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06-19-2007, 12:26 AM
Ok, here is a variation of a question I've asked before.
If the means existed for you to jump into an erotic story (your own) as the main character, which story and which character would you choose?

If you could jump into another favorite story (somebody elses) which story would it be? (and which character)

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AS for myself, I would love to be able to jump into just about any of my stories, but if I had to choose one in particular, I would have to say the character Alison from "Rite of Passage".

As for another persons stories, on the sister site there is a writer named BJCourtland, who wrote an amazing story called "becky's babysitter". I would love to be becky:)

06-19-2007, 01:38 AM
As far as my own story...I'd be the main character in my Dark Mansion series. The whole forced thing just does it for me. (In real life...it'd have to be someone I really trust to do that with)

Someone elses???

I'd like to be Mandy out of Whisky's The Circle series

06-20-2007, 02:15 AM
My character from my the clan role play. unlimited power....

06-20-2007, 08:53 PM
good answer.:)

06-21-2007, 08:43 PM
anybody else??