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The Pornographer
06-23-2007, 11:40 AM
Britney IV: Hilary!
Featuring Britney Spears, Natalie Portman, Hilary and Haylie Duff
By The Pornographer
(MF, voy, blowjob, mast)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are easily offended STOP READING! Feel free to send any comments or suggestions

My sweat rained down over the small of her back as I gripped her petite hips and pistoned my thick, veiny, cock deep into her tight hole – fucking her mercilessly. Her pretty pink thin folds gripped my tool like a glove, stretching to grasp my shaft and glazing it with her wetness. Groaning steadily, finally she was on the verge of climaxing and I quickly reached up to grab a thick handful of her long brown hair, yanking it hard and prompting her to shriek as she arched her athletic back and turned over her shoulder to look at me.

“Arrrghhhh... yessss!” Natalie Portman pleaded, “Fuck me… fuck meeee!”

I stuffed my fingers into her mouth and watched her suck it hungrily, moaning and gasping for breath. Picking up the pace, I grabbed her shoulders firmly and jamming my rod as deep as I possibly could, before finally grunting, and unleashing a torrent of jizz deep inside her. Spent, I pushed her forward and moved to position my slick, cum coated cock into her pretty mouth – she always loved it when I did that. We lay there exhausted, catching out breathe when Natalie spoke.

“So how long is this going to go on?”

“I don’t know,” I told her honestly.

She was talking about the fact that I was already spoken for, and that in the past few weeks we had continued to sneak around to see each other. At first I could see Natalie was getting a kick out of fooling around, all be it with the whole danger thing but now, she was getting increasingly frustrated and impatient.

Running her fingers through my hair she told me, “Look Justin, I just want you to be completely honest with me, that’s all. I know this might sound stupid or whatever but I don’t care if I have to share you with someone, just as long as I know what’s going on. I’m just sick of being lied to...”

Feeling bad I decided to lay all my cards on the table and tell her the truth – or the truth according to the way I saw it. I explained to her who and what Taylor was and that she was just 18, impressionable, and in love with me. I told her I felt bad for Taylor and didn’t want to break her heart, because she really was a sweet girl. To my amazement, I found Natalie to be very understanding, and in fact seemed sympathetic to my predicament. She even suggested I don’t hurt Taylor and continue seeing them both!

Over the next few days, as usual, Natalie and I continue to see each other – all the while I was still with Taylor. Not suspecting a thing Taylor then organised another meeting with her friends, this time arranging a dinner with the eldest Duff sister, Haylie Duff. Meeting Haylie for the first time I didn’t know what to expect as she wasn’t exactly famous, but had already earned a reputation for being Hilary’s over protective older sister.

Regardless, I found her to be sweet and down to earth, and the dinner was a raging success. Flirting and having a great time together, Taylor stepped away to the bathroom for a few minutes and Haylie then immediately bombarded me with a succession of questions – most of them pretty personal and some even about how I really felt about Taylor. Thinking quickly and suspecting it might be a test I played it cool and told her what I knew she wanted to hear.

Haylie then said, “So you DO know she’s just 18?”

I nodded and told her [lied] that I wasn’t going to hurt her. Apparently making a good impression on her, right away, Haylie then picked up her cell and called Hilary to announce that I had gotten the job. Explaining my role in more detail I was then delighted to find that the salary was quite generous and that I would be watching over the sisters almost 24/7 – shacked up in an apartment a few doors down from them with my primary duty being to look out for Hilary.

“In other words, I’m babysitting,” I chuckled.

The girls both giggled before Haylie then looked at Taylor and cheekily said, “Well aren’t you doing that already?”

We all laughed some more before Haylie then warned me not to say that sort of thing in front of her younger, more talented sister. Hilary apparently had a huge temper and a short fuse, and wasn’t a stranger when it came to firing people on the spot – even bringing a few female assistants over the years to tears. It was then all my happiness turned to disappointment when Haylie then suggested that Taylor could also move in with me – seeing as they were all great friends it was only natural.

Before I could reply, Taylor then jumped on me, hugging and kissing me in excitement. Looking over at Haylie I could see she wasn’t as dumb as she was making out to be. She knew exactly what she was doing, putting me in this awkward position.

The next morning I showed up for work, and my new place, and ready to meet Hilary Duff for the very first time. Getting introduced by the girls, Hilary wasn’t impressed, and neither was I for that matter. Right off the bat as we made eye contact I got the impression she hated my guts, simply rolling her eyes at me before walking away. Seeing my bemused reaction Haylie giggled and told me not to worry about it as Hilary was apparently having a bad day. Taylor then added I would get use to it as Hilary was known to be a bit of a pre-madonna like that.

I couldn’t believe it. In the media Hilary had always been portrayed as such a sweet little girl, but here, having met her in person I realized she was just down right rude. Not only was she a bitch, but she was a selfish, conceited, spoilt little brat – who I watched click her fingers and expect everyone to jump. For such a tiny and petite little thing, (sexy as well mind you) she sure had a big booming voice when she needed.

Hanging around the “Duff compound” for the morning, it didn’t take long for my assignment to commence. Driving the Duff’s and their immediate family into the city, the girls were in the process of refurbishing and opening a new restaurant. It was there I got my first real taste of Hilary’s childish and Diva like behaviour when she scolded and then threatened to fire an assistant for bringing her a cup of coffee which she deemed had too much cream and sugar [calories].

