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this was hmm about the third from my last stories i wrote..

Melanie was a bit apprehensive. She was driving to meet someone she had met ******. His name was Ken, and they had been communicating ****** for about a month. Ken was 43, with long blonde hair, and nice build, and more importantly a Dom. He had a goatee, which Melanie felt was awesome. Melanie herself was a bit older, fifty to be exact. But she had the good fortune of retaining her girlish figure, with long slender legs for her height, ( she was five two, and around 120lbs, although losing that) plus a youthful appearance and attitude.

As she drove along, she recalled the various conversations the two had indulged, during late night phone calls. Ken had told her of worlds she never realized existed, of all the adventures he had had with many women. Tying them up in different positions, teasing and tickling them, denying orgasm. Melanie thought this sounded perfect and wished to experience it for herself. Hence this sudden impromptu visit to meet a man she had never met before. Ken had told her that life was short and if she wanted all of this , now was the time to take the chance. She felt herself getting wet, as she remembered his sexy voice, describing all the teasing he would do if and when the two met.

She was approaching the neighborhood in which Ken lived, and slowed down to read the street signs, not wanting to get lost.

"Hmm, he said a pink brick house, with black shutters and a black door." Melanie thought to herself. "This must be it" as she caught a glimpse of the only pink brick house on the block.

Pulling into the driveway, she shut off the engine, and sat there for a few minutes, gathering up the nerve to get out and walk to the front door. Melanie steeled her nerves, opened the car door, grabbed her purse, and got out of the car. Straightening the hem of her short, red leather skirt, with a white lacy blouse, black fishnet hose, and four inch high heels, she started for the front door. She rang the doorbell, looking around at the multi-colored petunias sporting the front porch in white vases.

Melanie tensed, hearing the lock turning in the door, and realized that soon she would meet face to face with the man who, if things worked out, would give her pleasure unlike any she had ever known in her lifetime. The door opened, and there stood probably the most handsome man Melanie had ever seen. She always had a thing for guys with long hair, and a nice rather muscular built, and Ken certainly met that criteria. Looking up into the deepest blue eyes she had ever seen, she noticed that Ken was smiling.

"You must be Melanie. I'm Ken. " he said, reaching out to give her a hug.

"And you must be Ken." she rather giggly replied back, accepting his hug.

"Well come in and we will get acquainted. It is so nice to finally meet you face to face. Plus you are every bit as beautiful as the pictures that you sent depict" Ken gallantly replied.

Blushing, she preceeded him into the house, which was a very impressive habitation. Cool in comparison to the mid-west heat, usual for this time of year, Melanie breathed a sigh of relief as the coolness felt good to her skin.

"Follow me, Melanie, and we will sit in the family room and get acquainted first. I'm sure you are a bit apprehensive, this is a very huge step that you took, and i'm proud of you for seeing it through. Would you care for a glass of white wine?" Ken said, leading the way into a very comfortable looking family room, with soft looking sofas, a few lazy boys, a huge fireplace, and a whole wall of windows to the floor, looking out over his vast backyard.

"Thank you Ken, i would love a glass" Melanie answered, as she sat down on the light blue sofa.

"Coming right up" replied Ken.

Melanie reached down and removed her heels, rubbing her size six feet. She looked around appreciatively, noticing the subtle ambiance the room created, with it's light blues and mauve carpet. A room meant for relaxing and as Melanie glanced around, her apprehensions seemed to diminish. Hearing footsteps leading from the kitchen, Melanie looked towards the doorway, as Ken, with two glasses of white wine, came into the room.

"Here you go, Melanie. I'm so very glad you decided to meet with me." Ken said as he handed Melanie the glass.

Sipping the wine, the two of them endulged in small talk for about an hour, enough time for each to get to know the other better, and to feel more comfortable around each other. Ken had done this many times, and was an expert in how to gauge women's responses. At the end of that hour, he soon came to the conclusion that Melanie was quite comfortable around him and knew the time had come to begin what she had driven all those miles to achieve.

"Well, Melanie, are you ready to experience what you have driven so far to achieve?" Ken suddenly asked.

Taken unawares, Melanie blushed and bit her lower lip, a habit she often used when faced with a decision.

"Yes, i am, Ken" she shyly replied.

"Good," Ken smiled. "The bathroom is down the hall, second door on the right. I need you to remove everything but your panties and come back. In the meantime, I'll get all the things in readiness."

Melanie stood up and walked down the hall towards the bathroom. Closing the door, she leaned against it, realizing the time had come when her fantasies would be realized. Taking advantage of the toilet, Melanie used it first. Then she removed every bit of clothing and laid it neatly in a pile, and placed it on the countertop. Wearing only black lacy bikini panties, she looked at herself in the mirror and said to her reflection,

"Well , this is it, kiddo. This is why you drove all those miles. Now go out there and have fun." And with that Melanie opened the door and slowly walked back towards the family room.

Ken had been busy arranging the bondage necessary for Melanie. On the floor, attached, were hooks with a ring. Hearing Melanie enter the room, Ken motioned her to approach, never saying a word. Melanie hesitantly moved over to where Ken was standing.

