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ok i hope this is the right place for this....my last story i ever wrote before i got a writer's block..enjoy....

Melanie had been a very bad girl. Last night she threw a temper tantrum, and began throwing pieces of objects at her husband. He tried best that he could to calm her down, but nothing was working. Afraid that she might hurt herself or him, he tackled her and wrestled her to the ground. Melanie fought with him, kicking and cursing up a storm. David lifted her up and threw her on the bed. He then quickly restrained her to the four corners of the bed. Melanie yelled and cussed, twisting and trying to get away from her husband. David grabbed her wrists and tied them to the top of the bed, fastening them to the headboard. Then, avoiding her kicking legs as well as he could, he grabbed her left ankle and attached it to the left bottom corner of the bed, then did the same with her right ankle, strapping it to the opposite corner. Then and only then did David finally release his tight grip on Melanie, fearing for her sanity.

"How dare you do this to me? Let me up now." Melanie screamed at him.

"Hon, this is the best solution. You are way out of control tonight. I have never seen you in this state before, and I fear for your and my own safety. Until you calm down, you will stay tied here, so get used to it."

And with that, David walked out of the room, hearing Melanie scream and curse at him as he left. He found the cat and picking her up, went into the spare bedroom to sleep. Meanwhile Melanie lay there, fuming and furious, struggling fiercely to try and break free from her bonds. She could not believe David would resort to this in order to subdue her. After a bit, she exhausted herself with all the struggling and yelling to David to come release her and quieted down. When she thought back to what happened earlier, she had to admit that the tantrum even scared herself.

"I'll just go to sleep and apologize to David in the morning. I can always charm him. "Melanie thought as she relaxed and drifted off to sleep.

Melanie woke up around six the following morning, still tied down to the bed. She knew David would be up soon, and she hoped that would be pretty quick, as she needed to use the restroom. Hearing his alarm clock, Melanie put on her cutest apologetic look, which had always worked in the past, and waited for David to get up and come in and release her. She listened and listened, hearing him talking to Chelsea, and rolling her eyes. She heard him get up, go into the bathroom, then heard him flushing the toilet and next heard him walking into Chelsea's room to feed her, give her water and clean her litterbox.

"Gesh, i don't frigging believe this. He is taking care of the cat first????" Melanie was incredulous as she thought this. "O sometimes i think he loves that cat more than he loves me."

Sighing, and trying her darndest to appear patient, she was finally rewarded with hearing the bedroom door open. Melanie got that wide-eyed innocent look that she can do so well as she smiled shyly at David.

"O David i'm so sorry, i have no idea what happened to me last night. It was like i was possessed or something. I promise I'll never do that again, i swear." Melanie poutedly said.

"Melanie, I have never witnessed anything like what happened. I was truly afraid, not only for your safety, but mine and the cat's as well." David replied.

"I know hon, and I truly am so sorry. It won't happen again. Please untie me now, I've learned my lesson and i really need to go to the bathroom, plus i have chores to do around the home today." Melanie said, confident that David would capitulate, as he usually does.

However this time, all she saw in his brown eyes, was sadness and resignation. Melanie's heart sunk.

"You are going to let me up, right? Surely you won't keep me this way all day?" she pleaded with him.

"Melanie, i'm worried with you alone all day. What if you hurt yourself? What if another of those tantrums occurs? Here by yourself, what would you do?" David answered back.

"David please, that was a one time deal. I have no idea why i went off the deep end. Maybe it was all the stress from yesterday. Let me up now, you can't leave me tied here all day in only my nightgown. What if someone broke in?" Melanie was getting desparate, as she realized her charms and pleadings weren't working.

"I will set the burglar alarm." David said.

"I need to go to the bathroom. I need to go very badly." Melanie panicked.

"You can use this." David opened the closet door, and pulled out a bedpan.

"Where the hell did you get that?" Melanie cried.

"Lift up your hips, I'll loosen the restraint a bit so you can do it easier. But hear this, you will remain tied for the entire day." David ordered.

Melanie's mouth popped open in surprise at the demanding tone in his voice. Sighing, she raised her hips and David slid the bedpan underneath. She released her bladder and he removed the bedpan and took it to empty in the bathroom. Returning, he tightened the restraints again so that Melanie could barely move. He decided he better shut Chelsea in her room for the day, so that her curiosity wouldn't get the better of her. After doing that, he showered and shaved, and got dressed for work. Walking in to say goodbye he then said,

"I'll set the burglar alarm. And I'll be home for lunch to check on you. Be a good girl." and leaned in to kiss Melanie on the forehead.

