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Featuring Sophie Monk
By The Pornographer
(MF, action)

This FICTIONAL story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are easily offended STOP READING! Feel free to send any comments or suggestions

For the most part my life thus far had been pretty much uneventful. I had hardly met any celebrities in my previous line of work, and had only ever dated maybe a handful of women. So I was hardly what you would consider a Casanova by any stretch of the imagination, although I was still quite confident and attractive. So apart from the routine of frequenting the local gym every day my life was quite mundane, but that all changed when I scored my security license and began moonlighting as a professional driver and bodyguard around Sydney. It was the best job I ever had.

This one day, it was an early Sunday morning when my cell phone rang. It was mate Rowan, and he had rung to ask if I’d be interesting in doing a few last minute assignments seeing as someone in the office had accidentally double booked some work for that day. Owing him a favour, I still wasn’t convinced about accepting his offer until he then mentioned the generous bonus I would receive, and finally, I buckled under the pressure and reluctantly agreed.

Chuckling to himself, Rowan then hit me with the added news that the assignments were all low key and low priority, BUT that the last job for the evening actually involved picking up Aussie sex siren and blonde bombshell, Sophie Monk!

Sophie Monk had apparently been doing the carols by candlelight concert in the Botanical gardens in the city that night, and I was instructed to take her back to her swanky penthouse apartment in Manly. Ecstatic, a few minutes later I hurriedly dressed and rocked up to the office to pick up the keys to the work vehicle and went over the night’s itinerary. As usual, my transport for the evening wasn’t anything as extravagant as a stretch limousine or anything like that, but a very subtle, stylish, jet black 2006 Holden statesman.

It was that year’s latest model, and decked out with every conceivable option. Incidentally it was the same make and model the Prime Minister of Australia little Johnny Howard got around in, so if it was good enough for him, it was good enough for the clients. Leaving the office around midday, I had done my prearranged tasks for the afternoon and then a tad ahead of schedule arrived nice and early to the backstage area of the Domain’s car park, awaiting Sophie Monk.

To my chagrin, it was almost midnight by the time she finally appeared, and I had been waiting around in total for her for over three and half hours! By this late time almost all the families and their children had long gone, including the photogs, fans, and paparazzo – which I imagined was why she waited so long to leave. Spotting her in the flesh for the very first time, I couldn’t believe how devastatingly beautiful she was. In person she was extremely striking, even radiant.

Sophie was dressed in a sexy long black evening dress, which was secured tightly around her slender hips but hung very loose and free flowing around everywhere else. On further inspection it also seemed to have two long slits running up the full length of her legs – giving anyone a brief glimpse at her heavenly body underneath as she moved. Up top, Sophie’s entire back, shoulders, and delicate, feminine, neck were on full display. And with its massively plunging neckline, or for all intents and purposes two long pieces of silk fabric which barely covered her breasts, it was clear she had opted to go without a bra!

To make matters worse, or better depending on which way you looked at it, Sophie was also clad in a pair of very elaborate sandal like heels, which were tied up with laces and were strapped half way up her gorgeous long legs! She looks absolutely phenomenal!!

Carrying a large duffle bag, Sophie spotted me and strutted in my direction while chatting to a friend – who from what I gathered looked like was the director or producer of the event. Kissing her goodbye, I held the back door open Sophie thanked me by flashing me a very friendly grin as she got in. My God, I thought, this girl is absolutely divine – she’s perfect!

Skipping around the front of the car, I got into the drivers seat and started the vehicle. Adjusting my mirrors, I momentarily glanced at her through the large rear view mirror and again, couldn’t believe just how beautiful she was. Admiring her from the front seat, I now took notice of her sexy outfit as well, and paid special attention to her breasts which even though sat freely and unsupported, looked quite pert and firm. Her deep cleavage looked extremely inviting. Checking my mirrors I then pulled away and headed off in the direction of her Manly home.

