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Gift From A God Pt. 1
Note: this is not my story it was written by Abbe Faria but as this is a new site and does not have any of his work posted here I thought I should at least post it since it was so enjoyable to read if you like it and want other chapters you can leave a note to ask me for the others.

Posted by: Abbe_Faria on 12-12-2003.

"This is not a quick fuck & suck story. That being said any comments, suggestions or constructive criticisms of any kind are most welcome. This is my first attempt so all comments will be weighed and used to improve any future postings.

About forty-five per cent of this is a true story. Eat your heart out figuring which is real and which is phony. Or simply repeat to yourself, "For I am a jealous people," and remember not to screw around with the supplicants baby." – Harlan Ellison

You’ve never heard of me. You don’t know my name, and you have no idea what I look like. Despite all of those things, I am perhaps the most powerful human in the world. That was part of the deal. I get all the power, but I can’t have the fame. And honestly, I was fine with that. Who needs fame when you can do what I can. Fame is a small price to pay. If you were offered practical godhood as long as you didn’t tell anyone your secret would you reject it?

How then can I write this story?. Honestly, who would believe it? This story is posted in a place full of fantasies and dreams. If I manage to hold your interest until the end then I think you’ll agree with me that it is quite unbelievable. A quick explanation of the deal: It wasn’t a deal with the devil, as some of you may be thinking, but rather a deal with Gods. Stick with me, all will be made clear. "

I was living in Arizona at the time, having just finished school, and was doing my part to contribute as a functioning member of society. I worked, paid my bills, went out on the weekends with friends...all in all a very normal life. That day, I came home, opened the door to my apartment, set my keys down and began sifting through my mail.


It was at that point I became aware of someone in the room with me. I glanced up and noticed a figure sitting in my living room. I jumped around, “Oh SHIT!,” I had to take a moment catch my breath, “You scared the hell out of me man. You..whew..are you a friend of Kristel's?”

I looked around, expecting to see her in her room maybe or in the bathroom. The apartment was empty, the lights off, the only sound besides my labored breathing being the soft whir of the air conditioner. I looked back at him and he shook his head with a slight grin on his face. I took a point to really study him. It was hard to judge his height because he was sitting down, but he looked to be at least as tall as my 6’ 1”, and very lean. He had short blonde hair in a spikey punk fashion that looked to be tipped with red, sleek looking black sunglasses that seemed molded to his face and a black leather trench coat. I saw deep royal blue shirt on underneath with black pants and some type of animal skin shoes that gleamed faintly in the dull light of my living room.

“Okay...who are you then.

“Why don’t you sit down Stephen, we have things to discuss.” He gestured to the love seat sitting near the couch.”

At this point I began to get a little worried. I wasn’t wanted by the law. I had no criminal dealings (well I cheated slightly on my taxes that year, but I don’t think the IRS sends punk looking agents to break into your house and wait for you to get home to audit you) and I could think of no one that I might have pissed of enough to have someone sent to my house.

“I’m not sitting down until you tell me what the hell your doing in my apartment. Wait...as a matter of fact, get the fuck out of my apartment.”

I reached behind me and pulled my butcher knife out of my knife block on the kitchen counter and spun around pointing the knife at him.


He just shook his head and clicked his tongue at me. “You’re making this much harder then it has to be mortal.”

What did he say? Mortal? Who talks like that. He stood up in one fluid motion and faced me. He didn’t move like anyone I had ever seen. If a viper could get up and walk around, it would be something like the way he moved. Almost like he didn’t have bones but rather his body was just a fleshy shell for fluid power. He pulled off his sunglasses, sliding them into an inner pocket of the trench coat, and all thoughts of the knife were gone from my head. All thoughts of everything were gone from my head.

His eyes were silver. I don’t mean silver contacts or maybe a grayish color, but silver. They glimmered in the dim light like pools of living mercury. He had no pupil, no iris, no cornea just gleaming silver from eye lid to eye lid.

“Now put down your little knife before you cut yourself and come over here and sit down. We need to talk. I’ll not say it again.”

The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I found myself too terrified to speak.I felt his power crash into me like a physical thing. It’s an impossible feeling to truly describe unless you’ve been in the presence of a God. Any strength or confidence in your own abilities completely evaporates and you’re left with an overwhelming desire to crawl into a corner and weep and pray for the emptiness of insanity.

The knife fell from my hand and clattered to the floor and I started walking towards the love seat almost without realizing I was doing it. I dropped heavily onto the cushions and he flowed back into his seat and studied me with his quicksilver eyes.

“Tell me," he asked, " what do you know of the Gods?”

That was completely off the wall. It took me a moment to collect myself enough to speak. I wasn’t totally sure whether or not I had just wet myself. The stranger waited patiently.

“I...uh..God..he uhh...well Jesus and Mary, the Devil. I don’t really go to church anymore. I used to be catholic, went to catholic school, did the alter boy thing but I never paid that much attention, I always got bored." I was rambling.

“I didn’t say God, although I should have expected as much from you. I said Gods. Plural. In particular the Greek and Roman Gods. Surely you studied it in school.”

“Well yeah, I guess. Zeus defeated the Titans and fucked anything that walked. Um... Hera was his wife and was always getting jealous and killing his girlfriends and his kids or something like that. Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, Poseidon, God of the sea. Umm...Hercules. I used to watch that show every once in awhile. I saw Clash of the Titans once,” I said stupidly. Ramble ramble. I was nervous, what would you have done. I looked at his eyes again, swirling and shifting in his head. “You're a...a god?”

“Darn, did the eyes give me away. Happens every time." He gave me a sarcastic look.

"Yes, I’m a God. I’m surprised you know that much about us. You people are so ignorant of the world. So confident of your own beliefs and your view of how things are.Why should you even bother knowing of the past and of those who came before you. Still your limited knowledge gives me something to work with.”

“But that’s just mythology, it wasn’t real. You...you aren’t real. Are you?”
He held his hand in front of my face and I watched as it glowed blue and what looked like electricity coursed around his fingers and across the front and back of his hand.

“Look real enough to you?”

I just stared, wide eyed and nodded.”Uh...why–”

“Why am I here? I’m here because you’ve been chosen by Zeus to receive some very special gifts. Since I am the designated messenger I’m here to give you these gifts. You will be practically immortal for all intents and purposes, along with all those godly powers you always hear about. Unless you want to refuse. I don’t advise that by the way.”

Well how does one respond to that. You suddenly find out that all those gods you read about in history are real, one of them is in your living room bearing gifts from Zeus, and you are the benefactor. Shit on me. Maybe I was having some sort of hallucination brought on by heat-stroke. The desert can do that to you. Still, the best I came up with was:


“Yes seriously you ignorant human. You think I would come here just because I had nothing better to do. Or maybe you think I have an overwhelming fondness for cacti and dust storms and heat the sucks the moisture from your body like a hellish succubous.” He glanced upwards with a look of disgust and said, “Gods I hate the desert. I’m much more suited to cooler climates.”

“So you’re just going to give me powers?”

“There are some restrictions of course.”

“Like what?”

“For starters you may not run around telling everyone you’ve been in contact with us or that we are the source of your powers. You may not make it public knowledge that you possess these gifts, and you may not set yourself up as a God and start recruiting followers. Last time that happened we ended up with the Mormons.

“The Mormons? You mean that Joseph Smith guy–”

“Never mind that. You also can’t start killing people. That’s high-profile and is much to hard to conceal. You may also not put yourself into any position of political power or influence. You are not to interfere with any political manuverings your fellow humans undertake. Not even a local PTA meeting, understand? If you violate these rules the consequences would be swift and severe, they are in place for a reason. Do not ever make the mistake of thinking you actually are a God and could stand up against even the weakest of us. Are we clear?”

Crystal.You don’t negotiate with Gods, they aren’t known for being flexible.

“Okay. Why me though, why was I picked? There are millions of people out there, what made me stand out? I can’t even get an interview at The Arizona Republic for a design job but here you are telling me I qualify for the powers of a God.”

“You don’t need to understand. You were chosen and that is all that is important. Now, are you ready? I am on a schedule after all.”

“You mean now?”

“Must I always repeat myself. Stop questioning me and stand up.”

We both stood and he faced me. It’s very unsettling to look into the eyes of a God. It’s similar to the feeling you get when you stand at the shore of an ocean for the first time and suddenly begin to realize how completely small and unimportant you really are.

“What do I do?”

“You don’t do, I do. Hold still.”

He took a deep breath and brought his hands up to the sides of my head. They were glowing again, this time with a reddish light. He started to mumble in some odd language and then suddenly the universe exploded behind my eyes. I died and was reborn. I fell from an infinite height and flew to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. It passed in an instant but took so long that time itself lost all meaning.

When I came back around I was on my hands and knees with my heart racing in my chest and I felt somewhat nauseous. I sat up slowly and when I felt well enough to open my eyes the room snapped into focus with incredible clarity.I could see everything. Every detail on every surface in every shade and color. I groaned at the sensory overload and clamped my eyes shut.

“Take a deep breath and think about not seeing all that you just saw, but just as things are on the surface. As you’ll come to understand, you new-found abilities will pretty much all work that way.”

Once I felt brave enough I opened my eyes again and for a moment I was assaulted with the same visual bombardment. I focused and suddenly it all went back to normal. Mostly anyway, colors seemed to be more vivid and my focus was still incredibly sharp, but it wasn’t so much I that I couldn’t handle it. I looked up at the God and gasped. He was outlined in a pulsing gold light. His skin burned with a golden fire and every so often little wisps of it would shoot up and evaporate off him like smokey solar flares. His eyes were tiny supernovas.

“Jesus Christ....”

He gave a snort of contempt. “ Jesus Christ. Cocky little bastard, that one.” Then waving that aside he said, “You’ll be able to recognize us now, should you see us on the street. We’ll all appear to you similar to this.” He gestured with his hands and left tracers in the air that faded out after a few seconds. “They will see you for what you are as well, but don’t be surprised if they ignore your existence. Do not pester them. If any of them wish to speak to you, they will make their presence known. Otherwise it would be best not to interfere, they aren’t all as good natured as I am. They won’t kill you because you are protected, but there are worse things in life besides death that are even more unpleasant and they can do all of them. We only hold so much sway with the other Pantheons.”

“Now, as I’ve said your powers will work on thought. Think it and you can do it.

“So I just think about something and it happens? What about if I think about killing someone in a dream, that doesn’t seem like a very good idea.”

“It’s not automatic. Think about moving your hand but don’t move it."

I did.

“Now move it.”

I did.

“See the difference. There must be force behind the thought. You must apply your will to it in order for it to happen, just as with your hand. You can think about moving it all day, but it won’t move until you will it to move. Try and move this candle into your hand from where your sitting."

He motioned to the candle on the coffee table in front of me. I stuck out my hand towards the candle on the coffee table and thought about it moving into my hand. At first nothing happened, then as I focused another few seconds it slipped across the table right into the palm of my hand.

“Holy shit! It moved into my hand.”

“I told you it would.”

“What else can I do?”

“Almost anything you want. You can’t change night to day, or brew up a thunderstorm, although if you concentrated, you could probably make a few gusts of wind. However you can now read minds, control minds, alter perceptions, teleportation, telekenisis, heightened senses, superior strength...as I said, just about anything you want. You are not, however, given any power over the domain of the other Gods. Hence the thunderstorms, or time, or any natural laws."

That sounded like something I could live with.

“What am I supposed to do now?”

“That’s not my concern, although knowing you as I do, I’m sure you’ll think of something.” He gave me a small humorless grin, “You just obey the rules as I’ve told you and there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“Can I die?”

“It would be extremely difficult to kill you. If you somehow manage to get your head separated from your body or a nuclear bomb goes off there won’t be much we can do, but otherwise, you should be fine.You will age but at a slower rate then your fellow homo sapiens. You will not catch any disease or get a cold or break any bones.Same goes for getting shot or beaten. I think you’ll find it very difficult to get hurt as you are now. This is not a simple or casual thing that we have just done and we wouldn’t want it spoiled if you went off and died.”

“You said I could read and control minds. What did you mean by that?”

He gave me a long suffering sigh.“Exactly what I said.There is no way you have a hearing problem now. You’ll figure it out.”

“And altering perception? What does that mean.

“Have you ever wished you could be in a room with people and have them not know your there? To be able to be invisible to them, any sounds or action go unnoticed. Or perhaps make someone see something that isn’t there or feel something that they otherwise wouldn’t. That’s what I mean.”

“And the teleportation?

“You must be able to visualize where you wish to go. You can’t pop yourself over to China if you’ve never been. When you have the place you want in mind, just apply your will to your desire and it shall be so. Visualization is also the key when manipulating minds. You have to be able to visualize the person and there relative location to establish the link. Line of sight will always work the best, but if you can see the person in your mind you should be able to do it. This means you can’t control some random woman in South Dakota if you have no idea who or where they are."

I sat for a moment trying to absorb all of this. It was just so much to take in.

“Who are you?”

He gazed steadily at me for a moment, he seemed to be thinking something over, and then said, “I am known to some as Hermes, Messenger of the Gods.”

“What would have happened if I had refused?”

He gave me that humorless grin again and this time there was something sinister behind it that made me shudder so I let it drop.He suddenly cocked his head sideways as if hearing something in the distance.

“Now, if I’m not mistaken, you’ll have a chance to test some of your new gifts. Anything else you wish to know you’ll have to figure out for yourself. I must leave you now.”

He stood and looked down at me with a cryptic smile, then putting his sunglasses back on said,”Farewell human. Enjoy yourself.”

Suddenly silver blue spheres of light swirled up from the floor around him and in a quick flash that left after images in my eyes, he was gone. I only had a few seconds of silence trying to comprehend all that had just happened when I heard a key in the door. Kristel was home.

Kristel and I had been living together in a strictly platonic way for about a year and a half, I had met her through a roommate website service. I needed a roommate and she needed a room. It was pretty much a business partnership. We had never become close friends, she was a little frigid honestly. Not to say that I hadn’t been wanting to fuck her since the day I met her, but we didn’t have that kind of relationship. Since we hardly ever talked or hung out with the same group of people, there was never any chance for an opening.

She was probably about 5’ 4” or 5’ 5”, just a little slip of a thing, with long blondish brown hair a little past her shoulders and an ass that made you want to cry for your momma it was so plumb and firm. She had beautiful blue eyes the color of cornflowers and skin of fresh buttermilk and if I remember correctly, was a 32C.

Her face wasn’t drop dead gorgeous pretty, she had a thing with her jaw. It was just a bit too strong to make her as beautiful as she would have been otherwise. She was still fine though, make no mistake.

She came through the door and set her purse on the counter. From the moment she walked into the room I was completely aware of her. I could smell the sweetness of her skin, I could hear her heartbeat in her chest and the way the fabric of her clothes glided across her body. I thought I could even feel the small currents of air she made as she moved through the room. Hermes wasn’t kidding about heightened senses, this was amazing. She smelled like mangos. I could taste it on my tongue.

“Hi Steve.” She glanced over at me.


She looked up again, studying me, “You okay? You look kind of pale.”

“Uh..no, no I’m fine. Just had a rough day.”

“Why is your knife on the floor?”

“Huh? Oh, I dropped it.”

I walked over and picked up the knife and reached over the counter to place it back in the block. I still wasn’t used to all this new information my senses were feeding me and standing next to her in front of the counter only increased the effect. She stood there going through the mail as I had so recently done and all I could do is stand there inundated with all the sights, sounds and smells of her. The pure sensuality of experiencing her so intimately was dizzying. Of course I may have been dizzy because all the blood was rushing away from my head.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You’re just kind of standing there with a dazed look?”

“I think I should go lay down.”

“Well if you need anything let me know.”

She gathered up her mail and went to her room, shutting the door behind her. Typical. I followed closely behind and went the opposite way down the short hall to my room. I shut the door and laid on my bed and started to think.

I now had God-like powers. I could...I could do almost anything. Not totally believing it, I looked across my room on my shelf and willed one of my textbooks to me. It cleared the other books smooth as a whisper and moved across the room and hovered about a foot over my stomach. I broke out in goosebumps and was so excited all I could do was giggle as my mind abounded with possibilities. All could be mine. Money, cars, unlimited freedom, power. Well no, not power, not in the traditional sense anyway, but who cared. I could live in the shadows.

Women. Yes, the women. I could have any woman I desired. With a thought she could be mine. Just thinking of it gave me a hard-on. I let the book fall to the floor and lost myself in thought.

No longer would I have to play that dating game, with the hit-and-miss of asking a woman out and the humiliation that always comes with being turned down. If I wanted her, I could take her. That, almost more then anything, excited me the most. Not having to bust my ass doing shit jobs making money for other people was also a huge bonus. I’m sure I could figure out a way to get some money out of this. I didn’t want to just steal it, the more I stole the harder it would be to conceal.

I feel I must explain that I am not a bad guy, not really anyway. I don’t torture small animals and kick bums on the street. I donate blood, I have money deducted out of my checks and given to the United Way, I’m polite, courteous, well mannered, gentlemanly even. I am respected by my friends as someone they can trust and count on should they need something. Everyone who knows me as a friend would have nothing but good things to say about me. Like most people though, I too have a dark side that I don’t show the rest of the world. I have wants and desires that aren’t going to be accepted by the rest of society. I’m the same as you. The difference here is that I have been given the ability to express those desires with impunity. I’ve been given permission by a God himself to live out my fantasies. I had no idea why but I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity.

In the other room I heard Kristel turn on the shower. Kristel could be mine. I’d been lusting after her since the moment she showed up at my door to view the apartment. She was wearing a little cotton sundress thing with white and yellow stripes. It set off her eyes beautifully and gave me the first impression of that wonderful ass I mentioned before. I enjoy a good ass but I wouldn’t call myself an ass man. Truth be told I’m a neck man. But I digress.

Yes, it was time to stretch these new muscles.

End Part 1

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Thanks for sharing it with us

09-12-2005, 08:36 PM
interesting start. Not what I tyically like, but I am interested on how it all works. look forward to the next chapter

10-02-2005, 07:04 PM
Can't wait to read the next chapter. Great idea for a story!

Kai Kenobi
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Gift From A God Ch. 02

Note: this is not my story it is written by AbbeFaria. if you want part 3 tell me and il post it.

I started first by trying to establish the link to her mind. It took me a moment to get it worked out. I knew the layout of her room and bathroom and so I cast my awareness out, visualizing her room and that, as Hermes had said, was the key. It’s just like when you imagine a room in your house or some other place where you aren’t at the moment. You see it in your mind, the location of objects, colors, the general look of it the last time you saw it.

This was just like that only with definition. I could literally see in my head her room as it was at that moment. If I looked down in my mind I saw her floor, and where she had kicked off her little white canvas shoes. Strait ahead was her bed, unmade with a few articles of clothing strewn about. To my left was her bathroom and shower. It was set up like some hotel bathrooms where you have the vanity and mirror and then through a small door adjoining that, in a separate room, the toilet and shower.

Kristel was there through the door standing in her robe with her hand stretched towards the water testing the temperature. I could see her as clearly as if I were standing there. Still I wanted to be there myself, so I would have to make some adjustments. I quested for her mind, very gently. I didn’t yet know the extent of what I could do and I was worried that I would give her a stroke or something. I willed myself to read her thoughts. Slowly I became aware of a multitude of different thoughts, all of them coming from her brain.

She was thinking about how relaxing the shower was going to be, feeling out the water temperature, noticing the cold tile against her feet, the softness of the robe against her skin, feeling the slight cramp in her back that she had acquired earlier that day, thinking about the guy that checked her out when she stopped and got gas on the way home, the letter that came from a friend back home in Washington, what was on TV tonight, what she wanted to eat for dinner....

It was a mess. That is only the first few things I could decipher from her. The human mind works so quickly and shifts gears so often that it’s amazing we get anything done. Slowly I felt my way around and was able to drown out all that background thought and focus just on her top couple of layers of thought. The one or two occupied with what was going on around her at the moment. Time for a practice run. I sent out a simple command to test my own waters.

I impressed into her mind the feeling of her left ear itching. Just like that, she bent her head down to her shoulder and rubbed her ear against the cloth.My heart began racing and I started to breath a little heavier. It was really happening. She was satisfied with the water and undid the robe and let it slide to the floor. God her body was delicious. Her breasts were as firm as I’d always imagined they would be, standing out proudly from her chest. The curve of her back flowed into her the roundness of her butt like water flowing over a rocks in a stream. I had an overwhelming desire to run my hands over her silken body and leave trails of kisses in their wake.Now for the good stuff. I thought for a second as to how I would word it.

*When Stephen comes into the room, you will completely ignore his presence. Anything he does will go totally unnoticed by you and you will carry our your activities as if you had the entire apartment to yourself.*

There, that sounded good. It was done.I closed the connection and I got up and left the room and walked up to her bedroom door. I stood there for a time, my heart racing and sweat breaking out on my forehead. I had no idea what I would do if this didn’t work, how I would explain myself. The least was that I would be looking for a roommate, the worst is that I would be spending the night in jail. I didn’t think I could go to jail for peeping because if it didn’t work that was as far as I’d get. Everything else had worked though, no reason why this wouldn’t. I hoped.

My decision made, I opened the door. It opened with a slight click and I paused to hear if there would be any protest. Nothing. I pushed the door open soundlessly and crossed the threshold. The sound of the shower was much louder and I peered in and saw the shadow of her moving behind the curtain. I crept closer, still terrified of discovery, and walked to the door of the bathroom. I don’t think I have ever been so nervous. The sweat that at first confined itself to my forehead had spread to my back and hands.

I could see her outline in the shower, she was bent over and looked to be lathering up her legs. Some perfume of hers, or perhaps the smell of her body wash I don’t know, was particularly strong and I sneezed suddenly. My heart stopped as I waited for the scream to come, the yells, the panic to cover herself,but there was nothing. There was no way she could not have heard that but she hadn’t missed a beat. In fact she started singing softly to herself.

YES! It was all true. Every bit of it. YES YES YES!

Filled with confidence now I approached the shower and pulled back the the curtain at the back of the shower enough to stick my head in. She was there in all her soaping wet glory, completely unaware of me. Her hair was plastered into one long dark golden strand down her back. She had large dollops of soap around her shoulders and along her sides. I could see her raise her little scrunchy thing up and she looked to soaping up her breasts. She leaned into the shower's stream and the water cascaded down her body carrying the soap with it and all that was left was was her glistening flesh seeming to taunt me with promises of sinful pleasure.

She turned around suddenly and I swear she looked right at me but she quickly closed her eyes and leaned her head back to rinse her back and re-soak her hair to prepare to shampoo it. I took a good long look at her body. I looked down at her pussy and was shocked to see it bare except for a light blonde racing stripe. She didn’t seem the type to me. I could see the diamond glare of tiny water droplets collected in her delicate blonde hair. Her legs slightly spread I watched as the water ran to the halfway point between her slit and her unseen rosebud. Over and around her slightly puffy but perfectly smooth pussy lips, then falling in a waterfall of sex to the shower floor. God she was hot. My dick, already hard, started throbbing. A line from some book I head read as a child popped into my head: Oh the places you’ll go. Oh indeed.

Looking at her it was much easier to establish the link with her mind. After a brief second or too of fading out the background noise that is in every human mind I had what I wanted.

*Your nipples are aching and would feel much better if you played with them *

With her head still tilted back she brought her hands down from her hair and tweaked her nipples and ran her fingers in circles around each one. She leaned back a bit and tilted her head to the side and let the warm water run down and over her breasts as she pinched them and gave them a small tug. A tiny sigh escaped her lips.

I decided I would have more fun if I wasn’t getting wet and leaning against a shower wall so I withdrew my influence after instructing her to finish her shower as usual. My dick was starting to ache in an unpleasant way and I figured I would take the next few minutes to calm myself before I came in my pants. I looked around her room for a few minutes and then sat on in the chair next to her bed and waited. Shortly the water turned off and I heard the clinking slide of the shower curtain being pulled back. Completely at ease now I sat and formed my plan.

I didn’t want to have her just spread her legs so I could fuck her until I got my rocks off, that would get old fast. I’m an imaginative guy, I’m sure I could think of something more exciting then that. One of my recurring fantasies has always been to have a woman pleasure herself for me. I’d seen it in some porno’s but none of my girlfriends up to this point had been willing to do that for me. Problem solved. I would have Kristel do that for me. For starters.

She came out of the shower with her hair all twisted up in her towel and wearing her robe. She stopped at her sink and began working on her hair, pulling it out of the towel and rubbing it dry. I was held spellbound by the sheer intimacy of the entire situation.

I guess she got it where she wanted because she tossed the towel aside and reached for the hair dryer. I intervened there, I didn’t want the noise of it to disturb my tranquil state.

*Your hair is fine it’s time to relax.*

The hair dryer halfway to her head, she put it back down and walked over to her closet. She reached in and pulled out an old worn pair of white cotton shorts and slipped them on under her robe. I got the briefest glimpse of cheek before the robe slipped back down. She then grabbed a faded blue t-shirt, undid her robe and let it slip to the floor before throwing the t-shirt over her head and pulling it down into place. I was prevented seeing those fabulous tits again because she was facing away from me.

I realized that there was more then one way to work with her mind. With her ear, I had simply imagined the feeling of my itching and then sent that thought to her mind. I didn’t tell her it itched, I simply communicated the feeling. With the instructions regarding my presence in the room and her nipples, that had been more like a command. The same with the hair dryer. She seemed to interpret these things the same way however. From her point of view it appeared that these thoughts were coming from her own mind. This was interesting. And useful.

Kristel had come back and laid on the bed, adjusting the pillows under her so she was propped up. She reached out for the remote and began channel surfing. It was time to begin. I linked with her mind (it was getting easier each time) and sent to her feelings of arousal. It wasn’t hard to imagine them because I hadn’t been this turned on in a long time. I found the pleasure part of her brain and gave it a little tickle. Just a little one.

This, I discovered, was even easier then sending her my thoughts. I was manipulating her mind from the inside.I don’t know how to explain how I found it. If your in a dark room and you want to feel your face your hand finds it just fine. It was like that. I felt for it and seemed to know right where it was. I suppose I could have just told her ‘masturbate’ but I’m a man of subtleties. The pleasure is in the details.

Kristel's breathing started to deepen. Her left hand came up and started to idly stroke around her collar bone and neck. I was monitoring her thoughts and so far she wasn’t consciously aware of her arousal, not in a sense where she was thinking ‘God, I’m horny’. It was more of a warm fuzziness. I increased my little tickle to a soft caress. She felt it now. I watched as she brought her legs together and clenched her thighs. Now we were getting somewhere.

Her nipples started to harden and I stared as they created two tiny tents in the fabric of her t-shirt. Kristel noticed this too and brought her wondering hand down and started to tease her nipples through the cloth. My caress became a stroke. Kristel’s body responded in kind and, the tv forgotten, she brought her right hand to her crotch and, applying pressure, let out small groan. She was a little confused as to why she was so suddenly horny, but she didn’t really care, she was starting to feel good.

She seemed to settle into a grove and looked like she intended to keep herself there for awhile. She wasn’t trying to come yet, she was just enjoying the feelings. I didn’t feel like being patient. I increased the pressure on her pleasure center and watched as her body gave a shudder of arousal.

“Damn,” she said softly to herself. The hand at her crotch began to pump and move in little circles. I could smell her sex, the aroma was intoxicating. Tired of the friction caused by the t-shirt, her other hand slipped up underneath and she began to play with her nipples in a more personal fashion.

She let out an Mmm and closed her eyes.

*Slip your shorts off.* The commands still had their uses.

Raising herself up she pulled down one side of the shorts past her hips and then the other, plopped back down and then lifted her legs to slide them down and finally kicked them off. I had to get up to get a better view. I stood over her as she spread her legs, knees slightly bent and began to run her finger up and down her glistening snatch. She would tease herself by placing her middle finger at the entrance of her hole and push it in just a little, but not enough to actually enter her. She then slid it up and circled her clit in a lazy fashion before sliding it back down to rapidly moistening hole.

She was lost in her own world know, awash in the electric tingle coming up from her pussy. Even if I hadn’t gotten her to ignore me she might not have known I was there. She was all about her pleasure now. I had created a monster.

“Ohhh yeah...” she said as she finally slid her middle finger home. She began to pump it in and out and used the palm of her hand to apply pressure to her clit, every so often clamping down and grinding it. This was too much for me. I undid my pants and allowed my long imprisoned cock to spring free. God that felt so much better. I absent-mindedly started to stroke my cock as I watched, almost hypnotized at the display of passion unfolding before me. I had stopped my pressure on her libido and was simply letting her go on her own, she didn’t need my help anymore.

Her other hand was pinching and tugging on her nipples, constantly going from one to the other. She was approaching her orgasm quickly (why can’t they cum that fast with guys, it would make it so much easier) and her hand began to work at a feverish pace.

“Mmm yeah...yeah...Ooo..” Her head was thrown back and she was panting. She pulled her hand from her cunt and began to rub on her clit with a passion. Her back arched up, her other hand gone from under her shirt and clasping a wad of covers.

“Ummm...yeahyeahyeah...Uh uh...(silence here as she held her breath) OOohh Yes! Oh yessss!”

Her orgasm crashed into her body like a tsunami and she let out a long groan of extreme satisfaction, her body flush and shuddering. I chose that moment to cum as well and shot my wad with monster-truck force. I came so hard I thought my balls were going to get sucked up into my chest cavity. Most of it went on the end of her bed on the covers, some of it on the floor. I suddenly felt dizzy and had to throw myself back into the chair or risk falling down.

Kristel meanwhile, had sunk back into the bed with a nothing but a sigh and a smile. Her hand, still shiny from her recent pleasures, rested lightly on her stomach.

“Kristel, you slut,” she said to herself and giggled.

Now for the icing on the cake.

*Taste yourself.*

This was something new for her and her eyes popped open with a mixture of fear and fascination. She didn’t really want to do that, but she could not resist me. Her hand raised slowly to her face and she smelled it first not sure what to make of it. Disbelief flooded her mind as she placed her fingers in her mouth and began sucking her wetness off.

*It tastes wonderful.*

Kristel closed her eyes at that and seemed to be savoring it like a fine wine.


If the whole world ended I would have gone on to that next place with a smile. Basking in the afterglow of our orgasms I was totally content. I watched in a daze as Kristel stuck her hand back to her pussy to remoisten it and brought it back to her lips.

This was only the beginning.

10-03-2005, 07:14 PM
I have never been a big fan of mind control stories, but this one is done very tastefully. Great Job. Please post part 3

11-26-2005, 12:53 PM

I am so glad that I read this when Part 2 is on the site otherwise i'd be extremely pissed at the moment at the thought of waiting for it to get put on the site. I think the reason the gods gave him that power should have been explained or at least later in Part 2, but I soon got over that thought. ooohh! I was getting really hooked when that ended. Oh well i'm off to read the second part.

Keep up the SIZZLING work. :p

11-26-2005, 01:11 PM
Oh Christ!

Please, Please put up Part 3, I really enjoyed this!!! please update!!
Thanx, in advance. :p

Kai Kenobi
10-07-2006, 10:04 PM
All credit to the Author AbbeFaria

"We should have been doing this a long time ago," I said to Kristel as she kneeled there, my balls cradled gently in her hand. "Why weren't we?"

"I don't know." She withdrew her hand and cast her eyes down at the carpet. "I mean...it was just...I didn't think it would have been right. I still don't know why I'm doing it, but I...I needed you."

She brought her gaze back to mine and I could see the fire of her passion seething and boiling in the depths of her azure eyes. She had not yet been satisfied. Her thirst for sex could not be quenched by anything so trivial as masturbation now. Kristel was in desperate need of fucking.

"I can't explain it but I... I want you to take me now. Please." She got to her feet and stood before me. Her body trembled with the strength of her desire. "For tonight, I am completely yours." She brought her hand up to the thin blue spaghetti strap of the dress and began to slip it over the soft curve of her shoulder.

"Stop." I said.

Kristel's face took on a panicked look. "But I thought–."

"Let's take this into your bedroom," I interrupted. Her face instantly relaxed and she put the strap back in place. "Okay," she said with a relieved smile.

I had more then one reason for doing that. One, I just thought it would be more comfortable; Two, she had a queen size bed, I had only a single and three, the leather couch was making my ass sweat. Plus, I was going to be doing the honor of taking her dress off. I'd been thinking about it for months and I was not about to be denied.

She turned and walked away, her ass jiggling. This time I knew she wasn't wearing any panties. I stared, I couldn't help it. Here was a woman who was mine in anyway I desired and all I could do was stare at her ass. Maybe I was an ass-man. Kristel got to her door and glanced back to me. "Coming?" she inquired.

"On my way."

I felt like a moron walking around the house half naked. I still had my shirt, socks and shoes on. We hadn't taken the time remove them, Kristel had just pulled the shorts and boxers off over my shoes. She couldn't be bothered with such mundane details at a time like that. I kicked the shoes off on the way and started to unbutton my shirt and pull it off as I approached her door.

Kristel gave me a sexy grin and walked just ahead of me into the room. The smell of her exploits still hung heavy in the air. The scent made my dick twitch. I watched her as she approached the bed and turned to face me. Her eyes traversed the length my now nude body. She paused for a moment over my crotch, eyeing my half-hard dick with a look of hunger.

Kristel brought her eyes back up to mine and with a merry twinkle said, "I've never fucked a guy while he was still wearing his socks. Kinky."

Shit. Nude except my socks.

"Oops." I said and quickly pulled them off accompanied by her playful giggle.

All playing aside now, I crossed the distance between us and stood just inches from her. Her face grew serious as she stared up at me, need playing across her graceful features. Christ, she was so tiny. She barely came up to my neck. Such a delicate thing, like a flower still heavy with morning dew, the droplets shimmering in the newborn light.

I had an attack of conscience just then, staring into the fierce softness of her eyes. Eyes that looked at me with such longing. Despite what she was asking, it was I who was making her ask. She had absolutely no choice in the matter and she didn't even know it. She admitted to me in the living room that she didn't know why she was doing this. Still, here she was offering herself to me. I wanted her. I wanted her so bad it was an ache in the pit of my stomach but I was stung with the realization that if not for my tampering she would never have come to me.

"Kristel I..." I didn't know what to say. What could I say.

She saw the shadow of doubt as it moved over my face and stepped in to close the small gap between us, not saying a word. I was overcome by the smell of her body. The scent of her rolled through me. Sex, flowers and spring mornings after the rain. Pure and overpowering. It invaded my senses, alive with immoral intent, and laid waste to the guilt that was still residing within me. She wasn't the only one without a choice now.

The smell of a woman has always been so important to me, even before the powers. Not the perfume, or the body washes or lotions, none of that fruity shit, but the pure animal smell that is woman. It's like a drug. If it's wrong then it's a total turn-off and there will never be a chance with whoever it is. I don't care if Elizabeth Hurley comes crawling on all fours, naked and covered in honey, begging to be fucked. If she smells wrong it will never happen. I inhaled the perfume of her body and my will crumbled to dust.

I grabbed her shoulders and turned her around gently. She cast a questioning look back at me but obeyed without comment. I brought my hands up and placed them on either side of her neck and slowly caressed downward to her shoulders and on down the bare skin of her arms. She let out a sigh. I leaned in and placed a kiss right on the hairline on the back of her neck and felt her body shudder and break out in goose bumps under my hands. I moved down an inch or so and kissed her again, this time licking it with my tongue the instant before closing my lips over her skin. She was like strawberries dipped in lust. I craved her as the addict craves the high.

"Oh god Stephen..." she said, barely a whisper.

My hands wrapped her waist and pulled her tight against me, my dick pressed hard and flat against her back, while I took her earlobe in my mouth and nibbled it. Her body shuddered from head to toe and she let out a quivering sigh. I slid my hands serpentine up her stomach and cupped the fullness of her breasts in each hand, squeezing gently as I kissed down her jaw line. Her hands were on my arms and she dug her nails in. She pushed her chest out into my hands and I responded by pinching her nipples lightly through the fabric.

"Stephen...Mmm...fuck me. Please," she pleaded in a breathy voice. "Don't tease me."

I pulled back from her and brought my hands back to her shoulders, sliding my thumbs over her shoulder blades like I was about to give her a massage. Instead I moved them to the outside of the straps on the dress and, hooking them, began to pull them gently outward and over her shoulders. She let her hands drop to her sides and once the straps were away from her shoulders I released them and watched spellbound as the dress slipped free of her and crumpled to the floor in a circle of blue cloth at her feet.

My eyes traveled the length of her body taking in every detail. From her delicate ankles, up the firm lines of her muscled calves, the hollow at the back of her knees and up her firm thighs. From there over the generous curves of her ass and through the small of her back. I rode the river of her spine to where her shoulder blades moved under her skin and reveled in creamy perfection of her. Her body was lithe and firm, a dancers body.

"You are...amazing." I said, transfixed by the vision before me. She was mine.

I guided her around to face me and brought a hand up to cup her jaw, my thumb tracing a line along her cheek. I could almost do nothing else but look at her. She was like a thing of precious beauty that you don't want to dirty by touching it. Suddenly she brought her arms up to cover her breasts and looked away, breaking the spell.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"The way you're looking at me," she said. "I've never had anyone look at me like that. It's like...like you can really see me."

"Of course I can see you."

"No, that's not what I mean." She sat down on the edge of the bed and put her hands in her lap, clutching them together and turning them over. "Most guys, when they look at me, they are seeing my ass, or my tits, but not seeing me. They think I'm "hot" and just want to get in my pants. But you...the way you're looking at me now," she glanced up and looked down again, "I feel exposed. Like you're looking at my soul. And the way your touching me. It's almost...reverent."

"You don't like it?"

"I do like it. It feels wonderful to be noticed and to be touched that way. When I look into your eyes I feel so safe and I've never had that before. It scares me."

"Scares you how?"

"That..." she let out a frustrated sigh. "That you'll stop. That you'll see something you won't like and you won't look at me that way ever again. I've never felt like that before and I don't want it to go away."

She brought her eyes back to mine and they were moist. She really was frightened. This was an unexpected blow. This had gone way beyond me just wanting to fuck her now. There were real feelings here all of a sudden. Crap. I never intended to hurt her.

"Kristel, I don't think I have ever seen something about you I didn't like. Especially now that you're not wearing any clothes." She let out a laugh and I grinned at her. I kneeled down in front of her and took her hands in mine and said, "You are one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, body, mind and soul. I know we haven't ever been close but I'm hoping we can change that after tonight. Who knows, maybe we will find we have a lot more in common then we thought we did. I do know however, that I will always look on you as the thing of beauty that you are." Kind of sappy but it worked. And it wasn't a lie, she was an amazing woman.


"I promise."

Kristel sniffled and then smiled down at me. I brought a hand up and kissed it, tasting again that delicious flavor of her.

"Well okay then." She said with finality. "Now are you going to fuck me or am I going to have to go start banging on the neighbors' door?"

"You're not going anywhere." I stood up and pulled her to me and kissed her for the first time. Our tongues danced that delicate tango and her body melted into mine. I put my arms around her with my hands cupping her sweet ass, and lifted her up and off the ground so her face was even with mine. She let out a little scream of surprise while we were kissing and wrapped her legs around my waist. I could feel the moistness and heat of her pussy against my stomach and when we moved my dick would bounce around and hit her ass. She was so light.

Her arms wrapped around my shoulders, she pulled away smiling and said, "You're a good kisser."

"Well, I do what I can." I replied.

Kristels arms were resting on my shoulders and her were fingers playing with my hair, her face just centimeters away. I watched as her eyes moved over my face and then into my eyes.

"You have some of the most amazing blue eyes I've ever seen, has anyone ever told you that before?" she said.

Since I was old enough to open them. One of my earliest memories is of some chunky old woman pinching my cheek in line at a Nationals grocery store and saying what gorgeous blue eyes I had.

"Why thank you," I replied. "But I'm afraid the credit goes to my dad. "'That's why I married that son-of-a-bitch,'" my mom always says."

Kristel chuckled. "Why does she say that?"

"My dad is tall with blue eyes. She said she wanted a tall, blue-eyed baby boy."

"Mmm well she certainly got it." She leaned in and kissed me again, harder this time, pulling herself tight against me, her thighs squeezing so hard it was almost difficult to breathe.

I stepped towards the bed and placed a knee on it and leaned down carrying Kristel with me. When she was firmly on the bed, she let go of me and allowed her legs to slip free. I rested on my hands and looked upon this dream of luscious flesh laid out before me, legs spread in invitation.

I lowered my head and began to kiss her neck (yes, I'm definitely a neck man), starting just under the earlobe and kissing my way down the muscles and tendons to her collar bone. I placed my tongue in the hollow of her neck and licked up her throat not stopping until I rounded her chin. I brought my mouth to hers and sucked in her lower lip, capturing it between my teeth, gripping it gently and let out a growl of animal lust deep in my chest. I swear my mouth was tingling with the taste of her, my tastebuds writhing in an orgy of flavors, both salty and sweet.

Releasing her I said, "I've wanted this for so, so long Kristel. You are mine now."

Kristels eyes were closed and she was lost in a world of need. Her hips were arched up to meet mine, thrusting instinctually at the air trying to capture the head of my cock balancing just out of reach.

"Yesssss..." was all she replied and it was more of an expulsion of breath then a real word.

I reached down and grabbed the base of my cock and placed it firmly on her pelvis at the top of her downy-soft landing strip. Her eyes popped open and stared hard into me, pleading, begging, for me to take her. Her body froze, hips still thrust upward as she felt the contact of her long desired cock. I began to slide it down, feeling the tickle of her pubes on the underside of my cock. I reached the top of her slit and didn't stop. My dick parted the upper folds of her pussy as I pushed down and was greeted by the burning warmth that was overflowing from her. Kristel gasped aloud as my dick rode over the surface of her clit, continuing it's downward journey.

"Yesss....hurry. I need it so bad." she begged through clenched teeth. She threw her arms around my back and dug her fingernails into my flesh.

I moved my dick in little circles, coating the head with her juices as I prepared to make the final plunge. Kristel was panting hard, her body covered in sweat. She was a woman on the edge. I positioned my dick at the entrance of her pussy and was about to push it in when something stopped me.

"Kristel, baby, open your eyes. Look at me." She didn't respond at first, she was to preoccupied with her own desire. "Kristel, look at me," I said with more force.

Her eyes opened, passion and impatience burning there, and drilled into me. That's it. I shoved my dick deep into the depths of her pussy and at the same time shoved my mind into hers, riding her consciousness like a bucking horse. Kristel screamed her release and her whole body spasmed. Whether it was because she, at long last, had a dick up her cunt or because I was fucking her mind as well as her body, or both, I don't know.

All I do know is that while my dick fucked her body, I was fucking her mind at the same time. The difference? Imagine all five senses being fucked independently at the same time, your soul being forged in a fire of overwhelming lust and riding the crest of a continuous orgasm to nirvana. If you can possibly imagine that, you might one day sort of get an idea. I doubt it though.

My body pumped on auto-pilot, my dick getting scorched by the napalm flames of her pussy as it spasmed and clenched, trying to pull me inside her. In the mean time I could no longer see her room around me, I was in some sort of dreamscape, my body intertwined with Kristels as we floated through this nothingness. I couldn't tell where my body ended and hers began. Kristels desire had surpassed words and only communicated itself to me through emotions of intense pleasure. She was drowning in a sea of sexual bliss. I was right along side her, bobbing and thrusting in this other place that wasn't a place.

Through the haze of passion she became aware of her new surroundings.

"Stephen...ohhh.....yes..yes... what's happening? Where are we? OOooo God!"

"I don't know. Mmmmm...you're so hot!"

I struggled to pull my mind out of hers, I don't know what made me do that or how I did it that first time without realizing it. It was an amazing feeling, beyond what I have ever experienced before, but to be honest, I was as freaked out as she was.

Suddenly I was out and her room snapped back into focus and it was just Kristel and I, sweating and grunting in that age old sexual dance. Kristel looked up, dazed with more then just sex, and her eyes darted around the room and then back at me as she ground her hips against mine, matching me stroke for stroke. Whatever that just was, she put it out of her mind for now.

"OH GOD! Stephen...fuck me...fuck me MMmmm yes! I've waited so long. Uh...uh...uh..that's it. OOoooo that's it."

Her pussy pulled at my dick in ways I didn't think were possible. It felt like she grew fingers down there and they were massaging and stroking my dick as it pistoned in and out of her.

*Cum for me*

Her nails dug deep into my back. "Steve, OH OH, I'm cumming. Don't stop. Don't stop! MMmm harder! OOoooooyesyesyes.." And her body was rocked by an explosive orgasm. A head-thrashing, hip-bucking, muscle-clencher of an orgasm. She almost threw me off.

I did what I could to stay inside her and ride it out. I slowed down on my thrusting letting her body come down off the high and just enjoyed the feeling of her pussy rippling along the length of my shaft. Her breathing eventually became more regular and I started to work my hips into her again.

"Stephen that was..." she groaned as my dick pushed slowly back into her pussy. "God!"

"You don't think we're finished do you?"

"Haha. Don't worry, you're not getting off that easy. Just let a girl catch her breath. Woo."

She closed her eyes and moved her hips slowly up to meet mine, each of us finding our rhythm again. I lowered myself down onto her and, wrapping my arms around her back, I rolled us both over so she was now laying on top of me. She let out a little 'Oh' of surprise and brought her knees up to either side of my hips.

"Want to go for a ride?" I asked her. I moved both of my hands up her back and then brought them down again, raking her skin lightly with my nails.

"Yippee kyi yay," she said said with a devious look and worked her hips slowly around my cock. Kristel was one hell of a fuck, I'll say that right now. She placed her hands on my chest and sat up slowly, looking me in the eyes the whole way. I allowed my hands to rest around her waist but she grabbed them and brought them up to her breasts.

"Play with my tits," she whispered, her hips beginning to gyrate around my cock. "I like that."

"You got it babe." I grabbed a handful of breast in each hand and began to massage them as our pace increased. "Kristel, babe, you are so hot. Uhh"

All I got was a groan in response as her hips undulated up and down and all around my dick. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip, her face contorted in passion. She was fucking me almost without moving her upper body, her hips were doing all the work and it was some of the most intense fucking I've ever experienced.

Guys I'll tell you right now, fuck a dancer. They can do things with their bodies normal women can't do. Kristel had been taking dance classes since she was little and it showed. Sideways and slantways and any other ways you can think of. If I may borrow briefly from Willy Wonka there.

Her fingers dug into my chest as she grunted her pleasure above me. I made attempts to fuck her back but Kristel was doing her own thing and if I interfered to much it threw her off. I lost myself in the heat of her pussy.

"Christ woman...how do you do that?" My breathe was coming in gasps and I new I was going to come soon. There was no way to avoid it with the moves she was putting on me. My dick was spasming at random just from the shock of it. I could feel my balls start to tighten up.

"MMmmm....you like that Steve?" she panted. She brought a hand from my chest down to between her legs to where we were joined together and started to rub her clit. I could feel her fingers brushing my cock. "You like it when I do that?" And she did that. "Or how about this?" And then she did that too. She just straight up did me.

"Shit! Oohh shit. Kristel! I'm gonna...I'm gonna cum. Shit!"

"Yeah! Ooo. Yes! Cum for me Stephen. Fuckin' cum in me. MMmm."

She stopped with the magic hips and just started pounding down on me. I grabbed her hips with both hands and pulled her down as I shoved up hard into her, finally able to participate. I was gonna cum and I was gonna cum big. A fire was building in my balls.

"Kristel! Baby! Oh....FUCK!" To say that I merely came is like saying the sun is kinda warm. The Big Bang exists and I'd swear under pain of death that it started in my balls. There was only me, a blazing pussy, and my orgasm in all the world. Soon even that was burned away in the all-consuming fire of orgasmic bliss. I'm pretty sure Kristel came again too but I was to busy riding my own wave to pay much attention to her.

I do know then when I came back down to earth Kristel was collapsed besides me, eyes closed and panting heavily with one leg draped over mine and an arm across my chest with her head resting on my shoulder. It was hot, we were both covered in sweat, but I think we were both too exhausted and satisfied to care.

"Wow." was all she said.

"Yeah...wow." And then we fell asleep.

In the realm of the Gods

"That was intense. Oh my boy, my boy...You have really out done yourself this time. I would have thought that after all this time we wouldn't be able to find one like him anymore. After all it's been so long. I wish we could find out his lineage and see who spawned his ancestor."

Zeus was brimming with energy. The faint silver-blue aura the surrounded him was sending out sparks and crackling with other-worldly power.

"You could ask the Fates. I'm sure they could trace his blood line back. Or Ananke. She would know also."

"No. No, they always want something in return for even the slightest favor and things have a way of getting unpleasant when they aren't satisfied. I suppose it doesn't really matter. We have him now." Zeus looked up from his musing and stared hard at Hermes. "Are you expecting any trouble from Him this time?

Hermes shifted uncomfortably under the old mans stare.

"It's hard to say. My spies have not seen The Red God for many months, nor heard a whisper of his whereabouts. He's probably roaming the Upper Realm lost in his own ravings. He's quite mad."

"Yes, but still dangerous. Find him. I don't want him interfering. This human is too valuable. Who knows if we could find another like him again."

"Yes father."

"Now, leave me."

Hermes left the room as the old man reclined in his throne, pleasurably absorbing the remaining energy.

Back on Earth

"Stephen...what happened last night?

It was the next morning now. Sun was streaming in through the cracks in the blinds, filling the room with a warm light. I'd been awake for about an hour, Kristel for about 20 minutes. She had come back from the bathroom and was sitting on the edge of the bed wearing that little blue dress again. I was laying in the bed, still naked and covered by one of her quilts. I knew what she was talking about, but I didn't really want to discuss it. For some reason though I let the conversation continue. I did make an attempt to dodge the question though.

"Well you see Kristel, when two people really love each other and they want to share– Ow! What was that for?" She had smacked my foot. I guess she wasn't in a joking mood at the moment.

"I mean we were having sex and when I opened my eyes I...I wasn't in my room anymore. I was somewhere else. Was I dreaming that?"


"No...not exactly." I said.

"So you know what it was? Tell me then please, because I feel like I'm going crazy. It was like you were inside of me, but at the same time kind of like I was inside of you too. And my body! My whole body felt so..so..." She waved her hands around as if searching for the right word. Whatever that word was she couldn't think of it. "Please tell me I'm not going crazy."

Well you see Kristel, last night, perhaps one of the most intense night of passion in either of our lives, I mind-fucked you. I took control of your mind and fucked it like a two-dollar whore. Believe me, it shocked me just as much as it shocked you. Sure, that would work. I sat up and leaned my back against the wall.

"Kristel, I can sort of... Okay wait. If that could happen again would you want it to? Did you like it?"

She glared at me suspiciously for a few seconds before answering. "I don't know. I liked it, it was the most incredibly feeling I've ever had but it also scared the shit out of me. I don't think I would want to do it again unless I knew what was going on."

My mind was working in overdrive now.

"What if we could have nights like last night (you were incredible by the way) but if we could have nights like that all the time. Anytime you wanted. And what if I could give you anything you wanted. Almost anything your heart desires I could give you in an instant. Would you like that? Would you want to do that?"

"What are you talking about? What the hell is going on? You better start giving me some answers."

"Okay," I took a deep breath. "I have certain gifts that...allow me to do certain things. Last night, while we were having sex I sort of entered your mind to..." I was reaching for an explanation now. I didn't want to scare her away. "To enhance the moment for each of us. It was kind of an accident that I did it but I could do it again, anytime you like."

"Okay, I take it back. I'm not crazy, you're the one that's crazy. Get your crazy ass out of my bed and get out God! I knew this was a mistake." She stood up and started pacing. "I should have never done it. I don't know what my problem was last night. Fuck. Now I'm going to have to move out..." She glared over at me. "I said get out! Why are you still sitting there. Get the fuck out of my room!"

"Kristel I'm serious. I entered your mind. I don't know where we were exactly, but I can prove it to you."

"Oh yeah right. Sure, prove it to me you crazy motherfucker! Enter my mind. Go ahead I'm waiting. Come on let's go! Take con–"

*Be quiet!*

Her mouth clamped shut and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't utter a sound. Her eyes widened in terror as she backed away from me and slammed against the wall. Her breathing was coming in big gasps through her nose. She was close to passing out.

*Calm down Kristel, it's okay. Take a couple of deep breaths and relax*

These weren't the normal commands, I was speaking directly to her mind, almost in a conversational way. Still it worked a little. I got up out of her bed and looked around for my shorts. Oh yeah, they were in the living room.

"I'll be right back, why don't you sit down."

She didn't move. She seemed to be trying to disappear through the wall. This was going to be harder then I thought.

"Kristel, really it's okay. Have a seat and I'll get some clothes on and we'll talk. Okay?"

