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This is something that I wrote a really long time ago. Was meant to be a multi-part epic, but for one reason or another, it never got finished. It was my first attempt at writing anything of this nature, so it's a little...unrefined. Ok, it's godawful. But I haven't posted anything for a long time, and I wanted to give you something. But look for some new stuff soon, seeing as I'm now on holiday. Anyways, enjoy the pent up lusts of my formative years, folks! Some of it's true, some of it's exaggerated, and some completely fictional, but hey...artistic lisence, right?

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Drama Gang(bang)

These are a collection of stories relating to my experiences relating to my time in my high schools drama gang. The names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. Some are true, others are based on rumor, some are complete fantasy. Enjoy.

Part the First- Introduction

All through highschool, the jocks assumed that they had the best parties and got the most girls. Not so. In terms of quantity, quality and availability of girls, and of fun had and booze consumed, the drama gang won hands down. I was relatively late in my introduction to this side of things, however, due to my relative shyness and distant nature. So it wasn’t until my second production with the gang that I was made aware of the sheer amount of sex going on around me.

My initiation into this subculture was as forceful as it was sudden. During the 2002 production, I was more or less forcibly made aware of the activity going around me. During our productions it was customary to wait under the stage while not needed, so as to minimise clutter and noise in the crowded side of stage area, and whilst waiting underneath, I noticed to of the year twelve girls, Kayleigh and Elyse going under a rostrum. I thought nothing of it, and returned to boredly flicking through a copy of the shows program.

In a couple of minutes, my ears picked up a strange sound coming from under the rostrum, but it took me a couple of seconds to figure it out; someone was having an orgasm! Needless to say, I was somewhat freaked out, as it took me completely by surprise. However, I listened in closely, and became rather aroused. After a little while the sounds died, and Kayleigh and Elyse left to go on stage. I am sure I did not imagine, however, the sly little wink and smile that Kayleigh gave me as she walked past.

I was confused, and talking to a friend of mine in the cast, Emma, mentioned what I thought I had heard. She simply smiled at me and said “It’s about time you caught on to whats going on.” I was shocked.
“You knew about this?!” I replied
“Knew about and partook in. We almost all do it.” My only thought was how the hell I had failed to notice this going on. Emma said something else, which made me double take completely. “Would you like to have some fun with me?” She asked, giving me a sexy grin. I was stunned, but at the same time I knew that this could be the opportunity of my young life. I nodded mutely, and she whispered to come with her. We went to an empty classroom near the theatre. Emma was a short girl, two years older than me, skinny, with long straight brown hair. She wasn’t particularly sexy in form, but she carried herself with an energy and manner which was highly attractive. Besides, at that point I was so horny I didn’t care what she looked like. We were both still in costume, me in suit pants and a white shirt, she in a short skirt, long socks, shirt and cardigan, with her hair in very appealing pigtails.

We entered the classroom, and she sat on a desk, opening her legs. Not enough to look slutty, but enough for me to see quite clearly that she was wearing no panties. I was curious, I moved in close and said quietly “you went on stage with no panties?”
“Yeah…I find it really turns me on. I’m careful never to flash too much though.” I kissed her, and she kissed back, then she pulled away. She looked in my eyes and said, “lick me out”, then moved to the edge of the desk. I had never done this before, but I didn’t wish to admit it, so I rolled up her skirt and tried to remember what I had learnt from watching porno movies at home. I decided to move in slowly, planting a few soft kisses on her thighs, and stroking around her pussy, but never touching it. Emma started to breath heavier, and I could see some moisture forming on her lips. I knew from some stuff I had read I had to find her clit, but had no idea where to look for it. I continued, kissing up closer, before licking gently against her outer lips. Emma moaned softly, causing my erect cock to throb almost painfully. “Put some fingers in me” she said in almost a whisper, before adding more forcefully “now!” I complied, sliding first one, then another into her, and moving them slowly in and out. Her breathing became louder, and her hips started to thrust up at me, her moans became more frequent. Then I spotted it, her clit, and kissed it, running my tongue over it. She came, holding her hands over her mouth to stifle the sounds of her climax. I looked up at her, and she said to me “that was great! How many times have you eaten a girl out?” I replied that it was my first. I’m not sure she believed me, but she said “wow, you are a natural! I’m going to recommend you to all my friends. Now, would you like me to return the favour?” My brain clicked that she was offering me a blowjob. I couldn’t contain my excitement, and blurted out yes, my voice cracking into a high pitched croak. “I’ve got just one condition,” she said to me, “I’ll take it in my mouth, but you have to share it with me.” I had heard about things like that, but never considered it. I was so horny by then that I accepted without hesitation. I removed my pants and sat on the edge of the desk, and she knelt before my hard cock. She stroked me a couple of times, before gently licking the precum off the head of my penis. She looked up at me and purred “mmm…tastes good.” She licked the length of my cock, and swirled her tongue around my head before taking me into her mouth. I’ll admit I’m not huge, just your average six-incher, but she took it all without the slightest difficulty. She bobbed her head up and down on my member, and I came in a few seconds. She stood up, leaned over on me, and kissed me. I was initially disgusted, but after a second or so, I began to enjoy the taste and kissed her back, searching for more. We broke the kiss after five seconds or so, tidied up, and went back under the stage.

