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Bathroom Brawl
Featuring Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Minnillo
By The Pornographer
(FF, catfight, reluc)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are easily offended STOP READING! Feel free to send any comments or suggestions

It was 3am as 24-years-old Jessica Simpson drunkenly staggered back to her table. Enjoying herself at a trendy Las Vegas night club, she was there with friends and had been drinking heavily for the last few hours. While her entourage continued to party on the dance floor, Jessica collected her purse before heading for the ladies room. Planning to leave the club in a few minutes, Jessica was hoping to sober up a little before squaring off with the waiting paparazzi outside.

Staggering towards the toilets Jessica pushed on the door only to stop dead in her tracks, stunned into silence as she couldn’t believe her luck – standing there against the counter re-applying her lipstick was none other than her ex-husbands new girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo.

Hearing her come in, Vanessa looked over her shoulder and gasped as she spotted her arch enemy standing by the door - looking drunk and dishevelled and staring at her intently. Panicking, Vanessa quickly looked away and acted as though she didn’t recognise who she was. Rolling her eyes she went back to reapplying her makeup but the truth was Vanessa was terrified on the inside. Standing there speechless for a moment, Jessica then turned and pushed a knee high bin against the bathroom door behind her, demonstrating to Vanessa that like it or not a confrontation was imminent.

It was hardly going to stop anyone from coming in but Jessica didn’t care, the action was more psychological then anything else. Looking her up and down, Jessica noted Vanessa’s very revealing outfit which consisted of a very tight white mini dress and heels. Totally backless and showing off a huge portion of her chest, Vanessa was clad in a pair of chunky six inch stilettos – her long slender tanned legs were on full display and looked incredible.

“Well well well,” Jessica chastised while standing beside her and looking at herself in the mirror, “I guess they really do let anybody in here these days.”

Vanessa ignored her and with shaky hands continued to apply makeup, not responding to her.

“What, no hello?” Jessica pushed.

Vanessa finally glanced at her through the mirror and without saying a word just flashed Jessica a sarcastic smile. Looking over at her properly for the first time Vanessa then sneered at Jessica’s equally revealing outfit. For Jessica’s part, she was dressed in a sexy little black number which hung loose and barely covered her body. Featuring a long plunging V down the front of it caused her huge natural breasts to hang freely and it seemed as though she was about to pop out of it at any moment. Seeing Vanessa snicker at her provocative outfit and questionable taste Jessica let loose.

“Yeah keep smiling bitch.”

Realizing just how drunk Jessica seemed Vanessa suddenly lost her sense of humour and went back to priming herself.

“Yeah that’s what I thought, nothing to say?”

Thinking for a moment Vanessa finally broke her silence.

“What’s your fucking problem Jess, why can’t you just let it go? Move on and get over yourself?”

“Let it go?” Jessica replied, slurring slightly, “Bitch, you can have him!”

“Bitch! Who are you calling a bitch?”

“I heard what you said about me in those interviews,” Jessica interrupted, “What, did you think I wasn’t going to find out?”

“Fuck it, I don’t have time for this.” Vanessa snapped, putting her things back in her small purse before preparing to leave.

“Wait a minute I’m not through talking to you,” Jessica turned to face her.

“Well I am!” And with that Vanessa went to leave.

Drunk and frustrated Jessica then reached out to stop her from leaving when suddenly without warning Vanessa caught Jessica completely by surprise and lashed out slapping her firmly across the face. Exploding into a fit of rage Jessica immediately struck back, striking her across the jaw and causing Vanessa to stumble backwards. Within a second the girls exchanged a number of blows and scratches as they wrestled around with each other. Shrieking out and gasping loudly, Jessica held Vanessa by her long hair, pulling and clutching it firmly while Vanessa had her hands around Jessica’s throat, trying to choke and push her away.

As the girls noisily tussled about they both cried, “Arghh... you fucking bitch! I hate you!!”

Catching their breaths for just a moment, the girls finally stopped wrestling around and while still holding onto each other gauged the damage done to each other.

“Let go.” Vanessa said.

“Fuck you!” Jessica replied, not letting go of her adversary, “You started this!”

Wanting to break free Vanessa suddenly lashed out taking another cheap shot and slapping Jessica squarely across the mouth. Frantic to get away Vanessa then did something that totally took Jessica by surprise, spitting in her face. Jessica was so shocked she lost the power of speech, clearly stunned.

“Whore!” Vanessa yelled as her spit landed directly across Jessica’s nose and upper lip.

Finally taking in what had happened, Jessica shrieked with anger and went wild. They immediately wrestled around again this time clawing and scratching at each others skin.

“You fucking slut! I hate you!!” Jessica yelled before reaching over and inadvertently tearing at Vanessa’s tight top, ripping it.