Catching me stare at her appalling behaviour she then defensively countered, “What?!”

Thankfully, Haylie stepped in and saved my neck, and Hilary then took out her frustrations on someone else.

Luckily for me Hilary then spent the rest of that day on her cell phone, and I noticed that she practically lived on the thing, only hanging up once to change the battery. Even when she spoke to her sister or family, there was always someone on the other end of the line on hold and waiting for her to speak to. So preoccupied, Hilary barely spoke to me let alone looked in my direction. Then, in the afternoon I watched as the family broke out into a huge fight and argument after reading the news and discovering that Hilary was starting to see [and befriend] punk rocker, Joel Madden.

They were telling her what they thought of him (which wasn’t much), and disappointed, lectured and begged her to break it off as soon as possible as it would ruin her career – particularly with Disney. Determined not to listen, they shouted back and forth while Haylie pointing out the dirty habits he had already gotten her involved with, one of which was smoking cigarettes like a chimney. Not dissuade, Hilary left in a huff and demanded I take her for a drive.

Thinking she just wanted some space and alone time to blow off some steam, I happily drove her and she directed me out of the city and towards the highway. Driving in silence it was only a few minutes later that I then realized she had directed me right to him, to Joel Madden. He was apparently staying with his band in a lavish mansion that they were leasing for the summer. Pulling into the long driveway I noticed Joel himself was already waiting for us, so I immediately knew they had planned the entire thing right from the beginning.

Seeing my concern and regret Hilary just smirked, “Ha, now I guess you’re in trouble too, ‘cause you helped bring me to him.”

Seeing him up close I couldn’t believe they were together. Even for a little brat like her, Hilary was still pretty, ambitious, and intelligent, while he was the complete opposite. How could a girl like her even be remotely interested in a bitch boy like him? I thought. Another case of opposites attract I guess. Catching sight of me he instantly started to flex his non existent might and muscles, playing tough and ordering me around.

“Yes Justin, just stay here with the car okay,” Hilary instructed as they kissed each other hello and began walking towards the house.

“We’re just going to hang out inside for a while,” she added.

As I took a few steps behind them Joel suddenly turned and snapped, “Hey man, you can’t come in, stay there! Understand!!”

I wanted to snap the little pricks neck like a twig but I restrained myself. As they walking inside Joel swung his arm over her shoulder and looked back at me to show me the finger. It was now I realized they had indeed planned the entire thing, and had the place to themselves as they the rest of his group were at rehearsals.

“Fucking punk!” I said to myself through gritted teeth, “God damn I’d like to just have 5 minutes alone with that son of a bitch...”

Staying outside by the car I watched as the happy couple disappeared inside. Little did I think a few minutes later I would hear dubious sounds emanating from inside. I couldn’t believe it, were my ears playing tricks on me? I had only been working for Hilary Duff for all of just 6 hours, and already she was showing herself to be the sluttiest little snob I’d ever met! Hearing the noises again, I curiously moved to the side of the house to take a look inside and to my amazement found them watching porn.

Relieved, I was about to step away when I was shocked again and suddenly spotted Hilary, or I should say the top of her head, as it bobbed up and down over her boyfriends lap. From my vantage point behind the sofa I couldn’t see everything but it was clear that she was topless, and happily blowing Joel Madden! Stunned I went back to the car thinking what to do. Really, it wasn’t my job to stop her or say anything, but I felt compelled to do something as he was such a nasty and sleazy character – and as bitchy as she was, she was way too good for him!

Standing outside for another few minutes it was then I got a concerned call from Haylie. Upset, she told me that the family desperately wanted Hilary back at the restaurant A.S.A.P. Confused, I weighed up my options. Do I risk offending Hilary and her new boyfriend, or do I piss off Haylie and the rest of the Duff family. Walking up to the front door of the house I made up my mind, and with my phone in my hand I could now hear there was moaning and extra activity going on inside – it was clearly not the TV anymore but sounded a lot like Hilary’s sweet teenage voice.

I knocked on the door and the couple quieted down for a moment before giggling and then going right back to having sex! Knocking again, I informed Hilary I had to take her back to her family straight away but Joel swore at me through the door, telling me to leave them alone. Knocking once more, they now ignored me completely and continued to fuck – moaning and grunting, and breaking into laughter every so often.

Pissed off, I walked around the side of the house and looked inside to find Hilary straddling him, reverse cowgirl style! To my disbelief she was riding and pounding herself hard against him while he lazily lay back watching the x-rated film. What a douche bag I thought. Here he was getting ridden by Hilary Duff no less and still, he apparently needed to watch a porno to get or stay hard!

Fed up, I forcefully kicked in the side door which caused Hilary to shriek in surprise and jump off Joel. Covering up, Joel quickly got to his feet and rushed towards me. Suddenly throwing a punch, he missed me completely and was thrown across the room for his troubles – smashing into a table and vase. Screaming loudly, I then grabbed Hilary firmly by the arm and dragged her out of the house kicking and screaming.

Shoving her into the back of the SUV, she feebly tried to put her clothes back on while yelling at me, blaring I was fired and that she was going to sue my ass off! Peeling away I told her to shut the fuck up and shocked, she finally did. Finally calming down, we drove in relative quiet for the next few minutes when then she told me she needed to stop and use the bathroom. Rolling my eyes, I stopped at a gas station on the way and let her out.

