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Stephanie my slut slave 05.

Before going to sleep the night before, I forgot to untie the two sluts and as a result both woke up at 7.30 am with severe cramping in their arms and wrists. Seeing any form of apology as a sign of weakness, I shrugged my shoulders and informed them that it must have been the way they had turned during the night.

I now released them and ordered Stephanie to go make me a cup of tea and a couple of toast. Reluctantly she climbed out of bed and I could tell she hated the idea of leaving Serena behind with me.

When Stephanie had left the room, I told Serena to stand by my side of the bed and to part her legs. I then placed my hand horizontally straight out between her legs and told her to rub her cunt against my hand. I informed her that I wanted to feel her juices flowing over my hand. She slowly began to rock her hips against my hand but as I kept dropping my hand away she was having difficulty in maintaining contact between her pussy lips and it.

She sorted of grunted in displeasure as my hand slipped away once again. I pulled my hand back and snapped “You complaining about my teasing, you bitch!”

She realized I had caught her out, and she mumbled “Sorry, My lord and benevolent Master. It was just so frustrating to have your hand removed just as my juices began to flow.”

Just then Stephanie returned, I instructed her to get my 10 inch paddle from its storage and she was to apply six slaps to each of Serena’s arse cheeks in turn, followed by a further six to each nipple. I then told Serena to bend over and hold her ankles.

Stephanie fetched the Paddle and standing off to Serena’s side, she shaped up to apply the first slap. She put all her effort into the initial stroke, waited to see the reddening cheek blush before repeating the same ferocious slap on her other bum cheek. So she alternated the shots, left then right as Serena counted out the strokes with a trembling voice.

By the time Serena counted twelve, I stopped the action and surprised Stephanie when I demanded the roles be reversed. Stephanie handed the paddle to Serena and secretly regretted the force she had used on Serena’s bum cheeks, because she now knew it would come back with interest.

Stephanie counted out the twelve strokes as she own cheeks became an angry deep red colour. At the count of twelve, again I stopped them and reversed the roles once more with Stephanie now to punish Serena’s breasts. She aimed her hard slaps against her opposite numbers nipples, trying to repay the pain emanating from her own arse cheeks. At the count of six I simply said change and they swapped roles and Stephanie began her count.

Again at six I stopped and announced change, where Serena took the paddle and pounded the hits onto Stephanie’s nipples, well to be honest it was a mismatch as poor Stephanie had the nipple rings to contend with. So again at the count of six I ordered them to switch. When Serena counted her six hits, she expected to be handed the paddle for her final six at Stephanie’s nipples. Instead I called a halt to the action, explaining that Serena had the advantage as she had no nipple rings to aim for and therefore I deemed the action equal as it stood.

I finished my breakfast and ordered the two of them to kiss and make up, then go shower together. I informed them I would be joining them shortly and they would be washing me but drying me off with their tongues.

The two hugged each other and kissed open mouthed; then hand in hand they went down to the shower room. I finished my cup of tea and slowly got out of bed and made my way down to the shower room. The two sluts were busy washing each other as I entered the room. I stepped between them and they immediately began soaping me and Stephanie made sure she was the soaping my balls, whilst Serena began soaping my anus.

After the shower, I informed them that it was time to go have my latest piece of furniture properly marked. Serena, you’re unlucky because where Stephanie had her nipples and cunt pierced and then later had her mouth done, yours would be done all at once.

I ordered both sluts to dress identically with a blouse and skirt but no other underwear. I then took a pair of scissors and cut off all but the middle two of all the buttons on each blouse. This meant they were held shut by only two buttons straining against the size of their breasts.

I then walked out to the car opened the boot and informed them to climb in. Just then my next Door neighbour Robbie, can over to talk to me and he watched as the two sluts tried to get into the boot without flashing their naked pussies or too much of their tits. Robbie and I were real good mates as well as neighbors and he knew full well what I was into and in fact was on my list of male stars for my filming company.

So it was not really a surprise for him to see me making two women climb scantily clad into my boot, in fact it egged him on to stand there staring at the two of them embarrassing then further.

I apologized to Robbie saying “Cum Slut Serena has an appointment with a body piercing guy in ten minutes and would have to be punished if she were late”

He smiled and nodded. I promised him a full view of the handy work when we returned. He said “I will hold you to that!”

I drove off and soon discovered all though it was Sunday morning there was absolutely no where to park close to the tattoo studio, so it meant a five minute walk to the studio from the car park. I decided to use this by making them walk there with their blouses unbuttoned, and their hands clasped behind their backs. They were warned that they would not be allowed to release their hands once they began walking no mater what happened and if they did they could expect serious punishment.

Stephanie to be honest had a slight advantage as her breast were not as large as Serena’s so to even the score a little, I folded over Stephanie’s skirt so the edge of her pussy was level with the edge of her skirt. As she walked you could clearly see her cunt, flashing from its hiding place.

We slowly walked towards the studio, with me on several occasions making them turn round and walk back to me, as if they had walked that bit too fast. Eventually we reached the studio and entered. Stephanie instantly went over to the place where she had sat on the floor previously and sat there crossed legged.

Stephanie stood watching, I ordered Stephanie to stand, reminding her that I never told her to sit anywhere. She came over to me and apologized, I told both sluts to strip off and drop their clothes on the floor where they stood.