She scooted along the wall until she got directly across from her bed and then sat down quickly, eyeing me the whole time like she was afraid I was going to attack her. I went out to the living room and pulled on my shorts and picked up my shirt along the way. I walked back into her room feeling more prepared to try to convince her now that I was dressed. Kristel was as I left her, a look of fear rapidly growing on her face.

"Okay if I let you talk will you promise to try and be calm about it and listen to me?"

She nodded her head rapidly, her eyes pleading with me to let her speak. I really felt like a shit. I released her.

"Okay, you can talk now."

"Oh my god Stephen what's going on? What did you do. How did you do that? Please just let me go. I won't..I won't tell anyone, I swear." Tears were streaming down her face.

"Kristel, baby, you don't have to be afraid, I'm not going to hurt you or do anything bad. I'm sorry I just did that but you were getting sort of hysterical and I had to get you to calm down so we could talk about this."

"Just tell me what's going on."

"I can't tell you everything, I'm not allowed, but I can try to put your mind at ease. It's like I said before, I have certain abilities that allow me to do things now. What happened last night was part of that. What happened just now was also a part of it."

"So you can control my mind?"

"Well yeah, if I wanted to."

"Oh my god." The tears started fresh again and her face dawned with a realization. "That's why I slept with you last night, you made me!"

"No, no I didn't. Not exactly anyway."

"Bullshit. We've lived together for this long and not a thing happens then you can suddenly control my mind and we just happen to have the most amazing sex I've ever...had." Her cheeks flushed and she looked down at her hands for a moment. "But that still doesn't change the fact that you made me you bastard. That's like rape."

"But I didn't make you. I just sort of gave you the suggestion. You did the rest by yourself."

My reasoning was incredibly thin. Transparent even. But it's all I had to go on. I could have easily made her go along with it or even erased this entire conversation from her mind. Hell I could be fucking her right now if I wanted to, but I didn't. I wanted her to understand.

"Is that why I couldn't get off last night? Why I was so fucking horny? You did all that?"

It sounded so bad when she said it.

"Yes, that was me. I sort of set it up so that I was the only option you had."

"See! You made me do it."

"But Kristel, was there anything about last night that you didn't enjoy. You just said it was the best sex you've ever had. Did I hurt you? Did I do anything to cause you harm?"

"Well...no. But I didn't have a choice. That's what makes it wrong. Don't you get it? I even opened up to you. I can't believe I did that."

"Of course I do but I'm giving you that choice now. If that's how you want it, last night will be a one time deal. I could even make you forget the entire thing if you want. But I'm offering you so much more now. I can do more things then just what you've seen so far. So much more. I'm offering to share that with you. Or you could go back to being a nanny, and have plain old boring sex with boring guys. You can't tell me Corbin was a ton of fun. Or that guy before him, Todd. I know the truth now. You can have that life, or you can have a life of wealth and privilege and things like this..."

I slipped into her mind mind and released the memory of the moment when I entered her mind the night before. It caused her to relive it, live and in color.


The pleasure poured into her body like water into a bottomless glass. She let out a cry of pleasure and her body was rocked with shudders of ecstasy. She fell back on the bed and moaned. I pulled back slowly and closed off the memory. She lay panting with her eyes closed and neither of us said anything for a few minutes.

I was severely tempted to listen in on what she was thinking but I wanted this to be as real as possible. I didn't want to interfere with her decision. Not much anyway. I just figured a fresh reminder of the pleasure that was possible with me would help my case along. She spoke to me while she was still laying there with her eyes closed.

"So if I do this, what exactly will I have to do."

"Not much more then what we did last night. You have to understand Kristel that as much of a gentleman as I am, living with such beautiful woman has not been easy for me. I've wanted you since the day you showed up at my door. What I told you last night, what you felt when I looked at you and touched you, that was all real. I'm not going to tell you I love you, but I definitely have some kind of feelings for you. I don't know how to categorize them, but they're there. Once I had the opportunity to act on those fantasies, I could not pass it up. I did everything I could to make you enjoy it too.

"I'm also a very rich man now. You have but to ask and it shall be yours. Being with me will not be without it's perks. This won't be a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, just an understanding with incredible sex. You'll sort of be my employee. In the non-hooker sense. I'm not paying you for the sex, I would be paying you for being my partner. But you would have to be willing to have the sex."

She propped herself up on her elbows and looked over at me.

"Partner how? What else would I be doing?"

"I don't know right now, I hadn't thought that far ahead. I just knew I wanted someone in on it with me and you were my first choice." I replied. I was pretty sure she was going to go for it at this point.

Kristel sat up full and brought herself back to the edge of the bed.

"Don't do that anymore unless I'm ready for it." She said and let out a deep sigh. "God that was good." She looked up at me and grinned.

"So you'll do it then?" I asked. It sounded in the affirmative to me.

"I don't know Stephen." she replied. "This is really weird. I mean, how do I know you're not making me agree with you. How can I trust you after knowing what you can do?"

"If I was making you do this, we'd be back in bed humping like rabbits. Instead I'm letting you decide. Besides the little flash-back of last night, I've done nothing to try to try to manipulate you."

"I guess you've got a point there. How did you do that anyway?" she asked.

"I can't tell you. All you need to know is that I can do it. As much as you want any time you want."

"I have to think about this." she said. "Can I have some time?"

"Absolutely. Take all the time you need. Just don't tell anyone. It's kind of a secret."

"Okay. Now you need to scoot out of here, I have to get ready for work. I'm supposed to watch the munchkins this afternoon. Give me a couple of days. In the meantime, no messing around with me okay. I mean it."

"You got it babe." I said. I stepped close to her and cupped the side of her face in my hand and stared into her eyes. "You really are beautiful." I leaned in slowly to kiss her, not sure whether she would go for it or not. She did. Her face tilted up towards mine and our lips met in a warm slow kiss. Her body softened under my touch and when we broke away her eyes were looking deep into mine.

"I hate that your such a good kisser," she said with a smile. "No more kissing either, it's not fair. No go on, I'm going to be late."

I walked out without saying a word, shutting her door behind me. She could take a few days. I had some plans anyway. It was time to call up Brandon and Carlos. We were going to have a grand old time. If Kristel changed her mind in the end, that was okay. I'd probably wipe her memory of it if she did and I'd be kind of let down, but I was pretty sure she was going agree. Now where was my phone...

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Thanks Kai for another great addition

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This is a great Author...hope he returns soon with more good stuff.....enjoy...:)

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This is a great Author...hope he returns soon with more good stuff.....enjoy...:)

Kai Kenobi
11-22-2006, 04:37 PM
Note: this is not my story it is the fine work of AbbeFaria all credit to the auther.

Carlos’ voice crawled out of the phone, heavy with sleep.

"Carlos, its Steve. Sorry I'm calling so early, but I needed to ask you something."

"No problem man. What's up?"

"Are you and Brandon doing anything today?"

"Not that I'm aware of," he said. "Why?"

"Can you meet me at Gameworks this afternoon, about four?"

"Ummmm....yeah I think so. I'll check with Brandon when he wakes up. I'm broke right now though, so I can't be spending any money."

"Oh, hey man, don't worry about it. It's all on me tonight. Everything."

"Alright, cool. What's the occasion?"

"Nothing special, I just felt like going out."

"Cool. I'll see you later then."

"I'll already be there by the time you guys show up so just ask the guy at the door for me, he'll send you up to my table."

"Your table? Okay, we'll be there."

I hung up and finished getting ready. I had a lot to take care of before four.

I arrived at Gameworks at about three o'clock. It's located in a rather crappy mall called Arizona Mills right near the border of Tempe and Phoenix. There were definitely nicer places I could have chosen but Mills was sort of our designated meet-up place on the times I didn't pick them up when we got together. Neither Carlos nor Brandon had a car.

We had all gone to school together, each of us for graphic design, and graduated about the same time. We got together to hang around every week or so. They were probably the closest friends I had in Arizona and I definitely wasn't going to leave them out of my good fortune. When I have the means, I'm very good to my friends.

There wasn't much of a line this early in the afternoon so, after handing my keys to the valet guy and getting my ticket, I only had to wait behind a few people before I got to the front desk. I could have jumped ahead but why be rude. I was in no rush.

"Welcome to Gameworks, what can I get for you." "I'd like three game cards with one hundred dollars a piece on them. Also I'm having some items delivered to me here in," I looked at my watch, "About twenty minutes, could you see that they are brought to my table in the restaurant upstairs?"

He gave me a brisk nod as I slid him my debit card. "Absolutely, sir. I'll bring them up as soon as they arrive."

"Thanks. Also, some friends of mine are going to be asking for me, my name is Stephen. Could you send them upstairs when they arrive?"

He gave me an odd look but agreed. “Sure thing, I’ll send ‘em up.”

“I appreciate it, thanks.”

He processed the transaction, handed me my game cards and my debit card, all of which I placed in my wallet and put back in my pocket. I looked around, scanning the game floor, assessing the quality of the women there. Not just any would do for tonight, so it was important. I turned to my right and began to walk upstairs to the restaurant area.

Gameworks, for those of you who may not be familiar with it, is an arcade/restaurant/bar. The main arcade with video games galore, is all located downstairs. The restaurant and bar are located upstairs and the food isn't too bad considering its glorified mall food. Still it's a full bar. The first few times you're there its fun, after that it sort of gets a little boring. They don't bring in enough new games to keep it interesting. It's reportedly part owned by Steven Spielberg, but I don't know for sure, nor have I ever cared to find out.

I continued my way upstairs and around the corner until I came to the hostess booth. That's where I found Katie. Katie was 18 and looked every inch the blossoming, red-headed knock-out. The shimmering flames of her curling hair burned a lush swath of crimson the color of dragons' breath nearly to her waist. Living emeralds blazed out at me from creamy pale skin dotted lightly with cinnamon freckles. She smelled heavily of lavender and soft places. The curve of her nose, the line of her jaw, the epicurean fullness of her lips, everything about her was porcelain perfection. How she managed such fair skin in Phoenix I never understood.

Her body was covered in the standard Gameworks uniform; Black pants, dark blue short-sleeved polo shirt with a Gameworks logo over the left breast, and black shoes. Despite the unflattering uniform you could easily see the generous female curves of her body. I don't remember her cup size, but it was definitely a good hand full. She would do nicely.

She eyed me up and down, no doubt taking in my new clothes and the high shine of my shoes. I'd been doing some shopping. I could have gone for something flashy, something that screamed money, but I went instead for a more subdued look, preferring a high-quality pair of black slacks and a light blue silk shirt that seemed to float above my skin without actually touching it, Italian leather shoes and a simple but elegant watch with an alligator skin band.

I was still sort of new to dressing really nice, but the guy at Saks said that it spoke of understated elegance. Like I didn't need to show off that I could afford the really pricey stuff. It seemed to be working so far. Katie certainly noticed.

{This guy is kind of cute. Ooo look at his eyes. I wonder what his hands feel like...}

I smiled inwardly. “You'll find out,” I said to myself.

"Hello," she said with practiced perkiness, "Just one today?"

"For now, but I'm expecting two other people." I looked her up and down slowly, letting her see me check her out and then met her eyes, studying her, until her cheeks burned scarlet and she looked away with a timid smile. Is there anything sexier then innocence? Well okay, it's a kind of tie between innocence and experience in a woman I guess.

"Ah. Would you um...prefer a booth or a table Mr…?" She gave me that shy smile again waiting to hear my name.

"Stephen. You can call me Stephen. Or Steve, that works too. And I'd like to sit in the closed off section over there that you keep reserved for parties. I'd like some privacy while I'm here." I motioned behind her, across the restaurant area to the other side where they had a partially walled in section with booths and a small bar.

Katie looked quickly behind her at the roped off section and then at me with disappointment. "I'm sorry, but that's for parties only, I can't seat you over there, I'd get in trouble. We have some areas back by the bar that are kind of private, will that be okay?"

"I'll tell you what Katie, I'll go have a seat over there and you can bring your manager out and we'll talk about it then."

"But...but..." She had a sort of panicked look on her face. She wanted to let me, but she knew she wasn't allowed.

*Relax sweetness. Go and get your boss and we'll get it sorted out.*

"Okay...I guess." She gave me an uncertain smile, handed me a menu, and told me she would be right back. She walked off to the left, and I walked to the right, across a walkway that crossed over the bottom floor and seated myself towards the back of the atrium where the shadows were deepest. It didn't take long.

A tall, good looking guy, with broad shoulders, a tan and a goatee walked into the entrance of the atrium, noticed me in the back, and approached the table. He gave me a look of restrained patience while he got ready to try and make me move. I saw Katie standing at the entrance, looking kind of nervous.

"Sir, I'm afraid you can't sit in this area unless you've reserved it at least 2 weeks in advance. I'm going to have to ask you to sit out in the main dining area; we have plenty of booths just like this one." I received more stern looks. I bet he practiced looking important in the mirror before he came into to work each day.

"But," I said with exaggerated casualness," I like it here, it's not so noisy, and it's more private. I'll be wanting a small amount of privacy this evening. So, I think I will be sitting here..." I looked at his gold name tag that said in small, black capital letters that yes, he was indeed a manager. "...Peter. I'd like to start with some mozzarella sticks if I could. And a lemonade." I sat back and pretended he wasn't there, while I scanned the menu acting like I was really interested in the happy hour specials. This was kind of fun.

Poor Peter. His mouth opened and closed a couple of times, amazed at my audacity. "Alright look buddy, I'm going to say it one more time, then I'm going to ask you to leave. You can't sit here unless you've made a reservation."

*Yes, I can.* I thought at him, looking up from the menu. He straightened up and blinked at me a few times. "I can sit here as long as I want, with whomever I want." I gave him a long look. "Right?"

"Yes. Sure you can. No problem at all. I'll be right out with those mozzarella sticks and your lemonade." He turned around and headed off to the kitchen. I noticed Katie standing there, mouth agape, astonished that I was still sitting. I'd almost forgotten about her.

"Oh and Peter," I said. "Katie has the rest of the shift off, with pay, alright?"

He glanced at Katie, who was blushing furiously, then back at me. "Sure, no problem. Katie, don't clock out, I'll sign off on your time sheet at the end of your shift." And he was gone to get my appetizers. I mentioned to Katie to come in and have a seat across from me. She gave a look around, then walked over to the booth and sat down.

"Hi," I said smiling at her.

"Hi." "I hope you don't mind, but I figured you might enjoy the rest of the day off."

"That was so awesome," she gushed. "How did you get him to let me off? And he even took your order! I about died when he said he was going to get them." she dropped her voice a little and glanced around. "He's such an asshole. Nobody likes him. Most of the time he just stands around giving orders, he never helps with anything. How'd you do that?"

"It's a secret. I could tell you but then I've have to kill you." I said, giving her a playful smile.

"Oh come on! Pleeease. I've never seen him do anything anybody told him too. You just HAVE to tell me. Pretty please." she pouted.

She puffed out her juicy lips and batted her eyes and everything. I suddenly felt very sorry for her dad, knowing she probably pulled this routine on him all the time to get her way. No doubt it worked, because it was working on me.

"Okay but you can't tell anyone else. Can I trust you?" She nodded and I leaned in, signaling her to come in so I could whisper it to her. She flashed me a wicked little grin and leaned in close, so our faces were just inches apart. Her eyes were wide and glittering.

"Closer," I said.

She came in closer, sliding her face past mine, to where her her ear was about level with my nose. I inhaled the pure scent of her and whispered, "Magic," while I brushed her earlobe with the tip of my nose. I watched her shiver slightly.

"Whatever!" she exclaimed, giving me a gentle push and sitting back in her seat with a laugh. "Okay Harry Potter." I spread my hands and gave a shrug in the universal gesture of 'What are ya gonna do?' and just smiled at her.

"If you don't like my answers, you shouldn't ask me questions," I told her.

"Well not when you lie."

"But I'm not. It was magic,” I insisted.

"Okay then, prove it. Do some more magic." She arched her eyebrows and gave me a cute little 'I'm waiting' look.

"Really? You want me to do more? Well okay, I guess I could do that. You want me to do some magic on you?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Give me your hand," I told her.

She laid out her right hand on the table, palm down, and looked at me with amusement, curious now as to what I was going to do. I picked it up gently with my left hand and turned it over, palm up, and looked into her eyes. I used the moment to slip into her mind and get the general layout of things. It took only a few seconds to get control of what I wanted and I was ready to begin.

"Now are you ready to see some real magic?"

"Yep," she said. "Show me what ya got, Dumbledore."

"Alright, but you asked for it."

Still holding her hand, I brought my right hand to her wrist and with my index finger placed it on the delicate skin, feeling her pulse beating it's staccato rhythm. Once I made contact I unleashed a wave of sensations in her brain, all designed to get her hot. She let out a gasp of breath and threw her head back, arching her back, and started to tremble. Her pulse rate jumped dramatically.

"Oh...fuck!" she said, and that was followed by several pants. Her head came back down and her eyes opened, shock, amazement and sex running rampant over her features.

"More?" I asked her, grinning.

"Uh-huh," she panted. Her other hand was gripping the edge of the table and she had sunk down low in her seat.

I trailed my finger down her wrist to her palm using this as an indicator in how much the pleasure increased in her body. The farther I got down on her hand, the better she felt. By the time I got to the middle of her palm, she was letting out little moans and had started to writhe in the seat.

I made a little circle with my finger and she jerked slightly and bit her lip. She released her death grip on the table and brought it up to her tits and started to squeeze them through the shirt.


"Yes! Oh yes..OOooo. Don't stop." she panted, her fingers pinching on her nipple. "MMmmmmm. More please. Ohhhh my god."

Slowly I dragged my finger over the soft skin of her palm, watching her arousal manifest itself. Her body squirmed and her chest heaved with the force of her breathing. This had the most amazing effect on her tits, as the fabric of her shirt was already stretched tight when she arched her back. With each deep breath they were flattened against the confining materials. I couldn't wait to see her without the clothes on. But that was for later.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah. OOooooo yesssssss," she whimpered. I had just crossed over her palm and was starting to move slowly up the first section of her middle finger. Her other hand cupped her tit and was squeezing it firmly. She would start at the base, and as she squeezed she would slide her hand up to end at her nipple where she would pinch it as best she could through all the material.

As I got to the middle section of her finger she abandoned her tits and shoved her other hand down between her legs, grinding against her pussy. The booth was rocking with the force of her bucking body. I had to grip her wrist to hold her arm steady.

"Uh huh...Oh yes. That's so good! Oh my god! I'm gonna....I'm gonna... OOooo I'm gonna come!. Don't stop!"

I reached the tip of her finger and her mouth opened in a silent scream as her whole body tensed, back curving and head thrown back. She was walking the razors edge of her orgasm and I alone had the power to give it to her; to send her crashing into the abyss. I held her in there for a few seconds, watching her body quake and tremble.

"Pleeeease...Steve...." Her breathing was coming in tormented pants. Her eyes met mine, begging. I released her. I kept her from crying out, we were in a public place after all, but she made lots of small noises. Whimpers and little cries as her body was overwhelmed with orgasmic tremors. From under the table came the undeniable scent of pussy. My dick was raging in my pants, but I controlled myself.

I let go of her hand and it was like watching a puppet whose strings had been cut. Her whole body slumped forward in exhaustion and her head rested on the table, hands laying limp at their sides. Of course that's when Peter showed up with my lemonade and mozzarella sticks.

He approached the table, eyeing Katie curiously and set my plate and drink down.

"Is she okay?"

"I think so. She was exhausted. Why do you work her so hard? Do you treat all your employees this way, or just her? She was about ready to collapse when I asked her to sit down. What the hell do you do to your people here Peter?"

He looked at me with shock. "But I...She...I didn't do anything." He looked from me, to her, totally bewildered. And of course he had nothing to do with it, I was just fucking with him.

"I swear I didn't do anything. She's only been here since twelve. Katie can I get you some water, do you need me to call someone?"

"I think you've done enough Peter. Bring her some water, and then just leave her alone. And send us a real waitress." I gave him a glare as he scrambled out of the atrium.

Katie sat herself up with a grin. "That was kind of mean."

"Yeah, but you said yourself he's an ass. It'll do him good to be humbled every once in awhile."

"Probably." She shifted in her seat, looking a little nervous now. "You can really do magic, huh."

"Something like that," I said. "What did you think?"

I'd already smoothed out any rough patches with her, by giving her instructions not to be shocked or scared or to freak out on me. I didn't want her going nuts like Kristel did. She was very accepting of the situation.

She blushed again. "I've never had an orgasm before. That was my first time. It was fucking awesome." She giggled.

"Really? Are you a virgin?"

"No, but I've never been able to do that with my boyfriend."

"Oh, so you have a boyfriend huh. That's to bad." I gave her a disappointed look. "I guess that means you won't come out with me later."

"Well...we aren't really that close," she said quickly. "I've only been going out with him about a month. I could still go out with you. Will we..." she hesitated for a second. "Will we be doing more of..of what we just did?"

"We'll be doing more then that, " I told her, smiling.

Her smile withered away to a look of disappointment. "Oh but I don't have anything to wear. I came to work in this and I...well I need some new underwear." She shifted in her seat with a smile. "These are a little ruined at the moment, thank you very much!"

"Hmmm. I think we can take care of that." I pulled out my wallet and fished out about 200 dollars.

"Take this and do some shopping. Anything you want. Don't be gone too long though, I don't plan on being here all night."

"Okay! Great!" She took the money with a smile. "I'll be back" She sprung up out of the booth and walked away with a spring in her step.

I sat back in the booth and started munching on my mozzeralla sticks, extremely pleased with myself. A waitress came in with the water and set it down, asking if I needed anything else. I told her I was fine at the moment and thanked her and she left. I picked up another mozzeralla stick, dipped it, and was preparing to eat it when my hand went crazy. It started trembling so violently that all of the sauce was flung off and then it just sat there wiggling like a wet noodle.

“What the fuc–”

Before I could even finish the mozzeralla stick attacked me. My hand came up to my face and proceeded to slap me with the cheese. I grabbed my wrist with my other hand trying to pull it away, but it was no use, my right hand tried to jam it up my nose. That’s not where cheese belongs.

I wrestled my hand down to the seat of the booth and kneeled on my wrist, holding it down, and tried to figure out what the hell was going on. I had no control over my whole right arm. You have no idea how fucking strange that feels. I think part of it has to do with the fact that we are just so used to our body doing what we tell it. It’s one of those ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’ things. Meanwhile, apparently realizing it couldn’t hit me in the face with fried cheese anymore, it tossed it at me ineffectually and proceeded to pinch at my leg and try squirm free.

“Christ! Fuckin...stop!” I yelled. My hand looked at me. I swear to god, it looked at me, and then fell limp against the seat. I was panting, and just sat there for a moment, waiting for it to start again. I wiggled my fingers, it worked like it was supposed to, so I slowly got off my arm and flexed it, testing it out. I brought it slowly up to the table and set it there and tried to catch my breath. It started to wiggle again, flopping across the table, and I smacked it hard and held it down and it stopped. Suddenly I heard laughing.

I looked up and around the atrium, trying to find the source. Off in the corner, in a small space between the end of the bar and the wall, I saw a dark figure standing in the shadows, glowing faintly. Shit. It was a God. The figure was surrounded by a reddish-gold aura. More then that I couldn’t tell because he seemed to be wrapped in the darkness of the corner. I broke out in a cold sweat, the warnings Hermes had given me coming back fresh in my mind. I didn’t move a muscle.

“That never gets old,” the figure said in a deep voice, followed by another chuckle. “Calm down, I’m not going to hurt you.”

He stepped away from the wall and into the light and I was able to get a look at him. He was tall, and powerfully built. He was native american with long, jet black hair that was held in a ponytail with a beaded strand of leather. He was wearing a dark red shirt tucked into jeans, with cowboy boots. His face was lean and hard, with the kind of tan that only comes from spending years out in the sun. His eyes were smokey with the color of desert sunsets.

He took a seat across from me, in the spot Katie had just vacated, lounging back with one arm across the back and studied me for a moment with that native american face that always seems to express a deep wisdom. I still hadn’t moved, my hand still holding my other hand down. I was too terrified to move, my mouth was bone dry.

“Mmmm, smells like pussy,” he said with a conspiratory smile. “So your Zues’s new conduit huh? I can see why you were picked, that was a nice trick with the woman just now. Very creative. He’ll enjoy that. Oh relax would you, take a drink.”

I sat back slowly and grabbed my lemonade and sucked a long drink through the straw. I drank over half of it before setting it back down.

I looked at him, and he looked at me, obviously waiting for me to say something.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Coyote. The peoples who used to live in this area worshiped me. I’ve still got a small amount of followers, which is more then those stiff-ass greeks can say. My people care more about the old ways then theirs’ did. They have a deeper connection to the land and it’s past. You Whiteys could learn a few things from them.”

“Y-..You promise you aren’t going to do anything to me?” I asked him, still not trusting him entirely. “Hermes told me you guys aren’t very nice. That some of you are mean.”

“As usual, when the white man isn’t out-right lying to you, he’s speaking in half-truths. I might do some things to you, the attack of the evil appetizer for instance,” He chuckled to himself again, “but I doubt I’ll hurt you. I just better not catch you putting the moves on any of my people. There are enough white women here for you to play with. Leave my women alone. Zues can get his charge from some other source, and you can tell him I said so.”

He reached out to the glass of water and took a drink and made a face. “Ack..chlorine is vile stuff.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you mean,” I told him. “‘Get his charge’, what does that mean. And you called me his conduit, I don’t get that either. Hermes didn’t say anything about that, only that I was the one he picked.”

“Ha! That figures. Well if he didn’t tell you, I really don’t think I am the one to do so. That’s not why I’m here anyway.” He reached out and grabbed one of my mozzeralla sticks and took a bite. He chewed for a second with a thoughtful look, I guess deciding whether or not he liked it. “Humph. Not bad. Do you mind?” He pointed to the remaining ones arching his eyebrows in a questioning glance. His eyes were shifting and swirling in his head. What was I gonna say, No? You tell a God no, see what happens.

“Sure, go ahead. Try them in the sauce, they’re good that way.” I said. “So...why are you here then? Did you just want to say hello or something. I haven’t touched any native american women I swear. Actually one of my best friends is Navajo, his name is Brandon. He’s on his way here right now.”

Coyote sat there still chewing with a grin on his face, and held up a finger signaling me to wait. I waited. He swallowed, and reached over to my lemonade and took a long drink.

“That’s better. The fake lemon helps disguise the taste of the fake water. And haven’t you ever heard that it’s rude for someone to talk with his mouth full. Let a God eat. These are good,” he said, and reached for another one.

So I sat there, in nervous anticipation while a God ate my appetizers. This was just so fucking surreal, I don’t even know where to begin. I was ass-deep in Gods and Godly politics and this one it seemed, enjoys mozzarella sticks and lemonade.

Coyote finished off the rest of my food and my lemonade and let out a loud burp. “Ahh, that’s good stuff. I’ll have to come here more often. Now, to answer your question, I’m here to let you know that The Red God is aware of you, and you need to be careful. You’ll need to get ahold of Hermes or Zues as soon as you can, they’ll want to know this. He’s caused a lot of trouble for them in the past. You got anything else to eat on the way?

“Um...no, I hadn’t ordered yet. Can we go back to this ‘Red God’? Who is that? Why does it matter if he’s aware of me?”

He seemed to be ignoring me, he had closed his eyes and almost looked like he was sleeping. Suddenly the waitress who had brought the water came back in and he opened his eyes and gave me a wink. before turning to the waitress.

“Hello. Are you ready to order?” she said, giving Coyote a smile that seemed to express more then a desire to provide good service.

“Hello Michelle - what a beautiful name,” he said, turning on the charm. “I’d like some more of – what do you call those?”

“Mozzeralla sticks,” I told him.

“Yes, mozzeralla sticks. Give me 3 orders of those and a pitcher of this lemonade here, if you would be so kind. And are you on the menu this evening?

“Uh! You are baaad,” she said to him, slapping him gently with her order pad. “But I get off at 5, so if you’re still around...I’m sure we could find something for you to eat.”

“Sounds good babe, I’ll be here. Off you go now darlin’.” And he gave her a swat on the butt as she walked away.

“Yummy,” he said to me, with a wide grin after she was gone, and I could see his Canis features moving beneath the skin of his face. His eyes turned briefly yellow before sliding back into the orange-gold color. I couldn’t help it and a cold shiver ran down my spine.

“Now, what were you saying?” he asked.

Getting more then a little frustrated by this hungry and horny god I said, “I wanted to know why I needed to be careful of this Red God guy, who is that?”


“Set what?”

“No, Set is his name, he’s Egyptian. Nasty fellow too. That’s why I came to you instead of going to Hermes myself. He no doubt has his little hell-spawn watching the Greeks every move and I don’t want to be brought to his attention. If my brother were in a helping mood, I might not be too concerned with him, but by myself I am no match for his power. And my brother would just as soon let me get my furry ass handed to me, just to teach me a lesson”

“You, however, I’ve been watching, and while he knows where you are, he doesn’t have you being watched yet. It might draw their attention and he’s still laying low. He thinks the Greeks have lost track of him, and he’s right. Therefore if you get in contact with Hermes yourself, it would not arouse his suspicion and cause his eye to turn on me. Understand?”

“Is Set...is he going to hurt me?”

“Not if you do what he wants.”

“What does he want with me?”

“Did Hermes explain none of this to you?” You could see he was getting annoyed.

“No, I told you. He didn’t tell me any-” Just then David arrived from downstairs with my delivery.

“Here you go sir,” he said. “They just arrived. I have your tickets as well.”

“Oh, thanks.” I fished around in my pocket and pulled out a twenty. “Here you go, and don’t forget about my friends when they get here.”

“Thanks! Don’t worry, I’ll send them right up.” He walked away with a big grin pocketing the twenty.

“No,” I continued after he was gone, “He didn’t tell me anything. All I know is I have these powers, and I’m allowed to do whatever I want. I tried to get him to tell me what was going on, but he bailed on me before I could get anything from him.”

“Damn him! Leaving you unprepared for something like this....” He cursed, and then started mumbling under his breath and looking thoughtful.”

“But you can contact him, right?” he asked suddenly, looking up at me.

“No. At least if I can, I don’t know how.”

“What an ass. Oh, he’s gonna hear about it from me. Pompous prick. He should know better.”

“What do I do now?” I asked him. I was getting really scared. Seeing a God this agitated certianly wasn’t doing anything good for my nerves.

“Hang on for a second. And don’t say anything, I need to concentrate.” he commanded.

He sat back in the seat, and closed his eyes. It was the same looked he got when he called to the waitress, only this time his breathing slowed way down and he almost looked dead. His brow twitched a little and then suddenly my whole body started to tingle. I felt his power crawling up my skin like a hundred thousand ants. It seemed like it was probing at my pores. The urge to get up and scream in revulsion was nearly overpowering but I held still, remembering what he told me. I didn’t know what he was doing and I didn’t want to disturb him.

After a few minutes, his eyes opened and he took a deep breath. It’s incredibly hard to tell when a person doesn’t have pupils, but he seemed to be unsure of where he was for a moment, or like he had to reorient himself.

“Okay,” he said to me, matter-of-factly. “Now we wait.”

“Wait for what?”

“For my mozzeralla sticks,” he said, just as Michelle walked around the corner holding a big tray of the appetizers and a pitcher of lemonade.

“But I–” but he cut me off by holding up his finger and giving me a look to be silent.

MIchelle brought the tray to the table and unloaded it, her and Coyote exchanging little flirts that caused her to leave with her cheeks burning and her ass swaying seductively.

“Now what am I–” But he cut me off again.

“Patience, human.” His aura darkened slightly right along with his mood. “You’ve no idea what you in the middle of right now. I’m going to do what I can to help you, but the process can not be rushed. I like you, but I’m not about to put myself in jeopardy to save your mortal ass, understand?”

“Y-..Yes...sir. Sorry.” I almost pissed my pants just then.

“It’s okay,” he said, picking up a mozzeralla stick and dipping it. “I can understand you’re upset and scared. That’s mostly Hermes’ fault. He should have at least given you a way to contact him if you were in trouble. Hungry?”

“Not anymore.” I said, dejectedly.

“More for me then.” and he dug in.

I looked at my watch, and it was just about four o’clock. Carlos and Brandon wouldn’t be too much longer. I wonder how I would explain my new friend to them.

After he had finished his first order and was working on the second, a thought occurred to me.

“Why are you helping me? What’s in it for you?”

He glanced up from his tray, looking kind of amused.

“I owe Hermes a favor.”

“For what?”

Between chews he said, “Awhile back, I was having a good time with this sexy little chica. Well, it turns out this chica, a fine specimen of a mortal named Isabella, was the consort of another God. When he found out I had been seducing her, he was none too happy. Hermes helped me hide out until things cooled down.”

“Who was the God?”

“Raven, my brother.” he said, nonchalantly.

“Did you know it was your brothers girlfriend?”

“Of course, why do you think I did it,” he replied with a wide grin.

“And that’s why he won’t help you if Set were to come after you?”

He let out a laugh. “One of many reasons, my little human. Eternity is a long time, and some of us get bored with it. We pass the eons by fucking around with one another, jokes, tricks, little things like that. Raven doesn’t usually appreciate my brand of humor. Which is, naturally, why I do it. Ah...we have company.”

I looked around, expecting to see maybe the waitress or Carlos and Brandon. I didn’t see anything but the room was suddenly filled with the sweetest fragrance I have ever smelled. To even try to describe it in human words cheapens the experience. It cannot be described by any mortal tongue. I sucked in the air until my lungs ached and weeped in agony when I had to exhale. My head spun with the scent and all that mattered in the world was my next breathe and that it be as sweet. I would do anything to have it.

Coyote did something with his hand that held me in my seat. I was about ready to fall on the ground and cry with the shear pleasure of it. I saw him out of the corner of my eye, he rolled his eyes (again without pupils it’s hard to tell if that’s what it was exactly, but that’s the impression I got) and made a face of annoyance.

“Laying it on a little thick, aren’t you babe?”

“Just playing with him, dear one.” an angelic voice responded from no where. “His heart didn’t burst, that’s impressive.”

“You know he’s been tapped,” Coyote said to the air, “It won’t kill him, but you may drive him insane if you don’t stop, and Daddy wouldn’t like that.”

And he was right, I could feel my mind starting to give way to the agonizing pleasure from the smell. The SMELL alone did that to me.

“Fine,” said the voice of a thousand seraphim singing joyously in exalted praise, “A girl can’t have any fun these days.”

The smell withdrew from my senses and I collapsed onto the seat of the booth and was overcome with the most intense feeling of loss I’ve ever felt. I cried with the pain of it. It seemed beyond human endurance to feel this much pain. My body was hammered with sobs as I tried to regain control of myself.

“Now look what you did,” I heard Coyote say.

“There there, little mortal, it’s okay.” said the voice of heaven.

I felt a hand stroke my cheek and the pain started to recede. My sobbing slowed and eventually stopped and I looked up to see the most beautiful woman ever. Helen of Troy? Ha! to Helen of Troy. Helen is a toothless crackwhore compared to the sight that sat before me. Men have bled themselves dry, their dying breath wishing for but one more drop to bleed, for lesser beauty. Entire countries have marched to their death singing the praise of females not good enough to lick this woman’s feet. What else can I say about Aphrodite.

“Is that the best you can do? I don’t think he’ll be able to speak if you can’t tone it down more then that. We don’t have a lot of time babe.”

She huffed, the spitting image of a teenage girl who can’t get what she wants from her daddy. “Would you have me appear mortal before him?”

“That might help,” he said.

“You owe me,” and she flashed him and wicked look, but agreed.

“Just do it, Aphrodite.” Coyote said, getting pissed. You could hear growls underlying his voice when he talked.

Whatever she did, it worked because my mind and my body were my own again. I could look at her without losing the ability to think. When I looked at her now, I couldn’t recall what caused me to so completely lose myself in her. She was still mind-blowlingly hot. Long chestnut hair, skin of the purest cream, her eyes were a shifting canvas of blue and silver. She had a pinkish-red aura. Now though, instead of losing all motor functions and cognitive abilities, I only got a huge boner

“So why did you go through all the trouble to call me down here? I have more important things to do, you know. And then you don’t even let me have any fun with him.” I swear she was about to stamp her foot in irritation.

I did my best to look small and let them work it out amongst themselves.

“Your father tapped him.” Coyote said.

“I can see that, fuzzy dick; so what. What’s that got to do with me?”

“Your father tapped him and Set knows about it. Daddy dearest also did not give him any protection, or even bother to tell him there could be a problem. He has no way to get in touch with Hermes, and you, babe, are the first one that got my message. I’m not risking Set’s wrath, not with Raven so willing to step aside. And since you all are rarely in the mood to help someone out besides yourselves, I had to go through different channels to get your attention. Set has most of you being watched. You only get this much from me because I owe Hermes.”

“You need to let them know that Set will be coming for him, probably soon, and they need to watch it.” Coyote reached for his lemonade and took a long drink.

All of this had apparently gotten Aphrodite’s attention. She was all ears. Sexy damn ears, let me tell you.

“How did you find out about Set?”

“I have my sources. Once Steve was tapped, he started broadcasting like a fucking radio beacon and Set’s minions were all over themselves to tell him. You all have seriously let things slide.”

Aphrodite crossed her arms and lost herself in thought. “Yes, they have, but I had nothing to do with that. Zues rarely consults me on matters like this. I just get the fringe benefits when he finds someone.” She looked over at me, pondering.

“What do you think, mortal? You think you could withstand Set long enough if he comes for you, for some of us to get there?”

“What is he going to do to me?”

She cast a quick look over at Coyote. “Hermes didn’t tell him anything?”

“Nope,” Coyote replied, shaking his head slightly.

“Bastard! What could he have been thinking. Look, you wrap this up, I’m going to go and kick my dear brother’s ass.”

“Okay babe. Thanks for coming. Make sure you tell Hermes who it was that tipped you off. This way he knows we are square.”

“Of course love. You’ve done more then enough to repay the favor. If daddy lost another one...well it’s best not to think about it. Come and visit me sometime, it’s been a long time since you’ve stopped by. I’ll show you just how greatful I am.” She gave him a smile that was dripping with so much sex I thought my dick would explode.

She got up to leave and then looked at me. Not just a regular look but I felt like I was butt-ass naked sitting there in front of her. There was a small tickle in my brain. She was rooting around in my head.

“Poor thing,” she said to me, “I can already tell it’s not going to be enough for you. You won’t be satisfied, your heart is too pure.” She looked over at Coyote. “I wonder what Zues will say when that happens?”

Coyote simply shrugged his shoulders. “Not my concern sweets. That’s a matter for the old man to work out.”

“Hmm...” Was all she said, and then she just sort of disappeared. Her aura grew until it surrounded her body and then she just faded away. My dick instantly deflated and I sagged in my seat.

“Yeah, she can have that effect on people. Mortals especially. Sometimes she can’t help it, but she was testing you. Seeing your limits. I think she likes you.” And he winked at me. “You could do worse then having her in your bed.” And he laughed at something he found terribly funny.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing, nothing,” and he just shook his head.

“Okay...well what do I do now.” My whole night seemed ruined now. I’d been at Gameworks barely and hour and I’d had my whole world turned upside down. Again.

“I don’t know. You’re definitely neck deep in the shit pool, I’ll tell you that. I’ve done my part. It’s all up to them now. I told you I can’t get any more involved then I have already. I like you, but your not worth my ass.”

“But he can’t kill me though, right? Set I mean.”

“No, but there are worse things in life besides death.”

“Like what?”

“LIke wanting to die and not being able to.” Coyote said, ominously

Great. That made me feel so much better.

“I will give you this bit of advice though: Remain loyal. Remember what side your playing on. If you can do that, and do it long enough when he comes for you, you’ll be alright.” He polished off his last mozzeralla stick. “These are really fucking good. When Raven cools off, I’m definitely going to have to bring him here.

Again, it was like he had totally forgotten about me.

“What side I’m playing on? What the hell does that mean? Why can’t I get a straight answer?” God, I wanted to hit something.

“Because I’m not about to be the one that has that conversation with you. The deal you made, if you new the details, you might not have liked it. Some humans don’t. That’s one of the reasons Aphrodite and I are so pissed off that you weren’t informed of all the details. Zues probably had his reasons, he has to know better, but you have to remember, he’s a bit twisted.”

“Great, just fucking great,” I said. “I’ve got some kind of evil God on my ass, and nobody can tell me what’s going on. Real fucking great. Thanks for nothing.”

Oops. I felt more then heard the growl, it rattled the table and made my vision blur. I felt an awful pressure in my chest, like my heart and lungs were being compressed together and squeezed through a garden hose. I couldn’t breathe. The voice that spoke to me wasn’t entirely human.

“You forget yourself mortal. You have been given more then you deserve, and at great risk to myself. You cannot begin to comprehend what Set is capable of, or what he will do to me if I am caught alone and without aid. Still I am here, helping you. If you choose to not show me gratitude, very well, but you will keep your thankless and ignorant comments to yourself.”

My body was burned away to ash, my blood boiled down to a blackened sludge oozing like oil through the charred valves of my heart. A scaled beast of claws and fangs was in my chest, slashing at my rib cage. The world turned white with agony. The Universe was only suffering and the tormented screams of untold innocents.

As quickly as it came, it was gone. I was left sprawled on the table, sobbing into the polished wood. Across me me I heard him slurping up the last of his lemonade.

“Now,” he said to me, “Are we feeling more agreeable?”

“Ye-...Ye-...Yes. I-...I’m...I’m...Ss-suh..sorry.”

“My compassion for you is not to be mistaken for weakness. Nor will I be talked to in such a manner by breathing maggot food. Capiche?”

Ha! A native american god that speaks italian. For some reason this was hilarious. I didn’t laugh.

Suddenly my body began to feel warm all over, and despite the meat grinder I had just been put through, I started to feel good. Down right perky.

“Now you go ahead and have a good time tonight. Brandon and Carlos will be here in about 10 minutes. Something you should know about your friend, Brandon: His ancestors were great warriors once. He is a descendant of a chief who ruled almost all the land west of the great river to the endless lake. He is of noble blood, even if none alive can speak the name of his true tribe. Treat him well, and all will be forgiven between us. Oh and take care of the check for me.

He made a clicking noise with his tongue and winked at me.

“Okay. Coyote, thank you. Really. I’m sorry I spoke that way. I was afraid. You’ve helped me more then I’ll ever be able to thank you for.”

He didn’t say anything else, just nodded to me slowly and faded away softly until I was in the booth alone.

End Part 5

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09-13-2007, 10:53 PM
I wasn't about to let some kind of overblown sense of compassion stop me now, not when I was so close. I left the room, turning out the light as I went and closed the door securely.

It was only a little after ten, but I was exhausted too. I found my way to bed soon after and fell asleep more quickly then I thought considering my mind was racing with the possibilities of tomorrow. Tomorrow was Friday. Friday means payday and oh did I ever intend to get paid. I had figured out the way I would make money. Lots and lots of money.
It was the news in Kristel's room the night before that had given me the idea. One of the major news stories at the time was the Enron scandal. They had been talking about all the high paid executives who made millions right before the company collapsed. Millions sounded like a good place to start. I would become a high-paid executive.

I would place myself as a silent partner (or whatever you wanted to call it) in a number of area corporations. I would get on the payroll, do exactly nothing and have the money deposited directly into my account. All legal and above board. If anyone asked, I was a consultant for this or that company. First thing on Monday I intended to find a very good accountant to keep track of my finances. I was doing my best to try and see the next step down the road to avoid any potential problems.

I spent the day driving around visiting every large building in downtown Phoenix that looked interesting. Bank of America, Chase Bank, Motorola, the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Phoenix Coyotes (I hit them up for an exceptionally high salary just because I'm a St. Louis Blues fan), Morgan Stanley, Edward Jones, just to name a few. I simply walked in, asked for the person in charge and how to get to their office and instructed them on what I wanted done.

Of course there was resistance at first, but all I had to do was enter the mind of the person in question, give them a little tune-up (as I had taken to calling it) and give the undeniable impression that I was to be obeyed. Life was good.

By the time I returned home at about 4:30 my account at Washington Mutual already had over 100,000 dollars in it. It's amazing what you can get done when everyone follows your instructions immediately.

I had about an hour or so until Kristel was due home from work and I wanted to get cleaned up a bit. I was flying on cloud nine. With each successful job I flew a little higher. By the time I walked in the door that night my face was cramped from the grin that was plastered to it. Plus I still had tonight to look forward too.

Tonight was going to be a good night. I showered, shaved, and just freshened myself up. I put on some clean clothes and a spray of cologne and even popped a breath mint. It wasn't at all necessary, but I felt better. I finished with about ten minutes to spare, poured myself a glass of water and sat on the couch, watched some tv and waited.

I was watching a re-run of The Daily Show on Comedy Central when I heard the tell-tale metallic slide of a key going into the door and the quick thunk of the lock turning over.

Evening, I said as she walked in the door.

Hey, how you doin, she replied, looking over and giving me a polite smile.

She walked in, closing the door behind her, and placed her purse on the counter, setting her keys down along side it.

Still grinning like a deranged clown I said, Oh I'm doing very well. Excellent in fact.

Yeah? You look better then you did yesterday. You looked like you were coming down with something. Did you have a good day?

Yes I had an absolutely fan-fucking-tastic day, and it's only going to get better now that you're home! That is what I was thinking. What I said was:

Yeah, it was okay. I got a new job,

Really? That's awesome, where at? she asked.

I had to think for a second and pick one of the names. This company called Independent Financial Management. They're an investment firm in Phoenix.

That is so cool. What's the job?


She got a puzzled look on her face. I thought you did graphic design?

Oh yeah. Recovering quickly I said, It's a consulting position in their ********* department.

Still she persisted. Do you have enough experience for that? You just graduated a few months ago and this would be your first real job. They really hired you as a consultant?


I guess I interview really well. What a lame-ass answer. She was absolutely right of course, no company in their right mind would hire a wet-behind-the-ears college grad as a consultant. Especially not a company that netted 689 million dollars last year. Since when did she pay so much attention to what I did anyway.

*Stop asking questions and accept it* I thought at her, rather annoyed.

Her face relaxed and she said, Well that's really great Steve. Does it pay pretty good?

That one? Oh about 160 thousand a year.

Yeah, not to bad. Enough that I can stop worrying about my student loans. Maybe get a new car.

Or eight, one for every day of the week plus two on Sundays with corresponding license plates. Also I think I'll have each car in a different color of the rainbow with my own personal sex slave assigned to each one with hair and a thong bikini that matches the interior, whose only job is to blow me while I drive around town smiling like a retarded monkey.

And to round things off - a Jack In the Box antenna ball waving happily in the wind. God damn I wanted to dance a jig. How I was able to keep from running naked through the streets, shouting joyously into the night I'll never know.

That is just so awesome. Are you going out to celebrate?

Yeah, I have some plans. What about you?

Ugh, I'm exhausted. I'm gonna grab a bite to eat hit the sack. You have fun though. She started to head to her room. Oh! Was there any mail?

Nope, nothing for you.

K. See ya.

Sooner then you think, I said to myself.

She closed the door and I was alone in the living room. I was so excited I was trembling. I took a few deep breathes to try and calm myself. Now, more then ever, I wanted her. Somehow knowing that at any second she could be on her knees in front of me, covered in chocolate syrup and licking my cock, made the desire that much more intense. It was a fierce battle of wills inside me as I strove to draw the moment out instead of succumbing to the animal passion that shouted at me to just take her, TAKE HER NOW!!!

I didn't want to just take her. Maybe some other women, for sure, but Kristel was different. I wanted to possess her but I also wanted her to come to me on her own. Well okay, she would never do that by herself, I was going to have to help out in that department but...I don't know.

Even now, looking back on it, I can't tell you exactly what I wanted, or what I expected. I just know I didn't want to simply fuck her. Still, I would have her. Tonight.

I sat there, I don't really know how long, going over it in my head. The tv might as well have been a dead plant for all the attention I paid it. In the mean time Kristel had taken her shower (I left it alone this time, I was too wrapped up in my own thoughts) and had come out, gotten some food and retreated back into her room. We hadn't said anything to each other during the time out of her room, that was normal. As I said we talked very little. You've just been witness to one of our longer conversations up to that point.

I finally figured out how I was going to do this. Just as before, I would make her horny, but this time simply dithering herself to orgasm wouldn't be enough. I would work it out so that she would crave a cock. By the time she came to me, I wanted her to be so desperate for dick that she would club a baby seal if that was all that stood between her and a raging hard-on.

I made myself comfortable, leaning back into the couch cushions, and cast my awareness out and into her room. She was there, laying in her bed, eating some grapes and watching a Friends re-run. I moved my perspective so that I was looking down on her from somewhere up towards the ceiling and gazed at her for a moment.

She was half covered by a blanket and wearing a navy blue dress with white stripes and spaghetti straps. This was one of her favorite lounging outfits, she wore it all the time. It suited me just fine because there had been countless occasions where she would walk around the house with it on and I would fantasize about her.

In my mind I saw myself walking up behind her, placing my arms around the tender softness of her waist and kissing down the curve of her neck onto her shoulder. I would then glide my hands down her sides, over the gentle swell of her hips and down to the hem of the dress and once there, pull it slowly upwards and slid it off her body. General hot and sticky sex-type things would then ensue.

The really intense moments were when she would walk away from me while wearing it and you could see by the jiggle of her ass that either she wasn't wearing panties, or was wearing a thong. The fact that all that stood between me and her ivory skin was the scant centimeter of a flimsy $5.99 Kmart Special dress drove me to near madness. Of course due to recent events in the last couple of days, I didn't have to worry about that anymore. Ha! In my head I'm dancing a jig. Like Fred Astaire on crack.

I slipped into her mind like a stone sinking into the cool blue depths of the ocean. She was mine and she didn't even know it. I sailed between the spaces of her thoughts and skipped over the surface of her consciousness, intangible as mist, and all was open to me. Memories, hopes, wishes, dreams, fears...every aspect of her life was mine to have. I was bound by nothing. The feeling of power was mind-blowing. They say you can never truly know someone. I can.

I reached for her pleasure center again and began to...well in a sense it was like whispering soft and gentle nothings in a lovers ear. I watched her body language and it was very similar to last night. She started to caress herself, her breathing deepened and, as the warmth of arousal spread throughout her body, she appeared to sink further into the feather-softness of her bed.

She pinched her nipples (I was beginning to get the impression that she was one of those women who have really sensitive nipples) this time even wetting her fingers with her tongue before giving them small twists. I increased her arousal. I was a master puppeteer and she my beautiful and succulent puppet.

Her hand dove between her legs as she bit her lip trying to keep quiet. She knew I was in the next room and couldn't afford to be as vocal as she was last night when she thought she was alone. I could have changed that, made her think I wasn't there, but I was enjoying her sinful torment. There were a few heavy pants and soft �Umms' to be heard but I have to give her credit, she was very quiet through the whole thing.

She had her breasts pulled out from the top of the dress and with her left hand was manipulating her nipples and her right hand was working diligently at her pussy. She was very confused as to why she was suddenly so fucking horny as she put it. Even during her attempts to get herself off she was wondering what had so suddenly come over her. One minute she's watching tv and the next she's so wet you could float a toy boat between her thighs.

*You won't be able to cum*

Kristel didn't realize that she wouldn't be able to, but her body obeyed my command. She worked her clit, going from light, teasing contact to direct full-on rubbing. She got three fingers in her pussy creating sucking sounds as she pumped them in and out and even stretched one of her tits up to her mouth to suck on it. No matter how fast or slow she worked though, she couldn't quite get to that magic place.

After about 8 or 9 minutes, her arm getting tired, she gave up with a frustrated sigh. Not forgetting her newfound pleasure, she brought her slick fingers up to her mouth and proceeded to lick them clean. Her mind was a wondrous maelstrom of confusion, passion and frustration. She needed to get off so bad, why couldn't she.

*You need to get fucked*

{God yes, I need a dick.} She brought her hand back down to her pussy and slowly rubbed her clit.

{A hard dick would feel so good right now. If Corbin hadn't been such a bastard I could be fucking him right now. His dick wasn't all that great but it was better then nothing. Oooo god, please let me cum...}

She pushed two fingers back into her pussy. Corbin was her ex-boyfriend, they had broken up about 6 months prior and she hadn't really dated anyone since. My own dick growing hard in my shorts, I listened in on her mounting frustration. Soon now, very soon.

