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OK guys here's my first attempt at an actual story. Hope you enjoy!

Jamie watched as David flipped the TV channels. She sat and ran her fingers through his hair. It was a soft golden brown and brushed his shoulders. He had the bluest of blue eyes. She loved to stare into them for hours. David had to be the greatest guy she had ever dated.

Jamie was so comfortable with him. He never pressured her for anything. His birthday was approaching soon and she wanted to do something special for him. They had been dating for almost six months now and had done very little in the way of sex. She knew that he liked some strange things but had never been brave enough to ask. She would have to get brave enough soon if she was going to give him the present she had in mind.


He turned and looked at her with a smile, “Yes love?”

“How well do we know each other?”

“I know you very well.” He said with a smile and turned around to face her further, “Why?”

“OK, what color are my eyes?” She giggled and closed them tight.

“Easy one. They are green. Hey if you didn’t know it already your hair is auburn.”

She opened her eyes and smacked him on the shoulder laughing. “I know that silly!”

He smiled at her a grabbed her up in a bear hug. She squealed as he began to tickle her. She begged for him to stop. This was a common enough occurrence. She was horribly ticklish. This time she looked into his eyes and saw something strange. A look of longing that she had never noticed before. Every time she said no and stop the look grew stronger. He noticed her staring and quit. He took a deep breath and smiled.

“Why were you looking at me like that David?”

“You’re so beautiful Jamie. I love you. That’s all.”

“No there was something else. I want to make you happy David. Tell me why you were looking at me that way please?” Jamie meant what she said. She truly wanted to make him happy.

“I’m afraid that if I tell you that you’ll leave me.” David was looking at his hands nervously.

“I’ll never leave you. Now tell me please.”

“When you beg me to stop and scream no…it’s a huge turn on for me. I had a relationship with a girl once that liked to be tied up and dominated. I had never thought about anything like that till I met her. But I found that I liked it.” He was blushing.

“I don’t really know anything about that kind of stuff. Why didn’t you tell me that you liked that kind of stuff? How far do you like to go?”

“As far as the girl will let me. I would never hurt someone but I love the feeling of being master over a woman in the bedroom. I was sure you’d never go for that kind of sex. I know that there has to be a lot of trust in a relationship for most women to do that kind of stuff. I didn’t want to frighten you. I want to be with you forever so I was content keeping it to myself. Maybe watching a bondage porn movie sometimes.” His face was red but he kept talking, “I guess you think I’m a freak or sick or something.”

“No David. I just wish you’d shared this with me long ago. I love you too and I want you to be happy.” Jamie ran her hand down the side of his face. The idea of what he was telling her frightened her. To give herself completely to the mercy of someone else was a terrifying thought. She looked at him and smiled trying not to show her doubts.

“What? I haven’t made you upset have I?” He kissed her softly.

“No I was just thinking. I don’t know if I could do that kind of thing or not David. It’s a lot to think about. It sounds like something I would have tried in high school or drunk. Oh I don’t know what to say. I’ll be back in a little while.” She got up and head to the computer. She had some research to do. She wanted to understand exactly what he was wanting from her.

“Jamie!” He called out as she left the room. She turned and looked at him with a comforting smile.

“I…I…I would love to try it with you. I promise I wouldn’t hurt you. Not unless you wanted me too.”

She knew he was trying to be comforting but it didn’t work. “Look David. It scares me. All right are you happy? It scares me. Let me deal with this and think about it. Just don’t push me.”

She watched as he nodded and sat down on the couch with his head in hands. He looked like he had lost his best friend. Surely he knew that this wouldn’t make her leave him. Everyone had some kind of weird quirk or another. She sighed as she sat down at the computer. She put ‘bondage’ in the search bar and with a deep breath hit enter. She figured that she would have a hard time finding out anything about it. Jamie just assumed it was a taboo and rare thing.

“Oh my god!” She watched as the search engine pulled up site after site. There was more to this then she thought. She didn’t know where to start so she just clicked on the first free link on the page.

Jamie slowly read through the stories, pictures and ****** stores. Her mind was assaulted with a barrage of images. Women gagged, hogtied and totally helpless. There was no way that they could stop the other men or women from doing what they pleased. One site spoke of safe words. How do you use safe words if you are gagged with a penis gag and can’t talk? Jamie pushed her chair away from the computer and went to get a drink from the kitchen.

David was lying on the couch with his shirt off. She smiled at the site of his finely muscled chest. He looked up at her and returned her smile. He knew what effect he was having on her and stretched like a cat. He got up and walked over to her. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her to him. His smile widened seconds before he kissed her deeply. She could feel that he was hard as he pressed up against her passionately. She thought of what she had learned about him and pulled away.

