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06-20-2007, 02:39 AM
Your Master

You are positioned on all 4's. You are naked and blind folded. You hear the sound of ice cubes rattling in a bowl, suddenly you feel a chill ride along your spine and around each breast making the nipple extend and puff up. You arch your back as the ice runs down your back and melts; it drips down between your cheeks.You feel HIS tongue slip in between the cheeks and poke at your anal opening, HIS tongue hesitates, teasing you then it pokes itself into your ass, sliding in, wriggling in and around making you squirm. It slides out only to slide beneath and lick at your labia, which is sticky from your juices. The tongue swirls over and between them slurping your juices, savoring the sweet taste. HIS tongue searches and finds the opening...you gasp as it plunges in without warning and cry out again as it leaves you! HIS tongue retreats from your body. You cry out suddenly as a cube of ice is pushed into your dripping pussy up inside of you., you can feel it melting quickly...another cube of ice, this one somewhat smaller is positioned against your anal opening. You want it inside, you lean backwards almost begging for it.

You hear your master, "Do you beg for it?" "YES!" you cry out! The ice is pressed against your asshole and you groan in pleasure as you feel it penetrate. You hear "Open your mouth" and you do so, and ice is placed in there. You hear, "Close your mouth and do not swallow any of it" You groan again, knowing it will be difficult. Again the wet tongue invades your cheeks seeking its prize; it circles over the opening, teasing you! You almost cry out but your mouth is full of water. You hesitate, the tongue is removed, again you moan in frustration. You hear "do not swallow the water, let it dribble from your mouth," you do as told. You feel the warm water trickle down your chin, your throat, your collarbone, and finally your breasts where it drips steadily off your nipples. "Open your mouth," you respond immediately. You feel something thick and hot slide in, your lips close around it and you smile to yourself, enjoying it, and tasting it; the heat of the hard cock in your mouth is wonderful. You breathe in the sweat, it tingles your nose and u feel yourself becoming even more aroused (if that were possible). The cock begins to withdraw itself, then thrusts inside again. You begin to earn your keep, that as a love slave. You know you are pleasing your master when you feel HIS sounds of pleasure vibrating through HIS cock., HIS hands grab onto your head, holding you in place. He arches HIS back and explodes in your mouth. You start to swallow but you hear that command again, "Don't swallow it. Hold it in your mouth," you groan with frustration and with pleasure at being ordered, being told what to do! The cock is still hard in your mouth, it slides from your mouth as your lips hold in the trophy. You feel HIS shadow pass around your body, you know what is next and you await HIS pleasure. HIS erect cock slides underneath you, pressing against your wetness and you lean backwards allowing it to slide in oh-so-slowly...you want to scream but you refrain from doing so....because you are a slave ....HIS love slave.....minutes slowly tick by as HIS cock ever slowly inches its way into your body, filling your pussy....you feel something different ....something is tickling your ass again...it feels like a finger. Yes, your master is sliding HIS finger in your ass while he fucks you slowly....HIS finger is removed and two are inserted now.........it feels wonderful....you almost cry out but don't......because you have not been given permission......you beg to hear the words of release.....instead you feel the two fingers retreat. Your body shakes from the sexual tension you are feeling....suddenly your ass feels a sharp stinging pain...and you hear the command, "You may cry out slave!" you open your mouth allowing the semen to splash out and you scream your pleasure! Your body wracks back and forth...you feel your arms begin to bend, you are losing control... your arms lose the strength...and your face hits the table, but you feel no pain, only pleasure....HIS hand slaps against your ass again and again...you still feel no pain...only the pleasure, the extreme pleasure ....HIS thrusting is starting to get faster now...you feel your juices squirting out with each thrust.....he pulls your legs down and continues to thrust himself into you....you faintly hear him cry out, but are unable to turn your head. You feel him turning your body around ...you are now facing him, yet he is still inside of you. You smile at him...and murmur.....he leans down and kisses you softly...HIS tongue licking yours, tasting himself, he kisses your throat....again tasting himself...he groans loudly, arches backwards and removes himself from your steaming, flaming pussy...HIS cock stands out staring at you...you can see the opening getting larger, as he ejaculates for the 2nd time...the precious white fluid explodes from the tip of HIS quivering cock and sails towards you...your body is numb and unable to move....you cry out as the hot sticky fluid splashes on your chest ..it feels so hot...you arch your back...in pleasure...he leans down kissing you....HIS sweat covered body presses against yours...HIS semen joining the two of you...you smile, you are content...you hear softly, " I love you." he kisses you again

06-20-2007, 02:46 AM
Good story but if you will separate the speaking parts and break it into more paragraphs it would be easier to read...but other wise it's a good story...thanks you.