And then, in a flash, she was off of me and the bed, leaving my cock bobbing in the air, as she giggled on her way into the bathroom. "Come on, Joe, it was a short night, and we both need to get to work."

I sat up, and said "Oh my head."

"Which one?" she said, as I heard her pee.

I chuckled, "Both, actually." I stood and ambled on into the bathroom, and grabbed my toothbrush, saying "You going home before work?"

She smiled as she wiped, "No, actually, I've extra clothes in my office, you can drop me off on your way to work, if you don't mind?" She saw my look, and asked "What?"

"My chevette is still at the office." I said.

"Oh shit." she said, as she stood and flushed. "Okay, lets drive the jag to where you have it parked, and I'll take your car, if you don't mind?"

I chuckled, "Even trade to me. Then what about the jag?"

She grabbed her bra and panties, and started putting them on, I playfully reached out and petted her left breast. She blushed and looked up, "Stop that," she said, as she gently pushed my hand away. "I've triple-A, I'll give them a call to pick it up and take it to the shop. Want to make sure nothing got damaged after the flat, we were doing a good speed when it let loose." She grabbed her dress, and stepped into it, "What time you get off?"

I spit out the paste, and rinsed my mouth. "Probably four, I have to be there at seven-thirty."

She said "Shit, it's getting late then, isn't it." She looked in the mirror, as I went into the bedroom, and pulled out some pants, and pulled them on. "And my hair looks like shit." She came out and headed for the living room, I had my shirt on, when she came back in with her purse, she rummaged around and found a brush, and was soon grooming herself. "I'll be ready in five, what about breakfast?"

"McDonalds?" I asked.

She chuckled, "Okay, that'll do, I guess." She put the brush away, looked disgustingly at the mirror, and said "Yep, guess it will have to." I was in the living room, pulling on my shoes, when she came out, and said "You can drive, okay?"

"No problem," I answered.

We grabbed our coats, and were out the door. Drive through at McDonalds was fast, as we ate in silence on the way to my office. One there, I parked, and we got out. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek, as I handed her my keys. "I'll have the car picked up as soon as possible, you hold onto the keys until they get here. I'll pick you up at five, okay?" She didn't make it like a request, as she kissed my chin, and turned for my chevette. She got in, and fired it up, and smiled at me, as I waved and headed for the door.

I found the office locked, and my key was on my key ring, which was with Brenda. Shit, not a good start. Just as I was about to mutter some expletives, Mr. Reynolds pulled in. He got out and looked at me a bit funny, then looked at the jag. A sly smile came across his lips. As he approached, he asked "New car?"

I stammered, "I wish!" He chuckled, as he pulled out his keys, as I explained, "We had a flat last night coming back from Niagara Falls, so she took my car to work, after she dropped me off here." He gave me a funny look, then shook his head. He didn't ask anymore, and I didn't divulge any, but the whole morning, he would look up at me, chuckle, and shake his head. I really wanted to ask him what was his problem, but figured I had better be quiet. At nine, a tow truck from Triple-A showed up, and I gave them the keys. I ran across the street for lunch, and when I returned, found a message from Brenda, saying it would be six before she came and picked me up.

I worked hard, keeping my mind off of Brenda, and her soft, wonderful body. It was rather difficult, but I managed. Mr. Reynolds left at five, telling me that I could close up when Brenda picks me up, still shaking his head and chuckling. Damn I wish he would stop that! I went back to work, and heard Brenda come in promptly at six. She said hi, as I got up and grabbed my coat, and went on out, locking the door to the office. She handed me my keys, as we went outside, saying "Take me to the dealership, okay?"

"Sure, where is it?" I asked. We got in, and drove, with her giving me directions. Once there, she got out, and told me to wait.

Fifthteen minutes later, she was back out with a smile on her face, as I rolled down the window, she told me "The car's fine. I'm going to go on home, will you be home tomorrow by six?"

"Yeah, why?" I asked.

She frowned, "Because, we're going to Toronto, unless you don't want too."

Ooops, "Yeah, I want to go." God, how embarrassing.

She smiled, leaned in and kissed me, saying "I'll be over at six, then."

She turned and left, waving over her shoulder. I pulled out and headed home. Damn, this just might be my lucky weekend! Needless to say, I was nervous as all shit the rest of the night. Had a hell of a time getting to sleep, thinking about her body, and what it has to offer for the weekend.

I went in an hour early the next morning, and went straight to work. Mr. Reynolds showed up at eight, and saw how much I had gotten done so far, and just smiled. As we worked, he asked, "So, I take it you're taking off early today."

I smiled, "Um, well...if it's okay, Brenda's picking me up at six. We're going to Toronto for the weekend." He dropped his pencil. And got a funny look on his face. I looked at him, saying "What?!"

He just smiled, shook his head, saying "Oh, nothing."

Damn, I'm starting to hate that. We worked through lunch, and about three, he said "Well Joseph, you've accomplished a lot today, as a matter of fact, I've nothing to do for the rest of the day, so why don't we call it a day."

I smiled, and said "Yes sir.", as I stood and went for my coat.

As I was going out the door, he hollered out, "Have a good time this weekend."

I turned and smiled, saying "I think I will."

I heard him laugh hard, as I went out the door. Got home in twenty minutes, and just as I walked into the door, the phone was ringing. Answering it, I asked "Hello?"

"Hey Joseph, it's me, Brenda."

"Hi there." I replied, my legs getting weak. God, is this love or lust or both?

"I just talked to Jack, he said you were on your way home, I've decided to come on over now, and help you pack, okay?"

"Sure." I sure the fuck wasn't going to argue.

While I'm on my way, take that suit you wore down the street to the cleaners. We want to have it clean by next weekend, in case you might need it."

"Whatís next weekend?" Interesting, I thought.

"Not sure, but I want to make sure it's clean. Be over in thirty, okay?"

"Yeah, sure. Bye."

I heard the phone click, as I hung up and rushed around the apartment. Gathered up the suit, and soon was on the way to the cleaners. Was back just in time to see her pulling up in the jag. I waited for her to come up the steps, and once there, she kissed me, and followed me in. She had me pack up both my suits, plus a few casual clothes, and a swimsuit. Once done, I picked up the bag, and she handed me the keys, saying "You drive, we've plenty of time, I've made reservations for the theatre at nine-twenty."

Looked at my watch, four-ten. I shrugged, as we went out, and got into the jag, and started on the trip. Customs was a breeze, and the weather was fine, as we pulled into Toronto at six-twenty. The trip was silence, as she was doing paperwork on the way. But once in Toronto on the Gardiner Expressway, she gave me directions, and soon, we were at a large hotel, just north of downtown, right off of Younge Street. I was in awe, to say the least. The valet took care of the jag, and a bell boy grabbed our bags, as Brenda led us to the front desk. She said "Room for Shafer, please." to the clerk, then said "And we'll want a table for dinner, say in thirty minutes?"

Without looking up, the clerk said "Yes Ms Shafer, your room is ready, room 2412." He looked up, "Any preferences on where to sit?"

"No," she responded, taking the room card from him. She turned, and smiled at me, as I followed.

We were on the elevator, by ourselves. She grabbed my hand, squeezing it gently, saying "You'll like this place, very nice rooms."

I chuckled, "Damn Brenda, what is there not to like."

She smiled, as the lift stopped, and the doors opened. We went to our room, and she opened the door. Our bags were already there, laid out on a dresser. She looked at her watch, saying "We've dinner in twenty, then we'll be off to the theatre." She walked over to the curtains, and opened them, showing the vast city below to the north. I let out a low whistle, as I went to the window and looked out. Buffalo is big, but this, this was impressive. She must have seen my look of astonishment, as she turned and went towards the bathroom, saying "When you're done being impressed, we've dinner to get to, I thought a drink might be good first."

I looked a few momements more, before turning and heading for the bathroom. She was sitting on the stool, her dress down to her ankles. She looked up at me, and smiled, saying, "I'll be done shortly, you want to grab my purse for me please, I need to freshen up my make-up."

I turned and went and got it, as I heard the toilet flush. She was standing at the sink, her dress pulled up to her shoulders, as I placed her bag on the counter. She said thanks, as I went in and took a leak. Once done, I turned, and saw her putting her stuff away. She turned, asking "Ready?"

"Yeah, sure am?" I said, smiling. She offered her hand, and I took it, as we left the room and went to the elevators. Dinner, to say the least, was more than I could imagine. My mouth dropped when I seen the prices, I had a hell of a time figuring out what to order. She smiled when she seen my discomfort, so she suggested if I would like for her to order for both of us. I agreed, and she did. The alcohol was damn good, too. Hope the theatre wasn't far. We talked during the whole meal, with me telling her more about myself. I told her more about growing up on the family farm. That I was an only child, my mother passing away when I was young, both of my parents married late in life, with me being a surprise blessing.

She told me a bit about herself as well. She graduated from Syracuse U., and has worked her way up in one of the top law firms in Buffalo. She then started telling me about her roommates, explaining what each one was like. Cathy was rather private, keeps to herself, but loves rock music. Deborah is also a country girl, grew up in Wyoming County, and has her own small law practice. Iris, I was told, is African-American, rather loud once you get to know her. Brenda and Deborah went to Syracuse together, and met Iris about eight years ago when they needed a roommate. Cathy came a few years after that, then they bought this house three years ago.

Once done talking, she looked at her watch, saying "Oh, it's pushing eight-thirty," she smiled, and looked at me, as she motioned for the waiter, "Was your dinner fine?"

I smiled, "It was fantastic." And it was, just wish I knew what it was she ordered for me!

