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Another Suit
Featuring Charlize Theron
By The Pornographer
(MF, mast)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are easily offended STOP READING! Feel free to send any comments or suggestions

On location and shooting Aeon Flux, we were just three weeks into production when the films principle star blew out her knee. It apparently wasn’t the first time Charlize Theron had injured herself while in the middle of filming and to the dismay of the Director and crew it again held up production. Giving her a few hours to compose herself Charlize insisted she could finish the scene. Giving it one brave last try, the Director yelled action before a minute later Charlize suddenly pulled up painfully and shook her head in disappointment.


Annoyed, the female Director then called for a 30 minute break and instructed Charlize go see the studio’s physiotherapist. Limping to my small trailer, I was just in the middle of some paper work when she arrived. Leaving her assistant and some crutches at the door I could see she was surprised to see me.

Spotting her I said, “No please, come in… what can I do for you today?”

Hobbling from the set, Charlize was still clad in a sexy tight outfit from the last scene she was shooting – a black custom made spandex cat suit which was predominantly made from rubber and suede and was barely held together with a few strategically placed straps of Velcro around her slender frame. Clutching her knee, Charlize stood peering through the doorway still looking around the small room in confusion.

“I’m sorry… is the doctor in?”

“That would be me,” I smiled.

Seeing her reaction I chuckled, “Don’t worry, I get it all the time. Let me guess, I look to young to be a doctor, right?”

“Um yes, I mean no, I mean... sorry,” she smiled shyly while I then reached out to catch her by the arm and helped her up into the trailer.

Guiding her onto the large examination table I asked, “So, what seems to be the problem Ms Theron?”

She then went on to explain about her injury, a knee that she had evidently had troubles with for most of her career. She had apparently injured it while shooting one of her very first films, ‘2 days in the valley,’ and was hoping it wouldn’t play up until the end of filming.

As I attempted to look at her knee I politely asked her to pull up her outfit so I could examine it, but to my surprise she flatly refused arguing that she couldn’t expose her legs without having to take the entire outfit off, and seeing as it took forever to change in and out of costume and that she only had half an hour, it would be too much of a bother.

“Um, okay,” I replied, “So how do you want me to do this then?”

Charlize then went on to explain that when ever her knee played up she would just rub some Mentholatum over it and simply massage it in for a few minutes. Before I had time to argue with her she then told me that her personal physician had assured her that it wasn’t a serious injury but was just some joint muscle tissue damage which got inflamed and aggravated from time to time. Insisting I just massage it for her for a few minutes I happily agreed and grabbed the equipment I needed.

As I did this I then noticed Charlize was staring at me intently. It was then she asked me if we knew each other or had met somewhere before but I told her I was sure we didn’t as I would have remembered. Puzzled, she was sure I looked familiar and seemed determined to find out just where she knew me from. She then began to spout off names one by one. It was then I decided to help her out and tell her the truth…

“I think you might be thinking of my older Brother, Mike?”

Pondering for a moment Charlize suddenly burst out in excitement.

“That’s it! That’s who you look like… oh my God, is he your Brother, how amazing!”

Mike was my older Brother, and he was also a well known Hollywood physiotherapist. Being an ex stunt man turned practitioner he was well liked and respected in the community having been in the industry for almost 10 years. Being well known and admired was precisely why I didn’t tell anyone about our relationship. I wanted to get a name for myself instead of riding on my famous Brothers coat tails.

In the meantime, Charlize seemed thrilled. Her exquisite green eyes lit up ever since I had mentioned my Brothers name.

“So what’s he been up to? God, I haven’t spoken to Mike in ages!”

“Actually, I think he’s over in Vancouver right now, shooting Underworld 2”

“Oh yeah with Kate Beckinsale,” she interrupted, “Excellent… well next time you see him tell him hello from me,”

As I generously sprayed some Methyl Salicylate and Menthol over the spandex suit and into her joint, Charlize’s joyful demeanour quickly changed as she was now in some acute pain – the strong overpowering aroma also seemed to annoy her. Squirming for a minute we had completely forgotten about my Brother and were back to the business of mending her knee. Grimacing slightly as her knee heated up, I then proceeded to carefully massage around her patella (Knee cap), making her feel a little better.

Breaking the silence I said, “Actually, didn’t you two once date?”

I was talking about her and my Brother. I could see from her reaction I had struck a nerve.

