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My Bestfriends Sister
By The Pornographer
(MF, blowjob)

My name is Mike and I’m 30-years-old. And I’d like to share with you all an incredibly hot but true story that happened to me recently. It all happened just over three years ago in 2004 when I returned back to Sydney after living in Queensland for a few short years. I originally lived and grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney, where I came from a fairly middle class family in a middle class area. Being away for almost 5 years, when I returned I was actually surprised to see just how much things had changed.

Reminiscing on old times, I decided to drive around the old neighborhood to see if I could find any of my old friends, in particular my best friend Pete. Pete was just 25 and like his older brother worked for his family’s catering company. As expected, coming from a Greek background Pete came from a huge family and had an older brother, Con (28yrs-old), and a younger sister, Maria (19yrs-old). Finally tracking him down at the family’s factory we quickly laughed and caught up on old times and promised to go out that weekend to celebrate the fact that I was back in town.

With his parents away on holidays Pete was put in charge of the family business and would often come home around 8pm. So with Friday rolling around, I got dressed and headed out to drive to his place to meet up and go out drinking. Seeing as it was 7:45, I knew I had plenty of time to spare and took my time. Arriving to his parent’s place a few minutes later I gave his mobile phone a quick call but was quickly disappointed to hear that he was in fact still at work and would be there for at least another half hour.

Seeing as I had nothing else to do I briefly considered taking off for a quick spin around the suburb but as fate would have it I instead received a call from another friend so I then just sat resting against the bonnet of my car listening to my radio and chatting on the phone. Casually strolling around the front of the property while I chatted away on my phone, it was then I playfully rang the gates loud buzzer/doorbell and was suddenly startled to hear someone actually respond.

“Whoa... What the fuck?” I let out.

Answering the intercom I was surprised to hear the sweetest little angelic voice come across the speaker. Sounding a little annoyed and out of breathe I heard her say, “Who is it?”

It took me a few seconds to think who it actually was but then I remembered Pete’s little sister, Maria. Telling her it was me I then heard her immediately reply, “Hang on.”

As I hung up my phone and went back towards my car to grab a siggy, a moment later I looked up to see a side door crack open and a small figure poke through the opening. Poking her head through the door it seemed to be Maria, and she was clad in what looked like a thick dark doona.

I stood there bemused for a moment as I then noticed her bare legs which were exposed. Then, before I could do or say anything she waved me over and complained, “Hurry up, it’s cold,”

I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t seen this girl in almost 5 years yet she was acting as though it was just yesterday that I saw her. Holding the door open for me I then quickly moved passed the old iron gate and towards her. Moving to enter the house, as I brushed past her she then took me by surprise as she leaned forward to greet me with a friendly kiss. In all the years I had known her this was the first time we had ever kissed each other hello.

Not one to refuse a kiss from a beautiful girl I leaned in to kiss her back but as I rushed to go inside we both misjudged and ended up making contact on the side of our lips. Briefly pecking each other on the side of the lips I was immediately taken aback by the contact but before I could gauge her reaction she was already locking the door behind me. As Maria stood there wrestling with her doona and fumbled with the door, I couldn’t help but notice that she was barely dressed underneath. It seemed that she was only clad in a pair of red cotton panties and a short tight white t-shirt.

Not bothering to wear a bra, from my vantage point I could clearly see the outline of her pert breasts, and immediately noticed she was definitely “cold”. Like I said it had been almost 5 years since I had last seen her but in that time boy did she change. Maria was very attractive and quite petite, standing at just 5’4, she had olive skin, long brown hair, brown eyes, and a very pretty face. But the one thing that really made Maria stand out from the crowd was her body.

Playing a number of sports her entire life, she had one of the most incredibly fit, athletic hard bodies I had ever seen, especially on a 19-years-old. And still being quite elegant and feminine, That’s not to mention Maria had one of the tightest, roundest little bubble butt I had ever laid my eyes on. The girl was just incredible and was just 19!! So now here she stood barely clad in her underwear while sneaking me into the house.