She handed the waiter her credit card, and soon he was back, and she filled out the slip. I noticed the total was about seventy. The bottle of wine we shared was twenty. I don't know a damn thing about wine, but I do know we polished it off, and I feel fine. We got up and made our way out of the restaurant, and headed for the outside. The air was cold, damn near took my breath away, as we walked down the street, and down an escalator to the subway. We only went to the third station, and exited. Here, there was an underground entrance to the Eaton Centre, so we went into it and up to the street level. She pulled me back out into the cold and across the street to a theatre, went to the ticket window, told the teller her name, and was given two tickets.

Inside, we were ushered to our seats, about the seventh row, right in the middle. I noticed my stub said seventy-five dollars. Damn! The play was great. Of course, at the time, I had nothing to base it on, as I've never been to a play like this before. It ended just before eleven-thirty, and we reversed our way back to the hotel. Once inside the hotel lobby, she went up to the desk, said something, then rejoined me, taking my hand and pulling me to the elevators. She was silent, as she reached her arm around me, and I did the same with her, each of us squeezing each other tightly.

Once we got to our room, I was hornier than I've ever been in my life. I closed the door, and we embraced, mashing our lips together. My hands were all over her back side, massaging her body through her dress. Her hands were doing a number on me as well, when we were interrupted by a knock. We broke apart, and she said "Thatís the refreshments!" as she went to the door, opening it, and a bellhop came in, carrying a bucket with a large bottle in it, and two long-stemmed glasses. He placed it on the dresser, then proceeded to open it, a popping sound was made, followed by him pouring the drink into the two glasses. Brenda said "That'll be all." as she signed a slip and handed him a ten.

He left the room, closing the door behind him. She picked up the glasses, and handed me one, taking a sip, as I did the same. I was pretty sure it was Champaign, and it was damn good. She took my hand and pulled me to the bed, making me climb on after her. She took a sip, and as I got comfortable, she asked, "So Joe, what you think so far?"

I chuckled, I wanted to say I think I want to fuck your brains out, but instead, I just said "Awesome, a bit overwhelming so far." I took a long sip, feeling the warmth of the alcohol as it went down my throat.

She giggled, and smiled, leaned over, and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I reached out, and gently pet her left breast. She looked down at my hand, smiled, then looked back up, saying "You want to see them, don't you?" My smile told her I did, as she sat up, and pushed her dress off of her shoulders, revealing her breasts, covered by a silky, black bra. I reached out, and touched the material, then leaned over, gently kissing the top of her breasts that weren't covered. My hand went to her back, trying to undo her clasp. She giggled, saying "The clasp is in the front, Joe."

I snickered, not off to a good start, am I? I used both hands to undo the bra, and peeled it off her breasts, gently massaging those gorgeous globes of flesh. She moaned, and archer her back and neck, as I gently took her right nipple in my mouth and sucked on it tenderly. I was amazed at how big it grew, expanding in my mouth, as my tongue worked circles around it. I moved to her left breast, and did likewise, as I softly kneaded both breasts. I could feel my cock throb, wanting to get out of it's confines, as I felt her hand fall on my pants, gripping my meat through the fabric. She stopped me, and stood, taking her dress off the rest of the way, as well as her bra and panties. I followed suit, removing my clothes completely, both of us totally nude. I went back to nursing on her wonderful breasts, as she started tugging on my cock.

With a gentle push, she had me on my back, as she sat next to me, and bent in half, taking my cock in her mouth. I watched, and felt, as her head bobbed up and down, my cock filling her mouth, then her throat. Damn, it was great, my first blow-job, and a deep throat one at that. I could feel my cum rushing from my balls, as I placed a hand on the back of her head, and grunted, filling her mouth with three hard blasts of juice. My body spasmed, as her nose was buried in my pubic hair, sucking the cum from my cock. I gently petted her back, as she released my deflating cock, and sat up, grabbed her glass, and took a long drink, finishing off the glass. I did the same, and she giggled, as she got up and fetched the bottle, bringing it back and refilling it.

After I took a drink, she kissed me on the lips, asking "Was that awesome too?"

I broke out laughing, as I grabbed her nude body and pulled her tightly to me. She squealed in laughter, as I started kissing her face, working my way down her neck to her breasts. I rolled her onto her back, and worked down her torso, she still giggling away. When my tongue found her slit, she moaned, as my fingers spread her pussylips apart.

For me, this was unknown territory, as my tongue explored the folds of her flesh, as I savored her sexual aroma. I placed my hands on the back of her thighs, and pushed her legs up, my tongue now running harder up and down her slit. I found a small, round object, and I felt her body shudder, as I worked my tongue around it. She moaned out, as she put her hands on the top of my head, saying "Oh god yes, Joe, right there, work on that!" Her hips started to buck, as I did as she requested, flicking the tip of my tongue on her clit. I kept up the work for a good ten minutes, before she cried out, saying "OHHHHHH YYYYYESSSSSS, AAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW!" Her body stiffened, as I worked my tongue to her vagina, thrusting it in, feeling her cunt muscles quiver and shake.

She grabbed my head, saying as she pulled me up her body "Come here and fuck me!"

My cock made a bee-line for her hole, I slipped in effortlessly. God it was tight, and very hot. She grunted, as I did too, as I started long, hard strokes into her cunt. We were both like animals in heat, as I suckled on her left breast, as I fucked her hard. She was gasping, as it sounded like I was fucking the air right out of her.

I felt her move her right hand to her clit, as I kept on thrusting away. I moved my mouth from her breast to her lips, where we explored each others mouths with our tongues. After what seemed like twenty-minutes, I felt my orgasm approaching, and hers too, as we both came together, filling the room with the sounds of a tremendous mutual orgasm. I collapsed on top of her, our bodies covered with sweat, as we rolled onto our sides, still joined at the hips, her cunt gently milking my cock of every drop.

After we rested for awhile, she got me to sit up, with her on my lap, still impaled on my still somewhat rigid member. She reached over, and grabbed our drinks, for some much needed wetness for our lips. We kissed, with me bending down to suck her breasts once more, as she grinded her hips onto my lap. As I nursed, she took another drink, her other arm wrapped around my back, as she then placed her drink back on the stand. She rocked back and forth, saying "Damn Joe, you've the nicest and biggest cock I've ever had."

I broke my lips from her teat, chuckling as I replied, "Well, you've the nicest body I've ever had."

She giggled, kissed my lips, and squeezed me tightly, saying "I've a feeling I've the only female body you've ever had."

Okay, so she was right, I sure wasn't going to argue. She leaned back slightly, and ran her hands over my chest, saying "So, you wondering why this happened?"

Being somewhat of a smartass, I replied "Every dog must have his day?"

She laughed, kissing me again, before saying "No silly." My hands went to her boobs, as her arms held herself up as they were wrapped around my neck. "I need someone to take care of my needs, someone fresh, with a sense of humor, and able to be mature about things."

"Have I done good so far?" I asked.

She smiled, "So far, you've passed with flying colors." She unwrapped her legs from behind me, and pushed me onto my back, my rock hard cock deep in her cunt, as she pushed down on my shoulders, her boobs hanging down, almost touching my chest. I really wanted to suck those puppies once more, but she wanted to keep talking. "You see Joe, we...er, I mean I, am hunting for a man to be mature at the appropriate times, to be discreet, and to be able to provide much pleasure when the time calls for it."

I smiled, as my hands went to her dangling tits, massaging them as they swayed with her rythmatic fucking she was now doing to my cock. "Like right now." I said, laughing.

She laughed, "Yes, like now." She arched her neck, and I leaned up, able again to suck her tits once more, as I felt her body spasm, her cunt gripping my cock hard like a vise, as she cried out in orgasm "Ohhhhhhhh Joooeeee, damnnnnnnn!"

Then I had a thought, what she mean by 'We'? I tossed it from my mind, as my hands went to her ass, gripping it as I started some thrusting of my own. She let out a hiss, as I started plunging my cock rapidly into her hot box. I felt her spasm again, as she fell forward onto me, our hips like a blur, as we fucked each other until I groaned and pumped another load into her, our joined bodies making squishy sounds, as my slowly pumping cock was forcing our combined juices out of her love tunnel.

That must have exhausted both of us, as we fell asleep like that. I woke later to fine me on my side, with her curled up spoon like against my chest, my hand gripping her tit, my hard cock wedged up against her ass. I reached down, and lifted her leg, and guided my cock into her cunt again. She murmured something about me being insaitable, as I relaxed, and let us fall back to sleep, with my throbbing member inside her loving box.

The morning found us like that, both of us waking at the same time. She turned around, and we hugged, my hard cock pressing against her mid-section. I rolled over on top of her, my cock finding her paradise once more. She gasped in pleasure, saying "Oh damn Joe, nice to see you're still hard."

I smiled, as I pushed my body up with my hands, bringing my knees up to the side of her hips. She looked over to the clock on the night stand, then at me, "It's seven, lover, lets make it quick, so we can shower and get a good start on the day. I smiled back down at her, grabbed her waist, her heels in my back, and started pounding my cock into her horny snatch. Her hips were bucking, meeting my thrusts, as I looked down and saw my cock fucking her hairy cunt. It was too erotic for me, as it set me off, as I groaned and filled her slick cunt with my load.

As I relaxed, she rolled me over, gave me a quick kiss on the lips, and bounced off the bed, heading for the bathroom. I smiled, and did the same, finding her sitting on the can, letting loose with a stream of pee. I smiled, and turned the shower on, adjusting the temp for a much needed cleanup. She stood and flushed, and waited for me to get into the tub, following me as I climbed in. She closed the curtain, and I turned on the shower head, the blast of hot water feeling great on my chest. She reached around me, hugging me tightly, as I grabbed the washcloth and soap. As we started washing each other off, with me paying particularly close attention to her breasts, I asked "So, what are our plans for the day."

"Well, first I need to get my hair done, my appointment is at eight-thirty downstairs in the saloon." As she lathered her hair, she said "Then, we're going over to the Royal Art Museum, possibly another museum as well, then shopping at the Eaton Centre, before we meet Susannah and Doug for dinner before the game."

"Who?" I asked, first I heard of meeting another couple.

