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Featuring Britney & Jamie Lynn Spears
By The Pornographer

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are easily offended STOP READING!Feel free to send any comments or suggestions.

Bored with everyday life, I decided to travel to the United States to see a bit of the world and maybe get some extra work. Working in the security industry, as luck would have it, I was only in the country a few days when I scored a great opportunity working as a crowd controller at a fairly large venue.

I was delighted to find that my very first job would be working in the same arena that 22-year-old pop sensation Britney Spears would be appearing. My luck struck again when due to someone not showing up, I was placed backstage to guard her dressing room door. I was excited since I was potentially going to catch a glimpse of one of the sexiest women in the world – the newly married pop princess, Britney Spears.

Already thinking I was the luckiest man alive, I was amazed when I could clearly hear what was going on just behind the door. Britney was arguing with her husband, Kevin Federline, about an incident that had apparently happened the day before.

Inside there was Kevin, Britney, and her mother Lynne. Listening intently but trying not to look too obvious, I could hear Lynne and Kevin trying to convince Britney she needed extra protection. After a few minutes Britney eventually came around, and just as I leaned back to my position opposite the stars dressing room, the door swung open. There in the room, in all her beauty was Britney Spears.

Britney’s mother spoke, “Excuse me, can you come in here for a minute?”

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Britney, who was laughing and embracing Kevin in the background.

Holding the door open for me, Lynne spoke again, “Hello?”

I stepped into the room and she closed the door behind me.

Almost immediately, Lynne and Kevin started asking me 20 questions about me and the company I was working for. They apparently thought they had a situation with a stalker and wanted to know what we could do about it. Britney’s long time minder was away sick, again, and Lynne had had enough. I explained the options my company had and they seemed to be put at ease, if not for a few minutes. I was about to go back outside and continue my duties when out of the blue Britney spoke for the first time.

She asked, “What about you? Do you do any extra security work on the side?”

Britney’s mom seemed to instantly know exactly what her daughter was thinking.

“Yeah, are you interested in doing some extra work for us, on the side?”


“Uh guys, judging from his accent, I don’t think he’s from around here” Kevin added, “No offence”

“Nah that’s fine,” I said, “He’s right, actually I’m originally from Australia. I’ve only been here a few days.”

That didn’t seem to matter to Britney, and in fact, her mom then slipped me a card asking me to meet with her the following day at a nearby hotel. The whole thing seemed surreal. One minute I was just another crowd controller at a venue, and the next I was getting an interview to work and do some personal protection for Britney Spears!

The next day, I arrived to the lavish hotel and was escorted up to the penthouse suite. There, sure enough I was greeted by a very sexy young girl, who I later found out was Britney’s younger sister Jamie-Lynn. Inside, I found I was surrounded by women as there was Britney, her mom, her sister, and her sexy cousin Laura.

For the first few minutes I didn’t see but could hear Britney was in the other room. She was trying on different outfits for an upcoming awards show. While I tried my hardest not to imagine Britney Spears getting undressed and half naked in the room right next door, Lynne went on to explain that they already had a personal body guard, “Big Rob” who usually travelled with Britney when ever she went out, but what they were looking for now was someone to be more inconspicuous, and keep an eye on her from a far.

In the middle of our meeting, Lynne’s cell phone rang and she went into the other room to talk. I sat there trying to listen to what was going on in the other room, which was a lot of laughing and giggling, and watched as Jamie-Lynn walked by me for the one hundredth time; each time smiling at me intently.

Disappearing into the bedroom I heard her giggle, “Oh my God Brit, he’s so cute!”

A moment later, Britney and the rest of the gang stepped out into the main room – Britney was dressed in a very sexy and revealing outfit.

“Hello, again” she smiled.

“Oh, hi”

“Um, how old are you?” Jamie-Lynn asked excitedly

I replied, “Twenty seven, why?”

“J-Lynn!” Britney exclaimed, “Sorry about my sister, you know what teenagers are like”

I just smiled, trying my hardest not to stare at Britney’s revealing outfit – mostly legs and cleavage.