I couldn’t help but laugh to myself as the memories of my youth flooded back and I began to feel the excitement and rush of secretly fooling around again. Finally locking the door Maria then covered herself up and I followed her through the dimply lit house. Inside, all the lights were off and I half expect to see someone, anyone, but it was now apparent that she was actually home alone.

Making our way through the dark house we entered the living room and almost immediately felt a wave of heat hit me in the face, not to mention the strong scent of sex that was in the air. While I found the main sofa and got comfortable Maria went back to sitting down in the lazy chair (with her feet up), and wiggled around trying to find the remote which she had inadvertently sat on. As Maria fumbled for the remote, I looked up at the TV to see what she was fussing about and could now see that she had apparently been watching something fairly racy on pay-per-view.

Smelling the sex in the air and seeing what she had been watching I surmised that she in fact had been masturbating to the show. Having trouble with finding her remote control, Maria finally kicked her doona off in frustration and I was greeted with one of the sexiest things I’d ever seen. Lying there in just her tiny white tee and tight red panties, her soft smooth legs were on full display. To my amusement as I sat admiring her incredible hard body, I thought how funny it was that she still hadn’t even asked me what I was doing there.

Finally finding what she was looking for Maria then changed the channel and I playfully complained.

“Hey, what the hell? I was enjoying that... Put it back,” I laughed.

Maria simply smiled before she briefly surfed around to find nothing else interesting and finally settled back to the explicit channel.

I then asked her, “So what you been watching, anything good?”

Maria shrugged her shoulders and replied, “I don’t know, some crap on TV. There’s nothing on...”

Placing the remote next to her legs I then noticed her hands slip back under the doona again and I jokingly told her to at least try to control herself while I was there. Laughing, I then made another snide comment about masturbating and opening the room for some air, and suddenly going on the defensive Maria then took my breath away as she pulled opened the covers to reveal her barely clad body again.

“Look see, I’m not playing with myself I’m just cold.” She stated.

Admiring her long smooth legs and tight firm tummy again I then joked, “Yeah? Well then why are you’re panties wet?”

Almost instantly Maria panicked and reached down to run her hand over the front of her tight red underwear. Brushing her well manicured fingernails all over her cotton panties I couldn’t help but instantly get a raging hard on, especially when she reached all the way under and rubbed the bottom of her crotch.

“No they’re not,” she said while feeling around, “You’re full of shit,”

Meanwhile I was in stitches as I couldn’t believe just how gullible she was. Playfully poking her tongue out at me she then went to cover her body again but this time as she did I was astounded when I just caught sight of her slipping her hand inside her panties! Shocked, I sat staring at her from the sofa as I actually tried to take in what I had just witnessed. Staring at the TV the entire time, I was sure Maria didn’t think I had seen her do it, but I did.

Then as I sat there looking at her in the corner of my eye I watched as she slowly moved her legs under the blanket, fidgeting and shifting her knees apart slightly. I could practically see, and smell for that matter, that she in fact was casually playing with her pussy despite the fact I was in the room with her.

Going completely silent for a few minutes, I stared at her face for any reaction. Watching her I was delighted to see her luscious lips part slightly and her legs move open a little further to accommodate her hand.

Sitting there Watching as she blatantly played with herself I finally had to say something.

Breaking the silence I said, “Hey Maria, Show me you’re legs again?”

Expecting her to complain or at least ask me why I wanted to see her body, to my amusement Maria simply pulled open the covers and I grinned to myself as I watched her quickly pull her fingers from out of her underwear. Flashing me her incredible teenage body, Maria then rested her hand on the side of her hip bone, but almost immediately even from my distance I could see that two of her delicate fingers were glistening with wetness.

Incredibly aroused by this revelation I then asked her, “Sooo, where is everyone?”