She turned away her head in anger. She heard him go down the stairs and heard him set the alarm and then the slam of the backdoor as David left for work. Straining to hear if he would return, if this wasn't just some kinky joke, Melanie only heard the silence of the house. At first incredibly angry, she fumed at David, she could not believe he would leave her tied and helpless and practically nude alone in her home. Wearing only her short yellow night-gown and a pair of white ankle socks, Melanie felt very vulnerable. What if someone knew how to tamper with the alarm? What if there was a crazed maniac roaming the neighborhood? Suddenly feeling sorry for herself, Melanie began to cry. Exhausted, she soon fell into a restless sleep.

Hearing the beep of the alarm, Melanie awoke, at first disoriented and tried to get up. Then she remembered that she was bound to the bed, spread-eagle. Looking over at the bedside table, she saw that it was twelve thirty.

"David, is that you?" Melanie cried out.

"Yes, hon, I'm home for lunch. After i eat, i'll come up and check on you." David replied.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Melanie waited until he finished his lunch. Hearing footsteps on the stairs, she waited for him to appear at the doorway.

"David, please untie me. My muscles are hurting from being restrained. And i need to exercise and do my chores."

"Hon, you can take some minor pain until tonight. The chores can wait. I am keeping you restrained for your own good." David replied. "Do you need to use the bathroom?"

Melanie teared up and nodded. David slid the bedpan underneath, after loosening the restraints a bit, and the process of the morning was repeated.

"I'll be home around five thirty. Until then, I want you to think about what led up to that temper tantrum last night. O and the plumber may drop by, but everything he needs is downstairs, so don't worry. He shouldn't come up here at all."

"What????? You are leaving me tied up with a stranger entering the house?" Melanie asked, incredulously.

"Well, i doubt he will come today. He said this is his busy time of the year." And with that not very reassuring answer, David again leaned in and kissed her lightly on the forehead, wiping away the tears that had meandered down her face.

David went back downstairs, preparing to leave for work. He went out the front door, but in his preoccupation about Melanie, he forgot to set the burglar alarm, and also forgot to lock the front door.

Melanie, oblivious to this oversight, lay on her back and thought about how long this afternoon was going to seem to her. She closed her eyes, imagining herself anywhere but where she was at the present time. Suddenly her eyes shot open. The front door was opening and she heard someone come into the house and shut and lock the door.

"David? Did you forget something?" Melanie cried out.

"Ma'am, it's the plumber. I've come to fix the kitchen sink." the plumber answered.

"O ok, i'm in the shower. Don't come up, everything you need you should find in the kitchen." Melanie tried to sound convincing, she couldn't believe the plumber was in the house.

She trembled, hoping that he believed her. She didn't know what she would do if he decided to come up the steps, and found her lying there, barely clad, tied and helpless. Melanie could hear him making some sort of noises in the kitchen, and whistling from time to time. Cursing David under her breath, she hoped the plumber would finish his work quickly and leave.

"Ma'am? I need to come up so that you can sign these papers for me." was the next startlingly remark she heard the plumber say.

"No, no just leave the papers on the counter. I'll sign them later and mail them to you." Melanie answered back, fearing more than ever that he would come up.

"It's no trouble really. I'll just come up, it should only take a few minutes."

"No, please don't come up, please."

Too late, Melanie could hear him climbing the steps. Before long, she knew he would turn the landing and see her lying there. She braced herself and before long he came into sight. Seeing her tied like that he rushed in.

"Lady, are you alright?" he asked in fained concern.

"No, please untie me. Someone broke into the house and tied me up like this." Melanie answered back, hoping he would believe her and take pity on her.

"Hmmm, but i just saw your husband leaving the house. Didn't he notice that you were tied?" the plumber asked, smiling to himself. "I think your husband tied you up himself, what do you think?

"No, i swear, why would he do that?" Melanie pleaded with him.

"I have no idea, but I like what i see. My name is Ricky. And i know your name is Melanie. I love nothing more than a helpless, vulnerable female at my disposal. Do you want to know why? Because i love to tickle feet. I love to tickle a female until she has nothing left."

"Don't you dare touch me. You will get in so much trouble. My husband will be home any minute." Melanie shouted, the word tickling making her quake in her size six feet.

"I don't think so. I know for a fact he works until after five. So i have all afternoon to tickle you." Ricky laughed as he sat down at the foot of the bed.

"Nooooooooooooooooo i cannot stand to be tickled. My feet are so ticklish, i am begging you, release me and i'll do anything for you." Melanie pleaded, wiggling her socked feet and struggling with her bonds, not realizing that these actions were turning Ricky on big time.

