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The Pornographer
06-21-2007, 01:30 AM
Britney II: J-Lynn!
Featuring Britney and Jamie-Lynn Spears
By The Pornographer
(MF, voy, mast, inc, anal, blackmail, *****)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are easily offended STOP READING!
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It had been at least two weeks since Britney and I had initially slept together, and as famous and as beautiful as Britney was, I was very wary and reluctant about pursuing a relationship with her – especially one of a sexual nature. I was paranoid about losing my job, getting caught or just plain placing her or myself in a compromising situation. Although, as reluctant as I was, I have to admit, it was a little fun to see just how persistent Britney had become. When Britney had her heart set on something, she usually got it.

To Britney’s dismay, for once in her life it wasn’t working out for her. She was mystified by why I didn’t want to be with her, sleep with her, or even take advantage of her. She was growing frustrated and impatient, adding cynical and mocking comments when ever we were alone.

“You love that don’t you,” she smiled from the back seat of the SUV, “The fact that I want to tear off your clothes with my teeth and make sweet passionate love to you,”

I would tease and annoy her by simply replying, “Yes ma’am, what ever you say,”

“You bastard,” she’d reply before someone like her mom or sister would join us in the vehicle.

As more time went by the more Britney was determined to have me. Playing on my generosity, Britney was now resorting to sobbing and waking me up at all times of the night and ordering me take her on fake trips – just so we could be alone and spend some time together. Relentlessly pursuing me for an entire week, one afternoon, Britney finally snapped.

“Justin, what the fuck is your problem?” she said straight out, “Don’t you find me attractive, don’t I turn you on or something, anything?”

“Brit, that’s not the point, besides, it’s not that simple,” I said as I drove her to her latest photo shoot.

“Personally, I think you’re one of the most beautiful and intelligent women I have ever met,”

Britney blushed, but still flashed me a lewd stare.

“God damn you know the right things to say,” She smiled for the first time in ages, “You know exactly how to flatter me don’t you, how to push my buttons,”

Caving in, I laughed even though I shouldn’t have – seeing just how frustrated and bothered she was becoming.

“You know, all you have to do is ask and I’d give you anything you want, anything at all,” she sincerely told me.

“Britney, you can’t buy me… I’m not Kevin.”

Britney grinned and then replied, “Don’t you see, that’s why I want you so much,”

Spending every single day with someone as attractive, focussed and driven as her, it was just a matter of time before I’d eventually let down my guard and fall for her southern charms. Alone nearly 18 hours a day on some occasions, Britney now resorted to travelling around without any underwear – conveniently forgetting to slip on a bra and/or panties. She didn’t think twice two let me know either, telling me in great detail from the back seat about what she was or wasn’t wearing under her outfits.

Half the time it wasn’t exactly a mystery anyhow as her thick dark brown nipples would constantly and clearly protrude through her almost sheer outfits. Finally, one evening after grabbing a bite to eat, we pulled into the garage and saying goodnight exchanged a brief kiss. That was it, that was all it took for things to spark and start up again. Actually, Britney was just fed up and pretty much threw herself at me. I couldn’t say no, I don’t think any mortal man could in that position.

On my part, I did however try to resist and put up a brief fight, not a convincing one but at least I tried. For all of about 5 seconds I tried to push her away but then giving in I eagerly kissed her back. We kissed like a bunch of high school teenagers, making out for a good hour. From then on in, we started exactly where we left off a few weeks earlier. Driving her around to and from photo shoots and shopping malls, no matter what the occasion, Britney would always find the time for us to park somewhere and make out. We even began to take unnecessary risks – fooling around in public and in front of the paparazzi.

One afternoon while driving back from McDonalds, Britney reached over from behind me and without warning began to give me a hand job. Giggling, she pulled my cock completely out of my pants, and sitting directly behind me while I drove, began to stroke my hardening cock – I could hardy drive and concentrate on the road. Usually this kind of thing wouldn’t be worth mentioning but that afternoon Britney was smoking in the back seat and had left the windows partially open. Anyone being at the right place or the right time could have easily snapped a photo.

The fact that it was so risqué only encouraged her further. Pulling into the garage at home, even before the electric doors shut properly, she then leaned over between the front seats and eagerly took my cock into her mouth – blowing me! I just sat back in amazement as Britney licked and sucked my hard cock. The girl was a sex fiend. It was one of the best blow jobs I had ever had. Grabbing her tightly by the top of her head, it didn’t take long for me to lose control and cum into the back of her throat – filling her mouth. I watched in awe as she happily slurped it all down, not leaving a single solitary drop.

“Mmmpphhhhh yeahhhhh,” she groaned between slurps, “I fucking love your cum!”