{Yeah...yeah...almost there....OOooooo.....Ah goddamnsonofabitch! Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! What the hell is wrong with me. I never needed a guy just to cum before.} Her mind shifted gears. {Who could I call, who could I call? Brad? No, not Brad. There's something creepy about him. Justin is fat, I'm not going to fuck him. Keith has a girlfriend. So does Gabe. Uhhh....it's not fair.}


{Stephen? No, I can't fuck him. He's not bad looking but he's my roommate. I never would have moved in with him if I thought there was a chance we would hook up. Still he hasn't dated anyone in awhile... No! I'm not going to do my roommate.Things would be way to weird after that.}

I let her simmer for about 10 minutes. She alternately tried in vain to get herself off and racked her brain for any guy she knew that she could fuck. She had the brief idea of going to a club and picking up some random guy but I squashed that before it could take hold. Kristel wasn't the kind of girl to do that but she was getting desperate. It wasn't helping matters that I continued to keep pressure on her level of arousal and, every few minutes, move it up a notch.

{Maybe I'll just tell him it's a one time deal, no strings attached. I see how he looks at me sometimes, I know he wants me. And to be honest, I have thought about it before. Cristi said he gives really good back rubs. Said how soft and firm his hands were... Shiiiiit. What am I thinking. Kristel you can't. Not with Stephen. All I know is that if I don't get off soon, my head is going to explode.}

God, I loved it. Kristel was slowly talking herself into it. All I had really done (besides make her incredibly horny) was drop in the suggestion. She had done the rest on her own. Like an seductive seed, the idea had taken root and spread thoughts of sex and the promise of pleasure through her mind. It was inevitable now.

{Okay! Fine. I'll do it. I'll go out there, sit down and I'll ask him. What if he says no? He might not think it's a good idea. Sure he thinks I'm good looking but that doesn't mean he'll agree to it. What am I saying, he's a guy. Besides...I could convince him. I could make him beg for it.}

No, I would not be doing any begging. Haha.

She got up and paced a bit then walked over to her mirror and checked herself over. She was going to change but I wanted her in the dress. She put her hair up in a pony-tail, sprayed on a little perfume and walked to the door.

{Okay...here I go.}

I brought myself back into my body and busied myself with acting like I was watching tv. That wonderful smell of sex hit me first. It came rushing out of her room, following her like a fog. Even without my new senses, I would have been able to tell. It's no wonder why; she had spent the last 20 minutes trying to get off. I'm surprised she didn't make squishing noises when she walked.

I made a show of looking up when she came into the room and giving her a questioning look as she sat down on the end of the couch, me at the other end. That was unusual in itself. In the rare event that we did watch tv in the same room, she was usually on the love seat and I on the couch. The fact that we now shared the same piece of furniture was a momentous occasion.

I looked across at her and said, Is everything okay?

Yeah, I just felt like coming out here to watch tv. You've got these great leather couches and I almost never use them. She rubbed her hand on the cushion and pressed it a few times. I thought you said you had plans tonight. Were you going out?

Nah, I figured I would just stay in, they'll be time to celebrate later.

Oh. Soooo...what are you watching?

Truthfully, I had no idea. Whatever was on was on a commercial break. I don't think I changed the channel since the Daily Show had been on earlier so that meant it was still on Comedy Central. It was around 7 so that meant it was probably�.

Now back to Saturday Night Live, here on Comedy Central. said the tv announcer guy. That's just about all they show, SNL re-runs.

Uh..Saturday Night Live. Is there something you wanted to watch? I asked. She was obviously fidgety. She kept turning her hands over on her lap and glancing at me and then away at the tv.

No, no, this is fine. I need some water.

She got up and went to the kitchen and got some water. I watched her fill then drain the glass and refill it again before coming back to the living room. She set the glass on the coffee table and when she sat down she was a lot closer to me. Sex was coming out of her pores, my dick was ready to burst.

Listen Stephen, I need to ask you something.

Sure, go ahead.

She looked at me, then looked down at her lap and glanced up at me again. Have you ever thought about...about...

Fucking your brains out? Licking the sweat off the small of your back? Wrapping your amazing tits around my dick and thrusting until your neck is coated in cum? How about burying my tongue so far up your pussy that it becomes a french kiss? About that? Oh...once or twice.

About what? was all I said.

About...you and me? Us. You know, together?

You mean like boyfriend and girlfriend together? I don't think that we would work out, we don't have a lot in common. I think your beautiful and you're a great girl, but a relationship would never work.

Oh yeah, I know, we're just too different but what about... She let it hang there. I slipped into her mind again and she was dying to say it. We had just been living together for so long with those barriers between us that even with how incredibly horny she was, she was having trouble getting it out.

I helped her out a bit and loosened her up, easing some of the tension she had where we were concerned. The response was instant.

About you and I being together...sexually.

I was a dancing machine. I was the love child of John Travolta and every female back-up dancer of every Britney and N'sync video ever.

Well sure, I mean, like I said you're beautiful, but that wouldn't be such a good idea either. I mean...don't you think it would get weird.

{Fuck! He doesn't want to, what am I going to do? Calm down, calm down, I can convince him. I don't care what it takes.}

And of course I was going to do it, but I was so enjoying watching the scene play out. I didn't plan on making her suffer much longer. I had a strong feeling that my dick was about to revolt and take matters into it's own hands if I didn't cooperate soon. She inched closer to me.

No, I don't think it would be weird at all. I think it would be fun. Just this one time, you know. Because I've been thinking about it a lot and I really want too. She came a little closer, her leg was touching mine now. I swear there was a spark when we touched the sexual energy was so thick in that room.

I've seen how you look at me sometimes and you know what? It gets me so hot when I think about what you might be thinking about doing to me.

She closed her eyes and ran her hand down her neck too her chest where she let it rest on the top of her breasts.

Do you want to know what I'm thinking about right now Stephen? She looked at me with deep bedroom eyes.

She was lying about getting hot thinking about me and I knew it but that's okay, I wasn't about to correct her. My own will power was almost gone. Kristel was riding the edge too. A stiff breeze and it was all over.

Wh...What? I croaked. The fact that I was able to form a coherent thought at that moment is something that deserves to be studied by medical science. I knew exactly what she was thinking. Her hand reached over and started to stroke my leg and move it up under the edge of my shorts.

I'm thinking about unzipping your shorts and putting your big cock in my mouth. Would you like that Stephen? She brought her finger up to her mouth and began to suck on it. Would you like to see your big cock sinking into my mouth?

Ye�. But I got no further. Kristel attacked my crotch like a wild dog after a scrap of meat (and it's more then just a scrap I'll have you know). In record time my fly was open and my dick swaying in the air like a drunken flag pole.

God that looks good, she gasped. I watched as her mouth opened and then she was on my dick. I don't know if I possess the words or the skill to describe to you how good that felt. Kristel's mouth was hot velvet love. Her tongue was a thing alive; A serpent of sexual pleasure. Lips of silk and sin. Her hand gripped the base of my cock, pulling up as her mouth pistoned down like a jackhammer. The wet sounds of slurping filled the room.

Oh my holy god! I gasped. Yes...Ohhhh God, Gods...whoever...Oh..Kristel! Uhh!

Her head game up with an intake of breath and, still stroking my dick with her hand, she looked at me and said,You're not feeling weird are you? Her eyes glinted mischievously at me.

I couldn't even speak at first. My head was spinning. After a few seconds I managed, Don't stop!

Don't worry, I won't, she said. She got up, releasing me for a moment and kneeled in front of me. First, lets get these shorts off. Off they went. Her free hand went to my balls and rolling them around, she looked into my eyes and said, Is there something in here for me?

Hmm...that all depends. Do you want it? I asked.

Oh yes I want it. I want it in my mouth, splashed across my tongue and I want to feel it sliding down my throat. Can I have it.

You'll have to earn it.

Kristel gave me a devilish grin and, looking into my eyes, buried my dick all the way in her mouth and into her throat. She came up with maddening slowness that made me cry out and then plunged back down, her tongue never stopping it's swirling assault on the shaft of my cock. I thanked the God of Blow-jobs (if there was such a thing, and by now I was open for anything) for wherever Kristel learned to suck a dick. I have yet to find her equal.

She quickened the pace know, her head bobbing faster and her hand tugging insistently on my balls. She wasn't lying about wanting my cum. She was determined to get it. She stopped at the top of my dick, just the head remaining in her mouth being massaged by her tongue, and her hand sliding over my dick in a blur. The freight train that was my impending orgasm began to build in my balls.

Oh...oh shit...Kristel..oh...Oh.... And at that point I lost the ability for speech. I could only pant and moan. With timing that boggles the mind Kristel plunged back onto my dick just as my cum was blasting forth. I cried out and the world disappeared and there was only the white-hot intensity of my orgasm as it burned up the shaft of my dick and into Kristel's waiting mouth.

I pleasure was so intense it became pain. The most exquisite pain imaginable. My hips thrust up and my hands gripped Kristels head and pushed down. My dick tingled as she gave a long moan and I felt her mouth constrict as she swallowed everything I gave her. Gradually the intensity faded and my dick only twitched with the aftershocks of my earthquake of an orgasm.

Kristel stayed with my dick in her mouth, making sure she got all of it and then slowly drew herself up. My whole body jerked and there was a popping sound as my dick fell free, glistening and shiny, against my stomach.

I couldn't speak yet and Kristel sat there grinning on her knees, with my balls still cupped in one hand, gently rolling them between her fingers.

You don't think we're finished do you? she asked.

Of course not. The thought never entered my mind.

End Pt 3.

all credits to Abbe Faira the author

09-13-2007, 10:55 PM
All credits to Abbe Faria , the author

Against all odds, I was feeling damn good. I sat there and pondered what had just happened. I shivered slightly at the memory of what Coyote had done to me. I was awed and humbled by his power, and vowed to not get on his bad side, ever. As scared as I should have been though, I wasn't. Whatever he had done to me before he left, it worked. All I wanted to do was have a good time.

I started thinking about Katie, about all the tenderness of her alabaster skin, and the pleasure I would take in her, and sat back with a smile. I wondered if I should introduce her to Kristel. That could have possibilities right there. Yeah, the two of them in a room maybe with�

Steve! I was snapped from my pleasant daydream and glanced up to see Carlos and Brandon walking towards me.

Carlos is Puerto Rican (although he looks at least half black), about 5' 8 or 5' 9, with very short hair, kind of like a buzz cut, a goatee and a perpetual five o'clock shadow. He shaves before he goes to sleep at night so he has that day's growth thing going for him. When I first met him, he was shooting for the Bob Marley look with long dreads, but he's since cut it all off, going instead for a more professional appearance. He claims he doesn't smoke, but he's always got that half-lidded look of the constantly stoned. You know Jim Bruer of SNL fame (think Goat Boy) and the movie Half Baked? Like that, only Puerto Rican.

Brandon is a bit taller and, as I said before, Navajo. He's got the tanned skin and dark hair that he keeps fairly short (although it's always kind of messed up), with eyes so slanted that until he told me, I thought he was Japanese. He always looks as if he's preoccupied. Like his mind is wondering off to other places. Not the most dependable of guys, but we liked him anyway.

I met Carlos through some other friends of mine, but we never hung out until we ended up sharing some classes in school. Brandon I met in class as well. All of us had graduated and were seeking fulfillment in the real world without much success at that point. Carlos and Brandon were now roommates.

Hey! Right on time. I said, Have a seat.

So what's up Steve, Carlos asked. You look nice. Are you sure we aren't celebrating something?

I just wanted to get together and have a good time. Ready for some fun?

What did you have in mind? Brandon asked.

I looked at him and Carlos, debating on how much to tell them. I didn't want to lie to them, but I couldn't really tell them what was going on either.

Anything you want, you just say the word.

I want the Fanta girls. Carlos exclaimed, him and Brandon sharing a laugh. What are you smoking? Can I have some.

He and Brandon shared a laugh while I just looked at them smiling.

You doubt my powers?

Whatever, Carlos said. Are you drunk this early in the afternoon? He sniffed my empty glass of lemonade. No liquor in here, is there? Are we going to have to do an intervention on you?

No, I'm straight. I sat and thought for a moment then decided. I think I know a good way to start off. Come with me. I got up and started walking out of the atrium, when I glanced back to see if they were following. They were just sitting there.

Come on, I insisted, and gestured them to stand up. They both slid out of the seat, giving me curious looks and followed me out into the main restaurant area.

The way Gameworks is set up, you can look down onto the arcade floor from the restaurant. It's got a lot of open areas in the floor where you can stand and look down on all the people milling about. The object is probably to get you to see how much fun they're having and go down and spend more money. I walked up to one of the railings and looked down, and Brandon and Carlos walked along either side of me and looked down also.

You okay, Carlos asked. You're acting kind of weird.

I didn't answer, instead I said, See anything you like?

Like what? Brandon asked, not getting my meaning.

Girls, women, poon-tang. I told him, nodding my head in the direction of all the people downstairs.

Oh...well yeah, sure. There's some good looking girls down there, he said. We saw this one girl coming in, she was wearing this really tight short skirt and this tiny little halter. She was fucking hot!

Oh yeah, Carlos chimed in.

Do you see her? Point her out to me, then go and introduce yourself, I told him.

No way, I need a few beers before I'll do that. Shit, probably not even then. She was...wooo.

What about you Carlos? You see any girl down there you want?

Yeah, but I'm not going to go up and just talk to them.

Why? I asked him.

Because, man. I just...wouldn't. Why don't you go up to a girl and talk to her.

I did, I said, thinking of Katie. She's out in the mall right now doing a bit of shopping, she'll be back in awhile. Now it's your turn.

I'm not going to walk up to some random girl and talk to her. What would I say?

It doesn't matter. You can say anything you want. Tell her the short-cut in Photoshop to create a new layer, it won't make a bit of difference. I'll bet you money that if you pick a girl and go up to her, she'll be yours for the night. I looked across at him and then over at Brandon. Same goes for you too Brandon. Any girl in here.

Are you out of your damn mind? Carlos said.

Really, Brandon replied. If it were that easy I'd have brought that hot chick up here with me.

You're right, I agreed, it normally doesn't work like that. But this time it will be different. I paused for a moment. This time, I'm going to give her to you. I backed up from the railing so I could look at both of them at the same time. They turned around and gave me critical and somewhat concerned looks.

You can't give us a girl, Carlos said, incredulously. She's...she's not yours.

Think of it more like borrowing, I told him. I'm borrowing her for the night and loaning her to you. Try me. Pick a girl out from the restaurant, any girl it doesn't matter. Point her out to me.

What? Carlos shared a look with Brandon. I could tell they were thinking me unwell at that point. I was getting a little frustrated. I was tired of explaining.

Just do it. Pick someone.

Okay Steve, calm down, Carlos said. He looked around the restaurant and a girl caught his eye sitting in a table across the floor on the other side of the restaurant. Her, he said, pointing to a blonde girl hunched over the table flipping through a menu. How about her? Happy now?

I looked to where he pointed, giving her a quick once over. She was attractive from what I could tell. She'd work for this demonstration.

She'll do. Now watch.

I stretched out my will and slipped it into her mind. There was no outward effect on me as I was doing this. As far as Carlos and Brandon were concerned, I was standing there staring at her. Her name was Ronee, she was 22 and here with her friend Ashley, who was currently in the restroom Funny, I thought girls always went to the restroom together.


She brought her head up and looked around. She thought she heard someone say her name.

Over here, babe. I'm the one in the middle

She looked across the room and caught sight of me standing between Carlos and Brandon. Her mind was beginning to fill with confusion and the slightest tremor of fear. Both Carlos and Brandon saw her start looking around and then looking right at me.

What the hell...? Carlos said.

Ignoring his comments, I continued. I filled her mind with calming and happy feelings. A rub here, a nuzzle there. I could try and explain to you how I did that, manipulating person's emotions and thoughts (and I've tried in the past) but I've found it's like trying to explain color to someone who has never seen. How would you explain red to a blind person?

Come over here Ronee, just for a minute.


She got up and began to walk across the restaurant towards us. I kept a lid on any feelings of panic or fear that might crop up because someone was inside her mind talking to her. Most people aren't used to that.

Is she...is she coming over here? Brandon looked from me to her and back at me again.

Yep. Her name is Ronee. I told him, still focusing on her.

This is a joke, right? You planned this out. There was a hint of desperation in Carlos' voice.

You picked her, I said, matter-of-factly.

Ronee was walking across the walkway over the arcade, seconds from arriving. Her eyes were locked on mine. As she walked over, I took complete control of her body. If I asked her to throw herself off the walkway she would have done so without a second thought. Carlos and Brandon had both taken a step back from me, wide-eyed and apprehensive.

Ronee rounded the little corner and approached me, stopping a couple of feet away. She gave Carlos and Brandon a brief glance, then looked back at me.

So..okay, I'm here. Do I know you? She cocked her head and studied my face.

No, you don't babe. I just need to settle a bet with my two buddies here. Do you mind?

Will it take long, I'm here with a friend so...

Just few minutes, I promise. I assured her.

Okay then, what do you need.

Ronee, if I asked you to get on your knees right now, in front of Carlos, I gestured to him, And take out his dick and suck it, would you?

Sure. Do you want me to? She began to walk towards Carlos, whose mouth had hit the floor.

Not right now, I told her. Can Brandon feel your tits though?

Uh-huh. She said with a smile and walked over to him, puffing out her chest. Here ya go.

Brandon looked from her to me to back at her chest, his eyes wide. For real?

Sure, go ahead. She wants you to, I said. Carlos, jump in too. She doesn't mind, do you Ronee?

Nope, go ahead. She twisted a little bit, shaking her wares in Brandon's face and flashing Carlos a little smile.

Brandon brought his hand up and ran it over her breast, his eyes like saucers. Getting no protest, he gave it a gentle squeeze. Holy shit! and he let out a laugh. Carlos man, you gotta feel this!

I arched an eyebrow at Carlos, who had gone very still. He just shook his head at me then looked back at Brandon who was really starting to enjoy himself. He'd brought both hands up and had a breast in each one, massaging them and grinning like drunk circus clown.

Suit yourself, I told Carlos. Anyway, I think that's enough for now. Ronee, you can go back to your table.

Aww, it was just starting to get fun, she pouted. Ronee backed away from Brandon who looked as if he just found out there was no Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny raped and killed his pet hamster.

Thanks, babe. You did great. Off you go now. I gave her a little swat on the butt as she walked away. She was a cutie.

Okay, thanks. She smiled up at me and walked back to her table. By the time she sat back down she had forgotten the entire thing. I leaned back against the railing, crossing my arms, and gave both of them a big smile. Believe me now?

What the fuck was that all about Stephen! Carlos actually looked mad at me.

Who cares, that was fucking awesome. Brandon had an eager look in his eye. Can...can I have her?.

Patience Brandon, I told him, There might be better ones here. Keep in mind, any woman you want. Explore a little first.

He obviously had no qualms about anything. Carlos on the other hand...

How can you give me any woman I want? How in hell can you do that? Carlos demanded.

I was kind of wondering that, Brandon said timidly. He cast an anxious glance between Carlos and me.

So I went through the exhausting ordeal of telling them without actually telling them. Yes, I could control them, no, I can't tell you how. Yes it's for real, anything you want, etc. etc. It was getting very frustrating trying to explain this every time. I made a mental note not to bother anymore. Anyone I wanted to include would just get a tune up, friend or no.

So, I asked Carlos, what's it going to be?

I...well...I don't know. This is just crazy. And is it right to just take women? Isn't that rape?

You can't rape the willing.

How will they be willing if you're controlling them?

I'll give them gentle pushes in that direction, I told him. Think of it as the ultimate pick-up line. Guaranteed to work.

Yeah, but how? I just don't get it. Carlos said. How...?

Carlos, if I could tell you, I would, but it's forbidden. Just accept it. If you don't want to take part, I'll understand. But at least give it a try. Either way you've got to decide.

Let me just watch for now. Brandon is going to die if you don't give him a woman soon.

He was right, Brandon was ready to jump out of his skin with excitement. Years of sexual frustration just screaming to be released.

Yeah lets go, I'm ready now! Brandon exclaimed.

Alright, lets go for a walk, I told them and turned to head downstairs. This was going to be a lot of fun, I could tell already. It was fun exploring my newfound abilities.

We got downstairs, Brandon and Carlos talking amongst themselves, checking girls out and rating them. Brandon would point someone out and ask what Carlos thought and discuss whether she was the one he wanted or if they should keep looking. I let my eye wonder also, but I had Katie out there, and I was content with her for tonight.

Hey Steve, are there any rules, like no one with a boyfriend or anything like that? Brandon asked.

Um...no a boyfriend is fine, I can deal with that. Try to stay around your own age though, I'd rather not give you a thirteen year old or anything like that, I told him.

Oh, no problem, Brandon assured me and continued to glance all over. He looked like he was trying to see every girl at once. Carlos was being helpful but still looked like he was having reservations. I think he was waiting to see what happened with Brandon before he made a decision. Can't say I blamed him really.

Hey! Steve, there she is, that's the girl we saw coming in! I want her. Brandon called out excitedly. He was drawing a few looks from some people around us.

Brandon, I need you to calm down a little bit. No need to shout. Now which one are you talking about? I followed his gaze and saw an absolute knockout standing in a group of people by the skee-ball machines.

Her back was to me, but her back was plenty enough to catch my eye. If I hadn't promised her to Brandon, I might have taken her for myself. She was short, maybe 5' 2, and very petite. Long hair like strands of black silk shimmered luxuriously down her back, ending about where her red tank top stopped. Her skin had a golden hue and she didn't have much of an ass to speak of, but her legs were nice. On first glance, I was thinking Asian, sometimes you can just tell. It wouldn't surprise me; Brandon always did have a thing for Asians. Yellow fever in the worst way.

You're right, she looks pretty hot. That's the girl you want, then? I asked.

Yes! Her, I want her. So, can I go now?

Hang on a second, let me prepare things for you I told him. She turned and with her friends, started walking towards the back of the arcade. Yep, Asian. She was in a group of 3 other people, 2 girls and a guy. They were inconsequential. Ignoring them and focusing on this Asian beauty, I worked my magic.

I dove into her consciousness and explored a bit. Angela was her name. She was 18 and a senior in high school. She was a little bit freaky in the sex department. She hadn't fucked many guys (three if you don't count the occasional blow-job or hand-job at the end of a date) but she'd been with one other girl and made out with two others, one of her friends with her today as it happens. What's this? 18 and already into bondage? It seems our precious Angela had a burning desire to be tied up and was even toying with the idea of a little pain mixed with her pleasure. She'd been eyeing some nipple clamps and some paddles on some ****** sex shop recently. She was quite the sexual creature. Personally, I think she was miles out of Brandon's league, but a promise was a promise.

Angela, someone named Brandon is going to come up and introduce himself, and he's going to be the most attractive man you've ever seen. You're only concerns will be to please him.

All of this took less then a minute. I lost sight of her as she turned a corner and walked to the back room. Alright Brandon, you're all set. All you have to do is go up to her and introduce yourself. I grinned at him. Brace yourself though, she may be more then you can handle.

So I just walk up to her?

Just say �Hi, I'm Brandon' and she'll be yours, I assured him.

Okay...here I go. And off he went. Carlos and I trailed behind to watch the action. Carlos hadn't said a whole lot since we were upstairs, but I knew the curiosity was killing him.

Brandon was approaching Angela off in the back corner near some Silent Scope video games. Carlos and I hung out by a driving game near the entrance to this section, just watching. I could hear every word that was being said by their little group, even despite the noise of the place, but I figured Carlos couldn't hear a thing. I wanted him to be able to hear as well, to ease his fears some.

Here Carlos, listen. And I grabbed his arm. I was working on instinct on this one. I just thought about wanting to accomplish something and I seemed to know how to do it. Carlos could suddenly hear everything I could hear, which was a lot. I had gotten used to tuning out all the crap that wasn't important, but Carlos had no idea how to filter it out. He made a face of pain as his ears were assaulted with all the noise. I toned it down some to let him get used to it and then focused my attention on the goings on of Brandon and his new love interest.

Holy shit...do you hear this all the time? Carlos's eyes were wide with wonder.

Shhh. Listen.

....mom is such a bitch! She told me that� Eww, .Angela, I think this guy is coming over here to talk to you. God, could he stare any harder?

Angela looked around, as well as the rest of her friends, all of them eying Brandon as he approached.

Oh great. Angela groaned. She turned to face Brandon, who was oblivious to their scornful stares. He only had eyes for his Asian goddess. All of them were waiting in quiet anticipation to see how Angela would shoot him down.

Under other circumstances, it would have been painful to watch. Getting turned down is embarrassing enough, but getting humiliated is just that: Humiliating. You could see from her stance that she didn't even intend to be nice about it. Her face was set with a frown and her arms were crossed in a defensive posture. A bitch if ever there was one. Still, I knew what would happen, and I knew that as soon as she heard his name, she's be much more receptive.

Brandon approached her.

Uhh...hi. What's your name? he stammered out. Idiot! He wasn't following instructions.

Like I'm gonna fucking tell you. What are you even doing here? Do I look like I would ever even talk to you? Seriously, look at me, and then look at you. Are you blind or just retarded? She scowled at him and waited for him to respond. Daring him even. Her friends snickered in the background.

God damn, Carlos said wincing. That was harsh. I thought you said she would do whatever he wanted.

She will, I said, angrily. He's not doing what I told him too. He was supposed to introduce himself.

Meanwhile, Brandon had visibly recoiled at the fierceness of her verbal assault. He looked back at me nervously.

Tell her your name, Brandon. Say My name is Brandon

He jerked slightly at hearing my voice in his head, but turned around and, taking a deep breath, he tried again.

My..uh..My name is Brandon.

The effect was instant. Her entire body softened up and her eyes sort of glazed over with lust. She dropped her arms and took a step towards Brandon, who stepped back a bit, thinking she was going to smack him.

Hi Brandon. She smiled warmly. My name is Angela, it's nice to meet you. I'm sorry if I was a bitch, but I get a lot of guys that try to hit on me and sometimes I have to be tough with them. Will you forgive me? She pouted and hugged herself to Brandon's body, running one hand over his back and another over his chest.

Uh..yeah, sure. No problem.

Goody, she squealed. Brandon...do you want to get out of here?

Angela, what are you doing! Her friend yelled. He's nasty, what's wrong with you.

Angela cast an evil look back at her. Shut up, skank. Why don't you take your bulimic ass and get a milk shake or something?

Her friend's mouth dropped in shock. What? Her mouth dropped. What the hell?

Just leave us alone, she spat back.

Ugh! Lets get out of here. She began to walk away, but the two friends were standing there silently, not sure who to side with. .Are you forgetting we all came in my car? Hello!? Unless you want to fucking walk home, you better come with me.

Sorry Angela, Jessica's our ride. Chris muttered. Beth made small noise of agreement.

Whatever, I don't care. Angela said, venomously. I don't need a ride in that ho-bags car.

God, you're such a bitch! Jessica screamed. Good luck with your new boyfriend. She stalked off, Beth and Chris following slowly behind.

Finally, Angela gushed. So, you want to go back to your place? My parents are home, so we can't go there.

Damn, she was really taking charge.

Uh...I... But that's all he got out. I think he was too shocked to speak.

We can't leave yet, see if she's hungry or something, go upstairs and get something to eat. Put it on my tab. Or play some games, but Carlos still needs a woman, and I'm waiting for someone.

He looked at me and nodded. Umm..I can't leave right now, but are you hungry? We can get some food or something.

Sure, whatever you want Brandon. Let's go. She grabbed his arm and led him up the back steps to the restaurant, Brandon followed dumbly behind. Yeah, definitely too much woman for him. He looked down at Carlos and me with a huge grin and mouthed a �Hell Yeah' to us and gave a thumbs up sign with his free hand as he rounded the corner and went out of sight. I released Carlos' arm.

So...what did you think? I asked Carlos.

That was...I mean...she really...damn. I don't think he knew what to think really. I can't say I blamed him, he'd just witnessed and experienced something that was completely out of the norm. I need to sit down for a minute.

He took a seat on the steps that led up to the drivers seat of the video game and put his head in his hands. All that noise I heard, is that what you're hearing right now? he glanced up at me.

Sort of. I tune most of it out. It's just like background noise to me. Like when an air conditioner kicks on: You hear it at first, but then it just sort of disappears and you only hear it if you focus on it. I can hear everything everyone is saying, every click and beep of every video game and everything in between. Unless I focus on a particular conversation or noise though, it's no more intrusive then the air conditioner. It took some getting used to, but once you get it down, you do it without thinking about it.

Are you reading my mind?

No. Do you want me to?

Hell no, stay out of my head man. Could I keep you out?

I...I don't know. Maybe. I haven't had anyone try and resist me yet. Nine times out of ten, the person isn't even aware of what I'm doing. Angela has no clue why she's suddenly so hot for Brandon, and she doesn't care. The question will never even come up, she'll be too intent on satisfying him.

How long will she be like that? He asked. He had leaned back and was giving me questioning looks.

Probably until I tell her to stop. I said. I don't want to make her his slave, just a quick night of fun. Trust me, she is far from innocent. If you knew the crap that goes in her head, you would be more worried about what she might do to Brandon then the other way around. He'll be smiling for a week straight after tonight. Then, thinking of her bondage tendencies I added, Probably walking funny too.

So, I said, what's it going to be? Going home and watching The Jamie Kennedy Experience reruns, or getting laid?

You swear no one will get hurt and it won't be rape?

I swear. I'm not getting you a girlfriend, I'm just getting you some pussy.

Alright then. He took a deep breath. I want her.

Damn that was quick. He'd apparently already picked her out while Brandon had been looking around. And to think I doubted him. He pointed over to the air hockey tables, where there was a black girl leaned over playing air hockey with a rather imposing looking black guy. I looked her up and down and she wasn't bad as far as black girls go. I'm not normally attracted to them. Just not my thing. Carlos liked them though.

She was kind of tall for a girl, a little taller than Carlos, with large tits. You couldn't help but notice them because she was wearing a tight shirt with a low neckline. Her hair was done up very nicely with braids that were pulled back in a ponytail and swayed with her movements. Her skin wasn't really dark, more a mocha color I guess. Her face was smooth and she had a big smile. Not bad at all.

Nice, I told him. I guess you don't mind that that guy is her boyfriend. Her very large boyfriend.

You said that wouldn't be a problem.

Oh it's not, just wanted to make sure you were okay with it.

Fuck him, was all he said.

Yeah, fuck him. I replied with a small laugh. Your wish is my command.

Darrell, go home.

And just like that Darrell dropped his air hockey thing, turned and walked out the door, leaving the girl, Tasha, standing there in confused silence.

You're better off without him Tasha. Come over here and say hi.

She abandoned the game and walked over to us, a puzzled expression on her face. I gave her pretty much the same commands I had given Angela. Her face lit up with a wide grin at seeing Carlos.

Hey, baby, She said softly.

Tasha, Carlos; Carlos, Tasha. Carlos, Tasha likes to be kissed on her shoulders and down her back. Also she goes wild for foot massages and...bring some whipped cream.

How do you know that? Tasha said, with surprise. I just grinned at her.

Carlos, I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time filling her in on all you're little quirks and desires. I think you'll find her a most willing partner.

I can't believe this, Carlos exclaimed.

Believe it man, it doesn't get more real. Now, as soon as my date gets back, we'll get out of here and let the fun continue. Go upstairs and find Brandon, I'll be along as soon as Katie shows up. Have some food if you're hungry.

Okay, Carlos said. You hungry Tasha?

Sure, I could eat. Will we be leaving soon because I want to get you alone. She hugged him tight to herself, grabbing his ass with both hands and nibbling on his neck.

Whoa! Carlos laughed. Am I good or what.

He headed off upstairs and I wondered around waiting for Katie. Thankfully I didn't have to wait long, because I was getting impatient. I had been keeping an eye on the mall entrance so I could see her when she came in, and see her I did. She looked fabulous. She had ditched the pants for a black skirt that billowed enticingly around her thighs. It was cut so that it didn't really come to rest against her skin, but sort of hovered over it. If she were to turn suddenly or bend over, you'd get a great view of her upper thighs and maybe a flash of her ass. It seemed designed for letting guys run their hands up girls legs. No complaints here.

That was just the first thing I noticed, she had fantastic legs. They weren't as well muscled as Kristel's were. Katie was curvier, where as Kristel was a little more trim but with curves in all the good places. I don't care for really skinny girls, a man needs a little something to grab on too.

The blouse she chose was a simple one. A red shimmering silk deal with black buttons that accented her hair nicely. The hair itself she had pulled back into a ponytail and gave me a wonderful view of her neck. Yum. Even after all this time I still get that tingly feeling when I think about her. I wasn't the only one who noticed, several guys were checking her out.

She didn't see me standing there, she was headed up stairs. She smiled and waved at a couple of her coworkers, who were eyeing her curiously and began to step lightly up the steps.

Down here sweetness

The shock of my voice in her head made her stumble and she had to grab the railing with both hands to steady herself. Once she was back on her feet she turned to look down at the crowd of people searching for me.

Hello And I waved to get her attention. When she saw me she broke into a big smile and bounded down the few steps to the ground and sauntered towards me.

You scared me. She looked up sweetly at me. That heavy lavender sent washed over me again. It made me want to curl into her body and lie there forever.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. You look amazing. Really, I mean...wow! I gave her a long look up and down while she stood there blushing at my attention.

Do you like it? She made a little twirl. I hope I didn't take to long, but I wanted to look nice.

I like it very much. I placed my hand on her neck and pulled her to me firmly tilting her head up. Her eyes widened in anticipation and she licked her lips quickly as I brought my face down to hers to kiss her. She came up on her tip toes a little and leaned into me as I sucked her tongue gently into my mouth, my other hand going around her waist. As first kisses go, it was a good one.

After holding it just long enough to garner some stares from the people around us. I pulled my head back and Katie came down off her toes and rested her body against mine. Her eyes were still closed and she gave her lips a slow caress with her tongue as she inhaled deeply. Her eyelids fluttered open like she'd been sleeping and when she met my gaze her pupils were large with arousal.

Was that more magic?

I chuckled. Nope, that was just me.

Wow, She took a deep breath. Jason never kisses me like that. His are always kind of sloppy and, like...I dunno, like he's trying to lick my teeth or something. Not like that.

Well I do what I can, I said, and I leaned in to give her another kiss, this one less passionate, but no less warm.

After we were done, she took a step back, smiled big and said, I've got something for you. She held up a little read bag that said Saks Fifth Avenue on the front.

Oh, and what's in here?

Take a look.

I took the bag from her and when I opened it, I caught that satiny smell of sex as it came floating from within. I looked in and saw two pairs of panties. One, a pink pair with little flowers on it, crumpled a little, with a fading damp spot still visible on the crotch. The other, a black, finely knit lace pair with several shear parts that looked like it came from the Victoria's Secret Fuck Me page. The kind that aren't meant to be worn, but removed. The tag was still on it.

So if you're not wearing these...? I gave her an inquiring glance.

I have to go upstairs and get my purse, she said with a wicked smile. She turned with her hands clasped behind her back and took off up the stairs, casting a flirting glance back at me. I think I had underestimated my precious Katie. My cock gave a lurch.


I went into the atrium to find Carlos and Brandon while I waited for Katie. They were sitting in the booth with their new friends finishing off a big order of nachos and groping each other. Angela was actually straddling Brandon's lap while she fed him chips. While he would chew, she let her hands roam over his body, sometimes dipping down to where they were joined, making Brandon jump and laugh.

Carlos was sitting on the outer edge of the booth, Tasha on the inside leaning against the wall. She had her legs over his lap and was sipping on a drink while Carlos ran his hands over her exposed flesh. It was almost like he was daring himself to go higher up her thighs with each pass. Everyone was smiling big and having a good time.

Brandon caught site of me. Steve! Man! You are my god. This is awesome. This is the best day of my life. Angela didn't seem to care about me, she put her arms around Brandon's shoulders and started kissing his neck and his ear. Her hips were grinding slightly and suddenly Brandon forgot about me too and started kissing her back.

I don't know how you did it, and you know what, I don't care. Carlos said, his hands never stopping and a Cheshire cat smile on his face.

I'm glad you guys are having fun. You ready for your next surprise?

If it's anything like this one, bring it on, Brandon said, looking up from Angela. She too had turned to look at me. Who is this, she asked Brandon. I think she was mad that I was interrupting.

This is my friend Steve. He's the one that gave you to�

No!, Don't tell her! I was beginning to think I might not be able to trust Brandon with this kind of information. He stuttered and tried to make a recovery.

I mean, uh, he's the one who, uh�

Whose paying for the food, I interjected.

Oh, said Angela. Thanks then. And she turned her attention back to Brandon.

So Steve, what's the next surprise. Carlos asked.

I reached into my pocket and dug out the deliveries that David had brought to me. This, and this, In my hand I held two sets of keys, the black and red leather key rings emblazoned with a Toyota logo. Both of their eyes had gone wide. Carlos, do you like red, or black, I asked him.

No way...

Come, come, I jingled the keys. Time is of the essence, and I don't think the manager can shrug off the complaints he's getting about what's going on in here much longer. Even the girls had started to pay attention to me. So will it be red, or black?

Uh...uh...red. No! Black, I want black. Carlos exclaimed.

Brandon, that means this one's for you. And I tossed him the red key chain while tossing Carlos the black one. And if you take these tickets to the valet, he'll bring it up for you. I set the corresponding tickets down on the table.

Are you serious, Brandon asked, eyeing the key chain with amazement. We get cars? What kind?

Two Toyota Celicas. It's got an excellent system, rims, the whole nine yards. It was a rush job, but I'm sure they look good.

Oh my god! Brandon said.

He got you a new car, baby? Tasha asked Carlos.

Looks that way. he told her.

Kick ass, Angela said, looking at the keys in Brandon's hand.

But wait, there's more, I told them.

Christ Steve, said Carlos, this is too much already. I mean damn, a car?

Just one more thing, I assured him. I dug out my wallet and pulled out two credit card sized pieces of plastic and set them each down, one in front of each of them. Brandon picked it up and read what it said. Phoenix Hilton, Spa and Resort Room 1208.

Room 1205, Carlos read off. Damn...

Katie walked in just then. She came up behind me, putting her hand on my back and then wrapping it around my waist. Back! she said. Are these your friends?

Yep. Guys this is Katie. Katie, this is Carlos and Brandon, and their dates. They both eyed her approvingly and gave me a knowing look.

Hi, said Katie, giving them a little wave.

Hey, they both said. The girls ignored her.

Katie pulled me closer leaning her head up to my neck, Are we leaving now?

What do you think guys? Ready to leave now? The Hilton awaits.

Hell yeah, lets get out of here. Ready to go Tasha? Carlos asked her.

Mmmm, about time. she said.

Bran- I started, but Angela had already pulled him from the booth and was dragging him out the door.

Come on Brandon, I want to see your new ride.

See you guys at the hotel. Brandon called back, and he was gone. Carlos wasn't far behind, but he wasn't being dragged. I gave them a silent command for no sex while the car was in motion, I didn't want them dying on the way. I wasn't so much worried about Carlos, but I had a suspicion that Angela wouldn't wait to get downtown before she tore into Brandon. That girl was an animal.

You ready to get out of here, Katie?

Are we going to the Hilton too? She blushed.

The Presidential Suite. Nothing but the best. I told her. She gave a little squeal of delight and grabbed my hand and started to pull me along as well.


The majority of you will never see the presidential suite of anything, and for that I am truly sorry. Depending on the locale, it can be like stepping into a fantasy land. The quality of everything is top notch. Only the �creme de la crème', all the way down to the toilet paper. I've never checked but it feels like there are strands of silk intertwined and blended with the tissue. Fucking amazing.

I pushed the double doors open with a grand gesture and Katie ran in, practically overflowing with excitement. She ran around looking at everything, calling out Oh my god! and look at this! for about fifteen minutes..

The suite at the Hilton occupies one whole wing of the top floor. The living area is so big it's more like a ballroom with couches and lounge chairs. There were four bedrooms, all of them bigger then my whole apartment, and you could have fit my childhood home in the master bedroom, with ample room to spare. Polished silver and gold adorned all the fixtures. The bar, the bar glasses, a lot of the tables were inlaid with precious metals, even the flushers on the toilets are gold.

I let Katie have her run of the place and explore for a bit. I had checked the rooms out earlier in the day so I was already acquainted with everything. I walked over to the bar and poured myself a drink of some kind of brandy. I don't remember what it was, but I know it was the smoothest alcohol I had ever tasted and it hit me quick. Good stuff. I was buzzing pleasantly when I tracked Katie down in the bathroom.

She was staring goggle-eyed at the bathtub. It's a bathtub in only the loosest sense of the word, it's the size of a small backyard pool. Made of black marble and veined with gold, it's equipped with gleaming faucets at both ends, bench seats all around as well as Jacuzzi jets spaced along the floor and walls.

Want to try it out? I asked her, sipping my brandy.

Oh my God! Yeah! But, out you go, you can't come in yet. She ran up to me and spun me around and pushed me playfully but firmly out bathroom door. Wait till I'm ready. She stopped at the door and started to close it.

You're getting shy now? I asked her, laughing. I'd play along.

Just wait, she said. It will only take a few minutes. Oh, and can I have a drink of something?

I don't know, I could get in trouble for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, I told her somberly.

She gawked at me, Are you serious?

Laughing I said, No, just kidding babe. Did you have anything in particular?

Um...Miller Light? It's the only thing I've ever drank.

I made a face. Beer is piss water, I'll get you something better.

Okay! Give me ten minutes. She closed the door and a few seconds later I heard one faucet, then the other start running. I could have easily peeked, but I was enjoying the game too.

I went over to the bar and started to prepare her a strawberry daiquiri. As I was blending it up, I decided to take a quick peek to see how Carlos and Brandon were doing. I'd been in their rooms earlier to check them out, so I didn't have to guess at where they were. First up was Carlos.

He'd moved his way into the bedroom of the suite with Tasha spread naked on the bed in front of him, propped up on some pillows and smiling lustily down at him. He was sitting in his boxer shorts, cross-legged, and rubbing oil into her feet one at a time. Seems he was taking my advice to heart. Tasha would moan every few minutes and writhe a bit on the bed, alternately pinching her nipples and stroking her pussy which was already glistening. I have to admire Carlos, I don't think I could have been that patient. He looked cool and confident, like he was in total control of the situation. He was doing fine. I left him and went to check on Brandon.

Talk about a different moods. Where as Carlos and Tasha were going slow and taking their time, Brandon and Angela were rushing into it like a pair of charging bulls. They had taken some of the belts off of the robes and Brandon had her tied to the posts of the bed, face down and spread eagle. No doubt at her urging. Her arms were tied at the head of the bed and her feet at the other end. Her ass was pink with hand prints and she was moaning out for him to hit her harder.

Brandon was naked, with a hard-on that looked like you could bend steel around it, and looked to be in a state of shock. I don't think this was what he had in mind. Not that he wasn't willing, but regular sex was a big deal for him and this was freaky advanced sex. I took a quick sample of his thoughts and saw that he had no idea what he was doing. He was doing what she told him and she wasn't enjoying it near as much. I gave him a few suggestions on how to proceed, and tweaked him a bit to put him in more of a dominating mood. The effect was instant. His entire posture changed.

You like that bitch? SMACK!

Oh god, yes! Harder please.

Master! Call me Master! he demanded

I saw her shudder with a little mini-orgasm. This is exactly what she wanted. I told you; a freaky bitch. Master! Harder Master!

�Damn right. SMACK!

You go Brandon, smack that ass, I laughed to myself.

Katie's call brought me back. I'm reeeady! her disembodied voice called from the other room. After watching that little display, so was I.

I poured her drink into a glass and walked into the bathroom. When I opened the door, steam came billowing out. I looked towards the tub and saw a mountain of bubbles. Several mountains in fact. Aroma therapy scents were pervading the room. It was so heavy it was almost hard to breathe. I figured most of that was my enhanced sense of smell and I eased the sensitivity down a bit. Better.

Towards one end of the tub, I saw a dark red patch of curling hair, still back in a ponytail and dampened with moisture. She pushed a few piles of soap out of the way and stared up at me, all innocence and unrealized sexuality. I walked over to her and handed down the drink.

She took a sip and smiled, liking the taste. What is it?

A strawberry daiquiri. Not too strong, but it should do the trick.

Are you coming in or am I going to sit here and get all pruny by myself?

I kicked off my shoes and began to slowly undress. She looked up at me the whole time, eyes wide and smiling. Her thoughts were running wild with excitement, sex and nervous anticipation. To her this was like a dream. One of those Prince Charming fairy tale stories. Average girl meets a charming guy who just happens to be a Prince or fabulously wealthy and makes all her dreams come true. In a sense she was star struck.

What was nice about this, was that I had done very little to manipulate her. I had gotten her almost entirely on my own. Maybe it was my new-found confidence that did it, I don't know, but I hadn't instructed her to sleep with me. I gave her the instructions not to be freaked out that I was doing magic on her, I eased her inhibitions a tad, and the little trick with her hand, but beyond that, she had come on her own. This made me feel less like I was taking advantage of her. I wished it had been this easy with Kristel, but that was going to turn out nicely in the long run. Hopefully.

Naked now, I walked over to the tub and stepped down. I saw Katie glance several times at my half-hard dick and blush and look away, only to be drawn back. I smiled inwardly. The water was hot, but not so hot I couldn't stand it. It was at that temperature where it burns when you get in initially, but then the heat soaks into your muscles and the burning becomes pleasant. The marble also did a wonderful job of radiating the heat to the parts of the body in contact with it. I'd never felt anything like it. I eased down all the way to my neck a few feet away from Katie, pushing bubbles out of my face, and sighed the deep sigh of the totally content. Well, almost content.

Come here, I told her, softly.

She set her drink down and scooted along the bench until she was next to me, gazing at me with a dazed look in her eyes. I sat up and turned to face her. I put my hands on her shoulders and turned her slightly and started to massage her gently. Godly powers or no, I always gave a great massage. Katie let out a long moan of pleasure and her head rolled forward. Her hands roamed around behind her and started running them up my bare thigh, stopping just short of where my dick was raging to life. Her hesitancy only made me want her more.

I picked up one of the large sponges that were spaced around the tub and soaked it. I ran it over the smooth skin of her back and heard her sigh out. I slipped the sponge under the water and worked it down her side and to her stomach, rubbing in little circles and then up between her breasts. She leaned into me and let me have my way. I went down over her left breast, going slow over her nipple and loving the feeling of her shudder against me as the sponge tickled and teased her. I leaned down and kissed her earlobe and at the same time took her wandering hand in mind and placed it at my cock. After the barest hint of hesitation, she wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke it slowly. Such tiny hands she had.

I moaned my approval softly in her ear and began to move the sponge downward between her thighs, which she parted for me eagerly. Her breathing was coming very deep and she was resting her entire body against mine. I began to move the sponge gently over her mound and felt her arch her hips slightly at the feeling, her hand gripping my shaft a little harder. She squeaked out a noise of excitement and I moved my other hand back to her chest and let it roam over the yielding flesh of her tits and up her neck, gripping it firmly before sliding it back down in the water. We hadn't said a word.

I moved the sponge away from her pussy and felt her disapproval, but slid it over the delicate flesh of her thighs and brought it back. She was ready for me this time and clamped her legs closed, squeezing the sponge into her pussy and began to move her hips. She was fucking herself with a sponge. I held my hand firm, letting her grind her pussy on the textured surface and pinched her nipple in my other hand. She'd stopped stroking my dick, simply holding on to it for the time being as she took her pleasure. Her breathing quickened and she began to moan loudly.

Ooo yeah, she squeaked. Uh huh, uh huh.

I bit her ear and gave her nipple a tug and pressed the hand that held the sponge firmly into her aching pussy, content to let her have her way. This was almost more fun then actually fucking her. Almost. My dick was aching just as badly to for release, but I didn't press the matter. Pleasure given now is pleasure doubly received later. Take note guys.

Oh god! Uh! Uh! Right there....ohhhh my goddd! She brought her hand down on mine and pressed hard as her body began to shiver and quake. Her hips bucked once, twice, a third time, kicking up small waves that splashed over the side as she gave a final cry before settling into me, breathing in ragged gasps. After a few moments, the both of us just laying there soaking up the heat, her hand began again it's lazy caress of my dick.

This has been one of the best days of my life, She said softly.

It's not over yet, you know.

What if...what if I can't please you?

Are you serious? I asked her, unbelieving.

It's just that I've only had sex with one guy and only a few times. You've made me feel so good twice already, and I don't really know what to do for you. She turned and put her leg over my lap and rested her head on my shoulder. I rested my chin on the top of her head.

I took a quick read of her thoughts and saw she was actually thinking several things but because of her relative inexperience, she was frozen with indecision and doubt. She wasn't sexually naive, just a little shy and unsure.

I think you can think of several things to do, you just don't know how to start, I chided her.

Well...yeah okay, but what should I do.

What do you feel like doing?

She got quiet for a minute as she thought things over. Finally coming to a decision she turned and stood facing me. She rose like Venus from the ocean, all water, soap and glistening flesh. Bubbles clung hungrily to her body, so close I was jealous. Water ran in rivulets all over her creamy skin, splashing to the surface.. I saw a brownish-red bush, trimmed neatly, but still there, and her pussy puffy and engorged with it's earlier adventures. I could only gape at her. It occurred to me that it was the first time I had seen her naked. God those tits were fabulous.

She stepped over my legs and leaned down placing her hands on my shoulders and straddled my hips, bringing herself down with aching slowness. Her waist submerged back into the water and seconds later I felt skin brush mine and the tickling of her pussy as it settled onto me. My dick was cradled between her ass cheeks. She felt it there and, grinning at me, flexed her ass, giving it a gentle squeeze.

I gave a small grunt of approval and she slid downwards, pressing my dick down and allowing it to slide between her ass cheeks and around the to the front. She gasped as the head of my cock moved over her pussy, going into her hole slightly and then coming back out as she continued her slide. A small moan as it rode over her clit before breaking free and flopping against my stomach. She moved her hips back to mine and began to grind herself up and down the length of my dick. I moved my hands to her waist and helped to guide her. Her nails dug into my shoulders and she leaned in to kiss me hard. I moaned into her mouth as she continued to rub herself against me.

Breaking the kiss she said, How's this?

Uhh...wonderful. I was losing my patience for foreplay though. I'm not infinitely patient. But this would be better. I gripped her hips and raising her slightly, I positioned her pussy over the head of my dick. She looked at me and bit her bottom lip as she felt my cock probing at her. Put it in you, I told her.

She took a hand and wrapped it around the base of my cock and, after giving her clit a little rub, she placed it at her opening and then plunged down rather hard causing us both to groan.

�Oh god... she cried softly.

Yessss I replied. I pulled her to me and started to kiss her shoulders, biting down on the soft flesh as I pumped myself into her. There is something very carnal and primitive about the occasional bite. I'm a big fan of it. Katie was so tight and, if possible, was hotter then the water we were soaking in. She didn't have the muscle control that Kristel had, the way she made it feel like I was getting fucked twice by the same pussy, but this was still great just the same. She had her own virtues. Mostly her eagerness to prove herself up to the task. She was fucking with a vengeance.

Katie, you are fantastic, I breathed.

She took that as encouragement and kissed me hard, biting on my lower lip and pulling on it. It hurt, but this somehow only added to the heat of the moment. Can I pick �em or what.

Oh god yeah! she cried out, arching backwards. Yes! Mmhmm.

The water was splashing violently from our activities. Katie started to ride the waves, coming towards me with the waves and moving back when they receded. I thrust my hips up to meet her, supporting her back with one hand, the other around her ass, pulling her towards me, adding to the force of our movements.

She pulled in close to me, wrapping her arms around my head, shoving her tits in my face and started to fuck downwards on me. She was whimpering in pleasure, making little cries and gasping. I heard myself next to her and thought I must have sounded like some kind of rutting hog. She was so small and dainty and smooth, adorable even down to the noises she made while getting fucked. Then here I was big and hairy, grunting like a mad beast.

Stephen oh...I'm going to cum...uh! Don't stop! She squealed again, this one rising in pitch. Watching her face contort with her orgasm began to send me over. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her hard down on my cock as she bucked with her orgasm. I pumped my dick into her with quick thrusts, gripping her tightly as she tried to thrash free and stay on my dick at the same time.

Oh God! I yelled out, as my cum geysered forth into her twitching body. Ohhhh Katie yesss...damn.

Mmmmm, she moaned luxuriantly, resting herself heavily against me. Around us the water slowly calmed, the level several inches lower then it had been. I'd worry about that later.

What do you say we take this to the bed? I asked her. Seems an awful shame to waste it.

She giggled. Okay.

We both got up and climbed out of the tub, taking longer then was needed to dry each other. I grabbed the large cotton towel off the rack and wrapped her body in it, sliding it over her tender skin. I pulled her hair out of the scrunchy and ran my fingers through it several times so it wouldn't knot up too bad. Her head pulled back with my hands going through her hair and I took the opportunity to run a series of kisses over her neck, sucking and nibbling on her porcelain skin. Her hands came around me and I took the huge towel and wrapped us both in it, pulling it over us like a cape. It was easily big enough, the damn thing was nearly a quilt. Her body was warm and soft against mine, her lips sweet with the taste of her strawberry daiquiri. My cock began to grow hard between us, pressing into her belly.