“Um, I don’t think I even know you’re name,” Britney added, “You are?”

“Oh sorry, I’m Justin.” I said, reaching out to shake her hand.

Jamie-Lynn and Laura immediately burst out laughing.

“Oh my God, he’s name’s Justin...” Jamie-Lynn laughed loudly, “Mom, where are you? His name is Justin...”

Britney apologized, “Sorry about that, it’s just that one of my ex’s is named Justin as well”

“Oh,” I smiled, and she did too.

We stood there awkwardly in silence for a moment; waiting for the other to speak. I couldn’t help but think (and I think Laura picked up on it too) that there was an instant attraction between us.

She then asked, “So, what do you think?” and struck a few poses, modelling the outfit for me.

“It’s nice, very sexy”

Britney smiled, “Mm, sexy… I like you. I think you’re going to like it here – working for me.”

A moment later, as Britney disappeared back into the bedroom, Lynne returned. It only took me all of five seconds to agree to start work and Lynne went on to explain what was involved. I was then completely taken by surprise when she then told me that Britney and Kevin were building a new home and would expect me to move into the guest house; a large three bedroom space just above the garage which also doubled as a gym – with a spa, sauna, solarium and dance floor (for practicing her dance steps).

Over the next few weeks, I really got to know Kevin and Britney, and finally after six weeks, they finally completed most of the work on the house and we all moved in. I was instantly impressed and amazed at the lavishness of my new home away from home – it was like a mini playboy mansion, and I thought life just couldn’t get better than this.

From then on, hanging around the house, Kevin and I spent some time together, and I found he mostly only ever talked about three things: himself, other women, and his silver Ferrari. He constantly joked and talked about sex – especially with Britney, behind and in front of her. He would tell me how Britney was wild in the sack, and absolutely loved to watch porn – she apparently even had some toys which they used on a regular basis – vibrators, dildos, anal beads, etc… and of late had ventured into making numerous sex tapes together.

Usually bubbly (for lack of a better word) and open about her sex life, Britney was now obviously embarrassed when it came to talking about these things in front of me. Like I had suspected, and partially hoped, Kevin then put us all on the spot one night when he openly said she was embarrassed about talking about sex because she secretly liked me. He even joked that there was more than on one occasion Britney had mentioned my name during one of there sexual romps and role play fantasies. I was shocked, but more so when she didn’t even bother to deny it, and instead playfully swore and hit him.

After that, over the next few weeks things felt a little awkward with Britney. Spending a lot of time alone together, there seemed to be a growing sexual tension between us, and I would often find her glancing at me every now and then; flashing me a sly, seductive stare or grin. It was around this time too that she started to kiss me hello on the cheek every time I saw her. I wasn’t really sure how to read this, if there was anything behind it, but either way I just happily went along with it.

In the meantime, Jamie-Lynn spent more and more time with us – coming over nearly every single day. One time after grabbing a bite to eat Britney told me her younger sister had a HUGE crush on me. She said Jamie-Lynn went so far to say she even wanted to “borrow” me for just one night. Getting out of the SUV, Britney finished off by kissing me on the cheek (more like the jaw line and towards my neck) and added her sister had extremely good taste. I was sure now – something was going to happen between us, and soon.

Then one afternoon, with the paparazzi packed outside and taking happy snaps from the road and helicopters overhead, Britney decided to tan inside – using the solarium. I just happen to be using the gym and working out when she surprised me – she was wearing a sexy white two piece bikini and towel. She told me Kevin was out while Jamie-Lynn was upstairs on the phone in the house. Seeing as she was bored, she decided she wanted to work on her tan a little.

While I was on the weight set, Britney dropped her things and sat on the open solarium bed – applying lotion. I took the hint and went over to offer some assistance. Holding her own long hair to the side, I oiled her neck and back and couldn’t help but get a little aroused as I slithered my way down her sexy body. Caressing her lower back and hips, she arched her spine, pushing out her breasts and turning me on even more. It was true that in the last few months she had let herself go, but in my opinion she still looked amazing – just a little baby fat here or there.