Being a smart ass and fooling around, I then chased her around the car and catching her tickled and embraced her. Right on schedule, as predicted, Kevin walked in on us. The guy just always seemed to have the worst luck, and timing.

Spotting us he playfully said, “Get a room, will you,”

“Shut the fuck up Kevin,” Britney snapped, slamming him.

Over the next few days, Britney then decided to sneak out of the house every morning and wake me up in her own special way – the southern way or so she put it. Considering I usually got up at around 5am, it was an extraordinary time waking up to her mouth and tongue wrapped around the end of my cock every morning. It was actually her idea as it was one of her most favourite fetishes and things to do – she just loved to suck cock, and who was I to argue?

I can’t tell you how many times I watched her eagerly await a messy facial, sticking out her long pink tongue and begging me to reward her. With each and every new morning, to my amazement, I found myself ejaculating further, stronger, and longer – eventually getting the strength to easily glaze most of if not all of her entire pretty face. It was as if we had this little competition to see if we could out do the day before. I can tell you, for those two weeks in a row, we did.

It was reaching the stage where I was so turned on having her wake me up like that, that by the end of the second week after blowing my load all over her gorgeous face, I would then just throw her onto her back roughly and fuck her brutally, ramming her until she screamed out in pleasure and I came deep inside her. I was amazed no one ever her us – or I should say her, as she would cry out in ecstasy. Britney was really starting to get off on getting taken forcefully, and began showing up wearing less and less. It turned her on immensely, sneaking around the house half naked in the early ours of the morning.

A few weeks later, I even got to meet one of Britney’s closest friends, Natalie Portman. I had picked them up from a strip club in the middle of the night – finding the two of them completely trashed and wasted. Natalie was apparently doing some research for an upcoming film, or so they told me, and Britney happily tagged along. To my surprise Britney then confessed everything to her, telling Natalie we had an incredible sex life and bragging to her how Kevin knew all about it but didn’t care. I wanted her to shut up and flashed her a few knowing stares but she only replied by reaching over and kissing me all over my face.

“Aww, he’s embarrassed,” they laughed.

Describing our risky sex life, I was surprised to see the revelation didn’t even faze Natalie in least. Seeing I was uncomfortable about the topic, Natalie finally got the message and changed the subject. The girls then laughed and fooled around in the back seat, using Natalie’s cell phone to make a few prank calls. They apparently called Katie Holmes, Anna Kournikova, and Kirsten Dunst – calling them whores, and untalented hacks. One of the girls, Anna, ever had the nerve to ring them right back and exchange insults – arguing and abusing each other for a good ten minutes.

Anna had apparently said, “Do you know how my boyfriend is? When he finds out who you are he’ll get you...”

Anna was naturally talking about her Latin lover, Enrique Iglesias. And without missing a beat, Britney then told her that she had had her man on numerous occasions and just wanted to ring up and ask him how his apparently ridiculously small sized dick was going. I looked at Britney in the rear view mirror thinking this was all very interesting, but then seeing my reaction Britney quickly hung up and began telling me she was actually just kidding, making it all up. Natalie couldn’t stop laughing. Britney then went on to explain she hadn’t really slept with him but had heard about his small member from Christina Aguilera.

I just nodded thinking, ‘Yeah right, like I’m really going to believe you,’

Even Natalie wasn’t convinced and I then heard her giggle and ask, “Yeah okay so you’ve never fucked him, but have you seen his cock? Enough said,”

Britney playfully punched her in the arm and the two continued to wrestle around in the back. A few minutes later on the radio, the song, “Be with you” by Enrique was heard in the background, and we all burst out laughed hysterically for a good 10 minutes – singing along, with Britney singing to me.

The truth was she probably had slept with him on a number of occasions but I didn’t care, that was then, this was now. Anyhow, I doubt anyone else on the planet was lucky enough to be in my position and got to do half the things we were getting up to together, I surmised. It was a well known fact that Britney did previously sleep around, and for all I knew she still did, but it didn’t bother me – as long as I got a piece of the action as well.

We drove across town and dropped Natalie at her five star luxury hotel. Wanting her to be safe, Britney then insisted we go and escort her upstairs and walk her to her suite. I remember thinking this all sounded a little too convenient, like it was all staged, set up or something. In actual fact it was, and Britney had planned the whole thing with Natalie prior to me picking them up. As usual she wanted some private “alone time” together.

They drunkenly stumbled through the lobby and into the elevator. Laughing loudly and making fools of themselves we finally arrived to the top floor. Upstairs, the moment we stepped into the huge suite, Britney pounced on me – ravaging me. Coming out of the bathroom Natalie then watched us fool around and wrestle on the sofa.