I placed these clothes in a bag and pointed out to The Guy who did the piercing that this is what I wanted on Serena, an exactly copy of every pierced bit of Stephanie. Stephanie begged to be allowed to have the freeze spray and I pointed out that if Stephanie could take the pain with minimum of freezing the she should also.

I noticed that Johnny was standing off to one side looking at the action and he caught my eye indicating that I should follow him. I instructed the girls to remain as they were and not to move, until I returned.

Johnny showed me some stuff that a traveling salesman had left as a sample for him to display and take orders for. There were whips, leather corsetry, satin Basques as well as other bits of BDSM materials. I instantly picked up the two face masks and the Japanese silk rope. Johnny said “please accept them as my gift to you and what about two Basques for the girls”

I responded “Johnny, this is me! Ray, what do you want in exchange for these gifts? No one gives things like this away for nothing!”

He smiled and said “You got me there Ray, I am having a private party at my house on Friday night, and it’s a bachelor night for my younger brother Freddie.” “He gets married a week on Wednesday and I wanted this to be special so I was wondering if you and your sluts would be there to provide the entertainment”

I called out to Stephanie and asked her to come to me. She now stood before me and I asked “Johnny here wants you and Serena to be the entertainment for a bachelor party next Friday night, what do you think about that!”

“Master, it is your choice, my only aim in life is to serve you my lord and Master!” she replied.

“Go ask Serena!” I demanded.

Stephanie returned saying that “Serena says yes master, if it is your wish, she would be happy to show the world her obedience of her master’s wishes!”

Johnny then added “As there will be thirteen guys present I think I can guarantee you £60 per guy or £780.00 in total”

I replied “You guarantee me nothing, the money would go to Stephanie and Serena equally” Adding “I am their Master not their pimp!”

Stephanie instantly agreed and Serena also agreed after her appointment with the piercing needle. I laid down a few rules of my own; that any sex would be with the use of condom only and all used condoms would be tied and saved in iced water to be taken away with the girls at the end of the night.

I also stipulated that the girls should be respected and not aimlessly punished, just for the sake of it. In fact I would have to insist on being there to veto any punishments.

Johnny and I arranged all the details by the time that Serena finally finished having her last piercing done. I made her parade her charms off to all three of us men and allowed Stephanie to give Johnny a blowjob in exchange for the things he had given her. Serena was soon on her knees sucking the piercing guy’s cock. Both girls took the full loads in their mouths without swallowing and then turned and opened their mouths towards me showing the full loads contained within.

I ordered them to swap the loads from mouth to mouth and then shocked the two guys in the studio by instructing the girls to give the two guys a French kiss before swallowing the spunk.

Both guys tried to protest, but the sluts wasted no time in carrying out their tasks.

I then walked the naked collared and leashed sluts back to my car where again they were ordered into the boot. I left them there whilst I went and did a little shopping. As I approached my car really quietly, I could hear them discussing next Friday, with Stephanie saying that as she was number 1 slut she would tell Serena what she was allowed to do.

They suddenly fell quiet when I coughed as I approached the car, and slid into the driver’s seat before pulling away and driving home. I spotted Robbie as I pulled up and waved him over, tossing him the car keys to open the boot of the car. Meanwhile I walked straight in door and waited in the living room.

Robbie, Stephanie and Serena eventually came in after some twenty minutes. I had the two sluts stand in front of me and informed them I had heard their conversation whilst they waited for me in the car park. I turned to Stephanie and slapped her face, informing her she had status unless I gave it to her and as such she would be punished here and now by Robbie. Serena immediately looked to the floor and said “Master, I apologise I should have told you before about my past life, I was with a black guy and he made me sell my body on the streets” she cried.

“I was not around to hear that bit!” I announced. “But yes you should have told me! I do not take kindly to sluts of mine keeping secrets from me!” you both need to be punished and so you shall.

I instructed Stephanie to fetch the chair from the shower room and Serena to fetch the straight pins. When both girls had gone I told Robbie to follow my lead and copy exactly what I did as their punishments. He nodded.

Stephanie returned with the chair and placed it in the centre of the room just as Serena handed me the straight pins. I instructed Serena to sit down on the chair and had Stephanie tie her hands behind the back of the chair. I then took a straight pin and gave the next one to Robbie. I then felt Stephanie’s right breast and squeezing it, stuck the pin in about 2 inches from her nipple, when I say stuck the pin in I mean stuck the pin head in some inch or so. I stopped and invited Robbie to do the same but on her left breast.
So on we went until Serena had eight needles in each breast and six in her pussy lips.

Then I untied Serena and got her to tie up Stephanie the same. I handed the pins to Robbie and had him repeat the process of Stephanie, whilst I made a couple of phone calls. I then got some electrical wires and bared each end wrapping the bared brown wire around a nipple pin and the bared blue wire around a pussy pin. Locating my shock box, I then applied crocodile clips to the free ends of the wires and placed the brown wire into the positive side and the blue wire to the negative side , I shocked Stephanie several times and each on was slightly longer than the last.

I then repeated this on Serena with Robbie applying the shocks. I could see Robbie was now sporting an impressive erection and informed the girls to take him upstairs and give him oral relief for his rock hard cock.

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Great new chapter...thanks

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Powerful chapter Niteowl. Thanks.