She got under the water, and started to rinse her hair. I took advantage, and reached out and massaged her breasts, and lowered my hand to her crotch, my finger running up her slick slit. "Come on, Joe, if you're done get on out, we've time for that tonight after we get back from the game."

I chuckled, and climbed out, with my stiff cock waving in front of me, water dripping from the tip, as I grabbed a towel and started drying off. I heard her turn off the water, and open the curtain, grabbing the other towel, and saying "Lets get dressed, then we can go downstairs to eat. While I get my hair done, why don't you go up to the top floor and take a swim."

That sounded appealing, as I replied I would like that. So, after a good nourishing breakfast downstairs in the restaurant, I made my way to the top floor pool, and enjoyed a swim and a soak in the spa. It wasn't until about ten, when she showed up, wrapped in a robe, which she took off and joined me. We made small talk, then got up and went back to the room. I did have the brains to comment on how nice her hair was, and she smiled back at me in appreciation.

The day was fun. We made it to the art museum, as well to the history museum, before she dragged me shopping through the Eaton Centre. At six, we met the couple she had mentioned. Seemed they are a client of hers. I felt like I was being showed off, and to be honest, I was. But I enjoyed it, as well as the hockey game. I guess I did a good job of being respectable, because once back in the hotel room, it was a repeat of the previous night. We got in our room at eleven-twenty, and after I filled her cunt for the third time, I looked up to see it was two-twelve. We collapsed in the bed, snuggled up, sated sexually and very happy.

In the morning, she woke me with her warm lips wrapped around my tool, a wonderful good-morning blowjob, what could be better. After she swallowed my load, we showered, had room service for breakfast, checked out, and headed back to Buffalo. Got to the Peace Bridge at noon, and to my apartment shortly thereafter.

She came in with me, and as I emptied my bag and put my clothes away, she asked if I would like to come over to her house for the rest of the day. I said sure, and away we went. I did call my dad before we left, telling him I was okay, that I would call him later that night.

She told me she would bring me back, so away we went with me driving her jag, I could get use to this. Once there, we entered, and found Kathy sitting in the living room, watching the TV. She greeted us, and Brenda told me to make myself comfortable. I sat on a chair next to the couch, and Kath asked "How was your weekend in Toronto, Joe?"

I smiled, "Oh, pretty good, we went to a play Friday night, first time I've ever been to the Theatre, then a couple of Museums on Saturday, and the Leafs game Saturday night. So we were busy."

She smiled, saying "I bet you were." I chuckled, then she asked, "Oh, you know anything about plumbing?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "Enough to get by, why?"

She smiled, got up, grabbed my hand, and said "Good, come with me." I was pulled up from my seat, and dragged to the kitchen, then to a small bathroom. She pointed to the drain, saying "I dropped an earring in the sink, can you get it out?"

I sighed, "You got a pipe wrench?" She gave me a look of not knowing what I was talking about. I added "Any tools? Like a tool box?"

Her face brightened, and she said "Hold on." She hurried out, and I crouched down to look at the elbow trap underneath. Metal pipe, not pvc, so no way I could do it by strength of just hands alone. She returned with a tool box, I opened it, and looked through. A large pair of channel locks, that'll do it. In ten minutes, I had the trap off, her earring out, and the trap back on.

I was just tightening it down when Brenda appeared, looked at what I was doing, and asked Kathy, "Putting him to work, huh?"

Kathy replied, "Just found out he's good with plumbing."

Brenda, with one of the few times I've heard her use humor, said "Yeah, he's great at laying pipe, too."

Kathy started laughing, and I turned red. Just then, I heard a booming voice, definitely a black female, say "Hey, is this the Joseph we've heard so much about?"

I looked past Brenda, and saw a black woman, dressed in a dress, a bit taller than Brenda, about twenty pounds heavier, and I do believe those twenty pounds were in her chest. Brenda hugged her, saying "Hi babe, yes, this is Joe, he just retrieved Kathy's earring from the sink."

"Well, a virtual handyman, how about you send him up to my room and have him work on that damn electrical outlet that's bad." she said, looking at me.

I said "Sure." as I put the large channel locks away, and checked for pliers and a screwdriver, before closing the tool box.

Brenda stopped me, asking "Can you do electrical?"

I looked at her as I stood up, "I grew up on a dairy farm, dad taught me everything about electrical, plumbing, carpentry, welding, you name it." I wasn't really bragging, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kathy smile and wink at Iris.

I suddenly sensed something was up, but wasn't sure what, as Brenda said "Good, why don't Iris show you to it."

"Come on, mister." replied Iris, as she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the bathroom. We went through the kitchen, and then the living room, down the hall and up the stairs. Second door on the right, we entered a large bedroom, and she pointed to an outlet on the left wall , saying "That one, it won't work." I shrugged, and went to it.

As I knelt down, I took out a screwdriver, and as I started to unscrew the base plate, I said "You know, I may need a new outlet if this one is shot."

She replied, "I know. You go on and see what you can do, while I change out of these work clothes."

Did I hear that right? Yeah, I'm sure I did. I had the plate off, and pulled out the plug. Found a wire was unhooked, so reconnected it, while out of the corner of my eye, I saw her peeling her bra off those massive breasts. Her chocolate skin was something, as she was the first black woman I've ever seen naked before. She caught my gaze, and asked "Find the problem, Joseph?"

"Yes ma'am, the wire was off." I replied, blushing as I pushed the plug back into the wall. She came over, and as I was putting the base plate back on bent down and kissed my cheek, as her hanging breasts brushed my shoulder.

Brenda's voice startled me, saying "Well did he fix it?"

I thought I was dead meat, but I watched Iris walk on over to her closet, her naked ass swishing along, saying "Oh yes, he did just fine."

Brenda came over, helped me to my feet, saying "Why don't you go and wash your hands, next door down, I'll be there in a minute." She kissed me on my cheek, and patted my ass, as I went out of the room. As I went out, Kathy came in, and they closed the door after I left. I entered the bathroom, and while there, decided I better take a leak. After that, I flushed and put the toilet seat back down, hey, the house is full of women, and as I was washing my hands, Brenda opened the door and came in. "Ready? I'll show you around the house."

I smiled, saying "That'll be nice."

We exited the bathroom, which was located on the right side of the hall, just past Iris's room. The door across from it, she opened, and it was another bedroom, she told me it was Deborah's, who will be home shortly. At the end of the hall, was another door, and we entered, and found another bedroom, she told me this was her room, about the same size as Iris's and Deborah's. Then, back down the hall, to the door between Iris' room and the stairs, she showed me Kathyís room.

We went downstairs, and she took me down the hall way from the living room, where there were three doors, one led outside, the one on the right was made up like a library, and the other one was another bedroom. We went back to the living room, just as Deborah came in. Her and Brenda hugged, and Deborah asked "Where the others?"

"Upstairs, Hon, I'll be up there in a minute." I thought that strange. She turned to me, saying "Have a seat, Joe, I'll be right back."

She handed me the remote to the TV, and I sat, as I watched her disappear down the hall, following Deborah. I found a basketball game on, and started to watch it. Well, sort of, I don't even like to watch the pro game, but I was thinking, what's going on?"

An hour went by, talk about getting nervous, by now I knew something was up, and soon, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I was surprised it was all four women, and they all came in, sat down, with Brenda next to me. She smiled, picked up the controller, and flicked off the TV. "Well Joe, what do you think of our home?"

I just shrugged, "It's nice, very nice, an older home, needs some more work, noticed the wiring was pretty old, as is the plumbing." Kathy snickered, elbowing Deborah, who was sitting next to her. Deborah elbowed her back, and smiled. What the fuck is going on?

"Good, glad you're not afraid to say how you feel." Brenda said, as she squeezed my thigh. Damn, I want to fuck her sweet cunt again. "You see Joe, it's nice to find a man that is capable of lots of tasks, such as being polite company on trips, both business and pleasure, and who knows how to fix things." Shit, is she asking me to marry her? I'm too fucking young for such a commitment!

I replied, "Why thank you, Brenda, I have enjoyed your company this past week." No lie there, especially the time I spent between her thighs.

Kathy snickered, saying "I hear you sure did."

Iris chuckled at the comment, as Deborah elbowed Kathy.

Brenda shot Kathy a look, before saying "Yes, it's a little small, thatís why we're building a new home, it'll be much larger, and instead of bedrooms, we're putting in five three room suites, can't wait to show you the plans." My heart sank, if they're doing that together, guess there is no future with me and her. "Of course, we would like you to occupy one of them."

It hit me, slowly, but it hit me, as I replied "Huh?"

Kathy giggled again, "I think he's in shock, babe."

"He ought to be," stated Deborah, "Getting an offer to live with four women, and the pleasure they can provide."

Now what the fuck she mean by that. "Yes," said Brenda, "That will be one of the perks." She took my hand, and squeezed it, saying "Of course, we do expect work out of you. All four of us want you to take care of bookkeeping, not only our private affairs, but for Deb, Iris and possibly Kathy, they're businessís as well. Plus, you will be available for all escort services. Hopefully not more than one lady per night."

"Oh I don't know," replied Deborah, "From what you said about him, I think he could take more than one at a time."

Did she man that like I think she meant that? I'm in a daze. Brenda asked "Well, can you move in today?"

I had a hell of a time getting it out of my mouth, "Uhhh....yeah...why not...." Shit, every guys wildest wet dream, but will it turn into a nightmare. I then blurted out "Why me? Have you tried other men?"

I noticed some fidgeting on the part of all but Brenda, who smiled, grabbed my thigh gently, and answered "Yes, you're entitled to an answer on that, Joe. We've been through four other men, none lasted a week. Seems they turned into assholes awful quick."

Deborah spoke, saying "Of course, they all were older than you, and much more worldly experienced, at least in their own minds." This brought smiles to the other women.

