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The Pornographer
06-22-2007, 08:04 AM
Britney III: Natalie!
Featuring Britney Spears, Jamie-Lynn Spears, Taylor Hoover, Hayden Panettiere, and Natalie Portman
By The Pornographer
(catfight, MF, blowjob, mast, voy)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are easily offended STOP READING!
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So there we were, screaming down the highway at 130mph in Federline’s silver Spider.

“What the fuck do you mean, ‘what about J-Lynn and me,’ are you insane?” I exclaimed over the purring V8 injected motor.

“Nah, it’s just a lot of shit has happened since you’ve been away.”

“Obviously, come on spill it.”

Stopping to grab a bite to eat it was then Kevin explained himself, going into every little detail about what had happened with him and Jamie-Lynn, Britney’s younger sister. I couldn’t help but sit through the entire story in shock – my mouth open as I couldn’t believe what he had done and what he was now contemplating. Driving back towards the house, Kevin then began to play me a song from his “supposed” upcoming album. I kid you not, it had to have been some of the worse shit I’d ever heard but seeing his excitement I faked praise.

“Nah, it’s really good,” I lied, trying to keep a straight face.

He went on to tell me he wanted to be the next Eminem, and I had to try my hardest not to burst out laughing. Arriving home, Kevin and I stepped into the house to find all hell breaking loose. Britney and Jamie-Lynn were furiously fighting – standing in the middle of the living room they were yelling and swearing at each other at the top of their lungs. I had never seen Britney so angry before.

“What the fuck happen here?” Kevin mumbled.

Apparently while Kevin and I were out, Britney went for a shower downstairs and Jamie-Lynn took the opportunity to sneak around upstairs in her bedroom, looking for and finding her stash of porn. Coming back up into her room Britney then walked in on Jamie-Lynn and caught her eagerly masturbating to one of her tapes – and using one of her favourite vibrators no less. Chasing her downstairs the two now stood toe-to-toe exchanging insults – with Britney still partially wet from the shower and barely dressed in a thick white bathrobe and Jamie-Lynn dressed casually wearing a small red tee and white short shorts.

“What did you call me you little brat!” Britney yelled.

“A bitch, I called you a fat bitch!!”

Grabbing her younger sister hard by the wrist Jamie-Lynn squirmed and struggled trying to pull away from her. Trying to break free Jamie-Lynn then without warning slapped Britney hard across the face – causing her to stumble back in shock for a moment and then go into an absolute frenzy.

“Oh shit!” both Kevin and I said.

“Let go of me, you bitch!”

Kevin and I continued to watch silently from a far as things were starting to turn ugly and spiral out of control. Seeing it get out of hand I instinctively stepped forward to break it up but was stopped by Kevin. He reached out and grabbed my arm, shaking his head he told me to let them sort it out. I reluctantly agreed. It was then the girls spotted us for the first time and Britney went on to explain she had busted Jamie-Lynn snooping around her bedroom, using her toys and watching porn.

“Using your toys?” Kevin replied before the two ignored him and continued to fight.

Embarrassed Jamie-Lynn yelled, “Liar! You’re a big fat liar!!” and then spat in her sister’s face.

Wiping her face Britney was now furious and losing her cool grabbed hold of her sister, shaking her. Trying to break free Britney could barely hold on or control Jamie-Lynn who was now struggling and thrashing about.

“Fuck off… let go of me you whore!”

Shocked and fed up with her sisters mouth and attitude, to our surprise Britney then violently pulled her sister along to the near by sofa. As I glanced back at Kevin to see his reaction, I looked back to watch in amazement as Britney then sat down on the edge of the sofa and forcefully pulled her younger sister over her knee.

“Wh—What the fuck are you doing?” Jamie-Lynn resisted.

With her long blonde hair still wet and having just stepped out of the shower Britney was just dressed in her bathrobe and I couldn’t help but get a little excited as Kevin and I got a clear shot of her bare crotch as her legs parted slightly and her robe fell open.

Britney angrily replied, “You little brat! Mom told me that if you ever misbehaved, I have permission to punish you!”

“No stop, you fucking bitch… no, please!”

Embarrassed, Jamie-Lynn was now sobbing uncontrollably and suddenly jumped in shock as her sister’s heavy hand made contact with her ass. A loud slap echoed through the living room as Britney slapped her squarely across her butt. Biting her bottom lip Jamie-Lynn now smirked defiantly as the punishment had apparently little effect on her since her shorts took the brunt of the assault. Frustrated Britney hit her again and again to no avail – Jamie-Lynn simply continued to grin and swear profanities back at her.

“Stop! Fuck you… let go of me you fat bitch, I hate you!!”

As Jamie-Lynn moved to get up Britney was determined to punish her and cause her maximum pain, and roughly pushed her back down – only this time further.

“Stop, wh—what are you… you fucking bitch!” Jamie-Lynn yelled.

Without warning Britney then yanked on Jamie-Lynn’s shorts, pulling them down to her knees and revealing her bare butt. To our surprise and delight Jamie-Lynn wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath. Stunned, I wanted to look back at Kevin once again but I found I couldn’t tear my eyes off her tight little bare ass – and what an ass it was.

“Argh, you fucking bitch… I hate you…. Urghh!” Jamie-Lynn cried as Britney quickly slapped her once again.

This time the sting of her sister’s palm made full contact with her butt causing her to jump and yelp out in pain.

Whack… whack whack!

It only took a few quick strikes for her cheeks to go bright red. Britney continued to slap her bare cheeks for a good minute, alternating from one cheek to the other. Jamie-Lynn could only shriek and gasp as tears began to form and freely roll down her pretty face.

“Oww… no… please… arrghhhh!” she sobbed, squirming around over her sister’s lap.

