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The Transsexual Clinic 04.

It was some six weeks since Johnny had attended the clinic with Wendy and now he found himself wanting to go there more and more. He could not get DR. Francine out of his mind, he desperately wanted to have her hard cock in him again as he fantasized about leaning forward and sucking on her delectable tits. The thought of his cock rubbing against her body as she fucked him up the arse was almost too much.

He called Wendy at work and asked if she could and would book another appointment at the clinic and was surprised when she informed him she had one already for tomorrow afternoon at 1 pm. That night he was putty in Wendy’s hands, she of course made full use of the fact by inviting Tanya to come along as well.

When Wendy and Tanya walked in, they commanded Johnny to strip naked and to use the big black dildo they had brought back from the clinic to open his anal ring. He quickly slipped out of his trousers and jockey shorts, tossed his tee shirt over his shoulder as he set off towards the bathroom. Tanya called out for him to stop and asked where he was going, he replied to fetch the KY jelly. Oh you won’t need that so get over here and bend over the table she demanded.

Meekly Johnny walked over to the dining table and laid his tight six pack on the gloss surface. He then felt his buns being parted as he felt the wet trail of a tongue seeking out his anal ring. The tongue flicked at his anal opening before began pressing tightly to it and feeling its give to the tongue’s persistent probing. He then heard Tanya’s voice, so he now knew it was Wendy who was expertly licking and probing his arse. Tanya said “Come on my cock loving wimp! Beg me to slip this up your arse!”

Instantly Johnny began, “Oh Tanya my beautiful hard cocked tranny, please open my anus with your delightful cock, fuck this useless shit hole full of your man meat” he begged over and over.

Tanya stepped from behind him and he saw she was already stripped for action, her long hard cock pointing him straight in the eye and he licked his lips at the thought of tasting the rigid length pushing past his tongue and in to his throat.

Suddenly, he felt his anal ring being forced wider and wider. Then he felt the thick rubber intrusion spreading higher up his anal canal, he rightly surmised that Wendy had now slipped the rubber dildo in to him and was burying it as far as she could up him. When he thought there could not be much more length to take he felt the force bottom out and slowly begin to recede, only to be forced back up. He moaned as he watched Tanya’s cock so close but just out of reach.

He then felt his arms being tied to the table, and shortly afterwards his legs similarly tied. Now Johnny was a reasonably strong man and thought he would be able to control his surroundings, but at Tanya’s insistence he tried to stand up and lift the heavy dining room table. He could barely rock it, let alone lift it up. Tanya laughed as she said “Your strength has gone, the tablets Wendy has been putting in to your drinks have made you as weak as a kitten!”

Wendy suddenly broke the silence by saying “Tanya, tell him, oh fuck please tell him now, I can’t bear the suspense any longer!”

Tanya smiled and said “Johnny, you know you like Anal and you think this is heaven to have tits and a prick to suck on the same body. Well you are going have them permanently because Look who is here to inject you with this bust forming dioxins!”

Suddenly Dr. Francine stepped into his line of sight with a hypodermic syringe in her hand; she then injected half the contents into his right arm and the remainder into his left arm. “You will start to feel a little dizzy as the drug begins its work; we have decided that your frame would be enhanced by 42DD bust size so you will need six doses of this dioxin over the next nine weeks.”

Sure enough the room began to spin as everything faded to black as Johnny passed out. He missed out on seeing the two transsexuals double up on his girlfriend Wendy. Tanya lay on the floor as Wendy climbed on top of her and slipped Tanya’s prick up her cunt. She laughed as she said “Johnny would be furious if he knew that only six months ago Tanya you were actually called Tony and was a homosexual brick layer too boot.”

Tanya said “Oh shit yeah, but still Johnny will not be Johnny for much longer maybe he would like to be called Jenny or Janie!”

Then Dr. Francine stepped between Tanya’s and Wendy’s legs and crouched down as she probed Wendy’s arse with her prick. Soon the three of them set a fast paced rhythm as Wendy took both pricks at once.