I determined that before I was going to do anything I wanted to make sure that we were totally alone. As Maria went on to tell me where everyone was, I watched as she then casually drummed her moist fingertips across her hard tummy, before lightly scratching and then playing with the hem of tiny white tee. Watching her intently I could see that Maria knew I was checking her out, and if anything played up to me. Grinning slyly as she casually touched her body I finally spoke.

“You like being a tease don’t you?”

Maria simply smiled while looking at the TV and said, “Well, Everyone’s good at something...”

Before I could think of something smart to say she then added, “You’ve been away for a while Mike,”

“Have I?” I told her, “Well you’ve certainly developed a killer body,”

With that Maria smiled proudly and then ran her hands over her bare skin again and this time ran her fingers along the top of her panties. You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Watching her lay there and tease me with her exceptional body and sexy outfit I decided to drop the facade.

I then smiled evilly and boldly asked her, “Are you wet?”

Maria didn’t respond to my question and for a moment I thought she didn’t hear me. Feeling extremely awkward but aroused I then threw caution to the wind and asked her again but only this time loud enough so there was no mistake.

Hearing me, Maria casually replied, “I guess,”

Never expecting her to be so nonchalant, I then added, “Really... show me,”

Flashing me an incredibly sexy and mischievous grin, to my amazement Maria kept her eyes locked onto mine as she then casually slipped her hand back inside her panties and I watched in awe as the palm of her hand completely encompassed her crotch. Parting her legs and arching her back, I watched dumbfounded as she stretched the material of her panties with her hand and calmly palmed her teenage mound. Biting her bottom lip, she then casually glanced back at the television as it was now showing a soft core gangbang.

“Hmm, you like that don’t you...” I said softly before reaching down to squeeze my growing cock.

Seeing this only encourage her. Watching me from across the room Maria continued to leisurely play with her twat and then stared admiringly as I began to stroke my growing hard on through my pants.

Breaking her reverie I then told her, “Taste yourself,”

Maria initially ignored me until I told her again.

“Maria, taste yourself.”

After hesitating for a moment she then slowly brought her juice coated fingers up to her lips and without wasting a single moment slipped then into her mouth. From the way she happily slurped them into her mouth I could tell it wasn’t the first time she had tasted her own juices. Then before I could say another word I watched as she wrapped her long tongue around her fingers and savored the taste. Watching her place her spit covered fingers back into her panties I had had enough, and I got up and walked over to stand beside her.

Looking up at me innocently as she laid there with her hand stuffed inside her panties, I ran my hand across her pretty face and was shocked to find her body temperature was boiling. Running my hand down her athletic body, I then caressed her long smooth legs before I leaned over and kissed her hard on the lips. To my delight she immediately opened wide and pushed her long tongue deep into my mouth and I could taste her pussy juice on her lips.

Telling her I wanted a taste, without saying a single word Maria slowly retrieved her slick fingers from her slit and graciously presented them to me. Tasting her for the first time I let out, “Oh fuck yeah!” Before I then eagerly unzipped my pants and pulling out my cock. Taking her fingers from my mouth, I then placed them around my throbbing tool and watched as her pretty eyes widened. Stroking me steadily I then reached down and pulled her top up to get my first view of her incredible breasts, and I wasn’t disappointed.

While her breasts where small and pert, her nipples were dark and thick, and just begging to be sucked. Groping her soft teenage breasts I then played and tweaked with her nipples, before rolling them between my fingers and watching her immediately squirm and arch her delicate back in delight.

“Hmm, you like that don’t you?” I told her, as she simply grinned slyly up at me.

The whole scene was surreal as my best friends younger sister lay there squirming about and masturbating underneath me. Staring up at me with this “Please teach me how to fuck, look”, I leaned over and passionately kissed her on the lips again. Breaking the kiss I then smiled as I Watched her hand thrust back inside her underwear to pleasure herself again. With one hand still stroking me, her other began to frantically rub her self as she stared at my cock and licked her lips.