“Not yet David. I’m still trying to grasp what you told me.” She moved to walk into the kitchen.

“All right Jamie. I really want this but I won’t push you it has to be your decision. You can totally set the limits. I’ll respect whatever you say. We’re not in high school anymore and this isn’t a game. Hell I’ll be 26 next week. You know I’m not just looking for sex. I want to share my life with you Jamie. Just remember that.” He turned back to the couch with a sigh.

Jamie turned back to him. He had never asked her for something that seemed so important to him before. He was right they weren’t children anymore. She had just turned 27 a month earlier. She felt her heart melt at the site of his fallen shoulders. How could she deny him when it was one of the few things he had asked her for in all the months they had been together?


He turned to face her emotions plan on his face, “Yes love?”

“I’m afraid. I’ve been looking at some of the website and everything looks so painful. Is that what you want…to hurt me?”

“No I never want to hurt you! I just wanted to share something that I enjoy with you. You set the limits. I may be in charge but you can stop the whole thing with just a word or a motion. How could you ask me a question like that?” The pain was plain in his voice.

Jamie felt horrible. She knew he would never hurt her. But she had hurt him with just a few words. She went to him and put her arms around him. “I can’t help it David. I’m scared.”

“Jamie I promise, you can set the limits. You can say what goes and what doesn’t. I’ll do what ever you like. I just want to share this with you. Even if it’s only once. If you don’t like it fine but at least you’ll understand me better.” David wrapped his long muscular arms around her shoulders and returned her hug.

“I promise I’ll think about it David.” She felt him nod against her shoulder as they held each other.

Several days past and David didn’t mention his birthday or the discussion they’d had. Jamie knew that he felt embarrassed. She hadn’t meant for him to feel that way. It was the night before his birthday and she sat watching him as he worked on the computer. He seemed distant.

“David?” She waited for him to turn and face her. “Are you mad at me?”

He looked puzzled for a moment and then said, “No. Should I be?”

“You’ve been acting weird ever since we had that talk a few days ago. You won’t hardly talk to me. You hardly talk to me. Why?”

“I’m sorry Jamie. But I keep thinking back to that night and how you thought I wanted to hurt you. I only want to make things wonderful for you. To let you experience things that are amazing. I just wanted to share ‘me’ with you.”

She glanced at the clock. It was after midnight. It was his birthday. She knew what she should do, but could she do it. She took a deep breath and got up and walked over to him.

“If I tell you not to do something you’ll stop? And it won’t hurt? In a bad way anyway.” She tried to smile as he looked up at her confused.

“I’ll set whatever boundaries you need. I want you to feel safe. Does that mean you will try it with me?” David’s face was lit up like a kid on Christmas day.

“Yes, I’ll try it with you. We can try it tonight. For your birthday.” Jamie was a nervous wreak. She smiled and tried to hide her nerves as David stood up and walked over to the couch where she sat.

“Now? You mean right now?” David was breathing hard.

“What do we need to do? How do we start?” She looked up into his eyes.

“Just relax and enjoy the ride.” He pulled her off the couch into a deep kiss. She pulled back from him breathless and smiling. He held onto her though and wouldn’t let her move. She felt her heartbeat quicken.

“From this moment on you are mine to do with as I see fit. I am Master. You will address me as such. Do you understand?”

She wasn’t sure what to do so she just nodded. He pulled her up against him hard. It hurt but just a little. She couldn’t help but take a sharp breath as he lifted her.

“You will speak when spoken to. Now, do you understand?”


“Wrong!” He grabbed her up and carried her into the bed room. He slammed her face first down on the bed. He jerked her pants down and slapped her soft round ass. “Try again, slave. Do you understand?”

“Yes…Master.” She was shaking but it was a little strange. She wasn’t sure what she was feeling.

David looked down at her with a smile, “Good slave. I want you to undress. I have been dreaming of this for a while. I bought something’s a few months ago hoping I would get to share this with you.”

He went to the closet and pulled out an old backpack that Jamie had never noticed before. She was watching him instead of taking her clothes off. He started pulling something that looked like a bunch of leather straps and metal rings. She felt her nerves begin to crawl with a small tingle of fear. He turned to face her with the straps in his hands.

“Why aren’t you undressed? Are you disobeying me already?” David’s voice was soft but stern.

“I’m sorry. I…I…mean sorry Master.” She had done enough research to know a few of the rules. She began to remove her clothes. David watched with a smile as she slid her baby blue thongs over her smooth hips. She let them fall to the floor and kicked them up with her foot. When she was completely naked her handed her the strips of leather. Jamie looked at them confused. David took them back and held them up. The strips fell into a recognizable pattern of lingerie. Jamie worked the straps over her shoulders. The strips for the breast held her up, but left the entire breast exposed.