She then jealously said, “Lucky Bitch… I’m going to bed!”

Depressed, Natalie then disappeared into the bedroom. She told us we could stay as long as we wanted but reminded us to lock the door behind us before we left. Finally getting some privacy together, Britney didn’t waste any time and teasingly began to strip out of her outfit. Inspired after coming back from the exclusive strip club, Britney had decided to suddenly put on an impromptu strip show for me.

I laughed at how silly she looked, drunk, she stood topless in just her panties but had forgotten to take off her shoes and socks. Sexily dancing to a Gwen Stefani video clip, I laughed as she drunkenly stumbled around trying to take them off – falling onto the sofa and laughing uncontrollably. Although she was quite drunk and ditsy, she still looked hot. I could never get bored of seeing her topless. Now exhausted, we threw some blankets and pillows to the floor and cuddled up together – making out.

I gently caressed and massaged her shoulders and breasts, as she surprised me by getting the idea to order up some porn. Fooling around she then admitted to me that she absolutely loved watching X-rated films – especially the amateur stuff. She told me she couldn’t get herself off properly unless she was watching some good old fashioned hardcore. I suspected I wouldn’t have leant any of this if she wasn’t so intoxicated. I would be surprised of she would even remember admitting any of this the very next day.

Sitting between my legs and laying back against me, Britney then reached down and parted her bare legs, gently petting and stroking at her panty clad pussy as we watched the movie.
It was all so surreal, watching an episode of “Ed Powers – Dirty Debutantes” together and having Britney Spears masturbate right in front of me. I was amazed to see how she loved penetration as well as stimulation, pushing her hand inside her panties to then plunge two of her fingers deep inside her. Her strong, lean, legs looked incredible – spread open.

“Mmm, you like that don’t you?” she breathed up at me in her southern accent, “watching me play with myself,”

I reached down and gently caressed her nipples, watching them stiffen as I softly pinched and twisted them.

She continued, “Mmm, imagine how many people out there would love to see this right now, hmm? See me touching myself, gettin’ myself all wet and bothered,”

“Taste yourself,” I told her, “Lick your fingers for me,”

She panted, “Mmm yeah baby, I’m all yummy and wet... here, taste,”

She brought her juice covered fingers up to my mouth and I eagerly sucked them. Spitting on them, she then brought them down to her pussy and began to work on her sensitive clit. The room soon filled with the sent of her pussy and she began to breathe and sigh softly. Seeing as she loved porn so much, I whispered into her ear, suggesting we should go to a sex shop some time in the future and find some videos to watch together. Britney happily agreed as she continued to stroke her moist lips.

Flipping the channel to see another movie, we then watched as the next scene involved a gang bang – three guys and a girl. The scene started off with a very attractive women, I think Silvia Saint, going into an exotic bar and having a number of men confront and then take her. This seemed to really have an effect on Britney as I watched her spread her smooth, muscular legs a little further and begin to pick up the pace. Opening wider she then raised her knees up and I decided to help her along by reaching down and pulling her panties to one side – they were saturated!

Then, just as things were starting to get interesting, we suddenly heard a massive crash. It sounded like glass breaking, followed by a shriek. Looking down at Britney, we both froze before I jumped up and rushed into Natalie’s room. Britney quickly slipped on a shirt and followed me inside. There I found Natalie lying in bed, sobbing uncontrollably. She had apparently been talking to someone on the phone and getting quite angry threw the cordless receiver across the bed.

It had accidentally bounced off the mattress and smashed through the full length mirror. Feeling depressed, aroused and frustrated, Natalie was now weeping uncontrollably as Britney went over to console her.

“God damn it, Brit,” she blubbered, “I was so close and the bastard hung up on me!”

From what I understood, Natalie was in the middle of having phone sex with her ex when somehow they got into a row and he hung up on her. Taking her in her arms, Britney embraced her – rocking her back and forth. Like any typical hot blooded male, I couldn’t help but get slightly aroused at the display before me. There was Britney Spears, dressed just in a long shirt and panties – which by the way were wet from her playing earlier, and then there was Natalie Portman, barely covered and wearing an unbuttoned shirt which seemed to be partially open and undone.

Lying under the sheets, Natalie was apparently completely bare from the waist down. The thought of just a thin bed sheet separating Britney and I from Natalie’s bare legs and body got me quite excited. I looked over and catching my breath I could clearly see Natalie’s thick dark nipples jutting out. Her shirt was undone and open enough that I could see her breasts as clear as day. I tried to tear my eyes away from her small chest but couldn’t stop gawking at them.