"Now, there are no real rules, just use common sense, and everything should work out okay." Easy for her to say. "I will mount a calendar in the kitchen, on it we will reserve dates for when we need you for dates, this could mean a business dinner like last week, or one of us might want to go to a movie."

"Can I put down for time I may need to be off on my own?" She looked at me, as I explained, "I need to see after my dad on occasion."

"Well of course you can." She smiled, "Now remember, each one of us is different, it will take you awhile to figure out our likes and dislikes. Not only in the sack, but in doing recreational activities. For instance, Iris loves jazz, Deborah prefers country, Kathy rock, and I classical, understand?" I nodded my head, yeah, this meant I'll be doing a lot of work, is this really a good idea?

"How much am I expected to pay for room and board?" Good question, I thought.

Iris blurted out, "Depends on how well you perform, big boy." I'm starting to warm up to Iris.

Brenda said "Now this doesn't mean you'll be having sex every minute."

"Hope not," I answered, "I think you four would kill me."

"Well, at least he has a sense of humor." Stated Kathy.

Brenda stood, pulled me to my feet, saying "Okay then, lets get you moved in. The girls will follow us over, I'm sure we can get everything in five cars. And tomorrow, we can take care of the utilities." I followed Brenda out to her car, and the others went to theirs. Where the hell we going to put all these vehicles. She must have read my mind, as he said "When our new home gets built, we'll have a garage big enough for eight cars. Make it more roomy."

I got in behind the wheel, and fired it up, "When will it be finished?" I asked.

She sighed, "They're not starting it until March 1st, hope to have it done by September."

I headed out the drive, and saw the other four vehicles follow me. "Where we building it?"

"North of East Aurora. Not too far from the 400." She answered. We spent the drive talking, with me asking all sort of questions. Once at my apartment, they all piled out, and entered behind me. Luckily, I had only lived here less than a year, so I still had boxes in the closet. I was happy that Kathy has a truck, as we were able to tale my dresser, couch and bed in this trip. It took two more trips, and five hours, before we got everything moved to their, our, house. Of course, most of my stuff went into the attic above the garage, since there was already a bed and dresser in the room I was getting.

I did remember to call my dad, telling him my new phone number and address. He mentioned he had something to send to me, something about an offer to buy part of the farm, but I couldn't figure out what he was talking about. It was already six, and Brenda just said "Heck with it, lets go down and see what he has." So off the two of us went.

To say he was shocked to see me driving a jaguar, and in the company of an older woman, is an understatement. He showed me the letter, and Brenda and I read it. Some lawyer, representing some manufacturer, was offering him money for about one-hundred acres. The acreage was his best farm land. I said no, and suggested to him to tell them to take seventy acres on the other side of the road, and to increase the cost, as they were only offering about one-grand per acre. He mulled it over, and Brenda said she would take care of it, as she could probably do better. So we said our good-byes, with dad looking on in wonderment as we got back in her jaguar, and drove back home.

My first week living with them was interesting. Two bathrooms, four women, and me, you do the math. Mr. Reynolds just shook his head when I told him where I moved too. I took care of the utilities on my lunch break, not to mention telling my landlord I left. He wasn't too happy, at least I got my deposit back. By Wednesday, most of my friends had heard, and did I ever get some interesting phone calls at work.

Brenda worked on that contract that dad got. She did get the land changed, and she got five grand per acre. She wanted to know if he would retire, and I just laughed, saying no way. Was I wrong! When I told him of the offer, he was ecstatic. He right then and there decided to sell out to my cousin. My cousin Rob has the neighboring farm, about a thousand acres, Dad and I had almost twelve hundred. Since Rob has a son about my age, I think he'll give it to him. So, everyone is happy. Now, for the fun part.

On Thursday, the girls decided that each would have me for a weekend, sort of to break me in gradually. None, except for Brenda, would be dating me until each had their turn. Iris informed the others she had to work this weekend, and in two weeks, so she got weekend number two. Deborah said her period starts this weekend, so she took weekend number three, leaving this weekend with me and Kathy.

I was wondering what was in store for this weekend. Kathy said we would be leaving as soon as we both got home from work. I pulled in at home at about five, finding Deborah getting dinner ready. She looked at me as I entered the kitchen, smiled, and said "Kathy called, said she has your bag packed, it's sitting in your room. You two will be leaving after dinner."

When's dinner?" I asked.

She smiled "As soon as Kathy gets home."

Shit, not very informative, is she.. I went and watched TV, waiting for dinner. Brenda showed up, and said hi, as she went to her room. At five-thirty, Kathy showed up, and all but Iris, who was working, ate a silent dinner. Just as we were about done, Brenda asked Kathy, "So, where you guys going?"

Kathy replied "Down near Olean, I've a cabin rented in the hills."

I smiled, sounds romantic. After dinner, she said "Go get your bag, I'll meet you at my truck." I stood, and as I walked by Brenda, on impulse I gave her a kiss on her cheek, then the same to Deborah.

I went to my room, and found the bag that Kathy had packed, and returned to the kitchen, on my way to the garage. Brenda said "Good luck." I turned and smiled, as I went through the door to Kathy's truck. I threw my bag in the truck, and soon Kathy came out, smiled at me, said "I hear you're a capable driver." As she tossed me her keys. The way this is going, I'll need a copy of each car key. We climbed in, and as I was putting on my seatbelt, she leaned over and kissed me, saying "This is for a start."

I chuckled, said "Thanks!" and backed out of the garage. We headed south, and got into a pretty nice lake effect snow. I didn't get above twenty all the way to Salamanca. Pulled into the rental place at midnight, she took care of the payment, then followed the directions to the cabin. We entered the cabin at twelve-thirty in the morning, and both of us were dead tired. The cabin, to say it was small, is an understatement. This is definitely a cabin. The whole thing was about twenty feet by sixteen. As you enter the door, to the right and front was the sleeping area, a big king size bed and a dresser next to it. At the back on the right, was a small enclosed area, the only enclosed area, and it turning out to be the bathroom, maybe six feet by ten. It had a sink, stool and large shower. On the left side at the back was a small kitchen. And in front of that was a living area, a large couch, and a comfy chair, both sitting in front of a fireplace, which was on the same wall as the door. Directly across the room from the front door, was a door leading to the back.

She dropped her bag on the dresser, and sighed. I suspected she was discouraged because of how long it took us to get here. To cheer her up, I said "I'll get a fire going, Okay? Get it warmed up in here." Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her smile, as I went to the fireplace, found a whole box of very dry kindling, and a box of matches, which is good news, as I'm sure we forgot to bring any. I got down and started building a fire. In less than ten minutes, I had the kindling going, as I placed three logs on top of it. I turned, and saw Kathy sitting on the couch, all smiles. I smiled back, saying "Got it going, babe. Now we can relax."

She said "Good, I'm going to use the potty, then I'll join you on the couch, why don't you get into something comfortable?"

I chuckled, thinking I'm sure I will be shortly. I went over to the bed, and stripped down, opened my bag, and found a soft, terry-cloth robe. I smiled to myself, as I pulled it on, and went back to the couch, laying down. I heard her flush the toilet, then go into the kitchen area. She opened the fridge, and I heard bottles clinking against each other, followed by the sound of them being opened. I heard her come towards me, and lean over the couch, saying "Here you go, have a beer."

I grabbed one of them, as she placed the other on the stand at the end of the couch. I suddenly thought that was strange, there being beer in the fridge of a rental, before we even got here. As she went over to the bed, peeling her sweatshirt off her upper body, I said "You must have told them ahead of time what you wanted in the fridge, huh?"

I watched her, as she pushed her jeans down her legs, answer me, "Yeah, when I made reservations earlier this week, I requested a twelve pack, and different stuff to eat, as I figured we wouldn't be going into town."

She reached back behind her, and unclasped her bra, pulling it away from her breasts. I was amazed at how perfect they were, standing out proud and firm, as I muttered a "Wow!"

She looked up, and smiled, saying "You like them? I always thought they were a bit small."

I laughed, "Never met a set I didn't like, Kathy."

She giggled, as she kicked off her panties, and grabbed her robe, pulling it on, saying "From what I have heard, this is only the second set you've see."

I protested, "Third, the day I fixed Iris's outlet, she was walking around bare-ass naked."

She smiled, as she walked over, and laid down next to me, saying "Silly me, I forgot." She grabbed her beer, and took a healthy swig, and added, "Nice fire, Joe, you've done a good job so far."

We could feel the heat from the fire as we laid there, her robe opening up in the front, as I reached around and cupped one of those firm puppies. Damn it felt good, and she sighed as I rolled her nipple between my fingers.

"Mmmmmm Joe, I was afraid you might have gotten too tired from the drive." She said, as she ground her ass back against my rapidly rising member. "Damn, Brenda wasn't kidding when she said how big you are."

"Oh?" I said , "And just what else did Brenda have to say?"

She took my hand from her breast, and guided it to her crotch. "That you're inexperienced, but a quick and willing learner.....ohhhh damn!" My forefinger found her button, and was making slow soft circles on and around it. Her fire was getting as hot as the one in front of us. I worked her clit for ten minutes, giving her neck, throat, face and breasts soft, light kisses. The she froze, her moth opened, and she cried out softly, as waves of pleasure went racing through her body.

After her waves of joy subsided, she turned her face to kiss me, then swung her legs out, and sat up, removing her robe, she then turned, and pulled me with her as she laid down on the floor on the thick rug in front of the fire. I let the robe fall from my body, as I laid down next to her, as she lifted her left leg, letting my cock have access to her waiting cunt.

She bit down on her lip, as my cock slithered it's way up her love canal, stretching to accommodate my member. My hand was back on her clit, giving it a good rub, as I felt my pubic hair mashing against hers. She moaned, as I slowly withdrew, then just as slow re-entered. My mouth covered her left breast, sucking away on her stiff nipple. I was amazed at how stiff it got, damn near sticks out a three-quarter of an inch. Her hips were bucking, as we slowly fucked in front of the fire. the heat from it making us even hotter, as beads of sweat were forming on out brow, followed by the rest of our body. The light of the fire shimmering on her hot, wet skin.