She broke the kiss, We aren't in the bedroom yet, she said, breathily.

We better hurry up then, I told her. I unwrapped her from my embrace and she moved reluctantly away into the cool air, her nipples hardening and flesh breaking out in goose bumps. Quick now! I gave her a swat on the butt.

She let out a little squeal and, laughing, ran bare ass into the master bedroom. I followed more slowly leaving the towel around my shoulders. I heard her bound onto the bed with a woop and start to giggle as she tore into the covers and burrowed herself down into the cool sheets. When I made it to the door, she was in the middle of the bed with stacks of pillows either side of her.

Comfy? I asked her.

Yes, this bed is amazing! I don't like it much by myself though. Hint, hint.

I threw the towel to the floor and pulled the sheets aside and crawled in next to her. It was like reclining into a cloud. I scooted myself over to where she had positioned herself and pulled her into my arms. She came willingly, melding her body with mine and leaned in for a kiss. We kissed for a time, our tongues exploring each other, and soaking up the warmth. Our hands began to wonder and for I don't know how long we lay there just groped one another. She moved her leg over mine and began to grind her pussy into my thigh, moaning.

I broke away from her and giving her a smile, I put my head under the covers and moved down to her waist, positioning myself between her legs. I sensed some apprehension from her and from under the covers I asked, Is everything okay?

I've just never done this before. Jason says it's dirty. But then he wants me to blow him, I guess that's not dirty.

Oh, I said. I kissed her belly, making her jump slightly. Jason sounds like a selfish kind of guy.

No, not really, he's nice I guess.

Hey, hand me one of those small pillows.

It was shoved under the covers and I urged her hips up as I slid it into place and resumed kissing my way down her body. I replied, Don't worry, you'll love it. I promise.

Well hurry up then. She grabbed my head through the covers and shoved it the last few inches to her pussy. Feisty. She smelled so good I wanted to cum right there. I didn't say anything else, I just put my tongue at the bottom of her slit and brought it slowly upwards, dragging it through the folds of her pussy. She gasped loudly and her hips bucked sharply at the contact. I heard a muffled �oh my god' from somewhere up above me.

I suddenly realized I hadn't eaten Kristel out in all the time I had spent with her. That was something I was going to have to rectify. I just had to taste her pussy. Even if she said she didn't want to continue, I'd still do it, and just erase her memory of it later on. I couldn't believe I didn't do that at some point the day before. I love the sweet taste of pussy.

Focusing back on Katie and the task at hand, I spread her wide with my fingers and sucked her swollen lips into my mouth and played my tongue all across them, up and down. I moved up and circled her clit, but didn't actually apply any pressure to it. Katie was keeping up a constant litany of groans and moans. bucking hard in my face whenever I got too near her engorged clit. After several minutes of my tease routine � yes, I have a routine. It takes some slight adjustment from girl to girl, but it tends to work in most cases, and no I won't tell you. Trade secret. � I figured she was about where I wanted her. I zeroed in on her clit and pressed my tongue flat against it, twitching it lightly. Her body exploded.

She cried out loudly as her body quivered and her hips arched up so hard I thought she might break my nose. Her hands pressed on my head hard through the covers, mashing my face into her thighs. I stayed where I was relying on her own movements to stimulate her clit. After several seconds of her tremors, she pushed my head away from her over stimulated pussy and lay silent. I watched her chest rise and fall, and I occupied the time by kissing her thighs and on the skin on top and around her pussy. I began to get a little too warm and pulled myself back up. When I lay back down beside her, she was sweating slightly, her cheeks were flushed and she had her eyes closed, her breathing just coming back to normal.

How you doin? I smiled at her.

Her eyes fluttered open and she gazed in wonder at me. That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt.

Well...I don't know if I'm all that good, but if you say so.

More then good, great! She came up and kissed me, pulling my tongue into her mouth. Suddenly she remembered where I'd been and pulled away. She looked at me, unsure, and licked her lips, sampling the taste. I could see her mind working as she decided what she thought of tasting herself on my lips. She made a small �hmph' kind of sound and said, Not bad, and came back and kissed me harder. This girl was hot! She pulled her body on top of mine, grinding her pussy into my pelvis.

Coming up for a breath, she said, Now what?

Hmm...not sure. So many choices. I brought my hands up to her tits and started to roll her nipples in my fingers. What do you think of doggie style?

Ooo I've never done that before either. Lets do it.

I slid her off of me and sat up, scooting to the edge of the bed. Over here, I told her and she crawled over slowly, giving me seductive looks. I stood and she turned around presenting her ass to me. The height of the bed was a little lower then was ideal, but I could live with it. Her ass, the marble peach I heard it referred to once, was a study in perfection. To my eye anyway.

I moved in close, letting my stiff cock slide against her pussy. I slid my hand over the skin of her back before placing on her hip and the other grabbed the base of my cock and slid it around her soaking pussy, getting it moist. She whimpered at the sensation, eager for me to begin. Something about having her in this position made me feel...I don't know, kind of dominant. Powerful. Her tender flesh completely at my disposal. I placed the head of my dick just inside of her and put my hand back on her hip, gripping her securely.

Without warning, I pulled her back hard, shoving myself forward, burying my dick all the way into her steaming cunt. She cried out in a mixture of surprise, pleasure and a little bit of pain. The pain swiftly evaporated as I continued my assault on her pussy. I grunted in animalistic pleasure as she moaned beneath me.

Fuck me Stephen! Ohh fuck! she called out. She surrendered to me, laying her head down onto the bed. One hand came back and started to rub her clit, drawing another long groan out of her.

Take my cock, Katie. Take it! God yes! I picked up the pace, fucking her harder. This was somewhat out of character for me, I'm not usually so forceful. For some reason I just wanted to fuck her and fuck her hard. She wasn't complaining. She was getting off on it.

Oh god, I'm cumming! Yes! Her back curved as I fucked her through another orgasm, our bodies slapping together obscenely. I reached out and grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back. Not too hard, I didn't want to snap her neck, but just hard enough to express the feeling of dominance.

Her body trembled in my hands and I felt my balls start to tighten. I owned her. I'm going to cum Katie. Shit! I'm cumming! I pulled out of her quickly and flipped her tiny body over. She looked up at me dazed and a little confused at the sudden change. I grabbed my cock and started pumping it furiously, my cum blasting out and landing all across her belly and up on her tits. There wasn't a lot of it, since I had cum earlier, but it was enough. When I opened my eyes and saw her dripping with my seed, it satisfied some kind of dark desire in me. Somehow it marked her as mine.

Katie sensed it too. I saw it in her eyes. She liked it, liked being dominated like that, liked being sprayed with cum and understood what it meant. She liked it but was afraid of it. I didn't let up just yet.

Clean off my dick.

Katie looked up at me a little scared, but excited too. Forbidden excitement. She moved to the edge of the bed and got on her knees. Timidly, she took my dick in her hands and brought it to her mouth, testing it first with her tongue. I could tell by the way she handled it that she'd never given a guy a blow job. She had mentioned that Jason wanted her to, but didn't say whether or not she did it. Now I knew the answer.

Blushing furiously, she took my cock as far as she could in her mouth. I didn't expect her to take it all on the first try. I groaned loudly as I felt her tongue sliding over it and her mouth sucking it clean. She broke away and lifted up the shaft and ran her tongue up one side and down the other, then took it in her mouth again. I felt her try to push it in farther this time, but she didn't get much down. Time enough for that later. I'd have Kristel show her how.

Mmmmm...that's good Katie. You can stop now. Don't forget the stuff on your stomach though.

I watched as she ran her fingers over her body collecting my cum and sucking it down. She was silent through the whole thing and for a second I doubted my assessment of how much she enjoyed the domination. A quick read of her thoughts proved me wrong though. She loved it in ways she wasn't prepared to talk about. I laid back on the bed and when she was done, she came and lay beside me. I pulled her close and brought the covers up over us and just held her, both of us satisfied for the time being.

Now what? she asked me quietly.

Now, I said, I think it's time for room service. I don't know about you, but I'm starving. You want some food sweetie?

God yes! she exclaimed. I haven't eaten since breakfast. Then looking up at me she said, Well, not food anyway. And broke into a big smile.

I laughed. Room service it is, and grabbed the phone.

We fucked so many times that evening, that towards the end, my dick just didn't want to cooperate anymore. She had called her parents at one point, telling them she was crashing at a friends place. During the conversation, I was slowly licking her pussy, watching her try to carry on the discussion of �who, what, where, when, why, and how with her mom with a level tone. I got a vicious slap for that, but it was worth it.

Sometime around midnight we fell asleep, all wrapped up in each other. Her hair was spread out like a crimson wave all over my chest, the scent of her cloaking me in softness and warmth. Even after all the sex and the sweat, I could still find hints of lavender in her skin. I breathed it in and my eyes slid closed. Then something strange happened.

What are you doing here? Katie looked up from a horse that had been galloping through a field of purple roses. The sky was a radiant turquoise and the leaves on the trees looked...painted.

Where is here? I asked her.

This is my dream. Isn't it? Or is this your dream? But you don't fell like you belong here, so I think this is my dream. How'd you get here?

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I think we're still asleep in the hotel. I looked around, still not totally understanding. I looked down at myself and...what in hell? I was dressed in a toga. How did that make any sense?

Ooo the hotel. That was fun. I hope we do it again tomorrow. Still, I think you should go, it just feels wrong with you here. You're spooking Shadow. Sorry Steve. She looked down at me expectantly from the back of the horse, waiting politely for me to leave. The horse was prancing sideways, snorting it's discomfort.

No, that's okay, I just have to figure out how to get out. I don't know how I got in.

I felt around with my mind, trying to get the lay of things. I felt...I felt a connection back with my body. It was tenuous, but the more I thought about it, the more solid it became. I think...I think this is it.

I got a mental grip on it and tugged and�

I was back in my own mind. I struggled to pull myself awake, I desperately wanted to think about this, but my body had other ideas. It was exhausted and pulled me down into unconsciousness. I slept.

�In the realm of the Gods...

Zeus sat in his throne coming down off the high that the mortals' hours long sex romp had provided him. He was feeling very pleased and younger then he'd felt in a millennium. A presence intruded on his tranquility.

What do you think you're doing here, Hypnos. Zeus growled out. Hera send you on another mission to put me to sleep? Got some new plan brewing, have you? He made a small motion with his hand, a slight beckoning gesture, and there was a cry as a body flew across the room and slammed into one of the mammoth marble pillars with enough force to crack it clean through. The body slumped to the floor and lay still for a handful of moments before coming back around.

Slowly, and with great pain, Hypnos got to his feet. Please, my Lord. I come with no plot against you, but with dire tidings. Dire indeed, yes.

Really? It must be very important for you to risk coming to stand before me. You know you are not in my good graces at the moment. Speak, worm. What are these dire tidings.

He Dream Walks my Lord. I have felt him, Hypnos rushed on. He Walked into his companion's dreams. It was a clumsy attempt, accidental, she noticed him immediately, but..but he did it my Lord. He is showing signs of a Transcendant.

The air in the temple room became deathly still. The sky overhead darkened impossibly fast and, lightening split the sky. Zeus's eyes ignited with vengeful fury. He stood in a powerful motion uttering a cry of rage and made a sweeping gesture with his arm. Across the room Hypnos was picked up and thrown back into the wall, sending cracks shooting out in all directions and stone chips raining down to the floor. Like a marionette with its strings cut, Hypnos crumpled bonelessly to the ground.

You lie! Filthy wretch, sent here on Hera's bidding to deceive me. He stalked menacingly towards Hypnos. Thunder rolled the heavens and Hypnos cried out in pain as Zeus rained another blast of pain down upon him.

Please, my Lord, I speak the truth! He struggled slowly to his knees. This affects all of us. I would not lie. Hera knows, indeed she does, but she bade me to inform you. Please my Lord. It is the truth!

Zeus's rage cooled as he accepted the bitter reality of the situation. Hera would not lie about something like this. It would be just as dangerous to her if it were true as it was to him. She would have no advantage. How could this be?

Does anyone else know?

None but Hera and myself my Lord. I cannot say what the other Pantheon's may have knowledge of. How could I ask without arousing their suspicion? No, my Lord Zeus; That I know of, it is only the three of us.

See that it remains so. Summon Hermes to me, we have much to discuss. Now, you may leave.

Yes, my Lord. It will be as you command. The God of sleep bowed low to the ground and disappeared in a rush. Zeus returned to his throne and sat down heavily, losing himself in thought. If this mortal was a Transcendant, if the bestowing of the gifts had awakened that in him, then... Oh, this was very bad indeed.

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I walked into an empty apartment utterly exhausted. I made my way back to my room, kicking off my shoes as I went. All I wanted was to sleep. I couldn’t believe it, but Katie, my sweet Katie, had screwed me senseless. That girl had fucked like a thing possessed that morning, waking me up by kissing my chest and sucking on my nipples. We carried on, licking, biting, screwing and thrusting, until it was time to check out. Even she was running out of steam by then. She had passed out on our way to her house in Chandler. Katie made me promise to call her before she made her way inside, walking stiffly. I would definitely be keeping that promise. The visions of her and Kristel intertwined together had been teasing me since the day before. For now however, rest.

Pulling off my shirt and pants I collapsed heavily into my bed and was sleeping almost before my head hit the pillow.

The fading light through my window told me I had woken up sometime in the early evening. My bedside clock confirmed it was a little after five. I lay there in that half-awake state letting my body work it’s way out of slumber and collecting my thoughts. I realized after a few moments that it was a noise that woke me. Someone had come into the apartment. I shed my mortal coil and let my awareness travel through the apartment. It was Kristel, no doubt, but I wanted to see what she was doing.

Kristel was standing in the dining area half-staring at my keys laying on the counter and half-lost in thought. Ahh choices, choices. I knew what she was thinking without bothering to check; I could read it in her face. Indecision and doubt and excitement and possibilities.

*Evening, babe.*

She yelped, looking around. “Stephen?”

*I’m in my room, why don’t you come in, we can talk if you want.*

“Alright, but no mind shit. Promise?”

*Does this count?*

She thought for a moment. “No, I guess not. Hang on, let me come in there, I feel like I’m talking to myself.”

She walked across the room and down the hallway to my room.

*Open sesame*

The door to my room clicked and swung open slowly as her hand was reaching for the knob. She jerked a little and peered around the door frame at me laying in bed partially covered by my comforter.

“I guess I didn’t just hallucinate the whole thing then, did I.”

“What do you mean? And come in, have a seat.”

She walked over to my desk and pulled out my chair and rolled it a few feet from the bed before sitting down heavily and crossing her arms. She was very nervous.

“Well,” she began slowly. “The more I thought about yesterday and everything that happened, the more unreal it seemed. I had almost convinced myself that it hadn’t happened at all; that maybe I had dreamed the whole thing. One giant, freaky head trip, you know?”

“So what do you think now?”

“You’re the one who can read my fucking mind, you tell me,” Kristel retorted, her face accusing.

“You asked me not too, so I’m not. Why are you angry?”

“Because I’m scared of you and that makes me nervous and afraid and angry. I debated on whether I should even come back here.” She looked at me, confused. “You...you’re really not reading my mind? At all?”

“No.” I sat up putting my back to the wall. “Can you toss me my shirt?” She leaned over and grabbed my shirt off the floor, and handed it to me. Pulling it on I said, ”You’re going to have to trust me Kristel. If I wanted you to do whatever I wanted I would just make you do it. I wouldn’t go through all of the trouble of trying to convince you and put you at ease if I was going to make you do what it anyway.”

We sat in silence for a few minutes as she mulled over what I said. Slowly her face softened up, and she dropped her defensive posture somewhat. “That makes sense, I guess.”

“Are you hungry?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“How does pizza sound?” I was forming an idea.

“Pretty good actually.”

“Give me a few minutes to get cleaned up and we’ll go and get some pizza and talk. How about that?”


She went into to her room and I jumped in the shower real quick, cleaned myself up and was back out in the in the living room twenty minutes later in jeans, a long sleeved shirt and one of my few jackets. You don’t have much use for them in Arizona, but I wasn’t planning on eating here. She came from her room wearing a loose pair of khaki pants and a thin cotton blouse.

“You may want to grab a jacket. It’s probably going to be chilly.”

“No it’s not, it’s like ninety degrees outside.” She looked at me like I was nuts.

“Trust me.” I told her.


She emerged back from her room a minute later with a jacket across her arms. “Do you want to drive or do you want me to?”

“I’ll handle the transportation,” I assured her. “Come here.”


“This would be a lot easier if you would just trust me. Please?”

Looking a little guilty, Kristel walked over and stood next to me, staring up expectantly and a little annoyed.

“Okay, now I haven’t exactly done this yet, but I think I can make it work. I’m going to put my arms around you, is that okay?”

“What are you doing?”

I frowned at her.

“Fine, fine, go ahead.” She stepped in closer to me and I pulled her into my arms. I held her for a few seconds just enjoying the feeling and she even began to soften up in my embrace. She slowly put her arm around my waist and held me back. Putting my mind to the task at a hand I said:

“Okay, here we go.” I concentrated.

“Go where–”

My body broke out in goose bumps as a chill swept over us. Kristel shivered as well. There was a brief flash, whiting out everything and then blackness. I felt Kristel’s body pull tight against mine and heard her scream but it was strangely muffled. My stomach dropped, like when you’re going up and down a bunch of hills in a car, and then we both landed with a soft thud on a patch of grass. I opened my eyes and looked around. Looked about right.

It was dark, stars were glittering softly in the sky above and we were in a small clearing surrounded by bushes and trees. Just through the tree line you could see a road with cars streaming by. Kristel broke away from me hard and stumbled a few feet back, looking around wildly.

“What the…how...where? What happened?”

A cold breeze blew through the clearing. Kristel clapped her arms around herself, then remembering she had a jacket, threw it on quickly.

“We just teleported,” I told her.


“We jumped from one place to another.” I grinned.

“I know what it means,” she snapped at me. “Where are we?”

“St. Louis. Forrest Park to be specific. And if I’m not mistaken, just across that road, about a block away, is one of the best pizza places ever.”

“We’re in St. Louis,” she asked incredulously.


“But that’s...that’s like 2000 miles away.”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“How will we get back?”

“Same way we got here. I provide round-trip service.” I grinned at her and she just rolled her eyes at me in an exasperated way.

“We could have just gone to Pizza Hut or something, you know.”

“I didn’t want Pizza Hut. Besides, this is much better, you’ll see. The square beyond compare.”

She crossed her arms and glared at me.

“Okay, I’m sorry, I should have warned you. I didn’t know what it would be like, I hadn’t done that before either. I figured if I told you ahead of time you never would have done it. We’re here now, so we might as well go eat. This is great pizza, I promise.”

Kristel looked around again, taking stock of the surroundings. “I’m sorry I snapped at you, that just sort of freaked me out. A lot about you is really freaking me out lately.” She walked back up to me.

“I would never hurt you Kristel.”

She shrugged her shoulders in a sort of weary way. “Yeah, well... Being told that is one thing, feeling it is another. It scares me that you can do so much. Especially when I don’t know how.

I started to say something, but she cut me off. “I know you can’t tell me, I know. Just...just give me some time to think on it, okay?”

“Anything you want, sweetheart.”

“Okay. So, which way?”

Smiling I said, “Right over there.” I offered her my arm and she took it and we made our way across the little field and down onto the sidewalk. It was a nice to be back home. St. Louis was where I was born and before all of this I had hoped to move back there and put my degree to use. I still keep an apartment there. I liked how the city felt around me. It was old and dirty and worn down in parts but it felt lived in; a place where people had homes. In contrast, Phoenix felt like a large mall; Prefabricated and modular. Stucco walls and gravel front yards instead of grass. It was dry and dusty where St. Louis was moist and green. Twenty minutes outside of the city and you were practically in the woods. The air here smelled cleaner and crisper. You spend so much time in Phoenix and you start to forget what the scent of a cool breeze is like..

“How come we didn’t just go right to the restaurant? It’s cold here.” Kristel asked, snuggling closer to me as we walked to ward against the chill.

“I’d have a hard time explaining to a restaurant full of people why I suddenly materialized in the middle of the room with a beautiful woman in my arms.”

I felt her smile and she pulled in a little tighter. “Ahh. So this is good pizza?”

“Great pizza,” I told her.

“It must be if we came half-way across the country. One question though.”


“Do I get frequent flyer miles with this?”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

I pulled open the door to Imo’s and guided her into the warm interior. My stomach growled at the smell and my mouth began to water in an almost Pavlovian response. I love Imo’s Pizza.

On the banks of the Nile river, just outside of Cairo...

A lone figure walked the along the banks of the ancient river, his body cloaked in shadows that seemed to stretch and move with him. The desert night grew completely silent at his passing, all creatures sensing the darkness that moved through the midst and all anxious to be overlooked. At a break in the reeds growing along the banks he knelt down and trailed his fingers along the surface, letting it lap over his fingers.

“Tetisheri...I need you. Come to me.”

His voice reverberated through the predawn light and the water surged away from him briefly as the shockwave of power from his summons hammered the air. He stood up slowly, the shadows clinging greedily to him, and waited.

Before long the water began to bubble and churn a short distance from the shore. The figure of a woman emerged Venus-like from the river until she was standing on the surface. She began to walk forward, her nude body undulating and flowing like the water from which she was birthed. Her shimmering eyes appraised the shadow figure lustily as she approached the shore, stopping just short of the land.

“How may I serve thee Lord?” Water dripped from her luscious body and splashed back into the river, the only sound audible in the darkness. Even the wind had stopped.

“You know of my plans concerning the mortal?”

“I do my Lord.”

“He has been warned of my intentions. I don’t know by whom yet, but he will not come as easily as I had planned. He fears me now.”

“All should fear you, my Lord,” the woman said in a reverent voice. “The world should tremble at the sound of your name. Dreams of you should terrify children in their beds at the setting of every sun.”

“Perhaps Tetisheri, my precious. Perhaps. If this mortal is as strong as I’ve been told, he may just provide me with the power I need. I must acquire him first however. That’s why I need you. I would like you to...persuade him. Convince him that it is in his best interests to do as I say. Use your charms, seduce him, lull him, take his mind from him; make him your pet as I know you more then capable of doing. I do not wish to frighten him. Not yet. Can you do this thing for me?”

“Of course, my Lord. But, he lives far from the water. How will I approach him?”

“He will be made ready for you, do not fear. Be prepared when I summon you. You may not have much time once the opportunity presents itself.”

Tetisheri bowed her head slowly. “I await your call Lord Set.”


St. Louis...

“That was some good pizza. Ooff, I’m stuffed. ”

Kristel leaned back in her chair slowly and rubbed her stomach.

“Told you so,” I told her, smiling.

“You’ll have to bring me here again sometime.”

I looked up at her. “Does this mean you’re okay with everything?”

We hadn’t talked much about the white elephant in the room all through dinner; Small talk, a few vague references, but not about the real issue. I didn’t press her, I knew this was hard for her to grasp, hell I was still coming to terms with it, so I figured I would let her approach it at her own pace.

“I think that...that I could deal with it. When you think about it, it’s a great deal, isn’t it. Being partners in crime with...what are you anyway? Are you still human?” She cocked her head, studying me a little closer.

“Far as I know, yeah.” I thought for a moment. “I still feel like myself, but I also feel these things too. It’s like a charge of electricity moving through my veins. Whatever it is, it’s part of me now, but it’s getting to where I can’t remember ever not feeling like this.” I met her gaze. More talking to myself I said, “I’m human, but...more then human. If that makes any sense.”

“Not really,” she grinned. “But that’s alright. The sex alone is more then enough to make up for any of your little mysteries.” She flashed me a devilish smile.

“So you’re not afraid of me anymore? We’re cool?”

“Yes, we’re cool.”

I reached across the table and took her hand and brought it to my lips, kissing it softly. In a little replay of my game with Katie I sent a sliver of pleasure into her brain that spread outward through her whole body. Kristel’s eyes closed and she let out a sigh, her hand gripping mine a little tighter. “You made the right decision,” I told her softly.

“That feels...so good,” she said, in a hushed voice.

“I know,” I told her. “Hey. You want to hear something funny?”

“What’s that?”

“That guy over there, wearing the suit,” I nodded across the room to where a man and a woman were sitting against the wall. “He’s wearing his wife’s panties; A red, lacy pair. She took them off after wearing them all day and he put them on to wear for the rest of the night. They do this several times a month. She’s going commando”

She laughed out loud. “That’s...weird.”

“Want to hear more?”

“You can read all of them? Everyone in here?”


“Yes, tell more.” She was lit up with excitement. I was the ultimate voyeur and she had an all-access pass.

“Some of them...they aren’t so nice.” I cautioned. “One thing I’ve discovered is just how sick people can be.”

“Are there people in here like that?” she asked.

“A few,” I said. “There seems to always be people like that where ever I go. They look perfectly normal on the outside but sometimes...” I paused. “Sometimes I feel like I need a bath.”

“Oh. I don’t want to hear about that kind of stuff; Nothing sick and twisted. Is there anything good you can tell me?”

“I think I can find something to amuse and titillate you,” I said, giving her a conspiratory smile. I gave the restaurant a quick once over, sampling thoughts here and there. “Oh, okay. Here we go. That waitress over there, she got herself off in the ladies room about 20 minutes go. It seems she can’t stop thinking about her new boyfriend.”

“I hope she washed her hands,” Kristel said giggling.

“Here’s something a little nasty.” I nodded to a teenage kid a few tables over. “ That kid there, he likes to jack his dog off.”

“Ewww! That is so gross.”

“The dog seems to enjoy it,” I told her, chuckling.

“I don’t care, that’s disgusting.” She made a face and pushed her plate away. “I’ve lost my appetite now.”

“You were full anyway.”

“Well, don’t make me throw it all up,” she said playfully, tossing her wadded up straw wrapper at me.

“You ready to get out of here? There’s something I want to show you.”

“I’m almost afraid to ask.”

“You’ll like it, I promise.”

“Lead the way,” she said, offering her hand to me.

After paying we made our way back outside and I led her around the back of the restaurant, away from prying eyes. Tucked in an alcove between the dumpster and the back of the building I brought her into my arms again. She snuggled close to me this time, slipping her hands underneath my jacket and around my waist.

“At least I’m ready for it now,” she said. “I don’t suppose you care to tell me where we’re going this time?”

“Sight seeing. Ready?”

“Yep. Take it away.”

Resting my chin on her head I closed my eyes and thought of my dstinatation, putting it in my mind as best as I could recall since the last time I was there. Just like before we flashed away and dropped with a thump onto a carpeted surface. As near as I could tell it was practically instantaneous.

I opened my eyes to a dark room, exit signs casting their red glow at each end over doorways that went down into darkness. The room was narrow, maybe seven or eight feet across, and the floor curved away towards the doorways at each end. Spaced along each wall the length of the room were equally narrow windows, about a foot high and two or three feet wide. Out the western windows was the St. Louis skyline in all it’s nighttime glory, lights twinkling as far as the eye could see. The glow moved slowly through the openings, illuminating lonely squares on the opposite wall. Through the eastern set you could make out the Illinois side of the Mississippi River; A black void cutting the two cities in half, visible only as a million tiny refractions and reflections from the urban stars. Beyond that, the scattered lights of East St. Louis. Accompanied by the groan of steel, the room swayed gently back and forth in the wind.

“Oh my god!” Kristel said, in a whisper. “Where are we?”

“Welcome to the St. Louis Arch.”

“It’s moving,” she said anxiously, gripping me for support.

“Yeah, it sways in the wind,” I told her reassuringly. “I forget how many inches in each direction, but it’s supposed to do that. If it didn’t it would snap.”

She let go of me and made her way to the western windows timidly; leaning against the slanted wall they have there just for that purpose. It lets you look out the windows without bending and craning your neck. You just plant your feet and lean in and you rest against it with your head right next to the window. The luminescence cast her face in a pale glow.

“How...how high are we?” Her voice cracked.

“Umm...I think it’s six hundred and thirty-six feet. Are you okay, Kristel?”

“Ohhh my god,” Kristel said in a trembling voice. She backed up quickly and back into my arms, gripping me tightly. “I guess I never told you I was afraid of heights.” Her breath was coming in deepening pants.

“Really? I’m sorry sweetheart, I had no idea.” I kissed her forehead.” I could help you with that, you know.”


“I’d have to do some ‘mind shit’ on you. But I could take away your fear I think.”

She looked at me closely, her eyes wide with anxiety. “I...I trust you. It’s either that or you have to get me out of here before I pass out.”

I pulled her into my arms and put my forehead against hers and hugged her tight. “Close your eyes and take a deep breath Kristel.”

I eased my way into her mind, taking stock of what I found. She was practically overflowing with fear. Her self-control was held together by the barest strands of will. She wasn’t exaggerating about passing out. She was coursing with adrenalin and stress hormones and her blood pressure was rising fast.

*It’s okay Kristel. You’re safe with me. *

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Gift From A God Ch. 07
by AbbeFaria


Around us the Arch swayed and Kristel let out a squeak of fear and squeezed me so hard I had to struggle to draw breath. I set to work immediately. First I shut off her awareness of her surroundings, which calmed her almost instantly, then began tracking down the traces of her fear. I discovered there was no root cause in her past, she was never dropped or dangled out of a window, she just had an instinctual fear that most humans have, hers had just developed to phobic proportions.

I had never attempted something like this before. As I quickly discovered, I was trying to contradict her bodies instinct and that was something all together different than making someone horny. Horny was just adding to what was already there, encouraging it. This was more like the square peg in a round hole. Her entire body was geared to fear heights; it was how she was programmed. I doubted I could even do it but I had to try. I lost myself in her.

It’s impossible to gauge time when I’m in someone’s head. Our minds move at the speed of thought and time is distorted when you immerse yourself in that world. It’s the reason time seems to move so much quicker when you’re asleep. It’s just like that only when I do it I’m awake.

At some point I broke away from her, gasping for breath. I ended up on the floor but I don’t recall getting there. Obviously I fell but all I can remember is seeing Kristel’s face for a brief moment and then staring at the ceiling from the floor.

Kristel was by my side immediately, calling my name and feeling my head. Her voice was...foggy. Muffled somehow. I was shivering and my body felt all rubbery and flu-like. I mumbled some sort of reply to her and she calmed down a little. A part of me that wasn’t totally alert yet was touched that she was so concerned for me.

After a few minutes I stopped trembling and I felt strength return to my body. I could hear everything again, which was nice. It was a nice change from the feeling of my ears being stuffed with cotton balls. I pulled myself up and leaned against the wall of the Arch and Kristel sat down and put herself in the crook of my arm, pulling my arm around her and resting on my chest. It was very pleasant.

“Are you okay?” she asked gently. Her hand was stroking my chest.

“Yeah, I’m alright. I didn’t know it was going to be like that.” I took a deep breath. “This is all new to me too. It wasn’t like making you get all horny. Not at all.” I struggled for the words. “It was like...like...I don’t know what it was like.” I looked down at her leaning into me. “How do you feel? Are you okay?”

“Honestly? I feel great. “

“No more fear of heights?”

“Let’s see.”

She bounded up and leaned towards the window. “Nothing so far,” she proclaimed. Leaning all the way forward she pressed her cheek against the glass and looked down to the ground. “Wow...look how high we are. Hey! I can see my house.” She plopped down next to me, beaming. “I’m cured!”

“That’s good, I’d hate to think all that work was for nothing. And I don’t think you can see Phoenix from here. We’re not that high.”

She stuck her tongue out in gentle chastisement for not going along with her joke. “How did you do it?”

“I...rewired you I guess. It’s the best way I describe it.”

“Well, whatever it was, thank you. Very much.” She snuggled close to me and brought her lips to mine. The kiss was very soft. She pulled my bottom lip into her mouth and nursed it before slipping her tongue inside where it met mine. Feeling much better now I kissed her back, slowly savoring the taste of her. It was a long, gentle kiss. My favorite kind.

“Yummy,” I said quietly, as she broke away.

“Mmhm.” She moved her head into my neck and began to kiss me softly, then she sucked my earlobe into my mouth. “Are you feeling better?” she whispered as hand began to work it’s way down my chest.

“Sort of. It still hurts a little here.” I pointed to the side of my neck, just below my ear.

“Aww, poor thing.” She whispered. She planted a wet, slow kiss there. “Better?”

“And here,” I pointed to my collarbone.

Kristel sat herself on my lap slowly and pulled back the collar of my shirt and left a trail of kisses along my collarbone before switching sides and repeating.

“What about you?” I whispered to her. “Any sore spots I should check out?”

I peeled her jacket off and tossed it aside. Her face was half in the light and half in the shadow from the windows above, her eyes sparkling with a seductive glow.

“I’m sure I could find some place that needs some attention.”

I leaned her back just a little and with my hands on her arms began to unbutton her shirt without actually touching it. She felt the tug of the fabrics and looked down to see her buttons popping free all on their own. She threw her head back with a little laugh and rolled her eyes playfully with a look of “Men!”. Grinning up at her I worked the buttons free over the curve of her breasts and down her stomach, one at a time, until it reached the waist of her pants. She arched her eyebrow at me. With a quick snap the pants ripped apart, the button popping free and bouncing off my chest.

“Uh! I really liked these pants, you know.” She plucked the button off of my stomach and frowned at me.

“I’ll make it up to you.” I brought my hands to her stomach and slipped them over her waist, pulling her to me as I buried my head in the gap of her shirt. I kissed the valley between her tits and she clutched my head to her, running her fingers through my hair and exhaling in a rush. With my hand on her back I unsnapped her bra and pulled it loose with my teeth. I moved my head to the side and nipped and sucked on her tits, stopping before getting to her nipple and then moved to the other side. She ground her hips down on the growing hardness in my pants and I responded by pushing up to meet her.

I tugged the shirt free of her pants and pulled it off her shoulders and then followed it with her bra. She sat bare-chested before me, her nipples quickly hardening in the chill air. I gazed upon her body, her pale skin seemingly glowing from within.

I looked into her eyes as she looked down at me and my face cracked into a grin.


“I wonder…” but didn’t finish the thought.

“What, tell me.”

Suddenly she gasped and I felt her shiver. Her hands were on my chest and her nails dug in slightly.

“Are you okay,” I asked in a teasing voice.

“It feels like,” she shuddered again. “Like there’s an ice cube on my nipple.”

“Really? Isn’t that funny.”

“Oh god!”

“And now.”

“Now you’re… Now you’re… You’re sucking on the other one at the same time. I can feel your tongue.” She gasped. “You bit me.”

“Just a nibble.”

“It felt good.”

Her eyes were closed and her head was tilted to one side as she pushed herself down on me in a slow rhythm. She bit her lip as she sensations I was feeding her washed through her body. She moaned low in her throat and her chest pushed forward slightly.

“Tell me what you feel now.”

“I feel you kissing down my back. God, this is so good. Oh…”

I was reaching about the end of what I could do effectively. It was taking a large amount of concentration to keep all three sensations going at the same time. I didn’t want to get so focused on what I was doing that I couldn’t enjoy the show. Instead of adding another sensation I shifted the kisses from her back to her neck. Her fingers dug in harder. I changed the cold sensation to another mouth so now she had one on both nipples. The abrupt change in temperature forced another groan from her lips.

“Yesssss…” she hissed and pushed down harder. I brought my hand to her face and trailed my finger along her jaw. When it got near her lips she twisted suddenly and captured it in her mouth, sucking greedily at it as her hips gave me the mother of all laps dances. Her cheeks caved in as she applied suction and her tongue curved itself around in ways that made me almost lose my concentration.

I sat up, pulling my finger from her mouth and leaned forward, twisting to set her off me. “My legs are falling asleep.” She sat on the floor, a little disappointed that I’d stopped, but knowing that the best was yet to come. I got to my knees and looked around. “We need a little something…”

She hooked her hand in the waist of my pants and tugged, looking up at me with a wicked grin. “I only need one thing.”

“It’s just that this carpet isn’t very soft.”

“So what, I don’t care.” She began to unbuckle my belt.

“Trust me, rug burn is a bitch. I’ll be right back.”

Before she could say anything I popped away to her room, grabbed a few pillows and one of the big quilts from her bed and was back in less then 20 seconds.

“Don’t just leave me like that!” She scolded me on my return. “What if something happened and you didn’t make it back or something.”

“I just went to get a couple of things to make us more comfortable. This is my first time having sex in a national monument, I wanted it to be special.” I winked at her.


I spread the blanket on the floor and tossed down the pillows. “Now, where were we? Ah yes.”

I raised her body up which caused her to yelp and twist in mid-air, and set her down on the blanket.

“I’ll say it again: Ass! Tell me when you’re going to do something like that.” She frowned at me.

I just grinned and kneeled between her legs. “Since these pants are already ruined, what with the button ripping off and everything…” I placed my finger at the seam in her crotch, just below the zipper and trailed it along the stitching. As it passed the threads holding the two pieces together frayed and snapped and began to slide free. I took my finger all the way down to her ankle until the entire right side of her pant leg was open and her leg exposed. Kristel just sat back, propped up on her elbows, and watched with a tiny smile on her lips. When I brought my finger back up to her crotch to do the other side she puffed out her lip and pushed against the tip playfully. I quickly unstitched the other side and then repeated the process along the zipper.

When there was nothing holding the pants on except gravity I pointed my finger at her and then turned my palm up and made a beckoning gesture. With each bend her pants scooted off her a little bit more. When I was sure everything was clear I tugged them once hard and they came free and flew through the air and landed in a tattered pile on the floor behind me.

“Yes, yes, all very impressive. Call me old fashioned but…” She reached up and grabbed my shirt with both hands and ripped it open, sending buttons flying in all directions.

“I really liked this shirt, you know.”

She said nothing, just started on my belt, getting it free, and then unzipping my pants. She snaked her hand in and grabbed a hold of my semi-hard cock. “I’m tired of waiting.”

“Yes Ma’am. Lay back.”

She pulled her hand from my pants and laid back, adjusting some pillows beneath her. I picked up her foot and brought it to my face and kissed her ankle. I ran my free hand down her calf and followed with my lips. The closer I got to her pussy the stronger the luscious smell of her sex became. When I got to her thigh I began to nibble and nip at her tender flesh. She was wearing a white, silken thong and without taking them off I pushed my nose into her pussy, drawing it up and luxuriating in the heat I found there. Kristel moaned and pushed her hips up. The musky sweet scent I found there made the muscles in my chest clench up. My dick throbbed in anticipation.

“You know, I’ve waited to long for this to play around anymore.” I told her. With both hands I grabbed the waistbands of her thong and pulled them off with a quick motion. Kristel said nothing, her eyes had grown soft with desire and she waited patiently. I set myself back between her legs and slowly probed at her folds with my tongue. Kristel inhaled sharply and her hips rose to greet me. I used my fingers to spread her apart and circled her clit a few times before shifting to her tender pussy lips, alternating between sucking and licking each side. I pushed one finger inside of her, then two and began to move in and out of her while my tongue began to lightly flick at her clit.

Kristel responded well to my touch, her body beginning to writhe on the floor as she grabbed the back of my head and pushed it harder into her pussy when I hit a spot she liked. Every time I licked up with my tongue her ass would buck slightly and she would utter a small moan.

“Oh, Stephen, yes!”

I switched off, letting my finger dance delicately over her clit as my tongue angled into her pussy, flexing and probing in ways my finger couldn’t. She seemed to really get off on the change in stimulation so did it more often. Each time my tongue found her clit again she would groan loudly and press down on the back of my head. After a few minutes of the change up I sucked her clit hard into my mouth as my tongue moved around it in broad, fast circles.

Kristel arched her back hard, her orgasm coming in a rush. “Oh…God!” Her hips pushed forward and her body broke out in shudders. Every touch of my tongue brought another gasp from her. After a moment she shoved my head away, not able to stand the sensation anymore. She pulled me up to her and kissed me fiercely on the lips, bringing her legs around me. “Now that was impressive.”

“I aim to please,” I told her.

“I can’t believe I’ve been missing this all the time we were living together.”

“Never count out us quiet guys. There’s usually more to us then you think.” I winked at her.

“We’ve just got a lot of catching up to do, that’s all.”

“Mmhmm.” Her hand found it’s way down to my dick and she began her manipulations again, bringing me to raging life. “And why are you still wearing pants?”

“Oh, well, I got a little distracted.” I stood up and slid my pants and boxers down in one shove and kicked them off. I reached down for Kristel’s hand and pulled her up. I kissed her and maneuvered her over against the angled wall of the Arch. I picked her up gently and set her against it and brought myself closer. Taking the hint she grabbed the base of my cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. With a smile I pushed myself into her fiery warmth.

Kristel wrapped her arms around my shoulders and held herself close to me, her head buried in my neck, as I began my steady rhythm, fucking her against the wall of the Gateway to the West. Never in my wildest dreams did I picture this ever happening. My dick slid smoothly in and out of her, each thrust bring a gasp from her and a grunt from me. I gripped her hips and pulled her down on me as I pushed up into her.

“Harder, Stephen!”

Harder it is. I pulled out in longer strokes, pounding back harder and Kristel leaned back, reclining against the window. I watched entranced as each thrust sent her breasts bouncing up and down. She reached between her legs and applied pressure to her clit, her moans getting louder.



Despite the chill air we were both covered in a light sheen of sweat. I grunted, feeling the tingle of my orgasm begin to build in my balls.

“I’m going to cum, Kristel!”

“Cum baby!”

“Oh fuuuck!” I pulled out of her at the last second, jacking myself to orgasm, letting it shoot up on her breasts and over her stomach. My knees gave and I had to prop myself up with my free hand and lean against the wall between her legs. Kristel worked herself that last little bit to her own orgasm as I was cumming on her tits and she cried out as she buried her fingers deep into the hole my dick had just vacated. Kristel slouched down, coming to rest against me, panting and smiling.

My breathing returned to normal after a few minutes and I reflected on the night. “This was fun.”

“Mmm, yeah.”

“Sorry about the that,” I pointed to the cum slowly running down between her tits.

“I don’t mind at all. I kind of liked it actually.” She brought her finger up and collected some of it and sucked it into her mouth.

“Well…I’ll certainly remember that for the future,” I told her grinning.

I pulled her up and wrapped her in my arms, kissing the top of her head. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

“What about all this stuff?”

“Oh yeah.” I dug my wallet and a few other items out of my pockets, Kristel grabbed her little pocket book, and we gathered up the quilt and pillows. “As for the rest…” I looked at our clothes strewn about. “Fuck it, let them wonder about it.” I grinned at her.

Kristel laughed out loud.


“Take us away.

I brought her into my arms, as well as I could with us holding all the crap. With a thought we were gone.

I woke up with a sigh and a stretch. I was in Kristel’s bed, she was sprawled out next to me, still sleeping and snoring very lightly. Some how that only added to her cuteness. The room was dark and Kristel’s clock read a quarter after ten. Jesus, I’d slept damn-near twenty hours. We had gotten back here at around two something and we’d immediately crashed into the bed. I couldn’t remember ever being that tired.

I was feeling pretty good now though. I had a burning desire to go swimming. The complex came equipped with a pool that I’d never really used before, but somehow it seemed perfect right then. I eased out of bed, careful not to wake Kristel, and went in search of my swimming trunks.

The night was very quiet as I walked out to the pool. Even the traffic sounds coming off of Baseline were muted. No residents were sitting on their balconies or porches and few lights shown through the windows. I suppose I should have found that odd right there, but at the time it didn’t really concern me.

There was a slight breeze blowing and, to my great surprise, it wasn’t hot and stifling. Sometimes in the desert the nights can be just as hot as the days. All the heat stored up in the pavement tends to keep things at a slow burn. There weren’t any clouds to speak of, but that made little difference as far as stars were concerned. Phoenix sends off so much light that only the brightest stars make it through. I’ve always hated that about the city.

I unlocked the gate and eased my way through into the pool area, casting my towel on a lounge chair and kicking off my sandals. The water rippled in front of me, sending off cool blue light in all directions. The little rock waterfall at one end trickled quietly down into the deep end. Palm leaves rustled softly in the breeze. Yes, a beautiful night.

I worked my way over to the steps and proceeded slowly into the pool, letting the warmth of the heated water make it’s way up my legs. Once it was to my waist I dove in and paddled softly across the length of the pool allowing my muscles stretch. It was incredibly relaxing as I moved my way through the water. I’d float on my back for awhile letting the sound of my own breathing and my heartbeat lull me deeper. Once I’d start sinking below the waves I’d flip and paddle a little more and then repeat.

[Someone approaches!]

I jerked up out of the water, planting my feet and looked around wildly. That voice was inside my head.

*Whose there?*

I sent that out in all directions, not really sure what I expected. I received no answer. All was quiet around me. I walked to the edge of the pool and cast my awareness out, looking between the buildings, down the walkways and even out into the parking lot, but not a soul moved. Now I was starting to get a little concerned. It just wasn’t normal that in an apartment complex this size, absolutely no one was moving around. Going to their cars, coming from them, staggering in drunk from a bar, going to get a pack of cigarettes. Something was wrong.

I thought back to the voice that had...well it warned me, there was no doubt about that. It felt like I had said it but it wasn’t me. I probed at myself, trying to track down what it was. I felt an… echo. That doesn’t quite describe it but it’s extremely difficult to put into words. Like trying to see a thin line of smoke against a cloudy sky. There was something there but I wasn’t even sure if I was imagining it or not. I was on edge. The warning in the tone was unmistakable.

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Gift From A God Ch. 07
by AbbeFaria

[She comes.]

Before I could even figure out what that was I heard a soft splash behind me. I spun around, ready to defend myself, but found that my mind went slack instead. A woman was in the pool with me. If woman can even be used to describe the form of liquid sex that moved effortlessly through the water. She was nude, that much I could tell through the water’s surface, and her skin was a dark amber color. Black hair trailed behind her, long and luxurious, dancing along the water and over the smooth skin of her back. She completed her lap of the pool and then kicked off from the far wall and glided towards me under the water. It didn’t look like she was kicking her feet or moving her arms at all. The way she slipped through the water it looked like it was carrying her. I couldn’t decide if I was scared or horny or both.

She continued towards me, never breaking the surface and just when I thought she was going to run into my legs she shimmered out of existence. I knew I hadn’t imagined it because I felt the wake from her body run into and around me. There was something sensuous about how the water moved between my legs and over my stomach that gave me goose bumps. I didn’t know what I’d just witnessed. I was saved the trouble of having to think for myself when she spoke to me.

*Hello Stephen*

I turned and saw her head floating just above the surface in the shallow end. Her hair hung heavy down the sides of her perfectly shaped face. Where it met the water it spread out like a patch of black silk. Her almond eyes reflected the rippling light of the pool and added an otherworldly shimmer of their own. Her lips were full and twisted into a playful smirk. She looked to be of some Mediterranean origin. Her skin was flawless and a deep golden brown. The rest of her body was underwater, curled up with her knees to her chest as she rested on the floor of the pool. She wasn’t a god, I could tell that immediately. I was in no way an expert at that point, but I could tell by her aura. It didn’t shine with the blinding intensity of the Divine. She was something other then human though. Her aura was bright, but not God-like. I was still on-guard but the longer I stared at her, the less I could remember why. I just wanted to kiss that liquid skin, to bathe in the radiance of her. That was the plan, obviously.


*Ow!* She grimaced and gave me a reproachful look. *Let us not speak in your harsh language, the sounds it makes hurts my ears. I much prefer this way.*

“But aren’t-” I stopped myself. *But aren’t we still speaking it here, just in our heads?*

She let out a little laugh that trickled from her like rain drops off rose petals. *Silly mortal. You think I am speaking your English?* She stretched herself out and moved swan-like through the water towards me. *When you speak the words come to me in the language of my home, even though you know not how to speak it. When I speak, you hear the language of your land, even though I would never utter such a base tongue.*


She drew closer and the water seemed to heat up a more then a few degrees as she neared me. *Poor thing. They really have been neglectful of your teachings, haven’t they? But then, that has always been the way of the Greeks: Jealous, deceitful, spiteful and treacherous, all of them. My master would never see you so ignorant of your abilities. The more you know, the better you could serve him.*

I said nothing, the part of my brain that organizes my thoughts into speech wasn’t working right. Her body was like lust poured into the mold of a woman and given life. Sensing my troubles she continued on without a response from me, her impish smile deepening. She swam in slow circles around my unmoving body, tightening the loop like a noose on each pass.

*The reason is because your mind does not need to understand the words to understand the meaning. This form of communication goes beyond language. It makes it unnecessary. Thank the Gods for that, otherwise I might have to actually learn how to utter your profane speech.*

*Oh.* My mind worked sluggishly as I tried to piece together what she was telling me. Somewhere, something clicked. *I don’t serve anyone.*

The night was filled with the sound of her delicious laughter again. It ran like kisses down my spine. *Is that what you think human?* She stood up behind me, close enough that I could feel her nipples brushing my back. *We all serve someone. Even the Gods have masters, although they don’t like to admit it. No, young one, you serve Zeus. He is your master. But...*

She let the thought die on her lips as she slunk away and back into the water. I turned and watched as she floated effortlessly away from me.

*But what?*

*But, you don’t have to serve them. You could serve another.* She moved back to me again, standing in front of me and circling her hands around to my back, embracing me. I shivered at her touch and the cloud in my head thickened. She pressed her stomach against my stiff cock and gave a small wiggle, winking at me in the process. Her voice in my head was low and seductive, filled with promise. *One who would show you the boundless possibilities that come with your gifts. One who would not shelter you and keep you ignorant of the true depth of your powers. And, one who would grant the one thing that the Greeks would deny you: Immortality.*

Deep down beneath the fog that had enshrouded my mind something was fighting to remain free. It kicked and fought against the stupor that was taking hold of me. I knew I should resist her, this whole thing stank, but I couldn’t find it in me to care.

[Fight her, you worthless fucking skin-bag! Fight!]

*Who are you? Who is your master?*

The woman kissed my shoulder lightly and my knees buckled. Strangely however, I did not fall. The water held me in place a moment before lowering me until I was floating on my back without any effort on my part to stay afloat. We were still in the deeper end of the pool, her head barely broke the surface. She didn’t let that stop her though. As I watched she rose several inches up from the water, enough for the perfection of her voluptuous chest to emerge into the night air. Her flesh called to me, begged me to devour her. I was in a daze as her hands moved over my chest.

*My name is Tetisheri. I am what you might call a water sprite. The Greeks call my kind Naiads. To others, a fairy.*


*My master, my lord, is Set*

That name rang a bell. I pulled my feet under me and stood as if moving through molasses. My voice sounded slurred, even in my head. I pushed my feet against the floor of the pool and started to move myself away from her. *No!*

“No, Set...he wants to hurt me. He told me...he said that I needed to be afraid of him. To tell...to tell someone” I struggled to pull the name up from my clouded mind. “I’m supposed to tell Hermes if…if I see Set.”

Her eyes lit from within with a deep blue fury and the water pushed her forward. *Who! Who told you to be afraid of him? Tell me! *

*Who?* Answering questions seemed to difficult for me to master at the moment.

*Who warned you of my master?* Her tone softened along with her eyes, the angry blue receding. She flowed towards me, all warmth and promise again.

[Do not tell her!]

“Don’t tell her?”

Tetisheri cocked her head and then looked around the pool, studying the darkness. When she brought her gaze back to mine her eyes were narrowed and they bored into me. There was a push in my head.

*Tell me, mortal! I demand it.*

I felt her begin to dig in my memories and I started to panic. She had stopped trying to cloud my mind and it was becoming easier to think for myself. I tried to push her out, throwing up walls where I could, but she just laughed at my feeble attempts and barreled through my defenses.

The water was holding her at eye-level with me, only inches away. I tried to move away but the water that was so fluid around her was suddenly holding me firm. I might as well have been incased in concrete up to my chest for all the movement I was allowed. I began to get seriously scared as I felt her rampaging through my mind. Her eyes burned into mine and I couldn’t even look away.

[Want my help now?]

Tetisheri’s eyes widened in surprise. I felt the water around me start to give as she lost her concentration.

*What was that,* she demanded, although there was a tremor of uncertainty in her voice. As for me, I had no idea what or who the voice was, but it offered help and I needed some.

*Yes! Help!*

[About fucking time. Why don’t you wait until we’re half-dead next time. Now, sit back and shut up so I can deal with this fairy bitch.]

I felt like my mind was straddled all of a sudden. Whatever this new presence was it was riding me. Rage coursed through me like electricity down a power line. I was saturated with it. My vision was actually tinged red. With a powerful shove I/we pushed Tetisheri from my mind. She recoiled as if slapped and her face was a mask of fear. The water released it’s grips on me and I surged upwards until I was floating above the surface of the pool. The world around me glowed with life and beneath me Tetisheri cowered. Seeing her terror fed my rage. My nostrils swelled, breathing in deep the stink of her fear.