The entire time as Britney was punishing her sister her robe had opened further, to the point were her legs and neatly trimmed pussy were in full view. Getting carried away with the punishment she continued to slap her sister’s tight round ass for a good 2-3 minutes – clearly enjoying it more than she should. Lightly caressing and teasingly stroking Jamie-Lynn’s sore red bum Britney would then cruelly smack it hard firmly, causing Jamie-Lynn to jump and shriek out in pain.

Although I could see Jamie-Lynn was getting use to the pain I just had to say something and I told Britney I thought her sister had had enough. To everyone’s shock, especially Britney’s, Jamie-Lynn had now stopped shrieking and seemed to groan softly, actually getting off on it. If I wasn’t mistaken I was sure I spotted her grinning slyly as well – playing up that she was in pain when actually she was enjoying herself.

Smacking her a few more times, I noticed Kevin was also concerned but also getting off at watching Jamie-Lynn get punished. Watching intently, his trousers were clearly tenting up. Hearing an unexpected moan Britney now noticed her sister softly grinding herself against her – the smell of the girls excitement was in the air. Jamie-Lynn was definitely enjoying herself as she gripped onto her older sister’s bare leg.

Seeing Jamie-Lynn’s reactions Britney stopped and was suddenly disgusted after hearing her sister give out another excited moan.

“You dirty little bitch!” She exclaimed, pushing her off of her and onto the floor.

“Ow!” Jamie-Lynn fell to the floor and adjusted herself – her ass was clearly sore and red.

“Oh my God J-Lynn, what the hell’s gotten in to you… how can you get turned on by…”

“Fuck you Brit, I hate you! You were getting turned on too… admit it!”

“WHAT! J-Lynn, stop it!” Britney screamed at her, “What the hell’s wrong with you…”

“Fuck you, you fucking dyke…” Jamie-Lynn spat at her.

Britney exploded and jumped on her – pulling at her hair and slapping her a number of times. I had had enough and immediately rushed over and stopped her from ripping her sister’s head off. Jamie-Lynn had apparently struck a nerve by calling her a dyke. As I broke them up Jamie-Lynn then dropped a bombshell.

“Why don’t you tell them the truth?”

“Shut the hell up J-Lynn… shut your fucking mouth!”

“Why don’t you tell them what I was watching when you caught me?”

“Shut the fuck up!” Britney yelled and with that she tried to throw punches and kicks at her.

“Why don’t you tell them about you and those other women on those videos!”

Holding her back I looked over at Kevin who was as dumb founded as I was – a video tape(s) of Britney and other women, together? Sign me up. Now how come I hadn’t seen or heard of anything like that before. Judging from Kevin’s expression he too was in the dark. The entire time Britney and I had been together she had never once mentioned anything about being involved in doing a video with her and or another woman.

“Yeah, it’s Britney and all these other famous…”

“Shut the fuck up Jamie-Lynn, I’ll fucking kill you!”

And with that she went hysterical. I tried my best to hold her in place. I wasn’t sure what was a bigger turn on – the fact that Britney was starring in a number of lesbian videos or that Jamie-Lynn had admitted getting off on them. While I was contemplating this even I wasn’t strong or fast enough to stop her from briefly kicking her younger sister right in the lip – causing Jamie-Lynn to clutch her mouth and cry.

“HEY-HEY, that’s not right!” Kevin yelled, rushing over to quickly come to Jamie-Lynn’s aid.

“Fuck her and fuck you Kevin,” Britney snapped, “Trust you to take her side you bitch!”

“Fuck you Britney!” Kevin replied helping Jamie-Lynn up before going over to confront her, “You can’t just treat people like that!”

Seeing Kevin rush to Jamie-Lynn’s defence had apparently riled Britney immensely. Yelling and screaming at each other Kevin now stood face to face with her as the two swapped insults. Trying to hold her back she then took a swipe at Kevin and slapped him across the face. Being the pussy I always imagined him to be he took off to hide and stand at the doorway, clearly afraid of her. Being the chicken shit that he was he stood there helping Jamie-Lynn and began to yell abuse – calling her a fat has been and slut. Wanting to get at him Britney struggled with me and now partially slipped out of her robe – her breasts falling out and freely bouncing around as she swung her arms and legs in every direction.

“I want you out of my fucking house… both of you, get the fuck out! I hate you, I fucking hate you both!! GET OUT!!!”

Taking matters into my own hands I then had to practically pick Britney up by her waist and carried her kicking and screaming into another room. That other room happen to be the garage and upset Britney paced around before grabbing for the keys to the car on the wall and climbing into the $200,000 Benz. Since I couldn’t stop or talk her out of it I quickly jumped into the passenger seat and went along for the ride – and what a ride it was.

As predicted the paparazzi were sitting outside taking snaps of us leaving – very hastily. It must have looked extremely weird to see Britney speed out of her drive way in reverse quickly and dangerously, and apparently wearing just a bathrobe screech away – nearly taking one of the photographers with her. As usual in the last few months Britney’s publicist was going to have to go back there and smooth things over with them – buy them off and bribe them as usual.

I remember thinking, with the amount of shit that was going on in that house a man could make an excellent living just sitting out the front of her place and waiting for her people to show up to pay you off. As luck would have it, Bryan, Britney’s brother was just arriving home as we sped off – passing him. Stepping into the house and seeing the aftermath he then phoned Britney’s parents who were still on vacation in Hawaii. Concerned, Britney’s mom immediately jumped on the first jet 45 minutes later and flew home – a good week earlier than anticipated.

Britney and I drove around for hours and finally parked at the beach. We sat there for a good two hours and I watched her cry her eyes out. She really was the loneliest women on earth. Consoling her I tried to convince her to go home but no matter what I said she just refused to go anywhere. Happy to stay and sleep in the car I finally talked her into getting a motel room. Cheering her up a little I reminded her how amusing it was that she had left the house without any clothes – except for the bathrobe she had on.