Once she was dressed he pulled her tight to him and kissed her hard. She heard metal rattle as he moved her back. He had handcuffs in his hands. She looked at him and shook her head no.

“Jamie this wouldn’t be bondage if I didn’t tie you up. I need you to relax a little. You know you can trust me.”

“David just be careful. Don’t go overboard with me.”

“Turn around slave,” was David’s only reply.

With a deep breath Jamie turned away from him and let him put the cuffs on her. She felt totally helpless. Her heart was racing. Her emotions were a jumble. Was she scared? Or was it excitement? She was in over her head.

“David, I don’t know about this.” She felt him stroke her hair and kiss her neck. That moment of softness let her relax enough to sink back against him with a sigh.

“Do you love me Jamie?” He whispered hot and warm into her ear.

She felt tingles run down her body as she whispered, “Yes!” in reply.

He continued to kiss his way down her shoulders causing her to sigh once again. When she opened her mouth to let the sigh out he slid a ball gag in her mouth. She tossed her head back and forth trying to struggle against it. How could she say no if she was unable to talk? She felt her heartbeat quicken once again.

David turned her to face him. She was trying to get words out around the gag and failing miserably. He smiled as he pushed her down on the four poster bed. “Don’t worry love I won’t hurt you. I love you. You’ll enjoy it I promise.”

David scooted her further up on the bed. He pulled long lengths of out from the backpack he had produced. He took her right ankle and tied the rope to it. Then he lift pulled the rope up around her thigh and looped it around several times so that her ankle was secured firmly against her thigh. He repeated the process with her other ankle. She felt her heart sink as he attached another rope to those and tied the to the bed post. He was in effect spreading her open so that she couldn’t close her self off from him if she wanted too.

She closed her eyes for a moment only to jerk them open again as she felt his fingers slid in to her surprisingly wet pussy. She looked up at him. He was smiling. “Seems you’re enjoying this more then you thought.”

Jamie wasn’t sure her mind was enjoying this at all but obviously other parts of her were. He lifted her up and undid her hands. Taking another length of rope he tied each hand to the post above her head. She watched as he rummaged in his bag again. He turned back to her with an evil looking pair of clamps. She let out a breath of content as he began to message her full D cup breast. She had her head back on the pillows. All thoughts of the horrid looking clamps gone. Until…

Jamie’s scream ripped its way around the ball gag. Audible though very muffled. The next clip bit into her sensitive nipple on the other breast and David was rewarded with another scream. He began to tug on them softly and rub the tip of the nipple that stuck out between the clamps. She felt her pussy begin to quiver as he made soft circles on them.

He stopped touching her and went back to his back of toys. She sobbed as he pulled out another clip. This one was shaped different from the other two. He stood between her legs and smiled once again.

“You’ll like this baby. It may hurt at first, but only for a second. I’ll make sure of it.”

She felt her body go cold when his fingers began to message her clit. Her mind began to scream. Surely he wouldn’t put one there. Her mind was racing. He couldn’t. He wouldn’t. The pain erased all thought from her mind as the metal dug into one of her most sensitive areas. He began to wiggle the clip around on her clit causing her to moan and writhe. Never had she dreamed that pain would feel good.

“See baby. I told you that you’d like it. Now I need you to relax as much as you can.” She heard his bag rattle.

She tried to relax but there was too much happening to her for that to happen. Her eyes were closed. And she was trying to relax like he asked. She felt his hand moving around her dripping pussy. He slid a finger into her pussy and began to stroke her slowly. Causing sensations to build but never quite brought her to a climax. She noticed a slight pressure near her asshole but she was to intent on the pleasure he was teasing her with.

The next thing she knew there was a ripping sensation as something huge and hard invaded her virgin ass. Her back arched as hard as it could being tied as she was. David put his hand on her stomach and pushed her back down on the bed. Her breath was coming in ragged gulps.

“Calm down Jamie. The pain is over now. I’m going to turn the vibrator on. Just relax. The fun is just beginning!” He stroked her stomach from where he stood. She heard a button click and then the most amazing sensations were flowing through her body.

Jamie kept coming so close to an orgasm but could never quite get there. It was becoming agony. She wanted to beg for it but she couldn’t talk around the gag. David must have sensed it or seen it on her face. He reached down and unbuckled the ball gag.

“Do you want to say something slave?”