Realizing the gig was up she gathered her power to her and prepared to jump away. I sensed it all. I could feel her concentration grow as she pulled herself together and felt the power begin to build. It took less then a second but that was more then enough time for me.

“Oh no you don’t river-whore.” With someone else pulling the strings I reached out, my hand pulsing with a radiant white light and I gripped her with my will. I felt her own powers drain away and she cried out as I lifted her, struggling, from the water. She screamed at me in some other language and after a second I realized it was Egyptian. The words translated themselves in my head and I discovered that she wasn’t screaming at me, she was calling for help.

“Yes, call for Set, bitch. Let him come.” My voice was overlaid with something deeper. Like I was speaking in more the one octave. I felt Tetisheri push at me with her power, trying to break free, but it was nothing more then an infant trying to break free from it’s parent.

“What’s wrong, cunt! You’re not so cocky now, are you.”

*Please!* She cried out, tears of terror coursing down her amber cheeks. It came to me then that she had never been afraid before. That made it sweeter. It drove my hunger for her pain to new levels. I wanted to see fairy blood. This new entity in my head, its desires became my desires.

With a thought I flung her into one of the palm trees surrounding the pool. She struck with enough force to make the trunk explode, passing through it and hitting the iron fence on the other side. The fence posts on either side of her were ripped from the ground with an explosion of dirt and concrete and the fence wrapped itself around her, many of the smaller railings snapping free with a loud, metallic clang. The top portion of the palm tree fell with a crash, slamming through a pavilion and smashing several of the deck chairs and tables. She had stopped struggling after she hit the fence and her body lay limp in my grasp. I forced the fence to unbend around her and brought her unconscious form back to me. I surveyed the scene and it looked like a bomb had gone off.

[Now we kill the bitch. We show them what happens when they fuck with us.]

Yes. I hungered for her death. My body tingled with the possibility.

The sky split above me and a beam of light came shooting down. It stuck the ground with a low boom and as it dissipated the form of a man stood there.

“Hermes! So good of you to come. You’re just in time to watch me kill this bag of puss with tits. It does seem a shame to waste such a fine pair though, don’t you think?” I brought her unconscious form close to me and sucked her left nipple into my mouth and releasing it with a pop. “You want a taste?”

Hermes gazed at me, his face as blank as a block of stone. I felt him push gently at my mind, but whatever was calling the shots wasn’t having any of that. It pushed him back hard. Hermes stumbled back a step and when he regained his footing his aura darkened with anger.

“Release her, Stephen.”

“Stephen? Like this worthless human could have done this. He is weak. He does not even possess the strength to keep her from ensnaring our mind. You should have seen him; Drooling and tripping over his own tongue like some kind of fuck-zombie. If I had not stepped in she would have us. He would have us. Then what would you do, huh? What would you tell Big Daddy Zeus? You should be on your knees, thanking your lucky stars that I pulled his ass from the fire.

“As for this bitch,” I gave her body a shake. “For punishment I’m going to stake her to the desert floor and when the sun comes up, watch her burn. Water sprites don’t do well away form their source for long. I’ll bring some marshmallows and chocolate and make s’mores over her flaming corpse.”

Hermes walked the perimeter of the pool slowly, eyeing me with a calculating look. “It would seem Hypnos was right about you. I must say, I doubted his assessment. He’s not the most reliable of sources. You haven’t transcended yet however, that remains to be seen, though it’s obvious that you have it in you. The fault does not lie with me; there is no way I could have known. Still, despite what powers you may yet inherit, they are not yours at this time.” His voice took on the unmistakable tone of threat. “You would be wise to heed my warnings, Stephen. Release her now. You will not kill her.”

I cast Tetisheri aside, feeling my face stretch into a feral grin as her lifeless body rolled across the concrete and into a large stone planter. It cracked in half as she struck it and dirt poured out across her chest. She uttered a small moan but did not awaken. I squared off with Hermes, my rage reaching new levels.

“You know what Hermes? Fuck you. I’m tired of your shit. You stand there looking all faggoty in that black leather jacket and your sunglasses at night, and you think you can tell me what to do. I’ve got the power now.” I brought my glowing hand in front of my face and waved it at him. “Look real enough to you, mother fucker? So you can kiss my ass.”

I reached out for him like I had with Tetisheri when I grabbed her, but all I got was a fist full of air. He was behind me.

“Overpowering a God is a lot different then overpowering a Naiad, human,” He snarled in my ear. “You were warned.”

He grabbed me before I could react and with a flash I found myself staring at a huge cactus. Hermes took a hold of my arms and swung me hard. I was flying through the air and crashed into a large boulder. In my head I knew I should have been dead. I’d struck hard enough to liquefy my major organs, but instead of my body breaking apart on the rock I flipped over it and landed with a thud against the ground.

Just because I wasn’t dead didn’t mean I didn’t wish I was. The pain of a hundred broken bones roared into my mind. I let loose a scream of agony as my body started to re-knit itself. Looking around I saw I was out in the desert, no way of telling where. The pain passed after a moment and I struggled to my feet, a little shaky. I walked around the side of the boulder and saw Hermes standing there, his aura alight with rage.

“Had enough?”

“Get bent, you winged-footed ass clown!” I looked at the boulder, about the size of large truck, and willed it up. With a cry of triumph I threw it at Hermes, who simply watched it come. Just before it hit him I gawked in disbelief as an explosion of light from his eyes hit it and turned it to dust that flew around and settled on the ground. He didn’t even get dirty. Before I could calculate my next move his fist glowed a fiery red and he punched the air in my direction.

A train hit me in the chest. I blacked out and when I opened my eyes again I was staring at the stars. I heard footsteps approaching. I struggled to rise but found I couldn’t move. Hermes’s face broke into my vision and he looked down on me with contempt.

“What did I tell you, human? You could not hope to stop the weakest of us.” His eyes glinted and I felt my ribs break. I couldn’t even scream. “Don’t let your confrontation with the Naiad fool you into thinking you are anything more then what we made you. The only reason you’re alive is because Zeus says not to kill you. He worries what might happen if your life was truly in danger. I will obey Zeus for now, but if I feel you’ve outlived your usefulness I’ll take my chances with the old man and send you from this life screaming. I will banish your soul so deep into Hell that even the demons will pity you.”

He spat at the ground in disgust and disappeared with a flash.

My body was released and I flew up from the ground with a cry of rage. I was not through yet. The thing that was riding my mind wanted to kill someone. Be it God or mortal, it was beyond caring.

It took me back to my apartment and I was staring at Kristel’s door through a haze of insane rage.

*NO! *

[What did you say to me?]

*I’m not going to hurt Kristel.*

[You’ll do what I tell you!]

He reached for the door but I fought him. My hand started for the door but stopped midway as I struggled for control. We went back and forth like that for a few minutes, him filling my head with curses and trying to exert his control. My resolve was weakening, I didn’t know how long I could fight him, but I guess he was getting just as tired.

[Fine! Not her, you say? I’ll just find someone else.]

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Gift From A God Ch. 08
by AbbeFaria©

I appeared down on Mill Avenue, in the parking garage near Harkin’s Movie Theater. He’d got me dressed so that I wasn’t walking around in swimming trunks. Mill Avenue is the main drag where a lot of college kids hang out. It runs right through the middle of campus. There’s several clubs and restaurants and weird little shops and art galleries. It’s a pretty fun place. It’s great for just girl-watching. Unfortunately that was not on our agenda this evening. I was still too weak to put up much resistance to whatever was in my head, but thankfully he was also to weak to risk fighting me.

He never seemed to calm down. You would think that in the intervening time from when I was fighting Hermes he would have relaxed a little bit and just let it go, but he was still thirsting for pain. It seemed to be the only emotion he possessed; anger and hate.

We walked down a couple of flights of steps and emerged outside, appearing behind an Island’s Restaurant and he began weighing his options. I simply sat back inside my own skull. His rage ran into me, sucked me along in it’s wake, but I wasn’t exactly unwilling, I just wasn’t calling the shots. I was along for the ride, seeing how far I was going to go. His anger was infectious. Even though I wasn’t so far gone as to hurt Kristel, his hunger for suffering became my hunger.

Power was coming from my skin like a heavy fog. Men backed away from me, not sure why they were doing so and women, the kind who were drawn to the alpha-male types, were attracted to me, not really understanding why. I certainly didn’t look like the types of men they went for. Although I was tall, I wasn’t cut like the athletes and the tough-guy types. Still, my presence made them forget their conversations briefly and turn in my direction. The thing in my head paid them no mind. He was searching for different prey tonight.

He was a true predator, searching for the weakest of the herd and the most defenseless. It’s not that we didn’t possess the power to take down larger game, it was a matter of taste. Sex was of course on his mind but not the most of important thing. Mainly he wanted fear. He craved terror and pain and the sweetest, most preferred vintage, came from the innocent. He used sex only as small expression of his cravings. In the wrong hands sex is not about love, but about dominance.

Our gaze penetrated stone and steel as we walked, looking for the perfect victim. The miasma of evil that went with us made some of the more sensitive people in the area shudder as we passed. They would stop and look around, suddenly wishing they were anywhere but here, having a drink and laughing with friends. By sensitive I mean people who were slightly psychic. A lot of people are to varying degrees, they just never realize it. Some of them can pick thoughts from a person’s mind and go through their whole life believing they are just incredibly intuitive. For others it’s nothing more than a knack for finding lost car keys. The more gifted ones would wake that night in a cold sweat after dreaming about a man in a dark suit with glowing red eyes.

We found her outside a bar called Dos Gringos. It’s actually on University, which intersects Mill, but everyone just says ‘going down to Mill’ even if where they’re going is on a street two blocks over. It’s a place I’d been to several times. One of its more popular selling points for a lot of people is two-dollar Coronas. I can’t stand Corona myself (or any beer for that matter), tastes like piss, but plenty of other people enjoy it. They also have good bar food, mostly Mexican themed stuff. Its main business is done outside, with an outdoor bar surrounded by high tables and large stools and long picnic tables. It’s all fenced in with a small entrance at the front where a guy stands to check IDs as you enter. It’s a great place to just hang out and have drinks and meet people.

We had been scanning minds constantly as we walked, searching for whatever it was that would set him off and signal him that he’d found whom he wanted. He didn’t let me in on what exactly the criterion was, but it was unmistakable when he found her. There was a surge of excitement as my pulse quickened and my body tensed. Exactly like a big cat preparing to pounce.

She was sitting at one of the tables on the edge of the restaurant, near the fence, sipping on what looked like a margarita. She had short, brown hair with blonde highlights and quiet brown eyes. She was wearing a red dress with white spaghetti straps and a flower pattern. There was a white strip of cloth that went just under her breasts and tied in a small bow in the middle. The dress hugged her body nicely and stopped mid-thigh. Her skin was tan and smooth and even though she wasn’t very tall, her legs were long and made her look taller. Amber was her name.

Amber was sitting with another girl who was busy chatting up a guy she had apparently just met and was completely ignoring her. Amber had a look on her face like she felt out of place. Like she’d rather be somewhere else, away from all the crowds and the noise. It looked to me like she had been delegated to wingman status by her friend and was only there so the other girl wouldn’t have to go by herself.

She was a wallflower. Large crowds were not her thing. She hated all the people pressing in around her, making it hard to move. She hated having to shout to be heard, not that she felt she had anything to add to the conversation anyway. As much as she hated it, she wished that a guy who wasn’t a total loser would come up and talk to her for once. Every time she went out with Shelly, her roommate, it was the same thing. Shelly would start flashing her big tits in guys’ faces and the drinks would appear like magic. Amber would sit quietly until Shelly decided she was either going to go home with one of the guys or that it was time for Amber to drive her back to their apartment. Amber just wasn’t comfortable in bars. It wasn’t that she wasn’t attractive, she was very pretty; it’s just that in the glare of Shelly’s tits, guys tended to overlook her. She was quiet and unassuming. Shelly’s personality overshadowed her.

We breezed past the guy at the entrance and he didn’t notice a thing. The crowd of people parted before me like the ocean around the bow of a ship, and all of them were unaware of my presence. Or to stick with the cat metaphors, like a tiger stalking through the grass of the savannah. I didn’t know how he was affecting the entire crowd like that; it seemed to draw an enormous amount of power. Then again, I didn’t understand how he had stopped Tetisheri either, he just did it. As I said, I wasn’t in control. I could have at least tried to stop him, but I was too drunk with his rage and need to worry about it. My heart raced with the thrill of the hunt and the scent of my prey on the air.

I felt him nudge Shelly and the guy out of the way and to another table, which left Amber sitting alone, looking even more forlorn. She cast an angry glance to the oblivious Shelly and took another sip of her drink. We approached her.

“Mind if I sit?” My voice was back to normal now, no longer that weird, double-pitched tone he had used when he’d been talking to Hermes.

Amber looked up, startled and checked to make sure I was talking to her. She looked me over quickly, trying to decide if I was the normal drunken looser who started to approach her as the night wore on. Half the time it was one of the cast-offs from Shelly’s many admirers. I certainly didn’t look like it to her. My clothes were nice, pressed and creased, black pants, a solid burgundy shirt, the color of blood, and a silk tie so black it seemed to pull light in from around it. The perfect camouflage for hunting in the urban jungle.

“Sure, okay.” She gave me a nervous smile. My face smiled back warmly.

“I couldn’t help but notice that your friend was getting all the attention. That’s not really fair.” I nodded in Shelly’s direction, who now had two guys hanging on her every word. She definitely knows how to use what she’s got.

“Oh. Yeah. She’s certainly...popular.” Amber made a small face, feeling guilty that she’d said something bad about her. “Shelly’s okay, she’s just a little single-minded I guess. She’s a decent roommate though. I only have to get on to her about stealing my clothes every once in awhile.”

“I don’t really want to talk about Shelly.”

“Oh. Well, okay. What would you like to talk about?”

“How about we start with your name? I’m Stephen.” I offered her my hand, which she took with a smile.


As I took my hand away I let my fingers slowly trail the underside of her palm. She noticed and she blushed gently and tried to hide it by bowing her head and taking a sip of her drink.

“Your drink is almost empty. May I get you another one?”

“You aren’t just trying to get me drunk, are you?”

“I would never do such a thing,” I assured her with a smile. “If you’re going to like me, I’d like it to be for me, not because of how much alcohol I was able to get you to drink.”

“Well...when you put it that way, sure you can get me a drink.”

“Not another margarita though, you don’t strike me as a margarita kind of girl.”

“Oh really? And just what kind of girl do you think I am?” she retorted playfully.

I made a show of studying her for a moment, acting like I was really thinking about it. In truth I had already mined the information from her head. I knew her favorite drink, her shoe size, her favorite way to eat a bagel, when her last period was and how she liked to arrange the clothes in her closet.

“Let’s see...Ah! I have it. You, Amber, are a Southern Kiss kind of girl.”

Her mouth dropped open in complete astonishment. “Okay, you’re freaking me out. How did you know that? That’s my favorite drink!”

I just looked at her with an innocent smile. “It’s sort of a gift I have.”

“Yeah, but that’s not a common drink. Half the time I get blank stares from bartenders when I ask for it. That’s why I’m drinking a margarita, the guys here don’t have a clue and screw it up half the time when I explain it to them.”

“Well hold on just a moment and you’ll have a Southern Kiss just like mom used to make.” Leaving her in amazement I went to the bar and ordered the drinks, making sure the bartender made it just right. It’s a simple drink, just a little Southern Comfort and Amaretto. She liked hers without ice. All I got myself was a glass of lemonade. We didn’t feel like drinking. I sat back down, drinks in hand.

“I forgot to tell you–”

“No ice,” I interrupted.

“Wow. You’re good,” she told me with an approving smile.

“I do what I can.”

“Let’s test you out.”


“What else can you tell me about myself. You’ve got my favorite drink down.”

“Ah, a challenge. I like it.” I looked her up and down, again pretending to work things out. “Hmm. If I had to guess, and I never do, I’d say you are from Illinois. Chicago, specifically. You’re a student at ASU, sophomore maybe. Pursuing a degree in something like ********* or communications and your favorite color is yellow.”

I got her major wrong on purpose. I didn’t want to seem like I knew everything about her. She said nothing, just stared at me wide-eyed.

“How’d I do? “

“Wow! You... Not to bad actually. Four out of five. Have you been stalking me or are you psychic?”

I smiled and laughed. “Neither, just very observant. Which one did I miss?”

“My degree. It’s Political Science. So? Explain. This I have to hear.”

“You’re accent gives you away. It’s not heavy, I’ve definitely heard worse, but it tells me you’re from Chicago. So then I ask myself ‘Well now what would a young, twenty-something girl like you be doing so far away from the shores of Lake Michigan?” Going to school was the obvious answer. As for the color, I took a stab. Your dress is red but the flowers are mostly yellow. You don’t seem to me like a girl who likes to make a big statement and even though the red is very flattering on you, I thought maybe the more understated yellow was why you chose it. Plus your purse is yellow too.” I motioned to her purse hanging on the arm of the chair. “A girl whose favorite color was red would have accessorized with a red bag”

She was shaking her head in wonder as I went down my list. “I think I’m going to have to start calling you Sherlock Holmes from now on.”

“As long as you call me.”

“We’ll see about that,” she said and laughed. “Hey, you know what’s really weird?”

“What’s that?”

“We don’t have to shout to hear each other. Normally you have to almost yell to have a conversation in this place. I mean listen to how loud it is in here.”

“Yeah, that is weird, isn’t it?” I gave her a smile.

I was amazed at the skill with which he handled her. I should have been taking notes. I almost felt bad for the way she walked willingly into his trap. We talked until last call, which in Arizona is twelve forty-five (fucking Mormons!), and by the time she polished off her last Corona she was convinced I was the most charming guy she had ever met.

“Amber! You’ve got to take me home; there’s nobody here worth me going home with. We should have gone to Six. I don’t know why you don’t like driving to Scottsdale.”

Shelly had come walking up to us as we were preparing to leave. She was fairly drunk, definitely to drunk to drive, and she figured Amber was her way home. We let Amber make the decision on her own. I think he wanted to test how well he had roped her.

Amber, buzzed but not drunk, rolled her eyes at the old argument. “Because, traffic going up Scottsdale Road when the bars close is a fucking nightmare. If you drove you’d understand that. And anyway...you’ll have to take a cab or something. I’m going with Stephen.”

She looked up at me, a little unsure, but hopeful. We hadn’t really talked about it. Him and I specifically avoided it to let her believe she decided to ask. Which she did, but how fair is it when you’re reading the persons mind and telling them exactly what they want to hear. He wanted her to tie her own noose. It was more fun that way. The tiger licked his lips.

I made like I was surprised at the suggestion. “Yeah, sure. I was just going to ask you if you wanted to come with me to my friend’s house in Chandler. He has little after-parties at his place on the weekends. You’re more then welcome to come. I’d love it if you came, actually.” I smiled at her and she smiled warmly up at me.

“Oh, well I’ll just tag along with you guys,” Shelly announced.

“Yeah, about that, my car only seats two.”

“We can take Amber’s car.”

“I can’t drive a stick and Amber is too drunk to drive. So are you.”

“But...how will I get home? Amber, you can’t just leave me here!”

“Here,” I took out twenty dollars from my wallet and handed it to her. “It’s my fault you lost your ride so I’ll pay for the cab. The bar will call one for you.”

“Yeah, but...” she stuttered. She couldn’t believe that Amber was being chosen over her. In her mind it was totally unfair that Amber was going to an after-party and she had to go home alone.

“You ready to go?” I asked her.

“Yep. See you later, Shelly. Tomorrow maybe.”

We left Shelly staring dumbly after us as we made our way out. The crowd dispersed more and more as we walked down University back towards Mill. By the time we made it to the parking garage where I had appeared earlier in the night there were only a few people left. Amber wasn’t concerned; she was still amazed at her luck that this cute and charming guy, with the beautiful blue eyes, had picked her over Shelly. That was a definite first.

“You’re in here,” she asked.

“Yeah, up a couple of stories, we can take the elevator up. Unless you feel like a little work-out?”

“No, that’s okay. The elevator will be fine.”

We entered the florescent glow of the parking garage, walking along the sides to avoid the cars filing out, and headed to the back towards the bank of elevators. My heart hammered in my chest with excitement. I had to divert a couple of people with silent commands to use the stairs instead, but it was no problem. When we got to the row of doors we were alone. I pressed the button to call the elevator down.

“So does this guy throw good parties?”

“Yeah, not too bad,” I told her. “He doesn’t invite a lot of people so it’s never too crowded or noisy.”

“Sounds awesome, I don’t like big crowds.”

“I know.”

She gave me a little look at that, but let it pass. The elevator chimed and the doors slid open revealing the empty space inside. “After you,” I told her.

“Thank you,” she said with a little grin walked forward. I stared at the lines of her body, especially her ass, as she moved ahead of me and felt a growl deep in my chest. I positioned myself behind her and reached forward to press the roof button. As I drew back I placed my hand on her bare shoulder, letting my hand slide over her skin, plucking playfully at her shoulder strap. She didn’t say anything, although she was a little surprised.

“You’re very pretty, Amber. You smell so...innocent.”

“Thanks. I guess.” She acted like she was shifting her feet and stepped away from me a little. Of course she wasn’t that kind of girl. That’s why he picked her. She wasn’t a virgin, but she also wasn’t the kind of girl to give it up to just any guy. She liked me but she didn’t really know me. Not enough for this kind of behavior. I kept my hand on her shoulder as she stepped away and let it slip off and I trailed a finger down her back until my hand came back to my side.

“Too soon for that kind of thing?” I asked her in an apologetic tone.

She turned to look at me and blushed. “Yeah, just a little. I like you, but I hardly know you.”

“You’re coming to the party with me.”

“Well yeah, but...Stephen I’m sorry if I misled you, but we’re just hanging out. That doesn’t mean we’re going to...I mean if I thought this obligated me I wouldn’t have come. I mean, it’s a possibility, but definitely not tonight. I don’t kiss on the first date.”

“No, of course not. You’re right. I’m really sorry if I made you uncomfortable. We’re just hanging out for tonight.”

She took my hand, as if to reassure me things were fine. The elevator chimed and the doors slid open, letting in a nice breeze. “After you,” I repeated.

She walked ahead of me to an empty parking level. No cars were up here.

“Where’s your car? God, I hope someone didn’t steal it? Are you sure you parked up here?”

I released her hand and trailed slowly behind her as she walked forward looking around the corner for some sign of my car. Which was not there, of course. The elevator doors closed with a quiet thunk and dropped back towards the ground level.

“My car isn’t up here, they keep this area locked up at night. You need a special key to get to the roof. For the elevator too. Even the stairwell is locked.”

“I don’t understand. How did we get up here? You didn’t have a key to the elevator.”

“You’re right, I didn’t. You don’t miss a thing, do you? I don’t need a key.”

“Stephen, what are we doing up here?”

I didn’t say anything. I just smiled at her and then walked slowly to the ledge, and looked down.

“Look, it’s really late, I think I’m just going to go home. I don’t really feel like going to a party tonight.” She walked back to the elevator and hit the button. After waiting for a few minutes she hit it again. And again.

“It won’t come,” I told her, looking out across Tempe from four stories up. “I told you, you need a key to work it from here. No one gets up here without a key and so the elevator won’t come unless you have a key to call it. See the little keyhole under the button? Employees only, babe.”

“Look, what... Just make it come up here so I can leave. Please?”

I turned to look at her, still grinning. “I don’t have a key.”
ust going to go home. I don’t really feel like going to a party tonight.” She walked back to the elevator and hit the button. After waiting for a few minutes she hit it again. And again.

“It won’t come,” I told her, looking out across Tempe from four stories up. “I told you, you need a key to work it from here. No one gets up here without a key and so the elevator won’t come unless you have a key to call it. See the little keyhole under the button? Employees only, babe.”

“Look, what... Just make it come up here so I can leave. Please?”

I turned to look at her, still grinning. “I don’t have a key.”

“Goddamn it! Don’t be stupid. You made it come up here once, you can make it come up here again.”

The delicious smell of her fear swept across the parking lot and wrapped me like a warm blanket. “I don’t want to.” I walked slowly towards her. She backed way. Suddenly I wasn’t looking so friendly to her anymore. Her eyes darted around wildly, searching for a way out. She spotted the stairwell, even though the gate was closed, but ran to it anyway and shook the bars, pounding and kicking at it, trying to force it open. She cried out for help but all that emerged was a small, strangled squeak. Her hand grabbed her throat.

I had stopped walking and was standing about twenty feet away from her, watching her like the scientist watches the mouse in the maze. Only I don’t think the scientist watches his mice with a hard-on.

“I can’t scream.” Her eyes were wide and moist and her hands were shaking in fear.

“Yeah, isn’t that weird.” I told her. “Did you ever have that dream Amber, where you’re running down a dark street at night and someone is behind you? You can’t see him, but he’s there. So close to you that you can feel his hot breath on your neck, stinking of dead things. You run and you run. Your legs burn and your lungs ache and your heart feels like it’s going to explode, but you run anyway. You have to because he’s right there, Amber! He’s going to get you! If you stop, you die. You see people, you try to call for help, but all that comes out is a pitiful little squeak that barely makes it past your own ears. Did you ever have that dream, Amber?” I cocked my head as I grinned at her. “What do you think happens in the dream when he catches you?”

Her face paled as she saw the look in my eyes. She ran to the ledge and looked down to the ground where she could still see people walking around. Salvation was so close. She even spotted a police cruiser turning a corner. She tried to scream again but met with the same results.

“I bet you’re wishing you could wake up right about now, aren’t you? Wake up before he catches you. Before his cold fingers wrap around your throat and drag you down to hell.” I chuckled.

“Please Stephen, just let me leave. I want to go home. You’ve scared me, okay. Is that what you wanted? I’m terrified! You win! Can I leave now?”

“You want to leave?”

She nodded her head vigorously.

“Well go ahead.” I gestured to the elevator doors, which swung open on command. “Leave, who’s stopping you?”

Amber’s face flooded with relief that lasted all of a second until she realized that she couldn’t move. Fresh tears poured from her eyes as she looked at the elevator and back at me, totally confused and terrified. She strained with ever ounce of will she possessed to take that first step to freedom but she stayed firmly in place.

“You don’t want the elevator? Yeah, you’re right, elevators can be dangerous. What if the cable snaps. No, no. That wouldn’t do at all. A wise decision on your part, wise decision. The stairs then.” There was an audible click and the squeal of rusty hinges and the gate swung open. Amber watched that with longing. She was like a drowning woman seeing the life preserver that was just out of her reach. That things were moving on their own while she was held motionless didn’t concern her at all just then. She only wanted out.

I walked up to her frozen form and circled around behind her. I leaned in and smelled deep the scent of her hair. She whimpered softly as I dragged my finger down her spine. I moved in front of her and looked deep into her eyes. “This won’t hurt.”

We slipped into her mind and inhaled sharply at the explosion of fear that flooded into us. Drug users OD looking for highs not half this good. The thing riding me practically screamed out in pleasure. Its hold on me deepened as it drew strength from her terror. Amber saw me close my eyes and then jerk upright as my back arched. She had no clue what was happening. I pulled myself from her mind and looked down on her.

“You can’t leave, Amber. I won’t let you. You belong to me now” I moved in close to her, bending my head down to hers, and licked her tear stained cheek. I rolled the saltiness of it around in my mouth, it’s flavor sending a chill down to my toes. I turned and threw my hands up in the air in triumph and shouted to the night “When I say jump, you say?”

“How high!” Amber’s eyes bulged at hearing the words that she didn’t say come out of her mouth.

“Yes, exactly right! You catch on quick.” We laughed with glee, watching her struggle to comprehend her situation. I was amazed at watching him work. He controlled her with incredible ease. His smallest whim became her overwhelming desire. He didn’t even have to think about controlling her or the things around him. It was instinctual. I began to truly get an idea of how much of a novice I really was. I didn’t know who or what he was, but I was in awe of his skills. “I’m sorry, did you want to say something?”

Amber worked her jaw and attempted to speak. “I can’t move!”

“Ah. Well about that, you see, I’m not letting you move. Movement is overrated anyway. It’s not really necessary in the grand scheme of things, now is it?”

“What are you going to do to me?” Her voice cracked and she was sobbing through most of it, but I understood what she meant. “What are you?”

“Ah, those are very good questions. No one can ever say you lose your head in stressful situations. To answer the first…” I leaned down to her face again and kissed her cheek, moving my way down her neck and her shoulder. My hands caressed the softness of her arms and I left with a quick bite to her the fleshy part of her shoulder. “So many things I’m going to do to you, Amber.” I brushed a lock of hair off of her cheek and hooked it behind her ear. “So many terrible and wonderful things.” I brought my hands up to her breasts, squeezing them through the fabric and allowing her to shudder under my touch. “As for what I am, well, that’s not so easily answered. Let’s just say I’m a little bit extraordinary.” I met her eyes and I watched them dance in panic.

“I think it’s time we took this somewhere else. Lots to do, lots to do.

“Please…Please just let me go home.” She sniffled and her swollen eyes dripped more tears and squeezed shut to block out my penetrating gaze, or perhaps to wish herself away from me.

I wiped another tear from her cheek and spread the moisture over he lips. Almost sympathetically I told her, “No matter what happens Amber, don’t think this was your fault. You really had no choice. I chose you and, one way or another, you were going to be with me tonight. So try not to beat yourself up about it.” I kissed her tenderly, sucking the tears from her lips. “Now, I’ve got the perfect place in mind for us.”

I took her in my arms and lifted her off the ground a few inches. Her eyes shot open at the movement and she looked up at me. I gave her a wink just as we flashed away. I felt her muscles tighten up in shock as we teleported. She tried to scream, but that still wasn’t an option for her.

The Presidential Suite was dark, with the glow of city lights coming from the huge bay windows off to the left. The bed was freshly made, everything back in order from the night Katie and I spent here. It’s a little eerie when you think about it. Every trace of our existence gone from the room like it never happened. Like we never existed.

We brought her here because it was isolated, high up on the top floor, and because it was extremely luxurious. This top of the line suite beautifully put together in every detail, being used for such a deviant purpose. It appealed to his sense of disorder. Plus it was unoccupied.

“Don’t move,” I told her, as I walked over to one of the bedside lamps and turned it on. Its pale glow was hugely inadequate to light the room, but it did well enough for the section we were in. I sat down on an armchair next to the nightstand, crossing my legs, and watched her for a moment. She stared at me, watery-eyed and quivering.

{It’s not real. I’m drunk and passed out. I’ll wake up and everything will be fine. I didn’t really just appear in this room and I haven’t been kidnapped by a…a…–}

*By what exactly? What do you think I am, Amber? I’d be interested in hearing.*

{Oh my god! No, no, I didn’t just hear a voice in my head. It’s not…it’s not possible. It’s not!}

I chuckled to myself and it resounded in her head. In front of me she squeezed her eyes shut. I felt her try to put up mental barriers, trying to force me out. It was very interesting. *Your fear, your terror, it tastes so good, Amber, you have no idea.*

“I want some more.” Amber’s whole body jerked at the sound of my voice. It was that double-octave thing he used when talking to Hermes. Either he wasn’t trying to hide it anymore, or he did it just to scare her. It was Probably a little of both.

“You look hot, Amber, why don’t you take your dress off.” The deep tenor of my voice seemed to reverberate off the walls.

“I’m…I’m not hot.”

“And yet you’re removing the dress.”

“Wha–“ She half-gasped and whimpered at the same time as she saw her hands come up and slip the straps off her shoulders. She moved her hips back and forth a couple of times and tugged on the sides of the dress until it slipped to the floor around her feet. She was wearing a matching bra and panty set, one of those strapless bras. It was a solid, silky pink that glossed over slightly in the light.

“Stop! Please stop!”

“Oh don’t worry, I’m not selfish. You’ll take pleasure in this too. I’m not a ‘wham-bam thank you ma’am’ kind of guy.” I laughed at my own little joke. “Like this.”

Amber’s chest heaved as she drew in a gasp of breath. Pleasure erupted up from her pussy and spread out over her entire body. Inside she was still terrified, however. We gave her body pleasure, but left the mind alone to try and sort it out. She watched helplessly as her body acted, for the first time in her life, completely against her will. She raged and fought in her mind to bring it back under her command, but it yielded no results. He kept a constant connection open with her, through which coursed everything she was feeling. He was feeding off her like some sort of vampire. The more scared and terrified she became, the more sweet the taste. All the time her body was immobile, still standing in the circle of her dress.

“Cum for me, Amber.”

“Uh…uh…God…noooo!” Her hips jerked forward, her stomach muscles clenched, causing her to slouch slightly and her head rolled back as she air was pushed and pulled from her lungs in massive gasps. We released her and she crumpled to the ground, sobbing and shivering.

“What are…are you do- doing to me?”

“Whatever I want. Crawl to me Amber. Crawl to me on your hands and knees. I want to see your eyes, sweetie. Don’t hide those luscious brown eyes from me.”

Weeping, she moved to her knees, the entire time her mind screaming at her body to stop, to get up and run out the door, the scream for help. To do anything but exactly what I said. She bent forward, gravity pulling her breasts down beautifully, creating a dark and inviting shadow between them. Her tears dripped into the carpet as she came forward.

“You know Amber, I think if you cry anymore, you’re going to get dehydrated, so I think it would be good to stop now.”

“Fuck you!” But the tears dried up, and she continued forward. Her fear was mobilizing into anger. She was getting defiant. Not that it helped her in any way. No matter how angry she got she was still completely at my mercy. Her eyes blazed at me, hatred boiling deep down to her soul. It’s easy to see how someone came up with the phrase ‘if looks could kill’ if they ever looked into eyes like hers. Anger suited our purposes just fine. She was building herself up for the fall. When she broke it would be that much more painful to her and delicious for us.

Her mind was filled with a barrage of imagery, all of them containing scenes of my death. Her level of hatred was truly impressive. She was at my feet now, glaring up at me, awaiting my next instruction.

“You imagination is truly wonderful, Amber. I particularly like the one where you stab me. Over and over you plunge the knife in.” A shadow of fear moved over her face as I fed her thoughts back to her. I flicked my wrist and from across the room on a writing desk, a letter opener slipped through the air and landed in my hand. Amber’s face paled, watching the soft light glint of the ornate handle and silver blade. She thought it was meant for her. She was beyond trying to figure out how I could do what I did. Freedom and her sanity was all that she worried about now.

“Could you do it, Amber? Could you really stab me in cold blood.” I leaned forward, tracing the blade down her cheek and through the valley of her tits before setting it on the floor, handle facing her, and leaned back to watch. She eyed the knife and then me.

“You’ll stop me. You’ll do…whatever it is you do and you won’t let me.”

“But maybe I won’t. Can you afford not to take the chance? I’ve given you the weapon, all you have to do is pick it up and plunge it into my chest. Here…” I took my tie off, and unbuttoned my shirt halfway down, exposing my chest. “It’s all yours. Look, you can even move on your own again. Stop me before I kill again!” I laughed.

She popped up and back away from me, almost like she was spring loaded, landing solidly on her ass, and flexed her hands and arms. I understood exactly how she felt. After Coyote gave me back my arm in Gameworks I had to test it out first to make sure everything is okay. It’s too alien not having your body under your control.

“Now’s your chance, babe.” The knife slid across the floor slowly towards her. “It’s solid silver too. Think it will work like in the movies?” The knife stopped a foot from her hand. She reached for it slowly and curled her fingers around the gilded handle.

All I can say is the girl must work out because she moved much faster then I would have thought possible. She was up off the floor in a flash, the silver of the blade a white streak in the air. With a cry of rage she plunged the knife squarely into my chest.

It hurt a lot more then I thought it would. At first it was just a pinching pain, but that quickly blossomed into deep, aching agony. I felt it glance off a rib bone and sink into my lung, cleanly slicing muscle and tissue as it went. My lung deflated and that’s enough to make you want to throw up right there. It’s so nauseating to feel your chest so suddenly hollow. The blade was about six inches long and she put every millimeter of it into me. She was crying and screaming at the same time as she pulled it out, slick with my blood and shoved it back in. She was stabbing me so hard that the chair was rocking back with the force of her blows.

I didn’t react, just slumped into the chair, unmoving, as she spent her rage in my chest. She stabbed me seven times. She might have gone for more but my blood on the handle had made it slick and she was having trouble maintaining her grip. She pulled it from me and collapsed on the floor, sobbing. She saw her hands, dark red and glistening with my life, and with a cry began to scrub them on the carpet to get it off. It was a grisly contrast, my blood against the pearl white fabric of the floor.

The holes in my chest closed themselves, my lung returned to normal, and the only evidence anything was amiss was the blood turning the burgundy shirt a wet red and the few holes where her aim went astray. Amber was totally unaware, she thought I was dead and she started back up, turning around to crawl to where her dress was still laying on the floor.

I plucked at the shirt, thick with my blood and sticking to my skin, and got to my feet silently. As I stood, the air in the room thickened. Like the quiet just before the storm. The scent of the blood, even though it was my own, seemed to excite him even more. I felt his power begin to creep along my skin, raising the hair on my arms.

“That was interesting”

She spun around with a cry and her eyes grew to saucer-size and her face the color of dirty snow. “No…” It was barely a whisper. She jumped to her feet, preparing to run, but before her foot was in the air, I was on her. Taking a page from Hermes’ playbook I appeared behind her (he did, actually, I didn’t really know how to teleport that way yet) and wrapped my arm around her throat, pulling her against my chest.

“Now we’re really going to have some fun.”

In the realm of the Gods…

“You cannot let him do this! You must stop him!”

“Why would I do any such thing, Aphrodite? Even you can’t be so dense as to not feel the power from him.”

“Have you bothered to search his mind, read his heart, as I have? Do you know the type of mortal he is?”

Zeus snorted. “Why would I even care? He is there to serve one purpose and one purpose only. And he excels at that remarkably well. This turn of events is…unfortunate, I admit, but since I dare not risk killing him, I will enjoy it while it lasts. He will either transcend or be driven mad and destroy himself. Either way I lose so I’ll let things proceed on their own course.”

“But if he does survive this, his actions here tonight may damage him forever. He might not recover. If he is able to regain control and he realizes what he’s done, it may break his mind. You must intervene. It is partly your fault, allowing Hermes to treat him that way. It drove his anger to inhuman proportions. Please, Father!”

“Why do you care so much, my dear Aphrodite?” Zeus leaned forward, studying her closely. “Why do you want to save him? He is only mortal, after all. I rarely see you feeling so compassionate towards just one. Especially one such as him. We’ve done this countless times through the centuries and you’ve never batted your pretty little eyelashes. Why is he special? The fact that he is a Transcendent makes him even more dangerous, for all of us. Tell me why.

“If you had read his heart, you would not ask such a foolish question.” Aphrodite spat and began to pace the floor in agitation. “How many have you chosen so far that did not immediately seek to dominate other mortals within the rules? Cause pain, inflict suffering, to control all those around them. To bend them to there will for the most sadistic purposes. Nearly all of them! Even those that didn’t immediately succumb to the darker possibilities were not long in doing so. It was only a matter of time. How many did you have to kill because of their actions?

“And the one before him, Koresh, he joined with Set before you were even aware of it and formed his cult and it resulted in the death of dozens of mortals.”

“Yes,” Zeus said, slightly annoyed at having the memory of a defeat brought up again. “Well he was of extremely limited potential anyway. It was almost more trouble then it was worth, tapping him. Hermes had a lot of difficulty finding anyone suitable that time. It’s the reason Set betrayed him in the end and let him die. He realized not to long after the joining that Koresh would be of no help to him in his plans. He withdrew the powers, which left him inches from death, and left him to burn with the rest. I would have done much the same.”

And if Set attacks him?”

“We are prepared for that.”

“Yes, but if something goes wrong he could…kill him. What of the Covenant? You know the consequences of that, just as we all do. How could you even take the risk?”

“I will not let that happen,” Zeus said, his tone dark.

“But if–“

“ENOUGH! I am finished speaking on the subject! You may either stay and watch, or leave. Either way I will have peace!”

Aphrodite stalked from the room.

Hermes, answering a silent summons, came in shortly after words.

“She’s right, you know,” Zeus said. “You were rough with him. He might not be in this position if you had handled it a little more delicately.”

“You weren’t there, you didn’t feel it. Feel him.” Hermes met Zeus’s eyes defiantly. “Fear is not something I’m accustomed to. I overreacted.”

“Don’t worry, my boy, I’m not blaming you. No one could have seen this coming. Transcendents are outside of even the Fates’ knowledge. Now we just have sit back and see what happens. I imagine they’re will be a reckoning before this is all over. A grand reckoning.”


Back on Earth…

Amber’s terror was so complete she couldn’t even talk. It poured through us like molten gold. Her breath came in shuddering gasps, her body going from limp resignation to struggling resistance at random intervals.

“I’m going to do something special for you, Amber.” I licked her earlobe and whispered to her. “I’m going to lock you away in your own head, while your body gives itself to me. You’ll be trapped inside your own body, Amber; Helpless and alone. Your body, however, will be all mine. You’ll watch, unblinking, from the prison of your mind as I take you. You will feel everything.”

She let out a pitiful wail, kicking with a final effort to break free.

{Why? Why are you doing this to me?}

{Because you taste so good when you’re scared.}

{You mother fucker! Fuck you! I’ll kill you! I’ll rip your fucking dick off and shove it up your ass.} She beat her hands against the walls of her cell, screaming and crying, fighting to the end. We could feel the despair creeping in through the corners of her consciousness.

“Shall we begin?” Her body grew still, her sobbing stopped and her tears dried up as we asserted our dominance over her. She screamed at us in her mind, pushed back with every ounce of force she could muster, but it was a futile attempt. I was standing behind her and I brought both of my hands to the sides of her neck and caressed downward. I brought my fingers to the clasp in her bra and deftly unsnapped it.

“Slip it off for me, Amber.” Her arms rose smoothly to slip the bra from her shoulders and she shrugged out of it, dropping it to the floor. I brought her around to face me and she was smiling playfully, but her eyes were a whole other story.

I could control her body, make her jump through any hoops I wanted, but by keeping her aware there was one thing I couldn’t control: the windows to her soul. Her eyes. Only they showed the true story of her rage and fear. They practically sang of her hatred.

Her breasts, a small b-cup maybe, were high and pert on her chest, her nipples just beginning to harden. Her areolas were only slightly darker then her tanned skin and in the weak light hard to make out; a shadow among shadows. I brought my hands up to each one and cupped it underneath, sliding them over and around. I dragged my palm over the small buds of her nipples, before taking each in my hand and pinching them roughly. Amber sucked in a breath, but said nothing.

“Amber, I want you to lay on the bed and play with yourself while I clean up a bit. Don’t cum though. Just get yourself ready.”


I watched as she turned and walked to the bed, climbing up and laying herself down, legs spread. She closed her eyes and slid a hand down her stomach. She moved it over her panty-covered pussy, applying light pressure.

{He’s watching, stop it! God damn it! No! Don’t do that!”} She screamed out in her mind. Her hand had just slipped beneath the waist of her panties and had placed two fingers on either side of her pussy, parallel to her clit. She squeezed them together, applying the stimulus and rocking her hips in a gentle rhythm. It was how she liked to tease herself. You’d never guess that inside that casing of sex was a woman screaming herself hoarse in terror.

Even without her conscious direction, her body new perfectly well how to please itself. All her memories, likes and dislikes, bad habits, odd quirks, they were all still going, she just wasn’t given control. She was a perfectly programmed automaton. In my head I could hear her sobbing as the purely physical pleasure did battle with her mental degradation. It was a chaotic symphony of sex and fear.

I went to the bathroom to get cleaned up, content for the moment to let her fight herself and lose. I took the shirt off and tossed it aside and moistened a towel and cleaned off the blood, which had begun to dry and get itchy. After a several minutes of wiping to get it off, I decided to kick off my shoes and pants too. I returned to the room in my boxer shorts to the sound of panting.

Amber was in a rough state. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat and you could see her thigh muscles ripple under her skin. Every so often her stomach would clench hard causing her back to lift from the mattress.

She had one hand on her bare tit squeezing and pulling on her nipple. Her right hand was stuffed into her crotch and I could see her forefinger and pinky poking out from either side of the legs of her panties. Her knuckles made alternating dents in the fabric, tenting it up as her ring and middle finger danced in her.

{Nononono…oh no, no. Make it stop!}

She was instructed not to cum but that said nothing about stopping her attempts to try and do so. Her body was in a constant state of ‘almost there’ but could not find release. The pressure just kept building. If I choose to do so I could have let her die right there. She would have kept going until her heart seized in her chest.

My cock hardened quickly in my shorts, the head coming through the slit in the boxers and pointing the way. With a thought we ripped the sodden panties from her body. They came off so hard and fast that her legs were slammed together. Almost immediately angry, red friction marks appeared on the upper portions of her legs. Her body did nothing but grunt, but in her head there was a sharp scream of pain. No sensation was denied her.

*Smell her! Breathe in her fear. Taste her sex on the air like a coming storm. Tell me you don’t love it.*

*I do…*

And I did. Some deep, dark part of me, some place so primal and base that even thinking about it now makes me shudder in revulsion, that part of me was in bliss. We rolled together in the stench of her torment like a pig in shit.

We walked over to the side of the bed and watched her for a moment. Her breath was ragged and her face was flush.

*Beg for it, Amber.*

{No! Fu- Oh god! Fu…uh. Fuck off!}

I ran a finger down the side of her neck, moistening my fingertips with her sweat, and pinched the nipple not already being molested by her other hand. It was for my own benefit, she hardly felt it. Her body was in sensory overload.

*Beg to cum Amber, and it will be over with.*

She responded with a wail. We shuddered as goose bumps ran down my arms.

{Just make it stop! Puh…please?}

Instead of answering I slapped her breast quick and hard. She whimpered back at me.

Through the link we could feel some of what she felt. Her arm burned with exhaustion and her fingers were cramping, loosing much of their flexibility. Still, she never slowed, her body being driven by unholy desires.


*Please what, babe?*

{Let me cum!}

*Your wish is my command*

With a mental blink we freed her body from her restraints and her orgasm was so intense it was almost anti-climactic. She bucked hard twice, a strangled scream burst from her throat and she collapsed into unconsciousness, her body going limp and twitching like she was getting electrocuted with a shorted wire.

“Aw. Watch this.”

He reached into her mind and it immediately felt like I was falling. I fell through darkness and light, through chaos and order, through sanity and madness.

I landed in a child’s room. The walls were a pale pink with various animals prancing in eternal stillness through tiny flower patches and bundles of grass. The bed similarly covered in a pink and white patchwork quilt and pillows with a night stand on the left side. There were shelves spaced along the wall but I couldn’t make out what was on those, they were fuzzed out for some reason.

“Where is this?”

*We’re in her subconscious. She’s here somewhere, dreaming. Trying to escape. We aren’t going to let her off that easy.*

“I didn’t know I could do this.” He didn’t reply.

I looked down at my body and received a shock. My skin glistened with a wet sheen. Instead of the light olive color it normally was, it was a reptilian gray; Slick and hairless and corded with muscle. My hands were elongated with gnarled knuckles and long claws, black like obsidian daggers. My stomach and chest were an off white, the abdomen of a snake, with the pigment returning near the sides. I was naked, my prick massive and disproportionate, hanging like a fleshy log between my legs. I was almost scared to see what my face looked like.

“What the fuck is this!”

*It’s nothing, ignore it. It’s how she views us, as some kind of monster. Her mind gives us this shape.*

Somehow I didn’t believe him. It just felt wrong. I didn’t have time to question it however. He was on the prowl.

*Can you feel her? *

“Of course I can feel her. I’m inside her mind.”

*Not that, moron. Listen. Go deeper. Feel her consciousness creeping around in her subconscious. Hiding. *

He sniffed the air. And he was right. I let myself calm down and extended my awareness out. I could hear a hum in the noise of her mind. Something deeper. We moved towards it.

We plowed through memory and dream. We tore through the walls of her mind like a demon-bred wrecking crew. Around us the feeling of her grew stronger. We had her scent. Scenes from her life flashed all around us. Her childhood in the suburbs of Chicago, her mother and father, friends and relatives; Places, a house, downtown Chicago as seen from a child’s point of view. Flashes of holidays, a car wreck, her dead cousin, her grandmother’s funeral, her high school graduation, her acceptance to ASU…it all ran past me as we dug deeper

Then we were on her. All motion stopped as we centered on our prey. We were in a huge library. Row after row after row of shelves stretched out into the darkness of infinity. She poked her head out from an aisle and uttered a scream.

“You didn’t think you could hide from me in here, did you?” My voice was a deep hiss. I felt my tongue move over pointed teeth.

She flashed away and we caught a glimpse of her running in a row that looked like it was miles away.

*How did she move that fast? *

[Moron. This is her mind; she can make up her own rules. Lucky for you I’m smarter then she is.]

I felt my leg muscles bend and spring and like that we were soaring over the rows of shelves headed in her direction. We landed with a loud crash on top of a shelf, the wood splintering and breaking as my taloned feet dug for purchase. We crouched and sniffed the air. She was to the left. Instantly we were in the air again. As we glided above the expanse of her mind we saw a flash of blondish-brown hair and altered our descent to intercept. I grew thin membranes between my arms and sides that allowed me to descend at a steadier pace. We lined up with the row she was currently running down and sailed slowly down to her. She never thought to look back. Her pants floated up to us as she ran pell-mell trying to escape.

I felt a ripping feeling in my back as huge, leathery wings sprouted from my spine, the membranes dissolving away into nothingness. They flapped hard, pushing us faster and what was a fall turned into an attack run. Amber heard the rush of air and glanced back. The horror that was there to greet her caused her to stumble but before she hit the ground we had her in my hands. My claws dug in and my wings beat a fast, staccato rhythm we pulled her screaming into the air.

“What makes you think you can hide in here, Amber? I own you. That means all of you.”

She struggled and writhed in my grasp as the wind rushed around us. Her terror was beyond language. We landed solidly on the top of another shelf and brought her around to face us.

“It’s time to wake up now, precious.” An impossible long, forked tongue emerged from my mouth and caressed her neck. Even in her mind she tasted good.”

“No! No, no, leave me alone!”

The teeth in my mouth grew longer. Fangs three inches long emerged from my mouth. The color drained from Amber’s face until it was the shade of cold ash.

“I’m not finished with you yet.” I bent my head to hers and sank the fangs deep into her throat. Amber let out a horrendous scream that built in pitch until it reached a supersonic register. Around us the world of her mind trembled and began to crack. Shelves began to vibrate then, one by one, they burst apart in an explosion of light and soundless thunder. I pulled her tight to me, sucking her essence, feeling her grow inside me as a vortex grew around us. A terrible energy began to build. The psychic wind pulled at me, ripping and tearing. I pulled away from her, her body limp in my arms, and stared up at the maelstrom brewing in her head. Black lighting arched and struck the ground near me. Before I could move away, another one hit me squarely in the chest. Faster then thought I exploded back into my body and was thrown across the room. All the glass in the room shattered as the shockwave blasted us apart and I crashed back first into the wall, caving it in, and crumpling to the floor.

Everything was quiet when I got to my feet. My ears were ringing and my head was throbbing but otherwise I seemed to be okay. The room was torn to shit though. Debris and broken glass were everywhere. It was dark except for the glow coming in through the shattered windows. Amber’s body lay curled into the fetal position on the bed, unmoving. I could barely hear her breathing; it was shallow and weak. I felt a burning sensation on my chest and looked down and it was scorched red and blistered where the lightening had hit me. I watched with a detached interest as the skin healed itself. Something was wrong. I couldn’t quite think of what it was though.

*What just happened? *

[Nothing. Shut up. It’s time for some good old-fashioned fun.]

“No…This…” Everything was foggy in my head. It felt like I was waking up from a long, hard sleep.. I felt…dirty. Vile.

My body walked over to Amber’s lifeless form and I watched as my hand reached for her ankle, tugging her harshly towards the end of the bed. Her head rolled to the side and I saw her face; It was so pale for a moment I thought I could see her skull beneath her skin. Skin that in the bar had been so flush and full of life. She was dying. My stomach heaved sickeningly.


[Aw, look who grew a conscience. Well you’re stupider then you look if you think I’m not going to fuck this slag into an early grave.]

“No, I’m not going to let you!” The full weight of what I had done to her, some of it I didn’t even understand, began to take hold of me. Her body was so soft and tender and helpless in front of me, lying there, practically dead. My mind reeled at the thought. I’d violated so much more then just her body.

*You did this! You hurt her! *

[Oh yes, it was all me. You had nothing to do with it. You weren’t right there with me, aching for her, bringing her along as a willing participant in her own demise. You offered so much resistance, didn’t you?]