The rest of that production was something of a blur, as word about my “talents” spread quickly. I didn’t get laid, but I did eat a lot of snatch, and received many fine blowjobs. I realised I was onto a good thing.

However, at the conclusion of the afterparty, I was invited with a small number of others to a smaller party at Janine’s house. As soon as we were all piled into a cab together, it was announced to me by Emma that this was to be my “initiation”. When I asked what I was being initiated into (being mildly intoxicated and not caring overmuch for what happened to me), she replied “why, our little sex circle of course.” I just set back and smiled.

We arrived at Janine’s empty house, and went into her bedroom. Everyone else was stripping off, but stopping at their underware, so I thought I’d better follow suit. I was taking off my shirt, when I felt a tap on my shoulder and Kelly said to me “just lie on the bed.” I did so. I looked Kelly over. I had always thought she was hot; tall, slender, but with a few nice curves, a smiling face and sensual red lips against her dark, Mediterranean tan. She was wearing a low cut bra and some panties, in a matching shade of blue. She had a wet spot, and so she was clearly excited by what was happening. I looked further around, and took stock of who else was there. Aside from Emma and Kelly, there was Sian (short and rather chubby, but with impressive tits and a sexy attitude) Fiona (tall and leggy with curly blonde hair and full lips) and Sarah (not particularly attractive, short and unremarkable, but I’d heard she also liked to be very kinky). There were also a couple of guys, Dean, one of my best friends and Michael.

Emma came over to me and took my shirt off, then gently pushed me back over on to my back, then she and Sian eased my arms up over my head. Before I knew what was happening, my hands were handcuffed to the bed and I was trapped on my back. The others stood in a near naked circle around the bed. Fiona spoke first. “Well,” she said, “Welcome to our little gang of fuck buddies. This is you initiation. Tonight, you are going to pleasure each and everyone here. As you are new, you will do everything you are told, you are the slave tonight.” With that, Emma and Sian moved to her, and began slowly stripping off her few remaining garments. Soon she was naked, and my cock was throbbing in my pants, aching to get out. She got down on all fours across me, so that she was straight across the bed. Dean removed his pants, revealing a huge erection, already dripping with precum, and Michael followed suit. Dean went infront of Fiona and started to slowly stroke his cock in front of her face, while Mike went behind her and rubbed his dick over her pussy lips. She moaned, and they both entered simultaneously. I watched the three fuck away over me, becoming increasingly lustful at the sight of their horny antics. Fiona came twice in quick succession, and Mike and Dean pulled out. Fiona crawled up to me and kissed me forcefully, her tongue going deep into my mouth. She said to me “If you want to get off tonight, you have to take their cum in your mouth.” I didn’t mind, as I was secretly bi, but I had never had a guy cum in my mouth before. I nodded. Dean moved up to me, and stood over my chest, then dropped to his knees, his erection on my lips. I slowly worked my mouth over the head of his cock, using my tongue on the underside. He thrust forward and went deeper into me. I noticed (though I couldn’t see) that someone was taking my pants off, and my cock sprung free, in the hardest state I had known it. Dean was thrusting in and out of my mouth now, and I was doing my best to pleasure him, while loving the feeling of his cock in my mouth. I felt him swell and stiffen, but he didn’t come in my mouth, instead pulling out to spray it on my face. I licked off that which I could reach, loving the warm salty taste. Fiona and Sarah quickly found and licked up what I couldn’t. Michael repeated the process, groaning loudly as I applied my tongue and coming swiftly in my warm, willing mouth. Sarah kissed me, sharing the salty treat within.

“My turn next!” Sian squealed enthusiastically, as she jumped onto the bed and rapidly straddled my chest. She leant over, rubbing her more than ample breasts across my face, and I happily sucked a nipple into my mouth. She whimpered happily, dropping her head down and biting me firmly, but gently on the neck. This sent fireworks racing along my nerves, but my moans were muffled by the expanse of titflesh over my mouth. I bit her back, bringing my teeth down softly on her nipple, “harder” she moaned, so I bit her again, harder. She whimpered with pleasure as I alternated biting and sucking on her nipple, and I could feel someone fingering her from behind while this happened. She came not long after, and embraced Fiona as she got off me. Fiona stuck one digit deep into her moist pussy and came over to me. “Suck my finger, bitch”, she growled, and I complied, enjoying the taste of Sian’s juices.

Next it was Emma’s turn, and she wasted no time at all, jumping straight onto my cock, she began to ride me, bucking up and down and screaming like a wildcat. Sarah climbed onto my face, and I began licking her out. I noticed a familiar taste mingled in with her sweet nectar and realised she’d just been fucked. I licked and fucked happily for several mintues, and all three of us enjoyed fierce orgasms. Fiona told them to get off me, and I saw that she had put a large strap-on dildo around her hips. Dean and Michael came over to me and lifted my legs up into the air, rolling my hips backwards and exposing my arsehole to Fiona. I felt a cool sensation as Fiona lubed me up, then a combination of pain and a fair bit of pleasure as she entered me. The others stood around, watching as I was fucked, playing with themselves and each other. Fiona began to growl with pleasure as she hammered into my backdoor; and the feeling became less painful and more pleasurable as she continued, my breathing became heavier and heavier as my cock became increasingly engorged. I remember Emma climbing onto me in the 69 position, and then the rest of the evening is just a blur of fucking.

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