Not taking any chances, I went around the back of the station waiting for her to make a break for it. Instead, standing there next to the small bathroom window I listened in to her conversation on the phone. As predicted, she had apparently called Joel again and was making arrangements to ditch me and go back to him right away. I laughed as I eavesdropped in.

“Yeah I know baby, you definitely would have kicked his ass, I know...” Hilary told him, “Yes I know, he caught us both by surprise... I know you could beat him in a fight... do you miss me?”

Deciding to have a little fun, I went around the front and a moment later kicked in the door, causing Hilary to yelp out in fright and drop her phone. Picking her up over my shoulder I then carried her back into the car – again kicking and screaming, and causing a major scene. Driving back to the restaurant, her sister stood waiting... later I thought, for a first day, it was remarkable.

For the next few days, everything seemed to calm down. Hilary was behaving or as close to that as she could, and I continued to escort the famous Duff sisters around town for several guest appearances, photo shoots, and interviews.

It was at one of these guest appearances that Joel Madden finally showed up – not to mention with about three other guys. Joel had apparently hired some friends as bodyguards – a handful of 50-year-old bikers who were nothing more than just groupies and fans of his band, Good Charlotte. Biting the bullet, Hilary’s family had apparently decided to give him a chance and allow Joel and Hilary to see each other.

Spotting me at the event, Joel immediately began to act tough again, getting smart and acting as though he wanted to start a fight with me. I laughed it off and for some reason thought back to Kevin Federline, imagining, even Kevin would rip this guy and his friends a new asshole. And as I considered going out the back to take care of these wannabe’s, Haylie then grabbed me by the arm and told me to forget about it.

Then later that night back at the Duff’s apartment, I was in the kitchen with Haylie when the girls went up stairs for a few minutes – leaving Joel and I alone downstairs. Just as I had hoped he walked into the kitchen to confront me but with no one around I could be as forceful as I wanted. Waiting for him to make the first move, he was just in the middle of a boring tirade when suddenly I grabbed him by his puny neck and forcefully pushed him against the fridge – banging the back of his head against it. Holding and squeezing his vulnerable throat I warned him.

“Listen to me you little sack of shit, you EVER open your mouth or get in my way again, or even attempt to grow a dick, I will rip your fucking heart out and shove it up your ass, understand? UNDERSTAND?!!!”

Joel could only groan in response and began to piss his pants as I squeezed and compressed his larynx. Putting him down I then struck him suddenly in the solar flexes – dropping him to the floor like a sack of shit! As he lay on the floor wheezing and trying to catch his breath I then turned to see the girls walk in. Clutching his chest and throat, Hilary gasped and ran over to help him and started yelling at me. To my amusement Haylie calmed everyone down and then rolled her eyes at her sister, before flashing me an appreciative wink.

I’m happy to say from that night onwards, Joel didn’t even sneeze around me. As a matter of fact, I hardly even saw him again as he supposedly went on tour with his band. With the couple spending more and more time apart from each other, Hilary now despised me more than ever, barely speaking to me for a few days. Then one night while I was driving the girls back to a hotel I listened in on their conversation – it was hardy difficult seeing as we were alone and they were sitting directly behind me.

Like me, Haylie immensely disliked Joel, and over the time she had spent with him Hilary continually tried to convince her sister to come around. As Hilary boasted, Haylie responded sarcastically, cracking me up.

“…like, he actually sent me flowers,” Hilary explain to her sister.

Haylie faked surprise and replied, “Fluck, really?”

Listening in to Haylie’s sarcastic tone, I laughed to myself and then started to think back to the fun nights Britney and I shared. As I drove I started to reminisce...

Britney was winding up her set – dressed sexily in a tight black cat suit it was the last number of her ONYX show. The crowd was going wild as she did her big finish and came bounding off the stage. I was already pissed and unimpressed with the lack of security at the venue. The backstage area was a complete joke with hundreds of screaming fans yelling and carrying on, and barely being restrained by the old and inadequate barriers.

Staying a few steps behind her I watched as the venues security quickly surrounded and ushered her backstage, escorting her to the awaiting car outside. Spotting her, the mob then erupted into a huge frenzy and overwhelmed the gates, pouring out and rushing towards her. Unprepared, the insufficient six man security crew barely managed to hold back the people, yelling and screaming for assistance while pushing Britney though the hysterical crowd down the exit tunnel.

Making her way through the large screaming crowd, Britney was clearly getting pushed and jostled around – her frustrations evident.

I could see she was a little concerned and heard her say, “Oh ma’ lord! Relax!!”

Looking around and behind her she was apparently looking for me. Catching her eye I reassured her with a smile, and she did the same. Over the loud noise of fans, we finally made our way out of the building and into the brightly lit car park only to be confronted by an even larger crowd – waiting for us was the press, the paparazzi, and the flash of cameras everywhere.

Taking charge I then yelled at the security, “Get her into the car now!”

The size of the crowd outside was incredible and the noise was almost deafening. If you didn’t know better you’d think she was doing a concert outside. There seemed to be just as many people outside waiting for her then there was in! Taking the initiative, I took her by her hand and pushed through the masses, and into the black SUV.