"Ah, you look very sexy and beautiful." Ken said approvingly.

Melanie blushed, never haven been practically nude in front of a virtual stranger before. Ken then said,

"Stand here, and place your legs as wide apart as you can. I will fasten each ankle to the hooks on the floor." Ken then ordered.

Melanie obeyed, and Ken placed ankle cuffs on both ankles, then attached them to the rings in the hooks that were firmly established to the floor. She tried to move them, but realized they were anchored in place. Next Ken took her arms, pulled them behind her back, and placed handcuffs on her wrists, the handcuffs lined with soft cloth. Melanie realized that she was totally helpless and standing partially nude and vulnerable.

"Now, i'm going to tickle your clit with this make-up brush. Do not get wet, or you will be punished."Ken then said, smiling to himself.

Melanie knew for sure that this was one order she would not be able to obey, as she was getting aroused, even now. Ken then took a small make-up brush which had been lying on the coffee table. He very lightly began tickling Melanie's clit. She giggled and squirmed a bit, never imagining a brush could tickle so very much. Ken continued doing this for about half an hour, Melanie giggling and laughing, also beginning to elicit a few escaped moans, as the brush was indeed turning her on and making her very wet.

"Now let's see if you obeyed." And with that , Ken pushed the panties to one side.

"O Melanie, what do i feel here? You are not only wet, but very very wet. You do know what that means" Ken said, a knowing smile playing around his mouth.

Melanie blushed, and nodded. With that Ken quickly unhooked her ankles from the hooks on the floor, and picked Melanie up in his arms. He walked down the hall and into what could only be his bedroom. Placing Melanie on the bed, he lost no time in tying her right ankle to the bottom bedpost and then did the same with the left ankle. Turning Melanie over onto her belly, Ken unfastened the handcuffs, and quickly turned her onto her back. Grabbing her right wrist, he lifted it to the head of the bed, and using the cuffs already placed there, placed her wrist into the cuff and shut it tight and tied it to the bedpost. Ken then did the same to her left wrist.

He stood up and looked down at his prize. Spread eagled and completely open and helpless, he felt his erection grow. She looked up at him with both apprehension and desire in her hazel eyes. Ken smiled at her, then turned to the bathroom.

"I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere." Ken joked.

While he was gone, Melanie tested her bindings, and realized she could hardly move and in no way was she able to get free, not that she really wanted to. Hearing Ken approach, she looked towards the door expectantly. Ken had a pair of scissors in his hand.

"I am going to cut away your panties. You made quite a mess with them." Ken playfully scolded.

Melanie blushed again, but giggled softly. He quickly cut away her panties, and there she lay, entirely nude now and at his mercy. She knew however, from instinct, that Ken would not hurt her. He then asked,

"Let's just see how ticklish you are, shall we?"

And with that, he began tickling Melanie's neck, making her giggle and crunch her neck. Ken then moved to her armpits, tickling both at the same time, with quick light ticklings that drove her crazy. Laughing and squirming, Melanie tried to no avail, to pull down her arms, as her underarms were one of her most ticklish areas. Continuing to tickle her pits, Ken then nibbled and kissed at her neck. At this Melanie not only laughed, but moaned as well, her neck being a very hot spot for her. He moved his fingers down to her sides, which made Melanie squeal with laughter, all the while kissing and nibbling at her neck. Melanie was as turned on as she had ever been in her entire life, the helplessness only enhancing that sensation.

Ken sat up and straddled her body, right below her waist. He began lightly tracing around her nipples, causing goosebumps to break out over Melanie's body. Her pink nipples grew even more erect than they were. She twisted and giggled, as he sped up the pace, tickling around, over and under her breasts. Ken then scooted down, and his fingers wandered down even lower to where one of her most tickish spots could be found. Melanie found herself, in the midst of her giggling, wondering if he would find that spot, that made her flinch when she accidentally touched it. Ken teased her, moving his fingers over her hips, tickling light and fast, making Melanie giggle and laugh again harder. Suddenly she squeaked, as his fingers found that sensitive spot. Seeing that reaction, Ken then said,

"What's the matter? This surely doesn't tickle, does it?"

Melanie only twisted and squirmed, trying to escape as he continued to tickle that spot between the hips and lower abdomen, focusing on both sides, tickling fast and light. She giggled and laughed and shook her head, wanting both for it to stop and at the same time for it not to stop ever. Ken did this for quite a while, until Melanie became rather breathless from all the laughter. He stopped when he noticed that.

"Time for a quick break, while i move onto the next phase." Ken then said.

Melanie lay there, panting and sweating and still giggling, as if his fingers were still doing their tickling magic.

"Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo"Melanie suddenly cried out, arching her back as she felt what could only be Ken's tongue teasing at her clit.

He was licking and lightly tickling her clit with his tongue, swirling it around expertly, looking up at Melanie, who arched her back towards him, the feeling unlike anything she had ever felt before, and loving it. Ken would flick at her clit, the light touch tickling yet arousing her so very much. She giggled but moaned also, as her hips began grinding. Just as she thought she would cum, Ken quit.

