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Title: Tale of Two Titties
Author: Eskimo1958
Summary: A womens two breasts give a play-by-play account of an
Keywords: orgy, anal, humor

This is an attempt at a humorous outlook of two breast's nicknamed Fred and Frank, and their adventure with the body of the woman they're attached too. The woman, and her hubby, are swingers, and are going to a house party, where the men outnumber the women five to one.

"Hey Fred, looks like we're here!"

"Looks!? Shit Frank, some guy has his hand on the outside of this damn teddie, and he's trying to get in to squeeze the shit out of me!"

" Heh-heh, yeah, thats the problem of being the left breast, most guys are right-handed....ooops, my turn."

"Now you know how I feel...er..being felt....wish to hell he lets me out of here, oh, there we go..."

"Yeeesss, freedom from the unfriendly confines of some damn wired up contraption...oh my god!"

" Wow! Look at all this! This is the biggest sex party we've been to yet, get a load of that over there, Frank."

"Um, can't right now, Fred, this guy's got my attention, actually, he's got me in his mouth...good thing we're only a b-cup. What you seeing?"

"Well, over there to our right, her hubby has his head up some big chicks skirt...wonder what he's doing?"

"Probably hunting for that elusive bearded clam, ouch, damn it asshole, easy on the nipple, it's attached!"

" And over there is some black guy with a redhead sitting on his face...hey, it ain't true!"

"What ain't true, Fred?"

" That black guys are all hung big, this one is smaller than hubby."

"Well, Hubby is pretty big for a white guy, at seven inches, there you go, suck, don't chew. Who is this guy? Don't recognise him!?"

"Don't recall seeing him before, there, he's moving south."

"Good, only been here two minutes and already my nipple is sore."

"Well if it weasn't so damn big when we get aroused...."

"Ohhh, feel that? She's already about to explode."

"Yeah, I do, unusual, she must really be hot tonight, that or he's good at getting Miss Kitty going."

"Listen to her purr, damn, getting the blood flowing, I'm about to my peak, must be the usual three-quarters of an inch."

"Amazing how us smaller titties get bigger nipples, isn't it? Oh look, here comes a dark-haired girl."

"I rememeber her, she once said she loved the way our nipples tasted."

"Hey, she didn't bother even licking us!"

"No Freddie, looks like our tongue wanted to do some licking. Oh great, now she lay's down, can't see a damn thing. Took over for the guy in the pussy eating, damn, Miss Kitty must be in heaven."

"Shit Frank, now we'll probably be ignored for awhile, this dark-haired girl has big tits, and I can't see anything down there."

"At least we can watch our tongue work her clit, look at those juices flowing, both must be hot."

"Oh neat, that guy is at our head, starting to fuck the girl on top of us."

"Can you see off to the sides, Fred? All I can see is a couch and two pair of legs."

"Well, I see Hubby on top of some woman, drilling her long and hard, and two guys at each end of some brunette on all fours...and the black guy is about to shoot his load down her throat. I hear more, but can't see 'em."

"Sounds like a nice size crowd, think there's more men than women, too."

"Good, more cocks to drill Miss Kitty, she'll like that."

"Yes she will, more the merrier...oh my, that's a hard cum!"

"Yes it was, little Frankie, and the girl she's eating had hers too. Uh-oh, she's rolling off."

"Yep, up for air, and the first thing she does is swallow some guys meat!"

"Same guy, guess she wants to get a taste of that girls juices."

"Ooops, who's that?"

"Don't know, but they're mens hands, and someone just entered Miss Kitty from behind. Hey, I like him, he ain't too rough on my nipples."

"Yeah, he is nice, just gently balling our titty-meat. Look, another cock."

"A bit longer than that last guy, she takes it all in her mouth though."

"You ever notice that the guys are usually between five and six inches?"

"Sure do, noticed when she was showing us off on the internet the other night, the guys all say they have big cocks, but they would say that when they're a thousand miles away."

"Geesh, he didn't last long, maybe what? Ten strokes?"

"Well, our body does have a good, hot mouth, maybe she was hungry?"

"Uh-oh, from the sounds of the grunting behind us...yep, there he goes."

"Thats two loads, one for each end....and it's still early. Oh good, she's rolling over and sitting up against the couch, now we can see!"