I felt my cum boiling in my balls, wanting to race up and fill her womb. Not wanting to go just yet, I slowed down, making her whimper, an say "Come on, Joe, fuck me baby!"

I released her breast from my mouth, and explored her mouth with my tongue, as she sucked on it, as I picked up the pace with both prick and fingers. Soon her hips were bucking even harder, doubling my speed, as she wanted to cum again. I was in a race of my own, a race of trying not to fill her hot, slick cunt with my load before she got off. It was a close race, and I was happy when she finally stiffened, our lips still locked together, as she cried into my mouth, just as I felt my cock spasm, sending blast after blast of my seed into her waiting womb.

We relaxed, enjoying the post cum high, my cock twitching in her twat. I snuggled her neck, telling her how hot she was, and how much I enjoyed the feeling of her wonderful body. She smiled, as I pet her breasts, before I moved my mouth back to them, getting a good suck on her right nipple.

She stretched out, my cock slipping from her hole, as she exclaimed "Oh God Joe, that was wonderful!" She rolled over, laying on top of my body, and gave me a kiss, as I felt our juices dripping out of her cunt and onto my thigh.

She sat up, and reached over and retrieved our beers, handed me mine as I sat up as well. Still on my lap, she wrapped her legs around my butt, a hand on my shoulder, as we drank some liquid nourishment. The beer tasted great, as we snuggled in front of the fire on the floor.

She then asked "Well Joe, what do you think so far?"

I laughed, "This is great, Kathy. What guy wouldn't want this?"

She smiled a devilish smile, then kissed me, saying "Not too many guys can handle it, Joe."

I looked into her green eyes, and asked "How you mean?"

She scooted up closer to me, my limp cock up against her slit, as she said "Well Joe, we've found that guys get too possessive for starters. Then they start making preferences of one woman over another. Then there's the laziness factor, just wanting to fuck, and that's it. Not wanting to take care of our needs." She kissed my lips, my cock twitched, she looked down between us, and smiled. "Almost there, you ain't too tired, are you?"

I smiled "Sort of, but if you get it hard..."

She reached down, and gave my pecker some soft jerks. It responded by growing slightly. With a smiled, she kept on tugging on it, as she said "Now, you really got to study all four of us, to learn our likes and dislikes."

I asked "For instance?" as I felt the blood rushing back to my favorite member.

A twinkle came to her eye, "Well, for instance, me. I love the outdoors, weekends away like this is what I enjoy. Plus outdoor activities, like tomorrow we're going snowshoeing. Maybe another weekend we'll go cross-country skiing...do you ski?"

I kissed her lips, saying "Looks like I'll learn."

She smiled at my reply, adding "I love hiking, maybe we'll go backpacking just the two of us, in the Adirondacks."

"Mmmm." I felt her raise up, and lower back down on my shaft, my cock now once again enveloped by her feminine flesh, "And you probably would like to go canoeing as well, maybe even white water rafting?"

She gently started rocking, as she rubbed her nose with mine, saying "You're learning fast, big boy!" I brought my hands up from her ass, and started pawing her tits, admiring the texture. Her red hair glistened from the light of the fire, as she made strange sounds, while riding my meat.

She brought her face forward, and rested her chin on my left shoulder, as my hands fell to the small of her back. I started moving my hips as well, thrusting my hard meat into her hot hole. We slowly fucked for an hour, and I felt her body quiver more than once. At first I thought she was just getting chilled, and she giggled at me when I asked such, saying she daintily wasn't cold.

I was exhausted, and she knew it. By now, our beer was finished, and even though my pecker was still hard, it wasn't going to make any blasts. The fire was dying down, and now we were getting chilled, when she suggested we go to bed. I stood, and carried her in my cock, her legs wrapped around my waist, all the way to the bed. She reached down, and pulled back the covers, and I slid in, and laid down, with her on top of me. She reached back once more, and pulled the covers over us, and laid her head down on my chest, and we were quickly out like a light.

Morning came, and she gave me a wakeup kiss, before climbing out of bed, and heading for the bathroom. I watched her look out the back door window, and she turned, saying "There is one thing we haven't tried here yet."

I raised my body, asking "Whatís that?"

"There's a spa out on the deck, we'll have to use it after our snowshoe adventure." She went on into the bathroom, and I went and got the fire going again. There is another heat source, electric, but nothing like a good hot fire to get things warmed up. Soon she was done in the bathroom, came out and grabbed her robe where it fell last night, put it on, and got breakfast going.

We ate good, she cooked me up bacon and eggs, and we drank a pot of coffee. I helped her with the dishes, then she went over to a closet next to the bathroom, and opened it, and pulled out two sets of snowshoes. Glad she had me pack my boots.

The day was long, we did pack a lunch, and she had me haul a pack, which had it, and plenty of water. The temperature was about twenty, and the snow ranged from about a foot up to five. We went up a steep hill, along the ridge, then back down, coming back at the cabin at about five, just before sunset. I was exhausted, as we entered the cabin. After I got the fire going once more, we made dinner together, spaghetti, and then hopped into the shower, where we washed off, before getting into the spa. The snow was falling softly, as we climbed in. She sat on my lap, facing away from me, as I held her tightly. We talked for awhile, as my cock started straining against her backside. She tilted her head back, and we kissed, as she raised ehr hips, letting the tip of my cock find the entrance to her hole. With a hiss coming from her lips, she lowered herself down, taking it all in, her ass resting on my lap. The hot swirling water made her cunt seem even tighter, as the natural lubrication was washed away. We continued talking, as she asked "So Joe, how you like this so far?"

I chuckled, as I played with her tits, "I'm not one to complain, Kathy."

"Mmmmm, and I don't think you ever will." She smiled broadly, as she gently moved her hips, grinding her snatch down onto my pole. "Of course, you still have two ladies to master."

I felt her fingers moving around her pussy, as she started to frig her clit. I asked "Any idea what may be in store? Or what to expect?"

She giggled a girlish giggle, and replied "Iris will test your stamina, but, from what Brenda has told us, and from what I've experienced so far, you should do okay." She moaned softly, and I felt her body shudder and quake. She slumped back against me, and rested the back of her head against my shoulder, as she relaxed during her posy-orgasmic high. Her hips started moving again, her cunt squeezing my cock tightly. She spoke, "Now Deborah, that will be the real challenge."

I nibbled her neck, as I asked "How so?"

She didn't answer that question, instead, she asked "What have you learned from us so far, Joe? Personality wise and sex wise."

I was a bit scared to go there, but here it goes, "Well, Brenda is definitely a take-charge type. Even in the sack. You do it her way, or else, and you damn better do it to her satisfaction."

She chuckled, "Yes, that's Brenda. Very reserved and professional."

"And you, well, you're more open and carefree. Seems I'm more comfortable around you, even at home. You enjoy sex, and seem to like to let me do what I want, especially if it gets you off."

She burst out laughing "Yeah, I guess you're right."

I continued "I can see where Iris may involve a lot of work, but it should be fun, if she doesn't kill me. She's not as open as you, conversation wise, and is a bit brash and opinionated, but I can't wait to see what next weekend is in store."

She turned around on my cock, swinging her legs so now she was facing me, and started fucking my prick. "And Deborah?"

I sighed "She's the one I know the least about, very reserve, even more so than Brenda. She'll probably be the toughest to please, I'm sure!"

She smiled, and her cheek came to rest up against mine, as she started getting into a good fuck "Oh yes, she will definitely be the hardest....but...seems you're pretty hard yourself." She stopped the conversation, as I felt the walls of her pussy tightening, trying to squeeze my load out. She was grunting on her down strokes, until she finally stiffened, and cried out "OHHHH myyyy goodddddd!". She then slumped forward into my body, as she reveled in her pleasure.

She was exhausted, from all the snowshoeing, and now from a good, hard fuck in the spa. Once she got her wits about her, we climbed out and headed inside, dried off, and laid back down in front of the fire. We just laid there for the longest time, before she finally went down on me, gettingme good and hard, before she her body around so I could get a good taste of her sweet twat. It was a repeat of the previous night, as we made love once more, working our bodies to a heavy sweat, making it a pleasurable experience for both, resting, then starting all over. We fell asleep in front of the fire, after about the fifth or sixth time. Eventually waking to find the fire cold, but not our bodies, as we crawled off to bed, where we did it one more time, as I finished her off in the good old missionary position, drilling her hard for the longest time, making her moan non-stop for twenty minutes, before I finally lost my final load.

In the morning, we showered together, then made breakfast together, before packing up and heading home. We did swing by dad's on the way. He was a bit perplexed, seeing me with a different woman. He just shook his head, and chuckled. I wasn't about to tell him we just spent the night just down the road a bit in a small cabin, fucking each others brains out. I asked what he was going to do with all the money he'll be getting for that piece of land he sold, and he replied he was going to get a house in town. That solved that worry, was afraid he might want to move up to the big city.

We left dad's at six, Kathy had a blast visiting the farm, and she loved seeing the animals. We did stay long enough for me to help with the milking with him and the hired hands, before leaving right after dinner, which Kathy made.

Got home at nine, unpacked and found Iris was at work, Deborah was in bed, and Brenda was just sitting there, watching television. She asked how our weekend was, and I replied "Well, I think I passed."

Kathy was behind me, and she slapped my ass as she walked by, saying "You most certainly did, big boy."

Brenda smiled, and went back to watching the tube. I was exhausted, as I went to my room, showered again, got plenty dirty milking earlier, and crawled into bed. In the morning, I woke to find Brenda had crawled into bed with me, as I had to reach over her to turn off the alarm. I said "Hello there," as I kissed her cheek, "Kathy must have worn my ass off, how long have you been in my bed?"