Moaning in frustration, Melanie didn't have time to think about it much, as Ken moved down to her feet. Using his fingers, he began a tickle dance on first one foot, then moving over to the other. Melanie squealed with laughter, wiggling and jerking her feet, the tickling the worst yet. He would run his fingernails up and down the soles, concentrating on the balls of her feet, which drove her wild. She bucked up as much as she could when she felt what could only be his teeth, nibbling at her balls. Melanie had never experienced anything like that before, and it was driving her crazy with unbearable tickle sensations. Laughing, squirming, twisting, Melanie screamed with laughter and tried to cry out no, but nothing came out except the laughing.

Ken continued tormenting her feet, using his fingers and tongue at the same time. When he began sucking on her toes, one at a time, the scream elicited from Melanie's mouth could probably have been heard in the next state. She had never felt this before, and if she thought his teeth on the balls tickled, well this was ten times worse. Ken would suck on each toe, and at the same time, run his nails up and down the bottom of the foot. Melanie laughed and laughed, trying to get her foot away from the torture, but couldn't. Ken would move from one foot to the other, quick as lightening.

This continued for a long time, Ken moving up and licking and teasing and tickling her engorged clit, then when Melanie was on the verge of cumming, he would stop and move down and repeat the process on her feet. Melanie was crazy with desire, frustration, and tickletorture. In between laughing, she would plead to let her cum.

After a bit, Ken stopped. Melanie lay there in a pool of sweat, panting for breath, and tears running down her face from all the laughter, caused by his tickling her so much and so fast, and also frustrated and horny as hell, from all the teasing and tickling of her sopping wet clit and pussy.

"Ken, please, let me cum. I'll do anything, please let me cum" Melanie pleaded, in that soft sweet sexy voice that no man could resist.

Ken, whose cock had become increasingly harder and erect, said "Anything?"

"Anything" Melanie replied, all inhibitions lost in her desire for release.

Ken moved up and straddled her upper body, with his cock just inches from her face. Glistening with pre-cum, he ran the head of the cock around her lips.

"Don't touch it." He ordered.

He continued tracing his engorged cock around her lips, as with his other hand, he lightly tickled her neck. Melanie groaned, and giggled, the urge to open her mouth and engulf his cock growing strong within her, although she had never done anything like that before.

"I want you to take my cock into your mouth." Ken said. Melanie only nodded.

He guided his cock into her mouth, where she began licking and sucking. At the same time, Ken started tickling her armpits, which made Melanie giggle around his cock. The vibrations of her laugher on his cock was something Ken enjoyed and made his cock grow even more. She found it hard to lick while being tickled, yet he never stopped tickling her and she continued to giggle and laugh. Just as Ken felt he was going to cum, he pulled out.

"I'm going to untie your legs. Have you ever given a foot job before?" Ken asked.

"No, but i'm sure i can do it. Will you let me cum if i do a good job?" Melanie then replied.

"Of course, baby. There isn't anything to giving a foot job, and with your long slender toes, i know you will do a good job".

And with that, Ken moved down and untied Melanie's ankles. He guided her feet until she could feel his stiff cock against them. Instinctively, Melanie knew to use her long slender toes to begin stroking up and down his shaft. At first it was a bit awkward, but she quickly got the hang of it, and stroked his cock, teasing him with light touches, then pressing harder and moving faster. Ken groaned as the touch of Melanie's soft feet on his cock felt like heaven. Melanie continued to caress and stroke his cock, going faster and harder as she felt his breath quickening. Suddenly she felt a warm sticky substance being sprayed on her feet, as Ken groaned aloud.

"Very well done, Melanie" Ken gasped out. "Now for your reward".

And he moved up between her legs, spreading her legs, with her help, and began in earnest licking her clit, going fast and faster. At the same time, he reached up and tickled her hips, making Melanie buck suddenly, as she giggled and moaned. It didn't take long before Melanie cried out, her body shuddering from the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.

"Good girl." Ken praised her.

Then he untied her wrists, cleaned her feet with a soft towel, and lay down beside her, where they both drifted off to sleep.

On the drive home the next day, Melanie replayed everything that had happened and knew deep in her heart that she would be making this drive again in the near future.

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Very nice ----thanks for sharing it with us :jo

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thank you Jolly1...your praise means everything to me...

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Very nice story...thanks for the addition

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Wow. Very hot. More? :)

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i thank you for liking my humble attempt at tickle erotica...i have more i can post...if you wish to read...thanks again...

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:) of course I wish to read:D

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ok frozen, don't say i didn't try to warn you lol...

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Very sensual. We don't see a lot of tickling stories. It's a powerful fantasy and fetish. By all means tickle us more. Pleaseeeee.

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Very sensual. We don't see a lot of tickling stories. It's a powerful fantasy and fetish. By all means tickle us more. Pleaseeeee.

thank you Badlybent...love your nick...i do have some more...i'll post them but the earlier ones aren't in the correct format..meaning i didn't space for conversations...i could fix that..but hmm that would take too much time..hehe..yea i'm lazy lol...i have a block at the moment, meaning i haven't written anything since last august..i do need some inspiration...