Knowing exactly what she wanted, and needed, without wasting another moment I then stepped closer to her head and slipped the head of my cock into her eager mouth. Maria groaned in delight before I steadily pumped against her pretty little face. Pulling out momentarily to steady myself, I then briefly began to slap her mouth and chin with my tool and I was surprised to see just how enthusiastic she was. Opening her mouth wide, Maria stuck out her long tongue and tempted me to slap my meat against it.

“Ahhh oohhhh aaahhhh” she noised as I beat my snake against her face.

Seeing how sex crazed and eager she was for cock I then decided to turn it up a notch and grabbing her by her hair I forcefully tilted her head back and pushed the full length of my sword down her narrow throat. Initially yelping in surprise, Maria gagged briefly before she then coughed and pushed me away, trying to get some air. Expecting her to be a little angered or upset, in actual fact I was taken aback as she instead grabbed me by my hips and instructed me to do the exact same action again and again.

I couldn’t believe it, this girl was a fucking nymphomaniac. Deep throating me a number of times Maria finally grabbed my saliva coated package and began to really go to town, blowing me long and hard.

Watching her moan and erupt in a sexual frenzy, I fucked her pretty face and I let out, “Ohhh fuck yes...…you’ve done this before haven’t you,”

Maria simply responded by winking up at me as she continued to expertly blow me. Watching her swallow me eagerly, I then reached over and slipped my hand into her panties and was absolutely astounded to find her absolutely sopping wet! Finding her thin tight slit, I then effortlessly pushed two fingers inside her blistering cunt and was amazed to find that they barely fit. Feeling how exceptionally tight she really was my mind began to race when then without thinking I suddenly lost control of my body and began to cum in her mouth.

I spurt out two thick strands deep inside her warm mouth before I finally pulled out and then sprayed her hot little face with another three squirts. Shocked, Maria immediately choked and coughed violently as her eyes watered up and she quickly moved away trying to catch her breath. Disappointed with myself for cumming so quickly, I then reached down to grab her silky smooth legs and pull them apart.

“Wait a minute baby, we’re not finished yet...”

Meanwhile as Maria was still trying to catch her breath, I was just about to yank her panties down her long legs when suddenly we both heard a noise. To our dismay it was Pete! Staring right at each other for a moment in sheer terror, we both jumped to our feet. Meanwhile the noise that we heard was Pete’s car entering the garage downstairs. Panicking, Maria quickly rushed off to disappear upstairs while I scrambled to sit on the sofa and try to look normal.

Fumbling to find the remote control I then changed the channel and tried to calm down just as I heard Pete’s foot steps enter the house.

“Hey bro, what you doing... you been waiting long?” he said excitedly, “hey wait a minute, who let you in?”

Thinking quickly on my feet I then told him that his older brother Con had let me in just before he left to go out. IT seemed that my explanation was good enough for him, and a minute later I waited around while he went upstairs to get ready. Sitting around in the living room for a few minutes Pete finally came back downstairs, and as we stood discussing where and what we were going to drink I was just in the middle of making a suggestion when Maria appeared in the kitchen.

Catching sight of his sister from the living room Pete said, “Hey sis, looks who’s here, it’s Mike...”

Acting dumb Maria then faked surprise, “Oh wow hey Mike, how have you been?”

Then as Pete was preoccupied with looking for something, Maria spoke loudly for his benefit.

“So how was Queensland, did you have fun?”

Smiling at her I played along, “Oh hell yeah, some of the best times ever,”

Flashing her a knowing look, I made sure that she knew I was actually talking about her. Maria grinned and was about to say something smart when suddenly we heard Pete interrupt her.

“Gez Maria cover yourself up... we got guests,”

It seemed that Pete didn’t approve of what she was currently wearing which was a pair of purple short shorts and the same tight t-shirt from earlier.

“Huh, what?” Maria said before giggling as she and I were thinking the exact same thing.

“I swear sis, you better not let con see you like this” Pete added, hoping that bringing up the name of their older over controlling brother would scare her.

Little did Pete know that just a few short minutes earlier I had my fingers in her tight 19-year-old twat and my cock down her hot little throat...

To be continued...

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