"Sort of, here comes another guy, his dick aiming for our mouth."

"We can see, between his legs. and here comes that redhead, diving between our thighs, wonder which guy just made a deposit down there?"

"My guess is that italian looking guy, his meat looks like it could have been the one."

"You mean the one in the fat chicks mouth?"

"Yeah, there. He just turned and smiled at us, sort of a thank you."

"Hey, this room is pretty full, must be about twenty people in here."

"And it looks like things are winding down for round one, although I think Miss Kitty is getting started for round two, from the feel of things. Man, look at that guy fucking our face."

"Heh-heh, his balls are slapping our chin. And boy are her hands gripping his hips. You know what? I think it's more like she's fucking his dick with her mouth!"

"By damn you're right....and there he goes, wow! She didn't spill a drop of that load, what a mouth!"

"I liked how she wiped her lips and licked her fingers clean, nice touch. Oh there she goes. Damn, that was sudden, and quick."

"I rememeber that redhead, she had a great tongue, look, she's moving up...oh, there you go, god that feels good."

"Damn it, tell her to suck on my nipple too! I need some attention too! Ohh, hello, who's this?"

"Don't know her, Fred, but I can see she has nice melons."

"Yes, our hand just found one of them, feel's great, I'm sure. Lots of people we've never seen before, tonight."

"Ohhhh shit, red knows how to suck tit."

"This busty blonde ain't too damn bad either. Looks like it's just us girls for a while, Frank."

"Yep, plenty of cocks in the house, and not one at attention for the second round yet. Give them time, and a few mouths to work with."

"Speaking of which, here we go, back on our back. The redhead is sitting on our face, and the blonde is going down to have a snack."

"Not so fast, little fella, thats a double-headed dildo in her hand."

"My god, yes it is, and what a dildo! That'll stretch ole Miss Kitty out!"

"Ohhhh, that even sent a shiver through me, damn, look at our stomache bulge as the blonde shoves it in and out of our snatch and hers...don't see that everyday, Fred."

"No we don't, and looky here, a pair of cocks that need a sucking, recognise either one, Frank?

"The one in the blonde's mouth I do, some young stud that we were aquainted with a few months back. Hope he does a better job, last time he gave one shot and that was it. Plus he's got a small dick."

"His dick is still small, but the blonde seems to enjoy sucking that number....and red is enjoying her tubesteak as well."

"No Fred, I think Red is enjoying our tongue, look at her grind her snatch on our lips."

"I feel a good cum approaching...yes, and there it is, and what a cum!"

"God damn yes, my nipple feels like it's going to burst, damn it needs sucked on."

"Looks like we've a volunteer...."

"Ouch, damn it, that hurt, you crazy fucker!"

"Oops, sorry Frank, seems he wanted to give you good twist...shit, damn that fuckin smarts!"

"Yeah, whats this guys problem? Want to take our nipples home with him? Thats better, lean down and use your tongue little boy, come to momma."

"Pain and then soothing relief....okay for some, but I would rather forego the pain. Red's done, she's got a dick in her mouth and getting off. The kid in the blonde's mouth just shot his load, but still hard, have to give him credit there."

"Yeah, and there goes our toy, too. Looks like they're going to do it missionary right here next to us."

"Who's this? A big boy, check that meat out."

"Oh he's been with us before, his wife is that knock-out redhead with the big titties from down the street. And yes, he does have a nice pussy stretcher. Looks like we're getting up and taking a walk."

"Why are all those guys following us?"

"Come on Fred, think about it! Why would four guys be following us? And we're heading down the hall? Hello, nice size bed."

"Big enough for a gang-bang, yeah, I was a bit slow, but I did figure it out...Ohhh, that feels good."

"Yes it does, here we go, back on our back again. The guy on your nip doing just as good a job as the one on mine?"

"Uh-huh, and there's another between our thighs, getting a taste of Miss Kitty, plus I believe from, that slurping sound, there's a cock in our mouth."

"Um, we got more company, seems our hands are full, too. And our crotch is getting a bit crowded, as another guy is there as well."

"Ooops, we just got rolled over, there you go, get those lips back on my nip."

"Now she's alternating sucking between three cocks, and her cunt and ass are being licked clean."

"Damn, that must feel good, we're going from one cum to another, looks like those boys aren't letting up, either."