As Francine felt her orgasm begin she pulled out and shot her load over the erect nipples of Tanya and then ordered Wendy to lick it all up, this sent Wendy over the top as she said “Imagine soon, Johnny or Janie or Jenny will be doing this, licking up both your loads and loving every minute of it”

The other two agreed as Wendy experienced a deep seated orgasm that shook her body to the core. Then Wendy was made to climb off as Tanya announced that she was about to cum and wanted to shoot her load into Wendy’s eager mouth. This she did and then the three of them swapped the sperm between them in a series of French kisses.

Tanya could not resist as she looked at Johnny still tied to the table and his cock was still rock hard jutting out under the edge of the table, she got on her knees and went beneath the table and began deep throating Johnny’s cock.

Wendy and Dr. Francine had to remind Tanya they had a limited time to get Johnny to the clinic before he started to come round and they would not be able inject any more dioxin as the consequences could be permanent brain damage, Reluctantly Tanya stopped her sucking and the three of them untied Johnny and quickly got him down stairs and into Dr. Francine’s ambulance. It looked a little bizarre as Johnny still naked his white arse cheeks pierced by the black dildo still buried up his anal ring.

Twenty minutes later John was securely tied down in a hospital bed at the clinic. The hard work was about to begin for the Dr. and her staff. Changing a person’s outward shape was one thing but the big challenge was changing their mental conditioning as well.

Wendy still found time though for one last fuck from the man she had surrendered to become a transsexual. She climbed on the hospital bed and slipped Johnny’s still hard cock up her cunt, Tanya not to be out done then climbed up behind Wendy and slipped her cock up Wendy’s still open and excited anal ring.

As Dr. Francine watched she took was over come by the moment and eased her own cock up Tanya’s tight sphincter muscle. The night sister, just happened to enter the room at this point and stood watching as she witnessed Wendy being double fucked whilst Tanya was fucking her arse and having his arse expertly fucked by Dr. Francine. Dr. Francine called the sister over and whispered something to her; she immediately began to undress and revealed to Wendy and Tanya a large 48 EE bust and an equally impressive 14 inch 4 inch thick rapidly hardening cock. This was presented to Tanya to suck whilst Wendy sucked on one of the sister’s mega boobs.

Everyone except Sister and Johnny came in a crescendo of moaning and swearing, and as the bed began to clear, the sister saw the dildo still sticking from Johnny’s arse. She looked towards Dr. Francine and after receiving a nod of ascent she slowly pulled this dildo from his arse and replaced it with her own prick. By the time she was ready to cum; Johnny was coming round and groggily asked where he was.

Sister said “You’re at the Clinic, for your conversion treatment”

Johnny suddenly tried to get up from his bed and found himself restrained by the safety bands preventing him moving his arms. The Sister went on to explain, resistance was now useless as the first dose was already in his system and by morning he would begin to develop breasts. To aid this though one side effect of the dioxin was that the breast would begin to swell with breast milk and could become extremely painful if not milked regularly.

She then slowly pulled her impressive cock from his anal ring and showed him the length he had just had embedded up him. She then made him lick and suck her cock clean before face fucking him and shooting her load down his spasming throat.

After she pulled out of his throat, she dressed and putting out the lights she kissed him full on the lips and advised him to get some sleep because from tomorrow you will have one week of interrupted sleep as you will need your tits drained and your arse will be stretched to accommodate even the largest of cocks, she added that even her cock was not the largest or thickest he would have to take.

She moved away from his bed and returned five minutes later carrying a tray; she placed this on the bedside table and continued to explain. “Your body is going to go through major changes and some maybe too much for your mind to cope with! So we have this helmet for you to wear, notice the headphones built in to it, these are for the mind conditioning, note also there are no eye sockets, this prevents any temptation to look at your body changes.”