She stretched her body, and smiled, saying "Since right after you crawled in, I wanted a warm body to snuggle up too." My hand went to her pubic mound, but she grabbed it, saying "Maybe tonight, lover." She kissed me, "I don't want to take another shower."

I smiled, and we climbed out of bed, "No problem, wasn't sure what you were wanting."

She hugged me, saying "You're learning well." And off she went out the door, I assumed to her own room to get ready for work.

I got dressed, and went to the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Deborah was there, and she smiled when I came in, she was reading some paperwork, and eating a bagel. I took a seat, and started chowing down, as Iris came in from the garage. She smiled at me, and came over, placed her hands on my shoulders, and kissed my cheek, asking "How was your weekend?"

I chuckled, "Exhausting, but very nice."

She turned, to head to her room, as she just got home from the hospital, "Good." Then I heard her say, "Can you get off by four on Friday?"

I turned, "You want me to get off at four, or you need me somewhere at four?"

She smiled, "I need you somewhere at six, but you need to be here first by four-thirty."

"I'll see, not sure what Mr. Reynolds has in store for me this week." I replied.

She came back, and took her pen, and wrote on a piece of paper, "Here's my pager, call it later and let me know whether yes or no." She kissed my cheek, and went on. I looked up, and Deborah was smiling a another strange smile. I was puzzled by it, as I asked "What?"

She snickered, and softly said "You might want to see if you can get Monday off as well, because if you think you're exhausted now...."

I laughed, and so did she. She may be easier than I thought. Got to work on time, and talked to Mr. Reynolds. He suggested that if I need to get off early Friday, to work four ten hour days, and four hours on Friday. I accepted his idea, and did just that, starting at seven the next four days, including Friday. I didn't want to push my luck for next Monday, thought I would take my chances.

For the most part, the week went slowly. I thought Friday would never get here. Kathy went out on a date Tuesday night, followed by some good wholesome sex for a few hours afterwards. And Brenda and I went out Monday night, and then again to the game Thursday night as well. When Friday got here, I was leaving for work, when Iris said that since I was getting off at noon, she would meet me here at three. I kissed her good-bye, and went on my way. At that point, she still hadnít told me her plans for me, besides sex that is, as I already figured that one out. She kept eyeing me up the whole week. Not to mention patting my ass a few times. And Thursday, before Brenda and I went to the game, she French kissed me at the dinner table. The others just looked on and smiled, shaking their heads in amusement.

I was home by two, and found a note from Iris, telling me what to pack. Both my black and Blue suits, plus shoes. She underlined 'No Underwear!'. Hmmm, interesting. I was to wear a good pair of pants and a shirt and tie. I didn't bother packing anything to sleep in. She did say to pack a pair of sweats for Sunday, for the return trip.

She was home at three, came into the living room where I was waiting, kissed me, and said "Come on, you can take my bag to the car, while I change." I followed her upstairs, watching her ass shake. She was by far the biggest of the four, but still, her ass looked damn fine to me. Once in her room, she pulled her blouse off over her head, standing there with her bra on, saying "Go ahead and take that bag." As she pointed to a suitcase on the bed. I smiled and went to pick it up, my back to her, and started for the garage, when she said "Hold on." I turned, and found her topless, her very large breasts jutting out. My mouth must have dropped, as she smiled at my gaze, as she reached into her pocket, and pulled out her car keys. "You'll need these." As she held the keys up. I chuckled, went and grabbed the keys, then surprised her by leaning down and getting a mouthful of tit. She squealed in delight, saying "Okay Joe, I'll let you do that and more later. Now get going." She pushed me to the door, and downstairs I went. I grabbed my bags as well, and went to the garage, and opened the trunk of her caddy. I came back in, just as she came downstairs, wearing a strapless black dress, with so much cleavage, I could fall in. My cock grew at the sight, as she smiled at my bulge.

"You like?" she asked, twirling around once.

"Oh hell yeah." I replied. She smiled broadly, and picked up her coat, pulling it on, I went and embraced her, kissing her forehead.

"Come, lets go." She said.

I grabbed my coat, and pulled it on, asking "Where too?"

"The airport, you ever flown before?" She asked. I hadn't, and said so. She handed me two plane tickets, and said "Here, you carry these."

I looked at them, as we went to her car. Both were roundtrip tickets to New Orleans. I shrugged, interesting. She started talking the second I was backing her caddy out of the garage. She didn't stop until after we were at the gate, checking in. We also had a bite to eat in the terminal, to kill time, as the plane didn't leave until a bit after five.

I was nervous as hell, and she sensed it, holding my hand the whole time. Our seats were in first class, and we got served more food, and plenty of drink. The flight lasted three hours, as we finally landed in New Orleans. The weather was warm, in the seventies still this late in the evening. She had me hail a taxi, and she gave the driver directions to take us to a hotel on Bourbon Street. Once there, I was impressed, as it was a one-bedroom suite, with balcony. As I carried the bags in, she said "Hurry and change into you're black suit, it's eight local time here, we need to be somewhere at nine."

I did, as she watched intently. Now I know why no underwear, as she literally licked her lips as she saw my hanging meat. I shot her a smile, and finished dressing. We left the hotel, and walked four blocks to a club entrance, which had a sign about some blues show. Guess what I'll be listening too! We entered, the place was dark and smoke filled, as a small black woman approached us, and Iris said "Reservations for Iris Williams."

The lady looked at a board, and smiled, saying "This way, please." We followed, and we were seated at a small table right next to a dance floor. Across from it, was a stage. As we sat, a waitress appeared, and asked if we wanted drinks.

Iris answered for both of us, saying she wanted a hurricane, and I'll have a beer. I was soon to find out a hurricane is a very potent drink concoction common for the city. She also asked for menuís. I looked around, as Iris talked, the place was not very big, maybe fifty tables, and most were filled. I was only one of maybe ten white people in the whole damn place. The waitress returned, and I checked out her tiny outfit. Her skirt barely covered her ass cheeks, and if she would have had any chest, they would have spilled out of that top.

Iris looked at my gaze, and after the waitress left, asked "Like what you saw so far?" I blushed, as she chuckled, she saying as she looked at what was available to eat, "I suggest the blackened shrimp, Joe. They serve it great here."

Sounded good to me. When the waitress returned, Iris gave our orders. We then talked about ourselves. She said she heard all about me, as she told me more about herself. She grew up in the inner-city of Buffalo, and went to college at Rochester. She has her own practice in pediatrics, but spends most of her time at Childrenís Hospital.

For the most part, she has never had time for any man, and agreed to this arrangement, thinking that a boy toy would be nice to have around the house. Seems she tried introducing a guy to the others, but he became arrogant and obnoxious real fast. I took that as a hint.

The food arrived, and she wasn't kidding, it was great. And very spicy to boot. I needed another beer to finish the meal, as my eyes were watering. After dinner, we talked for awhile, until the band started up, Then she had me move around, and sat next to her. I smiled, and put my arm around her shoulder, and watched the show. She leaned next to me, her hand falling to my thigh.

Eventually, after a few songs, people were getting up to dance. After my fourth beer, I had the courage to ask her. She smiled, and stood, and away we went. Now, even on my best days, I'm not a very good dancer, as she was quick to find out. Luckily, she was on her third hurricane, so the top of her feet wouldn't hurt until the next day. The first two songs were rather fast, but finally a slow song, as she reached out, and brought me to her, as we started dancing in each others arms. She giggled, saying in my ear, "You dance like a white boy."

"But I am a white boy!" I replied, laughing.

My cock was rubbing her belly, and she said "At least you don't have the equipment of a white boy!" She chuckled, as I reached down and grabbed her firm round ass, and then patted it. Her breasts were pressing into my chest, as we danced. Her chin was on my shoulder, when she whispered in my ear, "Look around Joseph, what you see?"

I glanced around. There were five other couples on the floor, dancing like we were, all black couples. Off the floor, I saw people watching, watching us! "Looks like we're the center attraction." I said softly in her ear.

She giggled, "Yeah, some of those menís faces, looks of jealousy."

"You think so? Is it because I got such a wonderful woman in my arms?" I said.

"Hmmm, could be, that or they're bigoted, wondering why some sistah is dancing with some white boy that can't dance." She kissed my neck.

I playfully swatted her ass, saying "Hey, that wasn't nice, I'm trying."

She squeezed me tight, "Don't fret it, boy. You're doing just fine."

I did start looking around more as we danced. And she was right, the looks we were getting weren't the nicest. After the next song, she dragged me off the dance floor, and ordered another round. I was feeling no pain, as I started on my fresh beer. We were leaning on each other, listening to the band, and watching the crowd. Finally, she kissed my cheek, and her hand gripped my hard cock though my leggings, as she said in my ear, "You think it's about time I get to play with that?"

I laughed, and stood, pulling her to her feet. The waitress came by, and Iris handed her a hundred dollar bill, telling her to keep the change. Her eyes flashed wide, thanking her for the generous tip. Exiting the club, we headed back to the hotel, the cool air hitting us hard. It was nice to get out of that smoke filled place, I could really breathe again, as we held each other up as we walked. The streets were crowded, as I would later learn a typical weekend night in the French Quarter.

The short walk felt like forever, as we were grabbing each others body parts. Someone up on a balcony yelled down "Show us your tits." I wasn't sure who he was yelling it at, but Iris stopped, turned, and dropped the top of her dress, lifting them up to the heavens for all to see. There was much hooting and hollering, as she smiled broadly, before covering her breasts back up. We were both laughing our asses off, as we finished our trip back.

We entered our room, still giggling away, and still holding each other up. I closed the door, and turned around, and she disappeared. In my drunken state, I looked around, then I found her, sort of. She was on her knees, as she grabbed my fly and undid it, reaching in and grabbing my soft meat. I smiled down at her, as she lifted her head and looked up at me, smiling like a kid that just found a new toy.