Getting a room, I left her there and quickly returned back to the house to grab some clothes. Unfortunately or fortunately which ever way you look at it I returned to the motel a few hours later and found her to be completely drunk and wasted. She was practically passed out on the bed, lying completely naked on the top of the sheets her bathrobe had been flung across the room – which incidentally was strewn with small bottles of alcohol she had apparently found in the mini bar.

She was clutching the phone beside the bed and had apparently been talking to a friend – I guessed it to be Natalie Portman or Christina Aguilera. Entering the room I remember smiling to myself thinking how ironic it was, just behind this thin mind you unlocked door laid a completely naked, vulnerable, drunk, and seemingly horny Britney Spears! As anyone who knows Britney will tell you when she gets drunk she’s extremely horny. If you happen to be in the right place at the right time then you were going to get lucky – like it or not.

Catching sight of me at the door she drunkenly declared, “Heeey there he is, my knight in shining armour… come here baby,”

I still can’t explain what it was – the look in her eyes or the way she nonchalantly laid there completely exposed but when I leaned over to kiss her on the lips I noticing her beautiful strong legs involuntarily parted slightly and I suddenly had an incredible urge to have her. For a moment I contemplated waiting for her to get off the phone but looking over and seeing that her pussy was glistening and actually a little wet I couldn’t wait. She had obviously been playing with herself before I had arrived.

Pouting up at me, without saying a single word I dropped the bag of clothes I had brought from home and fell to my knees between her legs. Before she noticed or had time to say a single word I effortlessly parted her muscular legs and eagerly began to eat her out – almost immediately she began to moan and whimper loudly. Still clutching the receiver I held her legs up by her knees, spread them wide and tongue fucked her mercilessly – licking her cunt and asshole.

“Ohhhhhh yes baby, you know what I need… ohh yessss…”

“Britney, Britney! What are you doing?” I could hear a faint female voice say from the receiver.

While licking her out I briefly reached up to take the phone from her hands but she pulled away, not wanting to hang up. It was fine by me. Tonight she especially tasted good as she continued to moan into the phone. I could hear who ever was on the other end was now also getting off. Imagining it was Portman or Aguilera only made it even more exciting.

Britney moaned into the phone, “Ahhhh yeah, you like that? You want him to… yeah, ohhhh fuck yes! Mmm, he’s eating my pussy…”

On the verge of climaxing Britney now seemed fed up with my teasing and suddenly wanted to fuck.

Looking down at me she demanded fervently, “Please Justin, just fuck me… fuck me hard baby, please!”

I had never seen her so anxious before, so desperate for sex.

“Please, fuck me right now… I wanna be fucked! FUCK ME!!” she insisted.

With that she finally hung up and tossed the phone across the room while I keenly mounted her. Almost instantly her strong legs wrapped firmly around my body and I began to pound into her. She screamed two climaxes before I finally unloaded deep inside her. There was absolutely no way in hell the adjoining rooms did not hear her cum – I laughed thinking if they only knew it was actually Britney fucking Spears who was doing the screaming.

We fell asleep in each others arms and in the morning we talked about running away together. She asked me about Australia and where I was from. She told me I was the only stable thing in her life and she was deeply in love with me. For the next few hours we then made soft passionate love – staring deep into each others eyes as I slowly pumped in and out of her luscious pussy. As usual in recent days I unloaded deep inside her and filled her cunt to the brim. I my entire life had I ever cum so much inside a woman before. As we finished making love to Britney’s cell rang for the fifth time.

“What do you think, should I get it?”

Checking her cell we saw there were 46 missed calls, 18 voice messages, and 28 text messages. Still nervous she made me answer it and I was shocked to hear it was her mother, Lynne. Lynne was apparently back and very pissed off. Though she didn’t know any details about why Britney and Jamie-Lynn had fought all she knew was that Britney had run away from home. Luckily for us Kevin and Jamie-Lynn weren’t stupid enough to mention the real reasons to her brother or mother.

Talking on the phone for a good hour both Lynne and I finally convinced Britney to come back home. With the others conveniently out Britney and I returned home to be greeted by Bryan and her mom. We returned home just in time to see Bryan off – he was heading back up to New York. It took a few days but everything seemed to get back to normal – or as close to what Britney knew as normal. A few weeks later I was rocked once again by another huge bombshell.

Travelling in town to grab a bite to eat I casually glanced over to a local news stand and spotted a large headline which read: Britney Pregnant! When I arrived home it was as if Britney knew I had or was going to find out and she seemed very depressed and despondent. I asked her flat out if it was Kevin’s, knowing that if it wasn’t there was a very good change it was mine and Britney simply answered me by saying that as far as the world knew it was Kevin’s. From the look in her eye she had pretty much told me it was actually my baby.

“What do you want me to do Justin, tell me, please!” she sobbed, “Do you want me to give up my career for you because I will, I swear it.”

We both knew that if anyone found out the baby’s true identity it would be over for her. Married to a dead beat husband was one thing but having a baby with the help as well was going to ridicule and bury her career forever!

“But I can’t give up this baby either, please understand,” she snivelled, “I haven’t been this happy in my entire life. I just can’t… I love you so much. I love our baby.”

“Well I can’t be around to watch you raise my kid with that jackass, knowing it’s really mine,”

With that I left the room and never spoke to her again. A following morning I resigned, packed up my stuff and left the Spears compound. Not knowing what was going on Britney’s mom rang me continually for a good 48 hours, trying to get in contact with me and find and what was wrong until distraught, Britney finally cried her eyes out and opened her heart – confessing the entire sordid affair to her mother. Going into damage control her mom blew her top and vowed Britney should never see or speak to me again.