I had seen topless photos of her before, but seeing her nipples in person, up close, I couldn’t believe just how thick and long they were – they must have been at least half an inch thick and one whole inch long! Grabbing her a glass of water, seeing I also needed a drink, Britney and I finally comforted and cheered her up. I was surprised to see just how fragile and mentally unstable Natalie really was – she was like a 12-year-old kid, and for a moment I had to remind myself this was a multi-talented, award winning actress. I felt like we were babysitting her, and I was secretly trying to bang the babysitter! Before going back to bed, Natalie then asked if I knew any other guys like me, telling me I was one of the nicest guys she’d ever met, and that Britney was a very lucky girl.

Britney then joked, “I could always lend him to you, but it would cost you,”

Natalie smiled as I did, but I then noticed her flash me a knowing smile when Britney hugged her. Falling asleep a few minutes later, Britney and I decided to leave Natalie’s suite and drive back towards home – a good 40 minute trip. On the way, we parked on the side of the road and made out, continuing where we left off in the hotel room. Pulling my seat all the way back, Britney then straddled me and began to fuck me… drunkenly and mercilessly.

“Ohh Gawd I’m so damn horny…” she moaned, “Fuck me baby, make me cum... fuck meeee!”

Riding me hard and fast for the first few minutes, we soon found ourselves staring into each others eyes and slowly and deliberately making love. I couldn’t believe it – Britney was so wet, her juices practically dripped down my legs. Half drunk and stoned, Britney came like three times before finally losing all her energy and rolling back over to her seat. We sat there for a few extra minutes watching the sunrise. It was quite romantic and it was then Britney confessed she was starting to fall for me.

She was feeling bad and confused, trapped by the whole marriage thing and not knowing what to do about us. She wanted a relationship with me but didn’t want to compromise her career or let down her family again. She explained that after the whole Jason Alexander episode, and now the Kevin Federline blunder, Britney couldn’t put her family and in particular her mom though all that again. She said her mother hated Kevin with a passion, and only put up with him because of her. If her mother ever found out that her heart was actually with someone else, her mom would go crazy.

Having a real heart to heart together for the very first time, we then agreed that although it was a huge risk, we still wanted to be with each other. We discussed who already knew about us and we figured it was only three people – Kevin, Jamie-Lynn, and now Natalie Portman. I told Britney I wasn’t so much worried about her sister or Kevin as much as I was worried about Natalie. But Britney reassured me saying she had some very juicy dirt on Natalie and so was quite sure she wouldn’t open her mouth.

Cleaning up, I drove us home.

A few days later, while Britney and her mom were out shopping, Jamie-Lynn and I got to talking. I was just in the middle of working out when she waked in on me. It was no secret Jamie-Lynn had a huge crush on me, and as usual, she was wearing next to nothing. Trying to impress me and show off, she then told me she was fooling around the other day and stumbled across some very interesting stuff in Britney’s room. She told me she had found a small bag filled to the brim with x-rated films, toys, lubes, etc.

I told her it was probably best she didn’t snoop around too much as it was Britney’s very personal stuff and she would go nuts if she ever busted her going through her things. Jamie-Lynn practically ignored me and then continued to brag that some of the stuff she had found was footage of her sister and Kevin from a few months earlier. There was apparently a lot of other footage as well – unnamed tapes and things Jamie-Lynn said she didn’t have the patience to watch and go through. She was obviously trying to get me jealous, but it wasn’t working. Wanting to shock me she then mentioned she loved to get off on watching the films – she too seemed to love watching porn.

“Sorry, what?” I asked.

“I said, I was actually just up there for the last two hours,” she admitted.

“Doing what, exactly?”

“What do you think silly, playing with myself.”

“Oh, okay,” I replied casually – I was starting to sweat.

Jamie-Lynn then went on to nonchalantly tell me she really enjoyed using one of Britney’s toys as well – in particular her 7 inch silver bullet vibrator.

I asked her, “Jez J-Lynn, how many toys does she actually have up there?”

“Oh my God like every single type you could ever want to try and play with… at least a dozen or so, I think, maybe more?”

I asked her if she didn’t think it was a little weird or gross that she was using the exact same toys Britney was using a few days if not hours before her.

Jamie-Lynn simply replied, “Duh, I wash them silly,”

“Oh… okay,” I laughed to myself – I think she missed the entire point.

Laughing I must admit, the thought of them two using the exact same toys did turn me on however.

Stressed out in recent days and wanting to get away for the weekend, Britney’s mom then organized for Britney and Kevin to accompany her and her husband on an impromptu vacation – a second honey moon if you will, to Hawaii. To Lynne’s annoyance, Kevin then backed out at the very last possible moment and decided to stay home and work on his newly found hobby – his music career. Hearing the news, I happily took his place while he stayed home with Jamie-Lynn.