She started sucking away, and I was in heaven, as my hands fell to her shoulders, brushing her dress off of them. Her free hand pulled her dress down to her waist, as she continued sucking away. Her hand was jerking me off, as her tongue worked like magic around the shaft and across the head of my throbbing cock. I knew I wasn't long before I filled her mouth, as I watched her thick, dark lips move on my white meat.

I groaned, as my cock shuddered, and three hard blasts of cum filled her mouth. She gagged at first, then I felt her swallow. Looking down, she smiled back up at me, as she drained my pecker of it's contents. Once finished, she stood, and we kissed, my lips getting a taste of my own load from her lips and tongue. My hands massaged her breasts through her dress, as we fell onto the bed. I worked my face down her body, giving long kisses to her throat and upper chest, as I peeled her dress off of her heaving chest. My tongue left traces of dampness, as I worked her breasts with my mouth, eventually getting her left nipple between my lips, and sucking voraciously. She sighed, saying "Oh yeah baby, suck my big titties." I smiled, as I worked that nipple with my mouth, and the other one with my fingers, as my other hand went searching for something else to explore.

My hand pulled up the bottom of her dress, and soon I had two fingers in her honey pot, as I rubbed her pubic mound with the base of my thumb. I couldn't believe how wet she was already, as I felt the moisture in her crotch on the palm of my hand and two invading fingers. Her hips were starting to buck, as she said "Oh god yeah, Joe, they did say you've learned well."

I smiled, as I fingerfucked her as I continued my feast on her big, full titties, switching from one nipple to another. She was moaning a bit more often, as I stopped sucking her nipples, and moved my face down between her thick thighs. When my tongue hit her clit, her ass raised up about three inches, then slammed down onto the bed, as she let out a scream that would have woken the dead. My fingers felt like her cunt had broken them off, as I continued working them in and out of her tight snatch, as my tongue continued to dance across her super sensitive clit. It was then when I realized how big her clit was.

Brenda and Kathy neither had clits even half the size as Iris. It was about the size of a large marble, as I took it between my lips and suckled it like a nipple, making her shout out and moan loudly, as another orgasm stiffened her body, then shaking hard. Speaking of stiff, my cock made a quick recovery, as it now was rock hard, and pointing towards paradise. As she recovered, I got up between her legs, and rubbed the head of my cock up through her slit, teasing her clit with it, before I drove it in her slick snatch. Her lungs expelled air, as I drove it all in one thrust.

I was happy to see how tight she was, as I looked down, and saw my white meat gliding in and out between her dark cunt lips. She was getting into it, as she started saying "Come on boy, fuck me with that big cock." Her legs went up, and she dug her heels into my ass, pulling me into her harder with each thrust, as her hips were bucking as well. Her big breasts were jiggling like Jell-O, as I pounded her cunt with abandon. It wasn't five minutes before her mouth opened up, and she let out a silent scream this time, as I felt her vagina quiver, as another orgasm hit. I didn't even slow down, as I kept on going. After twenty minutes, the sweat was pouring out of my body, as well as hers, beads were forming into rivers, as they rolled down her breasts. Her body was having orgasm after orgasm. I would kiss her open mouth on occasion, as gasps of joy were coming out from between her dark lips. After another twenty minutes, I could feel the gathering cum, boiling in my balls, and starting for it's rapid rise up my shaft. She was by now pretty much incoherent, as each time I made a thrust, she would just grunt. Her orgasms were still coming, but not quite as intense as when we started.

Finally, I grabbed her big tits in my hands, and groaned, as I filled her fuck hole with my seed. I collapsed on top of her, my face buried into the pillow next to her head, as she wrapped her arms around me, and muttered something about the best fuck in her life. I remembered chuckling, and drifting off to sleep.

I woke up to the sensation of something warm wrapped around my pecker, and a lot of wait on my hips. Opening my eyes, I saw her smiling face, as she was impaled on my morning wood. I smiled, as I reached up and grabbed her boobs, massaging them gently, as she slowly continued her grinding motion on my tool.

She leaned down, and kissed my lips, our tongues darting into each others mouths. Sitting back up, she said "Good morning, how's my little sex toy."

I laughed "Sex toy just enjoying the ride and the view." I glanced over at the clock, it read eight-forty. My stomach growled, as I looked back up to her, "Sex toy is hungry."

"You ought to be, stud. After the performance you did on my cunt last night." She raised her hands over her head, stretching out as she rode, "I've never came so hard and often like that in my life, Joseph." She closed her eyes, and I felt her cunt walls spasm, as a moan of pleasure escaped from her lips. Damn, I do believe another orgasm. Her body went taught, and she had a grimaced look on her face, as she went still, enjoying the feeling of a wave of pleasure sweeping through her body. She was still for a minute, before letting out a sigh, and opening her eyes.

After kissing me once more, she rolled off, my pecker pointing to the ceiling, as she said "Come on, lets shower off, and go eat, you've lots of fucking to do today." I laughed, and jumped out of bed, following her into the bathroom.

I grabbed her from behind, and started kissing her neck, as my right hand held her right breast, and my left hand to her wet crotch. I was working a finger on her clit, and she just melted in my arms. "I need some relief first." She just smiled, and bent forward, her hands on the counter by the sink, bracing herself, as she spread her legs apart a bit, her ass sticking up in the air. I guided it on in, and soon was drilling her well-fucked cunt with abandon. In the mirror, I could see her face , her teeth clenched, as I felt her push back with each thrust. Her big titties were swaying underneath, as I put a finger back on her clit, and with my other hand, pressed one into her asshole.

She moaned out loudly, telling me to "Fuck me harder!" This I did, pummeling her cunt at a fast clip. My orgasm was fast approaching, and just as I filled her cunt, she exploded in one of her own, my arms quickly wrapping around her waist to keep her from falling forward, as I felt her knees give way. We rested for a few seconds, before finally helping each other into the shower, and getting a good soak.

After that, we went downstairs and had breakfast in the restaurant. We then went and did the usual tourist shit, visited Jackson Square, took a carriage ride, had lunch on the balcony of a fine restaurant. Found I love Cajun food, especially the shrimp. Then we went all through the French Quarter, visiting shops, and the bars, definitely the bars. I was amazed at the strip clubs. Iris said if I had my mouth hanging open any wider, a horde of flies would have made a home.

After a very romantic candlelight dinner, we returned to another jazz club, where we listened and danced, and had a blast. We got back to our room at midnight, and made love for three hours, before finally collapsing in exhaustion. I remember we started on the floor, with her legs up on my shoulders, then moved on with her on her knees in front of the bed, her upper body laying across it, as I took her from behind. Then a short break, followed by a hot sixty-nine. After we both came in and on each others mouth, we rested, before she took my cock, sucked me back to hardness, then climbed onboard for a good hour long leisurely fuck. I couldn't guess how many times she got off, just that it was plenty, and she was vocal most of it.

We had a six-o'clock wake up. Had to be at airport at ten. So after a good morning fuck, we showered, dressed, checked out, had breakfast, took cab to airport, and got there right at nine. I slept the whole flight back, all fucked out and tired. Kathy was right about Iris, she is wild about sex. And even though we may have not done it as much as I did with the other two, she made sure it was more of a workout. When I woke up on the landing in Buffalo, my cock felt numb.

Got home at four, and after hugging Kathy and Brenda, went to my room to crash. I heard Brenda chuckling and say something smart to Iris, about wearing my ass out, causing Iris to laugh loudly. Fell asleep right away, didn't wake until the alarm announcing it was Monday morning. I woke to find Kathy curled up next to me, and we fondled each other, before we dragged ourselves out of bed. When I arrived at work, Mr. Reynolds just smiled, and asked how New Orleans was.

I smiled, and said "Just fine." He had me work four twelve hour days again, plus four hours on Friday. I had Kathy Monday night, we went to a movie, then a good night of sex. Brenda took me to dinner Tuesday night. I ended up in her bed for the night. Iris had a dinner Wednesday night, and I was her escort. Interesting evening, as I was introduced to scores of people, mostly other doctors. She spent part of the night in my room, until she had to leave to get ready for work at 3 AM.

Thursday, Brenda had a business dinner, which I attended, then we made it to the Sabre game in time for the start of the second period. We returned home, and she joined me in my room for some romance. During the whole week, I saw Deborah, but hardly spoke to her. Friday morning, I found her in the kitchen, and I asked "So, what we doing this weekend?"

She just smiled, saying "Just be here at four."

I asked "What do I need to pack?"

"I'll take care of that." She responded.

I kissed her good-bye, and went on to work. Got home at two, finding her there ready to go. Iris was just leaving for work, when she said "You guys ready to go?"

Deborah smiled, saying "Yeah, wish him luck."

Iris came over, and hugged me, giving me a big French kiss, then whispered, "Just be cool, and do what she wants." She then broke the embrace, and as she walked out the door, she said "Make sure he wears plenty of sun block." Cool, we're going somewhere warm. I noticed Deborah stick her tongue out at Iris, and Iris laughing as she went. That's strange....

Deborah grabbed my hand, saying "Your bag is in my Mercedes, lets go."

Damn, a jaguar, a three-quarter dodge truck, a caddy, now a Mercedes...I'm starting to like this place, wonder if they'll let me get rid of my chevette? We were at the airport in forty minutes, and forty minutes after that, we were on a flight to Tampa. I noticed the ticket said the return flight was for late Sunday evening. She was silent the whole time, I would try to make small talk, but she was just not talking.

After landing, she had me hail a taxi, then we climbed in, with her telling the driver where to take us. I didn't really catch the name of it, as we headed north, and rode for about twenty minutes, before turning off the main highway, and onto a side road. Then we were at a small building, and she said "We're here." We climbed out, and I didn't really notice anything at first, as I paid the driver, and followed her into a door marked 'Office'. Then I noticed it. Actually, it was kind of hard not too. The office had pictures on the wall, and most of them were of people stark naked. Deborah went to the desk saying "Hi Pam."