So as far as the world still knew Kevin was the real father. In the mean time I moved into the same motel Britney and I had shared a few weeks earlier. Depressed I stayed in my room and was drunk almost every single day. It was now two months since I had left Britney and her family when I heard a knock at the door. To my surprise I answered it to find Britney’s younger sister Jamie-Lynn standing at my door. Chewing gum and twirling her hair she was dressed sexy but casual wearing jeans, a tee, and flip flops.

“Hey stranger, aren’t you going to invite me in?”

I pushed opened the door and let her in. How she found where I was hiding out I’ll never know.

“Oh my god, what a dump,”

“Yeah well, you don’t have to give it rave reveiws,” I replied, still fighting a hang over.

I hadn’t spoken or seen Jamie-Lynn for over 6 weeks but in that time she had somehow changed. She seemed to have grown more mature, curvier, confident, and sexy. There was certainly a new way about her, the way she moved, spoke, looked at me. She had definitely had some cock in the last few weeks, I surmised. After offering her a drink and making some small talk she then announced the real reason for her visit.

She first joked telling me she had a secret but seeing I wasn’t in the mood for her games flat out just told me she knew about Britney and I – telling me she knew I was the real father of Britney’s unborn baby. She explained she had ease dropped on Britney when she was confessing all to their mother. I tried to act blasť about the whole thing but I wondered what was going through Jamie-Lynn’s mind.

She said, “Well I was just thinking, that kind of information could probably get my sister in a lot of trouble, hey?”

I didn’t like where this was going.

She then said she could see that I still had feelings for her sister and if I didn’t want Britney to get hurt I would help her out. It was now I remembered the crush Jamie-Lynn had had on me from the beginning and I realized what she meant when she said, “Help her out”. Still, I wasn’t just about to sleep with her and let her have her way. It was clear that Jamie-Lynn was still upset at her sister from the last time they had fought. It was obvious she wanted to blackmail me, and was probably doing the same on the other side. She was counting on my loyalty and feelings for Britney and the baby. Amusing her I asked her exactly what she had in mind.

“You,” she calmly replied, “Well actually you and me to be exact.”

It wasn’t exactly the worse punishment I could think of but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, there was just something wrong about it – age for one thing. I told her I was flattered but I couldn’t go through with it when she then interrupted me. She reminded me about the videos Britney had hidden up in her room – the whole reason they had fought in the first place. She went on to tell me that she had seen nearly all of the tapes and most of the stuff was full of celebrities and really graphic stuff.

Although I initially didn’t believe her Jamie-Lynn swore that most of the stuff she had seen on tapes were filmed at private parties and Hollywood get togethers and involved large groups of celebrities, and a lot of other well known characters. While she let loose with a few names I started to contemplate how a tape like that would probably be worth a very pretty penny. I then heard her mention the names, Madonna, Aguilera, Electra, and Portman.

“Natalie Portman,” I stopped her – she smiled, finding my weakness.

“Yeah, there’s nearly a whole tape of her,”


“No I swear, her and my sister fooling around. Well actually them and some guy, then them and another girl, then them and…”

“Okay okay, I get the picture.”

I asked her if she thought she could get me a copy and she was fairly confident she could. She added that she didn’t like going to her sister’s house alone anymore and only went there with her mom – but they were apparently going to have a family get together on Sunday. I was a little frustrated as it was now only Monday but Jamie-Lynn promised she would get me a tape by the weekend as long as I did what she wanted to do during the week. I grudgingly agreed.

Jamie-Lynn smirked, “So what, deal?”

I agreed and she excitedly leaped at me, first kissing me on the cheek before full on the lips. I don’t really know how to react or what to expect but I could tell she wasn’t that experienced as she wasn’t that great of a kisser. I stopped her and asked her if she was sure she wanted to fool around – if she was absolutely positive? She answered me by shutting her eyes and kissing me passionately again, moaning audibly.

Breaking our kiss she then breathed, “I want more,” and pulling her top over her head.

I was stunned for a moment as I stared at her braless chest – her small pert breasts looked incredible and had seemed to have grown from the last time I saw her. She proceeded to undo my pants and I finally came to, stopping her.

“Whoa wait, slow down, what are you doing?”

She pleaded her case, “I want you to show me how to do it, I want you to tell me… teach me, please.”

Pushing her hands away she then told me she wasn’t a virgin anymore (and I suspected who had taken it – Kevin) but she now wanted to learn how to please a man from someone she trusted and loved – me. She admitted she had spent endless nights thinking and masturbating to me, and even went on to say she had even watched her sister sneak over to me in the early mornings and have sex – describing one of our steamy get togethers.

Jamie-Lynn then declared there was no other person on earth she wanted to be with more and suddenly I felt sorry for her. She was really king of cute, adorable, and just down right sexy standing there topless as she confessed her love for me. Dropping to her knees she then teasingly cupped her perfect small breast and licked her lips up at me – I have to admit at that point I was pretty tempted and curious to see just what it’d be like to have her lips around me – God knows she was more than eager.

There was just something about Jamie-Lynn that was so sexy – she had this natural girl next door look about her but yet also had this hot porn star streak in her. Add that with the fact that her skin seemed to be so soft, flawless, and velvety smooth – she was immaculate. She was definitely going to be hotter then her sister in a few years and in many respects she already was. I let go of her wrists and allowed her to unzip me. Retrieving my cock she briefly stroked it, smirking and watching it intently as it slowly hardened. Her face lit up as she caused it to grow.

I instructed her, “Lick your lips baby,”

She immediately complied, running her wet tongue over her moist pink lips.

“Now, open your mouth J-Lynn,”

Jamie-Lynn tentatively opened her mouth as I slowly eased my way in – her mouth was extremely hot. Moving her head up and down I had to instruct her to go slow, not to use her teeth and use more of her seemingly talented tongue while I was inside her. She was a natural and only after a few minutes was blowing me well enough to get me fully erect.

