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Stephanie my slut slave 04.

As the two sluts showered and I suspect played with each others bodies, I prepared my little surprise for them both. I had designed and built a shock machine, a machine to give a small electric shock with out any amps being present. After all it’s not the voltage that kills you in an electric shock but just one quarter of a mille-amp.

The wooden case style box contained a step down transformer from 240 volts AC to 110 volts DC, a sliding resistor to vary the strength of the shock and two banks of four output sockets switched to enable them to be turned on or off, for the jack plug type plugs. Also included were two bullet shaped metal probes with wire coming from the back end leading to two jack plugs and six crocodile clip type probes again wired to the jack plug connection.

I had tested this out on myself and found that on quarter power it was (Pardon the pun) Shocking, on half power it was unbearable and on full power it stung like thousands of razor sharp teeth around the area where the probes were attached. But it was definitely safe from causing electric shock induced heart attacks.

I opened the door to the shower room and told the two sluts to quit the shower now as they had been in there for over half an hour. I wheeled in my little cart and set the system up making sure the resistor was set on low.

I order the sluts to use the squeegee to dry off the floor as much as possible and then turned to Serena and instructed her to kneel before me. She went down on one knee trembling as she looked at the selection of wires, meters and knobs. I showed her the bullet shaped probes and placed one in each hand, placing those hands behind my back, I explained one was stamped with an ‘A’ and the other with a ‘C’. She was to pick one hand and if she got the ‘A’ the probe would be pushed into her arse, if she chose the ‘C’ it would be shoved up her cunt. Which ever one she did not pick would be used on Stephanie.

She chose my left hand and revealing it, I got Serena to read the letter stamped into its base. ‘C’ she read aloud. I showed the other one to Stephanie and she saw the letter ‘A’ on the base of that one. I then reached between Serena’s legs and slowly pushed the three inch bullet shaped probe up her pussy as far as possible; including the length of my index finger to make sure it reached its maximum depth. I plugged the corresponding jack plug into the bank of sockets marked positive. I then took a crocodile clip probe and attached the clip end to Serena’s left nipple before plugging its plug into the negative socket.

I ordered Stephanie to kneel before me and repeated the procedure on her with the ‘A’ probe going into her anus. Again the crocodile clip was applied to her left nipple. I told them both, we are now going to play truth or dare. You both answer my questions truthfully or dare to lie and suffer the consequences. I did point out that one problem they both had was that they had to convince me what they said was the truth or I would treat it as a dared lie.

I tossed a coin and Serena lost the toss, so Stephanie was asked if she wanted to go first or second; she chose to go second.

“Serena” I began. “Why did you really want to see the tattoo designs on Stephanie?”

“My benevolent Master, I wanted it as an excuse to introduce myself to you and try to persuade you to take me on for training as a cum slut!” she replied.

“Truth Accepted, or at least 50% truth accepted” I responded.

“Stephanie. What did you truly think when you heard the telephone conversation about us meeting another submissive?” I asked.

“My Lord and Master, I honestly thought you were disappointed in me and were going to replace me with some other bitch!” she said.

“Partial truth accepted, I think your real reason was you were jealous of the idea of you sharing me with another female” I chided.

“Penalties to you both, as this machine only has one control knob, the penalty has to be the same for both of you, so choose higher or lower settings, by the toss of this coin. Is it to be heads the higher or heads the lower?” I asked.

Stephanie wanted Heads for the higher and Serena wanted Tails for the higher setting. I told them to sort themselves out or I would just pick for them and they would not like that at all.

They both agreed that heads would be for the higher settings and tails the lower settings. I tossed the coin and it came down on tails, I smiled and admitted they were lucky because they way this will work is that after each of them has answered a question, and been awarded a percentage power ratio, because the coin had allowed them the lower value they would receive the lower percentage power shock.

Now as Serena’s answer warranted a 50% power shock and Stephanie’s a 75% power shock, because they won the lower range then the power would be set to the lower figure, but be warned that if I think you are lying through your hind teeth, the maximum power will be used irrespective of what the other person scored.

I then adjusted the power on the unit to 50% and told them to get into position on hands and knees, I did not want the first shock to cause a panic and have one of them fall over smashing their head against the tiled walls. When they were in place I switch both sets of leads on, their body trembled as it was shocked and both let out a scream. I counted to twenty and switched the leads off.

Both sluts settled again as I said “Get the idea, sluts”

“Stephanie, what did you feel like when you displayed yourself to this woman for the first time, having never been with a woman before today?” I asked.

“Shocked and excited, my benevolent Lord and Master, I wanted so much to please you that I overcame my worry of what she may do to me!” she answered.

“Truth accepted” I remarked.

“Serena, what were your thoughts as you were finally tattooed, to my specifications today?” I enquired.

“Absolute fear and loathing, not for you but for that John as he engraved the design on my flesh!” she responded. Stephanie looked aghast as she realized that Serena had forgotten my salutations.

“Falsehood demanded, you will show me the respect I deserve, slut!” I snapped.

I immediately turned the power up to maximum and flicked both switches to on slowly this time counting to twenty-five. The convulsions the shocks caused led to both girls losing control of their respective bladders and actually peeing o the floor. I switched off the leads, and looked down at the two pools of golden yellow piss, now beginning to slowly make its way to the drain hole in the far corner.

I snapped “Bitches, you will immediately lick up your own piss and if you don’t do a good job, I will set the power to max and leave it running for three minutes.”

Both girls quickly began lapping like little doggies as the cleaned up their urine spillages.

“One final question to you both; who is my best cum sucking slut bucket out of the pair of you?” I jested.

They both looked at each other and knew that they could not avoid one of them telling a lie, it was Stephanie who responded first.

“My Lord and Benevolent Master, surely that is for you to decide after all we are both just worthless pieces of trashy womanhood compared to your magnificent self!” she answered.

“Yes, Lord and Master of our bodies, the decision has to be your choice oh mighty wise one. Truthfully you can only judge Stephanie as you have not tested me much, sir!” she answered hopefully.

“Falsehood it is!” I responded “for I have seen you in action on John’s cock and with Stephanie in the shower, enough to have formed my own opinion!”

I moved the dial to 25% with out the girls seeing and as they prepared for the repeat massive shock, they teased their muscles only to receive a mild tingling dose. I did tell them to French kiss each other though as they were being shocked and it was wicked to see the immediate jolt to their tongues as they tried to do so. I laughed as I said “they always said Electricity and water do not mix!”

I packed away the machine and insisted that they use their mouths to remove each other’s probes, the ones on their tits proved no problems but the one up Stephanie’s arse was very tricky for Serena so I suggested that Stephanie thrust as though going for shit, eventually the probe came free but a little shit came along with it into Serena’s mouth I made her then pass this to Stephanie’s mouth.

Then Stephanie ended up with a mouthful of Serena’s piss as she returned the favour of thrusting to eject the probe. Again I instructed them to share the mouthful.

I took the sluts up stairs tying them into a sixty nine position on the bed before fucking each of them in turn up the cunt, the other had to wash my cock with their tongue as I fucked the pussy before their eyes. We eventually dropped off to sleep around 4.00 am.

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