A middle-age woman rose, and greeted her with a hug, saying "Hi Deb," she looked over at me, my mouth hanging open, and said "And this must be Joseph, the one you were telling me about." She reached out her hand, and I grasped it, as she said "Welcome to our little bit of paradise, Deb said this is your first time to a place like this. She assured me you'll do just fine." She turned back to Deb, "It's been a few years Hon, how you been doing?"

They started chatting away, getting updated on things. I was looking out the window, and saw people walking about, wearing nothing but shoes, socks, and smiles. Damn, a nudie camp! My gaze was broken by Deb, when she said "Come on, Joe, you'll have plenty of time to ogle later. Lets go put our bags in our room."

She pulled me out the door, and through a gate in the high fence. We walked across a parking lot to a building with two doors, obviously a duplex. She used the key that Pam gave her, and opened the right one, and in we went. I carried the bags to a table, and sat down, exhaling rather audibly.

She turned, and smiled, before she said "Yeah, it takes some getting use too." She pulled her shirt off, and sat on the edge of the bed, to take off her shoes. "You know, if you're uncomfortable at first, you can stay dressed for awhile."

I thought for a second, as she stood and pushed her jeans down, "No." I said, as I kicked off my shoes, "I think I'll do okay. just take a bit getting use too." I was thinking, a lot to get use too. Shit, I was so fucking nervous, that I didn't even notice Deborah standing there, stark naked. When I finally got my clothes off, I stood, exhaled, and looked her way, seeing her finally in all her glory. Damn, she may be the smallest, but what a body! Her breasts were very tiny, and she had one hell of a thin waist. Between her and Iris, it was the difference of night and day.

She came over and hugged me, saying "You'll do just fine," She stood back, grabbed my hand in hers, as she picked up a pair of towels in her other, "Come, lets go swim, you'll feel better."

Out the door we went, and turned towards a clubhouse. I said "Shouldn't we lock it?"

She snickered, saying "If someone steals, how they going to hide anything?"

Good point. I was surprised how warm it was, the sunset an hour ago, yet it had to be in the low seventies still. We rounded a building which is the restaurant/clubhouse/bar, and found a gate and a pool on the other side. The place was empty, as she placed our towels on a lounge chair, and went for the steps leading into the pool. I was right behind her, my hanging limp dick swaying in the warm, evening Florida breeze. She was up to her neck before I was even down the first step. Damn, this water's cold, I chuckled, no worry about getting aroused in this thing. She turned, and said "Come on, it ain't that cold."

I laughed, easy for her to say. I decided what the hell, and dove head first, surfacing right in front of her. Yes it was that cold! I thought I saw a sign saying it was heated. She giggled, and wrapped her arms around my neck, her small pointy breasts digging into my chest. "Well Joe, how's your first skinny-dip experience?"

I smiled, "Not bad, but I think I'm suffering from major shrinkage."

She laughed, and kissed my lips, then pushed off, swimming away from me. We chased each other around the pool for a good thirty minutes, before finally getting out and drying off. Then we went to the hot tub, the biggest one I've ever seen. I estimate it could hold forty, maybe even fifty people with ease. You could damn near swim in it. We were sitting in the hot, swirling water, with her up against my side, and my arm around her. Now this is paradise.

After about ten minutes, she sighed, and stood up, pulling me by the hand, saying "Come on, we don't want to get over heated. As we were drying off, another couple came in, I guessed them to be in their late fifties, and walked down into the water. The lady had bigger breasts than Deb, and I must have stared a bit too long, as I felt my ass getting smacked. I turned, and she was smiling, and wiggled her finger to me. We left and walked back to our rental, hand in hand. As we walked, she said softly, "You're doing okay Joe, but next time, don't stare at the other womenís breasts, some don't like gawkers."

I cleared my throat, "Um, sorry, it's just that, well..."

She giggled, as we got to our door, "Yeah, I know, it takes getting use too." She opened it, and pulled me in, then closed the door behind me. I didn't even have a chance to turn on the lights, as she was all over me, pushing me onto my back onto the bed, and grabbing my meat with her hands. She was silent, as she went to sucking me to hardness, which, needless to say, didn't take very long.

She let loose of my cock with her mouth, and climbed on top, saying "Shit Joe, they weren't kidding, you do have nice equipment." I smiled, as she lowered her slick cunt onto my pole. I groaned, as she bottomed out. None of the others were this tight.

I reached up, and started balling her small breasts, and said "What nice tits!"

Her face brightened, as she bent down, and planted a kiss on my forehead. She raised back up, and closed her eyes, a broad smile across her face, as she fucked on my cock. I could feel every ripple of the walls of her cunt, as I just laid there, and enjoyed her ride. Her fingers found her own clit, and I watched, as she frigged away, until about five minutes later, she gasped, then moaned loudly, as she raised up, then slammed back down on my meat, her body falling forward onto my chest, as her orgasm hit her hard.

As she relaxed, I lifted her ass up with my hands, my hard cock falling out of her tight pussy. She whimpered in protest, at the sudden departure of my wood, as I rolled her onto her back, and dove face first between her thighs. I licked up her moisture, sweet nectar it was, as my tongue worked the folds of her flesh, tasting every inch of her womanhood. She moaned when my tongue found her small clit, as I worked a finger into her cunt.

I started licking away on her clit, as I finger fucked her hard. She responded by bucking her hips into my face, damn near breaking my nose. I pulled my finger out of her hole, and inserted my thumb, moving the lubed finger to her puckered anus, and gently probed it. She gasped as I put the tip in, but suddenly she stiffened, and cried out, as a wave of pleasure swept her tiny body. I didn't stop, kept on licking, and fucking her cunt with my thumb, as well as putting a bit more of my finger up her poop-shoot.

She was moaning softly, as I could feel her tight vaginal and anal walls milking my thumb and finger. It wasn't long before she cried out again, as another orgasm racked her body. My free hand was gently tugging on her hardened nipple of her left breast, as she reached down and grabbed my head. "Oh god, Joseph, fuck me!" She said, as she pulled on my head with her hands. I left her crotch, kissing her body as I moved up on top of her, lingering at her breasts for a moment, suckling on her nipples. I was amazed how big they grew, bigger than Kathy's, they must be standing out a good three-quarters of an inch.

My cock found her opening, and gently slid in, making her gasp at the fullness she felt in her cunt. Her eyes flew open, and she smiled, before raising her head, and kissing my lips. She laid her head back down, and arched her neck, as she started bucking her hips, slamming her pubic bone against me, as my cock plunged into her hot body. I wanted to go slow, but she wanted none of that, she wanted a fast and hard fuck, so I raised up, grabbed her knees, and spread them, and started drilling away.

It didn't take her a minute to stiffen and have another orgasm, her cunt felt like it was going to rip my cock off, as I felt it shudder and douse her hole with my load. This was one of the best den orgasms I've had so far, she definitely has a cunt to die for. I collapsed, laying on top of her warm body, both of us trying to catch our breath.

I snuggled her ear, asking "Did I pass?"

She giggled, and pushed me up and over onto my back, with her ending up on top, my cock still hard and pulsating in her tight twat. She kissed me, a glow on her face, as she said "Yes, you most certainly did," She raised up, squatting on my cock, her hands on my chest, as she added "And now, , after the first course, I do think you're ready for some graduate work.."

I had no idea what the hell she meant by that, but didn't care at the moment, as I played with her round ass, as we fucked the night away. I pumped her sweet hole with five loads before morning light, getting her off with tongue, prick and fingers countless times. We did it in every conceivable position, and a few that aren't. I would say by nine o'clock in the morning, we had maybe three hours of sleep, when she dragged my ass out of bed for a shower and a walk to the restaurant for breakfast in the nude. Definitely a new experience for me. The whole day, we just chilled out by the pool, soaking in the warm Florida sun, and using a lot of sun block. There are some things which burn easy, as I found out later in the shower.

We had lunch and dinner at poolside, and after spending some time in the bar, where we drank plenty, we went back to our room, and fucked like rabbits once again. Non-stop, until probably four in the morning, we pleasured ourselves with each other's body. We finally got some sleep, and got up at ten, hitting the shower. She laughed at how red my cock was, as I responded I wasn't sure if it was from the sun or from her sweet snatch fucking me raw. It ended up being a sunburn, making the rest of the day one I would rather forget. We had breakfast, and a swim, before packing up and leaving for the airport. My cock was on fire, I definitely learned my lesson, use more sun block.

By the time we landed in cold Buffalo, the lack of sleep was catching up to me. We got home in time for dinner, where Kathy had a big meal waiting for us. At the table, Deb told everyone about our trip, and she made it a point to mention about my sunburn. Iris made me stand and pull it out to show them, which I did, rather embarrassingly.

At the end of the meal, Brenda announced, "Okay ladies, do we need a private meeting? Or do we just say okay right here?"

Huh? Now what? I looked around, and all four were looking at each other, smiling. Brenda looked at Deb, "Well?"

Deb smiled, "He's got my vote, and other parts as well."

"Well, seems like we found our winner." Stated Iris.

Kathy spoke, saying "I seem to like him, lets keep him."

Brenda smiled saying "Then it's agreed," She looked my way, saying "Joseph, you're now a member of the household, you passed our rigid testing."

Iris laughed, "Actually, your prick stayed rigid, that was my test."

So, I passed the test, now I was a member of the household. What all did that mean? Guess that will be another story.

10-02-2006, 09:34 PM
This was one of the first stories I read, and it still draws me back. Great story

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Another Bump for our different styles of Stories.....Enjoy....:)

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Where do I apply ?

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I have read some stories as good as this one, but none better. If I change my name to Joe (and stock up on ******) could this happen to me?? Nahh - too old 'n ugly. Damn!!