“Fuck you!” Vanessa screamed as she immediately went to cover up.

Tearing the top of her dress open, one of Vanessa’s pert breasts fell free, completely exposing and embarrassing her. Vanessa was clearly shocked as Jessica chuckled evilly and took the opportunity to get the upper hand. Jessica was determined to cause the maximum amount of pain, and without thinking reached down to smack and pull at the exposed flesh, tweaking her nipples and causing Vanessa to whimper and cry out in pain.

“Owww, noooo!”

Jessica giggled to herself twisting her nipple harder. To Vanessa’s dismay her nipples had already hardened considerably.

“Arrghhh... let go!” Vanessa cried out in pain, “You fucking bitch, I always knew you were a dyke!”

Wanting to get back at her, Vanessa then reached over to rip and claw at Jessica’s clothes, pulling at her dress and ripping the robe off her shoulder which helped encase her massive rack. Tugging at it Vanessa pulled it down to expose Jessica’s equally if not even more splendid breasts. To Vanessa’s delight Jessica immediately squirmed and pulled away, apparently just as embarrassed about having her amazing rack out in the open. For a moment Vanessa smirked proudly, impressed by Jessica’s glorious tits.

Unlike Vanessa’s nipples, which were large thick and round in diameter, Jessica’s nipples were the exact opposite being small and pink. And judging from her rival’s reaction not what Vanessa had expected. Vanessa audibly gasped as they came into view while Jessica turned bright red and then using all her strength pinned Vanessa back against the wall behind her.

Exposed, Jessica was pushed over the edge, “You fucking slut! You ruined my dress!!”

With her arms restrained Vanessa was unable to fight back and thinking quickly retaliated with the only thing she could think of, her mouth. Suddenly Vanessa spat at her, hitting Jessica in the exact spot she had just a few moments earlier. Shocking her for a second time Jessica went to react and say something when Vanessa spat again, this time hitting her eye. Totally appalled Jessica decided to fight fire with fire and seeing Vanessa attempt to build up some saliva suddenly struck back, spitting on Vanessa’s face. Vanessa grunted with disgust and the two then proceeded to stand only a few inches apart from each other, spitting into each others faces like a pair of high school teenagers.

“Urghh bitch!”

“Arrrrgh, fuck you!!”

Frustrated by the sudden turn of events Vanessa finally pulled her arms free and reached down to shove her hand under Jessica’s short robe – searching out and finding black lace panties.

“Since you love acting like such a dirty little slut, I’m going to treat you like one!” Vanessa said before spitting in her face one last time and shoving her hand inside her underwear.

Plunging two fingers into Jessica’s hot cunt, Jessica noticeably stiffened up and gasped loudly as she felt Vanessa’s fingers immediately probe around inside her. Shooting her an intense stare, Vanessa had to admit even she was amazed to see just how tight and wet Jessica seemed. Burying her fingers knuckle deep, Jessica’s mouth fell open and she moaned before instinctively parting her legs to accomodate her hand. Jessica grasped at Vanessa’s breast in one last failed attempt at fighting her and shut her eyes for the first time as she felt a warm sensation of adrenaline and excitement wash through her.

“Aaaahhhhh God!”

“Hmmm, you like that don’t you... fucking whore!” Vanessa told her, staring into her dark brown eyes.

“Urghh, nooo ohhhhhh” Jessica moaned involuntarily.

Waiting for the right moment Vanessa then spat in her face, deliberately finding out her open mouth and hitting the mark. As Jessica groaned and tried to get her bearings, suddenly Vanessa leaned over to lick her face, sliding her tongue over her cheek, chin, and finally lips, before slipping her hot tongue into Jessica mouth. To her delight Jessica moaned to her probing fingers and eagerly reciprocated by sliding her own tongue over Vanessa’s.

Spearing their wet tongues over each others, Vanessa lustfully kissed her way over to Jessica’s neck, smearing their spit and licking hungrily at Jessica Simpson’s body. It was without a doubt the hottest, lust filled encounter they had ever experienced. As Vanessa urgently licked and groped the blonde singer’s body, Jessica moaned and bucked her hips grinding herself against Vanessa’s exploring fingers.

“Ohh fuck... don’t… aaarghhh stop, I’m gonna cum!”

Vanessa pushed faster and further inside her, causing Jessica to suddenly climax loudly. Shaking violently, Vanessa then surprised Jessica by bringing her cum coated fingers up to her face and slipping them into her mouth – tasting her first taste of Jessica.

“Ahhh you’re so sweet too.” Vanessa moaned, before dipping them back inside her panties again and repeating the process.