She finally replied, “Yeah well, that was a very long time ago… and besides, I wouldn’t call what we did for that entire weekend dating, would you?”

“Yeah I know, I heard all about it when you two got back to L.A”

“Did you now,” Charlize grinned, “I thought what happens in Cancun, stays in Cancun,”

Massaging her knee Charlize soon began to loosen up and started to exhale noisily.

“God that feels good,” she said resting back against the wall and flicking her hair from her pretty face.

“If you only knew how long it’s been since I last had a relaxing massage...”

As I tenderly massaged her knee she shifted slightly and I immediately got the message – gently working my way up to the edge of her hamstring. I could see she wasn’t lying about not getting pampered as the stress was clearly leaving her body.

Out of the blue she then said, “Is he happy?”


“Mike. Do you think he ever thinks about me?”

“Of course,” I reassured her, “You’re Charlize Theron for God sake.”

Charlize smiled.

“Besides, you were apparently one of the wildest women he’s ever been with... so he keeps reminding me,”

Charlize giggled.

“Yeah right! Well like I said, that was a very long time ago, I was a different person back then...”

“Oh come on, I don’t believe that,”

Sighing and looking down at the floor in disappointment she added, “I’ll be turning 30 in August,”

Without thinking I quickly replied, “Yeah and you’re still easily one of the most desirable women on earth...”

Hearing silence I looked up to catch her staring at me with a huge grin.

“Aw, that is so sweat… you really are related to Mike,”

As I continued to rub her knee, I idly stroked the back of her thigh before Charlize suddenly moved to get up. For a moment I panicked thinking I had offended her. I asked her what she was doing and she told me she desperately wanted to get a massage.

“You don’t mind do you?”

“Of course not,” I answered.

“It’s just I don’t have much time... and I’m really in the mood” she added as she stood up, barely, and began to undo her sexy outfit – peeling her elaborate cat suit layer by layer.

“I thought you said you couldn’t take it off...”

“I lied,” she replied casually.

Seeing my reaction she then stopped and said, “You... don’t have a problem with me getting undressed do you?”

“What? No, of course not... make your self at home” I said before going over to lock the trailer door.

“Trust me, I’ve seen it all before,” I added.

As I turned back around I was now greeted with one of the world’s most incredible images – Charlize Theron getting undressed in front of me. Untying and pulling the corset style vest off her slender body, she cupped her small breasts with her hands while I tried my upmost to be a gentleman and quickly looked away – busying myself. Attempting to slide and wriggle her way out of her hip hugging pants with one hand, I only now noticed she wasn’t wearing a single stitch of clothing underneath – not even a tiny thong.

“You need a hand?”

“No, I’m fine,”

Finally frustrated and relinquishing her grip around her breasts she then yanked the tight outfit from off her long legs, and before I had time to see anything she quickly laid down on her stomach on the padded table. Still, laying there *completely naked* in front of me, I found it difficult to tear my eyes away from her perfect bare butt. Her body looked absolutely incredible – she was in the best shape of her entire life.

Staring at her body intently Charlize shyly grinned, “So, are you going to give me that massage or you just gonna stand there and stare all day?”

Finding some lotion I squeezed out a generous amount of Aromatic oil across her flawless body and tentatively placed my hands on her shoulders to massage her.

“Ooooooh god yes,” she exhaled, “You have no idea how much I needed this... hmm...”

I felt my cock twitch as she whimpered in delight on the table. For the next few minutes I thoroughly and meticulously worked my way across her delicate back and spine and watched as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the much needed and deserved attention. Thinking she had slowly drifted off to sleep, I briefly rubbed my way down to her lower back before working my way back up. I couldn’t help but stare in admiration at her incredibly beautiful, tight, ass.

As I continued to travel up and down the entire length of her spinal column, I then heard her breath, “Lower...”

Feeling my heart skip a few beats I slowly slid my hands over her perfect skin to rest just above her butt, where I then began to softly massage her again.

Biting her bottom lip she then whispered again, “Lower... please...”

I looked at her and paused for a moment before speaking in a low voice, “Are you sure you...”

“I said lower,” she simply replied, biting her bottom lip again.