She stopped for a moment, “Oh my God, does it always get that big?”

“Fuck yeah, just keep going, you’re doing great,” I told her, slipping my cock back into her warm mouth.

Again she pulled away to catch her breath, “Is this how my sister use to do it?”


Reaching down I tweaked one of her incredible breasts – I couldn’t believe how soft they were. The sensation was so astounding it almost caused me to cum. Feeling over stimulated I told her to stop and instructed her to lie down on the bed – on her back. She excitedly did, preparing to strip out of her pants. To her confusion I told her to leave them on and got her to lie directly in front of me with her head hanging off the edge of the bed – right below me.

With her head upside down I stood in front of her and then plunged my cock into her waiting mouth. She groaned louder and louder as I then began to aggressively fuck her pretty face. Close to climaxing, to my surprise and her disapproval I pulled out at the very last moment and erupted all over her face and neck – some of it even landed all over her breasts and nipples.

“Oh my God that was awesome!” she excitedly exclaimed, “But why didn’t you cum in my mouth… I wanted to taste it, swallow it,”

Lighting up a cigarette she then cleaned up and redressed. I asked and reminded her when I could expect to get my hands on some video tapes and she replied by the weekend.

Before leaving she then said, “Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then, same time, same place.”

Before I had time to argue she reminded me about our deal and said she was going to keep up her end of the deal if I kept mine. I agreed and we shook on it. The following night just as she had promised, she appeared.

This time she was dressed quite sexily, as though she was going out or dressed to go clubbing – she actually looked quite attractive and could easy pass as someone in their late teens. Smiling widely there was no small talk or wasting time, and the moment Jamie-Lynn stepped inside she simply dropped to her knees and fumbled for my cock. I couldn’t believe this girl, I thought her sister was a nympo but apparently it ran in the family.

Taking me by my cock she sucked me frantically and I only had to instruct her for the first few minutes – again she remembered what I had told her the day before and blew me expertly. Sucking my cock for a good 10 minutes straight I was then startled when I heard her cell phone go off. It was apparently her friends who she only now told me were waiting for her outside in the car.

“You are shitting me, your friends are actually waiting outside?” I said while my cock was still buried in her mouth, “Do they know what you’re doing?”

Jamie-Lynn briefly blinked and shook her head as she continued to blow me.

“You crazy bitch,” I laughed as her cock sucking skills were clearly getting better by each passing minute.

Finding the whole situation a huge turn on I didn’t hold back and granted her wish, unloaded in her mouth and causing her to gag for a moment. Cleaning up she then nonchalantly kissed me on the cheek and said she’d see me tomorrow. As she left I spied out the window and in fact saw she was with a car load of friends – they had actually waited for her while she came in and blew me.
Over the next few days, Jamie-Lynn was over every single night.

By now we were happily experimenting and our hour long sex sessions every night would not go without me eagerly eating her out and taking her doggy-style. I found it amusing as just like her sister Jamie-Lynn seemed to really get off on getting taken from behind, though I must admit her ass was tight and firm it was a little too bony for my liking, compared to Britney’s phatt soft round rump.

Although one thing I could say about Jamie-Lynn was how God damn enthusiastic and loud she was, she’d moan and squeal and carry one as though it was the FUCK of her young life – and it probably was. Just eating out and fingering her tight, taut, hairless snatch would drive her into fits of ecstasy. She would moan so loudly I would have to stop or throw a pillow over her face in fear of annoying the neighbours.

“Ahhh yesssss ohh ohhh ohHH OHH AHHH MMMHHHH!” she let out loudly.

As predicted, a week into our new arrangement when Sunday finally arrived Jamie-Lynn came up with all sorts of excuses why she couldn’t get her hands on the tapes. To tell you the truth I didn’t really care as I was having so much fun with her I forgot what we had originally agreed to anyhow. It was awesome having her as my own personal little fuck toy, especially now since she was willing to try almost anything once. I now had her visiting and swallowing me on a daily basis and coming over deliberately dressed in all sorts of sexy apparel like her sexy school uniform, bikini’s, trench coats, garters, stockings, everything and anything I could think of.

We had been continually seeing each other and fucking for 14 straight days when suddenly one evening Jamie-Lynn showed up to my motel room with two of her friends. I was a little taken back and not sure how I felt about her bringing them around and introducing me to them but she guaranteed they were cool. I was introduced to her closest friends, to two very cute and attractive blondes named Hayden Panettiere and Taylor Hoover. Both were in their teens and were apparently trying to break into Hollywood, both up and coming actresses in their own right.

Right off the bat I was amazed at how beautiful, intelligent and confident they both were – especially Taylor who had just turned 18 a few days earlier and with her huge heels on was at least 5’10 tall – compared to the others who were just 5’2. God damn, where were these kinds of girls when I was their age, I thought to myself. Apparently Jamie-Lynn had been telling the girls about our daily escapades and they wanted to meet me.

While Hayden mostly smoked, giggling at us and to herself, Jamie-Lynn, Taylor, and I slowly drank ourselves drunk and enjoyed ourselves – laughing and joking around loudly. I found Taylor to be a really cool chic. We were up till about 3am when Hayden had fallen asleep in the corner and Taylor got up to go to the bathroom. Finally alone Jamie-Lynn was pretty much wasted and up for anything. Fooling around she then began to preform a drunk, impromptu strip tease for me.

Frustrated I finally reached up and grabbed her roughly by her hips, bending her over and eating her out. Jamie-Lynn almost immediately lost the power in her legs and collapsed onto the sofa. Positioning her on all fours I aggressively buried her face into a group of pillows while I then meticulously ate her pussy from behind and impatiently added a finger into her anus. I used my other hand to slowly strip her out off her clothing bit by bit.