Jessica now felt like a $2 whore, getting taken advantage of so openly and in the middle of the clubs bathroom. Jessica seemed to be in a daze as Vanessa Minnillo frantically frigged her in the corner. At this state Jessica was lost for words, shocked at the turn of events much less her own uncontrollable actions. Vanessa continued to finger and taste her sweet pussy and the girls kissed some more before Vanessa finally fed her juicy fingers to Jessica’s mouth.

“Lick my fingers. I wanna see you taste your pussy.”

Jessica didn’t hesitant, and eagerly took Vanessa’s glistening digits into her mouth, swirling her tongue around them.

Suddenly, Vanessa then pulled Jessica towards the mirror and bent her over the counter top. Jessica’s gasped with surprise as her robe like outfit now totally fell off her shoulders leaving her topless as she was forced to bend over. Vanessa wasted little time and hiking up her dress yanked her lace underwear to the floor before pulling her soft round ass cheeks apart and dove in to eat her pussy from behind. Jessica had never felt anything like it her entire life. Reaching out she placed her hands on the mirror in front of her and watched the look of beautiful torture on her own face.

Jessica felt Vanessa’s long wet tongue slide the full length of her puffy pussy lips before finding her hole and fucking it with her thickened tongue and fingers. Jessica could hardly breathe as she squirmed about and was just on the verge of a powerful orgasm when suddenly they were both interrupted by a sound which told them someone was approaching and was only a single door away. Pausing for a moment, they looked at each other in the mirror before Vanessa suddenly got up and pulled Jessica into the last stall. Just as she shut the door they heard a small group of girls step inside – clearly drunk and laughing and wondering why a bin was pushed up against the door.

Vanessa and Jessica stood shaking and breathing heavy behind the small stall door, trying their hardest not to be heard. Looking at her lustfully, Vanessa then turned Jessica to face her and slowly kissed her on the lips. Making out passionately, the women kissed each other like two long time lovers, gently nibbling and sucking each other tongues and lips. Frenching sensually, the girls swapped and pushed mouthfuls of saliva into each others mouths, whimpering softly as they played with their combined drool and spit. Jessica finally broke away, her mouth and chin glistening.

“What are we doing?” Jessica whispered.

Vanessa answered her with another deep kiss, thrusting her tongue into the back of her throat before running if against her teeth, exploring her mouth.

“I want you...” Vanessa breathed as she placed her hand over Jessica’s wet panties again, running her fingers over the groove and reminding her just hot wet she had gotten.

Flashing Vanessa the most innocent puppy dog eyes, Jessica softly asked her again, “What are we doing... I’ve never done this before.”

In the background the girls were clearly drunk and noisily carrying on, laughing amongst themselves. Little did they know that two of America’s hottest celebrities Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Minnillo were making out with each other just a few feet away.

Getting a mischievous thought, Vanessa then moved to sit on the toilet seat and pulled Jessica down with her. Jessica was forced to kneel directly in front of her as Vanessa spread her long legs. Kissing her hard on the lips again, Vanessa caressed her face reassuring her before then slipping the top off her dress down to her waist as if presenting her breasts to Jessica. As Jessica stared speechlessly at her beautiful body, Vanessa than grabbed hold of Jessica’s head and guided her to her nipple.

Jessica didn’t resist and took on of her nipples into her mouth, licking, kissing, and then sucking on her chocolate brown nubs. Holding her breathe and biting her bottom lip so not to moan, Vanessa then drooled some spit from her wet tongue down to her breasts and into Jessica’s waiting mouth. Jessica eagerly took the saliva into her mouth and used it to lubricate her nipples. Leaning back, Vanessa parted her legs further and slid a finger into her panties, petting her own pussy.

Jessica took the hint and slowly kissed and licked her way down Vanessa’s tummy, before moving over her bundled outfit and kissing the inside of her spread thigh. The anticipation was driving Vanessa insane, and she inadvertently let out a low moan as Jessica gently nibbles the inside of her thigh.

“Do it, lick me... I wanna feel your tongue inside me...” Vanessa moaned.

As Jessica playfully teased her and slowly moved in the direction of her silk white panties, she pulled them to the side to get her first close up look at Vanessa’s 26-year-old pussy. Jessica had never seen another woman’s vagina up close before but she was certain it was one of the prettiest things she’d ever seen. Unlike her own snatch which was tight and puffy, Vanessa’s Polynesian vagina was tanned, with long dark wilted lips which glistened with excitement.

Licking her own lips with excitement, Jessica bent forward and gently blew her breath across it, causing Vanessa to sigh and squirm.

Arching her back Vanessa breathed, “Oh you teasing bitch... just do it... lick me.”

Jessica grinned to herself delighted in the power she now had over her.

She also grinned as she was about to have her first real taste of pussy when Vanessa added, “Spit on it... put your spit on my pussy Jess.”