She slipped the helmet in to place and secured it; then she started the compact disc player and Johnny suddenly was aware of the sounds of crashing waves, with a soothing voice informing him of the changes he could expect from his treatment.

The voice continued in his ears as it stressed his need to purchase the correct bra size for his new sculptured body, it offered explicit tips on applying make up and how to avoid the 5 o’clock shadow destroying the feminine allusion.

Johnny found himself sinking deeper in to the realms of his semi sex change, he found his dreams haunted by his new improved body. He simply could not wait to explore his body when all the alterations had been made.

Three times each day, he was molested with care; usually he felt hands feeling his almost constantly rock hard cock, or sometimes a wet mouth sucking it. It always ended the same way a condom is slipped over his penis and he has his cock up some pussy or other until he drops his load, then the condom is removed and its contents tipped in to his mouth. His swelling breasts are manipulated and teased, and at least four or five times a day he has his anal ring stretched over someone’s cock; always though the final act is him eating the load of cum from a condom.

After six days of this, he is out of his mind with curiosity, would his breasts be large and shapely or would they sag when he stood up. His anus was now accepting even the largest of cocks and he had developed a love for the taste of sperm, whether his own or some one else’s. He had in fact now become a cum loving slut who long for nothing more than a large erect penis to suck on and to feel it pumping its white fresh cream into his throat.

On the morning of the seventh day, he felt his hands being untied; he was supported as he stood upright for the first time in a week, his legs barely able to support his weight. Through the head phones he heard Dr. Francine’s voice as she instructed him to keep his eyes closed after the mask was removed because the room was flooded in bright light. He would be told when to open them after they had dimmed the room sufficiently. They promised him that he would be stood in front of a large mirror to see their handy work, so he agreed to their requests.

The hood was removed and then he heard, Wendy’s voice saying “Johnny, open your eyes!”

He opened his eyes and was not prepared for what greeted him; the reflection in the mirror was of a man wearing a fleshy coloured artificial upper body mould. The breasts of which had been inflated with water to be enormous. He looked around and saw seven people all smiling at him. It suddenly dawned on him he had been tricked, his new body was just a figment of his own imagination, below this silicon torso was his old flat six pack and manly breast, while the breast he had come to dream about were quickly un zipped and removed from his body.

He was dazed and confused, finally he managed to stutter, where is the new body that you promised me, where are my large breasts making me a Trans sexual too. Wendy stepped forward and soothed his furrowed brow as she replied “Darling, they could not possibly defile your magnificent body, it was all a ply to have you here for us all to fuck when we wanted, and you have taken some massive cocks in the last seven days, also we calculate that you have swallowed several gallons of cum form 13 different cocks and best of all, I have witnessed each and everyone of them.

Dr. Francine stepped forward and explained that there was no procedure that would permit them to develop a trans sexual body with out surgery; But as he had participated so very well he could choose which two of those present here and now he wanted to fuck and they would agreed to be his slave for the next 3 hours.

He immediately told everyone to undress while he made his choices; he immediately selected the sister as his first choice and a tall afro Caribbean looking tranny, with a very long and thick penis. The rest he allowed to leave with the exception of Wendy. He immediately told Wendy to suck the afro’s cock whilst he was going to fuck the sister’s hot arse in revenge for her fucking him so often.

He had the sister bend over the bed and without any fore play she began to shove his cock up her anal canal, not stopping till he was buried deep inside her. He then began to fuck her in earnest spanking her arse as he withdrew till only his cock head was still inside her. He saw the afro Caribbean woman’s cock grow in length Wendy to take its entire length up her arse, and to make sure that the cock did not cum up her but instead when the cock was about to cum, her was to be allowed to suck it and have the cum to himself.

In the next three hours he fucked all three women up their arse, Wendy up her cunt and had swallowed seven lots of cum, before satiated he dressed and announced he was ready for home. Dr. Francine came to see him before he left and agreed he could return any time he felt the need for further therapy.

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