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Stephanie my slut slave 03.

It was about three months later, when I received a call from John at the tattoo studio, A woman had been in, seen the tattoo picture of Stephanie and was deciding whether to have it done to herself, but had strangely asked if it was possible to see the tattoo in the flesh. John had initially said I doubt the couple would be willing for that to happen but to keep the client happy, he promised he would phone and ask.

“Is the woman there in the studio now” I asked.

“Yes, she seems impatient to see your slut!” John replied.

“Put her on the phone, John please” I asked.

A female voice said “Hello”.

“Hello to you too, what is this that you want to see my slave’s tattoo’s” I enquired. “We do not do live modeling!” I added.

“Oh, Sorry master” she suddenly said, when she realized that she was speaking to the slave’s master and not the slave. “I wonder if I may be able to meet with you to discuss this problem I have!” she continued.

“Be outside the studio at 7.00pm tonight.” I Said. “I will expect you to adhere to my strict dress code, you may wear a full length coat, nothing underneath this, fail to do this and you will not get to see my slut’s tattoo up close and in the flesh” I warned.

“Yes master, your slut will obey!” she replied.

I stood there stunned, with the phone still in my hand, what was the world coming to that women were falling over themselves to put themselves into the roles of sluts with complete strangers. Well we would see tonight, I thought.

I called Stephanie to come and prepare for tonight’s fun. She was instructed to wear a button down the front dress and nothing else. Her pussy rings would be locked up tight concealing a pair of Ben Wah balls which would react as she walked. Her mouth would be locked up just before we reached the studio and she would travel as normal in the boot of my car.

At 6.30 pm I parked the car in full view of the front of the Studio, I had taken the liberty of calling John back and getting him to point out the woman by touching both her shoulders at 7.oopm. Right on schedule, the woman appeared and looking decidedly uneasy walked across the front of the studio a couple of times before going in to see if I was there. John immediately came out and placed both hands on her shoulders, before going back into his shop.

I climbed out of my car and walked slowly round to the back, opened the boot and allowed Stephanie to climb out, I immediately fastened the gold coloured padlock through her two lip rings and then instructed her to undo three out of every four buttons, starting at the top. This meant that as she walked the dress flashed bits of flesh normally concealed below.

We walked slowly over the road towards the woman. She looked in my direction and then hurried inside the studio; I entered just seconds behind her. I walked up to her and introduced myself as Master Ray. She immediately gazed down to the floor and said “I am Serena, master but you can call me what ever you like!”

“Open your coat and show me that you have obeyed my wishes” I demanded.

She opened the coat and proved to me she was stark naked beneath. Her shaven pussy already looked extremely wet, her 38D breasts tipped with rock hard nipples. I told her to remove the coat fully while I called Stephanie to come to me. I ordered Stephanie to remove her dress and instructed Serena she had five minutes to look at the tattoos but she was not allowed to touch Stephanie in any way.

After 5 minutes, I instructed Stephanie to cover up, I spoke to Serena asking if she had made her mind up, again she shocked me by saying “Master what would you do with this body!” holding wide open her coat.

John chipped in. “I know what I would do with it!” he announced.

I ignored his comment and replied “Surely you should be asking your master this question and not me!”

“But I want you to become my master, Anyone who can create such a beautiful work of art as you have with your living slut statue, would be the ideal master for me” she panted. Stephanie shook her head in disagreement and obvious jealousy.

“Very well, if your going to be my sex slut there are some strong ground rules!” I advised. I turned to Stephanie and unlocked her mouth padlock, placing a finger over my lips to indicate she should be quiet.

I turned back to Serena and said “Slut Stephanie, inform Slut Serena of my particular rules and the consequences of disobeying them”

“My Benevolent Lord and Master, demands total obedience, in mind, body and soul!” she began. “He issues an order and expects no hesitation in having his wishes carried out, failure will result in branding like this!” she turned and raised her dress hem line to show the four straight brand scars in the crack of her anal cheeks.

“My Benevolent Lord and Master, uses you as his property and as such you will be marked as his property by these tattoo’s and pierced parts” she continued as she unbuttoned her dress and again flashed her nipple rings, pussy rings and she had to explain about her clit ring.

I stepped forward and whispered in Stephanie’s ear, immediately she began jogging on the spot and her breathing started to become shallow and quick. Stop I commanded and she instantly stopped jogging. I reached into her groin area and unlocked the pussy padlock.

“Remove the item” I commanded and Stephanie immediately pulled her cunt lips apart and squeezing her cunt muscles she expelled the Ben Wah balls into my hand. I showed them to Serena and then popped them into Stephanie’s mouth. Where she sucked her own juices from them, before I then fastened her mouth padlock trapping the wires of the balls on the outside of the lock so she would not accidentally swallow the 2 in circular objects.

“If you’re happy to continue and become my number two slut, then we must proceed to let John mark you as my property” I informed Serena. Slightly trembling she nodded and stepped forward.

“Stop, who told you to move!” I snapped. “Remove your coat and then go sit in the tattooist chair” I commanded.

“Yes, Benevolent Master” she responded. I thought this bitch is a quick learner or a smarmy bitch!