As we sped off Britney giggled, “God damn, did ya’w see that? That was unbelievable!”

“That was just fucked!!” I complained, “The security there had no idea what they were doing!”

“Ma’ lord,” Britney laughed, “I think about ten people grabbed my ass on the way out...”

We sped back towards the hotel and drove straight into the underground garage. Parking close to the lift, I helped Britney climb out of the truck and waited for the elevator to arrive. A moment later we got in and I pressed for the top floor – the penthouse suite. Still glistening in sweat and sexily clad in her sexy black outfit from the show, I glanced over at her huge cleavage and smiled, and she immediately caught me looking.

Grinning she raised an eye brow and said, “See anything you like?”

“Ha... it’s... that outfit, it’s just... incredible,”

“If you like, I can keep it on for the rest of the night...” she teased, just as we arrived to her floor.

I walked her to her suite and before I had a chance to open the door it suddenly opened by it self. Inside waited her Mom, Jamie-Lynn, and her publicist.

Britney kissed everyone hello while they all praised her about how great the show went – they had apparently watched it live via satellite. As Britney began to complain and tell everyone about the incident after the show, she began to work on her boots when her publicist then announced that we all clear the room and leave her to unwind and get changed, seeing as that was what Britney usually did. She apparently preferred to spend some quiet time by herself for an hour or so after ever major concert – time to relax and reminisce.

As we all began to leave to the a joining suite across the hall, Britney then asked that I stay, saying she was feeling kind of weird and paranoid. The incident after the concert had apparently frazzled her a little and she didn’t want to be completely alone – or so was her excuse. Hearing this Britney’s publicist said it was a great idea if I just stay in the lounge room and watch some TV while she shower and unwind in the other room.

I looked over at Britney’s mother who didn’t even bat an eye lid – apparently trusting me to not make a move or take advantage of her sexy daughter. Wanting to use any excuse to hang around and chat to me, Jamie-Lynn then announced that she too wanted to stay and hang out but almost instantly everyone dismissed her, knowing how she felt about me, now wasn’t the time to annoy and distracted me.

As everyone left, the very moment Britney shut the door, she turned and flashed me this extremely mischievous look. Playing it straight, I asked her if she wanted me to stay in the living room or the balcony while she showered and she just grinned.

“Justin, don’t be silly,” she smirked, “I’ll tell you where I want you!”

And with that she reached over and grabbed me roughly by my shirt, pulling me in and kissing me passionately on the mouth. We Frenched for almost 2 minutes straight before I finally broke to take a breath and she then moved to kiss my neck and ear. Moving her hands all over my body, she used one to grab and hold me by my ass, keeping her pinned against the door while with the other she reached down the front and began to rub my growing cock through my pants.

Kissing and licking my ear she whispered, “I’ve been thinking about *this* all night...”

“Britney,” I said staring right into her eyes, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Hmm yes,” she whispered, “Of course I do...”

“Well, what about your Mom, and...”

“What about them?” Britney breathed.

“Well, they might hear us and—”

Britney interrupted me by kissing me hard on the lips and shoving her tongue down my throat. Before I could do or say anything, she then managed to unzip my fly and reached into my boxers to stroke my pulsating cock.

“Oh baby,” Britney purred with just a hint of torment in her voice, “I’m so fucking horny...”

She then began to unbutton my shirt and without waiting a single moment fell to her knees and wrapped her sensuous lips around my pole. Almost immediately she sucked fervently before running her long tongue along the full length of my rod. My cock was getting harder by the minute. Blowing me, she pulled me out for just a moment and smiled, “Yummy,” before swallowing me again and gulping me down. The sensation was so incredible I titled my head back and inadvertently hit the door – causing her to briefly giggle.

Reaching down, I then began to play and fondle with Britney’s ample breasts when suddenly she stopped and stood. Taking me by the hand she then led me through the lavish suite and into the bedroom. I was a little puzzled as we walked straight past the large king size bed and into the en suite. There, she then went to work on taking her boots off, before I helped unzip her out of her incredibly tight outfit. Almost immediately her heaving breasts poured out, and unable to resist, I grabbed a handful of her teat and gave them a generous suck.

Britney giggled and moaned at the same time – trying frantically to get out of her outfit while starting the shower. I continued to help but also kissed, sucked, and groped her naked body – she really did have the most incredibly toned, tanned, and athletic figure I had ever seen. Finally slipping out and dropping the entire garment to the floor I was delighted to find she indeed hadn’t worn a single stitch of clothing underneath.

Moving to stand under the spray of the water I quickly stripped out of my clothes and joined her in the shower. Grabbing a bar of soap, I generously massaged and lathered her entire body. Britney happily twirled around and posed for me, lifting her arms and legs and making sure I didn’t miss a single spot or region. Bending over, my cock twitched as she motioned for me to pay special attention to her tight round tush. There wasn’t a single other sight you could compare it to – seeing Britney Spears, wet, naked, and bent over with her ass sticking out!

I did as she asked, and paying “special attention” to it, I meticulously caressed and massaged it for a minute before I then quickly dropped to my knees and began to eat out her moist snatch from behind like my life depended on it. Reaching out Britney palmed the wall in front of her for support and groaned loudly – bending over even further and grinding her ass back into my face.

“Uhhh yeahhhh... ohh oooooh... yesssss” she moaned, “Ahhhh yes, right there... eat my pussy baby,” she cooed in her sweet southern accent.