Not wanting to leave him alone with Jamie-Lynn, Britney’s mom then organized for her son, Bryan, to fly down for a few days and keep an eye out on things while the rest of us were away. It was funny as Kevin pulled me aside and told me that I owed him one as he thought he was doing me a favour by not going. Catching a private jet a few hours later, we headed for Hawaii.

From the moment we left the house, Kevin immediately invited over a friend of his – friends he knew Britney and her mom hated and despised. He hadn’t seen them in ages. Having the parentals out of the house, Jamie-Lynn also took the opportunity to call over a handful of her girl friends, inviting the gang over to hang out, sun bath and swim – throwing a small pool party and get together.

Meanwhile back in paradise, we checked into a very lavish resort and hotel. Having the entire floor to ourselves, Britney and I were even more excited when a few hours later her mom then announced that they would be travelling to a smaller island for some extra privacy, leaving us completely alone – the entire floor and roof top facilities completely to ourselves.

“I trust you’ll take care of my daughter, Justin,” Lynne said.

Britney couldn’t help but giggle to herself in excitement – half aroused and half giddy in anticipation.

It was here for the first time I really got the best of Britney – fucking her mouth, cunt, and asshole!

We spent the entire weekend, all three days – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday inside our suite, fucking the living shit out of each other. I did things to that girl I had never done to anyone before. It was as if we were letting it all out, all the frustrations and sexual tensions that had built up over the months. In any case, I think we were making up for a years worth of sex. The entire time, we didn’t even wear clothes, not once, just walked around naked for three days and only did three things – ate, slept, and fucked!

It was hands down the most amazing and most erotic weekend of my entire life – fucking Britney Spears every which way of Sunday. I did her on the floor, on the bed, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, everywhere! I had fucked her in every possible position we could think of, and we practically raped each other senseless. Spending all of an hour outside on our very first afternoon in Honolulu, Britney put on a disguise and we snuck into an adult shop to grab some porn, toys, lube, etc.

That first night, with her parents away, we had sex on the bed, the sofa, the living room floor, and then finally finished up in the large bathroom Jacuzzi – over looking the beach. Waking up at around 4am in the morning, I then ate Britney out for a record 3 hours straight – eating her pussy and asshole like my life depended on it, and watching as she came at least five times! Spending the entire next day in bed, I fucked her raw until her pussy was sore and red. We experimented with every conceivable position trying to find the one we liked best.

I found one of my favourites was the reverse cowgirl position. There was just something so hot about seeing Britney get on top of me, sweating profusely, bend right over to give me a full uninterrupted view of her asshole and pussy. Leaning down she’d kiss and lick at my feet while I’d happily watch her thick, round, rump shake and wobble, bouncing up and down as her strong muscular legs flexed and worked trying to keep her up in that position.

To my delight, Britney always seemed to grunt just that little extra loudly in that posture, getting a bit of a workout while I’d push against her G-spot. Britney’s also said she couldn’t decide on just one position and her two most favourites were definitely between doggy-style, and the rabbit – lying on her back and having her knees placed behind her ears while I fucked, ate, and spat at her exposed cunt and anus!

Satisfied with her vagina, by the end of that afternoon I began to go to work on her mouth – making her blow me continually until the early hours of the next night. That was a total of 6 hours, and by my third orgasm, I was finding it harder and longer to cum. The poor girl lost all feeling in her mouth and jaw, and falling asleep with her crashed out between my legs, I then awoken around 6am in the middle of the morning to catch Britney clumsily climbed up on top of me and proceed to drunkenly make sweet, soft, painful love.

Having amazing sex on the first two nights, by the third we only concentrated on one thing in particular, anal sex. Practising all morning and afternoon, Britney had always wanted to do it and was determined to become an anal queen. Watching Jenna Jameson do it, by the end of that night her wish was granted and I slipping effortlessly in and out of her loosened butt. By the time we checked out, Britney could barely walk.

Spending so much time together, in bed, Britney and I were now closer than ever – it was now starting to move from lust to deep love. Sharing dinner with her parents on our last night there, they announced they would be staying on for another week since they were having such a great time. Britney and I prepared to head back to the States and seeing the way we were acting towards each other, a blind man could see something was going on between us. Britney was extremely happy and on cloud nine – totally relaxed and serene.

The truth was we made a great couple, and for the first time ever Britney’s mom suspected something was going on. Pulling me aside, Lynne then thanked me for taking such good care of her talented daughter – I couldn’t help but grin widely when I thought back to earlier that day, unloaded a massive batch of hot thick cum deep into her hot tight ass.