"I want to see these lovely feet of yours." Ricky then said. And with that, despite Melanie's protests, he slowly removed one sock, making it as torturously slow as he could. When he saw the smooth sole, with the slight pinkish hue at the top and on the heel, he gasped and ran his tongue over his lips, anticipating how soft and sensitive that sole would feel to his fingers and tongue.

He then did the same with the other foot. Soon both feet were bare and vulnerable, and wiggling in protest. Ricky looked up at Melanie and smiled. He traced one fingernail slowly from the heel of the right foot, up through the center, over the arch, around the ball, under the base of the toes, and back down again.

"Quit that, it tickles." Melanie shouted, trying not to giggle.

Ricky only repeated the process on the other foot. Satisfied that she was indeed extremely ticklish, he began running all his fingers up and down the sole of first one foot, then the other. Melanie squealed, not able to keep the giggles in any longer.

"Noooooooo please that tickles soo much, i can't stand that."

She didn't know that those words only made Ricky hungry for more. He pulled up her big toe on the left foot, stretching the sole taut, and tickled all up and down, raking his fingernails over her sensitive sole, running his fingers under her toes, making her squeal with laughter and begging. He would do this with both feet, tickling fast and hard everywhere, lost in his desire to tickle those feet for as long as he wished. Melanie twisted and squirmed, this tickling was driving her nuts. She was sure that she would never last the afternoon. She kept saying how much it tickled, that she couldn't take it any longer, but that only made Ricky hard, he so loved to hear her say that. Looking around, Ricky spotted a comb.

"Noooooooooooo please not the comb." Melanie gasped out, as she continued to giggle. "Please stop, this is too much tickling, i won't last the afternoon."

Ricky only smiled, as he slowly moved over to her exposed and helpless feet, wondering which he should use the comb on first. Melanie wiggled her feet and pleaded with him to not tickle anymore. Ricky chose the right foot, he grabbed her bigtoe, stretching out the sole again, and began running the comb hard everywhere on her foot. Melanie screamed, arched her back, struggled for all she was worth, it tickled like nothing before. He found out the ball of her foot was very very ticklish, and so concentrated the comb on that area, running it fast back and forth, and delighting in the giggles and laughter coming from his tickle toy. Ricky then switched to her left foot, doing exactly the same thing, running that comb over all Melanie's most sensitive areas, exploiting the ticklish spots ruthlessly.

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo". Melanie finally gasped out. "Please you are killing me, i can't take it, that tickles so much, please quit, please."

Ricky did quit, but not because of her pleadings. He was so turned on, that he wanted to see the rest of her body. Moving to his bag, he removed a pair of scissors. Seeing that, Melanie shook her head.

"Don't you dare remove my clothes. You are in big trouble as it is."

But Ricky paid no heed to her words. He quickly cut away the tiny nightgown, and saw that Melanie had on nothing underneath. She blushed furiously as she saw him staring at her nudity. He saw that her breasts were firm and didn't sag. He noticed the slightly rounded belly, with the white scar going from her bellybutton down to the top of her crotch. He also saw that she was completely shaved. He felt his hard-on become even harder.

"Put my clothes back on me now, you pervert. When i get free, you are in so much trouble" Melanie bravely said.

"Melanie, you are in no position to threaten me. For today, you are my tickle toy, and will do as I say. I'm sure that you have a vibrator somewhere here in the house."

"Don't you sneak around my bedroom." Melanie rather meekly said, realizing that indeed she wasn't in any position to be demanding demands.

He paid her no mind, he walked over to the dresser drawer, and opened the top drawer. Seeing what he wanted, a vibrator, Ricky smiled and pulled it out, holding it up.

"Looks like Melanie has herself a toy."

Despite everything Melanie said, Ricky didn't listen. He came back over to the bed, turned on the vibrator, and placed it directly on her clit.

"O don't you touch me there. Take that off this eekssssssssssssssssssssssssssss"

She never finished what she was trying to say, because at that moment Ricky was back to tickling her feet with that damn comb.

"Ooooooooooooooooooooooo that tickles so much."

Melanie was squirming, struggling and laughing, at the same time trying to shake the vibrator away from her clit. Suddenly Ricky stopped tickling her feet, and moved up beside her.

"Let's see if the rest of your delicious body is as ticklish as those delightful feet."