Adhering to my strict instructions, I was not supposed to chat to her unless she initiated the conversation, but from the way I was constantly gawking at her I knew she could sense that I was extremely anxious to chat. As I leisurely drove through the dark twisting parkland I could see Sophie smirk to herself and at me through the mirror. The trip back to her apartment was a good 30-45 minute drive, across the bridge and through a dozen or so suburbs. Now openly smiling at me through the mirror, to my delight Sophie took pity on me and started the conversation.

“What’s your name?”

“Matt, Ma’am.”

“Ma’am? I’m not a Ma’am, just call me Sophie.”

As I pulled onto the main road in the city, Sophie then proceeded to ask me a number of questions including if I was new to the business and how long I had been doing it. I don’t know if it was just my imagination or what, but I was sure I felt a strong attraction between us, and I now noticed she couldn’t stop looking and smiling at me through the mirror.

As we proceeded to cruise over the panoramic Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sophie peered out of the window and took in the spectacular view of the Sydney Opera House, and harbour – which at that time on the year and evening was lite up and decorated in a myriad of colours. Enjoying the magnificent view, Sophie then sighed to herself before mentioning she was exceptionally hungry and wanted to stop somewhere to grab a bite to eat before getting home.

With it being just after midnight on a Sunday night in Sydney, I knew not many places were open. As I pondered where to stop on the way to Manly, she announced from the backseat that she suddenly had an overwhelming craving for McDonalds – a fillet-o-fish meal to be exact.

I must have given her a peculiar look in the mirror because she then added, “What? Are you shocked that I actually eat? Typical.”

Being a local from Sydney, I only knew of one McDonalds which was open this time of night and was 24hrs, and it was at Stanmore – the other side of town. Telling her it was in our complete opposite direction Sophie just shrugged her shoulders and didn’t seem too concerned about it.

“Oh well, shit happens.” She smiled while playing with her cell phone.

While I fell quiet, trying to think of what to do, Sophie added, “Well, are we going or what?”

As I started to protest and come up with excuses why we couldn’t or shouldn’t go, Sophie then quipped, “Oh come on Matty, I’m starving!! Pleeeeese?”

Surrendering to her incredible smile and charm I then took the first exit off the Bridge and turned into North Sydney before following the traffic right around, back over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and towards the city again.

“Okay, you win,” I told her, and with that Sophie now seemed quite proud of herself, and checked her make up and lips stick in a mirror.

I then spoke to her through the rear view mirror, “Do you always get what you want when you bat those eyes lids?”

“Of course.” Sophie replied honestly, before playfully sticking out her tongue at me.

“Fair enough.”

Making our way towards Stanmore, we casually chatted some more before she then started to get a little more personal and asked me if I was single, lived alone, and what I liked to do on my days off. As I head down Parramatta road, suddenly up ahead there looked to be a RBT (a police road side breath test unit). Getting bunched up with a group of other stray vehicles we all pulled over to the curb and Sophie began to complain and protest – she was apparently hungrier than I thought.

“God damn it Matty, can’t you do something?” she asked while leaning right up against the two front seats.

It was the first time she had moved so close to me, and to my amazement I could clearly smell her perfume. Her scent was intoxicating. I think she knew it all along too, as she just leaned back a few seconds later with this huge grin on her face.

A moment later a police officer then stood by my window and without wasting any time began to breathe test me. Testing me once, twice, and then a third time, he then went on to explain that there might be a problem with the equipment and asked if we could wait as he would be right back. As he did, Sophie rolled her eyes as the other cars now left the scene, leaving us still parked at the side of the curb – my hazard lights flashing. Chatting amongst his fellow police officers, Sophie suddenly chirped up from the backseat.

“Oh for fuck sake... I’M STARVING!!!”

I then half chuckled as another two constables then leaned into the window to speak to her about her brutish behaviour, and just as they were about to caution her they looked inside and saw who it actually was.

“Ma’am, can I please ask you... oh sorry... Ms. Monk?”

Testing me again with a brand new breathalyser, we were now surrounded and set upon by at least four constables, and it was now that a fairly handsome and young constable approached the side of the car and began to chat to Sophie from the window. Spotting him, Sophie immediately chirped up and began to flirt with him.