[Flashing back] “Arrghhhh fuck meeeee…” Britney screamed violently, “I love the way you FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME… ARRGHHHH!!”

Coming back to reality I smiled, “Not a problem Ms Spears, it’ my job, anytime.”

While Britney and I spent an amazing and memorable weekend in paradise fucking our brains out, Kevin was having his own fun. He and his junky, drug dealer friend, Rob, were hanging out upstairs in the studio/study, over looking the pool. There was only one thing Kevin loved more than his Ferrari and himself for that matter, which was his pot, and getting high. Britney hated Kevin’s friends and if she had known Rob of all people was over, she would have probably flown back home straight away.

Hanging and smoking upstairs with him, Kevin watched through the window as Bryan, Jamie-Lynn, and a handful of Jamie-Lynn’s hot young friends swam around in the pool. Taking a break, while Rob lit up another joint, Kevin went across the hall into the bathroom and sat down to do his business, rapping to himself. Singing a tune from one of his tracks he then looked over and spotted some clothing, some very sexy and skimpy clothing – Bikini’s to be exact. Reached over to the hamper he took one of them in his hand and initially suspecting they belonged to his wife, without thinking he then brought them up to his nose to sniff them.

“Hmm, fresh too,” he smirked to himself.

Detecting the strong musky smell, he then noticed they were still warm, as if someone had just been in them. Holding them up to his face once again he now suddenly realized they actually belonged to Jamie-Lynn!

For what ever reasons, Jamie-Lynn had bought a handful of Bikini’s with her friends that afternoon and was trying them on, one at a time. Jamie-Lynn was ducking in and out of the house every few minutes from the pool to see which one she liked the most. Extremely aroused at this suddenly turn of events, Kevin sniffed them more time deliberately and started to get a hard-on at the thought of them being from his sexy young sister-in-law.

“God damn,” he whispered to himself, “she smells so fucking sweet… wet…”

Getting aroused he then started to wrap them around his shaft, using them to stroke himself. Thinking back to her tight, tanned, athletic body and with her aroma still strongly on them, it didn’t take long for him to cum – ejaculating all over them and covering them in his juice. Panicking at the mess he suddenly made, he then tried in vain to wipe and clean them, trying to cover up the evidence. Luckily for him the colour and material of the outfit disguised his indiscretion. Throwing them back towards the hamper he rushed back to the study – watching to his dismay as Jamie-Lynn then headed back for the bathroom not a minute later.

“Shit, shit, shit…” he paced, while Rob sat on the floor staring up at him stoned off his face.

“What’s up, man?” he asked slowly, “Relax, you need another cone…”

Jamie-Lynn stepped back into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Slipping her current bikini down her smooth slender legs, she grabbed at the very first pair of swimmers she found – the pair Kevin had just played with only a minute earlier. Picking them up from the floor she slipped them up her legs, pulling and adjusting them tightly against her bare crotch. Her tight hairless snatch and the outline of her puffy lips could clearly be seen. Posing in the mirror, Jamie-Lynn loved the way they hugged and showed off the tiny groove and outline of her sweet, tight, snatch.

“Hmm, Justin’s going to freak when he sees me in these,” she smirked to herself – she was still on a mission to seduce me.

Only at the very last minute did Jamie-Lynn now notice them to be a little moist and wet. The sensation tickled her, sending a shiver through her spine as a tiny wet clump of goo gradually brushed and touched against her tiny bare clit. Reaching inside she slid her fingertips across the material, inadvertently smearing more of it over her thin slit before bringing her fingers up to her face. Sniffing it, she then tentatively stuck out her tongue and licked at them, curious at what the sticky, clear liquid was. She cringed at the strong salty taste, and then thought it was probably just from the salt water pool. Prepping herself further in the mirror she then made her way back outside – the smell of Kevin’s cum on her fingers and lips.

Looking out the window Kevin was shocked a few moments later when he spotted Jamie-Lynn step outside in the very same bikini bottoms he had just blown his load in a few minutes earlier.

“Holy shit…” he said to himself – his cock throbbing in his pants.

He watched her lay down beside one of her friends and proceed to sunbake. With his hands shaking, Kevin punched another quick cone and then finally tried to get back to work.

Later that evening, going against his families wishes, Bryan went out to meet with a few of his friends, leaving Jamie-Lynn and Kevin alone in the house. Hanging up stairs with his 30-year-old junky friend, Rob, Kevin couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened earlier in the day with Jamie-Lynn and the cum soaked Bikini bottoms. During the course of the afternoon, Kevin found himself disappearing into the bathroom at least four more times to masturbate – each time, tempted in marinating a few more of her sexy outfits.