And with that, Ricky began lightly tickling Melanie's neck. She giggled and tried to turn her head to protect her neck. He would just change sides. He tickled both sides of her neck, ran his fingers up the length of one arm lightly to the palm, then back down to the armpit. That touch sent chills up and down Melanie's spine, and the vibrator was beginning to work on her as well. Next, Ricky tackled both armpits at the same time, digging his fingers in deep and tickling fast. Melanie shrieked and laughed, jerking her arms, trying to pull them down to protect her super ticklish underarms. He kept tickling and tickling, and Melanie kept laughing and giggling, at times trying to plead that it tickled so much. Ricky then moved to those delicious looking breasts and nipples, and noticed that the nipples were hard. He ran his fingers around and under each breast, hearing Melanie gasp as she giggled. He continued this, then moved down to her stomach, and hips..running his fingers everywhere at once, marveling at her soft skin.

But his first love and he had to move back down to her feet, he loved her feet, he needed to feel her feet in his mouth. Melanie felt him moving down, and cried out

"Noooooooo anywhere but my feet. Please don't tickle my feet anymore."

Ricky only laughed a rather evil laugh, and began tickling her foot, tickling one foot while he took her toes into his mouth one by one, from the other foot. Melanie had never felt anything like this before, and she went absolutely nuts. The vibrator was driving her crazy, the tickling and sucking was making her frantic, she wasn't sure how much more of this she could take. She found herself extremely turned on, and that angered her, but she couldn't fight it.

"I want you to cum. When you cum, you are so much more sensitive after. And i will enjoy that. I will tickle you all afternoon, you are my tickle toy, you are my tickle slave."

With those words, and with Ricky continuing to tickle torture her poor defenseless feet, and sucking on her toes until she thought she would go crazy, Melanie felt herself building to an incredible orgasm. She tried her hardest to fight the urge back, but with him saying those words, it wasn't long before she screamed out in ecstasy. Ricky saw her shudder, saw her pussy throb and spasm, and continued to tickle her feet as she came over and over, each orgasm stronger and harder than the last, leaving Melanie sweaty and limp.

Suddenly the phone rang, and the answering machine picked it up.

"Hon, it's me. I found out i have to leave right after work on an emergency business trip. I'll send a neighbor over around six to untie you. I should be home on Friday."

Melanie tried to cry out but the machine had clicked off.

"So, your husband has to be out of town until Friday and today is only Monday. This is perfect. I'll continue to tickle you for the rest of the afternoon, then leave you tied up and come back tomorrow. Or better yet, maybe tonight I'll take you to my home, far out in the country, where i have a secret room, just perfect for a tickle slave." said Ricky.

"All afternoon? And all week long? Don't you have plumbing jobs you need to do?" asked Melanie, secretly hoping that he would say no.

"Melanie, i have a confession to make. I'm not a plumber, I'm a member of the TMF website and have been reading your stories. I know that you are isabeau. You are the perfect tickle slave, and i have wanted you as my slave since i read those stories."

"Ahh the plumber who isn't a plumber, but a member of a fetish website. Take me with you, you are the perfect tickle Master that i have only dreamed of. I've never cum this hard before in my life." replied Melanie, blushing as she said this.

"I will, my tickle slave." And with that the urstwhile plumber moved back down to those ticklish sensitive feet. Melanie knew it would be a long week, yet satisfying as well and was very glad the plumber had come up the stairs. Then she forgot everything as she once again began giggling and laughing and pleading that she couldn't take this tickling any longer...

As the light began to fade, Ricky finally quit tickling Melanie, who was totally exhausted and wet from sweat and also from cumming so many times. Also during that time, he had cum on her right foot while tickling her left foot, her giggles and laughter getting him so excited, he could hardly contain himself. He shot his cum all over her foot, and Melanie groaned as she felt the warm sticky wetness running over her foot. She had cum so many times that she was literally light-headed, and doubted whether she could walk on her own two feet. Ricky's breathing finally subsided from very harsh to normal, as his orgasm finally quit. Looking up at Melanie, he smiled.

"We should get you cleaned up and out of here before the neighbor comes and sees that you are not alone."

Melanie only nodded, to weak even to speak. Ricky walked out of the room, and down the hall and ran some water, getting it warm. Grabbing a towel and washcloth, he wetted the washcloth and came back into the bedroom. He then wiped Melanie gently from head to foot with the warm washcloth, then dried her off tenderly. Ricky then untied her, put a robe around her, retied her wrists behind her back and picked her up and carried her downstairs. He laid her on the couch, while he went back up to let out the cat and to make sure she had plenty of food to last until Friday. Then he returned, unlocked the front door, and picking up Melanie, carried her to his waiting van, parked in front. He then placed her on her back in the rear of the van, tied her ankles together with ropes, and placed a blindfold around her eyes.