I made a brief comment about how nice the aroma of the cocoanut oil was, and she replied, “Tell me about it, it drives me wild – it gets me horny as hell!”

I then watched as she lay down on her stomach and undid her bikini top, leaving her topless and in just her bikini bottoms.

“I hope you don’t mind, I just got to work on my front for a while”

“N—Nah, not at all... go right ahead.” I barely replied, as she then asked me to continue oiling the rest of her body even though she clearly didn’t need it.

I happily indulged her, starting at her ankles and slowly, excruciatingly slowly, worked my way up her sexy, toned legs.

“Mmm, that feels great” she let out, acting as though this was the best massage she’d ever had.

Building some courage I said, “Brit, can I just say, you have some of the most amazing legs I’ve ever seen”

“Thank you – I know” she replied, while I gasped slightly when I noticed her spread her knees a little – opening her legs slightly for me.

She lay there on her stomach, her head to the side, biting her bottom lip and sighing softly while I carefully and meticulously applied the cool lotion, moving up to her ass to softly rub and caress it.

“My God, what an ass,” I thought to myself.

“Thank you” I heard her softly reply, grinning.

Oh my God, did I just say that out loud?

I did her shoulders and then worked my way back down to the small of her back, towards her legs and those thighs – I just couldn’t keep my hands off them. I watched as he body began to break out in goose bumps while I played and teased her body. Slipping my hands over and down the back of her knees, I nervously moved back up to slowly slip them on the inside of her partially open legs, caressing her inner thighs ever so lightly.

“Mmmmm...” she let out, and my cock twitched to her confession.

Sensually running my hands up the inside of her thighs, I reached the side of her crotch and watched in disbelief as she opened her legs a little further – ever so lightly bucked her hips back towards me – begging, no pleading for me to go further. I could now feel and faintly smell the warmth of her crotch as I moved closer.

“Oooo...” I heard her moan again as I moved over her ass cheek, briefly brushing my fingertips past her pussy clad bikini bottoms.

There were no doubt about it; this was my chance to get with her. Bitting the bullet, I moved my hands over her buttocks once again and slid them down to cup her crotch. Closing her eyes, Britney moaned and ever so lightly pushed back against me when suddenly, just as we were getting somewhere, I heard a voice?

“Like hello, am I interrupting something?”

I jumped, while Britney quickly opened her eyes and like me turned her head to look back and find her younger sister Jamie-Lynn. She was standing in the doorway dressed in a skimpy pink bikini top and short cut off jeans. She too apparently wanted to use the sauna.

“Mother fuck!” I thought to myself, “What timing. I was so close, and so was Britney for that matter.”

Without thinking, I daringly (probably from the fear or frustration) got up and gave Britney a playful slap on the butt.


“There you go” I nonchalantly said, while Britney flashed me a curious grin.

I then went back to the weights area as Jamie-Lynn, like a school girl in love (which she was) excitedly approached me.

“Hi, Justin, whatcha doing?”

Talk about asking the obvious, I thought.

I finished my work out, and frustrated, grabbed my towel and headed for the sauna – which directly faced opposite Britney in the tanning bed.

Without missing a beat, Jamie-Lynn jumped, “Can I join you, great!”

Inside the sauna, Jamie-Lynn stripped off her short shorts and sat beside me in her very tight, tiny two piece bikini. I was amazed to look over and clearly see her thick nipples protruding strongly against the thin material.

“Holy shit,” I thought, “This girls going to be amazing when she gets older – even more than her sister”

“Can you please...” she asked, holding out and motioning towards the bottle of oil.

With my hands still oily from massaging Britney, I gladly agreed and without having to ask her watched her sit below and between my legs. I massaged her neck and petite frame – her body was a lot thinner and tighter than her sisters – more naturally tanned too. As I massaged her, I kept an eye on Britney who I presumed was pretending to be a sleep but watched us the entire time. I worked my hands all over Jamie-Lynn’s young body – the entire time she had a huge smile on her face, and every now and then tried to look back up at me.