By the time Taylor stepped out of the bathroom she returned to find her friend buck naked, bent over, and moaning noisily. Jamie-Lynn was so enthralled and drunk she didn’t even notice or care that her friend was now standing there watching us. I was just in the process of rimming her eagerly and had two fingers buried deep in her bald snatch when I sensed someone standing over me, watching us.

To my delight Taylor didn’t say a single word and simply grinned wickedly before quietly going over to sit behind me, watched us for a few minutes. From the way I had Jamie-Lynn positioned Taylor got a great uninterrupted view of her friend’s hairless cunt and actually seemed genuinely fascinated by Jamie-Lynn’s bald pussy. Nearing her second orgasm Jamie-Lynn was now moaning loudly into the sofa as Taylor downed another glass of alcohol.

Wanting to give her a little show I then undid my pants and pulled out my hardening cock. I could feel Taylor’s eyes on it as I casually stroked myself while still eating Jamie-Lynn’s ass. Glancing over my shoulder for a moment I looked back to see Taylor place a leg over one of the chairs arm rests and casually touch herself – snaking her right hand down her body she undid the button on her jeans and shoved her hand inside of them while her other hovered around her chest area.

Encouraged and aroused I then kneeled directly behind Jamie-Lynn and slowly eased my cock inside her – barely burying the head of my throbbing member between her smooth taut lips. As I began to push into her I heard what sounded like a soft muffled and moan emanating from behind me – it was coming from Taylor. I continued to slowly fuck Jamie-Lynn as her best friend casually masturbated right behind us.

“Oh yeah…” Taylor whispered, “Mmm, fuck her yeah,”

I continued to leisurely fuck Jamie-Lynn for a few minutes as my audience watched on. I then caught my breath in my throat when I suddenly felt Taylor move around and kneel beside me. She had obviously had enough of watching us and now wanted to join in on the fun. With her jeans half undone I looked over to spot just the hint of her lace blue panties peak through the top of her jeans. Ever so lightly she then placed her hand on Jamie-Lynn’s ass and watched as my thick cock slowly slid into her extremely tight, wet cunt – her taut pink folds pulled and stretched as her lips firmly wrapped around and gripped onto my meaty pole.

Looking over at Taylor we then kissed passionately – to my delight she was a great kisser. As we kissed I reached inside her tight jeans and found her honey pot – to my delight she too was completely shaved clean! Giving me more access Taylor then slid her jeans down to her knees as I proceeded to play with her – stretching her expensive tight panties around my hand I fingered her frantically.

Pulling all the way out of Jamie-Lynn my cock was saturated with her juices as I then concentrated at making out and pleasuring this gorgeous 18-year-old. Looking down I then nearly blew my load when I heard Jamie-Lynn suddenly groan and realized Taylor had thrust two of her long well manicured fingers into her best friend’s twat – twirling them around inside.

I watched in awe as Taylor pleasured Jamie-Lynn, pumping her pussy and twirling her clit with her thumb. Jamie-Lynn could only squirm to her touch and seemed to be on the verge of another powerful orgasm. It had been a while since any woman had shocked me like Taylor but just as I was contemplating this without warning she then took my breath away as she bent over and took the head of my cock into her warm mouth.

“Holy shit” I let out as I watched one of the hottest looking 18-years-olds I’d ever seen give me one of the best blowjobs I’d ever had.

This girl was really extraordinary and I was so incredibly aroused I must have inadvertently disturbed Hayden because when I looked up over to the corner of the room she was hunched back lying against the wall as before but now had her legs slightly spread and was masturbating furiously to the sight before her. Clearly wasted and laying there with her eyes shut, she would open them every now and then to see what we were up to before going back to concentrate on her impending orgasm.

Taylor also spotted her and grinned slyly before going back to blow me. With Hayden playing with herself, Taylor blowing me and at the same time fingering Jamie-Lynn I unexpectedly let loose – unloaded into the back of her narrow throat. Like a trooper and impressing me immensely Taylor didn’t miss a beat and happily swallowed every last drop. My orgasm was so powerful I pretty much passed out, falling right beside Jamie-Lynn. Unfortunately that was all I remembered as the next morning I woke to find the girls all gone and my front door wide open.

With a massive hang over I stumbled into the bathroom and noticed a phone number which was messily scribed onto the toilet roll – Taylor and Hayden had apparently left their phone numbers but for what ever reasons didn’t want Jamie-Lynn to know so before they left quickly wrote it down. From that night onwards Jamie-Lynn refused to return my calls and apparently got into a huge fight with the girls as she was extremely jealous about what had taken place that night. She vowed never to speak to me or any of the girls.

I was partially relieved that all the drama’s with the Spears family were finally behind me but I must admit I was a little concerned when Taylor rang and told me that she was pretty certain Jamie-Lynn was now secretly seeing Kevin. Really, they deserved each other I thought – but poor Britney.

Over the next few weeks Taylor and I were pretty much inseparable and infatuated with each other. Unlike Jamie-Lynn or even Britney’s relationship, it wasn’t based on sex and I actually liked her and started dating her seriously. She even moved in and we began to do the old couple thing. A little depressed and down Taylor then offered to help me get some work and informed me she was best friends with the duff sisters, in particular Hilary duff. They were apparently looking for personnel.

I told her I doubted I’d ever be able to work in this town again after the whole Spears thing but Taylor was adamant Hilary and Haylie would do her a personal favour and hire me for at least a few months. Giving them a call we organized an interview and meeting with Haylie. The interview was for 5pm, so at 1pm I went to get a few things and it was then my life took another unexpected detour. As serious as I was about Taylor that all changed when I inadvertently bumped into Natalie Portman.