"Guys cocks might get tired, but at least a good mans tongue won't."

"I think she's ready to fuck, now."

"Gee Fred, what clued you in? The fact she's screaming for someone to fuck her?"

"Um, yeah, I think that was it, and here's the first man at the plate, taking a pretty big lead there."

"Damn, with the grip he's got on our hips, he surely won't buck off."

"And we have penetration! What would you say? Six inches? Maybe six-and-a-half"

"Definitly six, Fred, but not much more. However, he's got thickness. Hope she bounces back into shape when he's through."

"Ooops, he's through....NEXT!!!"

"This next one isn't that big."

"Yeah, but he's stamina, I remember him from a few other times, and look, we've swallowed a load."

"Down the hatch, if she keeps this up, we won't need a break for food. Damn, this guy's going to town."

"Looks like we're going to get into another position, Frank."

"Sure are, he pulled out and laid down next to us, and there she goes, sliding down that pole of love. You know, it does feel a bit bigger this way."

"Damn, she's getting into it, I'm getting a bit dizzy from all this bouncing....hey, why we stop?"

"Well Freddie, looks like they're going for a double."

"Since when we do anal?"

"We ain't, the guy behind us is going to share the hole with the guy below...we've never tried this before."

"Oh my, and her fingers just found her button, first stroke and boom, we're having an endorfin rush."

"Thats right, suck that nipple."

"Lucky you, oh well, maybe next time. She just turned her head to take one in her mouth, nice size, that'll tickle the old tonsils."

"The second guy didn't last long, damn thats a kinky squishing sound!"

"And it just set off another tremor, too."

"Ooops, looks like she was caught up in her orgasm so much, she forgot to swallow. Some of that guys cum just hit me on the top of my breast."

"I'm sure it won't be the last time tonight."

"Yeah, I know, but yuch, it's gross."

"Hey, this guy is still going strong in ....oops, spoke to soon."

"Oh well, who's up to bat?"

"As we roll to our right, with three loads of man juice rolling down our thighs, and it looks like a skinny guy with a impressive piece of meat."

"And what a piece! As he slides it in in one fast stroke. I do think Miss Kitty likes that, hey, whats this?"

"Well, it seems we've another player, that wants to fuck us."

"But we're only b-cups, we ain't no big breastes boobs for a titty-fuck."

"You tell him, he's going to try it anyway."

"Shit, he's pulling rather hard, isn't he?"

"Well, he has to, in order to get enough tit together to fuck. Okay, he ain't going to last anyway."

"Thank god, he just blasted his load onto her chin, glad this joker's done. How's the skinny dude with the big cock doing?"

"Pounding away, and it looks like her mouth didn't stay empty for long."

"No it didn't, and we're going on another round."

"This his second time?"

"I believe so, he's the one that did Miss Kitty from behind with the death grip on the hips."

"Ohhhkay, and here comes Red's hubby, ready to stretch the pussy."

"Well, the skinny guys isn't done yet.....okay, I was wrong, so he is."

"Damn, he must want penetration."

"He must, not often we see our ankles back to our ears."

"Are those cries of pain or joy?"

"A little of both, and is he ever pounding the puss. Like a fuckin' jackhammer. Here comes another multiple, hang on!"

"Shit, she's cumming in buckets! How long you think he'll last?"

"Probably awhile, I know he came twice already, him and hubby did some short girl out in the main room earlier, and our hand got him off a bit ago."

"The guy in her mouth just came and went."

"And we have a line ready to take turns, shit, hope her tummy don't get full. Or her neck get broke hanging off the edge of the bed like that."

"Amazing, as he thrusts his meat in, it forces her mouth to take more cock."

"From the feel of another orgasm, I don't think either end minds."

"I am getting a bit lonely, not getting any attention."

"Don't worry, they can't last forever....and there he goes, damn, feels like he dumped a gallon of cum."

"Feels more like a firehose let loose, and from the cries from our lips, even though they're stuffed with cock, it's another orgasm."

"We're going to be a worn pussy by morning, pal."

"Worn but happy...and what we have here? Another cock entering for some action."

"The one in her mouth just exploded as well."

"Shit, how many guys are in here?"

"I think seven, we've done all once at least, and were three or four guys into a second round."