John was informed of the wording I wanted on Serena’s 38D breasts, I insisted on the ink being set as bright red. I toyed for a while about her cunt message. John was about to apply the freeze spray pain relief when I stopped him and said “My Bitch can do without any freezing as she is only being tattooed”

He nodded and set to work, I finally decided upon the message to go above her cunt, and whispered the details to John. After an hour of the buzz of the electronic needles the designs were complete. I instructed Serena to stand up and face me. Yes it was perfect, even if I say so myself. Around her left nipple it read ‘PINCH HERE’ whilst her right nipple read ‘TWIST NIPPLE HARD’ and finally above her cunt it read ‘MY MASTER’S CUM SLUT’.

Serena began to move towards her coat when I again stopped her and told her that was the second mistake she had made and now she would have to be punished. I informed her that her punishment would take place tonight at my home, but first there was the small matter of her bits being pierced.

John apologized saying the guy who does that was not here today, but would be tomorrow morning at 9.00 am. I told Serena to pay for her tattoo’s and don’t forget the blowjob tip for John being so patient with my cum slut. As tomorrow was Sunday this was not a problem and so I picked up Serena’s coat and demanded Stephanie’s dress.

I watched as she sucked on John’s cock and as she accepted his load into her mouth I warned her against swallowing it. Instead she was to transfer as much as possible to Stephanie’s mouth with out me unlocking her mouth. I then allowed her to swallow the rest and ordered them both to follow me.

I walked out the studio and across the road, throwing their clothes in the back and I made Stephanie climb in the boot whilst Serena waited nervously looking around. I would have sworn blind that Stephanie took almost twice as long getting in the boot as was necessary. Obviously she knew that the longer she took the more Serena was going to be on display.

I then had Serena climb in the boot, but with her head towards the feet of Stephanie. I warned them no talking or both would suffer extra when we got home.

I decided to take a drive before going home and went for a short drive through Epping Forest which at the best of times is a bumpy old ride but for the two naked females in the boot so tightly packed together it must have been far worse. I pulled into a parking area and stopped the car, waited ten minutes before getting out and then opening the boot.

I ordered both girls out of the car and removed a long length of soft Japanese silk rope tying both Stephanie’s hands together, I looped the rope through the towing bracket of the car and then tied the other end to Serena’s hands, tying them together also.

I then informed them that I was going to now drive home at a leisurely pace and they should jog to keep up. I warned them that I would not stop if one of them fell over so the should be really careful not to do so. Stephanie tried to say something but the balls in her mouth and the mouth padlock prevented her. I thought fair’s fair better make this an even contest so both could breath as easily as each other, so I unlocked the padlock and removed the balls.

Stephanie suddenly blurted out that it was a good ten miles to our house. Serena suddenly began begging me not to do this as she had never jogged ten miles in her life and she was sure she would fall over from exhaustion. Stephanie too begging not to have to go through this, she admitted fearing that if Serena fell over the stress on the rope would cause her to fall also.

I announced “ok then you want to get out of this, the alternative is double punishment at home, 24 spanks where I choose and four brands again where I choose.”

Serena instantly agreed, but Stephanie was less eager to agree. She knew I had previously threatened to brand her pussy lips as a punishment and only agreed not to on payment of double the punishment elsewhere. That time it ended up with me sticking straight dress maker’s pins directly into her breasts. 12 in each breast had almost been too much for her.

Reluctantly Stephanie agreed, so I then announced that I would slowly drive from here to the edge of the forest then and they could walk behind my car not attached to the car but they would have their hands bound behind their backs. They both readily agreed and as soon as I had retied them as I wanted I added “By the way, the car park I will pull up at has around 30 to 40 bikers who regularly turn out on a Saturday night, so you will have a great audience to see your arrival.”

With that I got in the car and slowly drove out of the parking area and down the country lanes. I kept checking in my mirror and could see the pair of them trying to keep up about 10 feet behind my car and they were chatting to each other. I assumed they were trying to agree what would happen when they got to the car park.

About one hundred yards from the car park I pulled over to the side of the road and got out, I waited for them to catch up before opening the boot and ordering them to climb in, this time Serena went first. Just as she got her legs in the boot a biker drove passed and slowed right down as she passed. 20 yards down the road he turned round and came back towards us, he pulled over and removing his helmet he called out “Ray, is that you! You old wanker!” I looked him over and saw it was Roger who had been in charge of the group previously. (SEE Story called TRAINING OF A CUM SLUT).

He gave both girls the once over and asked if I had ever heard back from Karen. I admitted that I had not heard a word in two years, but I did get the impression that her new master was jealous of the affection Karen always showed me. He asked if I was going in the car park as the whole crew were there, I confessed that I was not planning to as these two are just trainee slaves and not ready for that stage of development. He gave me a number to call him on and after I promised to give him a call he rode off.

Both girls now continued to get in the boot and once the lid was closed I drove home. When we arrived home, I unlocked the boot, untied the girls and had them go stand by my front door whilst I located a few things from inside the car. I then walked over and unlocked the front door before leading them into the kitchen. Stephanie anticipating what was coming next, quickly got out the pliers and six inch nail.

I told her to put them away as I had found a better method of delivering my punishment and tonight it would be tested to the full. I told them firstly to go to the shower room and shower each other; I stressed the cleaning of each others cunt and arse, as I would be inspecting them later.

Meanwhile I went up to my workshop where I had been working on my punishment machine.

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Thank you for sharing this new addition with us.