In an almost hypnotic manner, I gently slid my oil slick hands across her tight firm buttocks and began to caress it. Glancing up I could see a small grin appear in the corner of her mouth as I softly stroked her silky soft skin. Softly palming, squeezing, and stoking her cheeks, to my delight I watched as Charlize let out another soft whimper and her knees ever so slightly spread apart. Holding my breath I then ran my fingers down the inside of her parted thighs, barely grazing the side of her seemingly sweltering crotch.

Sighing contently, I then massaged my way further down her long legs, moving towards her troubling knee. Disappointed, Charlize didn’t speak but from the grumbled noises she was making I was sure she wanted me to go back to stroking her ass once again. Pulling my hands away from her for just a moment, she briefly opened her eyes and was about to protest when she then felt me squeeze another generous amount of lotion all over her legs and rear end – letting some of it dribble into the crack of her tight little butt.

Snickering briefly from the sensation she shut her eyes once again and moaned softly as I wickedly coated and dispersed the lotion all over her body. Working my way down her legs I then found her feet. Ticklish and hypersensitive, Charlize initially recoiled for a moment before my hands went to work kneaded and massaging away – melting away any self-consciousness she had about her feet.

Moaning more openly now, I gave her a much needed foot rub as she softly mumbled to herself, “Oooooh that’s amazing...”

Looking up at her I now noticed the more I played with her feet the more her legs parted further. With her legs spread slightly, I could now clearly see her vagina. Her pussy was incredible, and I stared in wonder to find her completely shaved clean! To my delight her lips were tight, thin, and pink – not to mention glistening with excitement. Charlize repeatedly moaned and now seemed to be in a daze. From my vantage point she must have known the preview she was giving me, yet she didn’t bother to stop or cover up.

Faintly moving her hips in a slow and circular motion she panted softly to her self and seemed to be getting increasingly aroused by the second. As I pondered if I should or would take advantage of here I was then taken aback when I watched her slide her right arm under her body and ever so lightly rub her index finger against her clit. I suspected the action was only supposed to be for a split second or two, but getting the unexpected reaction she did she placed her hand back against her pussy and began to masturbate – using her hips for friction.

“Mmmhhhh...” she let out.

I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move. I was stunned into silence. I watched as her hips hypnotically moved over her long fingers, softly grinding her clit against it. It was as if I wasn’t even there.

Without thinking I found myself saying, “God you’ve got a beautiful pussy...”

“Mmmmm,” she simply whimpered in reply.

Watching her rub and tease her tiny clit, I took her foot and boldly placed it in my mouth – swirling my tongue around her pretty toes. Charlize could only moan louder and move her hips further as this apparently turned her on to no end. Inspired, I gently reached up and placed my hands on her thighs, pushing them slightly apart and giving me better access to her pussy. Her skin was on fire, as she softly rubbed and teased her clit. I watched in awe as her tight lips gleamed with wetness, slowly moving back and forth.

“Oh fuck yes,” I whispered, encouraging her, “You’re so wet right now aren’t you? I can see it... I can smell it,”

“Mmmmm yessssss…” she faintly admitted and then gently ran the tip of her index finger across the full length of her moistening slit – causing her to quiver for a moment.

Kissing and licking her feet I then leaned over to position my face directly over her searing crotch – now only inches away from her puckered asshole.

The scent and intoxicating aroma emanating from her pussy was overwhelming. Sticking my tongue out I then drooled a long strand of spit right over her crotch – landing right between her anus and pussy. The sensation caused Charlize to immediately give out a low groan and I then watched in amazement as she wiped her finger over it, smearing my saliva all across her slit and pussy.

Unable to control myself any longer, I leaned in to have my first taste of her, and teasingly blew my breath across her wet lips. Watching her tremble in anticipation I then dove in, sticking my tongue deep between her juicy folds.

“Uhhhhhh...” she let out, gasping and inhale sharply as I then proceeded to loudly slurp on her impatiently.

I couldn’t describe just how sweet she tasted. She was incredible.

“Ohhhh yesssss,” she then gave out, “Lick me… lick my cuuunt!”

Thickening my tongue I then began to tongue fuck her dripping slit, driving her wild and crazy with delight and causing her to push back against me in pleasure.

“Uhh, uhhh... uhhh yessss, ffffuuuck me... ohhh fuck me with your tonuuugggghhhhhh!”