Resting back against me, Jamie-Lynn then squeezed some oil for herself and helped apply it to the rest of her body. While I did her top half, she did her legs and waist. Running my hands around and then over her small pert chest. I noticed her whimper slightly in excitement as I slipped my hand under the thin straps which barely held up her revealing top. Her cute little nipples were now achingly erect and straining hard against it. I had to fight the urge to reach down to pull and tweak at them.

“So do you like my bikini?” She teased

“Yeah, I do. It’s very um, tiny”

Jamie-Lynn giggled as I slowly worked my way down and around her firm tummy; my hard on was now pushing hard into her spine and neck. Squirming and fidgeting slightly, I could tell she could feel it, and was more than proud.

Swallowing hard, Jamie-Lynn then did something that completely took me by surprise, when she reached down to take her bikini by it’s thin straps and tugged on it, pulling and readjusting it from side to side, and from my vantage point, I could clearly see right down her body and into her bikini bottoms; inside to see her pussy – her completely shaved clean, hairless teenage pussy!

Flashing me her bald cunt, I cleared my throat in wonder while she giggled.

“Hmm, you like?” she cheekily blushed.

Just then, before I had time to say or do anything, out of nowhere Britney appeared, apparently finished from her tanning. I cursed myself for not catching her get up off the bed – I was desperate to see her topless and view those bouncing puppies.

As she entered, Britney said, “Stop harassing him J-Lynn…”

“Why, are you jealous?” Jamie-Lynn quickly snapped back, still leaning against me like she owned me.

“Jamie-Lynn,” Britney warned.

“What? Why do you get to have all the fun?”

“Jamie, leave… NOW! Do you want me to call mom?”

Upset, Jamie-Lynn grabbed her towel and shorts and stormed out, leaving us alone in the sauna.

“Look, I’m real sorry about that, my sister can be a little brat when she wants to be”

“Hey, not a problem” I replied smiling contently, still fresh with the images of her young bald pussy in my head.

Looking over to Britney, for a moment I wondered if she too was shaved bald. The idea got me rock hard, and Britney noticed. Graciously, she didn’t say anything about it but we both knew it. I caught her smirking to herself and glancing at it a few times while I tried in vain to hide it.

“Well I guess I better get going too...” I said, “I think I’m done for the day”

As I got up, Britney said, “Wait, I was just about to jump in the spa for a few minutes – to unwind. Aren’t you going to join me?”

“Well I uh...”

“I hate to work out and unwind alone... please” she said, putting on a cute puppy dog face, “Please, pretty please…”

Britney Spears inviting you for a spa is one thing, but when she’s there BEGGING you to join her, that’s another thing entirely. I agreed. We left the sauna together and slipping into the warm hot tub – the water felt incredible. I watched in disbelief as her top proceeded to get saturated and seemed to be transparent. I couldn’t believe my luck, or my eyes – I could clearly make out her nipples! We sat there for a minute or two just relaxing. I continued to glance over every now and then catching a glimpse of her beautiful breasts – as they floated just over the water line.

Then out of no where she said, “Oh, did I ever get to thank you for the other day?”

“No, but that’s okay, it’s my job”

She was talking about an incident a few days earlier in which she was getting changed in a clothing store and a guy snuck in and got off a few shots of her with his digital camera. As he ran off, I accidentally “bumped” into him outside, sticking out my leg to trip him, and causing him to fall and break his camera. It was a fairly expensive model and for good measure, I picked it up and threw it hard against a wall.
The guy panicked and took off.

Britney went on, “You know that guy caught me in a very compromising situation… if it wasn’t for you, by now it’d be all over the net!”

Suddenly she got up in the spa and stood in the middle of the tub, facing me – her breasts and the outline of dark nipples eye level to me.

“Thank you Justin, I don’t know what to say but thank you, you saved my skin.”

Ha, skin, I thought – I nervously smiled trying not to stare at her tits.

“Not a problem Britney, don’t worry about it” I told her – not really comfortable with taking praise or flattery.

“No, I should. I don’t know what I would do without you? You have helped me so much in the last few months.”