Slurping and drinking down what seemed like a litre of juice and water I finally stood and rubbed my achingly hard cock against her entrance. My god, I thought, she was so wet it practically slipped in with absolutely no effort what so ever. Although Britney was clearly wet, she still didn’t lose any of her tightness. Almost immediately Britney looked over her shoulder and shoved back at me, begging me to take her. Gripping her by her meaty hips I impaled myself into her repeatedly and watched as *she* fucked me, bucking back at me fervently and impatiently.

Fucking her from behind Britney then groaned, “Pull my hair! Urrghhhh!! I want you to pull my hair and fuck me baby!! Fuck me haaaarrrdddd!!”

I did what I was told and began to pump and tug at her long blonde hair. Gripping her meaty round ass I firmly slapped it hard with my hand and it seemed to really urge her on.

“Urghhh!!! Yesssss!!! Fuck me!!! FUCK ME!!! Yeah, and slap that ass!!! Urrhhhhhh!!”

I slapped, pulled, and fucked her as hard as I could. At one point I was banging her so hard that I now had her pinned and pressed firmly against the cold tiled wall in front of her! Fucking her frantically, my cock briefly popped out and she took the opportunity to quickly turn around and embrace me, kissing me passionately under the hot spray of the water. Her body felt incredible – soft, smooth, wet, and delicious. Making out vehemently, her entire body seemed to break out in goose-bumps.

Wetting all of her hair, Britney then breathed, “Fuck it! I can’t wait any more!”

And with that she stepped out of the shower and led me towards the bed. Totally soaked and dripping with water, she then pushed me down to the mattress and attempted to straddle me, but thinking quickly I pushed her over and grabbed her by her strong legs – wanting to eat her delicious pussy again.

“Arghhh come here!” I demanded, “I wanna eat that pussy of yours!!”

Britney giggled and gasped as I aggressively pulled her butt up to my face and now placed us in a 69 position. Right away I dived in and stuck my tongue as deep as I could inside her! Britney moaned with delight and rewarded me by reaching down and hungrily swallowing my prick. There we lay, completely wet from the shower, in a hot and noisy 69! Gripping and kneading her soft meaty buttocks, I avidly ate her towards her first orgasm of the night! With her lips and mouth completely wrapped around my tool Britney groaned and mumbled loudly telling me she was about to cum!

“Mmmmpphhhh... yeahhh baby, oh yesssss... oooh yes baby OH YES YES YYYY—ARGHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUCKKK!” she cried as her whole body trembled and stiffened up.

Filling my mouth with her hot juices she then slipped my meat out of her moaning mouth and leaned down to spit and lick at my sack – taking one of my balls between her lips she then teasingly twirled her tongue against it and around before lapping and slurping across my entire scrotum.

Wetting my entire crotch with her warm spit I had had enough, and suddenly grabbed her by her soft butt and pushed her down my body so that her pussy was lined up with my saliva coated cock. Catching on quickly, Britney smirked and moved to spread her legs wide, before sinking my sword back inside her. Leaning forward all the way so that her large erect breasts brushed against the mattress as I slapped and groped her meaty ass and began to fuck her wholly!

Initially moving her hips with mine, she rode me long and deep as I watched my cock continually disappeared inside her. Picking up the pace and fucking me frantically, my cock slipped out a number of times but Britney didn’t waste any time guiding it back in. Now sitting straight up, she then stopped and turned around to face me, proud that she was talented enough to not to allow my cock to slip out and escape.

Facing each other, we then continued to fuck while staring into each others eyes. Riding me conventionally for the next few minutes Britney was already exhausted from the show, and huffing noticeably slowed down to a steady pace before almost moving in slow motion. While her mind wanted to fuck her body was fatigued.

“Urrrhh urrhh ohhhh...” she moaned quickly, before moaning softer and slower, “Ohh ohhhhhh... mmmm yeah!”

Leaning over to make out with me she then began to move slowly and purposefully, as if making love. Caressing her soft perspiring face and neck I tenderly stroked her skin telling her it was okay – we didn’t have to fuck hard, we could actually just do it nice and slow. Kissing her sensually, I watched and listened to her groan and whimper as she gently ground her hot moist cunt against me. Holding me tightly she gradually sank deeper and deeper until my entire length was completely buried inside her. Tightening her pussy, Britney repeatedly gasped every time I filled her.

With her hot breathe wafting across my face, she whimpered breathlessly, “Oh, fuck oooh fuckkkkk!”

Licking her lips I smiled before realizing just how aroused and taken she really was.

Trembling, Britney was in a trance like state and began to whisper repeatedly, “Ooooohh, I’m sssss-so... I’m so gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!! I gonna cum!!!”

Clinging to me tightly I felt my cock twitch and I knew I too was about to blow. Watching her approach one of the most sensual, and powerful orgasms of her life I too was approaching my zenith.

Britney breathed, “Ohhhhh... just don’t move... just oooh... cum, cum inside me!!”

Before she even had time to finish the sentence, I began to tremble and my toes curled as I suddenly erupted deep inside her. I exploded with such force that we both felt my cock spew it’s creamy load and splash her inner walls with searing ferocity. It was enough to tip her over the edge and her face suddenly began contorting and withering. Shuttering violently she then climax AGAIN!!!