*I didn’t know what I was doing! You were controlling me. I felt you in the pool. You took control of my body. You made me hurt Tetisheri. You attacked Hermes and you almost got me killed. *

[If I hadn’t stepped in, you ungrateful faggot, you would now be the property of Set. He would be the one sucking you dry instead of Zeus and doing who knows what with it. I think you should thank me.]

*Fuck you! I didn’t know it would be like this. I didn’t have control. *

[Apologize and thank me. ]

*No! *

I felt his laugh in my head, low and sinister, just before he struck. Fire and ice raced down my spine and into my legs. I screamed out and fell to my knees.

[For that little bit of disobedience I now want you on your knees.]

I reached down somewhere deep inside me and grabbed a hold of reserve strength I didn’t know I had and…pushed. I’d had enough, I wanted him out of my head.

*Ride’s over, fucker! *

He shoved me back, trying to maintain his control and we fought back and forth. I don’t remember a lot of what happened between us, everything at that point became a little hazy. I remember blinding flashes of pain, the room swimming in and out of focus and screams, my own and his, bouncing back at me from the walls. Just before I lost consciousness I remember looking down at my chest and seeing it covered in blood. I touched my face and found blood pouring out of my nose and ears. After that there was nothing.

I can’t recall now if it was the pain or the beeping that woke me up. I don’t suppose it really matters. As my awareness returned all I wanted to do was die anyway. I was alive and my body was my own again, so I must have won the fight but it didn’t feel like a victory. It felt like my head was split open and someone was filling it with shattered glass. I heard the beeping and it matched my heartbeat. The smell alone was enough to tell me I was in a hospital. It smelled cold and antiseptic and somewhere, underneath all that, the faint smell of piss.

I opened my eyes and squinted at the light. There wasn’t a lot to see, I was cut off from the rest of the room by one of those floor to ceiling curtains that slide on the track. A pale blue sheet was pulled up to my chest and above that I was wearing an opened-backed hospital gown. I tried to sit up but when I went to bring my hands up to pull myself upright there was a click and they stopped mid-motion. When I looked I saw the silver gleam of handcuffs, one end around my wrist and the other around the guardrail of the bed. I tugged at it experimentally then, with a brief bit of concentration, tried to will it open. Nothing happened.


I jerked my hand hard; the movement making my head throb and my stomach twist. I groaned and swallowed back the bile that surged up my throat.

“Come on, not now.”

I focused harder. I could still feel the power in me but it was so distant. I grasped at it and it was like trying to hold smoke in my hand. I tried harder. I had to get out of here. My ears began to ring and I felt something cool on my upper lip. Looking down I saw a few drops of blood hit the gown. Ignoring the sickness growing in my body I pushed harder at the handcuffs and finally they slipped free. Exhausted, I fell back in the bed and used all my remaining energy to remain conscious.

After awhile -it may have been minutes it may have been hours- I could turn my head without retching. The pain had receded to a dull ache and the light in the room didn’t feel like it was wearing away at my retinas with sandpaper. I began to remember all that had happened before I passed out. Everything I had done to her. My chest clenched up and a sob broke from my lips. I’d hurt her so bad. She’d begged and pleaded with me and I’d kept going. I’d pushed the knife in and when she cried for mercy I only twisted it.

I couldn’t control my stomach anymore. I pushed myself over the edge of the bed and threw up. The movement only made me sicker. It made me want to throw up more. There wasn’t a lot to get rid of. Dry heaves tore at my body, my strength waning with each convulsion. I could only lie there as my stomach spasmed. I was to weak to do anything else. My tears dripped off my cheeks and hit the floor, mingling with the remnants of my gut. No less then I deserved.

What was even worse is that I could feel her in me. Something He had done near the end when he bit her neck. When I bit her neck. I could feel her running down my veins and throbbing with the beat of my heart.

If I’d had a gun I would have shot myself. I couldn’t handle what I’d done. I sobbed and sobbed, moaning in anguish. I curled up into a fetal position and prayed for it to be over. All I wanted was to sink back into the abyss and die. The echoes of her screams haunted me. They rang in my ears and resounded in my head like death knells. I’d killed her; I knew I had. She was in me now. I’d sucked the life from her body and I was now slowly digesting her like a slab of rancid beef.

They must have come and found me bloody on the floor and she dead on the bed where I’d left her. That’s why I was handcuffed to the bed. You can’t risk a murderer getting loose, even if they are unconscious and bleeding from the nose and ears.

I didn’t even care anymore. Let the come and take me to jail. Did Arizona have the death penalty? I thought they did, but I wasn’t sure. If not I’d demand it. Because of what had been done to me I don’t think I could have died anyway. I could see the stunned prison officials now. They’d keep running the juice, pumping it through me and I’d just sit there screaming, my skin charring and cracking open, my eyeballs boiling in my head, but still alive. That would make them wonder. So what. I’d demand they do it again. Again and again and again until there was nothing left but ash. I curled up, cried and waited. My despair raised up to great me, it’s great maw black and all-consuming. I bared my throat to it.

“She is not dead.” A tender voice reached out to me in the darkness. I opened my swollen eyes and tried to see through the tears. Aphrodite was standing at the foot of the bed dressed in a nurse’s uniform, her face somber. She looked different then when I’d seen her in Gameworks. Her hair was shorter and blonde now, she was shorter physically and her breasts weren’t as big. It didn’t matter at all; she was still the most heartbreakingly beautiful woman I had ever seen. I recognized her aura, she could have made herself look like a man and I would still have recognized her. Strangely enough her eyes weren’t that shifting mosaic of color as I’d seen before. Instead they were just a deep, soulful brown. The warmth of her compassion washed over me and for the briefest moment I thought there might be hope still.

“You look different.”

She smiled gently. “I am love and love is ever-changing. Everyday you wake up in love that love is different then when you went to sleep. With the new day brings new aspects, new emotions to those feelings. I represent that. I don’t have to change if I don’t want to, but it’s always an adventure to see what I’ll look like in the morning.”

“Oh.” I stared at her for a moment. “You know, you’re not the one I imagined coming for me. The Greek god of death maybe, what’s his name?”


“Yeah, that one.”

“Why would he come for you?”

“I killed someone. Hermes said that was against the rules. I figured my punishment was death.”

“But I told you she’s not dead.”

“I thought you were just trying to soften the blow. She’s really not dead? She’s alright?”

Aphrodite frowned. “She is alive, but she is not alright. It may be more of the machines they have her on then her own body that is keeping her alive at this point. It’s hard to live if you don’t have your soul.”

“Where is her soul?”

“You know the answer to that.”

I suddenly realized what was inside me; why it was like I could feel her. I’d sucked out her soul.

“Oh God! Get it out!” I sprung up, my head swimming sickeningly and tore at the sheets and gown, tugging at it, ripping it from me as if I could tear her soul out of me along with it.

“Please, get it out! I didn’t mean to. I didn’t know. He… made me. I didn’t want to hurt her, I swear I didn’t.” I was panicking. The gown was in tattered ruins and I began to claw at my flesh. Aphrodite was at my side, stilling my hands, her touch soothing.

“Shhh. Stephen, you must calm down. I’m going to try and help you. Please stop.”

Her touch more then anything relaxed me. It spread warmth through my body and I slumped back into the bed, to weak to fight her. My chest shuddered with sobs.

“Take it out! Fix her. You’ve got to help me. She’s in my head screaming. She hurts so much. I don’t want her to hurt anymore. Just…Fix her. I don’t care…don’t care what happens to me.

“Shhh. I will try. Come with me.”

Aphrodite folded me in her arms and I felt her warmth grow and encompass me. As gentle as a feather on a breeze we floated away. This was much smoother then how I teleported. It was like falling asleep in one place and waking up in another. When the warmth receded I was laying in a large bed covered in red silk. Aphrodite was standing beside the bed, looking down gently at me. I couldn’t see outside the space of the bed, thick curtains of layered silk hung down and simmered in a breeze from an unseen source. The air was heavy with the sent of lilacs.

“She is here.”

I turned my head and next to me was Amber. She was naked, like me, and her skin an unnatural shade of pale and her cheeks hollow. Dark circles had formed under her eyes and her breathing was almost non-existent. I quested for her mind –it was almost a habit at this point- and tried to see how she was doing. It was like the floor suddenly dropped out from under me. It was totally quite. She wasn’t even dreaming.

“I thought you said she would die if they took her off the machines.”

“Your doctors call it brain death. Without her soul to give life to her body it will cease to function. I can sustain her for a short time here, but if we cannot put her soul back where it belongs then yes, she will certainly die.”

“Can you do that?” I reached out and took Amber’s hand in mine. It was cold and lifeless. I could see the veins beneath the surface.

“I’ve been given permission to try. How successful I’ll be, I don’t know.”

I turned to look over at her. “Why would you even need permission? What’s there to talk about? If you can do it, do it.”

“Zeus wanted to just let things happen as they would. I had to ask for a special intervention for you.”

“Permission to save her life? Why would you even have to ask?”

“Stephen, you must understand,” she said patiently, “we have been witness to more human death then you can possibly imagine. To us, she is no one special. That may sound cold to you, but that is our reality. We live much too long to place the value on life that you humans do. Your lives are finite; so terribly short. Life is much more precious to you.”

I couldn’t argue with her logic, even as much as I wanted to. She was right.

“Why did you ask for a special intervention?”

“Because I think you are worth the trouble, despite what you are becoming.”

“What I’m becoming? What’s happening to me? It’s why I did this, isn’t it? Tell me what it was in my head that made me do this to her. You know, I can feel it. ”

Her face went still, but I wasn’t bluffing. I could feel her holding something back. Everything I needed to know, all of my questions about all of this she could answer. “We don’t have much time, Stephen. If you want to save her, we need to do so quickly.”

I met her gaze, probing at her, somehow not afraid to do so. I didn’t go so far as to try to read her thoughts, but I got the impression that had I tried, I might not have failed. I put that aside for now though, Amber was more important.

“Okay, do what you have to do.”

She stepped up on the bed with me and kneeled down, placing herself between Amber and I. Her nurse’s uniform was gone; she was covered in a thin layer of sheer material that had no seams, straps or buttons. It looked like it sprung into existence on her body. I could see the outline of her nipples and the shadow of her sex between her legs. If I hadn’t been laying there feeling like hammered shit I might have had the presence of mind to be excited.

“Take my hand.”

I slipped my fingers around her silken skin. I felt a rush and my heart quickened in my chest. Despite my best intentions my dick pulsed to life. I don’t think she even noticed. She took Amber’s hand in hers and I felt a sort of spike in the energy flowing between us.

“This is going to be difficult for you, but I need you to find her soul in you. You must link with her mind and once you have her soul you must try to push it back. I can’t do it on my own.”

“What will you be doing?”

“Don’t worry about me, you just do as I’ve told you. Whatever you do, do not stop. Once you have it you must see it through to the end, until her soul is back in her body. If you do, if you falter or stop, she will die. Her soul will be lost and she will never wake up. Do you understand? ”

Her voice was trembling. If I didn’t know better I’d say she was afraid.

“Are you okay?”

Her voice cracked like a whip. “I said do you understand!”

“Yes. I do. I won’t stop, I promise. Do you want me to tell you when I’ve found her.”

She snorted in weary resignation and lowered her head to her chest, taking a deep breath.. “You’ll be lucky if you can scream, let alone speak, mortal. Don’t worry, I will know. Whenever you’re ready you can begin, but it had better be soon.”

My head was filled with questions but I was too scared to ask them. I got the impression that this was not going to be pleasant. I put my head back and closed my eyes and tried to find her.

It was better that I realize now that it was better that I didn’t know what was coming. If I had any idea I would never have been able to go through with it.

Finding her wasn’t all that different then when I had been searching for her when I was inside her head. I could feel her all through me, but trying to track down the source wasn’t so simple. I had to listen. I searched for the hum of her soul. I found it trapped deep inside myself. A swirling nexus of silver and gold, it pulsed with radiant energy. Her voice hammered at me. A thousand million bits and pieces of words, her life, her spirit, her essence, all contained in this metallic fire and all of it hating and fearing and screaming at me. She recognized me; she understood what had happened and, seeing her own demise she vowed to take me down with her. Defiant to the end.

That I had tried to rob her of such a powerful life unlived made me even sicker. Maybe that’s what drew Him to her. Maybe this is what he sensed; her will to live. It was easy for me to feel it, standing before it like this. It was humbling.


A foghorn of anger and fear blasted forth from her, threatening to obliterate my mind. It seared my synapses and made it feel like my brain was shaking itself to a soupy bowl of Jell-O. I was dimly aware of my body somewhere in the distance seizing up under the assault. Despite Aphrodite’s warnings, for a moment I hesitated. It was pain unlike anything I had ever felt just standing before her, and I had to try and wrangle her back into her body with her fighting me the entire time.

[You must hurry Stephen.]

Aphrodite’s voice carried across the landscape of my mind. It was strained, she sounded like she was under intense pressure. I squared up with her and set my mind to the task.

“Amber, I’m so sorry for what I did, I truly am.”

A tentacle of light shot from her like a vengeful solar flare and curled around me, trying to squeeze the life from me. It burned. Oh god how it burned. Her sorrow threatened to pull me under. It overran my senses until I thought I might forget who I was. Her presence infiltrated my mind and grabbed a hold of my guilt and gave it life.

I deserved death. I saw it all now. The things I had done to her, the things I would surely do again, because I was a monster. The reptilian thing that had raided her mind, that wasn’t him, it had been me all along. If I didn’t surrender now, stop fighting her and let her snuff out my life like so many embers doused in water, then I would surely do it again. I would just let her burn me away. She was the one who was sent to kill me, my own sins sent to back to have their vengeance. Vengeance that was rightfully hers. Who was I do deny her after what I had done. She deserved life and I deserved death, but I had taken that from her so I must pay with my own. All I had to do was stop fighting her and it would be over. Her pain, my pain, just let death come…


Aphrodite’s voice was an eruption of light and sound across my consciousness. It shook me free of the complacency and ambivalence that had quelled my instinct to survive. She brought me back to myself. The terror of how close I had come to dying sent ice through my veins. I pushed her back and inch by horrible inch she fought me and inch by hard-fought inch I won back my self from her grasp.

“Amber stop! Please let me help.”

I reached for her, and drew her essence into my arms. She flashed like a thousand nuclear explosions. Tendrils light stabbed into me seeking to rip me apart. It came to me then that she was like a drowning swimmer. So complete is the swimmers fear that they resist the person sent to save them. If you’re not strong you will get pulled down right along with them.

I tried to ignore the pain of her wrath and sought the link with Aphrodite but she kept pulling me away. It wasn’t so much as words she screamed at me as emotion. So much pain and fear and anger. I would reach for her body and her soul slapped me away. The closer I got the harder she fought, dragging up every bad thing I ever did or imagined I did. She threw it at me as evidence of the bastard I was, trying to wear away my will to live. The weight of her in my arms grew. She was infinitely heavy. Why should I fight so hard anyway? We were all going to die at some point and my life wasn’t worth living anymore.


With a mental lunge I threw myself at the link. Yes! It was there like a golden highway, and at the other side, Amber. I pushed. With all the force I could muster I shoved her down the link and into her own body. She built momentum as she went so it became easier. She still fought me the entire way but as we traveled I didn’t have to push so hard.

And then suddenly she was gone. The pain of her attacks on me vanished. I realized how very quite it was in my mind. She’d been there screaming since I woke up in the hospital. The pain in my head was gone as well. It had all been her. Slowly I eased myself back to the world.

I awoke to see Aphrodite collapsed between us, her face towards me and her breathing ragged. Lines of strain creased her face, making her look ten or fifteen years older than when I’d closed my eyes a moment before.


“You must take her back to the hospital. She’s not out of the woods yet, as they say.”

Her voice was a whisper. I noticed then how dim her aura was. It flickered weakly like broken Christmas lights.

“Shit. What about you, you need help.”

“No, I’ll be fine. I just need…I just need to rest. My paladin will take you back. He knows the way. Just go.”

“But I had questions. I have to know what’s happening to me.”

“Please, Stephen…” Her voice faded out to nothing.

I felt a massive hand grab the back of my neck and pull me from the bed like a rag doll. I was set down roughly, but without injury. I spun around and was looking at a chest like a goddamn redwood tree. He was huge, at least seven feet tall if he was an inch, and a face like a stone slab. His skin was a deep tan color and stretched tight over unnaturally large muscles. He was the kind of big you only see in comic books. Beady black eyes bore down at me. Not intelligent, but not stupid either.

“We go now. My mistress must rest.” The deep timber of his voice shook my insides. He walked around the other side of the bed and went to pick Amber up. Remembering his rough treatment of me I jumped in.

“No, no, I’ll get her.” I slipped her into my arms, cradling her head on my chest and looked to him. Feeling her warmth against me, feeling her life that I had nearly stolen, it was almost to much to take. My guilt threatened to take me to my knees.


His voice shook me from my pain. I cast one last tear-stained look at Aphrodite before following him through the veil of fabric.

If I was expecting to see an opulent bedchamber befitting the Goddess of Love, I was sorely disappointed. I felt things shifting around me as I went through the silk. When I finally emerged from it’s impossible thickness, I was walking down a long corridor behind King Kong’s stalking form. There were doors spaced at random intervals that went to who knows where, and Kong didn’t pay them any attention so I didn’t worry to much about them either. He would glance back occasionally, checking to see that I was still following. Maybe he was worried that I would walk through one of these other doors by mistake. No chance of that.

He stopped suddenly and so big was his stride that it took me four or five steps just to catch up with him. We were facing a door that looked remarkably like a door you’d see at a hospital. He rapped his massive hand around the door latch and pushed it open and desert sun came shining through. He squeezed his massive shape through the door, which I thought was pretty damned impressive and waited for me on the other side. I turned myself sideways and stepped though. There was a tingle as I crossed the threshold, but other then that, nothing. I was in her hospital room. Outside her window I could see downtown Phoenix.

“Put her back on the bed.” Right to the point this guy was.

I laid her down and he gave me a hospital gown that he’d pulled from somewhere and I fit it over her nude form as gently as I could. I adjusted her on the bed and pulled the sheets up around her. I took a moment to study her and brushed the hair from her placid face. Some color had already returned to her face and her breathing sounded much healthier. I probed gently at her mind and was greeted by activity. Not much, she was deep, deep asleep. About six feet above a coma it felt like, but she was alive. Her soul was back where it belonged.

“I’m so sorry Amber.” My eyes burned and the acid tears of my sorrow failed to wash it away. Even though her soul was in her body the memory of her screams echoed in my mind. They still do.


I backed up before he stepped on me and he went about reconnecting her to all the equipment. He was surprisingly nimble with those sausage-like fingers. If you see hands like that you think of him grinding bones to make his bread, not inserting an IV with the skill of a surgeon. He even reset some of the monitors. I could only gawk at him. It’s the most perfect example of contrast I have ever seen.

He stepped away and it almost looked like he was admiring his handiwork. He gave a satisfied grunt and then turned back to me.

“Now you go home.”

“No, I want to stay with her until she wakes up. I’m not leaving yet.”

“Mistress said to bring you here and leave her and send you home. You can not stay.”

“What about the doctors and the police. They’ll be looking for me. You don’t handcuff someone to a bed and then just forget about them.”

“Mistress took care of that before she brought you. Now you go home.”

“What if…what if that thing comes back. I don’t suppose you know what it was, do you?”

He simply stared at me with his massive face expressionless and flat.

“Will she be okay? I don’t want to just leave her.”

“I don’t know. Mistress will come back to check on her when she feels better. Now you-“

“Now I go home, I know, I know.”

I said a silent goodbye to Amber and, with a wounded heart and a broken soul, jumped away.

09-27-2007, 09:23 PM
Gift From A God Ch. 09
by AbbeFaria©

The heat hit me with almost physical force as I crested the ridge. I pulled myself over the top, the dirt and gravel digging into my palms, and crouched for a moment getting my breath. Standing up with a stretch I turned around to be dazzled. Spread out for miles all around me was the vast wasteland of the American Southwest; Nothing but scorched earth from horizon to horizon. The crags and peaks stabbed vengefully up at the heavens in an explosion of reds and browns. The sky was a harsh blue, not a speck of cloud anywhere, and there, creeping up over the horizon was the hellish sun; It's fiery wrath pouring down on the dead ground. I closed my eyes against the glare and made no attempt to seek shade.

More then once out here I'd wished that the sun could burn away my memories as easily as it burned away the life of this place. I'd been crossing the desert for...I don't even know how many days. I'd lost track. I stumbled along in a stupor, half-insane from hunger and thirst, but not dying. Every so often I'd come across a nearly dead stream, or some small pond fed by an unknown source, and I would drink up, not caring about the taste or what might be creeping in it, and I would walk on.

After I'd left the hospital, I returned to my apartment. I'd needed to calm down and take stock of everything and try to sort it out. I got dressed, it was early morning but I had no idea the day. I can't say that I cared, either. I sat down and put my shoes on and leaned back in my chair. It reclined back to its limit with a click and tiny bounce, and I sat in silence. Out in the hallway I heard the air conditioner come on with a whir and a few seconds later I felt cool air drift from the vents.

There was so many things to think about I found I couldn't think at all. The weight of my guilt pressed down on me like a slab of concrete resting on my chest. It squeezed the breathe out of me inch by inch. My heart began to race and my face broke out in a cold sweat. Amber's voice echoed in my head, bouncing around the caverns of my mind like an endless echo. I had to get away. Away from Kristel, away from the apartment, away from everyone. So I jumped. No destination in mind, no thought to where I might end up, just away. Hermes had told me that I couldn't jump somewhere if I didn't know where but, as I'd found out rather painfully, that wasn't entirely true. I could throw myself out there, it could have just been anywhere. In retrospect I suppose I should be thankful that I didn't pop up out in the blackness of space somewhere.

I reappeared about one hundred feet in the air over some very hard, very unforgiving (and rapidly approaching) desert ground. I read once in a book that the trick to flying is to throw yourself at the ground and miss. As much as I tried in those passing seconds, I couldn't figure out exactly how to do that. The ground is pretty big after all. It's funny what goes through your mind at times like that. I hit and I hit hard.

Who knows how long I laid there but it was night when I finally felt able to sit back up. It was dark, the sky was bright with stars, and off in the distance in front of me, was the tell-tale glow of a city. It was Phoenix. At least it felt like Phoenix. The air around me still smacked of Arizona. I got slowly to my feet and took a look at myself; pants ripped and bloody, my shirt no better off and only wearing one shoe. I felt the blood crusted all down my face and neck and my hair was stiff with it. Yeah, I'm a sexy bitch, alright. I found my shoe laying a few feet away and slipped it back on my foot and stared at the horizon, pondering.

Maybe it wasn't worth it. Maybe these gifts were really a curse. Maybe it was better for everyone if I simply disappeared. Maybe it would be safer for all. Maybe...maybe I should simply turn and walk away.

And that's what I did.

I turned on my heels and started walking. It think it was south, but it was hard to tell without the sun for some kind of bearing, and I never took an astronomy class. More than that though, it felt like north, so I figured it had to be south. One thing I'd discovered upon arrival to Arizona was that my sense of direction was completely screwed up. In Missouri, I could close my eyes and spin around and when I came to a stop I could tell which direction I was facing, simply by the feel. When I got to Phoenix that was completely backward. The best explanation I can come up with is that there is some sort of metal in the ground that throws off my internal compass. So since my body told me I was going north, I assumed I was heading south.

So that's how I found myself being scorched by the morning sun miles from anyone, and possibly even in Mexico by now. My body ached, the cuts and scratches were taking longer to heal then I thought was normal and I seemed to be dizzy more often then not. My head was simply a ball of pain with a throbbing heartbeat. Still I marched on. I didn't even consider going back. Fuck it, I thought. I couldn't die. So I'm thirsty and I couldn't remember the last time I'd eaten, it didn't matter to me. The only person I could hurt out here was me. I could live with that.

"Why did you kill me, Stephen?"

Amber appeared before me, looking just as she had on the bed in the hotel room. The same slack features shimmering in the waves of heat coming off the ground. I wiped the stinging sweat from my eyes and stumbled to a halt.

"I...how did you get here? You have to get away from me."

"Why did you kill me?" Her voice was as flat and dead as her eyes.

"But...I didn't. We put you back in the hospital, you were alive."

"You killed me." She started to walk towards me.

"No, I didn't. I saved you. I did." My heart began to race and all I wanted to do was run away. Try as I might however, I could do nothing but cower before my nightmare made flesh. I knew somewhere deep down that it was a hallucination. I hoped it was, anyway. In my delirium I couldn't sort out reality from fantasy. My tormented dreams were carrying over into the waking world and it was getting to the point where I could no longer tell the difference.

She was close to me now, just inches away. I saw the fires of hell burning in her eyes. I had to run away. She pursed her lips and leaned in to kiss me. The thought of those dead lips on mine sent me into a panic. I couldn't even close my eyes to block out the sight of her. I moaned deep in my throat as watched her face inch closer. At the last second I fell backward, smacking the ground with a thud, all the air rushing from my lungs. The spell broken, I jumped to my feet and looked around, but there was nothing but me and the scorpions. She was gone.

"I'm sorry!" I screamed out into the nothingness, my rasping voice moving past my parched lips and falling off like sand. I felt dizziness swirl up from inside me and my vision started to cloud over. Without further ado I collapsed and passed out.

*Beware the Jabberwock, my son. The jaws that bite, the claws that catch.*

I felt something cold on my nose. I opened my eyes and found myself looking into the large, beady eyes of a rabbit. A talking rabbit. Sure, why not.

"I didn't know rabbit's were fans of Lewis Carroll."

It said nothing for so long, it's glimmering eyes just watching, that I figured it was another hallucination, another dream that didn't know to stop when I awoke. Since he didn't want to talk and I had nothing to say, I closed my eyes. Some half-remembered English class brought the next verse to my lips. "Beware the Jubjub bird and shun, the frumious Bandersnatch." I mumbled to myself.

*Ah, so you do know it then?*

I cracked an eyelid and peered at him. "Ah, so you can speak, then?"

*I speak when there is something to say. That's the problem with humans. You talk entirely too much.*

I stared at him, his fuzzy face an off-white and beige mix, and tried to put my thoughts in order. If I was dreaming then should I just go with it or try and wake up? And if I was awake and there really was a rabbit in front of me reciting poetry then...what?

"Well rabbit, is there some reason you've decided to bother me? I was getting along just fine until you showed up sounding like my English teacher."

*Oh yes, you're doing fabulous, aren't you. You look like the vultures have gotten a hold of you and you didn't know enough to die once they had had their fill. Not that they'd want you at this point, you smell horrible.*

"Well you'll have to forgive me, I didn't pass any showers on my way to collapsing here."

*And you won't, either. That's my point. You don't belong here. You need to leave.* It nibbled at me in a decidedly annoyed way, its ears giving a twitch.

"Sorry, I can't do that. I have to keep going."

*Go where?* he asked.

I thought about it and discovered I hadn't the slightest idea. "That way."

*What way?*

"What ever way it was that I was heading." I said with a weary sigh.

*You bring death with you. You must go back. I insist!* It gave a little hop in my direction, inching him closer to my face, as if to drive his point home.

"Nope, sorry. I'm staying. Or going rather, as soon as I feel like I can get up. But I'm still going that way."

*I'll tell.*

Despite how much it hurt in my chest, I couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah, okay, you go ahead and tell."

It gave a little rabbit huff and bounced off a few feet mumbling to itself as it went. After a moment it had dropped out of sight but I could still hear him. Cursing humans and humanity as it went. Blight on the world or some such nonsense.

*I'm telling!* He yelled out at me from the darkness.

"Hurry on little rabbit. You're late, you're late, for a very important date!" I laughed at my own joke until the exhaustion carried me away into unconsciousness again.

[We're dying. Is this how you want it to end?]

*I knew you were in here somewhere. I felt you. And that just shows what you know, anyway. Hermes said I can't die.*

[He said you can't be killed, he never said you can't die.]

*What's the difference? Besides, if you don't want to die with me then get the fuck out.*

[You don't get it, do you. There is no you and me, there is only us. To think this is what I end up with. I'm to tired to care anymore. You want to lay here and let us die, fine, have it your way. But fuck you if you think I'm going to spend my last few hours on this planet talking with your dumb ass. ]

*Fine. This is your fault anyway.*

Voices came to me in the darkness.

*Here he is. I told him he had to leave, but he wouldn't. I insisted and still he lays there.*

"Calm yourself, Fiver. I doubt this human could leave if he wanted. You see how weak he is."

The first voice was the rabbit; I could make out that much. The second voice was deep and somber and unfamiliar. I wanted to open my eyes and see who it was but I couldn't. My body had long since passed the point where it could sustain itself. It seemed like my heart only beat occasionally, the stuttering of a dying engine. I'd stopped feeling any hunger days ago, there was now only an emptiness that seemed to go on forever. Every breath I took rustled in the dried out husks of my lungs like leaves blowing across concrete.

"Leave us now, I will look after him."

Something wet touched my lips. I sucked at the precious moisture so hard that I felt the skin start to pull away. I needed more. I turned my head all that it would go, my mouth sucking at the air trying to find one more drop, just one.

"Hold still. It must be slowly or you'll go into shock. Are you ready for a little more?"

I croaked my agreement. Drop by drop I felt it hit my lips and run down to my tongue. It kept up like that until I had as much as I could take and then stopped to let it go to work. I lay on the hard earth, shuddering and gasping as I felt the water move into my body, carrying life with it. I literally felt my cells drink up the water and start to work again. My blood, dehydrated to the point of over-cooked oatmeal, began to loosen, to flow, to circulate and carry the water to other parts of my body that so desperately needed it. Inch by inch, drop by drop, I came back from the brink.

After some amount of time I had enough water in my system to open my eyes. There was a fire burning low a few feet off to my left, it was dark and no one was around. I had a blanket that smelled of dust and animal pulled up to my chin and a roll of cloth under my head acting as a pillow. I heard a rustling noise and then the scratch of claws on stone. Presently the largest black bird I had ever seen walked into circle of light made by the fire. It's eyes glinted with more then firelight as it stared at me.

For a moment I thought it was going to jump on me and peck my eyes out and carry them away to feed it's young ones. Not I could have stopped him. Still, he sat patiently, looking at me across the flickering firelight. I couldn't talk well enough yet to form a sentence, so I thought at it.

*Have you got any poetry for me there, mister bird? Perhaps a little Poe, what do you think? 'Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary...' This is a dreary night isn't. And I'm weary, I don't know about you.*

It felt absurd that I was having conversation with a bird, but I was past caring. I hadn't spoken to anyone but the voices in my head in so long that this was a welcome respite.

*I think I'm dying. It's not as bad as I thought it would be. I didn't think I could but I guess I was wrong. It's okay though. I'm just so tired. You must get tired too, having to flap those big wings all the time.*

It cocked its head, studying me with its one diamond black eye.

*I wonder if I can remember any more of it. I never did pay to much attention in Mrs. Moores' class. She had this annoying habit of making us break down the poems and analyze each and every word to the point where took all the fun out of it. Let me see now...I've got it. This fits you, I think, Mr. Bird:

'Much I marveled this ungainly fowl to hear discourse so plainly, Though it's answer little meaning- little relevancy bore; For we cannot help agreeing that no living human being ever yet was blest with seeing bird above his chamber door- Bird or beast upon the sculptured bust above his chamber door, with such a name as–'

['Nevermore'. Well don't look so surprised, you think I haven't heard that before? If I had a dollar for every time I've had that spouted at me by some smart-ass human...well I'd be the richest damn raven you ever heard of. Fucking Poe and his bloody raven.]


[No matter.] The huge bird walked over to me and studied me more closely. [I think you might be able to handle some food now. I will return.]

He turned and trotted a few feet and disappeared seamlessly into the night. I heard the flap of his massive wings and felt the rush of air as he took flight.

I think I slept for awhile, I don't know. I remember watching the low flames of the fire as my body moved towards recovery and sort of phasing in and out. Maybe it was sleep, maybe it wasn't, it doesn't matter, I suppose. Time passed and the stars circled overhead and the fire burned on.

I was startled out of my stupor when a sack dropped down in front of me with a Samurai Sam's logo on it.

"Eat it slowly," A figure said as it stepped over my form on the ground and walked around to the other side of the fire. He turned and sat down smoothly, cross-legged, and began to dig into his own bag. I looked at the stranger and found he looked very familiar. Or rather his aura did. It was almost the same red-orange glow I'd seen on...Coyote. He looked similar about the face too, but his was more angular, his nose a little sharper, his cheekbones more defined. His hair hung straight off his head in long, black sheets.

"Thanks." I pulled it open and grabbed the bowl out and cracked the top, the smell of grilled chicken and their awesome teriyaki sauce wafting up from inside. My instinct was to just throw my face into the bowl and suck it down, but I could feel his eyes on me, waiting for me to try something so stupid. Instead I picked up the black plastic fork and took a small amount and brought it delicately to my chapped lips. Christ, but it was good. I'd never had anything so good in all my life. Then again, he could have brought me a bag of steaming dog shit and I probably would have ate it just the same

"Good," He said. "I'm not in the mood to feed you myself." And then, exactly like Coyote, he seemed to completely forget my presence and focus on his meal. Knowing better than to try and have a conversation while he was eating, I ate my bird-like little bites in silence. I found that even though I hadn't eaten in days, I couldn't get that much down. After barely half the bowl, I felt like my stomach was bursting at the seams. I lay back with a groan and closed my eyes, feeling my body go to work repairing the damage; devouring the food for energy. It wasn't all that pleasant either. It's like that itch you get when you have a nasty cut that's scabbing over and healing. It itches like a bastard but you can't scratch it.

Sunrise came and with it, a newly healed me. I'd spent much of the night shivering and breaking out in cold sweats, and He was there the whole time. He'd bring water if I got thirsty or feed me a few more bites of the food, but never said a word.

"Thank you for last night. For the food and...staying with me."

He was sitting across from me, staring at me over the fire, completely passive and sucking on a toothpick leftover from dinner the night before.

"Well don't get all gooey on me, I had to get you well enough to leave, didn't I? You were killing all the wildlife. Are you feeling better?"

"I'm really hungry, but I think I'll be okay. What wildlife?"

"You didn't think you survived out here this long on your charm, did you?" He frowned at me, the lines etching deep crevices in his face.

"I...don't know. Hermes said I couldn't die, I figured I'd just... I don't know what. I had to get away from everyone. I'm dangerous..." My voice trailed off.

"More than you know," he mumbled to himself. "Still, you cannot stay out here. Did you ever stop to wonder why the buzzards didn't come to peck at your flesh while you lay unconscious for hours at a time on the desert floor? Or the scorpion to sting you, the snake to sink in his fangs? Take a look around you. Every plant within sight is dried up and dead. Every creature that crawls or walks within a hundred yards is dead. Every animal that didn't have sense to turn around and walk back when it felt the wrongness of the area is now dead."

I looked around and saw the few cacti in the vicinity, also a few bushes here and there, and saw that they were in fact all dead. "I did all that? I didn't mean to." Fuck...even when I try to get away so I don't hurt anyone I still end up hurting things.

"Let that be a lesson in running from your problems. As for this," he waved his hand around him, indicating all the dead plants, "your body has a built in need to survive. The abilities you now possess have amplified that need. Since you saw fit to let yourself starve to death here in the wilderness, it looked for other ways to keep you going. Wherever it found life it began to steal it. Plants, animals, insects, algae, fungus, all of it. Anything with even the lowest levels of life had it sucked away to keep you going. And for what? Are you any better off now?"

"Look, cut me a fucking break, alright!" I yelled. "What was I supposed to do. I have all this shit dropped in my lap and no one tells me anything. I get mind-fucked by a fairy and no one tells me anything. I go crazy and some voice in my head causes me to almost kill a girl and still! No one tells me anything. And you want to come here and lecture me about some goddamn scorpions? If this is what you've come here to say then fuck-off because I don't need it right now."

For a second I thought he was going to get angry and do something unpleasant, but after a moment of silence between us, he cracked a smile at me and then laughed.

"What?" I asked. "What's so funny?"

"It's good to see you still have some fight left in you. I would hate to think I sat here all last night for nothing."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I'm not about to leave a job half-finished." He explained. "If I left you and you just kept walking on until you were right back in the situation I found you in last night, it would have wasted my time. And I don't like to waste my time. Not that I don't have enough of it, but wasting time leads to being lazy and I have far to much time on my hands to spend it being lazy."

I sat up, cross-legged and let my head sink down into my hands in a weary frustration. Nothing around me made any sense. He was right, I couldn't escape from my problems. Walking myself through the desert hadn't helped one bit and I had nothing to show for it but torn up clothes and a smell that would drop an elephant at a hundred paces. Damn I needed a shower.

"Who are you, anyway?" I asked into my hands. "It seems like I can't take a piss without running into one God or another."

"You do seem to attract a lot of attention your way, this is true. My most common name is Raven, but different people have called me different things through the centuries."

"That's why you look so familiar, you're Coyote's brother. He mentioned you. That bird last night, that was you too? Or was that a hallucination?" I looked up at him.

"No, that was me." Raven said.

"And the rabbit? The one who started reciting Jabberwocky. Is he a God to? Surely not every animal running around can talk and read."

"Fiver? No, he's not a real rabbit. Not in the traditional sense anyway. Think of him more as a spirit of the desert. One of them. He found a human once who could talk with him and the human taught him poetry. Now he's convinced that the only other humans that are worth talking to are ones who can recite poetry as well. It's sort of a mark of intelligence to him. Chances are that if you hadn't been able to answer him in verse he would have simply left you here to die.

"Fiver isn't even his real name, just something he picked for himself. He got the name from a book the human read to him."

"I saw this movie once, Jack Nickolson was in it. This lady came to his door and was talking about something, I don't know what it was now, but he looked at her and said 'Sell crazy somewhere else, we're all stocked up here'. That's how I feel right about now. I've got more crazy than I can handle and life is still finding new ways to pile it on. Fucking talking rabbits." He simply stared at me. "How is it that all this happens, all you gods running around and talking rabbits and water sprites and all of it...how does it go on and we don't notice?"

Raven snorted. "Humanity has traded mystery and wonder for science and logic. You don't pay attention, to put it bluntly. You've all become to busy with your cars and cell phones and Must See TV to take a moment and look around and be mystified by a thunderstorm. On the latter though, I can't say I blame you. Jennifer Aniston is pretty tasty." He winked at me. "Even my people, it saddens me to say. Some still keep the old ways, but there are less and less each passing year."

He got quiet and seemed to be looking into the past, remembering who knows what. "I'm sorry," I told him.

Raven blinked and refocused on me and said, "Oh, don't worry, it's not your fault. It's as it must be. Everything has its time and all things die. I'll probably even die one day, who knows. You, however, need to get back to your life. You solve nothing out here. Are you feeling well enough to transport yourself back to the city, or do you need me to take you?"

"No, I think I'll be alright." I said. "Can you tell me something though?"

"If I can."

"Do you know what's going on with me? Why I was chosen, what Set wants with me? What that thing was in my head. He's still there. He started talking to me before you showed up. Can you tell me anything?"

He took a deep breath and studied me for a moment, I guess deciding how much he wanted to share. "Well what do you think they have you for?"

"I've sort of pieced together why they do it, I think. They get some kind of power transfer, they're feeding off me or something."

"That's amazingly close to the truth." He stopped for a moment, gathering his thoughts. "Everything in the universe, all of it, has energy, protons and neutrons and all that. Even the rock you're sitting on, as dead as it is, has energy stored in it. Animals even more so, because they are alive. That life force gives them power. Animates them. And what are you if not a smarter version of animal. You follow?"


"When you move your body it expends energy. Very low amounts, even when you're exerting yourself, but energy nonetheless. It goes out into...nothing." He waved his hands up towards the sky to illustrate the point. "It just fades away into the background noise of the universe and is slowly absorbed. Think of dropping a pebble into a pond. The ripples spread out and you can watch them go, but eventually you can't see them anymore. The force is used up, the energy spent, and it's absorbed back into the passive energy of the water."

"Yeah," I said. "I see what you mean."

"You are the pebble. Since you have been given these powers, you are creating a lot bigger ripples. That little pebble now becomes the size of a car. Whenever you use one of their gifts it sends off that energy. Zeus, and in turn, the rest of his brood, harness that energy and feed off of it. Instead of floating off into the cosmos, it is channeled directly to him."

I'd figured about as much, although he did fill in a lot of gaps for me. I still didn't know why though, so I asked him.

"The power, plain and simple."

"But what do you need it for, you're Gods."

"But we aren't worshipped anymore. Most of us. Worship is an act that expends energy. When it's spent in worship, it is like a gift of power to us. The same is true for animal sacrifices. It makes us stronger. When the life is released it is sent to us. Why do you think that was the rage for so many millennia? We are inherently powerful just being who we are, but worship, sacrifice, and people like you amplify our strength. Zeus does it for exactly that reason.

"It's why Set wants you. He doesn't have the power or the resources it takes to find a human on his own, so he hangs around like a hyena, waiting for larger animals to bring down the prey and then coming in to steal the carcass if he can."

"I see."

"Zeus should have told you this, or had Hermes tell you, when you were gifted, but he fears you will betray him if you know the details. It takes a lot of work searching for a human that can handle the power they've placed in your hands. It takes a special human to handle the gifts. If the wrong person is chosen and the gifts bestowed their mind will be destroyed and their soul obliterated and scattered into the void of the universe. I've seen it happen before, it is a horrible way to die. It might take them decades to find another human, assuming they choose correctly, or if they lost you to Set or some other second rate god or goddess."

"It would have been nice to know this upfront," I said moodily.

"Probably," Raven said, "but what if you used that knowledge to try and find yourself a better deal? Humans have a surprising capacity for greed. You find Set and offer your newly bestowed powers to him in exchange for whatever he might be offering and Zeus is left high and dry. Surely you can see his position?"

"Yeah, but that's stupid," I argued. "If he had just been upfront with me about it, I would have trusted him more. All this cloak and dagger bullshit doesn't make me want to be his friend. What reason has he given me to trust him?"

Raven nodded his head in agreement. "You're probably right, but Zeus doesn't necessarily think that way. He fears that everyone will betray him at the first opportunity, exactly as he would if the situation was reversed. He would rather not take the chance at what he sees as a certainty that you will betray him given the chance. He gives you only the bare minimum of knowledge that you need, and tries to hide the fact that there are options open to you. Not that I would call Set an option. And neither should you," He said pointedly. "Zeus isn't really isn't so bad as far as us deities go. You've just got to get past his flaming narcissism and mistrust of all those around him.

"Now," he said, "I've run my lips enough for one day. It's not my style to get mixed up in the affairs of other Gods. It's much safer to avoid these kinds of things. For as old as he is, Coyote is still foolish that way. He put himself in a great deal of danger by warning you about Set. It's not what you would call...polite in our world."

"He said he owed Hermes a favor." I told him.

"Yes, well he sure picked a dangerous time to repay it, putting himself between Set and something he wants."

"Have you two made up?"

"I'll probably pop over and see him after awhile. I'm never really mad at him. Annoyed, yes, but never really angry." He said.

"Then why do it," I asked. "That's why he owed Hermes a favor, he said you were after him for messing with your girlfriend and Hermes helped him hide out."

"It's all part of the game, human." He said with a tranquil smile, as if that explained everything.

I was chaffing under all this human/mortal stuff. It didn't seem like it was to much trouble to ask to be referred to by name. "I have a name, you know."

"All you mortals look alike to me." I glared at him, but found him grinning back at me.

"Will I go crazy again?"

"That's up to you. You fought it off once, you could do it again."

"What was it?"

Raven shook his head and brushed his hands off on his jeans and stood up. "Nope, sorry, that's all you're getting out of me. I've said enough. It's time for me to leave and for you to get back. You've been missing for almost two weeks, people are getting worried."

"I've been out here for two weeks?" That seemed impossible. As hard as I tried I could only pick out a few individual days of my life since I left the hospital.

"From what I understand you spent three days knocked out in the hospital, and since then you've been out here. You know your way back, I trust?"

"Yes," I told him. "I'll be fine."

"I would leave you with this little bit of knowledge though."

"What's that?" I looked up at him.

"Guilt is perhaps the most worthless of all human emotions. Even we cannot go back and change the past. Instead of feeling guilty about your mistake, vow to never repeat it. Make amends if you must, but do not waste your energy on guilt. It serves no purpose.

"Oh and don't litter."

He winked at me and then his body shimmered and reformed until he was back into the shape of the bird. Very Dracula-esque. His wings flapped to keep himself aloft; they must have been four feet long from tip to tip. He circled our little campsite twice and then took off to the north, becoming nothing more than a black speck after just a few moments and then not even that.

"I wonder where his clothes go when he does that...?" I said out loud to no one. I got to my feet, the dirt that was caked to my pants coming off in large flakes, and looked around. Raven was right; I couldn't stay out here. Much to my surprise I found that I didn't really want to die. Now that I had some food in me and was back to relatively normal health, I wanted to stay that way. You could almost say I was happy to be alive.

[So glad you decided to live.]

*Fuck-off, I didn't do it for you.*

[We're together now, you and me. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.]

*You try any shit like that again and I'll jump us into the sun.*

[Yeah, whatever. Get us out of here, you stink so bad even I can smell it.]

*I mean it.* But he was silent. I felt him retreating into the back of my mind, like a spider scurrying down his hole. Waiting. I left it alone; I figured I'd have plenty of time to deal with him later.

I picked up the trash, dumped out the rest of the water on the smoldering embers of the fire, and jumped.

"Hey Kristel."

Kristel gave a start and spun around from where she'd set her keys on the counter top to see me sitting on the couch in the dark.

"Stephen? Oh my god, where have you been!" She rushed over and sat next to me and curled into my arms. She smelled so good. Her spring scent worked it's way into my body and started to warm a place inside of me that I hadn't noticed was cold until that moment. I wrapped my arm around and held her close. "I was afraid you were dead. I woke up and you weren't here and the cops were banging on the door–."

"Why were the cops here?" I asked her.

"They were doing a door-to-door of the entire complex." She said. "They wanted to know what happened to the swimming pool area, they were asking if anyone had seen anything. I went out and looked after they left, you should have seen it. It looked like someone came through with a bulldozer. They were a little curious why you weren't around. They've called a few times, I think you're the only one left they haven't spoken to."

"I'm not worried about that." I told her. "If they call again I'll talk to them. Have you been okay?"

"You mean besides worrying about you? Yeah, peachy, great, never better. Just fine, thanks. Why didn't you call me or something." She looked up at me and her eyes were wounded. "Your old job called and said that they had to let you go, your sister has called several times looking for you and I have to keep playing it off. I didn't know what I was supposed to tell her."

"I'll call her."

"Where did you go?" she said quietly. She really had been worried about me. Color me surprised. I wasn't used to this new and warmer Kristel. We'd spent so much time not talking, not being close or sharing anything about ourselves, that I was still having trouble getting used to the fact that underneath she was soft and delicate. She missed me.

And what exactly was I supposed to tell her? Well Kristel, this fairy thing see, it tried to take over my mind and I went crazy and blew up the pool and almost came back and raped and killed you but instead raped and nearly killed some twenty-one year old college student and spent the last two weeks half-dead in the desert before I was saved by a talking rabbit and a big bird that fed me teriyaki chicken. Yeah, sure.

"I..." Shit. Nothing was ever easy. "Some things came up. It had to with the powers; it's part of what I can't tell you. If I could I would but..."

"Stephen, are you okay? You seem different. Did something bad happen?"

The memory came back to me of standing in front of her bedroom door, with that thing riding my mind, and smelling her through the wood. The memory of how close I had come. A shudder broke through my defenses and she felt every twitch.


"No, I'm fine. I promise, it's just been a rough couple of weeks. I'm sorry I didn't tell you anything, it was sort of sudden and I didn't have a chance to call you. I did miss you though. I thought about you a lot." I brought my hand up and ran it through her hair, tucking a strand back behind her ear and letting my fingers form around her neck.

"Really? What about?" She pulled a little tighter to me.

"How you sing to yourself sometimes when you're moving around the house. The way you'll start the day with your hair up and then have it down by the afternoon. And something I just found out recently, how soft you look when you're sleeping."

"Aw, babe that's so sweet."

"I've been thinking."

"About what," she asked.

"We should get a bigger apartment." I told her. "Or a house maybe, out in Scottsdale. Or, fuck it, how about Rome or something. This place just doesn't seem fitting to someone who makes as much as I do now. And there's no reason why we have to stay in Phoenix."

"You think? How much money do you make, anyway? If you don't mind my asking."

"Umm...a lot. It's not just one job that's paying me now, it's more like twenty something. If I did my math right, I should be a millionaire by the end of next month."

"Holy shit!" Kristel exclaimed.

"I know, huh. What do you think I should spend it on?"

"I think that that's something we can talk about later," she said. I liked that she didn't care about the money. She kissed me softly on the neck and the feeling brought the hairs up along both my arms. Her hand came up behind my head and pulled it down to hers. Our lips met and our tongues greeted like long-lost friends. My heart stepped up its rhythm and I began to breathe hard through my nose. I pulled Kristel tight to me, suddenly needing her close. I needed something clean and pure after the nightmare I'd been through. I twisted and eased her down, laying myself along side her, letting my hands roam as our kissing continued. I stopped briefly to catch my breath and look at her.

Her hair was long and golden spread out against the black leather. Her eyelids came open slowly and her sapphire eyes gazed lazily up at me. I pushed back the hair off of her forehead and we sat for a moment in silence.

"It's not fair to kiss a girl like you do and then leave, you know that, right?"

"I'm sorry, babe. Anything I can do to make it up to you?"

"Oh, I don't know" She said slowly.

I began to unbutton her shirt and when I had it about halfway down, began to kiss her neck. She placed her hands up on the back of my head and let her fingers play through my hair. I kissed the hollow of her neck and then worked my way down between her breasts while she thought over what my penance would be. I gave my lips a little magic tingle as they worked so that each touch against her skin spread sensuous warmth through her body.

"I was thinking that –Oh wow– that you could do that –Mmhmm– that thing you did in the Arch. When you made it feel like there were –God that's good– hands and lips all over me." She sucked air into her mouth as I worked my way up the mound of her tit, pushing her bra aside with my nose.

"That can be arranged." I mumbled into her flesh.

I picked her up and cradled her body in my arms and got up to go in her room. She put her arm around my neck and peppered my neck with kisses as I walked the short distance. She was doing things with her tongue that made it hard to keep walking.

"A little impatient, are we?" I asked her.

"It's been a lonely two weeks."

So very lonely. I brought her in the darkened room, only a dull light working through the curtains over her window from a light outside, and placed her gently down on the bed. I picked out the candles she had spaced around the room on various shelves and table-tops and, with a little mental flick, brought them all to life. Soft orange light danced in the corners and bathed her skin in their tender radiance. An intoxicating aroma of Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and Vanilla filled the room and we both breathed in deep.

She lay waiting in the bed, the light and shadows playing across her skin in wonderful harmony and again I was taken by the subtle beauty of her. Her eyes were deep blue pools of sensuality that glimmered in the candlelight, inviting me in. There was solace in those eyes. She didn't know what I had done, of the life I had almost stolen. I could escape into her eyes for a time and everything would be all right.

No words were spoken as I picked up each foot and took off her shoes and socks. She lay still as I unbuttoned her pants and slowly pulled the zipper down and began to slide them over her hips and down her legs, leaving her plain white cotton panties on for now. I moved my hands over her thighs, simply taking joy in caressing her softness. I finished unbuttoning her shirt and spread it open and exposed her stomach, again letting my hands ride over her skin, feeling the tickle of peach-fuzz as it ran over the ridges in my fingertips. I felt her stomach quiver as her breath quickened. I'd tickled her a little.

She had a bra that opened from the front so I didn't have to break the mood by sitting her up and taking it off the hard way. I was in no rush to get her naked; it was fine for her to be in the half-undressed state that I had her. I unclasped the bra and slid the two sides off, exposing her breasts to the air and moved my hand up between them until it was around her neck. I closed my fingers over her throat gently but firmly, and then pulled my hand back between the two mounds of flesh to her midsection.


"Shhh... Not yet." I said quietly. With my hand resting lightly over her warm skin I focused on her and went about fulfilling her request. I moved into her mind and began to manipulate her senses. She was flooded with warmth and in the wake of that I gave her the sensation of fingers running lightly down her spine. I coupled that with kisses on her thighs and nibbles on her ear lobes.

Her body responded in kind. She was rolling and undulating on the bed as she tried to make sense of each new sensation. The tickle of her back, the caress of her inner thighs and the earlobes were all fighting in her mind for dominance, each demanding to be enjoyed. One was more than enough to get her going; all three of them together were pushing her into slow state of ecstasy. I let her simmer for a few moments while I basked in the feelings coming back to me from my link with her

*Do you think you could handle more?*

Her face twisted into a playful smile. {I can handle anything you want to give me.}

*You think so, huh?* I teased.