As Kevin and Rob hung out, sitting around and hitting a few bongs, Jamie-Lynn suddenly appeared – saying goodbye to the last of her friends she came upstairs to see what the boys were up to? Wearing the sexy two piece bikini from earlier, she now topped off the ensemble with a pair of very low cut denim shorts – leaving them unbuttoned and open and giving a clear view inside to see her outfit underneath – exactly how she liked it. Spotting her, Rob coughed and nearly had a fit as she casually walked into the smoke filled room.

“Hey Kev, what are you two up to in here?”

“Hi, I’m Jamie-Lynn,” she introduced herself.

Rob was smash and caught off guard all he cold simply do is nod and mumble incoherently. Kevin was clearly wasted – still trying to come to terms with today’s events. Jamie-Lynn seemed transfixed by the bong which sat on the floor between them. It was obvious she was more than a little curious about trying some marijuana, and Kevin and Rob were more than happy to give her some. At the moment though, they were both having trouble trying to tear their eyes off her very skimpy and revealing outfit.

Seeing her tiny bikini Rob said, “Nice bikini, is that new?”

“Yep, and they’re already my favourites,” she said, briefly striking a pose in them.

Kevin coughed loudly and felt himself growing in excitement. Smashed, the guys couldn’t help but stare and notice just how small and incredibly pert Jamie-Lynn’s breasts seemed to be – they were barely concealed under the thin fabric and Rob was convinced that at any moment one of her small round nipples would come into view.

Packing an especially large cone, Rob then offered it to her, saying, “You wanna hit this or what?”

Jamie-Lynn nervously looked over to Kevin, who simply smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t know,” she said, “My sister says I really shouldn’t touch the stuff... that I should…”

“Look, I won’t tell anyone,” Kevin interrupted, “It’d just be our little secret.”

Jamie-Lynn eagerly took hold of the bong and proceeded to smoke from it – Rob lit it for her. As predicted, she coughed out her lungs – tears streamed down her face. Trying to catch her breath, to the others surprise and encouragement, she went back for more. She seemed to be determined to smoke at least two of the large cones Rob packed her. Within minutes, she was totally smashed and sitting next to them on the floor, laughing hysterically.

Hearing the phone for third time in a few minutes Kevin finally jumped up and went downstairs to answer it. To his horror it was Britney mom, Lynne. Kevin reassured her that everything was okay and although Bryan wasn’t there at the moment he would be back soon as he had only “stepped out for minute”. Lying, he told her Jamie-Lynn was out with her brother and he promised they would call her right back as soon as he got home.

Hanging up Kevin then climbed back up stairs towards the room when he was then shocked in disbelief, finding his 30-year-old buddy all over Jamie-Lynn. Jamie-Lynn had apparently moved to sit and lay back between Rob’s open legs and was making out with him passionately. He had apparently offered to give her a massage and reaching down was now making out with her while his hands eagerly explored her hot little body.

With one hand cupping and kneading her smart pert breast, the other made its way down and inside her tight bikini bottoms, pulling and tugging at the thin material and pushing mashing up against her pussy lips. Jamie-Lynn moaned audibly as Rob took full advantage of her. Kevin stood there shocked for a moment, noticing her string bikini top had also been untied and was hanging loose on her. Unlike his wife, Jamie-Lynn had amazing nipples – tanned brown, erect, and puffy.

“What the fuck, Rob... hey man, what the hell are you doing?” Kevin said to him, “Get off her man, don’t take advantage of her,”

Rob had to be pulled off her as Jamie-Lynn just drunkenly smiled. Kevin then told her to go to her room and she got up and mumbled a few incoherent words. To their surprise, as she got up, her top slipped off – completely exposing her chest and leaving her topless.

“Oh shit,” Kevin panicked, half shocked and half impressed by her surprisingly perfect breasts.

Picking it up he tied in vain to cover her up and place it on her again.

Rob just laughed watch her, he said, “Damn baby, they’re some hot little tits you got there,”

Jamie-Lynn giggled and cupped her small breasts for him, showing them off. Laughing uncontrollably, she then turned for the door, bumped into it and began to stumble down the corridor. Nearly falling over a few times, Kevin decided to help her to her bedroom, and placing her arms around his neck, he carried her into her room. He carefully placed her down on her bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow she was out like a light. Looking down at her sleeping form, Kevin couldn’t help but marvel at her amazingly sexy body.

“God damn J-Lynn, you’re gonna be so much hotter than Britney ever was,” he grinned to himself.

