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06-18-2007, 08:33 AM
One day, my wife and I decided to go for a walk through our neighborhood. This was nothing unusual, we normally do it every other week or so. We put the dog on a retractable leash and our son was riding his new bicycle with training wheels. (It is amazing how fast they grow. It seems like yesterday when his feet could not reach the pedals.)

As we were walking down this one street, we hear…

“Al, Hannah. Is that you?”

My wife and I turned around and low and behold it was friends that we had not seen in years. It wasn’t that anything bad happened. It was just one of those things were life goes by and you lose touch.

“Stacy,” responded my wife.

“Hey Brad, I told it was them. Come out and say hi.”

Out walks Brad, you could tell that he had been doing work and that he was in the process of drying his hands as he approached us. As a matter of fact, his hands were still a little wet as we shook hands.

“Do you guys live around here?” asked Stacy.

“Sure do,” said my wife. “We are actually just a couple of blocks away.”

“No way,” stated Brad. “We just bought this house a little bit over a year ago and are putting the finishing touches on our remodel.”

“You have got to be kidding me, Brad. We just bought our house. It will be a year in next month that we have been living there.” I said.

Well, Brad and Stacy invited us into their home. Their teenage daughter met us at the door. Se had grown quite a bit since I had last seen her. And she was growing into quite a knock out. I have to say that Brad had done some awesome handy work on his house, definitely, a guy skilled in labor. We stayed at their home for about an hour and then invited them to come checkout our place.

They promised to come a little later because Brad needed to finish a project. They were expecting guests from out of town and had to get their last bathroom finished before everyone got there. It was getting close to our sons bed time any way. So we headed home.

Two hours later, Brad and Stacy called us informing us that they were coming. Five minutes later there was a knock on the door and we invited them in. We took them on the grand tour which took about half an hour.

We spent the next hour or so reminiscing about the good ol’ days. One of the things that we used to love to do was play games together as a couple. So we played several games but it was the last one that started all of the trouble or action depending on how you want to look at it.

“Why don’t we play Twister?”

My wife had been itching to play for a while. I was reluctant to play in the past because it was just the two of us. But seeing how beautiful Stacy was became an instant motivator to play the game. I knew that I would be able to cop some feels as we awkwardly positioned ourselves.

We played for an hour and the guys were getting the upper hand on the girls. They kept falling on us which was not so bad to begin with.

“I have an idea,” said my wife. “Why don’t we up the ante a little bit?”

“What do you mean?” asked Brad.

“How about the first one that falls loses an article of clothing?” said my wife.

It was the most risqué thing that she had ever suggested but Stacy and Brad were game.

My wife was the first to lose an article, then me, my wife again, then Brad, and finally Stacy. By the time the round had finished, we were all down to our underwear. Then my wife called that fateful call.

“Right foot, yellow.”

I reached my right foot across but it put my cock inches away from Stacy’s ass. Later, I found out that my wife and Stacy had concocted a plan and she had done it purposely. The sexual tension in the room was so thick, you could cut it with a plastic butter knife.

My cock started to harden and there was no way to hide it when you are down to your undies.

Stacy leaned back and rubbed her ass against my cock in the name of repositioning herself. What surprised me was that she left it there. I knew that she could feel my hardening cock and her turning to smile at me was the first clue. However, as Stacy was flirting with me, my wife was flirting with Brad. Then it happened.

I heard Stacy whisper to Hannah. “I think it is about time.” With that, they both turned around and pushed us boys to the ground. Hannah went to Brad and Stacy went to me. I found out later that they had agreed on a husband swap for the night.

Stacy grabbed my underwear, yanked them down and had my cock in her mouth in what seemed like one motion. Let me tell you that this girl was smooth. Just as she was sucking me, I heard the familiar sounds of slurping coming from right next to us. My wife had Brad’s cock in her mouth and from the look on his face, she was doing an incredible job blowing his cock.

Stacy looked up at my wife lifted her head off of my cock and said, “I have a new game. Let’s see who can make whose husband come first.”

“You are on” said my wife.

At this point, I did not care who came first. I just knew that Stacy sure knew how to suck some cock. I grabbed her head and begin to drive my cock in and out of her mouth. I looked next to me and saw the hottest thing in the world. My wife had mounted Brad and was riding him for all of his worth.

I knew that Brad was in trouble because my wife knew how to work her cunt muscles and I knew that she would milk dry.

Knowing that this was a contest. I took control and did something that would stack the odds in our favor. I flipped Stacy over and started fucking her doggiestyle. This is my favorite position because I tend to last longer, can take total control, and enjoy every inch of the pussy that I am fucking. Hannah looks up at me with a wicked smile.

I work my cock into Stacy’s cunt. To my surprise her pussy is tighter than I expected. So that was a pleasant surprise to say the least.

“MMM your cock is so big, Al.” I slowly work each inch of my cock into her hoping that she does not catch on to what I am doing. She is so enthralled by our fucking that she loses sight of her goal to make me cum before her husband.

I start to work my cock in and out of her cunt. Right then I hear Brad groan and I know what is happening before he says it.

“I am cumming. I am cumming.”

With the knowledge of knowing that we had won the contest, I grabbed around Stacy’s ass and start to fuck her for all that she is worth. At this point she is screaming,

“Fuck me Al. Drive your big black cock into me. Come on give me that cock. Oh god, oh god, I am going to cum on that big cock.”

Right then, we both explode and I continue to ram my cock into her. I want make sure that I am melted dry. Once we come down off of our high, Stacy realizes that she has lost her race to my wife’s masterful cunt and my cunning fuck.

“Okay, you guys win this time,” she says as she turns to clean my cock in her mouth.

The moral of this fuck story: If you want to fuck with the big boys, you had better step up your game.

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A happy ending and a good time was had by all. You gotta love party games don't you. Great story.