"Feels like some long fucking from here on out, guys are leaving the room."

"Yeah, just sit back and enjoy it."

"Whew, what was that? Twenty minutes?"

"At least! And the one before was close to thirty."

"No guys left in the room, but look what comes through the door!"

"Hey, nice blonde, never seen her before."

"And young, too. Oh, and she wants some creampie."

"Well, there should be plenty there, how many guys filled her up so far?"

"Since we came into this room? Oh, I don't know, just the same six or seven, but I do believe that each came at least three times."

"So that's about eighteen, wow!"

"Of course, a good portion of those went down the hatch, so to speak. And a couple of guys just jerked off on us."

"Yeah, but our fingers were kind enough to wipe it up and lick 'em clean. That reminds me, why do big, fat guys have such small dicks?"

"Can't answer ya that one, little fella. You must have been awake for that one."

"Shit, his fat ass was squishing the crap out of me, thought for a moment there after he got off that we went from b-cup to a double-a."

"No, he-he, we're still the same size, albeit a bit sore. Wonder what time it is? Should be about time to get a shower?"

"The clock on the stand on my side says two-am, but with the blonde chick sucking our pus, I don't think we're going anywhere soon."

"We may just end up here for the night, sure wish we could wash up a bit."

"Whoops, looks like our brain is getting the same message, she just told the blonde to join her in the shower."

"Oh boy, this could be fun, here we go, getting off the bed. Shit! Look at all those guys laying about!"

"Uh-huh, seems the pussy won again. Here we are, at least we don't have to worry about taking our clothes off."

"You got that right, ohhhh, those are nice tits on this blonde, they feel great being smashed up against us."

"You betcha, hey, they're doing a bit of gropping first, damn are we filled."

"And so is the blonde, our hand is covered in cum after she inserted a few fingers up the blondes snatch.

"Water's on....ohhh my god, does that feel good....god it's hot...."

"And so is the blonde, shit, wish we brought a strap-on."

"Will the handle of the back brush do?"

"Oh my, she isn't....well fuck, she is......damn, she seems to be enjoying it."

"Glad it's a smooth handle...this is an awfully nice big shower stall, ain't it?"

"Yeah, it is, we don't have to guess why it was made so fuckin big for, do we....hey, we got more company, it's red, and she brought some toys!"

"Hope to hell we don't run out of hotwater, shit, that's a hell of a big dildo, oh god....and we thought we were already stretched out....damn, feel that?"

"Oh yeah, another ogasmic moment brought to you by super dildo, and red's fingers. Now it looks like red's turn."

"Red likes that, two dildo's, two tongues, and two holes, we get the front door, blondie gets the back, can't really see much hanging down here, though, except for blondie's big tit's swaying back and forth."

"Look at all that man-juice being forced out of her holes. Damn, must be an ocean of cum inside her ass and cunt!"

"And who needs a washcloth when you have tongues!"

"My god thats a lot of cum, no worry about getting hungry for breakfast."

"Oh, there goes red, shit is she loud or what?"

"Loud enough to wake the dead, hope that doesn't get the guys aroused, or we're in for some more fun."

"Yeah, really....rinse off time..."

"You know, that was fun, wonder what's next?"

"I think that's it, but you never know, these are nice, soft towels."

"Wonder where our clothes are?"

"Wonder if we care? Hell, the place is quiet, wonder where hubby is?"

"Probably passed out somewhere, hey, what can I tell ya."

"Out like a light, who's the woman?"

"No idea, lots of people we've never met before tonight. But looks like they got to know each other real well, his dick is still hard in in her ass."

"Funny, our ass doesn't get fucked, but hubby sure does fuck enough of them."

"Be glad, I think that would hurt. I don't think hubby is going to wake."

"Thats okay, red is dragging us and the blonde girl towards another room."

"More girl-girl action?"

"Could be, nothing like a woman's tongue, is there?"

"You got that right, oh...looks like it's talk time...oh well, I'm bruised and sore anyway, how about you?"

"Same here Frankie, think it's time we can get some rest, g'nite Frankie."

"G'nite Fred."

the end

03-06-2006, 06:49 AM
very cute story. never thought about things from that point of view.

11-15-2006, 05:12 PM
Thought Id bump something a bit different.....enjoy....:)