“Oh hey, hello.”

As I grew more and more frustrated with having to constantly blow into the machine, I watched with amusement as she openly flirted with the police officers from the backseat – making small talk and asking them mundane questions like if they had arrested anyone tonight, or ever shot at anyone. Finally getting a zero reading on the breathalyser, I started the car and watched as the young policeman tried his best to wrap up their “stimulating” conversation.

Hoping and thinking he was going to get lucky and score her number, to the embarrassment of his colleagues Sophie instead shot him down quickly by taking his pen and paper and scribbling her famous signature instead of her digits.

Without giving him a chance to protest she then said, “Okay Matty drive, we’re done here. I don’t want to be late.”

Humiliated, the cop then awkwardly walked away and we both laughed as I intentionally peeled away, pissing them off a little. It really was a mean thing to do to lead him on like that, but god it was great to see her in action. She really did have an amazing effect over men.

As I drove, I couldn’t help but chuckle thinking the only reason this cop didn’t get lucky with her was because of a lousy cheeseburger?!? Driving the next few miles to McDonalds as I finally made the final turn to our dismay it was completely packed! Forgetting it was the weekend, only now did I remember that that particular McDonalds was always jam-packed with hoons and rev heads during that time on night – especially between Friday and Sunday night.

With the restaurant packed and over flowing with people, most of which were teenagers, and the drive-in looking more like a damn car park Sophie snapped.

“FUCK! What the hell am I gonna do now? I’m frickin’ starving here, but I’m not going out there… not like this anyway!”

Thinking quickly I then offered her an alternative. I then told her about a small take away diner I usually frequented after work or on the way home. It was called Harry’s café de wheels, and it was a famous little take away shop which sold delicious meat pies and hotdogs, and was practically a national landmark since they had been doing it for over 50+ years. To my surprise, Sophie had apparently never heard of it, but famished, eagerly agreed to go.

“Screw it, let’s go!” she ordered, and with that I backed up, threw the transmission into drive and lite up the tires – to the cheer of a few teenagers.

Peeling out of the McDonalds driveway like a bat out of hell, I hit the gas pedal to the floor for the first time and ran a orange light before speeding back towards the city, and towards Harry’s diner. Breaking the speed limit within a few seconds, Sophie bounced around in the back and giggled to herself, amused at my enthusiasm.

“Jesus Matt, if only half my assistants were this determined to pleas,”

Getting there in just a few short minutes, I parked directly in front of the small café and we got out to order. Choosing for her, almost immediately we were the centre of attention as Sophie was way too over dressed for the small and casual diner. Getting a few honks and whistles from the passing motorists, we stood around waiting for our food and chatted some more, getting to know each other. It was then a few nearby dinners and fans recognised her and began to hound her for a picture and autograph.

Getting our meals just in time, it then began to sprinkle and lightly rain so we quickly climbed back in the car and ate. Eating and laughing while listening to the radio, Sophie seemed to really enjoy the company, and her food. So much so she actually went back for seconds and I happily ordered her another pie with gravy. Thanking me repeatedly, we finally finished our meals and she didn’t mind that I joined her in lighting up a cigarette. Grinning contently from the backseat, Sophie then asked me if I knew what went on over the nearby ridge – nodding with her head in the direction of the hill in front of us.

She was pointing in the direction of Kings Cross – a red light district of Sydney which was literally just a minute away. Chatting and laughing to her about it, Sophie then asked if we could pass through that way before heading home – and looking at the time, which was now pushing 2am, I reluctantly agreed. Cleaning up, I then started the car and we head in the direction of Sydney’s notorious hot spot.

As expected we were quickly stuck in traffic and slowly inched through the one lane thoroughfare, while Sophie giggled at the shenanigans going on all around us. Against my better judgement, she then opened her window to get a better look and to my dismay someone in the crowd briefly recognized her. Luckily for us no one paid much attention to some junky as he yelled out, “Sophie Monk? That’s Sophie Monk! I just saw Sophie!!”