Now standing over me while she said this, I felt slightly intimidated, and playfully splashed some water on her. Fighting back she then splashed back and soon it was on… a water fight! Wanting to over power me, Britney grabbed onto my wrists and moved forward to straddle me – now sitting over my lap. Laughing hysterically, I played along.

She then quickly and without warning pecked me on the cheek and said, “There, got you!”

I squirmed and pretended to resist, but this only encouraged her and she now proceeded to try to kiss me – pecking me on the cheek and forehead. Wrestling around, I could feel Britney’s full breasts and crotch brushing against me – her bikini clad pussy was rubbing hard against my erection. She too felt it, I could see it in her eyes, but we tried to ignore it and continued to playfully fight. Pushing hard against me, she wrapped her strong legs around my waist and smothered my cock with her crotch. It was unbearable - the effect was evident by the sound and expression on my face.

Seeing this reaction, Britney then began to hump me, grinding herself and her sexy body over my hard on – almost re-enacting a furious fuck. I couldn’t help by groan as she moved, bucking and gyrating her hips over me. Catching each others eye in this sexual frenzy, I reached out to wrap her arms behind her back and she inturn used all of her stomach muscles to lean forward for a kiss. For reasons I still can’t fathom, I moved back, turning my face away, and moments later found myself fishing for that very same kiss – only she now did the same, teasing me and each other.

Leaning in we were now both breathing heavy. We continued to struggle with our lips and breathe only a few millimetres away from each other. Settling down, we stared into each others eyes before she ever so slowly titled her head to kiss me on the lips. I didn’t put up a fight and kissed her back as we slowly and softly kissed each other for over a minute. I slid my hands up and all over her dripping body, groping and squeezing her breasts and ass. I was surprise to find she was a really good kisser. She stuck out her tongue and I sucked it into my mouth - swirling over and around it while we swapped spit.

Then to my shock and surprise, we both heard someone enter behind us. To my shock horror it was Kevin.

“Hey kids, what are you up to?” he said nonchalantly.

I was stunned. Here I was with his wife, in a hot tub, making out like two sex crazed teenagers and he didn’t even care in the least. I looked over to Britney for some guidance or direction but was surprise to see she too was blasť about the whole situation. If anything, I’d say she had this look of annoyance on her face – like, how dare he interrupt us?

“What do you want, Kevin?” she asked him.

“Hey Justin” he said acknowledging me, I just nodded back.

Kevin then asked if he could speak to her alone, and after apologizing to me, she stepped out of the water to go talk to him by the sauna. From where I was sitting in the tub, I could still hear Kevin asking her for money. After arguing for a minute or two, she then went off to the bar and ducked under to unlock a safe – I didn’t even know it was there! Happy, Kevin counted his money on the counter top while Britney made us two drinks and stepped back into the hot tub.

Before handing me my drink she said, “Uh—ah—uh, not yet, where is my thank you kiss?”

I looked over to Kevin, feeling uncomfortable but he was too preoccupied with his money – which seemed to be a lot and from what I saw probably about 5K. Before I could react, Britney leaned in and kissed me roughly on the lips.

“Okay, well I’m off. I’ll see you two later” Kevin said, not even bothering to look back at us.

“Yeah, make sure you don’t scratch the Ferrari!” Britney said sarcastically, “Bitch!”

I laughed but was now more confused than ever. Did they have some sort of an arrangement?

Kevin left and Britney repositioned herself on top of me – this time accompanying a drink. We kissed a little more but I couldn’t hide my discomfort and confusion. The whole situation was weirding me out!

I told her, “Um look, this whole thing with you Kevin and me, is freaking me out… I think I should leave”

“Leave, where?”


“What? No, why?”

“Well it’s just this whole situation now…?”

“C’mon, don’t be stupid…” she giggled, “And besides, you know you’d just be breaking my sister’s heart”

“Yeah right! I just… I can’t work for you when every time I see you I…”

“What, say it, go on?” she said putting the drink down.

“Well, every time I see you I just want to rip you’re fucking clothes off and fuck the shit out of you!”

Britney went silent, and for a moment I thought I might have crossed the line.

Backtracking I tried to explain, “Look, I didn’t mean it like... well I did, but...”