The ride seemed to last forever, and the road got bumpy, and Melanie wondered where on earth Ricky was taking her, and also wondered, was she nuts, going off with someone she didn't even know? The lull of the ride soon sent her to sleep, exhausted from all the torture and tickling of the afternoon.

She awoke with a start, finding that the van had stopped. Ricky got out of the van, and opened the rear door, lifting Melanie and whispering in her ear,

"You are home, my slave."

She shivered at the sound of his voice so close to her ear, and giggled a bit, as his goatee tickled her ear. Ricky then carried her into the house, and down some steps. She could feel them progressing down steps, and then heard a door opening. Walking inside, Ricky then put Melanie down and untied her ankles.

"Welcome to my tickle dungeon, your home for the next few days, or forever if you wish." as he said this, he removed the blindfold from Melanie's eyes.

Adjusting herself to the light, it took her a few seconds, but when she was able to see, she gasped as she looked around. For there, in the dungeon, were candles everywhere, stocks of all sizes, an x-frame table, a medieval rack, a four-poster bed. All implements perfect for making one immobile. Ricky came up behind her and removed her robe.

"You won't be needing this. It's nice and warm here." He then led her over to the four-poster bed. "For today, i think you have had enough tickling. Tonight i will tie you to the bed, and sleep beside you."

Melanie nodded, looking up at this well-built man, with a few tattoos on his well-muscled arms, noticing his very short haircut, his goatee and above all, those piercing eyes that seemed to bore into her very soul, and knew just what she needed. He was five-eleven, not heavy at all, muscular without being overly so, and possessed the sexiest voice she had ever heard. She stood a mere five two beside him, his size increasing his power in her eyes. Melanie was petitely built, being 120lbs.

After Ricky had secured his new-found tickle slave to the bed, he climbed in beside her, and wrapped his arms around her. Melanie sighed in contentment, and soon was fast asleep.

She was woken up by feeling her feet being lightly tickled.

"That tickles, what a way to wake up" Melanie sleepily protested.

Ricky continued to lightly tickle her feet, savoring the wiggling of her toes, and realizing that those ticklish feet were his for the week. After a few more tickles he stopped.

"It's time for your bath, slave, and after a full-body massage. The massage will prepare your body for the tickling that will happen all day long"

"All day long?" Melanie asked, eyes wide.

"Yes, all day long. I live to tickle you and those feet. I've always dreamed of a woman like you, who seems to like being tickled and is so very ticklish."

Ricky then went into the bathroom, adjoining the dungeon, and Melanie could hear water running. After a bit, he came back and undid the ties that bound her to the bed, and lifting her, carried her into the bathroom and placed her in a humongous round tub. Ricky then got in with her, and began soaping up her body, washing her gently. Melanie closed her eyes, never having been bathed by another before. Next he washed her hair, and conditioned it as well. When he was done, he lifted Melanie up out of the bath, stood her on the bathrug, and gently toweled her dry. He then led her back into the bedroom and told her to hop up on the massage table, which Melanie had failed to notice the night before.

"Lie on your stomach. Relax and enjoy." Ricky ordered.

Melanie complied. Then began what to Melanie felt like heaven. Ricky started at the back of her neck, and began massaging slowly and methodically, moving down her entire body, until he finally got to her feet. Grabbing some baby oil, he spread that on both feet, and rubbed the oil in, making sure that the oil was massaged deep into the soles.

"Does this feel good my slave? If you are a good slave, i can promise i will pamper you every morning and every evening the same way. Being a good tickle slave means that you will be tickled and tortured as long as it pleases me to tickle you. There will be no safeword. I will take you to and beyond your limits. You will come to crave my touch, to ache for the feel of my fingers tickling every inch of your body. You will experience orgasms like you never believed possible. All this i can do to you."

Melanie sighed in pleasure and nodded her head.

"I am ready Master." she said.

"Good, now come slave, each day you will experience a different form of bondage. Today i think the stocks would be a nice touch."

And with that, the day that would change both their lives began, one that would be filled with giggles, laughter, pleadings, moans, screams of pleasure, and fulfillment such as neither would dream was possible.

Everyone needs a plumber to visit them.

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Thanks for sharing it with us.

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Great story love -----I am impressed


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thank you freedom and Jolly1...from the both of you that means alot...as i've read some of yours Jolly..but have yet to read some of freedom's which i will...:)