Moving a few car spaces we again got bogged down and came to a stop. And I was starting to feel a little nervous and anxious. Only now did I realize just how much of a bad idea this was. Thinking the worst, I kept imagining that all it would take was a group of idiots to see her and all hell would break loose – and with nowhere to escape we’d be cornered and literally fucked! As we precariously moved at a snails pace up the narrow road, Sophie suddenly startled me as she jumped with joy.

“Oh my god!! Oh my god there it is, I can’t believe it!!”

“What! Fuck, you scared the shit out of me!!!” I snapped back at her – only later realizing how rude and inappropriate that was.

Sophie then went on to excitedly explain about her favourite ice cream, and how when she was in the pop group, Bardot, the group would treat themselves to a serving of the stuff after every concert in Sydney. Spotting the shop and her favourite brand, it was now clear what she wanted. As I continued to inch forward in the traffic, Sophie stared and pouted at me through the mirror – knowing full well that I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to stop for some ice cream.

Without saying a single word, I immediately told her that it was absolutely out of the question, but she was more than determined – and now for the first time seemed angered and annoyed.

Looking at her in the mirror I continued to say, “No... no! We can’t... no!!”

Sulking in the mirror, Sophie then turned from angry to playful and mischievous, and like any other male in my position I finally caved in. I told her she could have her ice cream, but only if I go and get it for her – she’d have to wait in the car. Sophie excitedly jumped up and down in the backseat like a child. Finally building some space in front of us, I quickly turned into a side street and double parked in a back alley parallel to the main road. Unfortunately for me we had now stopped on the other side of the Cross, but with all the traffic it was the only place I could find. Seeing how dangerous it was I almost changed my mind but Sophie begged me to go through with it.

“Oh come on, what could happen? Just be fast… please, please? Pretty please… you cock tease!” she added, making me laugh.

She then suddenly leaned over and kisses me on the cheek. And I was immediately shocked while she simply grinned.

Winking, she then playfully teased, “And there’s a lot more where that came from sweetie,”

I chuckled to myself, “Fuck, you must really like this ice cream... if you’re willing to flirt for it,”

Sophie giggled, and while checking her make up and lip gloss in the mirror replied, “Like it? Babe, it’s the closest thing I know to having an orgasm!”

Then, as she rummaged through her duffle back she added to herself, “And I haven’t had one of those in ages…”

Quickly looking at me, she apparently knew exactly what I was thinking and smiled, “The ice cream that is... I haven’t had one of those in a few years.”

We both laughed.

“You men you’re all the same,” she said while touching up her make up again.

Convinced, I then told her to sit in the dark and not draw any attention to herself. In the back of my mind I knew this was a bad idea but I wanted to make her happy. As I collected my things, Sophie then put her things away and began to climb over the seats to sit in the passenger seat. It was then I was treated to a delightful show. Leaning over, her outfit fell completely open flashing me her entire body and in particular her breasts. Getting a good look at her tits, I couldn’t believe how incredible they were. Her nipples were close to perfect being large, round, and pink!

Finally getting comfortable in the leather chair, she then adjusted her outfit and reached over to play with the radio. Finally set, I then got out of the car, locked it, and looked around, before I then rushed towards the other side of the Cross to go get her fucking favourite ice cream. Eventually arriving to the shop, to my dismay there was a huge line. Shrugging my shoulders I then joined the cue and stood in line. Getting my cones a few minutes later, it was then my cell rang. It was Sophie.

Right away I could hear the commotion going on in the background, and she sounded extremely frightened.

In a shaky voice she said, “Matt! You better get back here, these guys are going nuts!”

Ditching the ice cream I then bolted through the large crowd and back towards the lane where the car was parked. Running up the laneway I was immediately shocked to see a large group of youths hanging around and converging around Sophie in the car. There looks to be at least 50 or so people milling around, most of them drunk. Just my luck I thought, these drunkards had apparently inadvertently stumbled across Sophie Monk in the car.