“Yes?” Britney smiled, as if waiting for an explanation.

Seeing her smile so sexily caused me to smile too.

“Look, I just think you are so fucking sexy... it’s not my fault I can’t stop imagining you naked and...”

“Oh… you mean like this?” Britney interrupted, and with that she pulled the side of her bikini top, exposing her breast to me.

Smiling broadly, she then reached behind her back and slipped off her bikini top – presenting her impressive breasts to me.

“Oh my God” I let out, which caused her to giggle.

Her breasts weren’t exactly the most beautiful I’d ever seen – not by a long shot - but I was more surprised at the way they looked; I would have never pictured them to look the way they did. Her breasts sagged and pointed outward while her nipples were large and round; a very dark brown colour. Her areolas were wide and smudged out of shape. Seeing my reaction I could tell she was a little self conscience about them, so I assured her:

“There beautiful!”

I leant forward and took one into my mouth while she reached down in the water to grip and expertly stroke my rock hard cock.

“Don’t go baby… I need you” she said into my ear, before licking and then sticking her tongue in it.

Britney retrieved my cock from out of my bathers and held it out just in time to position herself directly over it. Rubbing the head of my cock between her juicy lips for a moment, I slipped into her effortlessly and we almost immediately begin to fuck frantically. She bounced up and down over me for a few minutes before she finally got off me, moved to the other side of the spa and bent over, sticking her firm round ass up in the air.

“Fuck me Justin, please... fuck me here!”

I moved over to stand behind her, and seeing the sight before me, I couldn’t help myself and I quickly crouched down behind her in the water and began to eat her out. First I ate her pussy, sliding my tongue around and then deep inside her meaty slit, but then I got a sudden burst of energy and excitement after realizing who in fact I was doing this too, and then began to eagerly eat out her ass!

“Ohhh—Oh my lord…” she let out, “Yesssss… uurrggghhh, n—no one has ever done thaa—ahhhhhh!”

Eating her ass, I slipped two fingers into her slick pussy and fingered her roughly. Doing this, it didn’t take long for her to climax loudly and scream out my name.

“Oooooo fuck yeaahhhhhhh... oh lord... oh lord! Justin!!”

As if awakening something locked and hidden away deep inside her, Britney suddenly came alive, pouncing on me and going wild. She quickly turned and kissed me passionately – with renewed vim and vigour.

“Ohhhh… you son of a bitch,” she said as she wrapped her strong legs around me, “Now you’ve done it!”

With her thighs wrapped tightly around me, I moved to place her ass on the edge of the spa and pushed inside her again.

“Arrghhh God yes!”

We instantly started where we left off and I proceeded to pound into her with all the energy I had.

“Oooh yeah fuck me… yessss... fuck me!!” she screamed as she dug her nail into my back.

As I fucked her roughly, I looked up to see Jamie-Lynn standing there in the doorway watching us. Britney hadn’t spotted her as she had her back to her, but surprised, I initially slowed down just a little, wondering just how long Jamie-Lynn had been standing there watching.

Britney moaned loudly, “No, aaarrgghhhh… don’t stop, I’m so close… fuck me! Fuck me you son of a bitch!!”

“Yeah... you like that!!” I said to Britney while staring up at Jamie-Lynn, fucking her sister hard and fast.

Jamie-Lynn’s eyes welled up. She seemed to be aroused but partly upset. Having seen enough, she then stormed out, slamming the door behind her. Hearing the door, Britney froze and only now realized someone had been watching.

With a concerned look on her face she asked, “Who?”

“Jamie-Lynn” I replied and Britney simply shrugged her shoulders.

We continue to fuck – the water splashing around us.

I was surprised to find her pussy was actually quite tight, and unable to hold off any longer I pulled out and without asking jumped to my feet to unload all over Britney’s face and neck. For a moment I sensed that she didn’t want or expected me to do that, but a few seconds later it was too late.

“Oh my God, you got me everywhere!”

“Sorry about that honey, couldn’t be helped”

“So what, do you still want to leave?”

“Hell no!”

To be continued.

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