Jessica placed her mouth just above her sweet-smelling slit and slowly drooled out a thick stand of spit, watching it seep over her clit and dribble between her wrinkled flaps. It was one of the most erotic things she’d ever seen, smelt. Her scent was intoxicating. As Vanessa let out another low groan, suddenly the girls by the counter all fell quiet as they realized they weren’t alone. Looking under the door of the stalls it was then they realized they had stumbled across the amorous couple.

“Oh shit, there’s someone in here...” one of the girls said before another one hushed her.

As they all giggled, they began to leave and one of them apologized for the intrusion, never imagining in a million years that the two girls inside the last stall were in actual fact celebrities. As Vanessa and Jessica heard the girls leave, Jessica was then preparing to get up and suggest something but Vanessa quickly grabbed the back of her head and pushed it hard against her searing snatch, mashing Jessica’s pretty face against her pussy.

“Mmmpphhhh!!!” Jessica mumbled with a mouth full of pussy – staring up into Vanessa’s eyes.

“Uurrrghhh yeaaah, eat my pussy baby!!” Vanessa moaned sweetly before taking her hand away – now confident Jessica wouldn’t pull away.

Jessica did as she was told, eagerly eating and lapping up her rival’s pussy. Stiffening her tongue, Jessica then licked her way down and proceeded to tongue fuck Vanessa’s entrance while Vanessa twiddled her clit. Kicking her knees apart as wide as she could, Vanessa started to moan and rant to herself.

“Urghh fuck yess!! You eat pussy so good!!!” Urrghh fuck, if everyone only knew how good you eat pussy baby... urghhh god!! I wonder if your sister eats pussy as good as you!?! Yeah?”

Jessica had zoned out a few seconds earlier and wasn’t listening to a single word Vanessa was saying as she was now totally consumed with licking her hot cunt. Pulling her tongue out of her hole she then began to slither her way up and down her dark lips, taking them into her mouth and slurping loudly and sucking up all and any of her juices. Vanessa now lay back with her legs spread as wide as possible, lifting her knees up to her chest and holding them there as her panties were pulled to one side and Jessica Simpson licked her fervently. Playing with Jessica’s long blonde hair, she then pushed her face down and deeper into her searing snatch.

“Ohh fuck yes... lick my ass you nasty little bitch!!! LICK IT!!!”

Jessica didn’t miss a beat, and eagerly swirled her incredibly long tongue around and then inside Vanessa’s tight backdoor, driving her wild.

“Oh fuck!! Right there!!!” Vanessa cried, shoving Jessica’s face hard against her sphincter, “Urghhh!!! You’re gonna make me cum!!! I’m gonna cum all over you fucking face!!!”

Jessica now had her face pressed so hard against Vanessa’s butt her nose flicked against Vanessa’s entrance, riling her up. Vanessa twisted around, placing her legs on the floor and lifting her hips up in the air as Jessica brought her towards an extremely powerful orgasm. Suddenly, to Jessica’s absolute shock Vanessa began to shriek and shake and without warning actually began to squirt, spraying Jessica’s face with her juices.

“AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH FUUUUUUCK IMMMMM CUUUMMMINGGGGGG!!!!!” Vanessa cried out loudly, not giving a damn who heard them.

Jessica was so amazed and startled at seeing and causing Vanessa Minnillo to cum and squirt all over her face Jessica ripped her tongue out of her anus and wrapped her mouth entirely around Vanessa’s taco, slurping down and almost gagging on the overwhelming amount of girl juice. Jessica’s face was now coated in a mixture of cum and juice as Vanessa finally calmed down and lay there catching her breathe. Looking down at her rival she then grabbed her by the chin.

“Oh fuck!! You make me cum so hard...”

Then without warning Vanessa spat into Jessica’s face, reminding her who was boss. Jessica just lay there still in a daze and not knowing how she ended up on the floor of the toilet covered in spit and girl cum. While Jessica sat there contemplating, Vanessa then got up and opened the door, leaving Jessica on the floor. Straightening herself up in the mirror Jessica watched her for a minute before finally speaking.

“I guess you think you shut me up.”

“Hmm, I’m not finished with you yet,” Vanessa replied sweetly, “I’ll catch you around bitch.”

Vanessa left the bathroom while Jessica sat there pondering what she meant. Shaking her head her body tingled with excitement as she entertained the idea of bumping into her again at a Hollywood event. She wondered what lay in store for them both...

The End

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Great story, i cant wait for more, i think you should do a thing with vannessa and ashly simpson and also a jessica and ashly maybe even a 3 some with the 3 of them and maybe a 3some with vannessa jess and nick lachey, or even a 4some anywhos i think this is one of the best storys iv read so far, and i cant wait for many more of them 2 come, i just have one suggestion, if you do 3 somes or anything else with these 2 charectors you sould connect the storys that would be interseting