As I got closer it was then I realized that in actual fact the large group of 50 was actually two separate groups of 20 or so, and they were starting to argue almost themselves. It just happened to be rotten luck that Sophie and the car were double parked there, embroiled in the conflict. Arguing and abusing each other, Sophie sat watching all this right in front of her when suddenly someone threw a punch and brawl immediately broke out.

Setting upon one another, the gangs then grabbing what ever they could find, throwing bins, chairs, and tables at each other. A few girls even screamed out as people were being kicked, punched, and stabbed. In all this commotion I drew my pistol and rushed towards the car, and to my amazement my gun didn’t even seem to faze them in the least as they just continued to fight amongst themselves. Getting into the car I immediately turned the ignition as a small group of youths spotted up and tried to stop use from leaving. Quickly surrounding the car they tried to get inside and yelled at Sophie to get out.

Hitting and banging on the doors and roof, Sophie then shrieked out, “Oh my God, he’s got a gun!”

I then looked over to see one of the men produce and wave around a small revolver, threatening the other gang. Letting off a round into the air, everyone then bolted in different directions, and fed up, I floored it and end up swiping him with the corner of the car. Taking off, I then collected a few of his mates with me as they hung off the back of the boot and window for dear life. I then swerved and veered violently until they finally fell free.

As we sped away Sophie then jumped in fright as we heard a volley of gun shots ring out. That was quickly followed by a loud bang as a single bullet ricocheted off the back of the car striking the boot. Grabbing her head, I then held her down as I inadvertently clipped the side of a parked car. Speeding through the back streets of Rose Bay, in all the commotion we soon got lost, and found a lot of the small narrow streets which turned into dead ends.

Getting trapped a few times, I then back tracked and reversed hurriedly back up the same way we had come, only to see two car fulls of youths driving around and looking for us! Spotting us, they then stopped abruptly and turned to follow!

Yelling at me, I then tried to calm Sophie down and told her that I was heading for the closest police station. But Sophie was hysterical and vehemently against it, telling me she didn’t want to get out of the car in case the hooligans shot at us. Calling the police on our cell phones to tell them about the situations, to our disbelief she was then put on hold.

Meanwhile I flew down another back street almost collecting side mirrors as we went. Glancing into the mirror I could see they were in hot pursuit. Pushing the peddle to the floor I was shocked to see that they were just keeping up with us in their sports cars – one of which was Subaru WRX, while the other was a yellow Mitsubishi Lancer! Screaming though another quiet suburb, I pulled into a few back streets and I headed towards Bondi Beach, hoping to lose them in the winding roads.

By now we were doing well over 130 clicks through the twisting back streets of Double Bay. All four wheels were now sliding and screeching loudly as I could see Sophie was scared out of her mind. In the midst of all this, I couldn’t help but glance down at Sophie’s legs which I noticed in all the commotion her dress has fallen away revealing ALL of her legs, and lower body. Her “skirt” had fallen away so much, that even in the constant flash of street lamps I could clearly see her white panties. Shaking my head, I quickly tried to concentrate and go back to trying to lose the gangsters.

Screaming through a red light and a major intersection, luckily for us there wasn’t any traffic in this region of Sydney and at this time of morning. At this point we were going so fast the Statesmen actually got a little airborne and kicked up some sparks as we landed. Losing them briefly in one of the side streets in Bellevue Hill, I then took a major gamble and at the very last moment ripped up the handbrake and turned the towards a narrow driveway – knowing that if they saw us we’d be well and truly cornered.

Following it all the way up and around towards the mansion at the top of the hill, I quickly switched off the lights and the car and we then looked down at the road behind us to see the first chase car pass by. It was then at that exact moment that the light sprinkle which had started a few minutes earlier began to kick up and really pour down. Raining hard we breathed heavily inside the car, causing all the windows in the car to fog up quickly. I actually had to wipe the glass to be able to look out and see what the second car would do.

Glancing over at Sophie, right away I noticed that she had been shaken by the incident and was almost breathless. Trying to catch her breath, she was glowing in a thin sheet of sweat and her impressive chest rose and fell rapidly, pushing hard against her flimsy outfit, accentuating her amazing body. To my surprise her nipples were also jutting out hard and protruding clearly against the thin fabric, and the look in her eye was unmistakable. It seemed that the dramatic car chase had apparently excited her.