To my wonderment, I watched as Britney rocked through three straight orgasms. As we lay there with my bucket load of cum seeping out of her saturated twat, Britney opened her eyes and kissed me like she never had before.

“I... I... I don’t know what to say...” she stuttered, “I’m so... so fucking high right now,”

“So I guess you came?”

“I... oh my lord!! Fuuuck! I fucking came alright, that was... that was...”

As she tried to find the words for what had just taken place, I reluctantly pulled out and went to the bathroom, leaving her lying there motionless on the bed – my cum also oozing out of her reddened pussy. It was actually a funny sight. Ah, those were the days...

Back to reality...

Having a rare weekend off, I decided to hit the gym and work out a little before arriving back to the apartment to relax and enjoy the rest of the day. I was just on the way towards a shower when I heard a soft knock at the door. Opening up I was shocked to find Haylie Duff standing there, alone. For a moment I did a double take as she looked so different, so incredibly sexy, slutty even. Usually dressing conservatively, it was a hot summer afternoon outside and I wasn’t disappointed to see her appear in by far the most skimpiest and raunchy outfit I’d ever seen her in.

She was wearing an extremely short faded denim skirt that barely covered her ass let alone her thighs, and a tight top which was almost transparent and looked to be two sizes too small for her. Her top was so tiny and low cut it practically showed off all of her tummy and barely concealed her pert breasts – which I was delighted to find she wasn’t wearing a bra! Standing there, all breasts and all legs, I almost couldn’t believe it was her. I invited her in afraid some photographer was going to spot her and snap the photo of the century.

“Wow!” I said admiring her, “And who are you trying to impress?”

It was obvious Haylie wasn’t the only one who had inherited killer stems – because of her height, Haylie’s legs were arguably even better than Hilary’s. Seeing my reaction Haylie smiled shyly and walked in before asking if I could come next door and give her a hand. Catching me in just my sweat pants, Haylie grinned. I told her I hadn’t showered yet but she insisted it didn’t matter and went on to tell me that the rest of the gang, her parents, Hilary, and Taylor, were all out to lunch and would be home in a few hours so she wanted to clean up before they got home.

“So come on, can you give me a hand or what?”

They had apparently had a small party to celebrate her parent’s anniversary the night before and the place was a mess. Unfortunately all the work she and Taylor had put into the night had been ruined after Hilary and Joel had a huge fight and he didn’t show – putting Hilary in a bad mood all night. Agreeing to help I quickly grabbed a shirt before she dragged me out the door. As I followed, I couldn’t help but stare at her glorious ass and incredible legs.

I’d never seen her wear anything even remotely as hot to this before. Her short skimpy skirt was so tight and small I could clearly make out the sheer white panties she wore underneath. They looked to be of a g-string design and were pulled up high enough on her hips for anyone to notice. Wearing thick transparent clog like sandals only emphasized her long smooth legs. I particularly loved the fact how well defined her calve muscles were – she really had the best set of legs I’d ever seen!

So I helped out with cleaning their apartment, I mean it was only fair since Haylie was prepared to prancing around on an outfit like that, and give me one of the greatest T and A shows I’d ever had. Getting most of the garbage out of the way, we took a quick 15 minute break and she then handed me a beer from the fridge.

“Jesus women, is there anything you don’t do... you’re perfect!” I joked.

I still couldn’t believe the sudden turn around in her behaviour towards me. She suddenly seemed very flirtatious, adventurous, and open with me. Though, as happy as I was seeing Haylie finally come out of her shell, a part of me was naturally suspicious and sceptical, and I prayed to god this wasn’t a trick. As we sat and relaxed, we just sat in silence and smiled at each other. By the way she was looking at me I was sure she wanted to tell me something but kept changing her mind.

Smiling widely, she then shyly said, “Whaaaaat?”

“No, nothing,” I replied, “It’s just you look so... so incredible,”

Haylie blushed shyly, “Thanks... means a lot to me,”

She just looked so fucking cute and adorable there. And for the first time ever I looked at her in a different way – she really way sweet and pretty. Still acting a little nervous and strange, she was finally about to spit out what ever it was she wanted to tell me when suddenly we both heard the phone ring. Rolling her eyes she answered it. As expected it was Hilary, and Haylie then stood chatting away with her sister for a minute while I sat and intently admired at her flawless and drop dead gorgeous ass and legs.

Hanging up and coming back to the sofa Haylie told me that Hilary and the gang were apparently finishing up at the restaurant and heading home soon – arriving home in about 40 minutes. Hearing this I decided to go home and have a shower when Haylie stopped me and insisted I stay and finish off the beer with her. Curious, I asked her what the deal was about her strange behaviour and she then said she just wanted to tell me just how much she appreciated me and knew her sister wasn’t the easiest person to work or get along with.

Haylie added that from now on she was going to give me a reason to hang around and help make my time there more pleasurable. Thanking her I got up to leave when suddenly she pouted and then reached back behind the sofa to retrieve something from the party the following night. As I moved to get up she suddenly bopped me in the side of the head with something. It appeared to a pair of old novelty boxing gloves? The gloves themselves were actually just two large balloons filled with air and the size of pillows, which were shaped to look like a pair of gloves.