Stopping at an intersection I heard a beep from the car beside me and looked over to find a familiar face grinning widely at me. Instructing me to pull over down the road I jumped out of my hire car and approached Natalie’s vehicle.

She smiled, “Oh my God it’s just got to be fate, fancy bumping into you here of all places,”

I too couldn’t believe my luck.

“You know I was just thinking about you the other day,” she told me, “I wanted to get in contact with you but you just seemed to disappear off the face of the earth,”

“I tell you what, give me your number so I can reach you then,” I told her and she eagerly agreed.

We quickly exchanged numbers and then continued to chat and laugh by the side of the road for the next 20 minutes. Finally after nearly getting run over a few times Natalie suggested we go grab some lunch together – she actually didn’t even let me answer her invitation and instead just demanded I follow her in my car. Having a few hours to kill I decided to go along and following her for about 10 minutes. She drove us to a quaint little restaurant by the shore.

She was apparently a regular there as when we entered we were automatically ushered to a quiet out of the way table in the back – her very own table. We chatted all through lunch and she told me she knew about the situation with me and Britney. Without saying it I knew she knew about the baby. Putting two and two together Natalie quite quickly figured out why I wasn’t working there anymore.

She said it was a shame since Britney never shut up about me, talking about me constantly and even sharing some of our most intimate times together. I was surprised at just how much Natalie knew about me and just as I had suspected it was in fact Natalie on the other end of the phone that time Britney and I were together in the motel room – she blushed but eventually admitted it.
Our lunch went great and if I wasn’t mistaken I was sure there was a definite attraction between us.

As we joked around some more at one point Natalie cheekily said, “Like hello, I’m trying to seduce you, isn’t it working?”

After finishing our coffee’s Natalie then suggested we quickly stop by her apartment since she said she knew of a few friends that were looking for someone in my line of work. Leaving my car at the pier I thought nothing of it as I rode back with her to her apartment. Still having an hour to spare we drove for another half hour before arriving to her penthouse suite. Once inside Natalie disappeared into the bathroom.

While in there I asked her, “So, how do you know these friends of yours?”

Strangely Natalie didn’t answer me and instead just giggled. Stepping out of bathroom Natalie looked at me comically.

“Oh my God how cute, did you really think I brought you up for that?”

I suddenly felt nervous – was this a trick, a set up?

“I brought you up here so we could fuck!” she said sternly, then burst our laughing, “Just joking,”

I laughed but wanted to die.

“What can I say, you’re a great actress.”

Natalie smiled, “So anyway, I wanted to ask you a question,”

“Yeah go ahead, shoot,”

“I wanted to know if you give all of your clients the same kind of service you gave Britney?”

I replied, “Demands on the client,”

Natalie smiled, “Good answer,”

We stood there awkwardly for another moment looking around and at each other. I was finding it hard to look her in the eye as her natural beauty was just intoxicating. I suddenly felt like a 15-year-old school boy back on his first date.

Finally she smiled, “So what do you feel like doing?”

“I don’t know, what’s there to do in a huge place like this? Compared to my current place at the moment I think you’re bathroom is the size of my entire motel room.”

“Aw really? I know, how about we take a little dip… you wanna?” she said, suddenly finding some enthusiasm.

“A Dip?”

“Yeah, in the hot tub?”

“Hot tub? Where, is that like a Jacuzzi?”

“Huh?” she replied and shrugging her shoulders she then took me by the hand a dragged me over to the bathroom to show me the massive tub.

Just as I had suspected the bathroom was enormous and right in the middle of the room to my surprise was the hot tub, already filled and bubbling nosily.

“Holy shit,” I said amazed at the size of it – it was easily a five seater.

“When was the last time you enjoyed a good bath?” she giggled.

To my absolute shock I watched as Natalie then stripped off her tee and squirmed out of her tight pants. I stood there like a stunned mullet watching Natalie Portman no less, quickly undress and head for the tub. She had stripped down to her underwear and was wearing a pair of matching silk red bra and high cut panties.

“So come on, last one in is a rotten egg!” she announced as she hopped towards the tub – barely getting her socks off before reaching it.

Getting over the shock of it all I didn’t need to be asked twice and within a second stripped down to my boxers and followed her. The water was fucking boiling! I slowly dipped into the searing water and to Natalie’s amusement yelled profanities. Finally calming down I sat directly opposite her. This girl was fucking was amazing she was crazy, spontaneous, outgoing, and I loved it.

“Holy shit, I’m in a hot tub with Natalie Portman,” I laughed.

“This is my most favourite place to be in the entire world,” she told me, wetting her shoulder length hair.

I looked up at a clock on the wall and noticed it a few minutes to 5pm. I was obviously not going to make it to my meeting and job interview with Haylie Duff. For me it wasn’t a hard decision to make – job interview, or share a hot tub with Natalie Portman. As I slowly got use to the temperature of the water I was shocked to look over at Natalie and see her reach down and slip out of her panties before reaching back to unclasp her bra. In my entire life my cock had never grown so hard or so fast. Within an instant I was at full tilt. Following suite I smiled and then reached down and slipped off my boxers.

“There, isn’t that better?” she said – I simply nodded.

Actually it was.

Reaching over the side of the tub to grab at something I then got my first full view of her small but extremely hard nipples. With the heat of the tub and Natalie’s completely naked, wet, body only a few inches away from me I could hardly breathe. This whole thing was just too surreal. I had only bumped into her maybe three hours earlier and now we were both naked in a hot tub. Brandishing a bottle of aromatic lavender oil she approached me and told me to turn around – she was apparently offering to give me a message. Who was I to argue?

Natalie placed her small oily hands on my back and began to massage me. Suddenly I got a flash back of Britney and I in the same situation no less, a few months earlier. Privately I hoped it would end the exact same way. After massaging and running her velvety hands all over my back and shoulders I turned around and we were now face to face. Up close she was so damn beautiful.