Flustered and bewildered, Sophie then snapped at me and asked why I didn’t use my gun back in the alley. I tried to explain myself but couldn’t help but stare at her chest as her breasts continue to heave and jiggle. As I went on to explain, Sophie suddenly moved towards me and for a moment I thought she was going to slap me, but instead she nudged closer and without warning kissed me hard on the lips.

Absolutely floored, before I had time to do or say anything Sophie moved to sit and straddle my lap, and shoved her tongue down my throat. Breaking away I looked into her eyes and could see she was filled with list, excitement, and adrenaline. Staring at me seductively, she then stuck out her tongue and licked my bottom lip, teasing me, baiting me, and begging me to kiss her back. I couldn’t resist.

Making out passionately, Sophie quickly went to work on unzipping my pants, while I instinctively slid my hands over her firm round ass and legs, and inside and under her dress to grope and squeeze her bare butt. Her skin was sooo soft. Moaning into my mouth Sophie then pulled down my pants and briefs and gripping my tool, stroked me briefly, before she gently eased herself over my throbbing member. Then, without wasting any time she impatiently impaled herself and started to ride me promptly. I could barely keep up with her tempo as she gasped and whimpered above me.

“Oh god... ohhhh...” I heard her moan and breath into my ear, “I’m so fucking wet! I’m sooo... uurghhh fuck me...”

Bobbing over me for a few moments, I then reached up and eagerly slipped one of her thin straps off her shoulder – exposing her beautiful natural breasts to me. Groping her tit, I then gnawed at it and watched in awe as she began to climax.

“Uurrgghhhh... yesssss,” she breathed, “aaaarghhh fuuuck!”

A few moments later I finally erupted deep inside her as she too finally got her rock off and began to shake and quiver. Biting and licking my ear, Sophie let out the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard, and which literally caused my cock to twitch in delight.

She whimpered breathlessly, “Ohhhh god... I’m gonna cuuummmm...” and with that she then shrieked out loudly before she finally fell silent.

Catching our breath, Sophie then slowly crawled off me and adjusted her clothes while I looked around to see if I could see the gangsters. Shaking my head, I was still in a daze and couldn’t really comprehend what had just taken place. Of all the night’s incredible twist and turns, the last 10 minutes perplexed me the most. Looking over at her I could see that judging by the way she was acting and looking at me I doubted she even cared or even remembered the hoodlums anymore. She was now looking at me in a completely different way.

As Sophie lit up a cigarette, I watched and waited another few minutes before finally starting the car and heading off, over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and back to her hotel. The entire trip there we drove in relative silence, still mulling over what had happened. Once at Manly she tentatively smiled at me.

“Matt, I don’t want to go home. I just... don’t want to be alone right now,”

I asked her what she wanted to do and she replied that she wanted to just park someone, to talk, and collect her thoughts. It was now just after 3am as I drove her up to North Head – a national park and secluded Sydney harbour look out. Parking the car we watched in the distance as the storm raged over the city. As marvellous and incredible as the night was, I had to admit I still felt a little weird about what had happened between us and began to apologize.

Looking at me with her incredible blue eyes, Sophie spoke soft and sweetly.

“Do you regret what we did?”

“No! I mean yes, I mean… I don’t know…” I told her, not knowing what she wanted to hear, “I guess I just feel bad for taking advantage of you.”

“What? Don’t!” she suddenly replied, “Because as far as I’m concerned, I took advantage of you.”

“Oh did you now?” I smiled and we both began to laugh.

Joking around with each other again, Sophie wrapped her arms around me while I pulled her in for a kiss.

She then smiled, “Besides, why apologize when you know you’re just gonna do it again?”

“Oh I don’t know about that,” I playfully responded.

“Oh really, and what makes you think you can resist me?”

Smiling cheekily, we then kissed once again and watch the sun slowly rise over the horizon.

From that moment onwards I knew I had just found the girl of my dreams.

The end

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