As we laughed and I moved to get up again when she bopped me in the side of the head again! Fighting back I slipped one of the other gloves on and we began to playfully fight. Hitting me in the head a few times, I hit her back only to knock her in the breasts. Shocked, we both froze before laughing out loudly. Wanting revenge, she then started to really wail upon me and I then tried to make a break for it only to have her jump up to stop me.

“Arghhh… and where do you think you’re going!?!” she yelled, before tripping and pushing me onto the carpeted floor.

Before I could say or do anything Haylie was already on me – wrestling me. Laying on top of me and inadvertently grinding her hot little body against me, all the pretence that we were still fighting had soon vanished. Straddling me and pushing her panty clad crotch over me, she jokingly bopped me in the head one last time before I pulled off her glove and we rolled around some more. Losing one of her sandals in the process, we ended up in the same position as before – with her on top of me, but catching her off guard I quickly grabbed her wrists and pinned them behind her back.

Putting up a brief fight, her firm and clearly excited breasts brushed against me until she soon lost the power to go on and we lay there motionless, breathing heavy. Although she lay on top of me I still had the upper hand – holding her in place with her arms pinned firmly behind her.

Looking up at her I told her, “Hmm, I wonder how this would look if Taylor or your sister walked in right now?”

Haylie replied, “What’s the big deal? We’re not doing anything wrong, we’re just playing...”

She then added in a sweet and soft voice, “Besides, they won’t be back for at least another half hour.”

“Who, Taylor or Hilary?”


Laying there on top of me, she was now breathing and panting erotically, and I could feel her breathe whiff over my face. Staring into each others eyes it was only now she realized her short denim skirt had hiked up considerably – leaving her lying on top of me in mostly just her g-string panties. Feeling exposed and a little uncomfortable she wanted to fix it and asked me to let go of her hands so she could re-adjust it.

“Nah leave it,” I grinned, “I don’t mind it being that way,”

“Yeah, I bet you don’t,” She smiled slightly, “No please, let go,”

Feeling bold I then replied, “I tell you what, I’ll let go if you give me a kiss.”

As I waited for her answer, I’m sure she could feel my hardening cock push against the inside of her thigh. Fidgeting and moving her legs around, she brushed passed it for a second time causing it to grow twice as hard. Sensing this I could practically read her mind, what she was thinking, and contemplating. Smirking slightly she then teased me a little more and pushed down against it, obviously looking for a reaction. Taking a long deep breathe she then finally leaned down towards me and at the very last moment paused – her lips literally centimetres away.

Playfully wetting her full lips with her tongue, she whispered, “Are you sure you want to do that?”

Before I had time to answer her, she then suddenly and gave me a quick peek on the lips before attempting to pull away.

Holding her in place, I immediately complained, “What the hell was that? You call that a kiss?”

She instantly went red and squirming around for a moment – the whole time with a cheeky grin on her face.

“Well… that’s all you get... that’s all you deserve!”

“Are you sure?” I said holding her firmly in place.

As she squirmed and tried to break free one last time I then leaned up and quickly kissed her on the lips again. Shocked, Haylie didn’t resist or object but simply lay there letting me plant one squarely on her soft mouth. Kissing her for an entire 3 seconds I broke it off and smiled at her reaction.

Feeling cocky I then smugly said, “You see, now that’s how you... mmmppfff!”

I was then interrupted as she then suddenly leaned down and kissed me, only this time a little more firmly and deliberately. At that exact moment she parted my lips with her tongue and swirled around. She was indeed a great kisser, which made my cock rock hard. Hearing her moan ever so softly into my mouth, I reached down and grabbed a handful of her beautiful round rump, groping it and giving her a soft playful slap.

I could feel her entire ass wobble to my smacks. I tell you, she had one of the softest tushy’s I had ever felt! Her butt felt like velvet!! Caressed her bare cheeks I gently squeezed and kneaded them, making her whimper a little more. As we passionately made out, Haylie had then somehow managed to wiggle my pants down exposing my cock. I didn’t even realize it until I felt my sensitive head brush against her inner thigh. I was shocked and taken back slightly and before I could say anything she spoke.

“Wait... wait, Justin... I think... we should stop...”

Though our minds were saying one thing, our bodies were doing another. For the life of us you just couldn’t get us to stop moving and grinding our bodies over and against each other. It didn’t help that every time I rubbed and moved against her she moaned and whimpered softly.

“J-J-Justin, we can’t... mmmpphhh… we can’t do this,” she barely said before sticking her tongue down my throat again.

“Mmmphhh, I know… we have to… mmmhh… stop, I guess…”

As I moved my hands over the back of her panties I could feel just how hot and wet she had become. I was so tempted to just plunge my fingers into her underwear and roughly finger her to an earth shattering orgasm. Pulling her soft cheeks apart, I gripped her by her butt and began to grind against her – re-enacting a fuck. She seemed to love it and whimpered louder into my mouth. Letting go, she now seemed to move on her own volition, and rubbing against my cock.

“Ohhh god, I’m so fuckin’ wet right now…” she panted, “I’m so fucking wet…”

All hot and bothered I desperately wanted to be inside her now, but I knew we couldn’t. Frustrated, I then reached down and forcefully pulled her panties to one side, giving me full unfettered access to her hot 20-year-old twat. I could practically smell her arousal and apparently so could she as she went slightly red with embarrassment. Without exaggerating, Haylie was soaking wet!!