She then cheekily said, “My turn, do me!” and with that turned her back to me and moved to rest against the edge of the tub.

‘Do you aye, gladly,’ I thought – there was a Freidan slip on her behave if I ever heard one.

I grabbed the bottle of lavender oil and instead of applying it all over my hands I let the cool purple liquid drip all over her neck and body. She sexily squirmed and withered as the cold fluid dripped all over her petite frame – some of it dripping down the front of her neck and chest. I then tentatively placed my hands on her neck and shoulders and softly caressed and massaged her incredible body. Bitting her bottom lip she tilted her head forward giving me more access to her neckline. I gently massaged and caressed her neck bone and then followed it all the way down her subtle back.

I found the further I made my way down the more she seemed to squirm and fidget in her place. As my hands dipped under the water I followed the delicate smooth groove of her back, stopping just above her back bone. My cock was now raging hard – if I didn’t fuck something in the next few minutes I was going to implode, literally! At that precise moment I think if she had even looked at my penis I would have erupted.

Slowly gliding my hands over her slender back and waist I gently brushed my fingers around her small hips and finding her abdomen then moved to softly draw circles around her tiny belly button. This seemed to really turn her on as she shivered slightly and giggled. I then slowly moved up her firm tummy and towards her small chest. Natalie was now trembling in excitement and anticipation as my hands brushed past and between her small breasts and then ever so lightly moved down to graze past her extremely hard and seemingly inch long nipples.

Like Natalie I couldn’t help but gasp slightly to the contact. I couldn’t believe how thick and long her nipples seemed to be – begging to be sucked, tweaked, and pulled. Making my way back up to her slender neck I then effortlessly manipulated her head, making her tilt it from side to side. Pulling it back I then used my fingers to run them past her jaw line, over her throat and down to her right nipple.

“Aaaahhhhhhh…” she let out as I circled my index finger around her seemingly sensitive nip.

Leaning on her shoulders I then pushed her forward a little causing her to bend over slightly and stick out her ass. Releasing her neck I then slid my hand down her back until I found her firm ass, and ever so gently cupped it. God fucking damn I thought to myself as I realized she had to have had one of the hottest, tightest, little asses I’d ever seen let alone touched! Softly groping her ass cheek I watched in amazement as she pushed back at me as if inviting me to go further. Nervously I slithered my fingers down the crack of her tight ass and reached down to find her vagina.

“Oooooohhhhhhhh…” she let out once again.

Wanting to tease her a little more I reframed from probing her and instead just worshiped her – ever so softly running my index finger along the fleshy groove and full length of her pussy lips. Her pussy seemed so small, tight and soft – I could just make out the outline of her thin lips. Leaning over I lightly kissed the back of her neck for the first time and it seemed to drive her wild.

“Oh God, don’t stop...” she breathed.

I now kissed and licked her neck and as she pushed out her ass even more my raging hard on brushed against her ass cheek. Sensing how hard I actually was Natalie smirked to herself proud she was the cause of it. Aiming my cock between her slender legs I rubbed the head of my throbbing member against her taut mound. Without warning just as she turned to kiss me she moved back against my member, unexpectedly impaling herself.

“Argh ahhhhhhhh... fuuuuuck!” we both gave out.

Unprepared I groaned loudly as my cock some how grew a mind of it’s own and squeezed it’s was into her extremely tight cunt. Slowly, ever so fucking slowly, I began to fuck her from behind. Running my hands all over her back and ass I held onto her small hips and proceeded to fuck her tenderly. I was amazed to see just how flexible and lithe Natalie was, as she then bucked her hops and was able to arch her back to kiss me while I slowly impaled her. She was like a Romanian gymnast, bending her back to almost make the letter “C”. I was amazed.

Massaging her neck while I fucked her Natalie breathed, “Pull my hair,”

I reached up and lightly pulled on it.

“Mmm, no harder,”

I did what she wanted and almost immediately she responded, bucking and moving a little quickly.

“Oh fuck…” she moaned, “Your balls are rubbing against my clit… don’t stop,”

This girl was just too much. I could barely get half the length of my cock inside her yet up until that afternoon it had to be the best piece of pussy I had ever had. Combined with her talkative commentary it wasn’t going to take long for me to blow deep inside her. To be honest the sensation was so incredible I didn’t care. Pulling her hair a little more forcibly caused her to moan a little louder and longer. I then began to pick up the pace and looking down I could see her tight little asshole twitch and wink up at me as a powerful orgasmed suddenly ripped through her petite body.

“Ohhhhhhh… my Gaaaaawd!” she sang loudly.

Seeing and hearing this was all it took and before I was about to cum I heard her tell me to just go ahead and cum right inside her. Even better I thought and a moment later I erupted deep inside her. I ejaculated so hard we both felt it squirt inside her, hitting her inner walls and travel up inside her. Pulling out a minute later I remember thinking the last time I felt this way, this content and satisfied, I had just fucked Britney in the ass for an entire afternoon. But anal sex with Natalie Portman would just simply be out of the question, impossible, I surmised. It was just a matter of physics. Natalie was just incredible.

We held and caressed each other for a few extra minutes in the tub before stepping out to head back to her bedroom. As I briefly chased her around the apartment my cell phone then rang – I was getting a message. Taking a breather and checking my phone I found I had received a message from Taylor. Shit, Taylor. I had completely forgotten about her.

“Who was that?” Natalie asked from the other room.

“Ah no one, no one important,”

“I hope not,” Natalie smiled before ducking back into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

“I don’t count on letting someone like you slip through my fingers,” she announced from the bathroom.

As if knowing it was another girl she suddenly popped her head from out the door and added, “Tell her who ever she is you’re mine now,”

Shit, now how the fuck was I going to get out of this one?

To be continued...

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