Hearing her talk dirty only encouraged me more and I ate her hairless snatch with great vim and vigour. Spreading her ass cheeks wide for me she was now openly bucked and eagerly ground her pussy against my juice coated face. Finding her asshole, I then smeared some lotion from her body across it and eased the tip of my finger inside her. Charlize immediately reacted by shrieking and recoiling quickly before squirming about in front of me.

Pushing my finger further into her ass she wriggled around to let me know she didn’t like it, but I persisted. Taking my tongue off her clit I then replaced my finger and lodged my wet tongue into her ass, making her immediately surrender.

“Uurghhhh yeaaahhh... lll—lick… lick my assssss! Ohhhhhh!!”

I grinned in pride, finding her weak spot. Suddenly, with my tongue still buried in her backdoor she began to violently shake and tremble – she was climaxing! Giving out great gasps and whimpers I wrapped my lips firmly around her pussy and filled my mouth with her juices. Calming down and breathing heavy, I kissed her ass cheeks before reluctantly climbing off her.

“God damn you got me so fucking hard right now!”

“Hmm... yeah?” she beamed in orgasmic bliss.

Smiling contently she then dared, “Show me,”

With that I moved to stand beside her face and pulled out my throbbing cock. Moving forward Charlize didn’t wait a single moment and opened her mouth to hungrily swallow me.

“Mmmmppphhhhh…” she moaned with a mouth full of cock!

Sucking my meat I told her, “Uurrrhh gawd damn it... I wanna fuck you so bad... you’re so fucking sexy!”

Charlize cheekily winked up at me between slurps, as if hearing it a hundred times a day.

Quickly slipping it out off her mouth she then breathed, “Okay hurry up, we don’t have much time!”

Not needing to be told twice, I quickly climbed back onto the table behind her and readied to fuck her. Seeing my enthusiasm Charlize just giggled briefly to herself and lazily lifted her hips to present me her ass. Spreading her ass cheeks I eagerly pushed into her. Charlize instantly moaned and pushed against me. I couldn’t believe how aroused and turned on she suddenly became as she then began to buck and jerk her hips at me, begging me to fuck her.

“Arghhh uhh, fuck me... yessss…”

We both grunted loudly as I fucked her passionately. Slapping her ass firmly, Charlize inhaled sharply and her rocked violently from my pumping. Finding some energy she then pushed me back and moved to turn over – swinging her long smooth legs right over my head. Laying back she spread her thighs wide and invited me to take her again. I happily climbed on top of her and proceeded to fuck her missionary style.

“Uuuhhh yessss, fuck me baby... urghhhh, I wanna get fucked!” she grunted as she wrapped her strong legs around my body, pushing me in.

“Oh god you’re so fucking wet!” I moaned.

“Ohhh... ohhh fuuuuuck!” she let out as her body then began to spasm.

Pumping away furiously I was on the verge of climaxing and she could see it in on my face.

“Urghhh, don’t cum inside me... oohhh, cum on my tits!”

“Oh god!” I finally grunted and pulled out to furiously jerk my rod towards her chest.

A moment later a thick strand of cum shot out and landed straight across her neck and breasts. Startled, Charlize gasped as I then unleashed two, three, four more powerful loads all over her perfect body. Catching my breath I finally collapsed back on the table. Grinning proudly to herself Charlize looked down at her body – she was covered in cum.

Glanced up at the clock she exclaimed, “Shit!” and jumping to her feet she looked for a towel to clean herself and began to redress herself.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“I’ve been here for 28 minutes, Karyn [director] is going to flip out!”

Grabbing her skin-tight cat suit, Charlize wondered how she’d put it back on.

“Do you need a hand?”

“No, no I’ll be fine!” she replied out of breath.

I wandered off to the back for a moment and when I returned, just as she had said, she didn’t need a hand and in fact put most of the costume back on - if not for some small discrepancies.

Hearing a loud knock at the trailer door, Charlize jumped and instantly yelled, “Just a minute! I’ll be right there!!”

“Well, thanks for the massage,” she smiled, “I guess I’ll see you around... again... soon...”

“Not a problem,” I grinned, “You know my door is always open for you,”

Charlize leaned over and quickly pecked me on the lips before rushing to leave.

Before she opened the door I playfully asked her, “Oh, you still want me to say hello to my Brother for you?”

“What do you think?”

Unlocking the door she then left my trailer and I watched her assistant bring her up to speed with some changes the Director had apparently made.

The End

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