"Try me," she taunted.

"As you wish." I increased the pressure and gave her the feeling of my mouth on her lips. It was easier now. I remembered before trying to hold this much activity in my head and conduct it had been extremely difficult. It's like walking, chewing gum, rubbing your stomach, patting your head and reciting all the states in alphabetical order, all at the same time. No easy feat. I think the most I cold manage before was three different sensations before my head began to pound. Now, however, this was coming easy. I had the feeling that I could have added five more sensations for her and juggled chainsaws one-handed. That was something to ponder.

Kristel was panting and a string of moans issued from her mouth as I continued. I'm a giver, that's what I am. I smiled and moved my hand down to the hem of her panties, gliding my fingers across it, taking my time. I could smell the dampness coming from her pussy and it made my mouth water and my lips tingle. I brought my finger down the fabric and immediately felt the heat and wetness growing there. I pushed my finger in, finding the crevice between the lips of her pussy and slid it slowly up and down. Kristel felt that cried out.

"Oh god! Ohhhhh my god!"

"You like that?" I teased.

"Uh-huh," she panted. "Ohh fuck, what are you doing to me?"

"Oh...a little of this, a little of that." I gave her nipples a mental nibble, making her twitch and groan.

"Don't stop!"

"Oh," I assured her, "I have no intention of stopping."

I grabbed the sides of her panties and tugged them down. She had enough presence of mind to raise her hips up slightly and I got them all the way down around her ankles, pulling them off and tossing them aside. Her pussy was all in shadow, the candle light glinting softly off the top of her little racing stripe and descending down into that delicious darkness. My fingers danced along her thighs, inching closer to their target as Kristel lost herself in the sensations I was fed her. As fun as this was, I wanted a more hands on approach. Pun intended.

I cocked her right leg, bringing it up to my face, and kissed the inside of her knee. Watching her body bend and sway, I moved my hand between her legs and placed the tip of my finger at the bottom of her drenched pussy. Her eyes opened and she watched me with a smile as I moved it up and down, moistening it. I circled her clit, which brought a little gasp from her, and slowly eased my finger into her pussy. She welcomed me with a long sigh, pushing her hips forward trying to capture more of it.

"Ooo, that's nice." She whispered to me. Her eyes closed and she began to move her hips in time with the little thrusts of my finger. I moved my thumb over her clit and pressed downward, making her whimper and move her hips faster.

"Yessss. Stephen, make me cum! Harder!" she commanded.

She was on fire. I slid a second finger into her snatch and made little circle movements with my thumb. She pushed into my hand and her chest began to heave as she approached her orgasm. Everything happening to her at once was sending her over the edge. My "lips" were still on her nipples, the nibbles on her earlobes, the kissing of her lips... she was brimming over. It was like having every member of an orgy focus totally on one member.

"That's it! Right there! Yes!" A long groan issued from her mouth, followed by several pants as her chest pumped up and down. "Uh...Oh god! Stephen I'm cumming!" The way she said it, the 'ing' drug out for three or four seconds and built in pitch. I held my hand still, letting her cum, as her muscles clenched, her pussy gripping my fingers, and her back drawing up a few inches from the bed until, like a wave crashing on the shore, she collapsed and lay shuddering. Bit by bit I pulled back from her mind, letting her swim in the pool of her ecstasy as I sat beside her caressing her legs.

Just when I thought she might be falling asleep on me, she brought her leg up and kicked me in the arm. Hard. "Ow! What was that for?"

Her face curved into a scowl that didn't reach her eyes, which were twinkling playfully in the candlelight. "For not seducing me months ago, ya' big idiot."

"I couldn't do all the things I can do now months ago."

"Yeah, but you could have still been doing that. You've got great hands." She told me.

"I had to do something," I told her. "I'm not that good looking, so I found other areas to excel at."

"I think you're cute." She sat up and pulled me to her and kissed me hard. Her tongue invaded my mouth as her hands clawed at my back through my shirt. She broke away as she tugged the shirt over my head. "It's my turn now."

"Well, I wasn't keeping score–"

"Shh!" She commanded. "You talk to much sometimes."

*If you say so* I winked at her.

"Hey!" she scolded. "None of that either. Just sit back and enjoy." She pushed me backwards onto the bed and straddled my hips, pushing down on my cock that had long ago gotten hard, and rubbed her hands over my chest. She leaned down, her tits dangling like the most delicious fruits god ever designed, and kissed me. She didn't stay in one place long, she kissed my neck and my shoulder, biting lightly as she went. The way her breath tickled my skin was probably the best part. It flowed warm from her mouth and sent shivers to all my extremities.

Kristel clawed lightly down my chest with just the right amount of pressure to hurt and feel good, drawing little red lines up from my flesh. Her shirt still hung open and loose on her, creating the sexiest darkness in its folds. The flaps draped around her as she leaned forward and continued to massage my chest. God, she was beautiful. I'm happy now, but sometimes I wonder what would have happened if it had been Kristel and not... Well, that's for later.

Kristel's eyes were in shadow as well, but I could see the glimmer of light from deep under the cascade of her hair. She watched me as her hands moved downward to the waist of my pants and she pulled at them, snapping the button free with ease and scooting back to slide the zipper down. She slinked down to her knees in front of me and pulled my pants down, leaving the boxers on, where my dick tented prominently underneath. Her hand quickly worked into the hole in the front wrapped around the middle, giving it a firm squeeze, drawing out a gasp from me.

(Ladies, never underestimate the shear pleasure a guy feels just from having your hand around his dick. It's awesome. Sure, we grab it all the time, but it's like trying to tickle yourself: It's just not the same unless someone else is doing it.)

Anyway, continuing on.

Kristel pulled her clenched hand up slowly, rounding her fingers around the head of my dick, and sliding it all the way to the base where she gave it a tug and popped it through the front of my shorts.

"Mmm, that feels good." I told her.

"You're not the only one with a few tricks, you know."

"Of course not."

She moved in slow, bending her head and letting her hair fall over my dick, and moved it in circles sending shivers down my spine. I felt something warm and soft slide over the head of my cock, followed quickly by the quick strike of a tongue before she moved on. Kristel's head turned a bit and she began to kiss the side of the shaft downward and when she got to the base, moved to the other side and kissed her way back up. She moved slowly, taking pleasure in the act, drawing it out, making me suffer in the most wondrously tormented way.

Her free hand moved up and grabbed my balls and began to massaging and tugging at them, and her other hand began it's slow slide up my cock. I was in agony. I don't think I'd ever wanted to cum so badly in my life and she was somehow keeping me on the cusp. I told you she was good.

"Kuh! Kristel, oh my god!" She hadn't even swallowed me yet and I was so turned on my legs where shaking. I wanted nothing more than to grab the back of her head and push her mouth all the way onto my cock, but that's not my style. Instead I let her go on her own, but told her that whatever she was going to do, to do it fast.

She clicked her tongue at me. "Aww, my poor baby. Does he want me to suck on his cock?"

"Uh-huh" The tremor that was in my legs was moving up to my waist and stomach as her hand traveled with geologic slowness up and down the shaft of my dick. I couldn't resist, I had to do something. I started to bring my hands up to her head, not to force her, but to maybe gently persuade her to go where I wanted.

"Ah ah ah" she said, backing away a little bit and shaking my hands free from her head. "If you interfere I stop and you'll be left to finish up on your own. You don't want that, do you?" The hand around my balls squeezed enticingly.

"But, but–" I sputtered.

"That's the deal. Hands back at your sides if you want me to continue." She smiled sweetly at me.

I hesitated a second to long and Kristel started to release the base of my cock. Getting that she was serious, I dropped my hands back to indicate my submission.

"Okay, you win. I can't take to much of this though."

"Don't worry babe, I'll take good care of you." She said in a voice that moved over me like silk; heavy and slick with promise. I threw my head back and could only moan as she started again.

Her hand wrapped itself back around my twitching cock and she began her slow journey back to the top. Her mouth was close; I could feel the breath swirling around the tip as she breathed. I shoved a pillow under my head to prop myself up just in time to see her bend my cock towards her face and rub the tip over her lips.

"Kristel. Ohhhh Christ!" I grabbed a fistful of sheet in each hand and tugged. Her head dipped down and her tongue swirled around my balls, probing and curling around each one individually, her hand still working on my cock that was now shiny with precum. I felt her close her lips around one and suck, pulling outward and stretching it until it was pulled tight, then relaxing and pulling the other one in her mouth to repeat the process.

"I think you're ready now." Kristel whispered up to me. "And I hate seeing you suffer so much. Look at you, you're shaking so hard you're going to fall off the bed."

I don't know if it would have gone that far, but it did feel like I was shaking something loose. My dick was swollen and pulsing, and I was breathing in pants.

"Kristel," I pleaded, "let me cum. Please let me cum!"

"All you had to do was beg." She gave me a wicked little grin and at long last, brought her lips to my cock. They parted like the gates of heaven and her tongue snaked out and swirled around the head of my cock, collecting the moisture it found there and adding a bit of its own. Her luscious, fabulous, delicious lips molded themselves around my dick and she sunk down and brought heaven with her.

I pushed my hips up and groaned and felt myself close to cumming already. Under normal circumstances I would have felt a little self-conscious about that, cumming so fast, but the woman had done unnatural things to my cock and there was just no avoiding it. Kristel knew it and was prepared. Her head started to pick up speed and she tightened her grip as her hand worked in conjunction with her mouth. Her cheeks caved in on the upstroke and I felt that delicious suction on my cock.

Kristel took her mouth off and jacked it quick several times, using the moment to catch her breath. "I like this part," she whispered to me before her mouth resumed its work.

Her lips closed back around my cock and she slid down, her teeth catching slightly in a way that I felt was deliberate. The extra sensation made me jump and it hurt a bit, but her tongue quickly soothed the sting and I fell deeper into the world of my ecstasy.

My orgasm was building with a quickness. The muscles in my thighs began to contract, my toes curled in on themselves and my breath became ragged. Kristel's pace picked up and her hand tugged at my balls, rolling them softly in her fingers. She came about halfway down on my cock and stopped, applying pressure and working it with her tongue as her other hand moved up and down beneath her lips. I couldn't handle it anymore and with a loud cry I exploded into her mouth.

My hips pushed forward, Kristel's head moving up in response, and my body began to twitch and spasm. I felt her mouth working to swallow the seemingly endless amounts of cum that came shooting from my dick. God I love that feeling. It's more mental than physical. It's like the knowing what she's doing heightens the otherwise mundane feeling. Then there's the soft swallowing sounds that soon follow. I heard the slurping noises as air was drawn in form around her lips as she worked to get all of it down and the mental picture of her was enough to draw one more spasm out of my sexually tortured body.

She kept going, long after my balls had been emptied and I held out as long as I could before I couldn't stand it anymore and had to pull away. I lay breathing heavily as I felt Kristel get up a moment. I heard her sink come on and a moment later she was back. Her body came down softly next to mine and I opened my arm to her, cuddling her in my embrace.

"Sorry, had to get some water." She said.

"No problem." I told her, "I like it and everything, but you don't have to swallow if you don't like it."

"Oh I like it," she said. "I mean I like how it makes me feel and I like how it makes you feel, but that doesn't mean it tastes like honey."

"How does it make you feel?"

"Mmm, kind of naughty," she said. Kristel turned in to me and brought her leg up over my waist and draped her leg casually between mine, her calf pressing pleasantly up against my cock.

"Well you're welcome to it anytime you like," I said with a grin.

"Har har," Kristel said, chuckling. "I bet I am."

I turned my head slightly and kissed her forehead and luxuriated in her warmth. My breathing began to slow as my heartbeat resumed its normal beating and I felt the same in Kristel. Her hand had stopped its slow caress of the hair on my chest as she slowly settled in to sleep. Sleep came to me like a slow tide on a moonlight night and for the first time in days I was blissfully free of dreams.

"So, who's Katie?"

I rolled over slowly, stretching my arms out over my head, before promptly burying my head back into the pillow. It was too early to be up. Around noon, but still much to early.

"Whmph?" is all I mumbled by way of reply.

"Katie," Kristel repeated, "Is she a friend of yours?"

I turned over and slipped up beside her, wrapping my arm around her and pulling her close, so we were spooning. "Yes, a friend. I met her right before I left a couple of weeks ago. She called?"

"Yes, a few times. She sounded kind of upset that you weren't calling her back." Kristel didn't sound mad, not like jealous, I think she was just a little surprised that I'd apparently had someone else on the side. Maybe she was just curious about how she would fit in with Katie also in the picture. It was taking a lot of self-discipline not to read her mind, but a promise was a promise. I hate being so damned honest.

"I met her at Gameworks, we spent the night together at the Hilton."

"You took her to the Hilton?" Now she was jealous.

"I'd have been happy to take you babe, but it was when you were taking the time to think about my proposal. I took Carlos and Brandon out for some fun and met her along the way."

I pushed my nose into the folds of her hair and breathed deep, feeling sleep tug at me again. Her nude body fit so nicely against mine and she smelled so good. She was made for relaxing next to. I stroked her arm idly and kissed her shoulder a few times for good measure. Kristel responded by scooting back into me wrapping her arm around where mine was draped over stomach.

"Just as long as you take me, I guess I can forgive you."

What? That didn't work. To much shit had happened there, I'd never stay in a Hilton again, not ever.

"Um, I don't think that's such a great idea." I said slowly. I was awake now. I'd been doing okay putting it out of my mind until then, but the thought of going back, even as an idle comment, I couldn't handle that. I pulled away from her warmth and got up to go take a shower.


I left her room without responding and went to my bathroom, shutting the door. I was all stirred up now; I needed a few moments to myself. I turned on the shower and stood under the steaming water, shivering in spite of the heat, and tried to calm myself. It helped some, the water worked to relax some of the muscles in my back that seemed to get tense all of a sudden. I soaped up, rinsed and got out, feeling a little guilty that'd I'd been so short with Kristel.

I went to my room and put on some clean cloths and knocked softly on Kristel's door.


I pushed it open and walked in, staying near the doorway. I could tell she was upset with me; I didn't need to read her mind to figure that out. She'd been through a lot the last couple of weeks while I was...indisposed, and was not happy that I wasn't letting her in on it. Then abruptly leaving as I had earlier, that didn't help either.

Kristel was sitting up on her bed, the remote in one hand and idly channel surfing. She had put on that little blue dress and an empty bowl of cereal was sitting on her nightstand. She didn't look at me as I came in. I leaned against her vanity and tried to go about apologizing.

"I'm sorry about just now, Kristel. And about leaving like I did."

"Oh, are you?" she said, with an exaggerated tone of disinterest.

"Look, this isn't easy for me."

"Guess what Stephen: Not everything is about you. I didn't ask for you to include me in all of this. So much shit has happened that I still don't know if I believe it. Do you have any idea how unbelievable it is? Have you ever stopped for a minute to think about the stuff that you do? I start thinking that maybe there really is a devil because you must have sold your soul to him."

"No, it's nothing like that?" Although I was beginning to wonder if that wasn't the case.

"Well what then; some super-secret government project? Genetic mutation? Have you been playing out in the desert by Palo Verde? Aliens? What am I supposed to think? You tell me. Put yourself in my shoes and tell me what to think about all of it." She tossed the remote and stood up to face me. Her face was set and her eyes were glaring. "And then you just leave. No note, no phone call, no nothing. You get back and I can tell something's wrong with you, but you won't talk to me, so I'm even more in the dark. Goddamn it, talk to me! Tell me something that makes any kind of sense. Please!"

I wanted to tell her, I wanted to just lay it all out and get it off my chest. Even if she ran screaming after hearing what I was capable of, at least it was out there. It was so much of a burden to carry around. And not just about the powers, but about all of it. How can you ask for forgiveness if you can't confess your sins. Beyond the rules though, I knew it was wrong to shoulder her with that kind of knowledge. Especially about me. Catch-22 anyone?

I sank down to the floor and put my head between my knees. I had to find some way to deal with this or I was going to lose it. Again.

"Kristel, I didn't mean to leave you. I woke up in the middle of the night after we got back and went for a swim. I was out there, just relaxing and...and the fit hit the shan."

"Wait...you were at the pool? Did you do that?" She took a step back.

"Pretty much, yeah."

"Oh my god." That didn't sound good. It must have been worse than I remembered.

"I didn't mean to," I told her, "it was an accident. There was a fight. Some...people, who know about what I can do, don't like it. Rather they don't like what side I'm on. Those people want me fighting for them, I guess you might say."

"Who are you fighting?"

"No one!" I stood up and began pacing. I was to agitated to sit still. Kristel took another step back, which caused her to bump into the bed and she sat down with a little squeak of surprise. "I don't want to fight anyone. I didn't know about all that when I signed up. There's this whole big thing going on between them that has apparently been going on for a long time, and I landed in the middle of it. They didn't bother to inform me. I'm almost as much in the dark as you are. There's so much I wish I could tell Kristel, really. But I can't set that kind of burden on you. I'm sorry, Kristel, but I just can't."

I turned to look at her, to see how she was responding, but wasn't offered much. She was just sitting there, hands in her lap, with a bit of a shocked expression on her face. I went over in front of her and kneeled down, taking her hands in mine. She was a little stiff at first, but she softened up after a moment.

"Look, if you don't want to be involved anymore, I can make it so you don't remember a thing. All of this will go away. I'll understand. You're probably right, I should have never involved you this much."

"Oh Stephen, I don't want to stop. I really like all of this, I do. I'm sorry I yelled at you too." She put her hand on my cheek and gave me a tender look, for which I was grateful for. "I guess we're both having some trouble adjusting. But is it safe? Safe to be around you if you've got these people after you?"

"I think after what happened the other night, they might leave me alone. And I won't let any of them hurt you." I think I needed to reassure myself of that more than her. And could I protect her from myself if He decided to make another bid for control? It had been awfully quiet in my head lately. It made me wonder what he was doing. And what about Set? I didn't get the impression from Raven that Set was one to give up easily.

"What happened after the fight? Where were you the rest of the time?"


"I was going through a lot of stuff...emotionally. I had some things I needed to sort out." To kill myself or not to kill myself, that is the question. "It's better now though. I'm still a little shaken up about it. That's why I hopped out of bed so fast a bit ago. I'm still coming to terms with a lot of things."

"Aw babe, I'm sorry. She leaned down and kissed my forehead. "See."

"See what?"

"See how much better it is when you talk to me."

"Ha! I didn't tell you much." I got up and sat next to her, feeling the tension in the room ease. I pulled her into my arms and gave her a soft kiss.

"Well no, you didn't," she said, after we had broken apart. "But it's not always about how much you say, or even what you say, that's important. You included me. Girls are funny like that sometimes. We have this strange need to know what our boyfriends are up to when they disappear for two weeks."

"I'm your boyfriend now?" I was a bit surprised to hear those words come out of her mouth.

"Well if not, this is the longest one-night stand of my life. Is that going to be okay?"

"Doesn't bother me." I told her. And it didn't. I liked how it sounded when she said it. "Does this mean you don't want to meet Katie? If she'll still talk to me that is. I was hoping to introduce the two of you."

She looked at me for a second, searching my face and then she laughed."I can see what you're thinking before you even say it, buddy."

"What?" I said, all mock innocence. "I think you would have a lot in common with her. Similar taste in men. And stuff." I gave her a big grin.

"Uh-huh." She said in a way that meant I could keep pitching my bullshit all I wanted, she was buying none of it. "Maybe, if you can behave yourself. Now," she said, standing up, "I need a shower. You're not feeling to clean, are you?"

She walked towards her bathroom, crossing her arms and pulling the little blue dress up and over her shoulders and tossing it aside. She glanced back briefly as I watched her nude form disappear around the wall and into her shower. The invitation was obvious. Suddenly I was quite sure I'd never been dirtier in my life.

09-27-2007, 09:28 PM
Gift From A God Ch. 10
by AbbeFaria©

I've had to trim down the sex in this story as it was causing me most of my writers block. I'm betting that most of you agree with the people who have been pleading for this, that even without the hardcore sex you find the story readable. I hope you like it. If not, you're always welcome to tell me.


The Author

I got out of my car and squinted, trying to block out the sun's penetrating rays. The sunglasses I had on made little difference but I wouldn't dare take them off. Winter, summer, fall, it didn't matter; the sun in Arizona is always brutal. If it's not baking you like a thanksgiving turkey then it's burning the retinas out of your skull like a demented twelve year old with a magnifying glass who's just stumbled across an anthill.

I made my way up the manicured walkway, to the front door of Katie's house, and prepared to do some heavy-duty groveling. Yes, you read right: Groveling.

It had been about a week since I'd gotten back from the desert and I had spent the time doing damage control. There were the cops, for one.

"Are you," the uniformed cop looked down at his binder, "Stephen, apartment one forty-eight?"

"Yep, that's me," I said through the crack in the door. "Can I help you with something?"

"I'm Officer Capshaw, I'm looking into the act of vandalism that occurred here the other night. We're just going around getting statements from all the residents. Can I step inside, please?"

"No. What can I do for you?" It was early, I was tired, and not feeling at all polite.

He gave me an annoyed look and began his questioning. "Where have you been the last two weeks? And what can you tell me anything about what happened on the night of October twelfth at the swimming pool area?"

"I've been away on business," I told him, and then moved in to his mind. I figured it would be easier if I did my Jedi Mind Trick then trying to lie in the old fashioned way. "And it doesn't matter about the pool, I had nothing to do with it."

"No," he repeated after me, "Nothing at all. Have a nice day."

I shut the door and crawled back in bed. Easy-peasy, George and Weasy.

Then there was the situation with Brandon and Carlos. I'd almost forgotten about them. It seems that in all the excitement Angela and Tasha were still operating on the commands I had given them at Gameworks. They were basically love slaves to Carlos and Brandon's every whim. While that was all well and good for the guys, it was not what I had intended. I'm not in the business of creating slaves. I had to break it to them gently that both girls had to go back to their lives but as you can imagine, they weren't very happy. Even Carlos was upset. The one who had shown so much reluctance to take a girl in the first place.

"Brandon, all I promised you guys was a night of fun, you can't keep her."

"But...why? We're not hurting them," he complained. "Come on Steve, just a couple more days, please?"

"Yeah Steve, why not." Carlos pleaded.

"Look, I'm not going to sit here and try to explain to you why it's so wrong that you've got two sex slaves." Noticing the lack of females around them I asked, "Where are they, anyway?"

They both shared a look and mild embarrassment and glanced back at me.


"They're back...in the bedroom. Sleeping. Hell, they need it after last night." Carlos tipped his head to the back of the apartment. "We sort of got them together."

I laughed. I couldn't help it, it was funny.

"Steve," Brandon said excitedly, "you should have seen them go at each other. It was the most amazing thing I ever saw. It was like a religious experience."

"Actually he could see it," Carlos said slyly. "We taped it that one night, remember."

"Oh yeah! That was awesome. We should sell that shit. Steve didn't you say that Pasquale guy you had a class with got a job doing a porno site out in Scottsdale? Do you think you could get a hold of him?"

I'd created monsters. So I had to take away their new toys. I softened the blow by getting them both jobs. Carlos at the Arizona Republic doing illustrations, and Brandon at a place called Imperial Litho, one of the largest printers in the world, located in downtown Phoenix. It eased the pain a bit. Angela and Tasha both went home, none the wiser, and that was settled too.

I decided as an after thought to tweak their memories so, while the guys would remember what happened, it wouldn't be directly attributed to me. I figured the less people who knew about what I could do the better. I had been a little too impulsive with telling them and now that I was having some trouble in the Devine department it was safer this way. And fewer things to worry about in the future as well.

From there I went and got my finances straightened out. I had a grand total of three accountants handling my funds (the real ones that had CPA attached to their names) and working in tandem with some investment bankers. I had a diversified portfolio, mutual funds, overseas investments, the works. If you had asked me I couldn't have told you what any of them meant or how they worked, I kept my hands off. I wasn't worried about any of it, that's what I paid them to do. I knew the money would keep coming in no matter what and my debit and credit cards would always work, so that's all I concerned myself with. They even paid the electric bill. I found it hilarious that I would shortly have more money then I could ever spend and I was still living in an apartment that cost a grand total of seven hundred a month, with a patio door that you had to fight to open.

It had also taken me few days to pull the strings I needed to get Katie's present. It was all still new back then and finding people with the right connections had taken a bit of time. I certainly didn't have to go through all the trouble I did, but flowers just seemed to ordinary. Besides, I felt bad. I wanted to get her something nice.

The door to Katie's house was locked, and there were no cars in the driveway but I knew she was home. I'd done a little scan of the place before heading over. It felt very Star Trek-y when I did stuff like that. I could almost hear Captain Picard (or Kirk if you're a classic ST fan) in my head ordering a sensor sweep.

"Mr. Data, send out a deep-space probe to sector alpha-gamma-Katie's house. Look for any signs of parental life. Make it so."

Yeah, so I'm a dork. Deal with it.

The door was locked, but if I can enslave minds, blow up pools and teleport around the world, I could handle a dead bolt. It slid back with a soft thunk and I was in.

I waited in the foyer for a few minutes, getting a feel for the place. Somewhere there was some cinnamon and clove potpourri sending off a very pleasing sent. Someone had eaten biscuits and gravy for breakfast and...they had dog. A little one by the smell of it. Big dogs have a heavier odor. I didn't sense the animal in the house so it was either outside or out with one of the parents. Katie was the only one I was concerned with, anyway. I could hear her upstairs in her room. She was lying on her bed studying, and I could hear her heartbeat thumping rhythmically in her chest, even over the Dave Mathews that was coming from her stereo. Her lavender presence ran all through the house and it was very arousing. I could also smell her mother, she liked Calvin Kline, and her dad apparently went with Polo. It was heavy and musky though. He smelled like a saddlebag.

I knew the layout of the house before I got there. The floor I was standing on, a smooth, lightly colored stone tile, extended out about fifteen feet until it met the back of the couch that was recessed in the floor in what was the formal living room. The stone made a graceful curve and at either end where three carpeted steps let you down in to that level. It faced a very nice entertainment center, all built in to the wall with shelves on either side filled with pictures, some plants and nick-knacks. The shelves ran up about fourteen feet to the bottom of some rectangular windows before you got to the vaulted ceiling. Large, exposed beams, about the size of railroad ties crossed the ceiling and disappeared into the wall over my head.

Just out of site of that and to my left was the kitchen. It was all open, with a large marble topped island in the center that had it's own sink and cooking range, it's larger twin occupying the counter top against the wall. It was very modern and elegant. Katie's father was a contractor, incase you were wondering. Apparently he was doing very well for himself. Which, considering that the housing market in the outlying areas was booming, was no big surprise.

If I stepped out of the foyer and went right I would have found myself walking down a small hallway that led to the master bedroom and an office. To my left, before the kitchen, was a stairway that went to the second floor where there were three bedrooms, the one at the very end and to the left was Katie's. My destination.

I walked quietly up the steps, the packet carrying my gift tucked under my arm, and thought about how I would approach her. I'd hurt her feelings and I resolved not to use any powers on her. If I couldn't win her back on my own then I didn't deserve her.

Which brings us back to the beginning. You're probably wondering why I would bother to try and suck-up. I've got the powers of a god and I'm groveling? I'll explain. We've all heard of the paradigm that absolute power corrupts absolutely. I'm sure it's crossed your mind, dear reader, more then once as you follow my tale. You're waiting for the other shoe to drop, as it were. Here's how I feel it relates to me: It would be so easy to give in and do whatever I wanted. Everyday is a constant struggle between my id, ego and superego. Every time I think about it though, every time I feel like going nuts and taking over the world (something a lot easier to do then you might think) I hear Amber's tortured screams in the back of my head, reminding me of the dangers of going down that road. So I do my best to keep myself acting decent. Well okay, maybe not decent by the traditional sense of the word, but...decent enough. Which is why I wouldn't just go in and take Katie anyway I wanted her. And it's also why I didn't just take Kristel when I had the opportunity.

I approached her door and heard the soft sound of Dave Mathews drifting out. I knocked lightly and waited.

"Yeah, come on in," she said from the other side. I pushed the latch down and the door opened slowly. I could see Katie, she was lying on her stomach in bed, facing the other way, going over her homework. Her ass was covered in some little red cotton shorts with the word 'Sexy' in big yellow letters across the back and she was wearing a plain white t-shirt with little sleeves. The shorts themselves were particularly distracting, stretched over her butt as they were. Sexy indeed. She didn't look up as I came in.


She turned her head quickly at hearing a somewhat unfamiliar voice in her room and it sent her beautiful red hair spinning about in a wide arc. I stayed in the open doorway, waiting to be invited in further. You may have noticed that about Kritsel's room as well. I've always felt that a person's bedroom, and especially their bed, are very private spaces. I never go in without getting permission first.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, annoyed, but underneath it, still glad to see me. She turned around and sat up and I heard her telling herself that she was very pissed at me.

"I come to beg forgiveness," I said. "If you'll have me after I behaved so badly. I know I screwed up and I'm sorry I didn't call you, but I had a bit of an emergency and I had to go out of town for awhile."

"What kind of emergency?" Her clover green eyes narrowed as she sat cross-legged and folded her arms over her ample chest, waiting for me to explain myself. I actually took that as a positive sign. She wasn't ordering me out.

"It's a long story and I can't really go in to it, but I promise there was no way to get in touch with you while I was gone. I don't really pick up women casually, and never had any intention of skipping out like that. I was kind of hoping you would give me a second chance? I got you a present." I told her, and gave the folder a little wiggle.

Katie bit her lip and thought it over. She wanted to make me sweat it out, but she was also very glad that I was here. Our night together had taken on a very magical quality to her. She'd been swept off her feet and then I just disappeared. It left her feeling very hurt and confused and embarrassed.

"I think," Katie said slowly, "That it depends on what my present is. It better be good, that's all I'm saying."

"Oh, I think you'll like it," I said, stretching my arm out and handing her the folder. She reached out and took it and gave me a dubious look.

"What's this?"

"Open it and see." I couldn't help but smile. "Just my humble attempts to show how sorry I am."

One thing I had picked up from Katie in our time together was her hope to study at Oxford after she graduated. It'd been her dream ever since she was twelve years old and saw an old Rob Lowe movie called Oxford Blues. I've seen the movie, and while it's okay, I don't know why it inspired her so much, but it did. And this was no idle schoolgirl fantasy. She worked her ass off. Despite her best efforts however, she just couldn't crack the top five percent of her class. Corona Del Sol was a large school and very competitive. Without any possibility of a scholarship she'd never be able to go. Her parents did well, but not that well. A good school in the States they could swing, but not tuition for Oxford. She understood this and it broke her heart, but it didn't stop her from trying. So, like I said, I pulled some strings.

She settled in and opened the folder, pulling out the acceptance letter that was on top. I saw her lips moving as she read it, and about ten seconds in, her hand began to shake. She looked up at me after finishing it and she was angry.

"This isn't funny, Stephen. In fact," she said, with tears beginning to drip from her eyes, "this is the meanest thing anyone has ever done to me. I don't know how you knew about Oxford but to make this up...To act like I got in-"

"No no no, Katie," I said in a rush, "It's real. One hundred percent. All you have to do is sign on the dotted line and you're going to Oxford, babe. I wouldn't lie about something like this."

Her watery eyes met mine and she was trembling. She couldn't believe the truth, even though it was staring up at her from Oxford letterhead. "Really? I really get to go? You promise?"

"I promise sweetheart, a full ride. Assuming your parents will let you. But, just between you and me, I bet I could convince them to let you go if they say no." I winked at her. "I hope you have a passport."

Katie let out a scream/sob/laugh and threw herself at me. It carried us both over to the floor where I barely missed cracking my head on the corner of her dresser. We landed with a thud, me taking most of the force, and she was peppering my face with kisses and tear drops.

"Oh thank you thank you thank you!" Gravity pulled her warm and supple body tight against mine and that sensuous smell of lavender came with her. I don't know if that was her natural smell or if it was some kind of lotion but I didn't really care. It fit her and to this day I can't smell it without thinking of her.

"Mm...Babe, Katie," I tried to say through her kisses, "Calm down. Hey, that tickles."

"How did you get me in?" she asked after she finished her tender assault on my face. She was straddling my waist with her hands on either side of me and leaning in just above me with her long curls of hair draping down.

"Come here and I'll tell you," I told her, and motioned her closer to me. She bent her arms and leaned down till her cheek slid along mine and I felt her breath on my ear. "Magic," I whispered to her, and then dug my fingers into her sides, tickling her and sending squealing off of me in a fit of laughter.

Magic didn't have much to do with it, either. I knew some people that knew some people. Several of Phoenix's richest people, (CEO's mostly, of all the companies that were paying me), were now in my back pocket. If one didn't have the connection I wanted, then I called another one. It was a simple once you got down to it.

All those super rich people tend to know one another, or if not, they're only separated by a degree or two. It didn't take long to find one who knew someone who knew someone who was a friend of some Pro-Chancellor on the board at Oxford. A little 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' and I had a nice, pretty enrollment package from the FedEx man three days later.

"I want to say thank you, but that doesn't even seem big enough," Katie said after I'd stopped tickling her and she joined me lying on the floor, breathing heavily. The weight of her head rested pleasantly on my chest and I pulled my fingers idly through her hair.

"It's a gift, sweetheart. But if you say you'll come out with me tonight, we'll call it even, how's that?"

She sat up and kissed me and brought her leg up and began to rub over my thigh. I slipped my hand up the back of her shirt and stroked her back as her hand began to travel slowly down my shirt to where it was tucked into my pants. She pressed her chest into me and I started to move my hand down to her ass.


Katie jerked up and looked in the direction of her door.

"Mom! Hey. Hi. Umm...this is Steve, I told you about him, remember."

"Hi Mrs. Ashford." I gave a little wave from the floor. I was so rapped up in Katie I didn't hear her mother come in.

Katie's mom gave me a tight smile that never reached her eyes. "Hello. Could you excuse us for a minute please, Stephen? I need to have a little talk with my daughter."

"Yeah, sure." I said somewhat sheepishly. I disentangled myself from Katie, who picked herself up and stood with her hands in front of her and her head down just a bit.

*I'll be downstairs, I'll know if you need me so just ask and I can do at little bit of my magic on your mom.*

"Okay," she said out loud, then cringed. Her mother just sort of scowled, not really comprehending and I winked at her again.

"Oh and don't forget to tell her about your present."

"What present?" Her mother asked.

Katie and I raced down the 101 from Chandler headed towards Scottsdale where I was meeting Kristel at a club called Martini Ranch.

It had taken a little longer then I had anticipated at Katie's house. Her mother showing up was a bit unexpected and Katie had declined my offer for help at first until it looked like her mom might not let her go to Oxford, especially without her father there to make a decision. I could understand her mother's trepidation about accepting such an extravagant gift, especially when I told her it wouldn't cost her a thing, but I didn't go through all that trouble to have it turned down.

Katie hadn't stopped smiling since we left the house. It was infectious and after awhile I was grinning too. Of course I had more on my mind then Oxford. Visions of the two ladies in my life rolling around together had been torturing me for days.

"When do you think I can leave for Oxford? Do you think I'll live in a dorm or could I get my own place? They call them flats or something, don't they? Man, that would be so cool to have my own flat in London. Either way it will be great. Where are we going?

She was bubbling over and could hardly sit still. I can't say I blamed her, her childhood wish had just been fulfilled, I'd be excited too.

"You remember Kristel, you talked to her on the phone a couple of times while I was gone?"

"Yeah, she seemed nice. She's your roommate?"

"Yep, we're going to meet her at Martini Ranch. Ever been?"

"No, how would I get in. But I've heard about it. My friend Chelsea, her older sister goes there a lot. But...I'm not twenty-one, they won't let me in."

"Aw, now babe, I thought you had a little bit more faith in me then that."

She thought for a quick second then said, "Oh yeah." She leaned across the seat and planted her lips on my neck and gave me a slow kiss that sent the hair standing up all down my arms and legs.

I took my hand off the shifter and started to stroke her exposed thigh. She was wearing a short skirt and a little top. It looked like the same one she'd bought at the mall the day we met. The shirt was different though, it was red and tight, forcing her breasts up even more, making it very difficult to keep your attention on her face. Come to think of it, her mom had a nice rack for a forty-five year old so Katie had a bright future to look forward to.

She sat back with a sigh and put her hand out the window letting it ride the air rushing past. We barreled down the freeway as evening descended. The road was open in front of me as far down as I could see. Whenever I seemed to drive anymore people just sort of get out of my way. I had the whole left lane to myself. Funny how that works out, isn't it. Sometimes it's the fringe benefits that make it all worthwhile.

And if you're wondering why I was driving and not jumping, you don't spend thousands of dollars on a Corvette convertible to let it sit in the garage. No sir. I smiled as the needle on the speedometer crept towards one-twenty.

Martini Ranch is a pretty fun place. It's not pretentious or snotty like some of the other clubs you might find in Scottsdale. It's more upscale then Dos Gringos, but not by too much. They've got good live music, (I saw Jimmy Eat World there before they hit it big) two huge bars, a decent sized dance floor, an outside patio and a couple of pool tables. Some very high-quality tail can also be found most nights of the week.

I gave my car to the valet and escorted Katie up the walk around the side of the building and up to the line to get in. Katie got slightly nervous as we approached the guy at the door checking ID's, but I reassured her that it would be fine. Sure enough we walked right past him and he didn't pay us any mind. Even though I told her she wouldn't get carded she couldn't help but gawk a little bit and check behind her a few times before relaxing.

"See, what'd I say? No problem."

The crowd was thick around us but I started to nudge them away from us so we could move more freely. Recorded music blared from the speakers and the conversation was loud (especially for me) but I tried my best to tune them out so Katie and I could hear each other without shouting. I was borrowing tricks that I had picked up from him that night with Amber. I was clumsy about it, but after some trial and error I got it working pretty well. I didn't really know how he did the things he did so it was like trying to assemble a working model without very clear instructions. You know how it's supposed to work but you're missing a few pages of the plans.

This was her first time in an over twenty-one club and she was a little intimidated by everything. I figured if I got her a drink she would be able to relax a bit. She wasn't twenty-one obviously, but I've never been much of a stickler about rules.

I steered her towards the bar and ordered her a strawberry daiquiri and I ordered a Jager-bomb, figuring I would get the night off with a kick. Katie asked what it was, but I told her it was best that she stick to the daiquiri. Jagermeister was a little bit too much for her. She watched as the bartender set two glasses on the bar, one, a shot of Jager and the second an empty glass. She cracked open a can of Red Bull and poured half of it in to the empty glass.

"You want to drop it," the bartender asked.

"That's half the fun," I told her. I slid her my credit card, and she left me to it.

"Watch" I told Katie. I picked up the shot glass, ice cold from the Jager (if you haven't had Jagermeister before, drink it warm at your peril.), and dropped the shot glass inside the larger one with the Red Bull. It splashed pleasantly and proceeded to bubble as the dark liquid of the licorice-flavored liqueur swirled and mixed with the amber energy drink. Without ceremony I picked it up and downed it in two large swallows, slamming the glass back to the bar. The alcohol spread soothing warmth through my insides.

Katie watched with a slight look of awe. "What's that taste like?" she asked.

"Umm...A little bit like black licorice. Hey, I need to find Kristel, will you be okay for a few minutes here.

She looked around, "Yeah but don't be gone to long."

"I'll be right back, sweets." I pulled her to me and kissed her softly on the mouth, sucking the strawberry flavor off her lips as I pulled away. "Mmm, yummy. Sit tight, I won't be long."

I worked my way through the crowd and started scanning for Kristel. It works almost like radar actually. I send out little waves of thought and receive back something like a vibration from all the people it hits and I just wait for the one that matches Kristel's vibration. She'd sent me a text message when she arrived, about a half-hour ago, so I knew she was here somewhere. It took a minute or two but I found her. I was glad to, because trying to sort through all the people in there was giving me a headache.

*I'm here babe, where are you?*

{Thank god! I'm at the bar in the back, hurry up this guy will not leave me alone.}

I'll be there in a second.

I threaded my way through the club, heading towards the back, and it wasn't long before I spotted Kristel. The bar in the back was slightly elevated above the dance floor, which is good because I never would have spotted her short frame over the crowd. She was trying politely but firmly to get this big guy to go away. He was bigger then I was, probably around six-five and built. His shirt was stretched tight over his chest and the sleeves were taught over his huge biceps; A Football player by the looks of him. ASU. Kristel looked like a child standing next to him.

"Come on, why won't you tell me your name." He bellowed out to loudly, even for the noise level in the room. Kristel winced and rolled her eyes and kept scanning for me.

*Almost there babe, don't worry*

"Look, Curtis, right? You seem like a nice guy but I'm not interested. My friend is on his way over so thanks anyway."

Kristel hadn't seen me yet, I was still about fifty feet away, but I got the gist of it soon enough. She had probably turned down his drink offer and the guy was too buzzed and/or stupid to move on. Her searching eyes suddenly spotted me moving her way.

"See, there he is." Kristel said, "You should probably leave now."

"Which guy?"

"Right there, the guy walking over here in the gray shirt." She pointed in my direction.

I saw Curtis squint and then our eyes locked.

"Who, him right there? That scrawny little guy? I could wipe my ass with him."

"Good for you." Kristel said, rolling her eyes.

At six-one, I'm hardly scrawny, but definitely not a body builder. Not that I needed it now. I walked up to her and put my arm around her waist, pulling her to me. She came gladly, grateful to be a few steps away from Curtis and his beer breath.

"Sorry I took so long babe." I leaned in and kissed her quickly before turning to face the large, drunk man a few feet in front of me.

"Curtis, right?"

"How'd you know my name."

Ignoring the question I continued on. "Kristel is spoken for, so you'll have to try somewhere else." I turned to walk away, figuring I'd been a nice guy about the whole thing, when he shoved me. Hard.

"You little shit!"

I fell forwards into the crowd of people around the bar, several of whom shoved me back again until I found myself standing back in front of Curtis' scowling face, a little rumpled and getting aggravated. Kristel was at my side, checking me over.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Some bouncers had noticed the commotion and were on their way over, but I waived them off. I could handle Curtis myself.

[We could rip out his spine before he could blink.]

*Shut up!* I pushed down hard, shoving him back to wherever it was he stayed when he wasn't bothering me. He resisted but I won out in the end. A lot of the fight seemed to have gone out of him since that night in the hotel, but I still didn't like taking any chances. What really scared me though was that I couldn't tell if tearing out Curtis's spine had been his idea or mine.

I took a deep breath and calmed down. I reminded myself he was drunk and, by the size of him, probably suffering a little bit of 'roid rage.

"You're making a mistake, my friend. Turn around and walk away."

He barked a laugh. "You're kidding, right? I think I'm going to kick your ass just on principal." He pulled his arm back to punch me.

I tried, didn't I? Like a cobra strike I seized control of his mind and froze him in his tracks. I turned to Kristel. "Give me one second, okay babe?"

She didn't answer right away, she was staring mutely at Curtis's unmoving form. He stood there, all six foot five of him, his fist balled and pulled back preparing to punch, stiff as a statue. It was pretty damn funny actually. People were starting to notice too. Around the three of us a little circle had started to form. The crowd didn't know whether to be amused or confused by what they were seeing.

"Oh...Okay. But Steve, don't hurt him. He's just a little drunk."

"No worries, sweets, I'm not going to hurt him."

I approached him slowly, peering up in to his face at his dancing and panicked eyes.

*You in there Curtis?*

{What the hell's going on? Some one help me! Dude! Dude I'm sorry okay. Let me go, okay man? I wasn't gonna hurt you, I swear!}

*You fucked with the wrong guy, huh?*

{Come on man. Look, don't hurt me okay. I'll just go home, alright? Okay? Dude?}

*Oh don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you. Sit tight for one second though*

"Kristel, you did some shopping today right?"

"Yep," she said, grinning up at Curtis' still face and wild eyes. "Why?"

"Where at?"

"I went to Nordstrom's for the dress, you like?" she said rhetorically, giving a little pose. "And then to Frederic's Of Hollywood for the lingerie, which I know you'll like, Robinson's May and then to Baby Boutique to get an outfit for one of the munchkins. It's her birthday next week. Then to Cold Stone Creamery for a snack."

"Hmm...I could go for some ice cream." Quickly I scanned her memory for her visit to the shop.

"Why is this important?" She asked me quizzically.

"You'll find out in a second." To Curtis I said, "Curtis, you look like you could use some ice cream, what do you think?

{Dude, please let me go, I have to take a piss. Come on man!}

*Oh, you'll get to pee in a bit.*

I sent out a little pulse which caused all the lights within about twenty feet to flicker and die and in the handful of seconds they were out I grabbed Curtis and jumped him to a back corner of Cold Stone Creamery, about four miles away. He'd mysteriously lost his clothes on the trip and as I set him down he collapsed in surprise. As I backed up for the jump back I noticed that he got his wish to pee. The entire thing took less then four seconds and as soon as I popped back to Kristel's side the lights flickered back up.

Even though I hadn't ever been to that Cold Stone Creamery I was able to visualize it from Kristel's memory and it was sharp enough for me to jump there on my own. I'd figured it out a few days prior when I was out and about and it came in really handy. Now I was only limited to the clarity of other people's memories.

"Where did he go?" Kristel looked around and so were a few of the other people that had been watching our situation.

"He went to get some ice cream. I don't think we'll be seeing him anymore tonight." Then I filled her in on what had happened.

She laughed out loud. "That is too funny. I hope I never get on your bad side."

"Not a chance. That'll teach him to mess with my baby." I winked at her.

"My hero!" She said playfully and wrapped herself around me. She had on a sleek black dress that I did like very much actually. It was a little sparkly with thin straps, but not the spaghetti kind, and it was low enough to show off some cleavage. Her hair hung straight and she had highlighted some of it so it was a lighter blonde then the rest. She had used her mango body lotion this evening. The tropical scent mixed with the clean female smell of her body was incredibly...appetizing. I let my hands go down to her ass and grabbed each cheek in my hand giving it a squeeze as I kissed her. It was firm and soft at the same time. My dick began to swell and she noticed.

"I take it you like my dress."

"I like it very much. It would look even better on the bedroom floor." I grinned.

Kristel stuck her tongue out at my bad pick-up line and smiled. The music had started up again and Kristel and I danced slowly, even though it wasn't a slow song. I let us continue for as long as I dared, remembering Katie at the other bar. There was no telling who might be hitting on her at this point. I didn't want to leave her alone too much longer, she had no experience with a place like this.

"I've got someone for you to meet." I spoke softly in her ear. "We should find her, I don't want to leave her alone."

"Ah yes, the mysterious Katie. Hmm... Katie and Kristel. You have a fetish for the letter K?"

"You're the only other Kristel I know that spells her name with a K, it's not my fault."

She gave me a little pinch. "You have plans for us tonight, do you?"

I took her by the hand and we started walking towards the front. "We're just hanging out, that's up to you." I couldn't hide my smile.

"Is she hot?"

"You'll see. She's at the other bar."

I should probably explain that Kristel had never had any type of bisexual experience, although she had come close. A good friend of hers from her hometown was a stripper and occasionally she would travel to different cities, going to different clubs to dance, and from time to time she stopped by Phoenix. Usually she was in town to dance at Christy's Cabaret, downtown, but if business was slow while she was there she might alternate with one of the other places in town. Le Girls or Dream Palace or any of the other various strip clubs. Most of the time it was either on her way to, or coming from, Vegas. If you're a stripper and your good, Las Vegas was were the real money was. I met her twice, she would spend the weekend or the better part of a week in town and she always slept in Kristel's bed when she stayed over.

Now, nothing had ever happened between the two of them, but after doing a little memory search, I found it wasn't because Kristel hadn't thought about it. So what I would be talking her in to tonight wasn't something that was completely outside the realm of possibility for her.

Katie on the other hand, it just never entered her mind. It wasn't that she was against the idea, simply that she'd never considered it as a possibility. I had yet to bring it up, I figured I would just supply the liquor and maybe give a few nudges in the direction I wanted them to go and let nature take it's course. If hot and sweaty lesbo-sex is what nature had intended. Which, come on, who are we kidding? It's absolutely what nature intended.

We walked through the doorway that led to the front of the club and I saw Katie sitting there talking to some guy who had approached her. There was nothing threatening about him however, just a regular guy out for some drinks and a good time. Katie saw me and smiled just as I tapped on his shoulder.

"Sorry, she's with me."

"Oh, alright, no problem." Turning back to Katie he said "It was nice to meet you Katie, have a good night."

"Okay, see you later, Jeff."

Jeff nodded to me once and left us alone.

"Now why couldn't Curtis be that polite," Kristel said.

Katie noticed Kristel for the first time and smiled a greeting.

I did the introductions. Kristel stuck out her hand and said hello. "Was he bothering you?"

"No, he was really nice. He was trying to tell me who Ann Margaret is, he said I looked like her. An actress or something, but I've never heard of her."

"I had this shaved gorilla hanging all over me, but Steve got rid of him for me. He was very gallant, weren't you?" She grinned up at me.

I gave a humble shrug. "You guys want to get a table?" I asked.

They both gave their consent and we ordered more drinks and went in search of a booth. Katie stood up from her stool and immediately leaned on me for support.

"Wow, I'm a little dizzy." She giggled in an indescribably sexy way. "They make these kind of strong."

"Just be glad I didn't let you have the Jager."

"I don't know how you can drink that stuff," Kristel said, "It's disgusting."

"You drink Corona," I told her as we weaved through the crowd. "That tastes like piss to me."

"You're supposed to put a lemon in it."

"Why, so I can drink lemon-flavored piss?"

I cleared out one of the semi-circle booths and we sat down. I let the two girls sit together and I sat next to Katie on the outside. I found a waitress and made sure that she checked us regularly for drinks and we sat back and enjoyed the atmosphere. Just seeing them together gave me a hard-on. I couldn't stop thinking about what Katie's face would look like with Kristel's nipple between her lips, or all that red hair spread out over Kristel's thighs as she licked her clit. Or vice-versa. It was insane.

Almost without even realizing it I started to warm them up to each other. I couldn't stop myself. I think the desire to have my first ever threesome was leaking out to them. The more I used my ability, the more natural it became. It had started to become second nature. Or in this case working without my conscious direction. Both of their hands started to stray more, they became more touchy. It certainly didn't hurt that their drinks were starting to have effect. I switched Katie's drinks over to virgin daiquiri's since her tolerance for booze was extraordinarily low and I didn't want her passing out or getting sick. She'd had three, which was plenty, and she was feeling no pain as the saying goes. Kristel had moved from Corona to a Sea Breeze (vodka and cranberry juice) and I'd switched to rum and coke (although I prefer it with Pepsi) and was starting to get a nice, fuzzy feeling. As expected, the conversation soon turned to sex.

"You've slept with him, right?" Kristel put out there, matter-of-factly. Katie blushed violently, but nodded.

"Just the once," she said.

"He's a good kisser, isn't he? He makes my stomach clench up." Kristel smiled across the table at me.

"It's not just that though," Katie said, "He wraps his arms around me when he does and it feels so...intense."

"Mmm, I know. It makes me wet." Kristel closed her eyes and moaned while licking her lips.

"Really, now?" I asked her. "I'll have to remember that." The alcohol seemed to be making her more aggressive. I'd never known her to be so upfront about sex like that. Then again I had been tampering just a tad.

"Hey!" Kristel exclaimed. "Remember when we were in Imo's and you told me about that waitress and kid?"

"Yep." I said, remembering when I had read the mind of a few other restaurant patrons for her amusement. "Feeling nosey?"

"Well...it's funny. Please?" Kristel pouted.

"What happened?" Katie asked.

I told Katie all about the waitress who frigged herself in the bathroom and that kid who jerked his dog off and she thought it was hilarious.

"Oh, do it again."

"Maybe he needs some practice," Kristel said. "Tell me what I'm thinking, Steve." Kristel put her arm around Katie and looked me in the eye as she kissed Katie just below the ear and then nibbled briefly on her earlobe. Katie shuddered and pulled away with a look of shock on her face but with flaming cheeks and a bashful grin.

"Why did you do that?" Katie asked, obviously flustered.

With her arm still around her shoulder, Kristel whispered in her ear "Did you like it? It's okay, don't be shy."

Katie nodded and looked at me and back at Kristel, staring deep into her eyes.

"Would you like me to do it again?"

Still not up to speaking, Katie nodded slowly, caught in Kristel's fierce azure gaze. Kristel brought her face close to Katie's and brushed her nose along her cheek. Katie closed her eyes and began to take deep breaths, part nervousness and part excitement. "Wait till later." Kristel whispered. Katie bit her lip and her eyes opened back up and I saw longing there. Longing for Kristel. Can I get a hallelujah? Thank you Jesus.