She then whispered into my ear, “Just rub it... rub it against me... against my pussy...”

“Yeah?” I breathed, “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, but just don’t stick it in me... just... mmpphhh, rub it and make me cum!”

I was floored by her comment. Make her cum? Who the hell did she thing she was, I laughed to myself.

As we vigorously made out, she kissed her way down my ear and neck, driving me wild and pressing her body further against me. Reaching down, Haylie then grasped my cock and began to stroke it firmly. She was obviously pleased by its girth as she gave it several tugs – all the while its fat mushroom head grazed over her hot, slick, entrance. Arranging ourselves in an adequate position, she then spread her legs slightly and we aligned our bodies so that I could rub my cock readily against her bare slit.

While I pulled and held her panties to one side, she tentatively polished her slit against me, and I couldn’t help but gasp. Sweating, panting, grinding and gyrating, she moved her hips faster now and we both moaned as we pretended to fuck. The simulation was almost as hot and heavy as the real thing! Meeting her hips I too started to move and Haylie was now happily smearing her pussy juice all over the full length of my cock!! I just couldn’t believe how hot and wet she was!! She was so aroused, so wet we could now both hear it – listening to the obscene but sexy sound of her wet cunt!!!

“Ugggh... uhh,” she grunted, “I wanna fuck you so baddddly!!” she breathed – now humping my pole.

My head was spinning as we both moved and rubbed against each other frantically. Picking up the pace, Haylie then took me by surprise as she suddenly moved her hips upward too far and my cock sprang out, throbbed straight up and out in the air, before we both knew it, my rod seemingly slipped and inched its way inside her velvety lips – as if having a mind of its own.

“Oooooh aaarrrggghhh...” We both groaned as I entered her.

Relishing her tight slick folds, I instinctively reached down to grip her by her ass checks and eased her further onto my meaty sword.

Haylie gasped, “Ohh fuck... oh fuck... oh just... fuck me!!” she kept repeating – almost hyperventilating.

At that point in time we were so aroused, so worked up that it wouldn’t have mattered WHO came home and through the door at that moment – nothing on earth could stop up from going further.

“Ohh God damn!” I let out repeatedly, “You’re so... you’re so fucking tight! And wet!!”

Haylie slowly eased herself further over my tool – moaning loudly the entire way down. Spurred on by a sudden rush of adrenalin, I instinctively pushed my pelvic area upward – burying all of my manhood inside her.

“Arrghhh fuuuuck!” she cried out loudly as I thrust deep into her.

So now there was no doubt about it, we were officially fucking!!!

I then began to thrust up and down, fucking her keenly and impatiently as she too responded by rocking back and forth against me. After about the 5th or 6th thrust, Haylie then cried out in ecstasy, screaming for me to fuck her deeper as she was on the verge of climaxing! With my cock still buried inside her, I then took her by her neck and rolled us over to the side – hurriedly pounding her sideways on the floor for a full minute before rolling her completely onto her back and continuing my assault on that hot piece of ass!!

With my throbbing tool now impaled deep inside her sodden pussy, I decided to mix it up a little and grabbed her leg turning her over and onto her tummy. Haylie didn’t resist for a moment while I lined up my organ and buried it into her tight snatch from behind! As I then began to take her from behind, Haylie then reached down between her legs, inside her panties and furiously flicking and rubbed her engorged clit!

The sight and sound was enough to drive me over the edge and I picked up the tempo and fucked her harder and faster. Spreading her velvety soft ass check apart I then spat at her exposed butthole and jack hammered her for all I was worth! Shrieking loudly, I could feel her pussy stretching and constricting around my pounding member. The faster I fucked her, the harder she seemed to want it.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh, fuck me Justin… fuck meeee!” she yelled.

Wanting to look me in the eye as we fucked, Haylie then turned to lay on her back and spread her lovely legs wide! Gripping my muscular arms, she then wrapped her incredible legs around my hips and encouraged me to pound her mercilessly. As I did, the edges of her panties were now painfully rubbing against the bottom of my shaft – the sensation inducing me further along!! Suddenly stiffening up, I yelled that I was about to cum and my confession only seemed to make her pussy walls contract tighter around me. For that single slip moment in time, I was banging her so furiously my balls were making a loud and obscene slapping noise!

“Ohh fuck... you’re gonna... make me cuuummmmm!” she announced, crying out loudly.

Gripping her hips firmly I thrust my entire length deep inside her and growled out loudly as I pulled out just in time to shot a number of thick loads all over her belly button and chest!! At least four huge blasts coated her body, with one even reaching her neck! Completely spent, I finally collapsed to the floor and rolled over catching my breath. Extremely satisfied and content, Haylie and I then giggled in euphoria.

Finally calming down, I was just about to say something to her when suddenly we both bolted upright as we heard what sounded like commotion heading towards the apartment. Yep, there was no doubt about it, it was definitely the others returning home from the lunch. Grabbing our things, we both panicked and quickly scurried in different directions. While she made for the bathroom, I escaped out the back door and into the yard.

For the next few days, things were definitely different and a little awkward around the Duff compound. Somehow, Haylie and I managed to stay away from each other – still coming to terms with what happened between us. While to our amusement, no one really payed any attention or notice to it... that was until Hilary started to get a little suspicious and began to snoop around...

To be Continued...

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