Looking around he then reached down to quickly peck her bare breast. Seeing no reaction from her, he then leaned over again and this time kissed it more deliberately. Looking over his shoulder once more, he then reaching down for a third time and this time gently sucked on her teat – finding her nipple and twirling his tongue around it. To his amazement, he watched as it stiffened slightly – most of her small breasts now glistened with wetness from his saliva.

Jamie-Lynn groaned softly but didn’t stir. Getting braver, he then straightened her legs, noticing how her tiny shorts seemed to already be falling off. Giving them a helping hand, he gently slipped them down her thighs, and worked on slipping her bikini bottoms down as well. He gasped and was rewarded by the sight of her completely bald and immaculate vagina. Spreading her legs apart his mouth watered as he positioned his head between her knees – looking right up at her amazing pussy. Gently blowing his breath over her hairless snatch, he then eagerly began to eat her.

“Holy shit,” Rob whispered, watching Kevin molest his sexy sister-in-law from the door.

Too preoccupied to notice him standing here, Kevin wrapped his arms around Jamie-Lynn’s slender hips, holding her in place as he kissed, licked and sucked at every inch of her immaculate crotch.

“Mmm yeah,” Kevin breathed to himself, “You taste exactly like you sister, baby…”

Leaning down he found her asshole and began to eagerly rim her – not usually into that sort of thing, he found Jamie-Lynn’s young body was so impeccable he thought he just had to do it – as if doing her a favour or rewarding her for being so beautiful. With his mouth covered in her juices, he was just about to mount her when he only then noticed Rob standing there.

“Yo man,” Rob said excitedly, “Am I gonna get piece of that ass as well or what?”

Startled, Kevin was just about to yell at him to go away when the two of them were then stunned into silent as they heard what sounded like the front door slam shut.

Bryan was home!

“Oh fuck!” Kevin spat.

Panicking, he jumped off her body and thinking quickly tossed a bed sheet across her bare naked body. Rushing out of her room he quickly ducked into the bathroom while Rob quickly made a run for the study just a few doors away. Bryan casually made his way up the stairs, calling out for anyone. Finding Rob crashed out in the study on the floor, Bryan asked where Kevin was, and as a matter of fact where his younger sister was as well.

“Where’s Kevin, where’s Jamie-Lynn?”

“I dunno man, I think he went down there...” Rob stammered, over acting.

Bryan passed Jamie-Lynn’s bedroom to find her sleeping peacefully in her bed. Shutting her door behind him Kevin then appeared, stepping out of the bathroom.

“Hey bro, what’s happening?” he said casually – the taste of Jamie-Lynn’s young pussy juice still fresh on his mouth and breath.

It was no secret Bryan couldn’t stand and didn’t trust Kevin – hating him from the moment they met. Heading back up to the study Kevin then announced that they we taking off, sarcastically mentioning they could go now since the baby sitter was there now. Bryan made himself at home, flipping channels and just so happening to catch a Britney music video marathon. Rob for one was happy to be leaving – shaking uncontrollably ever since Bryan had come home unexpectedly. The two of them climbed into Kevin’s Ferrari and sped off...

The following day, Britney and I arrived home. Meeting her brother Bryan for the first time I found him to be a little strange – very arrogant. Britney told me not to pay to much attention to it as he apparently always was that way – being a loner and not having many friends. Nearly grabbing Britney instinctively by the hand a few times, she giggled and reminded me her brother didn’t yet know about our situation.

Seeing Kevin later in the day, I noticed he was very nervous and fidgety than usual. I ask if he was okay and he replied he was fine but wanted to go elsewhere or somewhere for a long drive where we could talk and have some privacy. For a while I got worried thinking Bryan or someone had found out or stumbled across our secret situation between Britney and I but fortunately for me I had nothing to worry about as it had nothing to do with us – not directly anyway.

Jumping into his silver Ferrari we sped down the highway – hitting 100mph in no time. He was obviously anxious and worried about something, and in a hell of a rush? He then began to talk in riddles, asking me at least three or four times if he could trust me. All this mysteriousness was starting to annoy me and finally I just asked him plainly what his problem was.

“Kevin, what the fuck’s your problem, what’s wrong with you? Tell me mate?”

“I need your advice, man. I need your help,” He mumbled.

Taking a deep breath he then said, “What do you think about J-Lynn?”

“Who, our Jamie-Lynn? Nothing, great, what… why?”

“No, what do you really think of her?”

Before I could answer he explained, “I mean, what do you think about her and me?”

Seeing where he was going with this, I froze in shock.

“You’re fucking kidding right?”

He wasn’t, and seeing the way he was now smirking at me knowingly I also knew something had already happened. What the hell was going through his head now?

To be continued…

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