I don't think she intended for me to hear. She probably didn't think I could with all the noise. I never did tell her the extant of my abilities, but I heard everything perfectly. My heart was hammering in my chest and my mouth was dry. Kristel looked back at me slowly, almost unwilling to break the connection with Katie.

"So what am I thinking, Steve?" Kristel grinned wickedly. The question was rhetorical, I think she new perfectly well that I could tell what she was thinking.

"You're a bit naughty this evening, aren't you?" I told her with a grin.

"You know you like it." Kristel retorted.

Katie jumped in, "So are you going to show me or not."

"I think something can be arranged." I took a gander out at the crowd from where we were sitting. The booth was located in an atrium up a few steps from the main dance floor of the bar. It wasn't walled in; it had a railing running along the raised section, with steps at either end. There were some bar stools that lined the railing and a little counter top for drinks. Several people were loitering about there, chatting and drinking. It offered a good view of the stage when the bands played so it was prime real estate once the music started.

This part of the bar is also where the pool table was located. It wasn't ideal because of all the people that tended to crowd up here, but it didn't stop the occasional group from trying to get a game in. Right now there was a drunken game being attempted by three co-eds who did more giggling then playing. I was surprised by how many jokes they were able to come up with about holding a "hard shaft" or "stroking big wood" while circling the table lining up a shot.

"Pick someone."

"Who, me?" Katie asked.


"Go ahead, you pick," Kristel told Katie.

"Umm..." Her eyes began to travel, trying to find someone she thought looked interesting. "That guy over there in the corner, with the white shirt."

I saw the guy, sitting with two of his friends. Average looking, nothing very striking about him. "You're wish is my command." I poked and prodded for a few minutes, sorting it out and looking for anything interesting. Unfortunately there wasn't a lot there. He was as average as he looked. He watched the occasional porn, wrestled old one-eye when the roommate was out, cheated from time to time in his American Lit class, but overall, nothing to get worked up about.

I explained this all to my eagerly awaiting companions and was met by frowns. "Hey, not everyone's got dirty skeletons in their closet. Oh wait! Here's something. When he was thirteen he got busted trying to peek into the window of his neighbor's house. Spying on the girl next door. Apparently he had a crush on her.

"Well, that's something," Kristel said.

"Kristel, you want to try one?" I asked her.

"Sure. The girl who keeps making dirty gestures with her pool cue. The one with the ponytail."

"Ah yes, Candice."

"You already know her name?" Kristel said laughing.

"It was the pool cue, it caught my attention."

"You're such a perv," she teased.

"So what else about her?" Katie urged.

"Well, with enough alcohol, she would use the pool cue on herself, if that gives you any idea." Katie made a face and Kristel snorted in to her drink. "She's got a boyfriend, but he's the only one who's being faithful. She's cheated on him...three, no, four times. There was this thing where she went home for Christmas and ran in to one of her old high school teachers. She made out with him but didn't fuck him. The boyfriend's got money so she keeps up appearances."

"Holy crap," Katie said.

"Isn't this cool." Kristel said, "It's better than reading their diaries."

"I know! What else, what else!"

"Hmm...what else. Well it should come as no surprise that she cheats in her classes whenever she can. She gets guys to do her homework for her by making them think she'll sleep with them, then doesn't. She also uses up her roommates shampoo and conditioner."

"What a bitch," Kristel said.

"Somebody should teach her a lesson." Katie seconded.

Kristel looked at Katie and nodded her agreement. "Yeah, somebody should teach her a lesson. You don't mess with a girl's shampoo."

"Totally," Katie said, sipping at her daiquiri and laughing.

We all shared a chuckle

"Well, what are you waiting for," Kristel asked.

"What, you mean now?" I asked.

"There's no time like the present."

They were right, she wasn't a very nice person, but she hadn't done anything to me. What the hell, it was all in good fun. "Okay, what should I do?"

"Make her a Nun!" Katie exclaimed, giggling.

"No, come on, nothing like that." I scolded gently. While Candice would never win any Good Samaritan awards, she didn't deserve anything that extreme.

"How about from now on she will only be attracted to fat, balding men named Eugene that still live with their mothers." Kristel offered.

"Ouch," I said, "Very harsh. She's not a bad person, just not a very good one. If you want me to help you guys out you'll have to think of something a little less mean.

They tossed around ideas for a few minutes, until they finally came upon something they could both agree on. Public humiliation. "Okay, every time she takes a step or moves or something, make her fart really loud." Kristel said.

"Ha!" I laughed. "So that'll teach her a lesson?"

"Probably not," Katie said, "but it will be fun to watch."

"As you wish." It took me a couple of minutes; I hadn't ever tried to make anyone fart before, so to work out the mechanics of it took a bit. I lay my hand on the table where they both could reach it. "Each of you put your hand on mine, this way you can hear. Okay...three, two, one...blast off!"

With them touching my hand it allowed them to hear what was happening even over the noise. Sure enough, Candice took a step to the side to let her friend shoot and a freakishly loud fart ripped through the air. From where we were sitting it wouldn't have been audible through the noise without my assistance, but the people nearby certainly heard it. Candice jumped and then froze, her face wearing a look of shock.

"Oh my god, Candice, was that you?" Her friend asked.

"I...I..." She didn't quite know how to explain herself.

"Maybe you'd better stop drinking that weird Mexican beer." Her other friend advised.

Candice looked at the beer in her hand then promptly set it on the table next to the window. "Sorry guys." She looked around, hoping no one else had noticed. To her dismay a few others had, people sitting at tables around them who were all giggling in her direction, and Candice's face turned a deep red.

Kristel and Katie in the mean time, were laughing themselves to tears.

"Again, again!" Katie said when she caught her breath. Candice moved around to take her turn and when she leaned over there was another explosion of sound. If I didn't know better I'd say I saw her skirt billow up.

"Oh my god, Candice, that's gross. Maybe you should go to the bathroom or something," One of her friends said.

Candice stood up, which brought out a tiny fart. Without a word she set the pool cue down and walked quickly towards the restroom, farting with every step. It took a few minutes after that for them both to calm down. Kristel was holding her side, her cheeks wet with tears, and Katie was bent over with her head in her hands, her back heaving with her attempts to control her laughter.

"Anything else I can do for you lovely ladies?"

Kristel polished off her Sea Breeze and looked at Katie for a second, then at me. "I want to dance," she said firmly.

"Mm, yeah, lets dance," Katie said, a little slowly. Her eyes were just beginning to get that glassy look to them. Kristel wasn't to far behind. "Are you going to dance with us Stephen?"

What is it with girls and dancing? "I'm not very good." I told them honestly. "I can find the beat but I have trouble making myself move to it and look good at the same time."

"Oh, come on, no one will notice." Kristel said. She had begun to sway in her seat; something was playing by Destiny's Child. "Tell him, Katie."

"Don't make us dance by ourselves Steve," she pouted at me. "What if we need you to protect us from some drunk frat guys?"

"Alright," I agreed grudgingly, "but don't say I didn't warn you."

"Great, lets go." Katie smiled and Kristel gave me a wink. I knew what I looked like when I danced, but there was no way I could turn them down.

Kristel scooted out, followed by Katie and they waited for me. I downed the rest of my drink, figuring I would need all the alcohol I could get, and joined them. Katie took one hand and Kristel took my other and they pulled me to the dance floor, which was crammed with writhing bodies. I took the liberty of creating a bit of room for us in the middle (harder for me to embarrass myself that way) and we started to dance. The ladies having much more success then I.

Kristel stood behind Katie with her hands on her sides and Katie's body pressed against her and they moved softly against one another. It came very naturally. To watch the two of them you'd think they did this all the time. Kristel's hands gripped Katie's waist and she bent down slightly resting her chin on her shoulder. Katie brought her arms up and laced her fingers lightly around Kristel's neck pulling her closer and Kristel responded by wrapping her arms around Katie's front and kissing the side of her neck, which caused Katie to shiver and smile.

Kristel was definitely in the lead. She turned Katie in her arms and moved in until their faces were inches apart. Kristel's tongue emerged from her mouth and flicked Katie's upper lip. She made a move to capture the tongue that had teased her, giggling in the process.

The music was upbeat and loud and we danced for several minutes. They would pull me in to their embrace periodically and I was greeted with hands sliding all over. Eventually they would find their way back to each other and I let them go. I was having more fun watching then dancing.

The music transitioned to something a little slower, which suited me just fine. They clung to each other and I saw hands going lower then was traditionally acceptable in public, if you catch my meaning. They were dancing cheek-to-cheek, clinging to each other and moving to the beat. Their faces were flushed and perspiration had broken out on each of them.

"Are you having a good time?" Kristel whispered to Katie. As close to a whisper as you could get with all the noise, anyway.

"I've...I've never touched or...kissed or....you know. With a girl before," Katie whispered back.

"Want to know a secret?"

Katie nodded her head.

"Neither have I." Kristel told her.

"Really?" Katie couldn't believe it. "Because I thought with the way you're touching me...I've never felt...I mean you make it feel so good, I thought that...you know."

"Nope, not once. I'm kind of nervous too, but I like it. What about you?"

"Oh my god, yeah." Kristel's admission had made her feel much more confidant. "I mean I never thought about it before but...Yes, definitely."

"Awesome!" Kristel said, kind of loud, and kissed Katie, who kissed her back, just as hard.

"Steve is coming though, right?" Katie asked when they broke apart.

"I think we'd have to knock him out and chain him to a palm tree to keep him away." Kristel laughed, then looked over at me. "Look at his face."

They had nearly forgotten about me during the conversation, and, honestly, I nearly forgot about myself. Hearing them whisper to each other and catching snippets of the fantasies they were playing out in their minds...it was incredible. I'd completely stopped dancing and was standing there, absorbed in every word they said and most of what they thought.

"What cha' thinking about there, babe?" Kristel taunted.

"Just couldn't help but overhear, that's all." I told her.

"Hey, you're not supposed to be reading my mind."

"Oh, I'm not, I've just got great hearing." I winked at her. Honestly though, I was reading just a little bit. I couldn't help it. "So, when are we leaving?"

"Poor baby, come 'er." Kristel said. I went the few steps forward and they both opened their arms to me. "So you heard all that, huh?" Kristel took Katie's hand in hers and moved it to my crotch where my dick was throbbing under the khaki's. Katie giggled at the naughtiness and their hands began to slide along the shaft in unison.

"I did," I told them.

"We're going to have to watch what we say around you," Katie said.

"Don't forget he can read your mind, too," Kristel told her.

"It's best to just assume I know everything already," I told them, winking.

"That's totally not fair," Katie said, pouting.

"Well maybe not, but as a trade off I can do things like this..." After a second or two Katie suddenly gasped and fell in to my arms, grabbing on to me tight so she wouldn't collapse after her knees gave out. I pulled back slowly, letting her catch her breath. I could feel the vibrations in my chest as she moaned. When she was able to stand on her own she looked up at me and her face was beet-red.

"Oh my god... What did you just do to me?"

"You did the thing, didn't you?" Kristel asked knowingly.

I gave Kristel a little wink. "What did it feel like?" I asked Katie.

"I can't say it out loud!"

"No one will hear you." I assured her. "Tell Kristel."

"It felt like...like..." She leaned in closer to Kristel, "Like he had my clit in his mouth."

I found her shyness incredibly sexy.

"He's just being a tease," Kristel said, "What's really hot is when he makes you feel like you've got mouths sucking and licking you all over your body."

"Really?" Katie asked, wide-eyed. "Can you do that to me?"

"Maybe if you ask real nice." I leaned forward and kissed her gently. I thought it might be strange to kiss Katie in front of Kristel, or the other way around, but surprisingly it wasn't. There was no sense of ownership among us. And even though Kristel had mentioned the word boyfriend previously, it was only in the loosest sense of the word. It was just the easiest way to describe our situation.

Of course I don't know how happy I'd be if Kristel wanted to bring in another guy to our little party. I'm not really up for sharing with another penis. It's a bit alpha-male of me, but a lot of guys are territorial, and I'm not much different. I know it makes me a hypocrite, but that's just how life is sometimes. If either Kristel or Katie wanted to see some one else on the side I probably wouldn't begrudge them that, just not while I was around.

"So what do you guys want to do now?" I asked.

"I need some air," Katie said, fanning herself. "It's getting kind of stuffy in here."

"It is warm," Kristel said.

"Come on, let's go." I paid the bill, collected my credit card and we made our way out of the bar with out incident and began to walk down the street. There was still a lot of life outside. That part of Scottsdale has a lot of clubs in it, so you see a lot of people bar hopping. We walked lazily through the light crowd, no place to go and no hurry to get there.

"It's so nice out," Kristel said, throwing her head back and taking a deep breath as we walked. The air was cool and fresh, blowing down off the mountains. The pale skin of her neck caught the light of the streetlamps and shop lights and seemed to glow. I transmitted my desire to Katie, who promptly leaned in and kissed her neck. Kristel stopped and uttered a small moan and started giggling. She brought her hands up and ran them through Katie's hair and pulled her face to hers where they kissed passionately. They earned more then a few whistles and envious looks from both guys and a few girls as they made out.

"Were not making you feel left out, are we Steve?" Kristel asked, a bit red-faced when they came up for air.

"Tonight is all about you guys, don't worry about me."

"You're such a sweetie." Kristel came up to me and kissed me with as much fervor as with Katie. "You know, I think I've had just about enough clubbing tonight. I want to go someplace nice and quiet. What do you think, Katie?"

Katie stepped a bit closer and pulled me down to her, kissing me, then leaning over and kissing Kristel again. "I think," she said with a sigh, "that that sounds wonderful. Can we go now?"

"Yes, I think now is a good time." I said. "Come on, the car is back this way."

"We can't just do the teleport thing?" Kristel asked.

"Not yet, the lot they parked my car in is an office parking lot by day, they'll tow it if I leave it there until morning. Kristel you drove, right?"

"Yeah, but I left it in a parking garage, it should be fine there until later."

"It won't take long." I told her. "We'll drive back to the apartment and then I've got a surprise for you both of you."

"Oh what is it, what is it?" Katie asked.

"You'll see."

We walked back towards the parking lot and I got my keys from the valet. There was a line of people waiting and I figured it would just be easier to get it myself. The attendant told me it was near the back and we headed that way.

Kristel and Katie walked a little bit ahead of me, whispering to each other and giggling occasionally. I didn't bother listening in, I had a slight buzz and was enjoying the feeling of the breeze blowing across my skin. It was probably pure luck that I noticed the guy leading the very drunk girl to his car across the parking lot.

"Come on Beth, just a bit farther to my car. Then you can rest."

"I whunna lay down. I donn feel so good."

"Just a bit farther."

I can't really say why he caught my attention, but something about him felt wrong. It didn't take me long to see what it was.

"Hang on a second." I said to Katie and Kristel.

He was parked against the wall of the office building about forty yards or so from where the girls and I were walking.

Kristel looked back at me, "Is everything ok?"

"One minute. And stay here, no matter what you hear."

I began to walk over to him, my stomach knotting up in a painful way, and watched as he rolled Beth into the back seat then hurry to the front of his car. It started up and he began to pull away. I didn't feel like walking far so I killed his engine. It sputtered and died about fifteen feet from his parking spot and rolled to a stop. The engine clicked in his attempts to restart it, but he wasn't going anywhere. I walked up next to the side of his car and stood quietly next to the drivers' side door. I was working hard to control the nausea and rage coiling inside me. He didn't see me so I tapped on the glass. He jumped hard and stared at me with wide, terrified eyes. Even in the feeble light you could see the sweat running down his forehead.

"Go away." He said through the glass.

I rapped my knuckles on the glass again.

"The car is dead, I can't roll the window down. Get lost!"

His window powered itself down with the turning of small gears inside the door and the stench of his fear came pouring out of the car like blood from a fresh cut. I felt him stir in the back of my mind at the scent and part of me was inclined to go along with it.

"What are you up to tonight, Alex," I said softly, looking down at him. He was a twenty-three year old college dropout from Ohio. Everyone in Arizona is from somewhere else. It's a law, apparently.

"I...how did...What's going on? I have to get my uh...girlfriend home. She's not feeling good. Then my car died." He was very jumpy, looking about in all directions and almost twitching, and who could really blame him. He'd just been caught in the act of his first ever felony and then his car goes and turns all Christine on him. And then there was me, but he didn't know how bad that was yet.

"Your girlfriend, huh? What's her last name?"

"I...uh...It's um... Look, fuck you buddy, I don't have to explain myself to you." He turned the key again, urging the car to start, but I'm sure you can guess how that turned out.

I peered deeper into his mind and found all manner of unpleasantness. He had spiked Beth's drink with GHB, a very common date-rape drug that he'd cooked up in his shit-hole little apartment in Tempe. Gotta love the internet. As soon as it began to take affect he separated her from her friends and led her out the door. She was laying semi-conscious in the back seat, sweating and shaking and mumbling to herself. Chances were that without medical attention she would die. She was already pretty blitzed when Alex spiked her drink and that just makes it worse. Alex wasn't planning on killing her, but I could read his soul, I could see he had it in him to go that far, one day.

He took his hand off the keys and smacked the steering wheel. "Mother fuck!" he screamed in frustration. "Get away from my car, it's none of your business."

"It is now."

The door of his car began to crumple and fold away like tinfoil. I peeled it back layer by layer without moving a muscle, and he watched horrified. The glass exploded in the frame and rained down on to the pavement. The screaming of the tortured steel was ear splitting. Once his door was a wad of scrap pushed up to one side I grabbed a handful of the roof and ripped it off in one quick motion, tossing it on the ground behind the car. The windshield shattered and the safety glass fell all around him like a cascade of diamonds, making him cover his eyes and scream like a little girl.

I leaned down and peered into the car at him. "You were going to rape her, weren't you Alex. Rape her and dump her near Tempe Town Lake. You'd picked out a nice little spot behind a maintenance shed. No lights around and, if she didn't wake up and take herself home, someone would find her in the morning. Right?"

"No! No I wasn't, I swear!"

"I hate liars." I reached in and grabbed him, pulling him up through his seatbelt roughly and shook him until his bones rattled.

"The truth now Alex." My voice had shifted down. It was ragged and deep, the grinding of the tectonic plates deep underground. I don't know what my face looked like, but when he looked up at me, whatever he saw didn't agree with him and he began to scream; High and pitiful, like a rabbit caught in the wolf's jaws.

"Help! Someone help me!"

"I think we need some alone time." I looked out across the rooftops and spied one of the mountains that border the Valley of the Sun to the north. In a blink we were at the summit, him still dangling from my fist like a wet rag. I walked him to a ledge and hung him out. His voice was still ringing out with screams but in my mind I heard the screams of another. I removed my hand and he floated over the open air, about eight hundred feet from the ground before a very steep and jagged decline that would take him down maybe another five hundred feet before leveling out a bit. If he was lucky, what was left of him would stop bouncing around that point.

I wanted to drop him. I wanted to let him die so bad it scared me. I saw in him the same darkness that had possessed me. Almost a mirror image but his was just beginning. Seeing it reflected back at me was almost too much to bear and so my instinct was to crush it.

"The truth will set you free, Alex."

"Okay! Okay." He writhed in the air, aching for the feel of terra firma beneath his feet. "I was...was gonna rape her. Please let me go, I won't do it again." His grip on sanity was slipping. "I swear. Please God! Someone help!"

"You should have thought about God before you spiked her drink." I dropped him.

His terrified scream accompanied him down into the abyss. It echoed off the canyon walls around us in a weird little Doppler effect as his body dropped towards the ground. Coming and going at the same time.

Then I caught him. I hesitated for a brief second, almost letting him finish his descent, but I stopped him about one hundred and fifty feet from the mountain side. He'd lost consciousness somewhere in between and after bringing him back up to the ledge I simply let him drop a few feet in front of me. He groaned but didn't awaken. I studied his still form for a few minutes, feeling not a scrap of pity, but feeling scared for myself.

I took the opportunity while he was out to gave him a little bit of a sexual lobotomy, so he would never desire a woman again, or anything for that matter, and made sure he'd have nightmares about this for the rest of his life. I didn't have to be so efficient in his mental castration, but he was extremely dangerous. It was a precautionary measure. His soul was dead. Decaying in his body. Without a way to vent the gases from his rotting soul he'd probably be dead in a year or so by his own hand, but that wasn't my concern. A person without a soul is as good as dead anyway. The longer they live the more danger they are to those around them.

My extreme reaction to him was of course because of Amber. He was attempting to do what I had done. I've never gotten over it, not totally, and back then the wound was still raw. I still had a very strong desire to kill him, just end him as he lay there, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I settled instead for ruining his miserable excuse for a life.

I brought him back to his wreck of a car and left him there on the ground. I pulled Beth from the backseat, holding her gently against me and walked over where Kristel and Katie were standing. Carrying her like that reminded me very much of Amber and the urge to squeeze the life out of Alex rose up again like a snarling dog. I pushed it aside, trying hard not to let it spoil the evening. I tried to hold on to Raven's words to me in the desert, about guilt serving no purpose, but it's not as easy as he makes it sound. Gods don't have much in the way of a conscience.

"Who's that," Katie asked when she saw me walking back through the cars.

"Just someone I need to take to the hospital. Here are the keys, the car is right over there. Have a seat, I'll be back in a minute."

Kristel came up and took a closer look at her. "Is she going to be okay? Was she the one that was screaming?"

"I think she'll be okay." I said softly. "And the screaming was from the guy who was going to rape her. I'll be back in just a few minutes."

I jumped away and appeared outside the emergency room exit of Tempe St. Luke's Hospital. I walked in through the big bay doors and up to the nurse's station where a nurse sat lazily thumbing a magazine. It must have been a slow night.

"Miss, this girl needs some medical attention."

I left Beth in her care and implanted a story in her head that left me out of the equation and made sure any bills were sent to my accountant. I figured it would be easier than the truth and Beth wouldn't remember much of anything anyway, so why bother to upset her.

Once I was clear of the door I jumped back to the parking lot where the girls were waiting. I gave them a bit of a rundown of what happened, leaving out the part where I almost became a murderer, and they were very pleased with me.

"See, he's just the nicest guy," Kristel said.

"Yeah," Katie agreed. "Maybe you should fight crime."

"Super Steve!" Kristel said laughing.

"I'm not wearing tights," I told them firmly.

"You guys got everything you need?" I asked the girls as they came back in to the living room.

Katie didn't know to pack for an overnight stay, so Kristel let her borrow a few things, and a spare change of clothes. Kristel was a bit taller than Katie, but it wasn't a big deal.

"Yeah, I think we're all set." Kristel said. "You and all your surprises, I swear. I'm going to have to keep a special emergency bag packed."

"Well if you don't want to go we could always just stay here..."

Kristel stuck her tongue out at me.

"Are you going to tell us yet?" Katie pleaded.

"You're seconds away, babe," I assured her.

"You said we weren't staying here?" Katie said.

"He's going to teleport us to wherever we're going," Kristel explained.

"Like in Star Trek?"

"Sort of," I told her.

"It's easy," Kristel explained to her. "It just feels like you're driving down a hill, when it yanks at your stomach, you know, but other then that, it's kind of fun."

"Ladies, if you will." I held out my arms and Kristel came up to my left side and Katie on my right, looking a little nervous. I hugged them both to me and thought of my destination.

"Ever been to Aspen?" I asked them, and we jumped.

I stepped out of the little shower room around the pool, where I had changed in to my swimming trunks and was greeted with the sound of laughter. Kristel and Katie were splashing about in the water, each riding a large inflatable animal, Katie on an alligator and Kristel on a killer whale, both trying to wrestle the other off.

Kristel was wearing a lime-green two-piece with small cups that were stretched tight over her breasts. Katie had borrowed a black one-piece from Kristel and it fit her nicely. Her tits were bigger than Kristel's and the fabric wrapped her snuggly. They were so beautiful playing together, like little water sprites. Their skin glistened in the soft light from the large fireplace at the far end of the pool.

The room itself was beautiful as well. We were in Aspen, somewhere up a mountainside in a very extravagant house. I 'borrowed' it from one of the CEO's. It's how I figured out how to teleport without having to be there first. It came complete with, among other things, a bowling alley, a fully stocked game room with bar, and oh yeah, an indoor, Olympic size swimming pool with a large wood-burning fireplace at the shallow end. It was more like a fire pit. It was dug in to the ground with a large copper chimney over it that led up through the ceiling. There were windows on two sides that looked out into the night. All you could really see were large pine trees and a few bright spots where the moon reflected off the snow. It was a beautiful sight. Some people really know how to live.

A short scream brought my attention back to the pool. Kristel had just wrestled Katie off her raft and they both fell over and in to the water. They popped up after a second, sputtering and laughing and, after they had caught their breath, encircled each other in their arms.

"I win," Kristel said to Katie.

"Yeah, but that totally wasn't fair, the whale one is higher up then the alligator, it's easier to tip," Katie pleaded.

"Not my fault," Kristel said, with no sympathy. "Pay up."

"What was the bet?" I asked from the side of the pool.

Katie blushed and Kristel smiled victoriously up at me. "That the first one to get tipped had to take off the swimsuit. And I won."

"Uh-oh, Katie." I teased her.

"Yeah, but...she fell in, too!"

"Hey, don't look at me, I didn't make the bet," I laughed. I hoped down in the water. "You'll get no sympathy from me." I swam lazily up to them.

"You just want to see me naked," Katie pouted.

"Yep," I laughed.

"I don't want to be the only one naked though," Katie said. "Maybe two out of three?"

"Nope, a deal is a deal," Kristel said.

"Fine, where's my drink first." I reached over and grabbed her drink, a Seabreeze this time and she downed it in one swallow. "Maybe if I'm drunk it won't be so embarrassing."

Kristel glided over to me and leaned back against my chest, watching Katie eagerly. I put my arms around her and we floated quietly, waiting for the show to begin. Still blushing furiously, Katie reached behind her and undid the string that was tied around her neck. It came loose and her breasts sagged very slightly after being held up by the swimsuit. She held her arms over her chest, keeping it in place.

I could sense Kristel's anticipation. Her nipples were hard against my arm and I heard her heart beat quicken.

"I hate you guys," She said moodily, then with a quick pull, she tugged it down and shoved it off her legs. Her foot came up under the water, dragging the suit with it and she grabbed it and held it up. "Satisfied?" She tossed it behind her where it landed with a wet flop on the floor. She gave us both a playful glare and stood defiantly before us.

And yeah, I'd say we were satisfied. We were in the shallow end-shallow for me anyway-I had the better part of a foot on both of them- but the water still came up to just below both of the girls breasts. Her skin was as smooth as ever, nipples diamond hard in the cool air. Her hair was in a pony-tail and it had turned a dark burgundy from the water. The water itself was a murky blue, only a few of the pool lights being on, but I could still make out the shadow of her pussy in the water. I don't know if Kristel was so fortunate, but I'm sure she could make up in imagination for whatever she couldn't actually see at the moment.

"Kristel, what do you think?"

"She's beautiful," Kristel said in a soft voice. "You're gorgeous, babe. Wow."

"I agree."

"I can tell," Kristel laughed, rubbing her ass into my crotch.

Katie giggled and sunk down in the water and swam out a bit. "This actually feels really good," Katie said, as she stretched herself out in the water. "I think you guys are missing out." She turned and dove down in the water and Kristel and I got a great shot of her ass as it rounded up and disappeared beneath the rippling surface. She appeared a ways down the pull, coming up for air and grinning at the both of us.

"Can you swim, Kristel?"

"Like a fish."

"Last one to Katie also has to lose the suit."

"Deal." She scooted away and crouched low in the water. "You're so going to be naked."

"On your mark, get set...Go!" I called out. Kristel shot forward like a bullet. Her arms pumped lean and graceful over her head before cutting back into the water. Her ass jiggled just beneath the surface as her powerful legs kicked behind her. She really was a good swimmer, definitely better than I was. I still won though.

I watched her until she was about halfway there, just admiring the sight of her body at work, then jumped to the opposite end of the pool, just behind Katie, who squealed in surprise.

"That's not really fair." Katie told me, circling around to me. I glanced down and watched her breasts bob beneath the surface.

"Ahem! My face is up here," she said playfully.

"Yeah, I know, I cheated." I pulled up to her and kissed her neck, slightly bitter from the chlorine, and gave her a squeeze for as long as I could before was started sinking. Releasing her we treaded water until Kristel arrived. It didn't take long for her to reach us. When she pulled up along side Katie she stopped and surfaced, breathing hard.

"I...win." She saw me floating lazily behind Katie. It was clearly apparent what I'd done. "Oh my god, you're such a cheater!"

"I never said I was going to race you to win. The bet was just to see who could get here first." I laughed and dodged her attempt to dive over and dunk me.

"Asshole!" She scolded.

"If it makes you feel better you would have kicked my butt in a real race."

All three of us began to make our way back to the shallow end. It's hard to do cling to one another when you sink every time you stop moving your arms.

"Damn right! Five years of swimming lessons ought to be good for something."

We headed back to the shallow end and each of us took up positions on the small steps that were set in the center of the pool wall. Kristel was next to me with Katie on the other side of her. "Since I cheated, how about we both loose the suits? Seem fair to you?"

Kristel glanced at Katie's nude form again, eyeing the luscious curves as I had done, then gave her consent. "Okay. You're still an asshole though," she chided, still a bit annoyed that she'd been denied a real victory. She sat up and reached back with one hand to undo the strings.

"Allow me," I told her. She consented and leaned her head forward to give me access. I gave one of the hanging strings a quick tug and the knot slipped free. After running a finger through the tie, they fell away and the stings were pulled down an inch or so as her breasts sagged in the water. I took a small breath and sunk slowly beneath the water until I was level with her waist. I gave her a bit of a nuzzle, pushing my nose into the crack of her ass playfully, for which she responded by giving a little wiggle, before hooking my fingers on the edge of her bottoms and sliding them down. Her tight toosh came into view, each globe pale and luscious in the murky water, and I slid the bottoms off her feet. She felt me rising and gave her ass another shake when she figured I was close, so I reached out and gave it a quick bite before surfacing.

She had a stern look waiting for me and said "Just for that, you've got to take off your shorts yourself."

"Oh, I don't think that will be necessary, I think Katie was wanting to do that for me." I smiled over at her. "Weren't you, babe."

She blushed. "How did you know," she asked, feeling a little embarrassed.

I tapped my head. Smiling, she scooted over to me. She brushed by Kristel, who couldn't help herself and reached out, caressing the skin of her back, making Katie smile. I leaned against the side and Katie came around in front of me and pressed her supple body against mine, kissing me deeply. Her tits squished pleasingly against my chest and she hooked one of her legs around mine.

"I don't know if I should," Kaite breathed to me, her eyes taking on a smoky cast. The alcohol and nudity were getting to everyone. "You have been a naughty boy this evening. Cheating and everything."

"Yeah, but it was all in good fun. And," I countered, "I did save a girl from being raped. That's got to be worth something."

"What do you think, Kristel," Katie turned in my embrace and looked at her partner in crime. "Does that deserve reward?" Her hand slipped lower in the water and tugged at the waist of my trunks. She ran her finger along the elastic, teasing me horribly, as she waited for Kristel to pass judgment.

"I think it depends on what he's willing to do for it." Kristel said. "After all, cheaters never win."

I arched my eyebrow at her, then glanced down at Katie and gave her a wink.

After a couple of seconds, Kristel said, "Stephen...what are you doing?"

"Oh...nothing." I lied through my teeth, smiling at her.

"This totally isn't fair," Kristel said, her eyes rolling back in her head and a shuddering breath escaping her lips. Katie, intrigued, turned around to watch the show.

"Well, I figure if I'm going to be a cheater, I might as well go all the way."

"God, I hate you." She said with an anger that didn't reach her eyes. Or her lips that were starting to curve in to a sexy smile. She leaned back and rested against the edge of the pool, her breasts breaking to the surface like two beautiful bobbers.

You want me to stop?"

"Oh!" gasped, then issued a low, throaty giggle. "No, that won't be necessary." I saw her hips begin to grind beneath the water and it continued up her stomach and into her chest; a long wave of desire. She sent off slow ripples that lapped in to Katie and I and it felt like her passion was being carried along with them. "It's getting a little lonely over here," she hinted, eyes still closed.

"Go ahead," I whispered to Katie. She looked back at me, smiling, and then moved the couple of feet over to Kristel, my shorts forgotten for the time being. I wasn't concerned though. I was about to see what I'd been waiting weeks for. Hell, if you count the time I've lived with Kristel, I'd been waiting almost two years.

Katie's hand stretched out slowly and began to caress the skin of Kristel's arm as it floated out in front of her. Kristel knew it wasn't me by the timid way the fingers moved over her, and the delicateness of the fingers. Not that I can't be delicate, but I'm not a woman, no matter how hard I try (nor do I want to be) and a woman will always do it differently.

"Hey," Kristel said softly.

"Hey," Katie replied. She began to get bolder and brought her other hand up to Kristel's neck. Her hand came down, moving slowly over Kristel's body and staring at her naked form in wonder.

*She likes to have her nipples played with* I sent to Katie. She was feeling a little hesitant and I thought some encouragement would do her good.

She glanced up at me distractedly and I gave her a grin. Smiling back, she allowed her hand to travel up the slope of Kristel's breast and gave it a squeeze. Kristel sighed and leaned in to Katie's hand and opened her eyes to watch. Without warning she reached up and grabbed Katie by the back of the neck and pulled her down into a long kiss, their hands exploring each other beneath the water. Kristel's came to rest on Katie's ass and gave it a healthy squeeze and Katie had worked up the nerve to allow her free hand to come to rest between Kristel's legs.

I watched enthralled as I saw her fingers part the folds of Kristel's pussy and start to move her middle finger around in little circles, probing gently. Kristel showed her appreciation by moaning in to Katie's mouth and pulling her closer.

This is where I've stopped for the time being.

If I was dreaming, I don't remember, I just remember being kicked in my sleep. I'm a light enough sleeper and getting a heel jabbed into your calf would wake just about anyone up. As I attempted to pull myself up through the layers of sleep I also recall smelling something slightly sour and tinged with panic. It was the smell of sweat. Not post-coital sweat, that musky, somewhat heavy smell, filled with remembered pleasures, but the harsh, rancid smell of fear. I felt the bed jerk again. Someone was having a hell of a nightmare. Whimpers reached my ears. Cries muffled by the Egyptian cotton pillowcases holding what felt like twelve pounds of goose feathers. Something wasn't right here.

[Everything is fine, go back to sleep.]

Yeah, it's okay, I thought. Just a nightmare, people have them all the time. The clouds of sleep began to cover me again and I forgot about it.

There was a sharp pain in my arm. Five sharp pains to be exact. Fingernails. Damn it, can't a guy sleep around here? What the hell?

[Shhh...It's okay.]

Yeah, okay. It's all goo- OW! Sonofabitch! The fingernails cut through my skin and I could feel the blood running down my arm. I awoke then, to the scene of horror that was filling the bed chamber.

Kristel was to my right, her body bare, the sheets long since having been kicked to the edge of the bed. She was pale and trembling and every sweat gland she had was working overtime. The sheets beneath us were damp with her terror. In that ephemeral god-vision of mine, I could see us connected by a sickly looking green and black cord. It erupted singular and solid from my forehead and lead down to her face, where it became a mass of tentacles that has wormed into her mouth, eyes, nose, temples and forehead.

The pain erupted in my arm again as her fist tightened. I looked around for Katie, suddenly terrified, but found her resting peacefully at the far end of the bed, not a care in the world. I pried Kristel's fingers from my arm and the tears closed up almost instantly. She pulled her fist back to her body and clenched it to her chest.

[Uh oh, someone went and called the fun police.] He said sarcastically from my head.

*What are you doing!* I tried to push into her mind but was blocked. It's similar to walking into a glass door.

[Wouldn't you like to know.]

"Cut it out!" I screamed, baffled by my inability to get in her head.

[Make me.]

I tried to actually grab at the connection, but my hand passed right through it. It wasn't something physical. If I moved away, it stretched without effect. I watched as it rippled softly the wave flowed back to my head.

"Momma!" Kristel cried out, her body twisting, her eyes squeezed tight, locked in her night terror. "Somebody help my momma."

[She does love her momma. Remember that big black mother-fucker, Paul Coffey, in The Green Mile? What did he say? Oh yeah, 'He killed 'em wit dey love,' or something like that. Brilliant idea.]

I pushed again but met the same solid resistance. I started breathing hard, terrified of what could be happening in her mind. Knowing him, there was no telling.

"Kristel, wake up baby. Wake up!" She only started sobbing and her body began to curl into a fetal position. Just like Amber.

"Oh no, you bastard, you are not doing it again!" I needed help. "Aphrodite! Hermes, you son of a bitch!" I called out loudly, "Get down here and help me!"

Nothing. In the mean time, Kristel's sobbing became more violent.

[If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make any sound?]

Goddamn him.

I started to panic, I didn't know what to do. Kristel was probably going to die and then what? Katie next. If he could take Kristel right out from underneath me, then how could I stop him from taking Katie as well?

I'd have to fight him again. Last time I wound up in the hospital, unconscious for three days. If that happened again, or worse, Kristel and Katie would be stranded here. We weren't exactly close to civilization. At this time of year unless you came in on a Snow Cat, the only way here was by helicopter. There was enough food, not even counting the stuff I brought with me before bringing the girls, the owner also had a huge dry goods pantry and a deep freeze with enough meat to feed half the NHL. They'd be okay. Assuming I won, of course. What would happen if he won? Still, there was nothing to be done about it. I had to either face him or surrender to him, there was no middle ground. It was time for round two.

I closed my eyes and jumped inward.

I should take a moment and describe the whole inner-mind thing. When the average person is deep in thought, pulling up past memories, or analyzing feelings, whatever, they're still very much in the "now". What I do is totally different, because of my gifts. They give me access to a deeper, more real level of consciousness. I separate from 'this' reality and enter my own reality, if that helps. It's the same when I'm in someone else's mind. When I go deeper then just skimming the top layer for thoughts and inner dialogue, things begin to take shape.

Think 'The Matrix'. When I saw it, I was a little freaked out by the similarities of what it's like when I do it, and what happens when the characters are connected by the spike in the head. (It also made me realize that I could have Monica Bellucci, but that's another story altogether). That might give you a better frame of reference, actually, then all my fumbling attempts at a description. If you've seen the movies, that is. If not, you'll have to take my word for it.

I went inward and was...independent from my body. I was dimly aware of it, like you're dimly aware of your feet when you're laying on the couch watching TV. You know they're there, but it's not important.

I landed with a jarring thud on...nothing. There was a floor where there wasn't a floor. There was nothing there to act as a floor, just empty nothingness. Still I stood and gave myself some clothes. I was naked back in the world and showed up naked here, but it was a mental shrug to give me some Levi's and an old t-shirt.

"Come out come out, wherever you are." He was around, I could feel him, but what he was doing I couldn't tell. Every time I probed at him, I met with the same results as when I tried to enter Kristel's mind. Blocked. Truth be told, it scared the hell out of me. He knew it too, he could sense my fear, just as I could sense his anger. What he was angry at, I had no idea. It's not like this was my fault. I didn't ask him to show up. He went out of his way to cause pain and suffering and didn't seem to understand that I cared what he did.

Colors began to form around me and soon enough a desert vista had coalesced into existence. It came complete with a distant mountain range and rocks digging in to my feet. I'd forgotten about shoes, but it was easily rectified.

The landscape was barren and lifeless. Not even a dead bush. It was a flat plane filled with rocks and slightly bigger rocks and dirt, stretching for miles. The sky was a cold blue and cloudless, the sun was white ball of molten fire hanging midway in the sky, and it felt real enough, too. Sweat had begun to form on my forehead and between my shoulder blades.

I heard the sound of footsteps behind me and spun around and saw...me. Me, but not me. To the casual observer it was me, but to the person who's been looking at that face for the last 22 years, it wasn't me. The face was harder, the cheekbones more defined and the nose sharper. The chin was too arrogant and had somewhat of a cleft in it and there was an Adam's apple. And then there was the eyes; they were just pools of blackness.

"You really suck, you know that?" He told me. Or...I told me or...I don't know. It made my head hurt trying to figure it out. The problem came in that he even felt like me. Sort of. A 'me but not me' feeling. I can sense a person when they're close enough, even without trying, and especially when I am. I sense their energy. When I felt him, it felt like feeling me. I took a step back. He eyed me with a disdainful look.

"Yeah, well you're not a bowl of peaches either. What's with the outfit." I asked him, referring to appearance. "You think that if you look like me, I won't stop you?"

"I kept hoping you'd figure this out on your own, it would indicate that you're aren't totally stupid, but since you're not able to, even when it's literally staring you in the face, I'm going to explain it really slow. And I'll use small words."

I already new what he was going to say, I could feel it in my gut, but I refused to believe it.

"I don't care if you believe me or not, it's irrelevant. I'm you. You're me. We're one. We're all part of the great circle of life. Hakuna Matadda, you know. It really was you that tried to kill Amber. It's really you that's giving Kristel a nightmare so bad that would make the old nag herself bow down in awe. You. All you. Us. Me."

"You're a liar." I said in a low tone, my eyes at the ground, trying to block his words from my mind. "You're some kind of side-effect of what they did. Some demon that snuck in and possessed me." My voice did not sound very convincing, even to my own ears.

He ignored my pitiful assertion and said, "You want to know what she's seeing?"

I looked up at him sharply.

"I can tell you or I can show you, which one?" He smiled maliciously at me.

"Stop it." I commanded, my heartbeat thudding in my ears.

"It's a great piece of work, if I may be allowed to toot my own horn. You really outdid yourself."

"IT'S NOT ME!" I shouted. A ripple of energy pushed outward from me, sending the rocks skittering away. He was caught slightly by surprise and I took the opportunity to strike. I lunged at him and tackled him around the shoulders, taking us both down. As soon as we made contact there was a shudder and the ground began to heave and crack.

I straddled him, pinning his arms beneath my knees and glared at him. "Make it stop. Stop torturing her." I said in a ragged growl. The ground pitched beneath us and I struggled to keep him pinned.

He laughed, apparently not even concerned that I had him on the ground. Ignoring it actually, as if it was of no consequence. "Aren't you even curious why you couldn't enter her mind? Do you want me to tell you? It's because deep down, you don't want to. In the ghetto of your mind, where I live, you don't want to. You like that's she's suffering. Just like Amber's pain. And just like when you came in your pants when you sucked her soul from her body. You love it! It's the fucking air you breathe and the blood in your veins!"

"Liar!" There was a tremendous crack and the ground we were on surged upward, throwing us both wild. I scrambled for purchase and my fingers hooked into a crevice, but out of the corner of my eye I saw his body tumble over the side. The rock jerked to a halt, almost throwing me off again. By the skyline I'd guess he had a hell of a fall. I got to my knees and crawled to the edge but couldn't see anything on the ground below through all the dust. The rock plane around us was split with cracks though, all radiating out from we we'd been standing. I jumped and appeared at the bottom of pillar and found him, coughing and bloody, on his knees.

I grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around. My other hand went for his neck and then picked him up and slammed him into the side of the rock wall with a wet thud.

"Make it stop." I told him, tightening my grip on her throat.

"You make it stop," he grunted, and laughed sardonically. "If you want to."

I punched him. Then again, even harder. I lost myself in the rage and beat him repeatedly. He just slumped there taking it. After a moment I stopped and let him fall to the ground. He hadn't even resisted.

"Do you feel it," he called up from the ground, his voice dry and rasping. "Feel how the rage fits you like your favorite pair of jeans. You can't escape it. You can't escape me." He chuckled. I stood silently, glaring down at him, somehow disgusted with myself, and said nothing.

He winked at me and said, "Be seeing you." And disappeared. I didn't try to stop him. I'd won, I could feel it. I also got the feeling that he had let me win. He was setting me up for the fall, like with Amber. Giving me enough rope to hang myself.

I was left alone with my thoughts. What he said couldn't be true. I wasn't twisted and evil, like he was. I don't care what he said, or how much like me he made himself look. He was lying.

I emerged back in my body and opened my eyes just in time to see the connection between Kristel and myself dissolve away. Her whole body relaxed and she sagged visibly into the mattress, the lines disappearing from her face. Her eyes still leaked tears, but she was too exhausted to wake up. I entered her mind gently, unhindered this time, and tried to erase what he'd done, tried to clear out her memories of the dream. I did the best I could without actually seeing it. I didn't want to know what she'd had to watch. I couldn't bear to look. I smoothed out her hair and kissed her cheek, a tear of my own mingling with hers. No one was safe.

Katie had slept through the entire thing. Not that it had lasted very long. While it felt like hours that I was trapped in my head, in reality I was only in there with him for about fifteen minutes. He'd done something to keep Katie asleep while Kristel had cried out; Probably the same thing that he had done to keep me from waking up too soon. Katie had never batted an eyelash.

I got up slowly from the bed, grabbed a robe and went to find some water.

In the realm of the Gods...

"It won't be long now," Zeus said.

"What do you intend to do," asked Hermes.

"Absolutely nothing. It'd be foolish to interfere, not without a lot of protection at my back. Who knows what would happen if he lashed out. That boy is a walking time bomb. I'd prefer not to be in the blast radius when he goes off."

"Maybe Coyote is right, you could always come clean with him."

Zeus stared blankly at him for a moment, not comprehending. "You mean the truth?" He barked a laugh. "The truth is only a last resort. And even then, it's not an option. When he cracks it's going to unleash a helluva shit storm and I don't need that kind of headache."

"You really don't think you're going to get out of this unscathed, do you. He's putting off way to much power. Half the upper realm will have felt him by now. First you unleash a Transcendent upon the world and then don't convene the Council, you do all you can to conceal it, in fact, and then don't warn the one God who wants him the most. That's not a wise move."

"I didn't unleash anything," Zeus said moodily. "He was born that way. There was no way we could have known, or any of them. We aren't doing anything we haven't done countless times for the last three millennia. This was just a coincidence. And Set needs to learn to not be so greedy. Damn crazy bastard. Him and his personal war," Zeus said disgustingly. "There is no war to fight anymore, I don't know why he can't accept that."

"Even so," Hermes cautioned. "You think the Council will hold you blameless. As soon as you knew, he should have been killed. Now it's too late. They wouldn't dare risk an attack on his life, especially if he comes fully into his power."

"You know as well as I do that he could die before that happens, by his own hand." Zeus snapped.

"And the odds on that," Hermes inquired. "He's doing remarkably well. Aphrodite was very astute: he is a good person. A weaker mortal would have already self-destructed."

"You're not without blame in this little scenario, either, my darling son," Zeus grumbled. "You could have just as easily requested a Council gathering as I, oh messenger god. You have the authority."

"Me?" Hermes looked questioningly at his father. "I was just following orders."

"Tell that to the Nazi's," Zeus said.

[b]Back on earth...

"Hey, what are you doing out here? It's freezing?" Kristel said, as she emerged onto the patio, wrapped in a huge blanket that she'd pulled from somewhere. Her feet were covered in large fuzzy slippers.

I didn't take my eyes off the valley between the mountains. The deck had a spectacular view of the countryside. I'd been sitting out here for about three hours, since I'd gotten out of bed, and I'd had the fortune of seeing a mountain sunrise. On a different day it would have been beautiful. There was a large stone fire pit that the deck chairs were arranged around, with plenty of seasoned logs stacked in a row against the wall, but I hadn't bothered to light it. I had much the same as Kristel to keep me warm.

"I was looking all over for you. I thought you might have gone off and left us." She came around to the front and sat down awkwardly on the edge of the chair, searching my face. I tore my gaze from the scenery and searched her right back. She looked a little tired, but none-the-worse for wear.

"How are you," I asked her, tenderly.

She gave me a puzzled look, probably curious about my tone, but answered. "I'm alright. I feel a little out of it, but some breakfast will probably help."

"Did you sleep okay?"

"Yeah, that bed is a great, we need one of those. And after all that we did, how could I not." She winked at me. "I think...I think I had a bad dream, but I can't remember it. When I woke up I really wanted to call my mom, I think it was about her, but it's to early to call her right now, she'd think something was wrong and I'd hate to worry her over a nightmare. Especially one I can't even remember.

I gave an inward sigh of relief. Kristel noticed, and asked, "Steve, is everything okay. You really look bad."

My initial reaction was to play it off, but that didn't go so well with her last time I tried it. She was getting too good at reading my moods. And anyway, I had to talk to someone. My mind was racing in so many different directions that I was being pulled apart. Was it me? It couldn't be me. If it was me, then why? What did it mean? Why had I turned evil? Did everyone they choose go through this? If so, why go through all the trouble if the selected person burned out in a month or two? Where was the gain? If things progressed much farther I'd surely kill someone. Why this, why that, etc. etc. etc. I'd been freezing my ass off on the deck for the last few hours and had nothing to show for it but toes that would have turned black from the cold on a normal person.

"I think..." I paused, and I felt my brow draw together in frustration. Best start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. "When you read you begin with A, B, C." I mumbled to myself, but it was out loud and Kristel heard it.

"When you sing you begin with Do, Re, Mi," She chimed back. I looked up at her, somewhat surprised. "I love the Sound of Music."

"Ahh," I said, and smiled, suddenly very glad I wasn't alone.

"If we're going to talk, can we at least go inside, it's really cold." She shivered and wrapped the cover tighter around herself.

"Oh, sorry." With I blink I hurled several logs from the stack along the door to the fire pit, and a second later they were ablaze with a loud woosh of sound. It was nonchalant for me, but Kristel nearly fell off the chair.

"Crap, I'm sorry Kristel." I sat up and pulled her besides me. There was just enough room for us to snuggle and I opened my blanket to let her scoot in and we overlapped them. The fire began to warm our chilly toes.

"Don't worry about it," she said, smiling. "I guess I should be used to stuff like that by now. How do you do it? Can I learn?"

"I just...want it to happen and it does. The same way you wiggle your fingers or scratch your nose. And about learning...I don't know that it's worth the price."

She waited for me to continue. The anguish was apparently written all over my face. She knew enough not to say anything.

Just as when I returned from the desert, he eyes offered solace. There was such acceptance there that it nearly broke my heart. Suddenly the words came out in a rush. "I think that I'm going crazy. These things I do, they apparently have side effects, only no one told me. Unless I can find a way to fix it, I might really hurt someone. Maybe even kill them. It's happened already, but I was able to stop it at the last minute. The last time though, I almost couldn't. It's getting harder. I try to ask questions but no one will answer me. I can't even find the right people to ask the questions to. The only one offering up anything is the voice in my head and I can't trust that to help me remember the date." I took a breath.

"You have voices in your head?" she asked quizzically.

"Well...yeah." I shrugged uncomfortably. " Sort of. Just one."

"Are you like The Son of Sam? Are you going to start murdering people and claim it was the voices?"

"Voice." I corrected her, as if it made a huge amount of difference. A crazy voice was a crazy voice, after all.

"Voice," she conceded.

I really didn't know how to respond to that one. How could I know what I would do if I didn't figure this out?

"I think..." I paused to choose my words carefully, "that if I could get a hold of the one's who did this to me that I could figure it out, but I don't exactly have a number to call."

"And I don't suppose you want to tell me who they are?" she asked.

"No, I can't babe. God only knows what would happen then. It's bad enough as it is. I've probably told you too much already. Don't worry though, I won't let anything happen to you, I swear." I pulled her tight against me and buried my nose in her hair. I wouldn't let myself harm her either. I didn't care if it cost me my own life, I wouldn't allow them or Him hurt her. Or Katie.

"So is this why you look so stressed?" Her hand was under my shirt, stroking my chest. I saw the mist of her breath explode from her mouth and fade away as she spoke each word. The sun was getting high enough that the light was creeping up onto the porch. Another five minutes and it'd be at our feet.

"Yeah. I'm terrified that something bad will happen."

Her arm snaked under my back and wrapped around my waist, hugging me tight. "It will work out, Steve, don't worry."

She said it so simply, so matter-of-factly, that I wanted to cry. She had such faith in me. It was almost child-like. And I was the one who only three hours before had almost taken her life.

"Kristel I..." My voice trailed off. In that absence of words was all that needed to be said.

"Shh. I know." She leaned up and kissed me gently.

We snuggled down and finished watching the sun rise. The logs burned and crackled at our feet, keeping us warm enough to endure the cold and said nothing for awhile.

"I seem to recall," Kristel said slyly. "You telling me that I could have almost anything I want."

"Yeah, that's what I said. Why, what does your heart desire?"

"An omelet. With bell peppers and some pepper jack cheese. Hold the onions."

"I make a great omelet," I told her.

"I bet you do."

"Then an omelet you shall have. Katie's waking up anyway, we shouldn't leave her alone."

"How do you know that?" She looked up at me.

I gave her a wink and she laughed. "Come on, breakfast in thirty minutes."


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