“Ma…Ma…Master. I need to….Oh MY GOD…I need to cum! Please!” She never dreamed she be begging for something like this.

Jamie watched as David smiled and stroked her hair, “Soon my little slave soon. I promise. First you need to do something for master.”

“Whatever you want master! Please!” Jamie was so desperate to cum at this point that she was willing to do anything at all.

David’s only answer was to smile at her. He stepped up on the bed and lowered himself down slowly. He reached down and opened her mouth gently. He had removed his clothing at some point. His huge cock was hard as a rock. David was easily 9 inches possibly even 10. Just the site of it at the moment sent tingles through Jamie’s tense body. She longed for him to slide his huge member deep inside her.

David smiled at her again and shoved his cock as far into her mouth as he could. “Suck it slave. If you want me to satisfy you…you have to satisfy me first.”

Jamie took as much of his huge cock into her mouth as she could. Once she had done that he shoved it in even further. He was inside her throat so deep that her gag reflex didn’t work. He fucked her mouth like it was her cunt, hard, fast and deep. When she thought she was going to smoother he let his hot load slid down her throat. She had no choice but to swallow or choke. He pulled out and she sucked down much needed air.

“Very good my little slave. Now lets see what kind of shape that pussy of yours is in shall we?” David ran his hand down to her dripping slit and began to touch the clip on her clit. She moaned as shivers ran through her.

“We need to get these off of here. How shall we do that?” David laughed a little as he once again rummaged in his bag. At this point Jamie didn’t care. The vibrator in her ass and the clip on her body, being unable to move, it was all driving her wild. She felt a rush of air and turned her eyes back to David fear coursing her veins again.

David was whirling a whip at the end of the bed. It hit the edge of the footboard with a pop. “I think this will work nicely. What do you think slave?”

“No master, please no!” She thought of the pain that would come with the whip.

“Oh but I say yes.” He let the whip brush against the side of her quivering thighs. He flipped it softly against her soaking pussy. It just barely tugged at the clip on her clit causing the pain to begin anew as it settled in its new home. Jamie cried out as each stroke became stronger and moved the clip time after time. She could fell her own juices sliding down her leg as he stroked her with the whip. The pain had become part of the pleasure in her mind. She felt the clip slide of with the last and strongest hit of the whip. She let out a load moan as blood flowed back into her sore and bruised clit. David touched her clit with the lightest of touches and her body bucked in response.

Jamie gasped as she felt David slide his tongue deep inside her cunt. He moved to her overly sensitive clit and began to suck pull on it. She felt her much needed release coming closer and closer. She was moaning and begging for him not to stop. She was so close. “Yes, oh yes, Master.” She dare not give him reason to stop.

Suddenly he did exactly that. She cried out in aggravation and despair. She was hurting she need to cum so badly. He crawled over her and laid down pressing his chest to hers. He pulled her long auburn hair leaning her head back and began to lick and nibble at her neck. She sighed in contentment.

“You’ve done well my slave. Would you like your reward?” David whispered against her neck.

“Oh yes master. Please.” She answered almost moaning.

She felt him shift his weight and slide his huge cock inside her pussy. A cry escaped her lips as he began to move back and forth. He pulled on her nipple clips as he rammed her over and over again. Her body jerked against her bindings as she reached the much needed climax. She felt David begin to cum at the same time as she cried out in ecstasy. He collapsed in a heap on top of her. She had never cum so hard in her life.

David looked up at her and smiled. “Thank you my love. This meant the world to me.” He got up and began to untie her and remove the toys she was still adorned with.

“I enjoyed it David. I’m sorry I put you off for so long. I should have known to trust you. I love you.” She rubbed her wrist after he untied them. Her asshole was sore from the vibrator but otherwise she was fine.

“So would you be willing to do this more often?” David rubbed her legs to get the blood flowing again as he looked up at her.

“Yes I would.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. She could taste herself on him but she didn’t mind this time.

“Shall we take a shower love?” David asked as he helped her up.

“Gladly, but you get to change the sheets! I am not sleeping in the wet spot!” Jamie said and laughed as they walked to the shower. David laughed and smacked her on the ass check.

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Fantastic story Thanks for sharing it with us

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Thanks Jolly! Got another in the works! If I can ever find time to write it LOL!!!

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Thanks Jolly! Got another in the works! If I can ever find time to write it LOL!!!

you are welcome Hun---I know about not finding the time to write ---but I am sure it will be as great as this one when you are finished

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Thanks for the vote of confidence!!!

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Wonderful story and very powerful.

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Great story Freedom...I'm bumpin this for folks to enjoy that might not have read it yet...

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Awesome story many thanks for sharing it with us

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